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The most powerful Reform Unification Revolution is here to Free our people of all crime networks.

 Freedom Open Information Action = #1 World Database New Society Free of all Crime. Driven by you my people. Jan 7, 2015 gifted. (tm)(r) Patent copyright 1958-2020   (c) TradeMark   now

END of WORLD is IMMINENT until Top Leaders actually FIND and escort KEITH + crusaders to their greatest places of NEED. Free Will of New World database of 100% Free will decision based society of   UNIocracy.ORG
Last 2 Videos describe Trojan CyberCrime and FOIA SEC violations.
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### World Press Release and Press Conferences. Sept 16, 2016. Like Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden, Rose hides with his extreme criminal wealth such as Keith's stolen Billion USD valued Intellectual Property to prevent seizure of Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth $250,000 USD and the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009 case 658 worth $8 Million. USA Gov owes Keith in excess of $500 Million USD for SF-95 Landmark Miscarriage of Justice Class Action Suit against each criminal tied to ROSE. 

Title: #390 Robert Dee Rose is killed by per #1089 Perfected BuiltBykeith crusaders are GODs + Humanity most powerful PromiseKeeper and billionaire Angel Philanthropist groups. SHARE this with ALL you know by commanding our top Leaders Call us to escort us back to testify to Presidents, Military, Senate, Congress, CIA, NSA, HLS, FBI, AG, IRS in that exact order
Everyone openly rebroadcast and also ask Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Villar family + others to consult our services.
FOIA.One is Last Open Public Database Stores all Humanity Info driven by EVOTE.ONE to UNIFY all mankind. 0 Secrets means No criminals can ever profiteer. Protect Keith's team lives today by contacting all World Leaders to contact + escort #1 Anti Crime Crusader: Keith Duncan
Direct Democracy is 100% Decision based society of your new world free of almost all crimes. Use

  The Truth Shall Set All Free !  The Truth endures forever until the end of eternity. Who has forsaken US? GOD? or has mankind been so Lucifer greedy that humanity shall destroy itself one last time. No one every gets away with anything they have not legally earned and claimed. No one.

With this our New last World database all is changed forever.

Author gifted by Saint Apostle sent by GodSentMe

       FOIA.ONE   is Gods Delivered Freedom of Information Action single URL linked worlds last database of human knowledge and wisdom.  Using evote at, mankind is now 100% decision based society as WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE majority vote on the next best project at all Government and Mega Corporation levels. prevents all Criminal Speculation Profiteering of our Banks and Stock Markets from now until the end of Gods time. #1 requirement since Jan 2008 is for USA + any other Angel person to contact keith and escort his crusader expert philanthropists to testify with all World Presidents now.

  This Prime solution was conceived by Keith as the original SQL Author OROCALE back in 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC USA. I was coding pattern matching systems to store and retrieve Online database any data with Programmable Logic Controllers. This was still 10-20 years ahead of publical avaiable systems that endined up being cell phones. Now we use KEITH's methods as the open lines of true communication when everyone speaks the same language, knows exactly WHO is WHO (one degree of Separation between all of mankind), and agrees on mediating disputes so that everyone remains free to decide how to use God's loaned assets as communal shared resources.  We created the worlds first driving generator of all digital, electric/electronic, paperless and crime free society. One global achievement was Keith was sole author of IBM Datatrade universal OS communication platform I personally crafted and deployed as IBM 5756-034 on 1992/04/21 from Broadway&Seymour INC Charlotte N.C. as one open source CodeBase that CROSS compiled on any International mainframe, midrange, and microprocessor based platform. The system was unhackable and translated ANY language of data, numbers, and text to any other dialogue as the worlds first and last open line communication standard. Same as over 30 other world changing data communications standards.  Reference: on how that eliminates all current old banking and stock Market systems forever with systems WE the People 100% Control, own, and manage at all levels to ensure 100% of our dividends and interest profits are returned to US = WE the People.
  Almost All Financial paper systems are the ultimate Lucifer Speculation scams as you are promised great future rewards all the time.
     Keith was sent by GOD 1-195808-1 to unify mankind as #1 scientist Angel Humanitarian keynote Speaker Mediator for all of mankind.
HE accepted the call to be #1 world leader mediator to free HIS Chosen people to be owners and caretakers of his FatherGods loaned gifted resources of Earth.  Few understand because most are blinded by predatory greed. Only by Mass publicity contacting TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN, and all world Presidents + PRESS + Humanity will mankind actually achieve total world peace using the URL linked answer methods seen on CreatorKeith.Space and broadcast to all +7.77 Billion of free will MY People. He has humbly personally delivered the same New World UNIocracy.ORG system to public all the way up to Military on Sept 25, 2011. since AntiChrist ROSE was cyber stalk tracking his every transmission and GPS location, this devil decided to pay off named DOJ officials (all of them tied to Norfolk 4:11cr112 murder for hire multi level true conspiracies so NO ONE in world would ever investigate HIS crimes against humanity that was For the Pirates of the open market sea are those who violate original Constitutional Maritime law by cyber stealing our profits and laying waste to My Father Gods world on criminally insane incompetent premise that only THEY=THEM know how to make laws, how to spend our taxes, and how to keep us barely alive so we will be slave traded never knowing that GOD and his saint angels walk and live among all of us.  For Keith is the richest NON-KING in world history as the worlds first Angel Philanthropist who gift pledges over $500 Million of ALL his intellectual property BACK to all of humanity to build our new self sustainable economic model starting with the only answer of: that all can see eliminates ALL Identify Theft, scammers, con-artists, criminal terrorists, slave traders, gambling syndicates, and other addict enterprises that destroy the very fabric of MY Fathers universe.  #1 requirement is always to escort KEITH to TESTIFY to entire world......
Last updated March 19, 2020 as our entire world is in Blockade Martial Law since no one has USED simple GPS tracking of FOIA.ONE and our very own cell phones and demographics data that is already being data mined by NSA, Interpol, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba den of thieves.
FOIA.ONE  Freedom of Information Action  Free World Database Achieves WORLD PEACE.
Our New Peace Society uses free will open communication to solve all of mankinds base issues/conflicts by holding everyone visible accountable for their actions.

   Everyone MUST directly call and contact World Presidents, Congress, World Executives, PRESS to meet ONE time to achieve total world global peace as required by all existing Human right laws. The lack of ANY followup is truly a crime and auto shows who violate our rights to be free right citizens.  No more plaques, cyber crime terrorists, no more Corp elite who steal our profits and lie they have no clue about the true crime cabal networks of a few very powerful named persons.  Only with 100% direct decision eVote society will the criminal hypocrites, cynics, bigots, racists, brood of serpent vipers (Matthew Chapter 23) be eliminated from control of My=OUR fatherGods loaned natural asset resources. Since ROI profits are the only focus of the elite, few can believe a SINGLE fore founding father can change the course of YOUR reality and destiny fate.

We now achieve Total Global Peace once and forever.

ProfitShareHolders.Space is the God sent key to empower WE the People to prevent all Theft of Our Stock Market and Bank accounts forever. WE HIS People now decide our reality and destiny by eliminating all criminals once and forever at 1 time.  We are the most powerful Scientist 'Angels' in world history. CALL and escort us. Makes zero sense why Trump + world leaders have NEVER been contacted.. I asked to access USA GOV investigation databases Sept 2011 to present moment. Terrorists and Criminals can never hide again from the Justice of YOU=We the people using SolutionJudge on

  NO ONE HAS EVER ASKED 'What has happened to Keith'. The Luciferian cockroaches of the world have attacked our base rights to Be Free Will Men and Women this entire time.


   Updated April 4, 2020 3 days past last series of required Press Conferences with World Presidents. No one has ever contacted us to request our PRIME consultant services to solve any of the world pandemic reality situations.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to escort us to testify as all who JOIN US become members of and receive common stock of NGO Trust Foundation Angel Philanthropists with the other Board of Trustee and Directors who represent our rights to teach the human race how to achieve total Peace.

  We are actively searching for Intl Office space in Manila, Hong Kong, Atlanta GA, NYC, Geneva, Paris, Moscow, and a remote island for our Executives to host World Peace Summit Conclaves.  WHO can help us

   WE=Keith have already declared our angel group(s) as New World Free Sovereign Citizens and recruit everyone to join us to be the same.

    We have done this already so we could return to heaven soon to advise GOD to finally pass judgement wrath on those who Steal, Lie, and Hide. For the real criminals walk among you daily. The prophets are few and work full time at street level ministries asking to debrief all World Presidents and Corp Leaders + PRESS + YOU,  all at ONE TIME Press Peace Summit GlobalPeace that is 100% about  As Mother Earth is our other Deity who is being destroyed by predatory greed. Our people are indeed forsaken by GOD and those who control OUR all digital information. PRIVACY demands by anyone clearly indicate they are violating basic human right laws.

   Since we are the ONLY few who openly broadcast true reality, #1 requirement is always to SEND us to your greatest places of needs that includes Congressional Investigations and teaching all Military how to STOP all $$ wars.


Open Public Ad-Free Super Facebook/Google/Amazon/Alibaba 100% Ref-Integrity Education Communication shared wisdom/knowledge to empower YOU = WE the PEOPLE to voice your decisions on WHAT is the NEXT Best Project and WHO are our leaders we treat ONLY as highly paid consultant advisors. Now our top merit young adults who are the most logical choice scientists, engineers, Tech experts, Doctors, and computer architects use our methods today.

Last World Store/Forward repository of Who is Who, Who Owns What, Who travel/trades with Who + when/where to eliminate all crime networks at one time.  Total World Global is this ONE Open Public no secret storage of everything..
As our worlds Last Open Public Database of Human Knowledge all data is merged from existing law enforcement, banks, stock markets, FaceBook, Google, Alibaba, and cross URL linked to all other world repositories into single Universal stabilizing system communal system owned and controlled by 7.777 billion of God + walking saint keith's people. Our one Intl ID now links to all our #s including networks of all people and our medical records, as we now make Intl video based calls to anyone over open free network over any phone/edevice using JUST our one IID number. = A.I. Singularity we all now own.
   This is the required one degree of separation of humanity. We track everyone so 'unsaved' criminals are automated put into prison and common crook/thieves are shunned from trading, then offered work to pay off their debts to their victims (or prison they go as the prime deterrent). Eliminates all Politics and Crime Networks forever with Automatic Face Recognition over Open Circuit TV eDevices. Instant Back Ground check ensures WHO is WHO by all. This is the final instant recall of all Human AI Knowledge required to empower our people to inherit the work they have earned. Our world now is free barter exchange Market modeled by walking saint Keith brent duncan = sovereign ambassador of all humanity who has pledge gifted seed $500 Million USD and all future income to complete these full missions of mercy of WE the PEOPLE are now FREE.
June 16, 2020 To Lino Diamante Your direction is OLD OLD commodity. NOTHING new or FIRST to market. READ the bottom of V2 Low bar.pdf file. and THAT alone will sell you mega millions of USD of commercial PUMPS if that is your ONLY world focus. call rich 09774427984 as I will busy today GOING to Mayor Isko office on WORLDschoolFUND, another PRIME focus on HOW to achieve total world equality peace. Is there any other WAY? 20 others on very top.

