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NoUnion.Foundation. NoUnion.Top

No Unions means everyone deals with any local issue and THEY = WE decide everything about everyone. LEADERS are only highly paid in cash PROJECT MANAGERS forever.

Once Capitalism of the Industrial military complex era consolidated power only by the Criminal Ruling Elite Oliarchs and First Families, no action by WE THE PEOPLE could change our reality and near term destiny fate.

  Since beginning of civilized time, humans have been predatory greedy, sinful, vice, and crime against others to get ahead of all others claiming only THEY can decide everything. This is the original MLM Ponzi scheme false promises of 'JUST TRUST US', just do as we say so YOU can be wealthy and be elevated like THEM over the meek and mild who are shown as 'DUMBER THAN YOU'.

  Education was always OUR primary focus of using GODs technology to advance our human people as ONLY peace makers and PEACE Keepers at all levels.

   All UNIONS are now totally ineffective since the Leadership of any UNION of any large size are always SELF SERVING that only THEY can politically represent the membership.  They do this while paying themselves mega millions of USD, corporate Cars, golden handcuff perks, business write offs, just like the worst politicians who they are in criminal cabal leaque past 6000 years.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to stage mass PROTEST RALLIES TODAY to command turnover of worst CRIMINALS to OUR police, FBI, AG, even CIA HLS. is  PROFIT without PURPOSE, is always a game plan of PIRACY conspiracies of mass war, poverty, homelessness, addictions, and general WW3-5 end of all humanity.

  Since we were sent by GOD all alone to unify 8 billion mortals forever, we have been command demanding going back on National News Broadcast Press conferences WITH our very own top Law enforcement and Government officials including our best supporters of other mega Billionaires to showcase all of the most disruptive Peace making solutions ever procreated to create our UTOPIA of only all middle class small business owners and ONLY local credit unions show case perfectly architecture constructed at and

   Most basic GODs design procreation for each of YOU is to share everything collective, cooperative, caring, and peace making collaboration of all of GODs shared emerging wisdom, technology, knowledge, and all natural resources.  NO one truly enforces any Constitutional or Statutory laws past year 1949, 1958, 1976, 1982, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2020 milestones of WHO causes all conflicts, wars, problems issues at all levels since dawn of mankind.  MLM Ponzi Schemes were perfected 5550 years ago Egyptian Pharaoh self professed GOD deities.


  Each time GOD, my=our true heavenly benefactor philanthropist has sent any Prophet Messianic Messenger, major corrective changes have occurred, then humans have descended back to be only greedy predators.

  As of Dec 13, 2022 not a SINGLE soul protects the rights of anyone except the NWO Criminal Ruling Elite who have legalized every single vice, sin, and crimes against +8 Billion MY People. Worst of the most extreme crime cabal enterprises and terrorists all roam freely knowing they will never ever be held accountable for anything.

  Therefore, only Duncan is the #1 world leader angel guardian inventor scientist front liner Psychologist Philosopher Counselor Mediator and Keynote Spokesperson for each of you forever.  The evidence has always been crystal clear self evident as consolidated and publicly showcased below PDFs.  used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

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