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Our PMInc Client list is long based on our extreme expertise working in Manila area full time the past 1.5 years. We are working daily for Philippine Government top Officials, Real Estate Developers, Power Consultant Construction companies, Clean Water Construction companies (STP), Educational institutions including major Universities, and many Business Development Cooperative Organizations.    CLICK

The OTHER client list is so extensive it will not FIT on this page. Includes 15 years over 25 year period as top Design Architecture Consultant for AT&T from 1996 to 2009, Previous  1989 to 1995 architecture for IBM, Dupont, and the largest most powerful banking institutions through Broadway & Seymour, SunGard Trust Systems. Earlier state of the art design work 1982 to 1989 for Atlanta GA based premier micro electronics BB&L, Rollins INC, Digital Communications INC (IRMA 3270 original Emulation PC board), and other entrepreneur startup enterprises now worth billions USD.

   All the results of our +100 years combined accumulated work consulting for the largest world corporations in USA, Europe, Asia.   Best examples of our extreme expertise are our most recent CLIENTS found at

One of our favorite Nationally known inventor business experts is June Catan. Click:

     Call them directly to confirm recent Worldwide Marketing Campaigns. Then Click: BOOK our SERVICES

The following logos are : NGO-INC, Philippine Merchant INC,, =

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Testimonies.  Too numerous to re-list. Original is:  Endorsement from David Storrs

-Chief Executive Officer at Hearthstone Restaurant Group Inc. Aug 14, 2011. SouthPort Conn. USA


“I cannot say enough about Keith Duncan! This is an extraordinary talent and inventor with a driven attitude and well-developed business acumen. I have watched Keith come up with extraordinary ideas right before my very eyes. He is truly one of the brightest minds in his industry. Keith is inspiring to network with and to work with … This is a one of a kind asset for hyper growth ideas! I recommend everyone work with Keith Duncan!”

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