Call to DukeEnergy-PresDavidFountain-Cousin -
00:00 / 00:00 is worlds last ECO all energy electric system free of Mega Executive Criminal Elites who speculate commodity prey on consumers at all our levels. Prevents all Cyber Attacks + all embezzlement of our resources all at ONE required time with Press Conferences. These videos are recent exposure of WHY no one uses our gifted systems by +7.8 billion people. + SoutionSafeWater COGS ROI is Trillions of $$ USD in A.I. UNIocracy = Singularity of connecting all eDevices with +7.8B as We now own and control all electricity generation down to consumer / industrial use. Click HART =

 We personally ask everyone to direct CALL / Contact / Direct VISIT all top Corporate executives +10 years.

  Anyone can Video conf always. Skype: builtByKeith2

1. Tesla CEO Elon Musk PRESS@Tesla

2. Oracle CEO +1 202 255-4001

3. CEO Keith Phillips +1 (704)461-8000  Belmont NC USA near High Point.

4. All Top Mega Corporate Executives Energy, Water, Education, Transportation, Manufacturing Other

5. Contact Visit all World Presidents + all Gov leaders as everyone now knows WHO is WHO.

6. Contact Visit CEO Chuck Link, David Fountain Raleigh NC President Carolina PowerLight

7. Contact all National Press for them to report WHO is KEITH DUNCAN to complete our GOD sent missions.

8. We even have system to eliminate all old databases and convert all Mass Media to all free TV radio news systems so our communications systems are totally owned and controlled by WE his PEOPLE at all levels.

  Most Critical World Press Presidential final Peace Accord Summit is Aug 15, 2020. We have shown how major Electrical Power Plants are easy for CYBER Terrorists to SHUT down our Basic Means of LIFE.

Everyone is now Free World Citizen once WE Keiths People own ALL energy, water, air, land, infrastructure systems by destroying the ability for any LUCIFER Executive/Politician/Cyber Terrorist from depopulating My Reality World by embezzling everything needed to prevent any/all investigations by Keiths SolutionMilitary.

   Once WE Keiths PEOPLE decentralize all electricity generation by building 100% ECO Mine Quarries at highest level Piedmonts and mountains, we own and control both free electricity and communications of WorldSchoolfund.SPACE.  End Times occur now once named LUCIFERS and cyber terrorists bomb and destroy oil, gas, coal fired boiler turbines always located near major mega slum coastal cities.

  While we HIS UNIocracy people own and control all aspects of electricity and communications, we are now fully empowered to destroy all identified violators of basic human right and common law using all the other solution methods sent by GOD through Keith and a few other top world scientists and sage educators.

As of today 20200807, I truly feel like I live in a parallel reality universe being the sole author of UNIocracy that I personally resurrected last evening once first of my $1.2 Million real net assets was returned by first Dr. Barbara Serle of Atlanta.

    Certainly Duterte, Trump, Interpol, DOJ, DOD, NSA, CIA, Military and all other top world leaders will quickly call Keith and personally escort our UNIocracy free will mediator world Experts to testify mediate with all World Presidents.  Keith has little resources left to keep broadcasting the reality of WHY I still here.  Surely I return to Heaven soon, as My fatherGOD has been asking me WHY I continue to teach such stupid, stupid ignorant people. Same as I exposed back on Oct 1, 2011 at at BuiltBykeith,  or IseeStand.  Video was and describing free communications and protective systems that is now focused with = 

  This is forever PREVENTED once tens of thousands of independent Electricity HYDRO systems = reality.

  We are the rare breed of world expertise experts who show how to reverse mass poverty, eliminate the need for ANY centralized government, or mega Corporations to control anything. This is the requirements of pure engineering analysis of using data binding mining SQL systems at all Open URL linked databases to finally resolve WHO are the LUCIFERS who are embezzling everything. I am currently doing absolute final R&D on bringing Tesla and mega corporate executives here to use our combined systems in North Luzon where the largest un-tapped watershed exists so we can use Tesla Boring expertise and mine for the needs of our people almost free concrete, iron, steel, other base components to finally explore Outer Space. We hve always required call backs and YOU our most beloved people to USE our systems as our GIFTs from GOD were delivered intact back in summer of 2010-2011 and were the target of LUCIFER ROSE.  Certainly our Military, FBI, AG, NSA, CIA, Interpol, literally anyone can use our systems to find ANY wanted criminal or suspect who falsely thinks they can hide from 100% total exposure of everyone by use of gifted URLident.

  This we updated July 30, 2020 as we have no fear of teaching anyone including terrorists how to be free will members of UNIocracy so everyone can share everything and enjoy the benefits of MY father GODs E.D.E.N

For 44 years now, WE the top world scientists have shown everyone how to be crime and political free using old common sense and technology and my FATHER GODs based commandments of BE HONEST. Few respond since most think SOMEONE else will arrive to SOLVE their issues. Therefore HERE is Saint Keith ready his entire life to lead everyone into UNIocracy the ONLY system to advance humans to NEXT level.

  Updated July 30, 2020 since at this point of GODs time, NO ONE bothers to escort me to Testify to anyone.

  NEVER in our new worlds history will we EVER have any energy blackout or terrorist Attacks against those prime Electric centralized power plants including the most vulnerable SEM-Calaca Balayan DMCI system that supplies power to ALL of NCR Luzon. A single mass failure at any level, and NCR goes total BLACK. We personally debriefed them just last week. We did debrief DOE Cusi and top energy Executives same as we were doing full time on our arrival here Aug 6, 2011 confirmed by IM Jamie Morente who has our system of auto back ground checkpoint of Open Circuit TV that is now on every single kDevice (r)(tm)(c) worldwide.

   CLICK HERE:  Reference: Single Point of Alarm failure entire USA Northeast Blackout  Aug 14-16, 2003

  Now all energy systems are owned and controlled by Collective Cooperative kEnergy Associations so that NO family dynasty can ever control our new Mining, transport systems, and energy grids.

   We offer top bidded price to buy local ABS-CBN franchise from Lopez dynasty as some will go to prison.

   Same offer to DOE + the Current Meralco Executives who have been conspiracy price fixing for years.

   Same offer to buy out any other Mass media corporate executive groups so they never control our assets.

   We Keiths people now convert all Mass media (tv, radio, newspaper) as community owned and operated. Each corporate executive is now offered severance package by-law use of
  This includes any OPEC corporate King or Prince since we show them all how to be profitable safe.

This same direct eDemocracy system is now used collectively cooperatively by all 7.8B of keiths People.

  Everything we do is pure accounting, data mining with shared common public databases, and mass publicity by legal ways and means to be safe communities who control and own everything collectively. Call us.

   Keith Duncan was Raleigh NCSU 1976-1981 Computer Science, Micro PLC electronics, and most extensive W4ATC amateur Radio telliCommunications free world calling/texting/video Calling R&D expertise now open free will market for all humanity to use. No more telli comm or electricity costs for anyone joining UNIocracy. Now we all live in one degree of separation between all persons and kDevices world wide.

  Our conceived DOB Birth was to create all electronic paperless crime free Society UNIocracy. Soon Keith returns to work in Heaven or goes directly to your greatest places of needs to Mediate any issue anywhere. Our entire world system was engineered by our Higher (semiElectronic) Power to achieve todays A.I. legacy.

  We have never violated any laws (speeding yes), and are the grass root scientists of all engineer markets.

   Escort Keith to testify with World Presidents from 40 years ago on everything our R&D Scientific Pioneer revolutionary systems inter kLink all eDevices registered by owner/group that communication with each of our 7.8 billion people over kPhones. This is Singularity A.I. Kardasev New Society seen below.

   We offer +$4 Billion USD to build kModel here in Philippines. Direct self funding is always through our NGO Guardian Angel Trust Foundation NGO who conceived everything to solve ANY world issue nano to Gods eye inter-stellar view starting with SolutionHousing SolutionMilitary WorldSchoolFund. Clearinghouse is cross reference of all human knowledge and wisdom to achieve Equality self stabilized communally shared resources to reverse all current true reality mass poverty, Climate Change and bloodshed at one time. No one but Keith has ever survived so many brutal attacks to steal destroy the folllowing...

  Send EMAILs and direct calls with this message: Please Emergency call + escort world saving UNIocracy Inventor Tech Savior to Testify Mediate All World Presidents.