FOIA.ONE is #1 Heritage World Saving Open Access Public Database.

  This database is created to unify mankind.  Use of our easy to deploy final world database uses our ONE Intel Intl ID to cross link all our phones and computers with our data that is now communally shared worldwide. No more virus plagues or cybercrimes can spread at any time as our 43 years of data mining analyst technology prime fast path education methods are gifted for entire world to USE to PREVENT the spread of crime.  Key to prevent all stock market crimes is ProfitShareHolders.SPACE 

    No secrets shows world the NAMED IID people who hide behind criminal enterprises. Once we have clean honest gov agents, no criminal can extort anyone and go undetected by the public. 

   Perfected Federalism of is Self governance is now how communities run all their own affairs. With everyone on line IOT Community Crime Watch is 100% standard procedure to ato recognize anyone who is not cleared to enter any premise.

  Call everyone and literally command they call others and escort Keiths crusader avengers most humbel honest scientists to testify as required by ALL existing laws. Always our law enforcement and judicial system duty is to protect and serve the innocent, the victims, those who are targeted by criminals. The naySayers who claim nothing can ever change are the worst brainwashed cult zealots who hide their secret agendas of sin, vice, and crime.... since Keith is indeed sent by GOD.


March 30, 2020. Last update. WHO reading this can support us ( you included). We were defrauded, ROBBED, then Kidnapped 4 times = 900 days, even tortured with threats of "YOU are worst than dead because you have NO RIGHTS to teach humanity how to save each person from their worst sin vice addiction of GREED."

   Best is any money transfer group to Keith Brent Duncan, in PACO Manila. Cell 09173354300. Anyone can send us to If small amount, to BPI account exact: 4537567720245291 is a VISA pre-paid charge card. (It can not be used to withdraw cash, but can be used as a VISA at any major store or biz). We need about $50/week while Governments and Corporations actually SEE WHO WE ARE and what we already did to unify mankind.

We have $5 USD left right now, more than I had access to on Oct 3, 2011 when ROSE ordered my group to be murdered.

   On eve of April 1, 2020 Historical Legacy World Leader meetings we formally requested 8 years ago. We must not have used the proper words then, so we have refined everything down to: 

" Act with Fearlessly Authority to protect the rights of all others FIRST before protecting your own rights. "

Believe in your own power combined with our HIGHER POWER to achieve Total world Peace today, not tomorrow.

  If a SINGLE person had actually represented MY RIGHTS in 2008, your world would already be unified.  I am also in market for a new wife partner crusader angel evangelist. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  Click: like Sandra Bullock? call her on keith's behalf.

   The 100% true cause of Mass Poverty is named Elites who control all aspects of OUR profits by killing our Prophets, scientists, Master educators. Many of our religious leaders are indeed Zealots who profiteer by brainwashing our people to SHOUT AMEN, put your cash in our pockets and you will be saved from your sins. This is the repeat of why my very own FatherGOD Christ Jesus was tortured when HE overturned the Priests gambling racket tables. Only when criminals are required to pay back 3x restitution and beg/ask for forgiveness from their victims, will their souls be saved by their own confession admissions. +125 persons face PRISON for what they did to keith b duncan.


MOST CRITICAL News Release March 13, 2011. from Keith duncan

Today we received Duterte message of LockDown of Manila about the Virus. This is considered a Martial Law situation so we now have limited capacity to contact TRUMP, DUTERTE, and top Law enforcement Interpol DOJ DOD officials as required by all laws.  If our Communication stops, consider us DEAD as world criminals can see all these profound solutions are exactly what is required to eliminate all crime viral networks at one time. This is indeed the true reason we were conceived 1-19580815-1 to be the world leaders of Justice.

TOTAL WORLD PEACE would have occurred Summer 2011 based on our Gifted Ordained Divined answers to destroy the arrogant persons who have stolen our heritage and assets using same technology we engineer created deployed personally 1976 forward. CreatorKeith.Space

Everyone must call our National Presidents, PRESS, DOD, DOJ Law Enforcement and all World Leaders and billions of our people to confirm WE are the top R&D Scientists in the world who are being murdered and severely persecuted by criminals and terrorists because our simply methodology at all levels creates sustainable World Global Peace. 


OVERVIEW SUMMARY: The use of this ONE last World database consolidates all human knowledge in one Open Public source database that prevents any privacy infiltration by it's original 1976 design by Keith NCSU Raleigh NC. All man made and God allowed disasters are now prevented from affecting any of our infrastructure and economics based on NO SECRETS means shared communal resources worldwide for all reasons stated that WE the PEOPLE now control and own everything as shared information.

BENEFITS: NO more Stock market crashes ever, NO more Plagues of disease or terrorist attacks can ever go unseen and undetected and directly affect any of our financial and trading markets. Our current system profits only those who control and hide the illegal use of our bank deposits and Stock Market values.  With our supplemental simple system we migrate to New World free Will Citizen direct eVOTE Decision society by WE the PEOPLE systematically replacing and bypassing the old systems that benefit only the Elite and underground criminal networks.  No one can HIDE or escape from Justice once everyone now uses Open Public Face Recognition, video recorded legally binding contract agreements, and all the other prime aspects of entering new World society UNIocracy.ORG.

  No one in world can EVER deny your rights to fearlessly protect the rights of all others using our gifted solution sets sent by GOD through our messianic messengers starting from the dawn of man until the final end of humanity time.

#1 prime requirement is to protect and debrief Keith's crusader teams NOW, not tomorrow since major holocausts can occur at any  moment and our people will never be safe from self genocide Weapons of Mass Destruction that are mostly cyber Crime attacks by ROSE and others who want to depopulate our world.

   Updated Feb 28, 2020.

Based on our top Expertise of NEXT GENERATION MESSAGING with Cox Communications and PacketCableConsoritum in fall of 2007, we showed world how to interlink all computers and communication devices through one integrated database so each person could route incoming/outgoing calls/data/video/messages/emails to the proper person. This alone saves trillions of manhours of paper and email based time deleting all those spam messages and filter out WHO is he NEXT best paying client who is now prevented from defrauding or delaying PMO milestone turnovers of promised services and products using our (c)(tm)(r) patented legally binding contracts that are closed by use of shared video linked to signatures and verbal/written promises.  This virtually eliminates all need for litigation in courts and threats of violence against the victims of scammers and con-artists, and even false witness by Judge, liar-lawyers, Police, DAs, Prosecutor (persecutors) who criminally profit at every action of OUR court judicial finanical systems.

     This we have perfected over past 43 years and will be PAID fully for our work worth true TRILLIONS of USD/others since we alone are authors of top merit integrity wisdom who teach world as CHRIST and other prophet professors have done to obtain total world global peace by actually 'ACTING with GOD's authority to fearlessly protect the rights of all others'  Includes LOVE YOUR ENEMIES by identifying their sin vice crimes and providing clear methods for them to pay back restitution and ask for forgiveness.  includes even ROBERT DEE ROSE who is scared to death of Military SPecial forces seizing him for Death ROW convictions using the old Patriot Act and laws passed post 9-11 when even ROSE may have been one of the Atlanta GA based terrorist ring leaders...

    Aug 16, 2011 Video for MILITARY POLICE Public use Auto background check.

  Literally Thousands of videos and required most prominent answer R&D scientific research show these are the ONLY answer sets to UNIFY mankind after all this time of most incredible crime sprees by millions of people that go unsolved and unpunished. If anyone can find just cause for any of these broadcasts to be invalid as non feasible, YOUR task is to publish the Better= Best solution using SolutionPeace .com /5steps as the auto generator of the NEXT best mankind answer method.

  Jan 17-21, 2020.  Our world enters into as soon as you MY PEOPLE RISE UP and contact our top World Presidents, and decision makers at top of all Corporate Enterprises.  CEO Larry Ellison and other Billionaires are granted permission and full rights to quickly build and deploy FOIA.ONE single open public database as Larry original SQL system was conceived for use by CIA Military intelligence the same time keith was perfecting micro Electronics Databases at mainframe to PLC levels. (programmable Logic Controllers that are now interconnected with linked to that powers our new all electric Hydro Turbine society of free energy and water. We would call Trump and other top Corporate Executives years ago except we were TOO BUSY using our space age tech methods to complete everything you see on our world broadcasts while COMMANDING ROSE be seized since Jan 2008 to now.

   The most prolific author human rights activist in history is Keith Duncan. UNIocracy.ORG is the new world system that eliminates all crime networks in record time with FOIA.ONE EVOTE. Using New Judicial economic system of SolutionMilitary cross referenced at =, our entire world now uses our unique simple (c)(tm) Patent systems to return GOD's stolen wealth back to 7.777 billion our people. Only by addressing the root causes of poverty of Corporate Executive Stock Options and underground secret business deals will humanity actually achieve total world peace and social equality.

   Our current status is very bleak and extremely PROFITABLE as the result of BEING tortured while kidnapped 4 times for 900 days under direct orders of Robert Dee ROSE. His growing cabal group is the most dangerous cyber criminal terrorist secret league in world history with a record $100 Million USD bounty on his head to be turned over to POLICE, MILITARY, FBI, AG, even war tribunal for his espionage and treason against MY USA GOV who I work for fearlessly my entire life. Little left to add as NO ONE has ever actually called KEITH and asked WHY he is here on EARTH to complete the fore founders missions of new world society as we are indeed conceived and sent by GOD to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. 

  NO one responds since fateful Jan 15, 2008 when ROSE threatened my life when I showed him his very own cyber crime HWIgl.pdf (General Ledger)... because NO ONE KNOWS or sees the dangers of cyber crime terrorism since so easy for any virus to trigger 'SQL Delete Database.table * where name = 'Robert Dee Rose'. We solved base ID cyber crime theft +30 years ago and then perfected it with VIDEO LINKED transaction authorizations with authentication real time back ground checks of central database when all crime investigations and Integrity ratings are shown to public so no one can scam or conspire against anyone. 1 cor 13:13. at protects the rights of everyone with 4 part New single world constitution to be immediately ratified by public evote by April 1, 2020.  Only a few more Press Conferences are required as I truly do NOT know when I return to HEAVEN while so many others go to HELL-JAIL = PRISON for the crimes against humanity they commit with just a few signatures on court orders and our corporate business legally binding contracts. Keith in manila at (63) 09173354300 ready always to be escorted BY MILITARY or Angel Philanthropists to the required safe haven to testify to world with my crusader scientists teams at my side. Skype: BuiltByKeith2 or just send Military to come find me near USA Embassy by calling USA Ambassador Sung Kim as we focused on his help July 2019 to present.

