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Keith Duncan has Diplomatic Sovereign Immunity from all Prosecution / Persecution. ROSE is #1 most manhunted terrorist in USA/World history for the extreme trillions of USD damage he caused by robbing/stalking Keith 2008 forward.

 Protect Keiths most valuable life and command recovery of his assets. Contact everyone + Keith at +1 725-200-7683 is the ONLY ordained divined education system to UNIFY our entire human race forever Orders of WE the People. 

 Last update April 9, 2021. We are crowdfunding to emergency return to Atlanta GA now. Requires only $200 USD now.

1. Testify Turnover everything on everyone TO/WITH FBI AG in Atlanta and simple TURNOVER over of everything regarding ROBERT DEE ROSE, clearly enemy of STATE for infiltrating well over 300 Mega Millionaire Corporate Executive homes starting with UPS executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA and Atty ALexander Cyclone Covey of

2. Host Press CONFERENCES with WORLD presidents and World Corporate Executives fully focused on NEW WORLD REALITY of that replaces all known forms of GOVERNMENTS and MEGA CORPORATE BY-LAWs so WE GODS people now control and manage all aspects of OUR local communities while redistributing over $400 TRILLION USD of Criminal assets to third and fourth world nations who have been impoverished BECAUSE of the NWO criminal ruling elite the past 500 years starting back in Martin Luther era 1493 caused by violators of HUMAN RIGHTS in the Roman Catholic Church system. 


 Keiths DIRECT CELL is now +1 725-200-7683.

REALITY is Robert Dee ROSE ordered the illegal detainment (Kidnapping) of KEITH by Cobb County Police, then Cherokee County Police after Rose robbed my 2 homes of HIS evidence and over $400 Million USD valued Intellectual Property back in 2008 to Oct 3, 2011 then took everything through murdered Brian Walker from Jan 2012 until I was accidently released from HELL based on ALL evidence points at named persons below. Each person shown below are part of their own crime network conspiracies to prevent DOJ DOD Press and YOU my people from believing WHO Keith always was - True Man of GOD sent to redeem unify mankind through his simplified Common sense use of OLD technology and GODs original commandments seen at

 ALL to prevent and reverse all world mass poverty by use of EVOTE.ONE

We just called DA Gwinnett even today April 1, 2021. same as the 500 direct calls to Lawyers, DOJ, DOD, Press, Congressmen, WhiteHouse, literally every single day we ask for YOUR HELP to take down the worst criminals in world history using keiths ordained systems.

  KEITH's and YOUR Constitutional Rights of Due Process have been most cruelly denied and persecuted 13 years now to DENY ROSE exists or that KEITH is #1 Civil Rights Mediator procreator  of total Tort Economic Reform Author Activist Peace Maker system that eliminates all crime networks using old technology common sense 1976 forward. 

  We arrived USA LAX Jan 12, 2021, then Atl March 15 2021 to meet GODS people with community and world Rally PeaceMaking Conclaves with our Press and thousands of Protectors of our liberty Sovereign Ambassador freedom

    Keith Duncan was always your fore founding father author of PEACE-Maker Mediator is All Reality of CyberCrime Terrorist attacks.

$$ Everyone focus on the Criminals pirated assets and why Keith went direct to DOD Sept 2011 asking for safe haven protection and ONE investigator to hand over everything to OUR Law enforcement agencies and THEY host press conferences so I can fill stadiums full of people as #1 Civil Rights Forefounding Keynote Speaker of all time


    CLICK NOW: to see, believe, and ACT with authority.


$100 Million USD bounty on Robert Dee Rose (dead or alive) as he faces Death ROW Sept 25, 2011 forward.  Best sniper of all time is son Matthew Duncan +1 770-826-4632 Military Tribunals have always been best way to put terrorists to death.

 Keith was even stranded DisneyLand Anaheim for immediate anyone to escort to testify.