   Keiths group is totally unable to contact anyone for breakdown of all our outgoing call systems. Anyone can contact us today at Communication Skype: BuiltBYkeith2 past 5 years.

Video series above is recent most powerful broadcast SUMMARY on HOW to UNIFY mankind forever.

  Never again can any cyber embezzler or criminal terrorists destroy our electric and communication systems. This based on keith + CEO Chuck Link gifts of trillions of USD valued patents below.

  Search CLICK: BuiltByKeith, then ISEEStand then PhoneCradle as we are the original founding father Creators of your new world all digital electronic society free of crime networks once and forever. The result of working full time since 1-19580815-1 (integrity +101%) of FOIA.ONE IID. WE the PEOPLE now own and control everything. No more can single individuals violate any basic human rights and go free from prison. Worst WMD crimes are easy to steal anything transmitted over OUR internet. This base trillion USD crimes +40 years reversed with our original thin Client, thick Mainframe Cloud fully secured Larry Ellison ORACLE software systems of Open UNIX write source code once seen by all, then compiled, and single point distributed. NO more can any data center at any level be infiltrated by anyone. All transactions are video linked to each group person so NO one can ever steal anything ever again. SolutionJudge is dead skid row for violators who are now implanted with GPS auto tracking real time k666 (r)(tm)(c) embedded chips..

  This is 100% their fault for stealing our assets and using our resources to hide in the depths of secrecy laws.

PRIME Requirement is for world leaders to CALL keith and his top scientist teams NOW, not tomorrow.  We never expected these common sense solutions to be ROBBED and destroyed by criminals in year 2010 who stole our assets of most extreme intellectual property of how to CREATE UNIocracy.ORG new world society free of all crime. All of these broadcasts are how to OWN and CONTROL our assets by WE our People.

Last final update July 25, 2020. +10 years after delivering similar systems to everyone in Atlanta GA USA.

Heading 6 is the only way to achieve total

The value of these +4 (c)(tm)(r)Patented solutions valued over $1 Billion USD. On March 26, 2020 we contacted CEO Chuck Link at Atlanta Ga +1 770-521-1683, 404-713-0063 as he personally can escort us back to testify in exchange for patent rights + distribution.

   This is 100% peace Making for ALL WE our People. The evil persons are 100% accountable to be Honest.

   We clearly require request LEGAL REPRESENTATION worth in excess of $125 Million USD to file a series of Patents, as well as required civil and criminal charges against well over 125 persons tied to ROSE.

    Anyone else in world can do the same from 2008 to post 2012 patent filings, yet no one has to date.

We now conserve 10 -> 75% of world energy. Smart Circuit Breaker / all electric power distribution system.

   Smart Smoke Detector (c)(tm) Patent filed 2012 method are P.L.C. tech solutions from 1976 forward. 

Paired with generates 50 to 80% of all world electricity + power.  This is the worlds last universal generation - transmission - transformation - distribution universal standard cluster network microTech control system owned and managed by WE=humanity because of our inherent intrinsic fully scalable benefits to entire population most rapid transition to all Hydro Water Power Generation with few nuclear of OUR power industry.  Public community owns all transportation of ride share all electric skateboards, eCars, eBus, Bullet eTrains e-Subways, even ePlanes. Long-short haul now electric/hydrogen powered ferrys and super safe eHydroGen blimp fleets that replace the huge ocean shipping industry once kProducers use kBitCoins to trade kConsumers with SolutionHousing.ORG + Call Elon Musk, Gov, Military, any others to come escort us back to WashTheSin out of Washington #25. All else can do same. On Sept 25, 2011, we asked Safe Haven Political Asylum R&D refugee status. We patent invented original SelfyStick. Reference: CreatorKeith.Space showing our mega Billionaire previous status.

This one (tm)(c) filed 2012 patent is worth Trillions of real USD profits in downstream cascading effects combined with unlimited free that also creates total Global World Keith has offered for sale to top manufacturers to license our open public source technology (c)(tm) patent methodology for minimum legally binding contract starting bid of $1 Million USD per vendor since 2012. Few have responded since most of our world is BLINDED by thinking NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE our ENERGY Systems because they are CONTROLLED by a few elite Bankers and Stock Market Executives who control all aspects of production and delivery of energy.

    OVERVIEW Historical Legacy Summary:

100% related to all aspects of Factories and infrastructures to be powered with almost FREE Electricity and Water involves billions of USD/Euros of new construction for corporate business parks and self sustained communities: is the only matched methodology to ensure mankind Prospers and explores Space once Wars are Prevented.

  Our work from 1976 forward was completed 10 years ago on HOW to power our world using 100,000's of small mined lakes in highest elevations to save the tremendous 'BATTERY' weight of annual rainfall as Potential Energy. This is the required WaterShed re-Management system that benefits all of mankind.  The massive volume and height of water is Converted to Kinetic energy by remote controlled small dams. The water flows down canals used for shipping localized, then cascades down scalable sized pipes with automatic controlled TurnOffLights.SPACE valves powering micro, small, mid range, and then mega Water Turbine generators for local power distribution to exactly match the DEMAND with available reserve supply in real time.  The public owns and controls all aspects of this new energy distribution system.
  No other gifted system will reduce use of OIL, COAL, Natural Gas down to almost ZERO. This would have occurred some 15 years ago, except the OPEC and bank stock market controllers do NOT want to loose control over OUR PROFITS caused by the most common sense answer in world history....

ProfitShareHolders.SPACE empowers all bank depositors and Stock Certificate holders to eVOTE on their executive pay scales and to PREVENT all insider day trading and disaster made stock market crashes.  Call master author Keith Duncan at 63-917335-4300, Skype: BuiltByKeith2 and set face to face meetings with your top executives so we can formally debrief on the new world market system UNIocacy.ORG as EVERYONE in world benefits.

Most Recent True Benefits of HYDROPower is SCMP (south China Morning Press CLICK HERE:  NEWSReport.


  MOST Critical is that ELON MUSK of be DIRECTLY CONTACTED IMMEDIATELY as this truly completes HIS vision for an all electric electronic paperless society of Shared Electric transport systems that also achieves total world peace by eliminating the need for almost ALL fossil fuels and truly destroys the old world order systems that enrich the Foreign Enemies of the State such as corrupt OPEC and oil terrorists.

   Elon MUSK and any billionaire can send their security teams to escort me back to TESTIFY also, same as way back on OCT 3, 2011 when I was forced into HELL JAIL because ROSE had robbed my homes....

As of March 26, 2020 I remain stranded in Manila since few honest persons have ever represented my rights to recover original $1.2Million USD net assets, $2.5MUSD insurance claims, $8MUSD IRS WBFeb2009,658,

over $400 Million USD in real and punitive damages, and my original $109,800 USD ROSE personally owed me BACK on exactly March 30, 2008. All crimes since then were because ROSE avoids life in prison for the OTHER crimes he commits that is such as long list, again, I truly lost count of his +500 victim clients...

Last required updated June 7, 2020 on eve of Worlds Last Peace Summit June 15, 2020 that would have occurred Oct 2011 if a single person in USA gov had actually upheld and enforced existing laws to SEIZE super criminal Terrorist Robert Dee ROSE Keith still resides in Manila creating last segments of worlds sequence of HOW to UNIFY mankind.  Read below and TAKE Action by calling Keiths top teams and escorting us to debrief top corporations and Government agencies at all levels. 

We are the worlds wealthiest unknown R&D scientists and Angel Philanthropists worth collective trillions real USD in Intellectual Property. We have remained hidden for reasons of economic/legal/spiritual reasons. These solutions reverse Climate Change. The prime solution is almost free terra watts of local cluster network produced energy by harness harvesting quad trillions of metric meters of stored water energy at highest elevations. Now we re-Jungle all forests and migrate billions of our people to higher elevations to unload the mega slums of all coastal cities. Everyone follows the new money flow of mega Trillions as they now own the small mining companies and produce their own local steel and all other robotic controlled factories. Workweeks will be 2-3 days. 4 day weekends empower all communities to solve their own local issues with our broadcast mediation psychology solutions known as FixHOA to stabilize all issues at all levels.  We are indeed the worlds first trillionaires of Intellectual Property and WILL be paid by individuals inside governments and corporations to integrate our first to market solutions that literally save our world. We are engineer drivers of 5th dimensions of LOVE Virtual Super Education of

  Our system also prevents all multi building and major forest fires with Cluster Network Smart Smoke Detectors.  Only one in the network must be connected by any means to Internet or Cell Data Netowrk to report to FireDept, Power Company, News Media, Public that a fire is spreading. Anyone not at home is automatically called for followup on who must be rescued first (disabled, children, pets, and even WHERE is the GOLD hidden (minor non humor since GOLD can not be burned unless vaporized by space Laser).

