eCraft.US is automated GREEN ECO Aircraft Flight systems thereby little fossil fuel needed for retired fossil fuel aircraft using and other Keith systems to decentralize all old Mega Corporate PIRATE executives once rewrites all Corporate By-laws as modeled by  This updated May 21, 2021 by endorsing BETA.NET at Burlington Vermont Airport CEO Kyle Clark.

Keith has personally left this behind also just like everything else to UNIFY RATIFY mankind one final time.

Issue was always PREDATORY GREED of the faced Corporate Executives known as NWO, Criminal Ruling Elite, and other words that most accurately describe how bigots, racists, and criminal brood of vipers from Matthew Chapter 23 are actively genocide HOLY COST holocaust GODS world since this elite group have NO concern or empathy for the rights of any one else to be free will Sovereign Citizens of GODS world. was Gods system to convert all war machines back to peacemaking transport systems of mega trillions USD of your assets used to enrich the banksters corporate executives worldwide Lucifer societies.

May 20, 2021  ### World Press Rebroadcast release.

 Contact CEO Kyle Clark at Burlington Vermont, +1 802.281.3623 to invest, support and purchase their STOL aircraft.

Ask everyone to contact CEO Keith Duncan at +1 770-377-2106 headquarters today.

We are inventor authors of new ALL electric society to eliminate the need for any fossil fuels worldwide.  Exception is weaning off OIL COAL LPG by reserving our last oil reserves for aircraft and space travel. This is worlds last inherently CRIME free world.


So many named persons have rejected our gifted broadcasts and personal delivery of HOW to UNIFY mankind. Infiltration of CORPORATE DATABASES and GOV databases is how super criminal terrorists roam freely. These we solved and prevented 44 years ago use of method, now solved and prevented use of Everything we have generated is use of 


REVERSING CLIMATE CHANGE and Mass Poverty was always easy application of ancient technology to Green ECO MINE the insides of our mountains using, building thousands of on demand hydro Power water turbines, and reuse of existing transmission lines so owned collective cooperative ELectric Power Producers are off the old WALL STREET Electric Stock Market grid.

   This UNIocracy new world Society is caused by mass publicity of ONE single new world BYLAW system of  and and all other ordained divined Methods delivered by GODs messenger Keith.


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