   Only a few of us speak with utmost authority on all aspects of the HUMAN CONDITION as seen on thee broadcasts made over past 43 years. Truly we have declared to world, we have NO secrets, nothing to hide, and are the New World Leaders of scientists, researchers, makers/creators, and top professors and educators of young adults and seasoned experts lead by CEOSPACE.NET Berny Dohrmann and the 50,000 Keynote experts of my famous consult group NSASpeakers.ORG and NSAGeorgia.ORG

  Jan 15, 2020. As announced and cross promoted back in November 2019, We host World Presidents and all top CEOs on Jan 20, 2020 during the worlds last required Peace Summit to achieve Total World Global Peace.  We are the billionaires who have observed the Human Condition and have engineer deployed the required solution set of technology based common sense bible answer methodology of all expertise to empower all 7.777 billion of our people to OWN and CONTROL all infrastructure and decide with EVOTE how to be self sustaining communities of shared resources by eliminated the top key world executives and underground crime networks who threaten the very existence of everyone because of their predatory greed and satanic organizations who hide behind the law of Human Rights claiming they are elected and graduated by their often criminal Board of Directors to decide our fate of all man, woman, and child. Most Executives are honest. A few ruthless ones run our entire world economy and hide behind lawyers such as Berny Madman Madoff + others who violate human rights and existing laws.

Our system engineered hereby identifies WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, And WHO trades what with WHO (GPS tagged When/Where). This is the basis for Legally binding contracts tied to SolutionJudge at

  Everything we have 'left behind' fully documented as the legacy of your new world society each of you own and control.

  ProfitShareHolders.Space eliminates all short term computer insider speculation trading = true reason for Mass Poverty and wars world wide. The transfer of trillions of real $$$ goes back to Keith to direct fund the build out of UNIocracy.oRG now.

We are Methodist raised children of GOD, ordained Baptist Deacon Norcross GA USA 1997 to present. We are the pioneers of technology perfected in deployment of major telli-comm and banking/stock market front, mid, back ends at all levels. Since we work full time for GOD as his messianic Messengers to teach humanity how to save itself from primal predatory greed, all our rights to speak and act on GOD's truth have been most cruelly and criminally denied from Jan 15, 2008 foreward. We have almost been murdered so many times by orders of ROSE and those named in USA GOV who violate basic human right laws. The worst crimes was being told we HAD NO RIGHTS to face our false accusers, we had NO RIGHTS to submit any evidence, NO RIGHTS to recover any of the true billions of real $$ intellectual property I had already gifted to humanity way back in 2005, even 1958 forward...

  The combination of and are the true answers that anyone who violates basic laws are put on witness stand in 3 to 10 day speedy trial period. The affected communities watch over Open Circuit TV (ad Free) and decide the fate of innocent, delay-need more evidence, or guilty.  Our lawmakers are now highly paid consultant advisors who enact laws based on the will of majority of our people. NO more criminal manipulation of our bank accounts and stock certificates can ever be done once open books (general ledgers) are recorded in FOIA.ONE.  All criminal investigations are now open for public viewing as Interpol, FBI, AG, CSI, HLS, NSA, DARPA, and all other world law enforcement agencies including N.Korea, China, Russia share all information on all crime networks to ensure that no terrorist can travel and conduct attacks freely since our current system as of Jan 14, 2020 is the PRIVACY shelter of the most ruthless criminals who hide behind people like Sally Q Yates ( ) and GBI Director berry Vic Reynolds who actively protect Robert Dee Rose and well over 125 other criminals who work inside our very own USA GOV and corporations.  We have no funds left for mass publicity as of Oct 3, 2011 despite all the tens of thousands of broadcasts we have personally made to ask for SAFE HAVEN political Asylum from ROSE and his most dangerous cabal league of terrorists who were criminally incompetent (STUPID) to sign their names on certified court documents without every personally asking Keith and his lawyers WHAT is the TRUE evidence of WHY ROSE infiltrated USA GOV and Corporate databases using Keiths most prolific anti crime methodology and his most brilliant gifted Universal Stabilizing systems.

  Since I have been asking my=our FatherGOD to return my soul back to Heaven, no one can deny my=your rights ever again to proclaim that WE the PEOPLE now run and own everything as shown to world on UNIocracy.ORG.  End of time Jan 14, 2020


   Oct 13, 2019 We struggle to pay basic bills and have yet to have Face to Face with ANY ONE in authority including Trump, Duterte, USA Ambassador Sung Kim in Manila. We requested safe haven protection with USA Military Sept 25, 2011 and were kidnapped by 4 orders of ROSE because of our one most critical Intl Security Threat disclosure. Cyber crime is #1 most profit terrorist attacks in world history we showed how to prevent ALL ID theft and crimes back in summer of 2010 and earlier.  We spent 900 days in Hell Jail (illegally detained) because ROSE, a few USA Lawyers, corporate executives, and very powerful USA Gov officials refuse to SURRENDER to DOJ + Congress based ONLY on their very own certified court documents.

  We have been blacklisted in ?? illegal secret databases because we have shown world public how to blacklist shun all criminals since USA Gov is dead silent on protecting our lives and property. Same as occurs to millions of our top Scientists, research analysts, religion leaders and even our very own political and corporate leadership. All because of original sin Apathy + greed.

IID one ID system Creates Total World Global Peace.  All law enforcement DOJ DOD Interpol and other internal government cyber crime is eliminated forever by simple method shown below CLICK: Chain Link Evidence. eliminates all Freedom of Information Violations.

   Our losses were billions of real $$$ USD in intellectual property we have offered for sale and Buy-In this entire time.

  We request YOU our people CALL all authorities NOW and COMMAND they dispatch CIA Military Interpol to come find us.

WE do truly need so many others to join our Crusaders to Join our world traveling teams (we pay for everything), and help us translate into all other prime languages using GOOGLE translate or equal...  WHO will call us now.??

  CreatorKeith.SPACE Common Stock is #1 model for Revolutionary Corporate By-Laws of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.

Click: BuyIn to INC common stock (Warren Buffet modeled) is easy for $100 USD par value refunded $120 USD after 30 days period. We will fix any broken URL links.

We have offered to SELL OFF B-Trillions USD of Intellectual Property to Corporations and Governments since 2011 per as Berny Dohrmans instructors documented our billion USD $ intrinsic real valuation and advised us to ONLY be world leader consultants.

     Now our Crusaders (you and us) can finally fill up stadiums of our people hungry for free education, free communication, + total Social Justice and world peace..  Ask Mark Zuckerberg (facebook CEO) to ask his skynet terminator to STOP autoblocking WIX.COM + others as our published IP technology he can BUY as his next solution answers as the world now escorts us back to testify to all World Leaders as ad-free society is also a part of why we will NEVER sell add space since we only cross market NGOs who use our #1 network brand marketing services. Ask Bob Circosta to call us. We have also asked Mormans and NSA Interpol to contribute the most critical 'Who is Who' URL public database entity elements. Simple to cross link and then transition migrate to us.

   Our forefounding fathers first entry is 1-19580815-1 (integrity rating returns unique +101)

  We all continue and complete this already most successful viral social media campaign until all World leaders at  Government and Corporate levels finally agree to achieve total global peace or we eVOTE them out as useless worthless hypocrites who have no business representing our people. All can agree universally it is always so hard to find those who have any confidence and integrity to eliminate all crime enterprises. These are the key people we have recruited for now 43 years (photographic database stored memory of FOIA.ONE) This we most humbly formally have requested for ages... by ALL our forefounders passed down from dawn of time.

LEGAL Notice. Each of these world saving website domains are available for BID sales to qualified vetted Corporations and Governments for them to update and maintain. Only stipulations will be addressed at signing of legally binding contracts worth true BILLIONS in economic ROI Investments.  Talk to our prime lawyers ASAP Atty Beule Cleveland  in Manila, Tom Corey/ Vivian Hoard, Hal Parkerson and Jimmy Deal 770-263-7200 Atlanta who ALL hold ROSE most incriminating evidence. They are also gifted 1 share for going BACK to FBI AG + Press.

  With help of our StockHolders and OTHER Angel Philanthropists, GOV, Corporations, and public(inclusive) this Stock is hereby named kTrust Stock that truly revolutionizes how all business is conducted. Anyone refusing to use our ByPass Laws of FinalStockMarket and PSH is economic boycotted by their vendors/suppliers and their client/customers as employees also leave for better Companies. All corporations are now valued at Intrinsic Value and never again by Speculation, Price fixing, stock market fluxations caused by either GOD allowed or Man made disasters.

The CreatorKeith.Com INC Registered Common Stock 75,000 shares are historical in your New world market value. Registered by Aaron Young McLaughlin Associates Dec 23, 20114 Reno Nevada EIN 47-2619151 as Umbrella Holding Company Trust INC-NGO.  ANYONE can call them and Berny or thousands of others to comfirm WE we are.


  First 100 persons who join us part or full time and provide services and products to help complete mass market to World Leaders receive 1 share each based on participation contributions and buy-in terms and conditions in PDF File located upper top right.

  The value of this one Common stock (or replaced by Berny Dorhman or Aaron Young) is modeled after Warren Buffet who we request also to dispatch his teams to come find us and escort us. It must NEVER be SPLIT, and no other restricted stock issued as we have modeled how to replace all stock market systems that only need a little refinement and ratified by By-Laws of each Corporation. Refusals by Executives will result in employees and vendors leaving and consumers boycotting their markets and products. All legal and authorized by our new world leaders.

  This is the ALL DIGITAL SOCIETY that would have happened +30 years ago by applying our simple Technology.

Since before 2008, we=you are one call away from being Intl Heros for teaching world how to UNIFY. WHO DO YOU KNOW to host Press Conferences with top world leaders so THEY can be #1 Champions of total

  Nothing left to add or delete as Criminals now surrender and pay back (repent = Restitution) to all their collective victims with 1% of all crime assets deposited into INC (NGO) Trust Fund to direct seed fund the rest of these new world solutions.

  Everything perfected, completed, published, and broadcast as ultimate gift to mankind on how to solve/prevent ANY issue. We have already gone public to world leader + public since 19580815 -> 2005 to present conception rebirth Restoration of your new world.

  We now become an all electric world using TurnOffLights anyone can use to be electric independent and why we ask for Elon Musk to directly contact us and escort us back to testify to world on how technology saves humanity right now.

  Now can we buy my Porsche Taycan, Telsa X, Cirrus SR22T, maybe a Gulfstream G650, a small sail yacht, a luxury home maybe in Alps, a few condos and offices located starting HongKong Tower 100 and other major cities with my Crusader world travel teams...

   This ONE universal "super FaceBook/Google database' is the worlds last answer to prevent crimes and create all digital society as everyone know knows WHO is Who, Who owns What, Who trades What with Who. No secrets = No crimes. Everyone owns and controls their own data in this Singularity database. Everyone is cross linked using methods of referential integrity + normalized block chain replicated backup databases for differential compare to prevent all cyber infiltration. All transactions are now linked to video/audio recordings of legally binding transactions so no cyber crime can occur. This would have happened +35 years ago if anyone else had shown these same ordained divined solution answers to world. The entire driving force for our new all digital society is the Integrity Ranking #4 below with All Free World Communication + Education each of the other perfected systems legally transfer all crime wealth back to our +7.7B people and migrate all mega-slum dwellers to higher elevations using TurnOffLights and other Singular perfected solutions.

COMPRESSED to save PRINTER paper space as world USES these answer to finally UNITE REFORM entire world..

 IID is our One Universal Intl ID of 19 numerical digits.

This represents every single person including all our Children + Elderly + dead.