  We are empowered by GOD, You, and all laws to mediate TESTIFY with all world Presidents, PRESS, Public, and focus on meeting with all top Corporate Executives to finally identify WHO is WHO, Who owns what, and how to fast path transfer trillions of USD to places of greatest needs from our #1 expertise 44 years ago.
 Every single Corporate Executive, DOJ, Gov agent, Military DOD work for WE Gods people FIRST, and get paid for finding criminals using keiths simple systems show worldwide by Media press and YOU, my most beloved people using ONE International ID system of we pioneered year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC USA.
   Feb 6, 2021. historical legacy day Just met Intl GOOGLE development manager white beard 64yold grad of Duke University NC in Anaheim Mex Restaurant who lives NEXT to Larry PAGE for FOIA.ONE to be GOOGLE world famous deployment of worlds last super do it all open public database. Surely USA GOV will rush to find me now at cell 725-200-7683 as THEY work for ALL OF US the voters, taxpayers, and SPENDENDER of all time members. On Target right now. Duncan. The most powerful self-evident Reform Unification Revolution DATABASE is here to Free our People of all crime networks.  Freedom Open Information Action = #1 World Database New Society all Driven by ACTION of you our most beloved peace keeping people. Our NEW society is driven by EVOTE.ONE
 This is reality of how easy any cyber criminal can infiltrate OUR=MY Government law enforcement databases and recruit a few rogue insiders to criminally BLOCK simple turnover of VICTIMS submitted certified documents. This happens to millions of our people monthly since FBI AG Police systems are set up as secret investigation agencies who never show who are the investigators, they never show Case #s, progress reports, or share any evidence with coordinating agencies starting with INTERPOL in Lyons France. Keith asked for direct safe haven protection Sept 2011, direct access to USA Gov and Corporation Databases fall of 2011 and has NEVER been represented by any PERSON or group. Name the GROUP or person who protects ANYONE. CALL them NOW and ask them to emergency CONTACT Duncan.
   Since no investigators have been found to complete seizures of +125 named persons tied to ROSE from 1995 forward, We recruit everyone to JOIN to procreate worlds last free world market system that is inherently CRIME free with NO secrets.  Click: Criminal Bounties 100% legally authorized
AG  Sally Q Yates at +1 (404) 572-2723  has been contacted Sept 2011 to present day to SEIZE ROSE since she accidently implicated herself by criminally signing Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Dec 13, 2011 based on Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 date July 15, 2011. Call Trump/Biden DOJ-FBI DOD now and emergency command Keith be protected.  +12 of Keiths lawyers go to PRISON past 10 years for criminally blocking all turnovers.


Aiding and abetting any super criminal terrorist is legal grounds for SAME death row convictions. was 

   Updated Feb 15 2021.  MOST CRITICAL Formal Request: CALL Keith 725-200-7683 anyone who sees reality and provide ebook on emergency return to Atlanta to HOST multiple Federa Court Trials with our Key Class Action Plaintiff groups from 2008, then host most powerful Press Conferences to achieve one final time. Keith is #1 most powerful human rights anti all crime key note speaker activist of all time based on everything we have procreated to change course of OUR human history. We have spared no expense or risk to achieve legacy heritage using GODS methods of most historical new world covenant   Kbd

    I just called and spoke with Alexander Cyclone Covey first time. He is okay and NOT in criminal conspiracy with ROSE.  I asked him also VISIT Sally Q Yates and find me TOP LAWYERS to refine over 10 patents all valued over $4 billion usd conservative estimate.  

   ROSE owes Covey tens of thousands of USD from Dec 2007 when I first met Cyclone. ROSE is using his Duluth GA Sugarloaf Country Club home to CYBER attack all of client law firms. I saw this in person when I met him in his basement summer 2011.  Surely ROSE watched remotely over his CCTV system and was shocked I was always going BACK to his top victims to be Class action Lawsuit Plantiffs to put ROSE on Death Row by Military Tribunal.  WHO is protecting ROSE inside FBI AG and other agencies. That is the easiest answer of all. PUT keith on our databases and I will quickly show our data analysts how to cross reference connect ANY criminal network.

  THAT is why I went to Airforce Intelligence Sept 25, 2011 and have always shown WHY I am indeed #1 top anti all crime technologist of all time.   Call Keith NOW at 725-200-7683 and order LOCAL FBI top investigators at Lewis road cross over I-22 to find me RIGHT now.  Per Michael C lawyer I just met getting Homeless meals nearby.  No need to read all below. JUST CALL me and get us back to Atlanta jurisdiction by Amtrak, private chartered Jet, Corporate Jet Ride along as I showed on

  keith duncan.  

  ROBERT DEE ROSE, theFinalTerrrorist (.com) tried to assassinate keith brent Duncan many many times by robbing our Marietta GA HOME Feb 4, 2011, and Gwinnett R&D home ANTI-ALL CRIME system in Norcross GA Aug 4, 2010. All to PREVENT FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE from becoming YOUR new world Standard that is CRIME FREE. What will all the police and military do when NO JUDGES or Officers of OUR courts have NOTHING to do. They become ONE united world criminal investigative open source force under total control of the VICTIMS of organized crime using EVOTE.ONE NO ONE PROTECTS DUNCAN who is YOUR new world leader that deals with 100% of all GREED and crime issues world wide. WHO will call keith right now 63-917-355-4300 and VIDEO see YoutUbe.COM/uniocracy and get PAID $100 MILLION USD for finding and seizing ROBERT DEE ROSE at and be INTL hero for doing what NO ONE ELSE has done. SIMPLE CITIZENS ARREST that sends shock waves to all crime networks..

  Live KeyWitness Keith DUNCAN as most formally requested, even COMMAND DEMANDED USA GOV at any level protect keiths life for now 12 very long years of pure hell. ONE Investigator is the ONLY prime original pre requirement to enlist my 7.8 BILLION PEOPLE to use our GOD gifted solution methods.

