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    kBitCoins.ORG is the single new world currency based on BLOCK-CHAIN technology to ensure all transactions are open viewable by public.  

The benefits are most obvious, massive reduction in all banks now we have a free floating currency that has intrinsic value based only on what is being traded. Now we all use simple term of how my credits = debits do we agree to trade. All world currencies are quickly converted and eliminated including all BitCoins that are always a false speculation MLM conspiracy fraud schemes. This alone creates all digital banking and destroys the Foreign Exchange crime stock market trading computer dynasties. This eliminates all cyber crime and money transfer charges. Interest saving rates now are .5 (1/2 point of one percent) lower than the loan rate at any banking institution worldwide. Typical loan out rates will be ~5% while deposits earn ~4.5% as the cooperative stock share holders will NEVER be cyber crimed again as everyone knows WHO owns WHAT and all banking records are open for public and accounting reviews. All use of common sense in our new world free society.

  Even going back to GOLD backed valued currency is a world SCAM as current $1500/USTroy OZ is abut to go back to intrinsic real value (~$500usd) based on supply versus demand for prime use of electronics, NOT false cash reserves. this also caused by trillion USD valued TurnOffLights.SPACE and (tm)(c) Patent filed 2012 that also direct funds one new world that controls all internet domain names as well as register publishes all intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, and legally binding contracts. All open source domains created by keith.

   Ask us HOW and we fly to your greatest places of needs with CEOSPACE.NET and is another SCAM just like all other bitcoins. REPLACED and PREVENTED with these. Forward to all you know and you will get PAID with mass publicity and famous CreatorKeith.COM Reno Nevada INC registered common stock worth upwards of trillions of real USD cash, Intellectual Property rights, and world travel.
radings ELIMINATED by 5steps use of KbitCoins, ProfitShareHolders, and FinalStockMarket that legally REPLACES all current stock markets, eliminates ALL speculation, Futures, Insider Trading, and also STOPS and prevents ALL cyber crime forever with = SolutionBankFraud.COM that PREVENTS all CYBER crimes at time of any transaction.  All driven by ONE single 5 step constitutional BypASS laws of EVOTE.ONE stored and forward thru ONE intl unhackable database FOIA.ONE World Crusaders in Manila broadcasting daily to COMMAND our WORLD LEADERS host a SINGLE world CONCLAVE to actually UNIFY and REFORM all world governments and Corporations at ONE TIME.  OTHERWISE WW4 will start and  
B-BOOM MMM  all mankind is self-destroyed by pure satanic greed.  All legal gifted to humanity by the CRUSADER teams using as the worlds LAST final SOLUTION.....forever...

  The 'HOW' is described in simple detail below for our world to now share all resources and LOVE and CARE for each other.  Nothing left to Add or Delete as no reason to destroy any scripture and commandments GOD has sent to you through myself and all other Apostles who work full time for GOD. The reason for my presence is always you...

All banks now convert to Cooperative owned banks controlled BY their shareholders and depositors. No more SWISS or other Criminal Hidden accounts spotlighting worth billions USD in Bahamas anyone can seize.

WARNING: almost all bitcoins is speculation risk as you can loose everything for no real value is behind fake currency.

Almost ALL systems are MLM and make money only for those on top of criminal pyramid just like most governments.

 We now use BLOCK CHAIN simple methods with World changing Solution5sTeps as everyone BENEFITS that drives your new world society.

#1 New World Society Commandment is that ALL business transactions are recorded in FOIA.ONE to ensure that no fraud, ID Theft or cyber crime can occur using basic one-shot computer compared rolling self Identification system method.

   Elimination of all foreign currencies stabilizes all free trade and travel so no one can manipulate false values of any localized currency. Each transaction worldwide is registered on database so no one can defraud another, can't steal assets, and will be held 100% accountable for fulfilling all legally binding transactions.  With One World Currency and 100% Barter Exchange System, no taxation, broker profiteering, foreign currency exchange buy/sell spread profiteering, and other crimes can occur in the first place. Most government regulation agencies collapse as 100% obsolete.

   NO secrets means NO CRIMES can be committed and go UNPUNISHED at almost 0 cost to the victims, and almost no COST to our taxpayer citizens who actually UPHOLD Constitutional Laws. Quote: When Money Talks, most criminals WALK. Once Corrupt, always Corrupt.

     The #1 deterrent to any crime is the immediate OCTV (Open Circuit TV) and bio-metrics combined with the criminal's own evidence shown to PUBLIC. All transaction will now be BlockChain locked with photo and video of the person/group initiating the point of buy/sell transactions shown in FOIA.ONE.

  Our people now legally SEIZE these specific crime enterprise networked terrorists and claim the rewards placed on the criminals head by collective collaboration of all victims and concerned social peace citizens. This is the last center stone logical common sense component that UNIFIES all mankind.