   The format is: CCC YEARmmDY nnnnnnnn, (+/- NNN Integrity Rating)  The 1st three groups of numbers are sort enabled unique to showcase all known persons in our world: living, dead = heaven or hell. All newborns are metric entered and updated by their families and friends to destroy the infamous Cyber Tracking of Mark of 666 Beast that is Cell #s, Credit Cards, banks, etc. No one can break-infiltrate-hack this one published perfect design referential Integrity Repository of all prime human knowledge and wisdom.

1. The first three numbers are your originating birth country identifier. CCC  The world Population Websites shows China as 001, India 002, USA 003, Indonesia 004, etc.  Best 1st group is the 3 digit telephone country code as everyone knows + uses their Intl phone #.

2. The next 8 digits are your registered birth:  Year, Month, Day.  Format: YEAR mm DY

3. The last 8 digits is a unique sequential number that represents the order of each person registering their birth country and their own birth date. This makes each international Identifier unique. Face Recognition scan matching and video linked transactions eliminates all ID theft duplicates + criminal forgeries. Includes original

4. Above IID accesses + retrieves your Integrity rating as reported by those URL linked to you. +100 is perfect trust, 0=ghost not to be trusted, -99 is Death Row since 0 people trust them. is Robert Dee Rose IID 1-19710401-1 (-99) most manhunted by all.

  All Issues of Privacy versus Public have already been addressed since pre 2005 era.

  CHAIN LINK Evidence with IID of WHO investigates all the way to convictions.

The most simple revolutionary use of technology is for all crime evidence stored in Open databases (soon FOIA.ONE) to link each persons IID to evidence and chain of possessions. No more court documents or evidence can be forged, deleted, destroyed as all transcripts and supplimental evidence is write ONCE, read public and linked as tree matrix updates.

   This alone eliminates all corrupt Lawyers, Judges, DAs, and very powerful politicians who routinely violate laws stating they represent the government and NEVER themselves.

  This also solved and prevented by

Now all legally binding contracts also use this method linked to VIDEO recordings to forever eliminate fraud, and secret crimes against humanity at all levels.  Oct 14, 2019.

   All citizens now use one universal public database International over free-Wifi for auto-match of Face Recognition, weight, height, and video recorded transactions including travel, banking, contracts, and all legally binding agreements. NO CRIMINAL can freely travel, trade, or conduct any business or crime. All our honest citizens use wearable OCTV + = SolutionRedDot to claim 'bounty' reward on anyone identified as a criminal with eVOTE.ONE. This final new world society is controlled, managed FOR, BY, and OF all humanity with NO government, corporation, or 'secret' entity having any crime profiteering influence over your data and lives. This destroys all cyber crime terrorism forever. This finally creates the 100% merit based UNIocracy utopia of Peace and Harmony to fulfill fore-founder prophecies of stopping all violence, crimes, wars, and self-genocide.  Use to protect his teams and send them to YOUR greatest places of needs today. This starts with Conclaves with all World Leaders + filling Stadiums full of people modeled by Evangelist Billy Graham, John Baptist, Christ, Mohammad, Moses, Abraham, Martin Luther, and all other great fore-founding authors of Unification reform.

   No more corruption, crime, civil-wars, poverty, genocide, nuclear holocausts will ever occur again.

   The Worst Cyber crime Attacks, Political Corruption, and Wars already are WW4. Your new world All Digital Society saves you from extinction once we all have NO SECRETS = NO CRIME anywhere. There are ZERO Reasons why this should have happened +40 years ago with advent of Tech IOT Singularity AI.  Here are the most critical ordained answer solutions to all of man kinds root conflicts/issues/wars and HOW to prevent almost all crimes in the first place.  Simply use of existing technology, common sense, and bible principles of enforced integrity as 1 Cor 13:13 LOVE ALL OTHERS now rules our New World Society in biggest FLIP of EVIL over BETTER THAN the BEST. YOU be the JUDGE, since this has been humanities root greed, sin, crime issue since Dawn of early man.

Since all other vice crimes have been legalized, we just legalized PASSING JUDGEMENT on others with EVOTE.ONE and this ONE OPEN PUBLIC database that creates your new world legacy heritage as we have just completed each prevention PHD methodology.

  Sept 10, 2019 Last update: Still have not got required call back from Duterte group, Greco Belica group, USA Gov/Embassy, law firms, InterPol, FBI, AG, DOJ, DOD, AFP, Military, Press or general public. WHY? Only GOD and Keith truly know. Call us....

  Aug 28, 2019 Just got personal invite to meet with Duterte family Davao or Manila. Our teams are beyond thrilled that Duterte will soon announce they have the new world system that truly rebuilds all economy systems by removal of all world crime networks using the 100% direct democracy system. even HugPongFederal.CO showcases to world the exact same easy step by step methods of

  JOIN US with minor funding support so we can finally transfer trillions of real $$$ assets back to be owned, controlled, and managed by our 7.7 billion people. is the first step coordinated with

Nothing left to add or delete reference very last Revelation 22 as 8 seals now open.  Apostle most humble crusader keith duncan

 FOIA.ONE is #1 World Saving Open Access Public Database. (blockchain)
          Eliminates all Passport, Visa, Security, Bank Stock crimes forever.
           FOIA = Freedom Open Information Action for all my +7.7 Billion People of EVOTE.ONE Direct Democracy is 100% decision based society of free Trade, Travel, Trust for humanity. 
Click: One single Identification # for everyone is showcased below.

  Over $500 Million USD will be transferred TO Philippine NGOs from USA GOV and criminals based ONLY on their very own signatures on certified court documents Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 per F.O.I.A. that is also solved forever with this one universal standard unification database. 1% of all crime assets seized by our people=you go to direct fund this replacement revolution system. is direct access here in case cyber criminals or ? take this one site down.. This one universal switchboard database is the Holy Grail free world communication 'store and forward' blockchain protected repository that replaces the outdated FaceBook, Google, Amazon, MLMs, old stock markets, banks, family dynasties, and ALL crime enterprises with all digital world of IOT.

  This is WHY we always asked for World Leaders, top Corporate Executives + technologist inventors keynote speakers to fly us to their greatest places of need so all public owned large Corporations now work TOGETHER to serve and protect our people. WE the PEOPLE now own and control all infrastructure with the other solutions we philosophized prophesied, solved, and broadcast published the past +40 years. FOIA.ONE total design already delivered to world to deploy.  are How to secure all neighborhoods, Intellectual Property, assets, at all levels using simple existing technology that should have been universal standards 15 years ago. HugPongFederal is 100% Perfected Federalism that incorporates ALL known great aspects of ALL former government and corporate systems into ONE universal Standardized Constitutional system of

      ONCE (or before) all world leaders use these commanded Press conferences, our teams will travel worldwide to TEACH all other nations HOW to eliminate all crime at all levels and RESTORE total free travel and trade between all our people. NEVER again will any small group control our world including Corporate Executives.

     WE the PEOPLE now reform and evolve into PEACE KEEPING evangelists emissary ambassadors for all.....

  The HOLY GRAIL of this one database is simple. Write Once, Read Public Blockchain protected into this primary standard world database. Each add or update (including marked deletes) are replicated to series of secondary databases as backups. Background process of differential compares against these series of databases (checksum compare is usually sufficient) then validate if any database is corrupted based on timestamped each transaction. This alone prevents cyber criminals from ever deleting or updating any of your (private or public) marked data.

    Once all critical data information is PUBLIC knowledge, only CRIMINALS who Demand Privacy protection will be immediately Identified as violating these new Constitutional Laws. All other databases Linked, frozen, then migrated into ONE

Interpol was directly contacted 45 times, now through Jesse Dela Cruz, Philippines Chief (63)x977-703-7431, Contact Lyons France H'qtrs now.

      WHO DO YOU KNOW to take these answer solutions TO our 7.7 billion people ??

Our entire WORLD will be SHOCKED and THRILLED that these solutions return trillions of real $$$ from crime networks back to our people once PRESS CONFERENCES OCCUR by our world Leaders. This would have occurred Sept 2011 if USA MILITARY or anyone in authority had actually DONE their JOBS this entire time!!!!    This one world changing database is how to take INVENTORY of all our people AND the assets of our world. NO secrets means NO ONE can accumulate criminal assets and become warlords, corrupt executives, or any other crime networks. This is part of centerstone ministries of our apostle teams, JOIN US TODAY including the use of 100% perfected Federalism of CEOSPACE.NET

  The USA Military was debriefed Sept 25, 2011 to investigate worst cyber crime terrorist Robert Dee ROSE along with top FBI AG DOJ officials from Nov 2010 forward. Everyone is recorded in this database and cross linked by their relationships, then ranked by Integrity Rating by their peers.  Each person from baby to elder are recorded by birthday, current height/weight/sex/ethnicity, and any other unique characteristics. When anyone (military, police, public) takes a photo/video and enters their observed estimates over the mobile application, this speeds up the database search to find the matching unique person of their single International ID number.

   Anyone NOT in this 'super facebook' central world database is NOT to be trusted. They are shunned until they enter and confirm their IID. All Criminals and their evidence of crimes are recorded in this one world database by their collective victims who place bounty reward on their heads. By Rank of Integrity, majority of population can now imprison anyone and seize all their assets once is total world Tort Legal Reform eliminating all corrupt 'liar' lawyers, judges, and other judicial officials. This cleans out the inequities and crime networks worldwide all at one time. All court, corporate, stockholder, board member, government  proceedings are now monitored by public real time and stored for retrieval. This is 'ad free' Open Circuit TV streaming from any eDevice (smart Phones, dedicated Webcams, auto-answer SKYPE, high def video cams all with microphones. Many with 2-way speakers such on streets so monitoring public audience can have direct conversations. This includes drones and towercams.

    Surrender by all criminals is hereby commanded. Anyone NOT surrendering will be manhunted down by police, public, and military based on certified crime evidence demonstrated by the worst crime family Robert Dee ROSE, DOB 1971-April-01, Atlanta GA, now since he fled in 2010 based on Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 ($300K USD owed Keith), and IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 ($8 Million USD bounty reward offered BY IRS Jack Fischer, Vivian Hoard, and soon Military.)  Criminals will even kill each other off to avoid Prison as Crooks LOVE to raid and murder other master crooks. EYE for AN EYE requiring no legal system until called in as the LAST RESORT. The Ultimate Terminator. The SKYNET overthrow of technology AI is prevented by the Singularity of man

  UNIocracy.ORG + = is the ONLY answer of Trust, Integrity, Free Trade, Travel, Education, and ownership of all assets controlled BY, FOR, and OF our people. No other system has ever worked because of the criminal Family Dynasties that control our databases (cyber crime), banks, infrastructure, politics, and law enforcement judicial.

  Protect Keith's life and assets today as his teams are booked with BidONkeith to testify teach all world leaders how to fast path create new world society free of almost all crimes. You free yourselves by your very own ACTION to contact top news media and Decision Makers as we have been doing this now full time ministries for 11 years, pre Robert Dee Rose terrorist attacks against you.

  July 9, 2019  These systems replace all known forms of government and corporations with simple Constitutional and By-Laws to ensure humanity functions as one society 100% Direct eDemocracy. This is the ultimate final Revolution Action Movement for all.

  March 31, 2019.  This centralized open public READ-ONLY 100% secured repository shows WHO is WHO (with automatic face recognition), WHO owns WHAT, as we now control all world economies by public write once, read all public information of all financial  transfers and title + deposits of assets, land, real estate, bank transactions, and business contracts.