  This updated Oct 25, 2020 at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati at EDSA at 4:00 pm

Our key sources show ROSE is being protected by criminal rogue USA gov agents. ROSE owes Keith over $450,000 USD Summary Judgment Forsyth County USA 08SC-1345. IRSWBfeb2009, 658 is worth over $8 Million USD in bounty rewards from IRS. USA GOV owes keith over $500 Million USD and rising + personal Press DOJ DOD conferences, debrief with Congress + TRUMP,  and Military protection this entire time since Nov 2010 when KEITH debriefed everyone in Atlanta IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshal and NEVER heard back from ANY Investigator even TODAY Sept 29, 2020. Crimes have been committed against Keith that are not even on the law books yet. Prevented and use of EVOTE.ONE stops all criminal networks with once and forever.

    Robert Dee ROSE is a serial murderer, super Cyber Criminal terrorist who infiltrated USA and Corporate Databases back in 1995 era. He prevents any investigations by murdering his victim clients since he has full scale access to Phone Companies, banks, Stock markets, and corporate databases as well as direct connections to his +500 Mega Millionaire client homes, law offices and corporate databases including UPS (united parcel service Executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA 2005. He is clearly protected by GA GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, Keiths own lawyer of Cobb COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171 11.1.7683 based on major multiple robberies of Keith homes and (true) billions of USD valued Intellectual Property Aug 4, 2010, then Feb 4, 2011 Marietta 4 time forged Police Report 1.11.2506 used criminally to stalk KEITH by hiring Police and others to rob my homes. Sally Q Yates (see email above) was also called + emailed TODAY Sept 28, 2020. I called FBI for 50th time, and went to USA Embassy today to command I be protected by investigators and a federal JUDGE. OR any of the as I most formally requested Sept 25, 2011 midnight Langley AirForce Base. I remain shocked I am still alive. My FatherGOD and a few protect my rights to witness testify mediate to All World Presidents and Corporate Executives + PRESS + Humanity to show exactly how to eliminate all Crime Pandemic networks and diseases one final time.

   WHO calls KEITH right now? Since I was sent by GOD, no one can ever deny YOUR rights to be free will crime free citizens who SHARE everything with use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE. Please do the URL links and watch

   THIS is the worlds First and Last most famous common sense solution known as a true method of citizen arrest of ANY person for ANY crime committed.  USA Gov owes Keith Press Conferences, over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages, and meetings with TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, since I alone have been sent by GOD and few others to unify mankind

  The USA GOV has always been commanded from summer of 2010 to contact Keith Duncan, provide armed protection, and take down all criminal networks using keith's simple Open Public exposure of all crime evidence. ROSE is clearly being protected by named and ?? USA GOV officials he has threatened and extorted since 1995. Rose is a serial Murderer guilty of Treason, Espionage, Sabotage, and infiltrating OUR Government and Mega Corporate Databases. Clearly he is a mega billionaire by now and prevents all investigations by anyone by threatening to kill anyone who shows him HIS 25 year old crime sprees.


TheFinalTerrorist is a Real Super Criminal Terrorist guilty of +20 years of cyber attack infiltrating his own client homes and businesses and then Government and Corporate Databases using his clients very own electronic systems he installed on THEIR private, government, and public internet networks.. His group also is inside our Government and corporate databases with as ROSE controls very powerful Judges, DAs, lawyers, Police and even Sally Q Yates who WAS USA AG Washington and is exact same person I ask Sept 2011 for Federal Witness Protection Program in Atlanta. Keith is world famous #1 anti crime expert Human Rights activist in legacy history of earth.

Our mission from GOD is to teach humanity how to eliminate all criminals at one time using old technology we learned in NCSU.


LAST UPDATE: Sept 22, 2020  FOCUS DOD, DOJ + world here.

 Was ROSE behind 2011-09-11 Twin Towers attack?  Sources claim yes/Maybe. He was operating Terrorist group in Atlanta at that time and reported to USAGOV, Interpol, Press as soon as any crime was committed including massive money laundering 2003 forward.

1. $100 Million USD. Robert Dee Rose DOB 1971-April 01 (integrity -99%) IID 1-19710401-1. His wife Amy has $5 Million USD bounty. His other crime team $10,000 USD each too numerous to keep relist rebroadcasting...   Other CRIMINALS, Military, DOJ, DOD, even churches can easily FIND HIM this entire time. This updated and sent to SALLY Q YATES line item #3 just today Nov 7, 2019 just like keith has done for 11.11 years now, turning over all crime evidence and data TO Police, PRESS, LAWYERS IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, Military, Congress, Presidents in that EXACT required Order. Who will claim the $125 Million USD (25%) of the over $500 Million USD damages for filing a few legal papers?

2. $1,000,000 USD. Cobb County GA DA berry vic reynolds  our $6,000 USD lawyer per 4 times forged Marietta PD. 11.1.2506.99,

3. $2,000,000 USD cyber terrorist Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey Atlanta GA. Guilty of Murder for Hire conspiracies to ocver up his infiltration of major Law Firms and OUR USA gov Judicial systems. Worth TRILLIONS of USD of Intellectual Property that KEITH alone has shown world how to prevent and reverse his entire professional life. 

