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"I, keith brent duncan, come from an extremely dysfunction family (my direct clan, not myself) that has been involved in crime against myself since Oct 3, 2011 historical 3,4,5th kidnappings = Illegal Detainment as a Political Prisoner of Cyber crime terrorist warfare. This was total of 900 days including Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 2018 by Atlanta FBI agent LYNN.  I clearly work for you and our one mutual Creator.  We collectively must create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, housing, poverty, safety, and constitutional rights in particular, a top priority. With  60 years of full scale personal and divine/ordained observation experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental and corporation agencies, and teach our world how to actually get solutions accomplished." HowToAll  Procreated 2023March07 2:45 pm EST Atlanta GA and Asheville NC USA.

Since GOD sent most humble keith Brent duncan all alone to be persecuted and almost martyred so many tiems WE RECORDED each and every violator at Therefore the following HOW TO homestead and life fully independent OFF the GRID while OUR existing Law Enforcement groups and YOU actually eliminate all Lucifer WORSHIPPERS once and forever by SHOWING them how to actually be GOD and OTHER loving PeaceMakers.

Everyone has a purpose in life yet few can answer the 4 primal questions top of GODs

Living a simple minimal existence lifestyle free of clutter, free of repetitive worry stress disorder, free of the original organic sins vices and crimes against each other was always SO SO EASY by using Keith Duncans basic reduction Re-Education methods of now registered gifted as +$40 Million USD to Josh Miles at one of our prime base of operations from Aug 2022 forward when we joined Blazers and Choir.

  Keith + GODs new world supply chain means anyone can own land and build their own home and business at only THEIR work efforts by learning how to ask best questions of local persons who actually KNOW how to help each of you solve your basic needs.  WANTS are always optional. Basic Needs is Security, hot shower water, kitchen access, fresh food, warm safe haven shelter, clothes, transportation and communications.  Everything else is A WANT. 

   BUT most of you are so brainwashed that only by endless acquiring of wealth and authority.  Reality always shows that FEW of you are actually cognitive  fully aware of GOD and WHY our proCreator actually conceived you with a purpose of life for YOU to be world peace makers and peace keepers forever.

  Basic home and business skills we have authored and gifted as well as LEFT BEHIND to procreate our very own CRIME FREE World UTOPIA.  Yet few actually SERVE and PROTECT each other, except most humble KEITH duncan.

 List of How To All Solutions

  Survival skills were what we learned from our Father Vernon Duncan and BoyScouts Troop 4 at Highl Pint NC Wesley memorial United Methodist Church, Westchester Drive. Our lifetime family home is at 1821 Easthseter Drive on Route 68 at Oak Hollow Lake city limits near Piedmont International airport TRIAD Greensbory, High pint Winston Salem. Site of HondaJet and MOJO lookup aviation of and manufacturing.

  Basic how to live off of GODs natural resources is the basic original clean fresh unlimited water and now free electricity of Gods   We always have the right and ability to own our very own land and cooperate collective collaberate with our fellow peer to peers to elimiante the named violators most call bigots, racists, cynics, hypocrits, and criminal brood of vipers clearly exposed by Jesus Christ Matthew Chapter 23.  Romans 12 is the true answer of WE THE PEOPLE actually use our best GOD gifted expertise to advance our own human race as only PeaceMakers PeaceKeepers and PromiseKeepers as only caretakers of MotherEarthFirst and caregivers of WHY we are always doomed to be mortal die.

   Once our basic needs are provided by ourselves or our new peer friends and business associates using what Keith left behind, then each of us now builds our own 'off the grid' communities so we are no longer on the Captain HOOK conspirator chain of command of being slave traded past 5550 years.

  Bamboo is a grass and therefore never regulated by anyone. Bamboo is an excellent food sources as well as building material easy to convert to wall board, structurally sound compressed laminated joists, panels, and even as temporary erosion control while EACH OF US reverse climate change caused by NWO criminal ruling elite.

keith b duncan (c)(tm)(r) Patent holder of ALL of GODs resources and patent technology now NEVER used again to weaponize our young people to destroy any fake news opposition worldwide..

GOT to go get hair cut as I personally have NOTHING left to perfect and gift back as of today.


HOUSING is SolutionHousing.ORG is the simple solution to build new self-regulated communities with the criminal assets seized with by use of


 Funding preventative care and statistical analysis of cause and effects of all diseases and illness is easy once all the corrupt indivivduals are isolated and shunned by all of society.  Ditto for the rest...

ENVIRONMENT  SolutionSafeWater.ORG and assortment of other World Changing Solutions too numerous to rebroadcast.


Clearly the BIGOTS, CYNICS, HYPOCRITES, Nay-sayers, criminals, and political self-entitling persons are the real reason that Diversity has been the #1 issue since the dawning of man. reduces all governments and corporations down to absolute basic minimum functioning entities to serve all my people.

BUSINESS was and the other world class solutions are the answers to conducting 100% ethical business transactions where no crime goes unpunished since criminals loose all their profit, motive, and opportunities with CEOSPACE.NET that puts the biggest eternal DENT in all criminal activities. Just ask Robert Dee Rose where Keith's money has been stored and used to build ROSE's #1 Terrorist Anti-Christ empire. Easy to find and by everyone with face recognition.  Even churches will LOVE to find ROSE and turn him over to

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