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ROBERT dee ROSE $100 Million USD bounty Dead or Alive

ROBERT DEE ROSE, theFinalTerrrorist (.com) tried to assassinate keith brent Duncan many many times by robbing my Marietta GA HOME Feb 4, 2011, and Gwinnett R&D home ANTI-ALL CRIME system in Norcross GA Aug 4, 2010. All to PREVENT FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE from becoming YOUR new world Standard that is CRIME FREE. What will all the police and military do when NO JUDGES or Officers of OUR courts have NOTHING to do. They become ONE united world criminal investigative open source force under total control of the VICTIMS of organized crime using EVOTE.ONE NO ONE PROTECTS DUNCAN who is YOUR new world leader that deals with 100% of all GREED and crime issues world wide. WHO will call keith right now 63-9173554300 and VIDEO see YoutUbe.COM/uniocracy and get PAID $100 MILLION USD for finding and seizing ROBERT DEE ROSE at and be INTL hero for doing what NO ONE ELSE has done. SIMPLE CITIZENS ARREST that sends shock waves to all crime networks.. keith Duncan.

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