4. $1,000 USD on Sally Q Yates for same connection to ROSE terrorist groups by one SIGNATURE. She must testify NOW.

    This one broadcast website details how ROSE is the AntiChrist we accidentally discovered Jan 15, 2008 and have taught all Law and Military enforcement to FIND and SEIZE Rose for most obvious reason he defrauded and robbed us then paid off named very powerful people to torture us 5 times = 900 days in HELL-jail based all HIS evidence he is a super criminal destined for DEATH ROW.

    We requested Political Military USAGOV Asylum protection of our life at Langley AFBase Sept 25, 2011 for Military to escort us to testify to FBI AG, Obama. Same applies today. We have then completely published the last logical common sense corrections to our ratified new world UNIOCRACY system that always requires our other TOP R&D scientists, religions leaders, and all others to self-govern refine.  This is now, Before required single World Peace summit with all world leaders on Jan 21, 2020 as planned +9 years ago. and cold wars occur now.  One key person or powerful GROUP must call and personally visit debrief TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN, and focus on required as total world Equality peace. We no longer have time for world traveling street ministries to TOP world leader visits and broadcasts as we remain impoverished in Manila waiting and calling for ONE criminal Investigator to contact MILITARY, CIA, NSA, PRESS, World leaders in any order. We have no access today to Long distance calls to Washington or TRUMP, or anyone as we spend all day and all resources to CONTACT all our world leaders and mankind for now 12 years. We most humbly apologize for the complexity of some websites and a few youtube world broadcasts as the complexity of mankind requires US to unravel decode all evil persons by near perfecting your new free will almost crime free society. CALL us.

  We will return to ATLANTA now. RIGHT now.  Certainly our very own DOJ DOD officials will now REIGN down TERROR on those who violate GODs basic COMMANDmenTs of DO not STEAL, DO not LIE, Do not HIDE, and never recruit others to do the same 1,2,3.

LOVE your ENEMIES and even Terrorists is what we teach humanity to full fill revelation of why we are truly here, most of us sent BY GOD himself as Free World leaders working as required International Mediator Sovereign Ambassadors as we have train taught everyone else to do the same..  . .TO conserve all GOD and your time, here is today's last broadcast to motive World Presidents to call us and also become FREE will citizens the Promised Land UTOPIA created by our FATHERGOD mutual creator at dawn of man.

  CLICK BBK20191109-FreePeace-1095.pdf (soon uploaded as now we sleep).

See ROSEs LONG FELONY LIST of crimes and just a few of his +85 to 125 USA Gov Officials who IMPLICATED themselves as being directly link TIED to ROSE by their very own court documents certified signed by each criminal.

  The OTHER prime WORLD broadcast websites are: and

The original existed Summer of 2010 BEFORE ROSE ordered 3rd, 4th, 5th kidnappings. It is backed up and available to WORLD when any person wants to seize ROSE and get the posted legal $100 Million USD bounty reward on his head.

  CLICK:  Criminals Page.   EVIDENCE Page.

  CLICK:  LIST of EVR*.* files (For Robert Dee Rose)  +  EVB*.* (for Ms Bashama) puts BOTH on DEATH ROW.

Everyone command USA Gov use eVOTE.ONE  and InterPol to prevent almost all crimes and remove Political Criminals from all leadership positions in governments and companies. Keith's life remains in deadly peril from #1 terrorist Rose and high powered authorities Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates groups. No one else has hosted Press Conferences and completed +100 criminal investigations shown on CROOKS subpage and


The USA Gov and people will FIND KEITH and return him TO USA to testify against ALL criminals worldwide and PROTECT his LIFE while recovering every penny of his brutally stolen assets tied to Super Criminal Terrorist Robert Dee Rose and all others.

CLICK: is the worlds most powerful Clearinghouse of World problem solving Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals and prevent almost all crimes in the first place. Delays will result in governments collapsing from greed.

These 3 Docs below showcase the worst crimes against humanity conducted by super criminals, corrupt judges, lawyers, police, CID, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, even a few Military all based on CRIMINALS controlled by Robert Dee Rose who are embedded inside our very own governments and corporations. Many call this the Final Holocaust.

  The SINGLE certified Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 below was cancelled July 15, 2011. Based on robbery of my homes $40,000 cash and assets by ROSE and Ms. Bashama. Every document proves ROSE is the #1 super criminal terrorist of all time. For everyone has PREVENTED this from being seen by PUBLIC. We exposed EVERYTHING to all Law Enforcement, All lawyers, Judges, Press, Public, family and WORLD this entire time.

   The Only Requirement this entire time is for USA GOV to investigate, SEIZE, and inprison each person based ONLY on the criminals own evidence that has clearly been destroyed by same parties.

  Therefore USA always has owed us DEPLOYMENT of each of these militarized legal solutions and:

1. Protection from ROSE and crime networks as I asked in person to USA GA AG sally q yates + USAMarshals + Military Sept 2011, while all criminals are hunted down by public, military, FBI.