   The GOLD reserve at bottom of 2001-10-11 twin towers was never found. WHO actually engineered the worlds worst Terrorist attack? Cyber Criminals, maybe even Robert Dee Rose (Gwinnett Airport).

MOST SCARY Terrorist Energy Attack REALITY is HERE.

Any Executive can buy into OIL market using YOUR stock and cash, pay off stupid terrorist to blow up an oil refinery, then sell off for mega millions of profit cash, and return the original 'borrowed' assets and NO ONE knows since THEY control the general ledger books of WHO bought WHAT and WHEN.

   Converts world into all electric digital society, more benefits worth trillions of no more fossil fuel required. NCSU published to world all electric digital society owned by humanity = Total Global peace. This becomes our new world eStandard for smart grid cluster networks controlled + owned by everyone.  We the People now control all air, water, energy, land. Everyone travels the world free trade trust with -> FOIA.ONE. BuiltByKeith crusaders can now meet all world leaders at one time

as Jan 20, 2020 is when we host ALL world Presidents to achieve total global peace by USING our most profound disruptive required common sense use of existing technology we pioneered 1976 forward.

  We are working 2nd level with a mega millionaire World leading expert on Dredging. Our contact Rich in Manila personally grew up with Mark Zuckerberg and his expert Eugene has multiple billion USD projects ready for direct investors and Projects to be matched with our world expert partnership legally binding contracts. we also perfected contracts long ago so NO one can defraud another and walk away with no damage payback. We do not reveal their last names and IDs since they require complete privacy to direct fund our mutual RETURN to COMMUNAL LIVING shared resources.

   We require you as key beneficial users to IMMEDIATELY contact ALL top Angel Philanthropists as we are blocked from making International calls for past 3 months because our IP lives are still threatened by very powerful rogue criminals in USA. See  Updated March 26, 2020.


Call us, email us today to book billions of real $$ profitable business as that is also our prime real expertise with NSASpeakers.ORG HighTechMinistries.ORG

Our primary hurdle is NO mass publicity originally caused by horrific illegal persecution in USA  Criminals stole our Anti Crime technology starting with Robert Dee ROSE. Anyone who knows our techniques can either commit more crimes OR are world saving crusaders by eliminating all crime networks at one time. Never our fault they violate existing laws...  Holding each other accountable occurs once FOIA.ONE because our new world standard of WHO is WHO, Who owns WHAT, Who trades what with who/when/where/why under legally binding contract methods we perfected back 1976 forward.

    With free safe water and unlimited gigawatts of power at higher elevations stored energy from all world rainfall, our entire world mega slum coastal cities now migrate to GOD's promised remote land everyone now goes all digital electric with capacity to manufacture anything and create sustainable world economies free of all governments and mega-corporations that are mostly controlled by 'The Criminal Ruling Elite' family corporation dynasties.

    As a direct result of being detained by and the most corrupt persons inside USA GOV, our=KEITH gifts to humanity are worth trillions of real $$ profits using the final featuring and our other billionaire angel Philanthropist partners of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, literally everyone benefits and profits. We remain #1 world full time Technology ministries that were completed Summer of 2011 as no honest persons yet found to seize all world criminals as we offered to USA Military Sept 25, 2011.  Our group was illegally detained for 900 days over 5 periods of times violating ALL our rights to be your new world technology Engineering economic leaders who are devoid of all greed and any political ambitions since we are sent as messengers of the ultimate Truth. The other broadcast solutions systematically solve, prevent, and replace all other forms of corrupt government and corporate entities.





### World Press Release Summit is March 3 and April 1, 2020 to achieve total world peace. These would have occurred Oct 2011 forward if a single person had used our solutions...

Feb 24, 2020.  Final solution Moral: never drink the Kool-aid of the occult stupid zealots who are many of our most powerful politicians and executives. is the true reality of HOW to transfer OUR wealth back to WE the PEOPLE who now own and control everything. Elimination of all crime networks occurs with FOIA.ONE as well as open public source database WE own and control of WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, and WHO trades WHAT with WHO/WHEN/Where GPS. is the most valuable commodity of WE the PEOPLE now eVOTE on our executives and how much $$ they earn as HIGHLY paid consultant advisors. The DELAY for buy/sell stock totally eliminates ALL speculation and day trading insider profiteering that occurs EACH time major news drives the market up or down. We are the worlds first and last PRO-ACTIVE database AI modelers who have already changed the course of history once OUR world leaders hosts press conferences based on ANY of the 25 interrelated solutions of WorldSchoolFund SolutionMilitary SoutionJudge SOlutionSafewater and other URL linked answers. Search GOOGLE for BuiltByKeith, then original IseeStand PhoneCradle as we are the true human AI stablizers of commerce... Greetings to our world in the name of our creator FATHER GOD.... CONTACT TODAY ALL WORLD LEADERS AND ASK THEM to escort us to TESTIFY on INTL TV on HOW to actually UNIFY mankind in record time using our most profound, simple, IQ Singularity methods. Keith in Manila (63) 9173354300 stating the SAME answer solutions for now +12 years based on SUPER CRIMINALS who want us DEAD since dead people can never RISE UP to command ownership and control over everything.. most humble walking saint keith duncan.

   Dec 28, 2019 World Broadcast to humanity. Right side is Oct 22, 2017 announcing our R&D scientists have the answers to almost all world issues, conflicts, wars, and problems. Start is elimination of all corrupt individuals at all Government and corporate levels. Now our leaders can be VERY Wealthy and protected once the serve and protect WE the PEOPLE, rather than their own mega corporation stock prices.

  TurnOffLights.SPACE and obtain total world global  With almost free gigawatts of electricity on Demand from 100,000's of clustered watershed small lakes, combined with remote control of all electronic devices registered through, humanity now has the capacity to create their own self-sustainable all electric digital Eco Communities when they own everything.  Eliminates all the mega dynasty corporate executives who prey on the slave traded welfare of all the banking, insurance, communication, transport, Agri-Farm, and other industries.

  The Value benefits is clearly mega Trillions of economic rebuild of all third world to 1st world nations now that humanity eVOTE owns all land and resources for use by their communities. Everything driven by EVOTE.ONE stored in FOIA.ONE with the most massive reduction in need for any government structures or control BY mega corporate executives whose only motive is MORE profit in their pockets.

Denied our rights for now 8 years by specific criminals we have exposed this entire time. We are the World Leaders worth trillions $$ IP value.

   We are isolated because a few identified USGov rouge criminals and Corporate executives in USA refuse to testify to Press, DOE, DOJ, Military on why we are unable to communicate directly with World Presidents and top Corporate Executives. We broadcast daily as the worlds last Key Observer Sovereign Emissaries.

 Anyone can call #1 top mastermind Sage R&D Scientist Keith and group to ask us to serve you by providing the answer solutions to each of the worlds major issues, conflicts, and even easy ways to prevent all $$ and economic wars. We have the answer to the true reasons for economic holocaust. The cause is a few identified most corrupt Corporate Executives who criminally control the flow of economic data and manipulate the bank and stock markets. This prevented forever with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE, kbitcoins, FinalStockMarket that truly return all control and ownership rights back to +7.777 Billion of our people.  Smart Circuit Breaker (tm)(c)(r) Patent filed 2012 first to market.

BBK20191228. TurnOffLights.SPACE is the worlds last open public standard for universal control of all electricity and monitor control systems based on very old PLC Programmable Logic Control hardware / software platforms our top R&D scientists perfected back in 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC forward. We applied mainframe Operating System design at assembler level IBM 370/165 down at the 8 bit CPU micro processor levels of 6800, 6502, 8080 levels in assembler language now +43 years. See reference below.