  Mass PUBLICITY by All World Leaders and PRESS has always been the #1 top viral social media FOCUS.

 All PRIVACY versus PUBLIC information conspiracies, coverups, destruction is PREVENTED forever.  

    Taxes are now known as direct funding eDemocracy, with all crime investigations, all BIDs and legal agreement contracts, and our world of knowledge wisdom cross linked to all other world databases.  NO SECRETS means NO one can commit any crime and go unpunished by the voting rights of the will of the majority of concerned and affected persons.

   CLICK: One INTL ID # is used for auto Face Recognition, Open Circuit TV identification, your weight, height, and video recorded transactions including travel, banking, contracts, and all binding agreements so NO one can ever assume your identity or cyber scam others.

The Original 100% ID ANTI-Theft world system of is published to world in year 2009. provides free Internet communications to entire world along with FREE education at all levels. The funding comes from crime assets seized by order of and eVOTE.ONE majority of citizens who identify each criminal.

Now all crime assets can be seized including secret bank accounts and safety deposit boxes if the registered owner is unable to produce legally certified documents and evidence.

   Our entire world economy is now stabilized as UNIocracy.ORG is YOUR new world society free of all crime networks.  FOIA.ONE is the worlds last open public international database of Human Knowledge nicknamed EDEN.  Anyone who REFUSES to use EVOTE.ONE identifies themselves as hypocrites, racists, bigots, underground criminals and self serving criminal politicians.  YOUR new world society driven by AI of using augmented true reality of YOUR new destiny of pure righteousness and enforced integrity. WE own everything as anyone hiding information is easy to convict as a criminal or terrorist. Contact and use BidOnkeith(.com) by all world leaders to COMMAND our world use these new world final answer methods today.

   NOW it's up to YOU my people to do the same contacts and demand immediate action for them to FIND + Protect Keith.

  March 8, 2019 Congressman Bob Woodall contacted to command FBI-AG and Congressional Investigations that would have occurred and changed all world history Sept 25, 2011 per Keith's emergency debrief visit Langley Air Force Intelligence Base Div in VA.

  Feb 16, 2019 Senator David Purdue (GA-USA) contacted directly again (See Top left PDF FILE). COMMANDING Congressional Investigations and for FBI AG to be put on criminal trial to world on HOW they protect ROSE and WHO is involved in the most massive coverups conspiracies of cyber crime terrorism in USA, even world history. Call WORLD LEADERS NOW to command ACTION !
   Welcome to our new world society Free of ALL crime networks with FOIA.ONE driven by universal eVOTE.ONE  ask EVERYONE in your network to cross promote and CONTACT our world leaders to UNIFY our world for using  OUR team grows rapidly once our +7.6 billion people see everyone benefits. Our team is down to it's last financial resources and request direct funding for our basic food, utility and MX gas travel expenses.  WHO do you know to TAKE these world saving ( answers to our world leaders and press? 

       Contact Keith Duncan now!   GLOBE cell +(63) 917-335-4300.

  INTERPOL Philippines Chief Jesse Dela Cruz + world leaders are about to be famous as first world leaders to eliminate all crime networks. Jesse cell is 0977-703-7431, smart 0918-610-4268 located Malvar Philippines 2 hours south of Manila. Philippine AFP and PNP top leaders were debriefed over 8 times over past 2 years on exact same simple one world database of WHO is WHO.

  CLICK HERE  Anti Corruption Commissions SELDOM WORK since political crimes are the top crime enterprises of all times.  Read this 2011 news article on history of WHY Philippines can't get rid of foreign terrorists, human traffickers, and others.

    Jan 12, 2019  Keith arrives Manila as #1 Intl hero Broadcast Crusader. Contact + protect Keith Duncan's life today.

     Contact Gloria Reyes (63)927533-6599 Executive President SolutionSafeWater.ORG new world energy water system.

   This last World Database owned and controlled by you, my people, unifies all mankind. Only by personally delivering this ONE single engineered perfected design TO ALL WORLD LEADERS, Law enforcement, Congress, PRESS, and Public, will the current World War Three of Cyber crime Terrorism Political satanic dynasties be eradicated forever. 

     Protect Keith Duncan by dispatching Law enforcement, FBI, IRS, AG, even Military NOW to come FIND Keith and his team and emergency fly him back to USA to testify to Congress !

    This solves and prevents ALL corruption crime, world conflicts, wars, issues, all problems forever. With one Single International ID = (IID), everyone sees on-line WHO is honest versus corrupt +  WHO owns WHAT assets. This Library of New World Congress showcases all evidence and facts of knowledge to everyone. Zero secrets means no more crime networks can exist as all crime assets are seized by order of the victims + using SolutionJudge.comFOIA.ONE is the ultimate prime single last world required Freedom Open Information Act when free open access to ALL information prevents almost all crimes, corruption, wars, holocaust, crimes against humanity. This is the final super 'FaceBook' and ultimate Google searchable Open Public Database.

  Nov 23, 2018 Black Friday. Our teams continue to visit and broadcast to WORLD Leaders exactly how to UNIFY in simple terms and conditions. ATl Nigerian Consulate visited today as thousands of key persons have already been debriefed. Includes embassies, Mass Media like WSBTV-Radio Condance Pressley, Trump, Putin, Duterte, literally our entire world as this create most powerful new legacy historical method solutions to FREE OUR PEOPLE from the oppressive domain of The Criminal Ruling Elite.

    Update Oct 3, 2018. I return to USA #1 international HERO of true Democracy as fore founding most humble keynote speaker Evangelist Crusader Inventor Engineer mastermind teacher of all time when MY PEOPLE command our governments to protect all of YOUR rights. Who will meet me at Atlanta Airport Oct 4, 2018 to MARCH on FBI AG to demand they accept responsbility for HOW Robert Dee ROSE commits daily cyber crimes and murders for +20 years as THEY refuse to investigate and Recover MY rights + assets since fateful Nov 4, 2011 when ROSE started stalking myself because of WHAT I had already accomplished. keith duncan

  The IID (below) is your International ID that shows Who is Who, Who owns What, + what decisions are made by humanity to create your own new world society UNIocracy.ORG. This prevents all identity theft and corruption as everyone tag BlockChain links their transactions in the final Database repository Tree of Wisdom + Knowledge named E.D.E.N.  All now use + + + kBitCoins.Org to enforce all transactions as legally authenticated + authorized.


All World Leaders are historically FAMOUS as the first groups to use to debrief their highest levels of government and corporate officials on each and any of these world changing solutions that are 20 years ahead of current political crime reality.

  This one universal repository database is the key Artificial Intelligence engine that is fully controlled and managed BY, FOR, and OF all of humanity by its own intrinsic auto regulated self checks and balances to eliminate all cyber crime network infiltration.

    With single World Constitution + Human + GOD Bill of Intl Rights, the ONLY requirement is for all World Leaders to debrief each other with MASS Publicity and Press Conferences to demand all your rights be protected BY, FOR, and OF all my people. These are the final answers already delivered to my world for all to TAKE ACTION today.  Only these methods gifted by keith/GOD/Evangelists/Sages can save mankind. Keith + teams are world famous fore founders of your New World free of almost ALL crimes.  NO MORE secret law enforcement databases that are cyber attacked to prevent Justice.  Key answer is that eliminates all corrupt Lawyers + Judges + Court Officials.  Anyone accused of any crime faces trial in just a few days and declared Innocent or Guilty by eVOTE.One of any and all concerned IID'ed citizens. Most warehoused inmates of are quickly freed when society decides they can safely monitor them with OCTV so they become useful citizens. (original

  Now our entire world is 100% decision based society that UNIFIES all mankind by teaching world HOW TO SOLVE all ISSUES.

#1 most critical requirement is for USA GOV, Interpol, Military, and other governments CONTACT and protect Keith's IP while flying him and his recruited mastermind tech genius team to Lyons France to debrief Interpol and United Nations NOW!.

  This UNIocracy single system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. .  The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed.  Then, no more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Judges, false religion leaders, corrupt Executives, terrorists, or underground crime family dynasties can survive. is Prime VIDEO Broadcast Plans of Total Reformation.

    No more Corruption, Passport, Visas, or Crime Investigations ever needed !

   With everyone using only their one International ID (BELOW) linked to their automatic OCTV video/photo authentication, no more forged documents, Berlin Walls, military wars, or crimes against humanity can ever occur again. This last joint Military, Police, Interpol, Citizen 100% decision shared Database is perfected in Humanity + Gods name as ONE universal Open Public repository-digital library containing all persons, elections, taxes, budgets, laws, contracts, bids, agreements, corporate, medical, statistics, and government/corporate information as READ-ONLY to entire world. All Stock, Land, Building, and cash/gold/commodities are publicly listed on WHO owns each.  Anyone who can not prove legal source of income or inheritance, and that full taxes were paid, will be eVOTE.ONE into Hell Jail and their assets seized.  Anyone who is a member of UNIocracy receives % of the crime assets for being first person to auto-face Recognize OCTV the wanted criminal.  NO crimes can ever go undetectable and unpunished once our People Free themselves of vice sin Greed conducted by any crime networks. This fulfills prophecies to destroy all crime networks forever.

  The First person who auto IID identifies any wanted criminal from FOIA.ONE gets the reward bonus bounty on their head. This applies to Military, Police, and any citizen around the world now we are one degree of separation over free World WiFi Internet provided by keith brent duncan, fore-founding father of free education for all my people. = One Universal Intl ID of 19 numerical digits.

   All citizens now use one universal public database International over free-Wifi for auto-match of Face Recognition, weight, height, and video recorded transactions including travel, banking, contracts, and all binding agreements. NO CRIMINAL can freely travel, trade, or conduct any business or crime. All my honest citizens use wearable OCTV + + SolutionRedDot to claim 'bounty' reward on anyone identified as a criminal with eVOTE.ONE. This final new world society is controlled, managed FOR, BY, and OF all humanity with NO government, corporation, or 'secret' entity having any crime profiteering influence over your data and lives. This destroys all cyber crime terrorism forever. This finally creates the 100% merit based UNIocracy utopia of Peace and Harmony to fulfill fore-founder prophecies of stopping all violence, crimes, wars, and self-genocide.  Use to protect his teams and send them to YOUR greatest places of needs today. This starts with Conclaves with all World Leaders + filling Stadiums full of people modeled by Evangelist Billy Graham, John the Baptist, Christ, and all other great fore-founding authors of Unification reform. No more corruption, crime, civil-wars, poverty, genocide, nuclear holocausts will ever occur again.

This represents every single person on earth including all our Children + Elderly + dead.

   The format is: CCC YEARmmDY nnnnnnnn  These three groups of numbers are sort enabled unique to showcase all known persons in our world: living, dead = heaven or hell. All newborns are metric entered and updated by their families and friends to Destroy the infamous Cyber Tracking of Mark of 666 Beast that is Cell #s, Credit Cards, banks, etc. No one can break-infiltrate-hack this one published perfect design.

1. The first three numbers are your originating birth country identifier. CCC  The world Population Websites shows China as 001, India 002, USA 003, Indonesia 004, etc.  Best 1st group is the 3 digit telephone country code as everyone knows uses their Intl phone #.