2. Press Conferences with Public Apology my crusader teams have request ordered Nov 2010 forward.

3. Restore of our original $1.2 Million USD original fortune and return of over $500 Million USD cash to replace the Intellectual Property worth billions seen on #1 clearinghouse broadcast


Original SUMMARY: The most bible 'DAMNING' evidence has always been FBI-AG-Military-Interpol refusals (dead silence) to complete any of +100 investigations leading to Death Row Convictions of ROSE, Amy Rose, each linked criminal like and the high powered USA GOV agents who are directly linked to ROSE by their certified signatures and destruction of all evidence + court docs tied to massive Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice (murder for Hire) Norfolk VA 4:11cr112. Actual monetary and real damages exceed $500 Million USD. More in Punitive damages. Keith is indeed #1 anti crime expert sage visionary guru keynote crusader in our entire world ! ! !

Any in world can see the LINK of the Marietta PD 1.11.2506 both sides of these two certified Court document that prove 100% I was ROBBED by these career super criminals...

Even this ONE doc below puts Liar Lawyer Criminal Phoenix Harris, my PUKE PreTender, on Death Row for massive obstruction of Justice, murder for hire conspiracy (as SHE requested I be Force Medicated into a lifetime VEGAN dead vegatable!!), aiding and abetting Enemies of the State, libel, slander as I have doc she claimed I was criminally insane at time of NO VIOLATION COULD have occurred. Even the Judge Jackson had these SAME documents in his hands entire time !!!  Key question for world is 'WHO declared I was INSANE?" Clearly it was the DUNCAN Clan, ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Each JUDGE, and of course ATF Special Agent William Banks on original Grand Jury Indictment testified I went to Military on matters of National Security. Everything else he stated was out of the mouth of ROSE. Same as each person who claimed YOU ARE GUILTY, you can NEVER speak.
    It was criminally INSANE Psychopath Sociopath ROSE = (Dr Strangelove) all along with his criminal cyber crime terrorist organization succeeding even today to OVERTHROW OUR Governments and mega Corporations by using MY and YOUR assets and technology to infiltrate all computer databases and murder any key witnesses like my own family members and anyone holding HIS evidence. This also true reality of why our world is already controlled by ROSE and the criminal Ruling Elite who are now going to depopulate our WORLD. All evidence since Nov 2007 has been SEALED, FORGED, Destroyed by ROSE to prevent the most valid and powerful manhunt in world history from commencing. I already turned over and published ALL evidence this entire time and personally visited each and every law enforcement group including INTERPOL. 
     I will clearly LEAD the Military Force as I am the sole person who has identified ALL crime networks with these copyright, trademarked world saving Solutions. Who calls keith now and joins the biggest manhunt in world history? All profit since all who participate collect percentage of all world seized assets. All legal with
Even below evidence by Phoenix Harris puts HER in prison for massive Obstruction of Justice and refusals to just give Judge Jackson the ONE Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissal and I would walk FREE.



1. Click DropBox

2. Click Anarchy

3. Click ACTION ! offers his extensive anti-Cybercrime and anti-Political Crime journalist methods and processes to all governments, military, and public for past 7 years.

   Dec 9, 2015. DAILY at 10 am EST = 7 am PST == 11 pm Manila-Hong Kong-China time.  These are Daily Press Conferences for all + National News. Call USA (712) 775-7031 ID: 166 841 408. Direct call (63) 0917-335-4300 for how to recover MILLIONS of your taxes +  assets from the criminals as the USA government collapses. tells why so many terrorists and criminals are looking to assassinate me so they can complete what ROSE failed to do after stealing all my Intellectual Property + assets. Get ROSE instead. 

  Sept 6, Nov 6, Dec 1, 2015. Recorded calls made to USA Military again asking for their immediate actions to contact FBI top leadership and for criminal investigator to contact Keith about what I delivered to Langley AFB Intelligence Div. It is the root reason for why I asked for safe-haven and why FBI-AG actively prevent all investigations. CLICK to see.

  CLICK three prime PDF files upper center for the 37 documents that put ROSE on Death Row now.

  Since Sept 25, 2011 the USA Gov and Military have never had any excuse to NOT contact and find Keith so he could finally DEBRIEF them on the criminals tied to ROSE and the anti-CRIME solutions delivered over and over to Langley, FBI-AG, and all other governments and agencies.

  Everyone call OSI Kong (757)764-7972 and Brig Gen Dash Jamieson and all government agencies for them to dispatch USA Military, FBI, CIA to come find Keith now !.

      The crimes continue unabated, including treason, espionage, sedition, and overthrow of governments. Political Crimes explains why USA Military must investigate all USA civilian government agencies for massive Treason, Espionage, Cybercrimes, and paper chase conspiracies committed against almost all citizens in world history.

Everyone read the middle column, Click on the Red, Yellow, Green Anarchy Action files, and take ACTION. This makes  the #1 and only standard to ensure survival of all humanity.