  This Website and IP technology is up for multi vendor bids (start $1 Mil  USD) Next Round closing out Nov 11, 2019. Only a few restrictions on use to be negotiated with our world class lawyers on royalty and use rights to ensure it becomes another world universal stabilizing standard. Our IP lawyers are Aaron Young Law Inc +1(775)996-4007, Jason Webb (801)828-6243, Marie Speth (602)248-1089, Dennis Wong (510)735-8889, even Bob Circosta (727)572-8855 + Berny Dohrmann (727)744-9728, 727-946-3523 all receive CreatorKeith.Space common stock worth billions of USD for simply completing the required legally binding contracts we are originally famous for simplification. They receive 90% of the first $1 Billion USD in profits once they contact the correct USA Gov officials and other mega Angel Philanthropists = our teams.

  CLICK: for just one of the thousands of broadcasts. Listed at bottom of this long expose since we see no reason to ever delete such massive levels of intellectual property broadcasts gifted to humanity..

Just sent email to about our pledge of $20 Million USD grant delivered back May 14, 2014.  No reply..

Contact  PRESS, CEOs, Presidents, ALL Dept of Energy worldwide, All Universities including Dr. Tom L HoneyCutt, Email: From Computer Science-engr my own professor advisor from 1976 to 1981.  Professor Emeritus  Phone: 919-805-0587.  He is retired, about 75 years old and is hereby offered CreatorKeith.SPACE stock also that will be worth billions of Real $$$ once mass publicity through any ways and means occurs.  Read forward and TAKE ACTION today, only requirement this entire time is for face to face meeting debriefings with WORLD leaders and PRESIDENTS of all nations plus Congress, Senators, DOE, and of course LIVE TV news coverage..

BASIC DESIGN:   3 Simple components to be manufactured by everyone worldwide. The ONLY requirement is the use of HART PROTOCOL or MODBUS or as the standard communication protocol to ensure total standard inter interoperability. All improvements by any designer, inventor, manufacturer or other entity become common domain royalty and license fee free for use by all other manufacturers since all benefit.

  Component 1:  Replacement Smart Circuit Breaker from smallest AMP rating all the way up to total building breaker control, city block substation control, and even at each distribution hub and power production facility.  The basic electronic control circuit is a low voltage trigger using N/C -Normally closed by default. When voltage applied, the circuit is disabled de-energized.  The use of solid state semi-conductor switch, mechanical solenoid, or equivalent cut-off circuitry is the design and regulation certified responsibility of each producer.

  Component 2: The P.L.C. is the programmable logic circuit that control multiple breakers and circuits. With the multiple ways to communicate over Wi-FI, internet RJ-45, Cell service, RS-432, BlueTooth, dedicated data phone line, or equal, these PLC devices also communicate universally with existing and future security systems at local and remote stations.  These communicate over to all other PLCs as cluster networked regardless of who owns each system. The more systems in communication over secure password protected authenticated network, the more common control can be exerted to SAVE massive Tera Watts of world energy.

  Component 3: The Smart Smoke Detector uses the same communication standard protocol as Component 2 PLC. These all operate in a cluster networked web so that only ONE of Component 2 units needs to be active over internet to FOIA.ONE, to the client owners, and to the required government agencies of Police, Fire, Military, Rescue, Medical, and other citizen service providers. Multiple detection method circuitry can be utilized such as basic smoke detection, rate of temperature increase, element detection for byproduct detection of pending explosions, gas leaks, and other indications of danger.


OPERATIONAL DESIGN:  To be completed by master engineers and highest level intellectual users of partners.

   Each Component 1, 2, 3 is registered by extended IP address identifying exact location, application, owner, and other attributes to be listed in FOIA.ONE. Clustered network now permit status information to be shared across entire villages, commercial complexes, and other multiplex developed mix use properties.   SolutionHousing.ORG show trillions of $$$ new all digital creative communities owned FOR, BY, and OF our +7.6 billion people.

BENEFITS TO WORLD:  All energy infrastructure is now owned FOR, BY, and OF our people. No more can any government, stock market (brokers), corporation, or corporate executive enterprises control any aspect of our GOD's supply of energy for use and benefit of all humanity.  These remain the key center stones of your new world society UNIocracy.ORG.

   Cooperative Collective Energy Associations are the key to using to decide all component supply and demand chain economics of who benefits from these world saving answer methods.

  Our entire solution is all digital electric paperless society when everyone knows Who is Who with one degree of separation, Who Owns What, Who trades What with Who, all part of new world society free of all crime as collective cooperative Capitalism. This is also the completion of Telsa's technology combined with all other fore founders who saw the need and invented fast path the solution and gifted it out while collecting huge revenue from IP protection of (soon) WorldPTO.GOV that becomes one International patent office filing center that also manages all aspects of free world internet of, domain names, and other aspects of free market barter exchange systems we perfected years ago.

   Most critical is for top specific CEOs and Gov officials call us BACK for clear reasons we are the most profitable R&D scientist groups in world history who are actively being persecuted because our methods are easy to use replacements of existing mega dynasty controlled markets controlled by just a few bankers, stock market brokers, mega families, and the worst groups of corrupt lawyers in world history.  We remain isolated in Philippines for the most bizarre reasons.

  Call our other Supporter members and JOIN our the TRUE self direct funders of our New World Society while we wait for WORLD leaders to simple CALL US to testify and show all OTHERS how to actually conduct open free market business with all the OTHER published answers that ratify in recorded legacy history into ONE last DB


 TurnOffLights.Space + SolutionSafeWater.ORG is Total Energy Independence from All Governments, Corporations, Fossil fuel monopolies, OPEC, + Stock Markets as WE the PEOPLE, now own + control all our own cooperative Hydro Generation water re-acclimation, storage, and distribution systems of both WATER, ENERGY,  HYDROGEN (remote controlled fleets of world traveling Blimps) and power for space exploration.

   JOY DRIVE is worth TRILLIONS in economic markets for most obvious reasons.

We include the (tm)(c) patent (original) design of 'Joy Drive"  This is a ~75% reduction in auto/truck wiring, drive/control everything by center Joy Stick that eliminates 80% long term maintenance repair extending life of car +20 years. Elon Musk + Others will LOVE to talk to us and buy our technology that is (c)(tm) Patented since 2012 product of 1976 research forward as top scientists of our world.

 Take ACTION now and do required followup by contacting World Leaders and Corp CEOSs.

You and I get choice of any car and you get mass publicity exposure by joining

  HERE is world total Peace solution of JOY DRIVE. Everyone must call Elon Musk now so we can race to the stars of Ktrade.SPACE. True reality shown above if anyone had used our R&D technology to simplify mankinds IOT use of common sense methodology we all learned in free WIFI kInternet kindergarten to free PHD level so our highest IQ persons of true merit become our new world society leaders (GOV and Corp) who replace all corrupt individuals from street level to Presidents who we serve every day with EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE. All our broadcast gifts are (c)(tm) patent and soon as clearly most valuable world commodities are GODS time, Keith, Intellectual Property, energy water, and free world society we created +11 years ago to meet with all world Leaders at one time. Who do you know is the most simple way to create this most massive viral social media campaign in history.

   NOTE: The most bizarre 100% true sequence of real criminal events in USA prevent us from personally calling CEOs and actually calling or flying to their corporate offices.  So you can...

We already delivered this to many luxury auto companies since 2010 and NO one has ever done any followup on that mega Billion USD profitable system.  A few of the Car Executives have stated 'We do NOT want to eliminate our service departments as those are our true PROFIT centers since customers must use our proprietary parts and services if they want to keep their warranties." 

     We have asked over 15 Car Dealership Executives in USA and Philippines to call their Corporate CEOs since we are most bizarrely isolated in Philippines. No one has every done ANYTHING but show they are indeed ignorant by walking away from trillions of $$$ worth of profitable technology systems that robotic automate mankind as we were finished and published +8 years ago. Does everyone understand the economic impact of this SINGLE world changing tech solution... Others will as why we MUST get mass publicity so top corporations will PAY us for our solutions that massively SAVE customers money and BOOST profits for all manufactures. ALL driven BY the numbers as we are the world masters of data mining market analysts that few recognize as top world mastermind sages.

  WHO do you know in the Corporate world and even top investors to contact us ASAP.  We have gone to extreme measures of emailing and asking others to make the call. No reply means 0 action.