2. The next 8 digits are your registered birth:  Year, Month, Day.  Format: YEAR mm DY

3. The last 8 digits is a unique sequential number that represents the order of each person registering their birth country and their own birth date. This makes each international Identifier unique. Face Recognition scan matching eliminates all ID theft duplicates + criminal forgeries.

4. Above ID accesses + retrieves your Integrity rating as reported by those URL linked to you. +100 is perfect trust, 0 =ghost not to be trusted, -99 is Death Row since 0 people trust you.

World population growth of ~1% per year shows China adds 14 Million babies in 2018 requiring 8 numerical digits. Most nations only need 5 digits = 99,999 per year.


    The international use of world famous eliminates all cyber criminals and terrorists once and for ever. I = Founder of your new world society. Id: 001 1958 08 15 - 00000001. or Short 1-19580815-1.  My SS # 243-86-0043. Georgia DL 021028811

  The USA GOV and all other Nations now grant my teams full citizenship in all nations + fully support and protect our growing open network teams of Crusader Evangelists Avengers who teach entire world how to enforce ethics and virtue in all aspects of GOD's new world society. creates ONE new world society Military so no rogue President, Congress, Bankster, or criminal network can ever order civil war attacks on other sovereign free trade and travel nations of UNIocracy. Massive reduction (collapse) of all law enforcement worldwide as all databases are frozen read only and normalized data migrated to New Tree of Life this central database owned by you, my beloved. creates one new Open Public World Stock Barter Market of pure supply and demand eliminating ALL Stock Markets and cyber crime manipulation and insider trading forever.

July 22, 2018Assassinations are PREVENTED or solved immediately with AutoFace Recognition + Open Circuit TV that all criminals cringe in horror their crimes put them in Prison and Death Row in a few days. Contract killing of my friend Mayor Ferdie Bato over a CONTRACT construction dispute held BACK by Ferdie.  I am direct stating that FOIA.ONE will be used to quickly IDENTIFY any criminal action by Open Circuit TV and ability to show Criminal Networks as reported BY, FOR, and OF all citizens. This I post to world to FINALLY debrief/consult with WORLD leaders DESPITE all the massive crimes committed against myself and my teams TO DENY our rights to GIFT these to all humanity. All Criminals work in Networks by extorting others to destroy all evidence using the victims own stolen assets and knowledge databases.  This is the true realiy of ALL CRIMES.

CLICK:  SolutionHousing.ORG about General Tinio New World Society.

REPOST Approvals of all world leaders. Everyone HATES politics and taxes.

    ARE MASS PROTEST RALLIES and CIVIL WARS required to actually COMMAND-DEMAND these only answer solutions be YOUR new World Society to PROTECT all of YOUR RIGHTS?

Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + keith + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and Equality.

Everyone must FEARLESSLY PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database FOIA.ONE
     These simple 5 ByPass Laws Change World history. No one can ever deny your rights with perfected checks/balances.
1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable.

2. Any leader is  voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is retro active punishment for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent.
3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do. No more appointed officials who are criminally prostituted with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.

4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below.  All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to FOIA.ONE.

5. Anyone can run for any position in any nation regardless of birth nation.

Each leader deserves to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.   No more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials OR Judges. No more Passport-Visas needed with FOIA.ONE = Free Trade, Travel, + Elimination of all Political Corruption + Majority rule of any Party control is the only answers to transform all society. No more elite family dynasties, Congressional Hearings, Impeachments, or waste of mega billions man hours of time to remove those who our citizens identify as criminally profiteering.

     This is the New World Society of UNIocracy.ORG. No more paper fraud elections or ID thefts ever again!  No more poverty, war, genocide, hunger, and crimes against humanity.  Everyone in world uses their unique Intl ID in block chain Open Public Database FOIA.ONE of WHO is WHO, Who owns What(all assets listed), all elections, decisions of our people, all legal agreements, contracts, bids, Criminal Investigations, and rating system of WHO is 'saved' honest versus unrepentant criminals who are now man hunted by OCTV + eDevices over FreeMax Wifi with auto-face recognition gifted to Interpol + World back on Jan 14, 2015. Interpol + all others still REFUSE to respond, which is true crime.

   Now anyone can run for any leadership position in any nation independent of birth origin. No Primaries, No billion $$$ campaigns of taxpayer assets, no Media war chests that only profit secret mogul propagandist cabal family dynasties, No political party election manipulation, and No criminal buy-in campaign contributions using Corporate or secret assets + Promises.
   Now our entire world becomes one middle class of all small business owners that selectively eliminates all 'Criminal Ruling Elite' and prevents all homeless, poverty, hunger, orphans, abuse of children/Seniors/Women/disadvantaged/handicapped/disabled as we all FEARLESSLY Act with AUTHORITY of RIGHTEOUSNESS to Protect the Rights of All Others.

     Request EVERYONE to directly contact all top news media and TOP government officials to REPLACE all corrupt leaders NOW as is also RETRO ACTIVE effective to BOOT out anyone who refuses to fearlessly serve and protect OUR PEOPLE, not their own back pocket graft laden family dynasties. NOW my world evangelist teams can FINALLY travel to fill up stadiums of our people to teach them HOW to be Technology Entrepreneurs by creating enforceable Legally binding contracts at all levels recorded in INTL open public sourced FOIA.ONE. Keith

  Latest reference on ALL digital New World society forefounded by BuiltByKeith Duncan is Title: High Tech Hackers Documentary - Modern Day Hacking Today 2017 - Cyber Crime Biography.


SolutionHousing.ORG about General Tinio New World Society. 

   People believe what they want to believe, especially after being brain washed by smart criminals and leaders who enslave them with false promises of 'We are here to serve and protect you". When in true reality they are crime profiteering on the uneducated masses. Solved with SolutionHousing.ORG #1050  ### May 14, 2018 World rebroadcast to ALL world leaders. UNIocracy.ORG is ONLY new world society free of all crime. = run by communities who SOLVE all their own issues and OWN all their infrastructure, land, and homes.

  YOU are being CYBER ATTACKED now as any criminal (ROSE) can gain access to your data by variety of simple means. This is forever prevented once all data is owned by each individual as NO Secrets = No Crimes.

  All Criminal Investigations are shown to PUBLIC including Live+Playback OCTV (Open Circuit TV).

Watch silent Powerpoint video on WHY this is the ONLY super database.

  Historical April 15, 2018 entry made near top of TAX days are ended forever as demonic crime manipulation of all stock markets is ended with using kBitCoins.ORG unification answer as one International standard supply and demand exchange barter currency. Every day I recruit teams, contact top officials +church leaders, even call and email USA GOV specific people.  Everyone MUST respond to PROTECT you and my crusader teams today....

      Our GodLess LawLess society is current reality as stock markets crash and rise, man made disasters of historical monumental destructive events continue to occur. all because my people are self-entitlement brain washed cult uneducated masses who idol worship anything that think will bring them immediate gratification end means. These NEW replacement systems wipe out the profit motive and opportunities of criminals and low level lackeys to take advantage of anyone. Every new system uses computer science technology original method of to WIPE the slate clean and build new simple systems of laws that benefit all.......

      The basis for creation of your new world society starts with and ends with total peace and social justice peace harmony using Answer Solutions of using World Leader Consultant services and products of Crusader Evangelist teams. Now you=we fearlessly protect the rights of all others with one Universal Standard Constitution. 

   April 1, 2018.   A debrief Call and PRESS CONFERENCES to sweep our world of all crime networks is all that was ever required and even DEMAND-COMMANDED by that frees our world to be all small business owners and all middle class that obliterates all super rich crime family dynasties. This alone destroys all poverty, self-genocide wars, and other crimes against humanity once our entire world VOTES and mediates on WHAT is best for their own communities and how to UNIFY our world with gifted by GOD and Keith to all of humanity. Search 'ROBERT DEE ROSE' as the most dangerous super criminal in world history.

  This is the only universal accessed read-only block chain protected Most Wanted manHunted list in history as NO criminal can travel or conduct any business. No one can escape or hide from OCTV watch by billions.  Starting with terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-Apr-01) located at   There is NO ESCAPE, NO where to hide worldwide with auto-Face Recognition of this !

   All collective victims jointly + collectively identify each criminal and place bounty reward on their head for anyone to Auto Face Recognize turn them in (manhunt) and place in Hell-Jail. Few court trials ever needed as the will of majority convicts them if they can not prove their innocence through their outside network. Most Lawyers and corrupt judges PUT in hell jail when all victims show they never were fairly represented despite paying trillions of $$$ in fees and time.  50% of all liar-lawyers in USA that only has 5% of world population. That is because they operate most with no fear of being charged with crimes because they control the databases and are prostituted in cabal league with other crime networks.  False accusations are rapidly seen by public and any conspiracy network is punished by their tied references.  Use

   All criminals face Judgment day immediately based ONLY on their own crimes. Anyone who refuses to surrender and notify and repay their victims are Manhunted like Rose. This is another perfected checks and balance system from mastermind who is now #1 Sovereign Ambassador Envoy for al world leaders.  
Keith is #1 World Leader Technologist Evangelist Consultant Emissary to all world leaders, religions, Corporations, and you, MY PEOPLE.

    Mormons donate their key Family database along with INTERPOL + All others like NADRA as the 'seed' foundation for everyone to see their place in the 'Tree of Life' of who is honest and who is unrepentant (in GOD and man's eyes). Anyone NOT in this database is a potential suspect as this also kills the 666 Mark of the Beast.  Anyone can now travel and move freely to be leader or business person anywhere in 100% free world as long as they have 'saved' themselves by making full restitution to all they have committed unlawful transgressions against. This transition fulfills Revelation and brings us into New Reformation Unification. NO person can ever DENY any of your GOD Gifted Rights again !

   Robert Dee ROSE is now most wanted person in world since Sept 25, 2011 Military debriefing to Seize ROSE and destroy his most massive Tellicom CyberCrime Terrorist network as ROSE is using keith's anti crime 'how-to prevent' technology since ROSE robbed my homes first in Aug 4, 2010 Gwinnett County GA then subsequent brutal robberies and coverups since ROSE extorts each of these lawyers, judges, AG, FBI, IRS, USMarshals (like Tom Shell and Van Grady), and others to threaten my life while he and others coverup by destruction of each document.

         Book while world protects his life and final Intellectual Property already publish gifted to world.

   This becomes the ONLY + lasting world standard WHO is WHO database  (Saved UNIONIST citizens versus Criminals who refuse to surrender) to ensure my people Prosper, thrive and are now enabled to explore the REST of my-our GOD's universe as Sovereign Ambassadors of Peace, social justice, and free trade and travel Harmony.

  Refer to as the ONLY way to prevent all Identify Theft by use of Unique ID that kills the 666 Mark of the Beast.

     All world infrastructure now is owned and controlled FOR, BY, And OF all my billion people with world saving only answer of: This includes banking, energy, telecom=phones-cell-data, water, transportation, medical, shipping, stock markets, and all aspects of GOD's assets that were loaned to us on promises we actually SERVE/Protect each other by destruction of all crime networks formally known as turning over the 'crime tables of injustice'.