   Click: of the most incriminating Evidence for USA Military to manhunt ROSE, contact KEITH and escort him for Press Conference series of all times by protecting Keith's life and IP assets gifted to all Nations. It has always been easy to indict every single criminal shown by their own signatures. The Criminal Ruling Elite are identified forever` world-wide with three By-Pass Laws and shunned by that are irrevocable and irrefutably the only solutions to ensure Mankind survives its own Predatory Greed and ability of criminal terrorists to enslave my collective people of +7.365 Billion taxpayers, families and commUNITY of faith and grace under GOD's Sovereign ownership.

   The USA military shares in the seizure of BILLIONS of USD in criminal assets identified by Keith since FBI-AG refuse to just contact Keith or the PRESS or the USA Military. The economic damage is beyond staggering.

Our SolutionPeace Team is the #1 standard for all communities and Military to manage all of their own affairs with almost no federal regulations or oversight needed. The one world wide military force monitors for corruption at all levels when communities fail to identify and deal with the criminals in their own jurisdiction. No one escapes justice since under ensure full compliance of all citizens to basic integrity, justice, equality, and trust.

   Our partner teams are YOU, my beloved and collective +7.376 Billion People. China, India, USA, Indonesia are 3.269 Billion persons = 44.4 % of world population. Most governments have de-evolved into paper chase nightmares of wasting your tax dollars to ensure political criminals prosper and thrive by controlling man-made laws, bidded contracts, legal and financial policies, as well as dictating to police and military who is to be enslaved to enrich their own families and corporations.

      These are the most obvious multiple reasons why Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) continues to be the #1 Atlanta Georgia based Terrorist along with his +100 conspirators to overthrow government agencies by controlling and manipulating your financial, legal, cultural, and even spiritual lives with regulations that are so complex, no one reads any of the fine print in black and white. ROSE extorted all these people to create the worse paper chase conspiracy to try to convince everyone that I sent him that ONE linkedIn email. I almost died in Jail many times since no one can convict anyone when all evidence has always pointed at ROSE. Rose almost succeeded in having B.O.P. murder Keith for two years. Ask any Federal Judge and Special Prosecutor to start signing all the arrest warrants and Grand Jury indictments now as I have been actively contacting everyone in the world this entire time. Really hard to do with so many blinded fools.

    It has always been easy to see that I asked for entry into Federal Witness Protection Program through Atlanta USAG Sally Yates office logged visits in Nov 2010 and again Sept 2011. The USA military own sworn evidence per criminal conspiracy-coverup 4:11cr112 implicates ROSE and all others on the true nature of what I successfully delivered on my 17" MacBook Pro and CD-ROMS to Military after IRS, FBI, USMarshal, AG offices were personally visited, emailed, phoned, FAXED, and contacted through every available ways and means, for now +7.77 years.

  Clearly I have been esculating to everyone this entire time asking for Press Conference interviews so i can ask key high powered officials about their own crimes and get their recorded testimony for the Military and world to see, believe and act on what I have gifted to our world in the form of Acts of Wisdom detailed on the right hand panel.

   I am due over $400 Million USD in real and punitive damages from everyone involved, including the famous IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009-658 ($8 Million USD), Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010 -$200,000 USD + all legal costs, > $400 Million in SF-95 Federal Torts Claim Act and personal/business claims for actual damages to my evaluated business entities of and that were fully established and production supply chain ready in fall of 2011.

   Who calls their leadership now as I wait for the first honest person, first Federal Judge, first Special Prosecutor, first criminal investigator, and especially the USA Military to contact Keith Duncan, ask any question at all, and then come find me to protect my IP Rights, my assets, and my life from all criminals who are soon man hunting ROSE.

  For ROSE is the actual cause of their own numbered days.  I am indeed the Messanic Messenger who was put through HELL-JAIL Oct 3, 2011 through Jan 28, 2014 and subsequently denied each and every one of my Constitutional, legal, financial, cultural, and spiritual rights to teach our mutual world how to Love and Care for each other to avoid the impending collapse of almost all governments so the Criminal Ruling Elite can feast on your assets and even your lives as they will enslave everyone who does not conform to their tryanny policies. Each of you will have lost your original free will choice to be FREE, HAPPY, and to pursue your passions in life by ensuring Justice and Equality are served at all levels of society.

  Is it is not clear I have always humblly served our own one mutual Creator and humanity by leading our people with these Acts of Wisdom that have evolved since the dawn of Mankind. The Crimes against Humanity are shown on bottom of with non-political requests, demands, and commands for our leadership to actually do their taxpayer funded jobs and STOP taking any graft and payoffs from the underground criminal networks. This is easy to see by tracing the flow of money and value of their assets that they can not prove were legally acquired. For Criminals never pay taxes on assets they have illegally acquired and drained from their victims, do they.....