TurnOffLights.SPACE is part of our new world ALL digital Electric society with easy to achieve One Degree of Separation between all Humans and ALL electronic Devices. This alone has never been achieved by any scientist group for all levels of Political Corruption must be eliminated at same time.

    SolutionSafeWater.ORG provides up to 80% of all world electricity and the Smart Circuit Breaker and Smart Smoke Detector becomes universal inter operational systems of Plug and Play (Pick and Choose) between any minor / major manufacturer components. Our system provides input/output connections for Blue Tooth, Cat5 cable, Cell data, RS-232, or any other interconnect physical layer interconnect.  Great video on communication Protocol standards is at


We were the top Business Consultant at Cox Communication Next Generation Messaging R&D group fall of 2007 working on Packet Cable System that is shared fiber optic bandwidth between the giant vendors.

Keith Duncan is indeed a verified secret billionaire (year 2011 by CEOSPACE.NET Hugh Ballou and Ed Bogle + many other professionals) in Intellectual Property rights (c) (tm) on as his one WORLD voting system of EVOTE.ONE drives one open public database FOIA.ONE that truly unifies mankind with new world market system.  We have remained hidden traveling to other nations knowing instinctively these are truly revolutionary answers benefitting all of our 7.7 billion people. Despite going directly to the press, no one with any level of IQ can comprehend the historical legacy signifcance of this applied state of the art methodology.

  In about 3 months from now, we expect to be so well known that we can safely be the one universal group of very wealthy philandrophists who will direct fund high speed Fiber Optic International FREE internet to world starting in Asia that the local people own and control as cluster network smart grid. We would have this communication freedom decades ago if world had used our W4ATC style technology of HAM amateur radio Packet data technology. Engineers and R&D Scientists with our highest IQ professors of merit will now be our world leaders as described in

    This is always about where the money flows and how to use tech common sense to restore  assets back to humanity. This would have occurred post WW2 if anyone had used our R&D technology that is will soon be managed by our NGO to register all 1st filing patents with oversight from our HighTechMinistry.ORG and government partners including CIA, NSA, HLS, Military, Interpol, DARPA, Presidents, many others who we have already debriefed starting way back at NCSU BSCS + MicroElectronics + W4ATC + human psychology.  We remain the top ranked engineer scientists who have not truly gone public for economic modeled reasons.

  100% related is ur most  laser focused studies and deployment of next State of the Art Pioneered Next Gen Messaging system of that in simple terms shows everyone 'WHO is WHO, Who owns What, Who Trades What with WHO' . Why so many URL links?  Because we can not access our very own funds in USA and hire the required marketing agencies for the most bizzare reasons of all. See

   Soon, with FOIA.ONE, everything in our world is now cross linked as one super database of human knowledge that has never been achieved despite the most rapid advancements of technology in human history.  Soon we will have world global peace of 1 degree of separation known as Singularity.  Miracles do happen. That is why we are here. To teach our world leaders how to be integrity driven citizens.

    As top human rights activists( another true rariety) We all want to be Peace Loving citizens who want to move to 3rd world now safe nations using + the world last greatest inventions of true revelations and common sense.

 Simply BOOK our groups and BUY-in 75,000 Shares of Common stock as we have little time left to keep most formal requests to meet Trump, Duterte, Putin + Press.


The two TEDx videos above explain WHY our world self-destructs because of pure Criminal Greed of a few family dynasties (and OPEC + banksters) who control all aspects of Energy, Water, Stock Markets, Banking, Real Estate, mining, marketplaces, commodities, education, agriculture, and all other infrastructures of hospitals, roads, transportation, shipping, railroads, industrial slave factories.

The Last two Videos #1085 #1054 are #1 heritage Legacy broadcasts to world on HOW these new systems benefit ALL>


CONSIDER THE REALITY OF true Extraterroristals who monitor humankind for the resources they helped create millions of years ago.

Few people consider the reality of any other known dimensions of known as space time continuum .

  Point, Line, 3D, Time are the first 4. 5th is the SPIRT SOUL of Humanity created by a KNOWN-UNKNOWN GOD Diety who remains at LARGE not contacting us directly for reasons we have broadcast stated for now almost 20 years, actually LONELY longer.

For 40 years in the wilderness, I have personally witnessed and shared the required answer solutions and methods to empower humanity to DEFEND against any PIRATE alien forces.  Since they empowered us with ADVANCES to the HUMAN RACE, they cleary have the technology to destroy us if we pose a threat to THEIR sovereign reign over their designated terrorized terroritoies (the NEXT FRONTIERS)

     YES, they FIGHT among themselves just like HUMANS fight each other over resources, all to BE the KING of the HILL, the KING of KINGS, the REIGN of TERROR, the Supreme Pontiff (zealots and 6 occult Jesuit Priests who source say run the Vatican Bank and hide the TRUE history of mankind.  The Pharoahs of OLD Egyptian.  ALL along a few family dynasties have been controlling the course of humanity.  USE YOUR resources to decide WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades what with WHO.  STOP all the BITCHING, MOANING< COMPLAINING, Stress, WORRY, and resulting GAMBLING VIDEO GAME  Vice = sin = CRIME repeats. FOr the SAME families WANT us to be slave traded and even MEAT supplies as the PREDATORY movie series has shown    Call KEITH to find out WHO YOU ARE as I am in Manila, broadcasting EVERY TIME I see I answer to ROOT cause of PREDATORY GREED. Keith is to be known as the walking most humble living saint. Makes perfect sense when the world can see what I JUST personally have done UNIFY mankind with every conceivable answer to EMPOWER humanity to CONTROL and OWN everthing by SHARING all RESOURCES so everyone BENEFITS once and forever.   Call CEOSPACE.NET NSASPeakers.ORG, HighTechministries.ORG.  

    THinking our PRESIDENTS, CONGRESS< SEnators, Executives are all CORRUPT is FALSE FLAG NEWS owned by a few.

MOST TRULY do serve and protect.  ONLY takes a FEW criminal terrorists to declare $$ war on our people, and WE are GONE once we riot and protest sinceTERRORISTS nd CRIMINALS love mass media coverage when they continue TO BOMB and gun us down with MASS weapons of destruction that are clearly CYBERCRIME virus in our computer systems, trojan horse software in our homes and Nuclear power plants


Sept 18 2019. Our famous NGO-INC offered to sell off this (c)(tm) patent filed 2012 most critical invention solution as soon as it was first to market filed. Since no one else in world has ever simplified a solution down to one smart grid remote controlled cluster network answer method as everyone in world benefits the CEOSPACE.NET way. The only legally binding stipulation is that all manufacturers agree to use the same singular inter-device communications standard. We most strongly endorse And ModBUS reference:

   Key Note: Our billable rate for our prime consultants starts at $10,000 USD per day that was brand marketed by summer of 2011. This period was when cyber crime was at its height and continues to this day.  Recent related news per the drone strike on Middle east Saudi Arabia Refinery that spiked the price of Crude oil +10%.   Certainly the terrorists bought massive volume of oil shares and are now billionaires from a simple low cost drone attack. I can not personally understand how our world leaders can think that millions of real $$ profit are the motives behind any cyber and terrorist attacks.  This is prevented forever with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that prevents all stock market crashes and insider trading that is eliminated forever (another Nobel Peace prize no one sees). ### World Rebroadcast spectrum. DOE Sec CUSI is the EXACT one man to use TurnOffLights.SPACE to revolutionize entire energy industry with SolutionSafeWater.ORG  Saving 10 to 50% even more of all electrical use is simple with PLC pioneered state of art disciplines 1976 forward.  The cascading effects are Reverses Climate Change, no more need for almost any fossil fuels (just older gas/diesels being phased out), rebuild all world jungles, as we own all infrastructure with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE using our angel Philantropist services and products to Teach top GOV and Corporation Officials how to actually SERVE and PROTECT our people.  We enlist YOUR help, all 7.7 billion people command/demand JUSTICE be served. DO NOT RIOT, do NOT mass protest as terrorists use any excuse to CUT off our communication that is now FREE with that also creates total World Global Peace.  all 100% Related use of technology broadcasts is: Criminals were commanded to SURRENDER over 8 years ago. Prime cyber Criminal is with $10 Million USD legal bounty. Therefore all cyber criminals CRY in HORROR that OCTV and FOIA.ONE HUNT them down all at one time. All to achieve all most obvious Global World Peace the last time forever.