     The world use of + eliminates all corrupt corporate executives and actively prevents ALL stock market crashes and insider day trading criminal trading + any speculation computer trading. Even BitCoins will collapse since it has no value foundation. All world economies will be by basic market barter supply and demand enforced contract trading worth TRILLIONS in economic recovery as all crime assets are seized with EVOTE.ONE for, of, and by all my +7.5 Billion people partners of total righteousness + pure justice.

     Destruction of all crime networks, dynasty monopolies, corrupt corporation Executives, death row for all terrorists and cyber criminals starting with Robert Dee Rose, elimination of ALL secret databases that are already controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite equates to  UNIocracy total using these divined and ordained answers to each of man kinds vice sin mass corruption self genocide of Holocaust WW4. The Holy Cost is the intellectual property of fore founding author Broadcast Journalist inventor keynote speaker Evangelist Crusader who lives full time representing both GOD and all humanity as a/the true Messianic Messenger to teach mankind how to finally UNIFY as one New World Society free of all super rich therefore no poverty every again.

    Our children now will carry smart eDevices (Smart Phones) so all parents can GPS track their children to ensure they are safe and not getting in trouble. In your new world society with ZERO secrets, anyone can track every one else. If anyone objects, they will have no alibi if they are accused with a crime or transgression. THERE IS NO PRIVACY now except that Criminals, terrorists, and most Politicians demand complete security BLOCKS on what they are doing with GOD-our Assets.  One New Free World Society 100% based on NO Secrets as humanity lives in conformity by fearlessly protecting the rights of all others.  The internet is now our one degree of separation between all of mankind.


  Feb 28, 2018. Just left Philippines Cyber crime Security Conference at GreenSun Makati.  Sent direct message through Carlos Reyes direct to DICT Secretary Allan Callabong who I gave SAME 8 months ago.  Dead SILENCE from world shows Cybercrime Terrorism has infiltrated almost all corporate and government databases as layers of protection of secret information is the demonic way for criminals to destroy and alter our data without detection. Simple as hiring rogue criminal at lowest level of OS7 Stack physical layer. Or installing SQL autoDelete trigger virus monitor as anyone can get temp Admin Password access through and other RICO terrorist ISIS cells. Even sent many text messages to DOJ Lamont Siller USA Embassy to COMMAND be deployed today to prevent WW4 holocaust as WW3 is Cybercrime terrorism started in 1958-Aug-15 when I was born High Point NC USA alpha and omega as I return to HEAVEN as soon as my FatherGOD retrieves his son of humanity.  Easy for my team to destroy any of these divined ordained answers to save humanity to enable the satanic criminals to overthrow and enslave what is left of honest integrity driven my people......

   Since Jan 2008, I remain ONE call away from Military, FBI, AG, President Duterte/Trump/Putin/? PRESS call International Debriefing Press Conferences. ALL anyone ever must do is CALL keith brent duncan. Contact info Above and broadcast to all on Each World changing solution-answer pair. at LTC Arlene Frage (63)0977-827-1834 was tasked 9 months ago to GO PUBLIC with all TOP Philippine leaders to debrief them on new ONE World MILITARY role as Peace Keepers rather than Warriors using the technology, common sense, ethics I have taught our world. changes course of HISTORY.


   Keith is #1 World Leader Evangelist Consultant Emissary to all world leaders, religions, Corporations, and you, MY PEOPLE.
      #1007 video broadcast is

  Dec 12, 2017. It is easy to BOYCOTT and Mass Protest every single Law Firm, Insurance Company, Bank, and other institutes who DENIED each and every one of my rights to file criminal charges against each person. For I had $2.4 Million USD in insurance coverage with NationWide Insurance + other as well as EACH of my banks BB&T, WellsFargo, Chase, American Express all refused to contact FBI with evidence all my assets were criminally stolen by my own EX-family, my 401K Financial advisor, Murdered Brian Walker, and all who walked into my two homes Atlanta GA and TOOK whatever was left.  Real and Punitive damages have always exceeded $500 Million USD for the intellectual property copyright databases on each of my 4 IPhones, 2 Ipads, 6 laptops, and 2 power server DELL PCs. That has always been trillions of $$$ economic loss to you, my people. I HAVE backup of most.


  The capture and seizure of ROBERT DEE ROSE will always be the #1 World News Story since fall of 2010. He is the most ruthless sociopath terrorist guilty of so many crimes against humanity he makes Hitler look like a Boy Scout.  Everyone MUST FIND him, seize him and turn him over to INTERPOL, POLICE, Military, FBI, or any law abiding group.
All criminals will also LOVE to FIND ROSE to seize his assets and turn him over to the world to REDEEM themselves of their own crimes by surrendering all other CRIMINALS, all at the same time.....
    Nov 16, 2017 PRESS Conferences occur when any authority or world leader with PUBLIC complete the most powerful mass marketing media campaign in world history. Dispatch Military, FBI, HLS, NBI, CIA, any integrity person to call keith and escort to the news media conferences that will totally transform and unify our entire world. Anyone can use since 2008 to solve their own any issue at all levels. No criminal action will left unpunished once our world uses these perfected answers to redeem their rights to full scale ownership of all GOD's gifted assets. My passport, last macBook IPAD stolen Sept 3 2017 Manila airport shown on as I remain stranded since USA Embassy refuses to fly me back to USA on emergency basis. I debrief HLS Steven and Ramson Nov 15 and continue to be #1 most open public broadcaster of the ONLY Truth that matters to change course of world history with total economic reform unification caused by full scale empowerment of 7.5 Billion people.
  Today I went back again to NBI cybercrime, DOJ Human Trafficing, NBI Deputy Director Ferdie Lavin, and as many top official offices to re-engage them to GO PUBLIC on the only answers to put into full mainstream reality. This will cost less than 5% of the existing 1000's of antique databases that are infiltrated by ROSE and any other 'hacker'
  The required simplicity use of clearinghouse of world saving answers shows the return of Gods Paradise to all who utilize the life gifting services and consulting expertise of 'keith brent duncan' evangelist crusader expert teams. Anyone with integrity can join and reap the benefits of with 1% of all world crime assets seized to be used by our churches and ethic based teams to teach + build new Green Digital Creative Communities in every nation. Only a few Press Conferences and top level government official meetings have ever been required to create our own new world society. Who DO YOU KNOW who has any authority to make these world class saving answer solutions go PUBLIC. Delays only enable massive crime networks to continue stealing your/Gods assets and enslaving you, my people. All objections and excuses have been addressed years ago by the one man of pure integrity who is justified to teach our entire world as top Evangelist Crusader. Keith is 100% public actively contacting and visiting the most powerful Law Enforcement, PRESS, NGO's, human rights activist groups ( )  and all world leaders, even today. EVERYONE, YOU, MUST DO the SAME !!
   The result is eliminating of all criminals, removal of all criminal SUPER RICH Elite, Elimination of ALL POVERTY with and final last testimony creation of your NEW WORLD SOCIETY.
 Nov 3-16 2007, Aug 11-12, 2017 Historical debriefings directly at DOJ Supreme Court, Human Trafficing, Cybercrime OI offices, then J2-AFP Public Relations per J5-J6 Doc for Comm, Electronic Info Systems, PNP Interpol-NCB, Transnational Crime Unit(Office of President) , Counter Intelligence Task Force, AntiCybercrime Group (Marni Marcos) 63-2-7230401 x3562, 414-11560 and many others.

   Aug 7, 2017 Historical meeting at USA Embassy with DOJ-HLS Lamont Siller at 2 pm NEVER OCCURRED to command USA Gov find ROSE and all other criminals using these only solutions to empower mankind to quickly identify who are criminals, unknown, and honest persons of known integrity. I invited Nathaniel Laxa (anti terrorist expert USNAVY) and also have direct cell phone of General Restituto Padilla AFP Commander and thousands of other eyewitnesses to turn OVER to world. No one can ever deny any of your rights once these final answer methods go PUBLIC !.  The USA WILL fly my team back TO Washington D.C. to testify against each and every false accuser and certified criminal, and HOST the required Press Conferences to empower our people to use to build millions of new Digital Green Creative Communities using the crime assets seized by, churches, and public using free world Max Wifi for instant confirmation of who is dangerous. I also visited Capt Jesser Cordova (63)2-452-3002 at today to show world how to secure all ports of calls and points of any transactions. Anyone who refuses to TAKE ACTION is immediately found guilty of Obstruction of Justice + other crimes.


            Crowd Fund, Find, and Protect Keith and his Evangelist Teams today. Your world collapses for failures of all others.. 

  Update July 27, 2017. At exactly 3.5 years since I was dumped on street Jan 28, 2014 by USA GOV after so many specific persons committed one of the longest list of felony capital crimes, this truly conclusively shows that almost all law enforcement criminal databases have been infiltrated by ROSE and other terrorists. The Norfolk VA USA case 4:11cr112 is the most powerful case of world Landmark Miscarriage of Injustice of robbery, stalking of keith, kidnapping, murder, treason, espionage, attempted murder, and destruction of all related documents and assets.

   July 4-6, 2017 USA Independence day. I personally visited NBI Dep Dir Ferdie Lavin + 4 of his crime departments( Cybercrime, Human Trafficking, Fraud, Anti-Corruption) to show how makes them world famous leaders in preventing almost all crimes in the first place. The USA Gov was directly contacted and educated Nov 2010, Sept 2011 to present on the EXACT world changing solutions. Few have responded because of the massive political corruption reasons broadcast. Who contacts Keith now?

     Interpol and almost all other Gov + corporations were criminally infiltrated years ago. There is NO PRIVACY of citizens since criminals keep and hide all the secrets while stealing/perverting/forging your digital information and extorting others by exposing your vices, sins, and crimes.  Does anyone think criminals are openly public?  Everyone must contact and use #1 Anti-Crime expert Keith's methods to spotlight all rogue agents so humanity can finally identify the rest of all criminals and terrorists worldwide. Interpol and all governments have a professional, legal, and civic duty to protect Keith's life and intellectual property to prevent other criminals from destroying the only methodologies to free our world of all crime networks.  Use today to book-hire #1 world anti-crime expert and to FILL Stadiums and Arenas with 7.5 billion people as Evangelist Billy Graham and others have done !  

     June 15, 2017. Interpol was criminally infiltrated years ago along with almost all other corporations, Gov, and law enforcement agencies. Contact Mark Zuckerberg(FaceBook), Microsoft Bill Gates, Cisco, and all other top CEOs and banks to make this one Open Public database their own reality. All criminals will surrender or be man hunted by all 7.5 Billion people using face recognition and bio-metrics that kills the 666 Mark of the bBeast. Robert Dee Rose will be by all criminals, law enforcement, churches, and public for the most massive crime spree atrocities in world history shown as 3rd hand report from CIA agent claims ROSE is in Atlanta GA under AG Federal Protection Witness Program to testify against his father Alberto Rosi. Who can confirm ANY crime at all? anyone? Rose would have been dead Oct 2011 if Military did their job.