  Join and form your own as fast as feasible before the Criminal Ruling Elite decide you are their meat. Services


      My name is Keith Duncan from Atlanta Georgia. I have become the #1 world expert on teaching the world how to prevent corruption and almost all crimes in the first place. Anyone can contact myself directly, including all Government officials, Churches, Public, and especially Journalists.  With Face Recognition, unique International ID and rotating PIN # from,

all criminals will be shunned by all citizens and institutes since their past crimes will be public knowledge with one degree of separation through Interpol  No visa or passports will be needed as everyone freely travels anywhere to live and conduct business as a trusted international Citizen of world Order Government.  All governments and corrupt companies will collapse when they are seen by entire public as the Criminal Ruling Elite Cabals that everyone knows exist and have never been able to identify and convict as criminals.

 As of Dec 9, 2015, I detected I am being cyberattacked again by ROSE + to find my location. describes Cyber Crimes.

   Rose has committed perfect felony crimes to seize assets from USA government, clients, banks, traders, etc. Rose has built layers of criminal documents to ensure he survives any detection and subsequent convictions to Death Row. By his own actions, the world will manHunt him and all other criminals down using face recognition and their own transparency criminal evidence I show the world.

    Everyone call FBI Atlanta is (404)679-9000, AG ATL is (404)581-6000 and Washington DC as I have and COMMAND them to contact USA Military since they actively block all the criminals testimony and have blacklisted Keith from building entry to re-deliver the worlds first ANTI-crime methods. So I blacklisted all of them to show the public what is true reality of world. Read and take ACTION now.

      I was indeed kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 after I was invited to debrief USAirForce Langley Intelligence Division on Sept 25, 2011 by USREP Buddy Dardin (Georgia). I successfully delivered physical data evidence of crimes of to Military officials that evening as well as the worlds first Anti-Crime, Anti-Terrorist, Anti-Political Corruption, Anti-Cybercrime comprehensive prevention from #1 sage consulting expert in telephony  communications, banking, security systems, embedded process controllers, criminology, and financial systems working for all governments, military, churches, + public.

CLICK: 37DocList for USA Military to retrieve NOW !

     Rose ordered my kidnapping Sept 26, 2011 morning as I waited for re-admission through OSI Capt Christoper Weber call I made at 9 a.m. cell records (770)289-3050 showing I direct contacted and visited IRS-FBI-AG-USMarhals for months.  After +35 years as the Prime Consultant for tellicommunications giants, major banking institutes, IBM, and variety of entrepreneur firms, I delivered the most comprehensive anti-Political/Public Corruption processes and methods along with submitted By-Pass Laws to reform all of the USA government by asking for USA Military Protection of my Intellectual Property, assets, and life. Each Judge, DA, DAG, Lawyer, Police involved by their own signtures on certified court documents go to PRISON.

       The IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, GBI, Press, public, +10 law firms, and all my churches were fully aware I had esculated to everyone by summer of 2011. The rest of this #1 world's greatest true stories are broadcast published for +7.777 years as gifts to all of mankind.  The database repository and along with all other specific solutions all teach our collective world how to LOVE and CARE for each other by holding ourselves and all others accountable for their actions and behaviours with immediate consequences for dishonesty. 

   Any grade school student can see and understand that I am teaching them and our world how to be honest, trustworthy, responsible, and to prepare them to assume leadership when the true criminals are shunned by society at their own expense to live in the abandoned slums of the world as the public monitors them with and other off shelf technology I gifted to our world years ago.   We all merge back into one degree of separation with gifted to Interpol, Press, and public on Jan 7, 2015.  

    Simply apply the principals of integrity with and you will prosper and grow in faith and grace with the trust of all you encounter in life

Read all I have gifted on these broadcasts and direct communications with our world as thousands of emails and broadcast 'White Paper Dissertations' exist in the domain of GOD's dominion of the internt.  Everyone contact everyone with focus on commanding USA Government stop actively preventing the investigations and convictions of so many high powered USA Government officials tied directly to terrorists such as ROSE.  


  Read and download Prime Consulting services as I have been offerring my entire suite of Solution providing prime services to all governments, military, corporations, churches, businesses and non-profits for now +7.77 years. Clearly, I was born Aug 15, 1958 with the destiny to complete what was started by majority of our earthly fore-founders and religious prophets with emphasis on Christ Jesus's teachings after HE accepted the Holy Spirit at the age of 29 years old. Year 1989 was when I moved to Charotte NC and journeyed on my own Walk to Emmaus with St Stephens Methodist church, then Birmingham AL, then as ordained Deacon with Norcross GA Peachtree Corners Baptist Church 1996 to 2011. Then Marietta First Baptist Church after I was robbed by ROSE and Ms. Bashama multiple times per 4 times forged Marietta P.D. larceny report 1.11.2506.99 conspiracy to threaten my life because I had accomulated the worlds first ANTI-CRIME and ANTI-CORRUPTION methods to gift all of mankind.

  The worse crimes are any government agents who hide from public view of in order to coverup and conspire with criminal treason and espionage agents of destruction such as Robert Dee Rose (wife Amy) and his consortium of signed testimony conspirators like Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds, and Federal Judge Thurman Jackson (Norfolk), and all others involved in the most profitable crime sequence in world history.