  What a crying crime shame when kbitcoins, ProfitShareHolders, FinalStockMarket use of simple 5Steps creates new replacement bypass market of almost free energy and water that PREVENTS and reverses all climate Change. All the engineering specs are gifted to humanity starting 1976-1981 NCSU CS+micro EE degrees.  Tied to  and the OTHER solutions, our people now own all generators, distribution systems, and factory market communities at higher elevations unloading all the mega slum coastal and inland cities that are ruled by 'The Powers that Be' for they benefit also when they FINALLY just CALL Us up and fly us to their greatest places of need.

    WE now HIRE top ranked engineers at all levels, architects, and get paid by the mega developers and banks to consult with their top CEOs and other world leaders to bring us all into as we already have compressed everything down to simple step by step of ~ 25 broadcast gifted websites and hundreds, literally thousands of videos that describe all aspects of how to FREE OUR PEOPLE from the Criminal ruling elite. NEVER our fault for causing any issue for we have been following the order commandments of GOD and the directives of key other world leaders this entire time based on FOIA.ONE IID integrity ranking of our new all digital all electric driven world of free barter exchange systems. 

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to send our crusaders to your next greatest places of needs. Let's all restart by contacting all our world leaders and command they use simple answers to UNIFY and REFORM our world of peace.

  One key element cornerstone will always be free wifi internet and Free world education for all regardless of family wealth as no more LOANS or indebtedness will ever be allowed by those of us who see the true value of GOD's commandments of last testimony of  Please do the CUT and PASTE for any website name we have not already cross linked as this has become TOO MUCH ten-thousands of manhours that have never been paid off. As everyone deserves to be paid by Legally Binding contracts the basis for why remains the most manhunted warlord supercriminal terrorist kingpin sociopath in world history. For we offered Sept 25, 2011 and earlier to ESCORT FBI, IRS, AG< and military to his hiding places all because WE alone truly care, love and protect all integrity honest ethical persons and families.

We and YOU remain just one call away from our world leaders becoming Intl Famous as 21st nations to proclaim THEY have FREED our people from the most oppressive criminal antiChrist society in world history.  Here we are and have always been the most open public domain leader consultants in world history....


  Contact TOP World Leaders today to COMMAND they contact and protect the lives of Keith's world crusader evangelist teams. 


 Basic Crediential Overview of our 43 years of most extensive Technical Genius Expertise.

   TurnOffLights.SPACE is the worlds last open public standard for universal control of all electricity and monitor control systems based on very old PLC Programable Logic Control hardware/software our top R&D scientists perfected back in 1976 NCSU forward. We applied mainframe Operating System design at assembler level IBM 370/165 down at the 8 bit CPU microprocessor levels of 6800, 6502, 8080 levels in assembler.  Ourselves(KBD) were writing multi-user, interrupt driven, multi-tasking, database operating systems, designing and creating 3rd and 4th generation language interpreters, compilers, and AI generators from 1978 forward. Clearly this was 5 to 10 years ahead of all other operating systems as we worked for BB&L Industries 1981-1983 using Z80 In circuit Emulators for State of the Art Paging and Voice Storage systems. Then we were  the top R&D systems expert for President Randal Rollins of Rollins Security Systems 1983, then the top International Design Engineer Architect for famous Digital Communications Associates (IRMA and UNIX AT&T product lines including SmartAlex), then Broadway & Seymore, Charlotte NC as the top lead architect of IBM Datatrade, IBM high speed check clearing systems, Dupont Manufacturing systems 1989 to 1991. Then Sungard Trust Systems 1992 to 1994 on Sungard Trust Systems installed PC, IBM RS-6000, IBM Mainframe multi level portofolio management systems deployed to top world banks like Integrity, IBJ, and even community banking systems. 1995 was Bellsouth OSPCM for outside  Plant Construction Management system. 1996 we were the lead architects on Bellsouths first long distance billing system in Atlanta, then variety of key Bellsouth electronic data transmission systems for procurement and provisioning entire Bellsouth communications system. 1998 to 2001 was top architect at in multiple lead roles Then wholesale Car Dealership loan accounting inventory systems, 2003 Bellsouth Mobility as the top business  analyst in their Point of Sale  and key member of their marketing financial system, and Bellsouth Anti-Fraud division with full authorized access to billions of Call Detail records (VP Jose Vargas).  2007 was Cox Communications INC as their top consultant with Packet Cable Data and Next Generation Messaging Systems.
  This is when Robert Dee ROSE, cyber crime terrorist asked us to join as a vested partner so ROSE could go offshore with his real estate. He attempted to blackmail and extort us to be his cyber crime terrorist resident expert to infiltrate governments and corporations.  We left Jan 14, 2008 when ROSE threatened our lives.
  All subsequent evidence points back to ROSE and his expanding crime terrorist network that includes named very high level USA GOV officials in Atlanta GA, then Washington D.C. Everywhere we went, ROSE was cyber stalk tracking us with the easy to acquire methods we had pioneered +20 years earlier.
    The Dead Silence from USA GOV this entire time indicates the most massive conspiracies in USA, even world history of coverups, cyber crime terrorist attacks, and use of existing technology to go undetected by normal criminal investigation procedures. We therefore have created and delivered in all aspects a new law enforcement system that is simple and trackable BY, FOR, and OF our people.

Contact  my own beloved Lawyer cousin David Fountain, past President of N.C. Duke Energy Raleigh NC USA. Call his office and email to since even David was contacted spring 2011 and refused to go to PRESS and Government !.  Saddest fact: Everyone is scared to death of our very own Government and corporate executives for reasons stated and prevented by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 

  Contact World leaders and is the #1 new world standard using or equal as world standardized replacement Smart Circuit Breaker and communications 'fail-safe' control system scalable up to Sub-stations to  Saves 10 to 50% of ALL world electric use. Now micro -> mid level hydro water Turbines supply 50 to 80% of worlds electricity. All micro grid electrical transmission distribution systems now IOT controlled and monitored BY our citizens. NO more family power or communication Banking dynasties once provides FREE world hi speed fiber optic Internet and FREE education to everyone. No more private schools as all professors get paid +3 times more than present. WHO contacts Duncan at (63) 9173354300, Skype: BuiltByKeith2


Contact Eng Lino Diamante at (63) x927-493-8080, Ernesto Ressonada (63) 966-746-5247, Conrado Bacoy 63-9178087437, and ALL Dept of Energy and Energy Manufacturer groups. Contact Intl Press NOW to host Press Conferences that will finally SHOCK all our world leaders into fearlessly protecting the rights of all our people.

   Perfect example of community water hydro turbines energy independence for world.


Click: RAM Pumps are free hydro generation mechanical power pumping systems.

  This is a scalable technology that can be installed at any kind of water fall, rapid, or water control structure in rivers and canals. By basing this turbine on the principle of a whirlpool, it is both fish friendly and lets debris pass through.

    CLICK: Energy Usage FootPrint News Broadcast here.

      Origin base design started back in 1976 N.C.S.U. Raleigh NC Computer Science Micro Electronics M.S. Degree 1981 graduate. This one 2012 filed USA Patent is the reduction of All World Energy use by 20 to 60%. Easy with this one Smart Circuit Breaker Patent design driven by off-shelf PLC eDevices + Interlink internet. This Revolutionary solution is scalable to all levels of electrical distribution including power plants to end users. 100% Direct Democracy is commanded to all world leaders to Host Press Conferences NOW as Peaceful replacement of all governments and corporations occurs to benefit +7.6billion with  Driven by + eVote.ONE -> we control and manage all aspects of our own new world society UNIocracy.ORG to prevent WW4 holocaust = self genocide.

  No more Stock Market Financial Energy War Holocausts caused by the Criminal Ruling Elite + Banksters + crime networks. -patent published 2014 USPTO.GOV saves 10 to 50% of all world energy shown below.

#1 Most Critical Contact/Book President: Keith Duncan (63)917-335-4300

CEO World leader Consultants author keynote speaker

Contact Executive Director: Gloria Reyes Civil Engineer (63)929-172-3744.

Contact: Kyle Duncan USA +1 770-655-5546 is worth trillions of $$$ real assets along with that soon provides 75% and more of ALL world energy from small hydroelectric dams and flow pipes to harness the most powerful energy resource, rainfall.