   June 16 I visited Microsoft 6750 office Makati and Cisco to enlist their help to GO PUBLIC on this world changing-saving only solution as all benefit from the most massive marketing campaign in world history resulting in UNIFICATION of ALL MANKIND.
    June 4, 2017 I personally share with Resort World @Manila airport HOW to prevent almost all rogue and terrorist infiltration at their front doors by screening with Intl ID, weight scale, height entry photo, and short video interview. Anyone not registering as honest is immediately rejected or even arrested if Evote.ONE world citizens show this person is a security risk. No more identify theft or deceptive terrorist attacks as all citizens use wearable OCTV to combat all criminals.
     June 2, 2017 The terrorist attack last night at Manila Resort World was reported 3rd party as possible multiple men.  Gas bombs were used to kill 38.  I learned this from a dear friend who is ex military and has CIA connections.  I was at Resort World one week ago (pre-attack) and asked to interview their Owners and security staff to show them and how face recognition identifies all incoming persons to FILTER who is honest, shady, versus terrorists + unsaved criminals. I work for Philippine Marine Security Agency for past 3 months now.

     THIS is ALSO WHY I am top Anti-crime expert in the world and WHY all gov and military along with PRESS MUST respond with simple call-backs and interviews resulting in MASS world Press Conferences to finally show our world HOW to prevent almost all crimes in the first place.  WHO will be the first to FIND KEITH, protect his intellectual property, and GO PUBLIC with Press Conferences to show entire world HOW to eliminate almost all crime network by use of AI technology I started +40 years ago. WHO?

     All logical, common sense, and use of bible Integrity principals.  NO SECRET means NO CRIME can EVER go unpunished By, FOR and OF all my people. The mark of the 666 Beast is eliminated forever with these common sense bible principals of integrity that eliminate all crime networks, cabal leagues of underground criminal terrorists, and all others who refuse to surrender to the will of the majority of my-our people.  The wrath of humanity and GOD descends on these MonkeyKings.INFO with the Artificial Intelligence database = will of my people.

March 15, 2017. Read all below and Take Action! This is the most powerful recent direct FAX sent to Interpol today.  Direct to INTERPOL.  Why has no one at Interpol returned calls or done any followup with the #1 Anti-Crime Expert Keith Duncan. Philippines cell (63)917-335-4300?  Have you been cyber infiltrated also? The leaders of all nations will be OUTRAGED that no one does followup and actually flys Keith to your headquarters to personally debrief and show how identifies all world criminals in the first public open database using confirmed evidence from any citizen. For the compartmentalization and 'secret' database are exactly how criminals destroy digital evidence by super criminals like Alexander Cyclone Covey of Atlanta GA USA using to access military, corporate, and government evidence and highly classified documentation.   Anyone can see from the news the abject poverty worldwide caused by the most horrific one way transfer of wealth to those collectively known as 'the criminal ruling elite'.   When will your key criminal investigators actually contact Jurgen Stock and your top level director commissioners and actually TAKE ACTION. That is all that has ever been required and even commanded by all people.

    Start with calling Philippines NBI Deputy Director Ferdie Lavin on his personal cell (63) 920-901-0964 as he has massive evidence sent to him over the past 8 months. Email and  and    I send a copy of this to them directly ALSO to MOTIVATE everyone to actually TAKE ACTION to destroy all crime networks with   For corrupt politicians have always been the prime reason for the destruction of mankind civil and human rights.    When will INTERPOL actually TAKE ACTION?  Or will you also be overthrown by the criminal networks who have already infiltrated almost all other government and law enforcement agencies?    Contacting Keith Duncan is your prime focus to find out WHY he is the #1 top anti-crime 'white-hat' expert.......  

   As a prime architect consultant, the most powerful and effective transfer of extreme knowledge has always been video recorded Q&A board room style presentations and Press Conferences to ensure rapid exchange of the most practical and cost effective methodologies are put into standard daily practice.  On Jan 17, 2017 FatherKeith was guest master educator on Philippines President Information Agency TV broadcast uploaded to youTube as #431 on YOUTUBE describing the top level of total world economic reform unification as the #1 evangelist crusader in current history. PNP Region 2 headquarters was debriefed again today with General Rasco and General Bata Dela Rosa requested to contact Keith along with the top Commissioners of NBI, Immigration, COMELEC PNP, Military, and President Duterte to ensure these standard best practices become our new world society reality.

     MARCH 22, 2017  this EFax shown to public below was just sent to INTERPOL tonight to finally MOTIVATE someone to do the required follow-up debriefing, and resulting press conferences that truly change all world history.

After +50 direct eFax over past 2 years, and asking everyone to CONTACT Jurgen, it is clear NO ONE DOES FOLLOWUP on that shows HOW to public identify all criminals worldwide. It is clear YOU have been cyber crime attacked as SOMEONE inside your group is DELETING these #1 International Security reality solutions to the #1 world issue, cyber crime.  I am established years ago as a TOP anti-crime expert after 40 years of most extensive design of near perfect computer systems for world banks and AT&T telecom internal massive web based systems. All designed to PREVENT intrusions while maintaining design perfection to prevent outages and failures at all points of exception handling.   YOU ARE BEING ATTACKED.  World LEADERS will indeed be OUTRAGED that I work for them and YOU have NEVER responded or offered to FLY me to LYONS France to Q&A discuss HOW to rid our world of all criminals once and forever. It will take about 6 months to 3 years BECAUSE of the huge political nightmare that prevents FUNDING from actually being used to PROVIDE point of access service and the other systems designs that ensure open PUBLIC access with out criminal intrusions.  That is also one of my prime expert skills of (original) delivered TO Langley AFB VA Sept 25, 2011 Intelligence.
    The formation of the only new world society / government system to ensure humanity prospers and thrives is complete once the NEXT, then millions, then +7.4 Billions persons use these prime Acts of Wisdom to ensure 100% accountability and transparency of their own and everyone else actions. No one will be able to hide from the group shared broadcasts and the secured public database entries of each citizen using the technology, common sense, and rules of engagement that are the comprehensive checks and balances of our New World utopia society. Refusals to deploy with enable self-genocide of mankind.
    Send all engagement orders to INTERPOL, General Secretariat, 200 quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon France  Fax: +33 (0)4 72 44 71 63.
   Click for the #1 complete solutions broadcast to our mutual world to enable all citizens to control and manage all their leadership.   Click: videos that show who is Honest and who is Evil.
   Everyone notify United Nations as I have contacted them directly to testify to world about clearinghouse of all world problems and conflicts. Everyone contact Secretary General Jurgen Stock in Lyon France immediately so they will protect Keith Duncans life from all criminals.

FOI.ONE  Keith did deliver the most powerful and fundamental design to Interpol and Associated Press on Jan 7, 2015 through today in format of BBK20150107*158.pdf.   Langley Air Force Base Virginia also was delivered the worlds first ANTI-Terrorist, Anti-Political Crime methods and comprehensive details Sept 25, 2011 per their own sealed 4:11cr112 testimony.  Thousands of emails, Press Releases, Broadcasts to all levels of Law enforcement and government officials has resulted in DEADLY silence indicating Cyber crime deletion of the criminals existence by rogue 'spy' agents working for ROSE and Political cabal criminals inside all USA government agencies. Below is the new proven integral database design that allows all citizens to monitor every other citizen with Face Recognition and use of singular International ID known collectively as 'Your URL ID' or  'Intel ID' or 'Interpol ID'.  Follow-up by PRESS, all Law enforcement, Military, CIA, NSA, HLS, DEA, Philippines NBI-IM is immediately required.

      This removes the need for most of government since no crime will go undetected for long and all criminals will be shunned by society by their own criminal evidence submitted from by-standers, gossipers, cynics, and of course, their victims. Everyone will effectively be their own actors in the biggest screenplay of all. This is known as LIFE and the consciousness of mankind. Most refer to this as the ‘Breath and Book of Life’ and the relationship between Creator Conscienceless and all his/her created beings.  Each of my collective +7.5 Billion persons on Earth will have a unique International Identifying number. The format is quite simple.

    The total of 16 numerical digits represent every single person on earth in format of: CCCYEARmmDY nnnnnnnn

These three groups of numbers are sort-able and unique representing all known persons in our world: living, dead, in heaven or hell.

1. The first three numbers are your originating birth country identifier. CCC  The world Population Websites shows China as 001, India 002, USA 003, Indonesia 004, etc. Optionally, the telephone country code could be used.

2. The next 8 digits are your registered birth Year, Month, Day. Format: YEARmmDY  

3. The second 8 digits is a unique sequential number that represents the order of each person registering their birth country and their own birth date. This makes each international Identifier unique.  Face Recognition scan matching eliminates all ID theft and criminal forgeries.  All criminals and terrorists are tracked and banished by society by their very own unrepentant criminal history.

    For Keith Brent Duncan, my international ID would be 1-19580815-1 as founding FATHER of your new world society. When I/you register myself for the first time, we go to a registered government office, present unique proof of  identity, have standard mugshot front and side photos taken,  height, weight, fingerprint, and unique physical attributes noted (tattoos, birthmarks, etc). We can also submit additional information like retina scan, Voter Registration number, drivers license, social security #, and other unique information that only we know. This can be updated anytime with any eDevice using single method to ensure total authentication and authorization by only the one unique person.  These are irrevocable and irrefutable forms of unique Identification.

    Each URL linked suitable group is marked by owner as private or public. Election and directive votes are stored by each citizen for subsequent confirmation of Will of the Majority by statistical analysis.  Security of this centralized database is ensured through replication on remote secured platforms that can be quickly compared for 'hacking', manipulation, or criminal changes. Negotiated signed Contracts, including video recorded transactions using Published Patented + other Solution methods, are stored also to ensure compliance and enforceability of all agreements. This dramatically reduces the need for all litigation and the abuse of corrupt lawyers, court officials, judges, and criminal investigators to criminally abuse the rights of my +7.83 Billion people.  No one can deny your rights and integrity.

     Once in this Interpol (international database), everyone I/you know can create URL-Linked referential integrity records that attest to my/your honesty trustworthiness,  family and business connections, as well as supply anything that is public record or even confidential if any crime or fraud has occurred. If false evidence is supplied, then the submitter is open for libel, slander, and damage awards since the entire world and courts can easily see the submitted evidence. Corrupt businesspersons, criminals, terrorists, and underground crime networks ( LIAR-Lawyers and Judges) are eliminated by their own testimony.

     Most people will scream BLOODY MURDER initially when they think their private information has been exposed to cyber criminals and fraudsters who will use this information to commit more crimes. The EXACT opposite is true. All citizens will now have the immediate ability to identify the real criminals using face recognition eDevice applications such as the original Application I designed 5 years ago in conjunction with the original method of any group quickly identifying who is trusted by the group and who is unworthy of conducting business transactions.

   SInce the #1 Atlanta USA based Terrorist of all time is 100% responsible for these anti-terrorist, anti-crime solutions because of his billionaire status using Keith's stolen Intellectual Property, who will NEXT contact the Press, Congress, Public, USA military and USA Law Enforcement agencies of FBI James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch to command them to protect Keith's life and recover his $3 Million USD in real assets and recover mega-millions of stolen intellectual property while the citizens of our mutual world take complete charge and control of their own governments and corporations using Clearinghouse of World Changing Solutions.

CLICK:  SolutionPeace  UNIocracy Communities

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