  Each and every court document and submitted evidence such as the 37 documents shown on and put ROSE and many others on DEATH ROW by their own pre-signed testimony confessions of the Crimes against humanity they commit every day.  ?

This terrorist is always easy for our world to find.

Click above for ONLY Solutions Broadcast to FBI-AG-Congress Oct 12-14 to Command ACTION by all of USA Government to avoid total collapse of their agencies from Terrorism. Call Press Conferences and Military to COME FIND KEITH.
One Call will Resolve Tryanny.
Contact Keith Duncan

FOR Press Conferences, Seminars, Workshops anywhere in the world.

Philippines +(63)
Hong Kong +(852) 9146-8620
Wechat: BuiltByKeith -World Trading Partner Enterprises INC, Suite 6309

9120 Double Diamond Parkway

Reno, Nevada 90521  U.S.A.



Here is the priority order standards for all using

1. Protect children, disabled, disadvantaged, elderly, and those who serve their people.

2. Protect all women and families.

3. Protect all honest persons who conduct fair trade and business enterprises.

4. Protect all the sanctity of worshiping as long as rights of others are respected.


This is accomplished with the following works.  = In God We Trust. - The one world wide force needed to ensure no corruption exists by identifying crimes when communities refuse to deal with local issues and criminals.


Federal, State, + local Governments - + FOIA.ONE

-Checks and Balances established by Three Primary By-Pass Laws that ensure all leadership represent the citizens rights of ownership and self-regulating their own affairs.


Communities of Faith  - meetings of righteous citizens who provide solutions when ever any problem or issue is expressed.


Relationship Management. -The basic roots of all issues are failed relationships when individuals take advantage of others out of their own greed and compulsive need to control others. This is and along with all other Master Student Teachings that Keith Duncan gifts to our mutual world in the name of our Sovereign Creator. 


Now Keith can receive Sovereign Ambassador Emissary status to complete his people and Creator Centered ministries.  All Keith really needs is crowd funding, transportation, food, and protective shelter from the criminals who want him DEAD.  Ask Keith anything to hear, see, and believe the power of his world focused ministries that are only bounded by those who refuse to see

The most comprehensive criminal terrorist investigations are on under many playlists. #34 and #88 on search 'BuiltByKeith' show Robert Dee Rose's telecommunications centers and how Rose has been extorting and paying off anyone who holds ROSE's own evidence to put him on Death Row.  Once any is corrupt and works in USA government, any criminal now has the ultiimate blackmail tool to keep that one person criminally corrupt and a true 'straw man puppet' for the rest of their lives. Think of the 'Wizard of Oz', and all can see the true nature of Perfect Crimes committed by so many criminal leaders of our world.

Video: Title: #234 Call USMilitary + Interpol intervention. BuiltByKeith is

New World Standards

Teach our World the Orders of Peace of as the ONLY Standard for Utopia Harmony by removing all criminals from society once and for all.

Reduce Poverty and Homelessness to near zero.  Easy to accomplish.


Family Relationship Re-Management

Criminal Law​ -Avoiding litigation and Total Tort Reform for all legal and judicial systems worldwide. prevents all bank fraud transactions worldwide.


Child Care - Raising Children with

Preventing Poverty and Homelessness



Ethical Business Transactions -Barter for work ensures Free Trade for all.


Massive savings of electrical usage with Nobel Peace Prize worth ensures safe water anywhere in world with solar.


.. Literally. Any area of problem, issue, or conflict is easily solved and prevented using the above Blue Box description final summaries.


Too many other world changing solutions to re-list for so many years.

News & Publications

2011 July 11.   CreatorKeith Duncan

 The ONE dismissed TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 15, 2011 showing ROSE and Atlanta AG Sally Yates (now Deputy Attorney General) in conspiracies and coverups with each Judge, Lawyer, AUSAG Dee Sterling, and almost all others to PREVENT Military Intervention. This was the PRIME reason I was invited to go to Langley Sept 2011.
Works and Acts of Wisdom are all the re-broadcast publications of Video, Audio, White Master Paper Dissertations that change our world, one relationship at a time in all respects and honor to our own one Mutual Creator and society.

Click: Dec 1, 2015 Direct Call to USA Military Recorded Call. This alone will get Military to complete these massive terrorist conviction investigations when they simple TAKE ACTION.

2015 Sept 25, 2015.   CreatorKeith Duncan


Next major world events as 4 year anniversary of Kidnapping setup as well as Pope Francis visit to Congress and United Natins. Combined with the 6th Blood Moon of biblical historical tramatic events, the Government has zero choice by to protect Keith's life and assets to host the Press Conference series of all time. 
More works in progress as soon as PUBLIC and PRESS put full pressure on USA Government to actually protect our rights, arrest every single person invovled in 4:11cr112 and restore Keith's assets.

© 2007-2021 copyright World Trading Partner Enterprises INC, Reno Nevada USA. protected by all governments, corporations, public, and churches for the rest of Keith Duncan's life to prevent criminals from overtaking the rest of Keith's beloved people.


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