   This one patent has been gift donated to N.C.S.U., Raleigh May 2014, then Univ of Philippines Manila, now Georgia Tech. It is bigger in value than the Klauss Computing Campus I visited just last week to speak to their top deans and school professors. STILL, no reply as most people too busy seeing old world reality.   Once free energy and water is cooperatively owned BY, FOR, and OF our free world 'unionist' citizens, no one group can ever dominate and control our world. This includes redistribution of all government and corporate owned land to be maintained and owned BY our people.  This is the one most perfected revolution to replace all known forms of government and corporations with one single unifying standard  = and

   Royalty and intellectual property rights of billions USD are owed KEITH by the USA government and anyone who has infringed on Keith's rights to proclaim your new free world of travel, trade, and trust. Any and all dynasty run government or corporation including crime enterprises are now shut down by Will of Majority of our people using eVOTE.ONE as the ruling majority of free will people now decide who owns what resources. All legal since humanity all benefits to all measures and extremes.  is World Changing mega Billion $$ USD all small biz owners middle class SolutionHousing.ORG to benefit all humanity. We are here on Earth to debrief entire world with Hosted Press Conferences on HOW to free our world of all energy wars and financial crisis including stock market crashes with
 is 1000's of new small lakes modeled and built by Example TVA = Tennessee Valley Authority and mega projects like Hoover Dam, now capture the most valuable GOD's 'potential' energy source (weight of mass rainfall) and the life gifting force of H2O water.  High elevation storage of trillions of gallons of fresh water now is used to prevent drought, water financial wars, wildfires, and other man-made disasters. Billions of mega slum dwellers now move to higher elevations away from coastal cities that are prone to mass flooding and economic depravity. Large pipes downstream harness the gigawatt production of free clean green energy for all electric society.  These are trillions of real $$$ valued benefits to all 7.6 Billion of keith's people. Everyone now uses and creating self regulated checks + balances communities free of all crime.

  This one universal method solves CLIMATE CHANGE + forever, stops all energy wars forever, reforests our jungles, provides safe water for new agriculture. and migrate moves +7.6 billion people to re-inhabit the rest of GOD's Forest Gardens of Eden FOIA.ONE to unload the slums of our world. No more poverty or crime once occurs.

  #1 Most world critical is Mass Publicity with HOSTED PRESS CONFERENCES to rebuild all economies now owned and controlled BY our 7.6 billion people. The only root answer series is solutions. + SolutionSafeWater.ORG is Total Energy Independence from All Governments, Corporations, Fossil fuel electric monopolies, OPEC, + Stock Markets as WE the PEOPLE, now own + control all our own cooperative Hydro Generation water reclamation, storage, and distribution systems of both WATER and ENERGY. Revolutionary Peaceful replacement of all governments and corporations occurs to benefit +7.6billion with  Driven by + eVote.ONE -> we control and manage all aspects of our own new world society UNIocracy.ORG  as all my +7.6 Billion People benefit.

  These two simple common sense methods return ownership of all infrastructure to humanity as watershed re-management and energy production are the keys to prosperity and all small business owner driven world economies.

Sept 17, 2018  My teams attend the 3 day Mining Exhibition Sofitel Manila Hotel as all Mining + Construction + engineering companies now go 100% GREEN as the gold/silver markets crash=stabilize with that eliminates ALL cyber crime stock market manipulation.  Philippines DOA, DOE, Meralco, ApexMining, PhilMining, + USA + WORLD was 100% debrief educated starting +10 years ago on each of the gifted ordained solutions shown to world below on over internet. Major International Embassies have also been debriefed including Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Liberia, Korea.

  Who petitions anyone, who files ANY court docs, who GOES to PRESS, FBI, AG, IRS, PUBLIC, who collects ANY debt.  USA GOV?  never in last 1,000 years has anyone ever shown and commanded true DIRECT Democracy to unify entire man woman child. This is your new free world

  ANYONE who DENIES your rights to own and manage your very own infrastructure are ousted retroactively (even jail) with eVOTE.ONE

 Sept 15, 2018 Last Broadcast to world. All these reform transformation solutions gifted to all 10 years ago, even 43 years ago NCSU Raleigh NC start of the most powerful unification GodSendKeith.ORG keynote speaker Evangelist Crusade Ministries showcased clearinghouse.

  Everyone/anyone must GO to ultimate Market with these answer solutions to put highest integrity experts in charge of your new economy.

  Click: for World Destruction documentary when OIL goes dry. By default, the energy answer solutions below most effectively and legally destroys all the Energy Wars and political corruption (cyber crime) conducted by criminal networks known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Most critical is that ALL energy company executives, United Nations, World Leaders contact Duncan today to fly him to debrief world with press conferences on HOW to rebuild all world economies now owned BY all our people.

  Fossil fuels (Oil, natural gas, Coal) are killing our planet Climate Change. Click: Coal-fired power plants set to get renewed push.  India RE- Renewable energy.

  Wed Aug 27, 2018.  Almost FREE 100% green hydro-electric power = Free massive storage (battery) of GOD's water energy destroys the fossil Fuel OPEC family crime dynasties forever and replaces all Stock Market broker crimes with simple answer methods of kBitCoins.ORG  worth mega Trillions of real Assets and cash, our peole now own and control all markets and infrastructure as UNIocracy.ORG replaces all forms of Governments and Corporations whose only focus is enslaving our people with corruption and privacy CyberCrime Terrorism. GodSendKeith.ORG is your fore-founding father keynote crusader gifting ALL crime assets back to YOU, my most beloved people. Personally take these answers to Intl News Media and top GOV leaders to COMMAND them all to take ACTION.

   With we now generate 60 to 80% of our entire energy needs with Hydro Electric Generation harnessing the most massive power of rainfall (typhoons, hurricanes, monsoons, typical rain), as well as tidal basin power generation and total flood control.

The most massive reduction of all fossil fuels eliminate Climate Change by replanting our world's jungles with new agricultural self contained small business farms, factories, and self regulating communities who decide all aspects of what benefits their own families and culture.

   Now with almost free Hydro generated power and almost unlimited storage of rainfall, we most efficiently PUMP the water back to higher elevations to re-create the gardens of Paradise E.D.E.N. seen on FOIA.ONE Open Public Database World of International Library Congress. Massive migration of billions of our people exit the mega-slum coastal cities and move to new world safe higher elevations where they construct and own their own free public schools, medical, roads, transport, market places, communication, banking, and true free commerce.

  We also create thousands of new fish farms for rapid protein for humanity to alleviate the man-made disasters of over fishing our oceans and polluting of our waterways by reckless mining and drilling/mining fossil fuels. All Benefit in GOD's Holy name by eliminating of almost all waste generation in the first place. Prevention of crimes is always the mainstay of WHY keith brent duncan is your #1 top world leader consultant with his growing thousands, millions of follower master educator trainers, consultants, and industry merit SME (Subject Matter Experts). Join us today.

  With use of standard unified Smart Smoke Detectors, our world 'fire codes' and safety standards eliminate the man made disasters caused by poverty and political corruption once and forever.  Use of thermoplastic fire sprinkler piping systems (refer: BlazeMaster Fire Protection systems and Atlanta.PH Atlanta Industries Manila Philippines prime Pipe manufacturer ) allows fast retrofit of existing residential, commercial, office, government, and warehouse factories to prevent the tragedies that occur BECAUSE simple common sense engineering is not utilized. Use World Evangelists to educate our world.

  With and, trillions of $$$ of assets are rapidly transferred back to our people to create and direct fund 100% all digital creative communities who use to solve all their own issues at all levels.

   WE the PEOPLE now own all infrastructure and our own land, homes, free schools, medical centers, village centers, markets, transportation (roads, rail-roads, transport systems, air travel) that peer pressure forces all governments and large corporations to massive downsize and return ownership of GOD's original natural resources back to YOU, my people. The PRIME requirement is for world to Contact Keith Brent Duncan who is your #1 anti-all crime keynote speaker of ultimate righteousness and social peace justice in world history based on the #1 most prolific consummate mastermind broadcast solving methodology to teach our world how to be all middle class small business owners.  Driven by EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE SolutionHousing.ORG and all other answers, we own all infrastructure as fearless people protecting the rights of all others first.