   Everyone worldwide now uses #1 master educator Consulting services and products to build our new world free of all crime. now becomes the world standard for educating humanity on how to conduct 100% open honest integrity driven business transactions.

   All religious groups, civil and NGO groups, as well as the honest 'hackers' now monitor this ONE FOIA.ONE universal standard database to ensure no infiltration or perversion by any criminal can occur.  This is the use of Artificial Intelligence 'skynet' that is controlled, owned, and managed by all +7.6 billion collective people. We now are all middle class small business owners that eliminates all the super rich and therefore all Poverty forever.

     Ask EVERYONE to send top left PDF file on and to all Top Leaders (Gov, Military, Press, Churches, Civic Groups, and PUBLIC). This is the most powerful Press release for World Leaders to debrief each other on all the HOW's to UNIFY mankind. My full time ministries are COMPLETED years ago. These are the final answers fo mankind to destroy all crime enterprises to restore GOD's paradise back to our people where WE OWN and CONTROL our infrastructure, land, buildings, and our very own destiny of our new world society free of corruption, crime, vice, and ability for corrupt leaders at any level to determine WHO we serve. Obviously that has always been GOD...

       Your new world society is run by BlockChain and kBitCoins.ORG universal single currency.  Since all stock markets are replaced by the free trade and travel barter exchange system of, all private banks and broker stock houses also collapse as totally unneeded. For the debts incurred by our people are paid off in full by the search and seizure of trillions of $$$$ assets stolen by criminal terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose.  Anyone unable to produce records of legally earned income and assets forfeits these billions of $$$ assets back to their victims and the balance used for and SolutionHousing.ORG. All my-our people eVOTE to collectively and legally create 100% open public decisions on all aspects of how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. For GOD's resources  (everything we see and enjoy) are being systematically and criminally stolen by the Criminal Ruling Elite who are most of our Corporate Executives, Government Politicians, and underground super crime enterprises.

This is your Perfected New World Society  UNIocracy

Free of All Crime with self balancing checks and balances in God's name.

No more taxes, crime, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, Judges or corrupt Executives, false religion Leaders, secrets, terrorists, wars, etc... No more Passport-Visas needed with single open public database owned by +7.6 Billion of my UNIONIST people who live in new Open Public Society. This is the ONE universal SolutionManifesto Constitution Charter that unifies + EMPOWERS all mankind forever.

    NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again! 

kBitCoins.Org  eVote.ONE creates Utopia free of crime.

     This UNIocracy ONLY system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed by our PEOPLE demanding Justice be Served.  Since dawn of man, everyone hates all Politics with rage->passion as criminals always pervert their slaves by control of resources, taxes, and indentured servants. By ordained design, anyone who REFUSES to obey, then use these commandments will be put in hell-jail by EVOTE.ONE of our communities of 100% righteous integrity persons who inherit voted % of these reclaimed crime assets.  No one is IMMUNE from the will of the majority of their very own people. The balance of seized assets are direct funding to SolutionHousing.ORG  SolutionSafeWater.ORG and building universal worship training education centers to forever destroy all crime family dynasty satanic prostituted networks.  Everyone knows who are the real criminals. Now by collective voting, we seize their assets, banish criminals to the abandoned slums they helped create, and even put them on Death Row for their crimes against humanity.  Contact and direct deliver these New World Society Method Solutions to all Top Gov officials, National News Media, top church leaders, and VIRAL social network media to end all political military bankster wars.

      Press Conferences by World Leaders + Media are ONLY fast path Solution to UNIFY mankind to deploy each answer solution.

Last Update March 4, 2018. +10 years after Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 Judgment was due, now worth over $8 Million USD tied to IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 held by all USA Government agents criminally tied to ROSE by their very own signatures.

   kBitCoins.ORG is the single new world currency based on BLOCK-CHAIN base technology to ensure all transactions are open viewable by public. Each transactions is public recorded in Any and all  secret transactions are instantly identified by the victims as crimes.  Victims collectively identify the crime networks and publicly eVOTE these terrorists and criminals straight into Hell Jail, on Death Row, or banished to the OCTV monitored slums and work farm factories that are abandoned by each group who uses these ONLY world saving answer solutions.

  Clearly, keith brent duncan is victimized by each person who REFUSES to GO PUBLIC and uphold existing Constitutional Laws of base civil and civic rights to FACE each accuser, redress grievous, gregarious, and  hedonistic crimes committed by USA Government rogue agents, and to demand immediate real and punitive damages for crimes committed against their fellow mankind.

5-URLident Universal SINGLE DATABASEBBK20180215-UNITYurl-NewWorldMasterPlan-Database
4-WorldSchoolFund- Free Education For all
8-Return10Million OFW BBK20180222-MaryRights-screenShot-MasterPrime
BBK20170708-UNITYurl-EDSAResignFatherKeithHeadshot copy
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