   Direct funding of first 90% of $1 Billion USD is the 1% seized criminal assets reported to, Interpol, FBI, AG, IRS and other law enforcement agencies as recorded in World of Congress Library FOIA.ONE (copyrighted intellectual Property of INC)

  Trillions of $$$ assets are transferred from seized criminal assets to direct fund one way construction engineering and raw materials and labor to build these new systems that are now owned, controlled, and managed by our communities of

  Once in place, every citizen belonging to the new Cooperative Energy Associations will receive equal allocations of free energy and water. Excess usage will be at rates set by peer  using method of eVOTE.ONE.  These two World saving solution answers are worth mega Trillions $$ in New, almost free Energy + Water conservation and generation that destroy all national energy war and dynasties forever. Contact Public + all Governments and Corporations today to use consult services with UNIocracy.ORG + Send his Crusader teams to your places of greatest needs. Contact Presidents, DOJ, DOD, FBI, Interpol, Congress + Press !!! as these +Nobel Peace Prize contenders are  #1 Humanity-God Rights Activist Evangelist Broadcast Journalist, Author, world class Inventor of EVote.ONE FOIA.ONE from INC.

   This one massive energy reduction solution system solves the Global Climate Change and eliminates all economic crime networks. Watch, then contact all top World Leaders NOW, all Dept of Energy, Governments, Press, Churches, Power Companies, Corporations,, Manufacturers, and Public immediately to use World Changing ministries. Everyone now uses to master Teach solve ANY of your world issues with and

    Our world infrastructure and assets are now OWNED by you, my UNIocracy.ORG citizens of true merit integrity as all crime networks are eliminated with

    Watch/Click:  See to believe below.




  +8 -> 41 years ago, these only answer methods copyright intellectual property were gifted and sent to world through DOE, Mass Media, direct to PRESS, all governments and Public.  World Press Conferences BY our top leaders + press is the ONLY answer method to demand these ordained/divined only singular solution answer methods create your new world society as all small business owners who are middle class. This eliminates all family dynasties, politics, tax fraud, crimes, and other horrific sin-vices that have drained your/God's assets to the select few known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'

   This one answer solves CLIMATE CHANGE + SolutionSafeWater.ORG  water civil right wars, stops all energy wars forever, reforests our world, provides safe water for new agriculture. and disperses +7.6 billion people to inhabit the rest of GOD's world to unload the slums of our world.

  April 12, 2018   Thank you for reading and using this entire solution. The Slide Show at Bottom of this historic homePage is also truly revolutionary in pure nature. These answers are worth TRILLIONS for your new world society of all small business owners of all middle class. these eliminate all crime dynasties and politics that are killing GOD's created earth.  use to protect the most progressive and revolutionary scripted answers to PREVENT almost all crimes in the first place to RESTORE total Social Justice and Equality in record time by GOING PUBLIC direct to PRESS and top level world leaders.

    The most powerful Green Energy Renewable Reserve from Gods creation is WATER and SUN.  The most obvious solution to create almost unlimited energy is simple yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Rainfall, typhoons, hurricanes, basic rainfall can be easily used as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power.  This one famous solution creates new paradigms of history creating thousands of new Storage Lakes, Ponds, and massive redistribution of energy reserves to be owned and managed BY my-our 7.6 billion people.

     Use by GOING to PRESS and all top GOV officials as stops all wars and transfers all nuclear arms production to new Nuclear fission/fusion free power plants owned BY and FOR our 7.5 billion People. Never another ENERGY WW Civil war as energy prices are now 10% of current  Use all of + are the worlds most powerful Clearinghouse Consultants of world problem only Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals and prevent almost all crimes in the first place. As soon as this Website GOES PUBLIC with Press Conferences, all 7.5 Billion of my-our people will OWN our almost free clean water systems. Over 10 Million New Small Business owners use to create their own self-governed 100% green creative full digital communities they OWN all their own land, homes, and all infra-structure. 

     Dead silence for +10 years because of ZERO mass publicity that is your responsibility as all mankind benefits in the name of our Holy FatherGOD. These solutions change world history for the immediate and downstream effects to prevent collapse of nations because of the economic compiled damage caused directly by criminal networks who want depletion of God's natural resources so they can dominate a poverty stricken world who looses their access to effectively free energy. These are Worthy of Nobel Peace Prizes for the Quad Trillions USD/EURO/RMB/Peso/etc economic benefits to all of mankind based on massive reduction of greed and wars for Oil, Gas, Coal.  10 to 50% saving of world electrical usage is more valuable than the invention of the light bulb + A/C. Everyone benefits. The simplicity has never been achieved before by anyone or patent filed to save our world from energy depletion. This is the only standardized gifted design that allows owners, fire, security, police, power companies to remotely turn off circuit breakers with full authentication protection. It also allows each world citizen to monitor their community and prevent crimes in 1st place.

      This eliminates black-outs, terrorist attacks, riot chaos mayhem, rebel civil wars, military wars over oil/ gas/ coal/ diamonds/ gold/ etc, as well as enables my +7.5 billion people to monitor and control their own assets, property, security surveillance, and eliminate the need for all the corrupt government officials and corporate executive who criminally prosper by controlling the supply versus demand of basic energy, water, food, power, transportation, commerce, business, banking, legal-Judicial and social services. The ramifications of these justified human rights solutions changes your world history as these are all gifted by the one Duncan ( who has been denied all his rights since Nov 4, 2007. shows all humanity how to SOLVE all world problems. is under clearinghouse of only solutions, shows and teaches our world how to Love and Care for each other by unifying our entire world with Evote.ONE as the ONLY standard to ensure mankind thrives and prospers by identifying and shun-isolating all criminals.

  Keiths first cousin is David B Fountain, President of Duke Energy, Raleigh N.C  Click BLOG  Contact David at (919) 546-6164 to request Public Relations contact National News Broadcasters about the ONE solution to forever prevent Political military wars driven by oversea energy conquests that are driven by mega wealthy bankers and executives that kills dividends and shareholder rights.  Contact Uncle Dr. Stuart Fountain at (336)803-0408 or Retired Rear Admiral Robert Fountain (USNavy 6th submarine attack squadron) about related  as the required Press Conferences hosted by USAGov + Keith will literally/virtually SaveAllNations. Philippines DOE was briefed Feb 2017 along with Meralco after years of personally gifting and delivering this singular ONLY answer to pollution, climate change, and other human deviant conditions that are killing our world. Most claim, OH, it does not already exist in prototype form, it's not already in production, no one knows about it, we are 'TOO BUSY' . These are all crimes because they are stated by BLINDED FOOLS and self-entitlement who want slave traded masses to bend over to their fear and intimidation because they control all aspects of infrastructure including the law making breaking transfer of trillions of $$$ wealth to their criminal enterprises under cover of 'WE ARE THE LAW". Solved forever with EVOTE.ONE and as first and last digital OPEN public cities destroy all poverty forever. and are the complete Solutions to UNIFY all religions forever and to provide homes for all my 7.5 Billion people.  This restarts with USA sending Mission Teams to Philippines when they see  eVOTE.ONE where I am campaigning to world at PNPolice station in Amulung right now in Cagayan Valley.  I work FOR the Philippine military, police, DOE, and all their agencies BECAUSE the USA gov refuses to acknowledge I was held as a Political Prisoner of Cyber Crime warfare from Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014 and subsequently DENIED all my rights to face any accuser, submit ANY evidence, and recover my own $3 Million USD in stolen lifetime assets shown on  that exposes ALL criminals with Interpol  Therefore, replaces and overthrows all corporations and governments who REFUSE to fearlessly protect the rights of my people.

Crowd-Funding has been the #1 most critical need to force all these crime enterprises to be exposed to the will of the Majority of our people as we all SEIZE their trillions of $$$ criminal assets with and open public courtroom trials on live video streamed TV with electronic voting by you to determine their guilty crimes go immediately punished despite their abilities to blackmail corrupt Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Criminal Investigators, and any others who control YOUR FOIA-Freedom of Information Act electronic Databases that 100% control your Justice and Equality.  

SKYPE ID: BuiltByKeith2  is open for anyone to VIDEO contact Duncan  or CALL Philippines Cell (63)x917-335-4300 anytime….  CONTACT ALL Government agencies, Public, and Churches as fast as feasible.

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