CMB PCDC is Conrado M Bacoy Power Consultant + Development Corp. World famous GeoWater Turbine Experts.

   Call Conrado M. Bacoy Jr. in Manila (632) 728-9979.  Call Ding +(63)0935-984-8938

 Office: 3rd Floor NorthRidge Plaza, 12 Congressional Ave, Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City, Manila

  SEC Registration Number CS201518439.  Tax ID # 009-130-156-000,

  Business Permit Number 16-002200

  Atty Maria Victoria Vallacera 0995-135-6511 is brokering large project funds March 19, 2020

with Gloria Reyes, Keith Duncan and  Ding.  CONRADO Died March 8, 2020 of liver disease. We are

saddened by his death since we advised him as soon as we met him to be top world hydro advisor

consultant to use Keith's revolutionary simple systems to provide entire world with almost free hydro

electric power and cluster networked control system now owned and run by WE the PEOPLE.

  We had personally advised Conrado and others to be world class consultants to literally turn over

his knowledge and get paid millions of USD for his backgroup experience of +40 years of wisdom.

    Anyone in world can contact Ding and Keiths mastermind groups to consult broker the  most feasible large scale 100,000's of small ECO-mined lakes now used as cluster networked Watershed Storage systems even using GE variable speed Hydro Pumped storage that is used right before Typhoon hits to pump MORE H20 to highest elevations even into old deep mine shafts for year round dry season hydro Drip re forrest Jungles Bamboo, grass lands(cattle, sheep), Coconut, other major HYV with use with Historical legacy use of: research scientists including Keith, Ike Serenes,  DOE Fortunto Pena, DOE CUSI, the list of top executives we have contacted is unlimited....since keiths historical IM arrival Aug 6, 2015 to accomplish how to UNIFY world with all digital communal shared resources.

     100% related to rebuilding the Agricultural industries and factories now owned and control run by Small Biz owners trained with and for top World Corporate Executives who LOVE to contract our #1 Consulting fast path services.

We now use the top services of PSME, Philippines Society Mechanical Engineers, DTI, DOST Sec Pena, DOE Cusi, US Commercial Services, and all  chamber of Commerce and local Ambassadors of USA Sung Kim to lead Philippines into New World Society

With use of Elon Musk BORING Company, Manila is now the New Singaphore commerce, banking, technology KTRADE.SPACE world center of commerce replacing Hong Kong as everyone knows the Chinese Communist Party is now controlling that entire region.

We are the world famous ENG ECO-Consultants who show entire world how to create virtually unlimited electricity and free safeWater to power new all digital, paperless, all digital/electronic  crime free communities who now construct our OWN new safe communities SolutionHousing

WE the PEOPLE own our bank accounts and all stock market trades since WE are the original  funders and investors who pool our resources and tell all corporate executives and politicians the

Next Best Projects of CreatorKeith.Space  all BuiltByKeith  as we vote on their leadership position

dynamically and how much income they  must take and pay taxes.  100% URL linked related is world changing data mined answer solution:

   With, NO more Executive Corporate Stock Options, no more Day Trading insider

SEC violators who prey on We the People by taking first pirate profits with the worst cyber attacks against OUR free market barter trade system that quickly identifies root problems at source of viral transmission FOIA.ONE once everyone knows WHO is WHO, Who trades What with Who/When/Where/WHY, and Who are the real title owners of our real estate and property including all transportation roads that are now truly FREEways versus toll roads.  For the infrastructure is truly OWNED by We the PEOPLE so no longer can the named elite control and pirate God's loaded loaned resources as WE are the ECO scientists who work fearlessly with authority and full confidence to actually LOVE and PROTECT + CARE for all others.  The basis for everything from GODs 11 commandments are: 1. Do not STEAL.  2. DO not LIE,  3. Do not HIDE.  

   As Keith who appears alone is the hidden savior apostle, most humble walking technology keynote speaking saint who most formally requests direct f2Face required World Peace talks with World Presidents and Corp executives since no one in history has every completed all basic data driven common sense technology solutions that truly empower the VOICE of WE the PEOPLE to control and own/manage all community built projects.


The Charts on upper right are fast-path Height + flow = MegaWatts lookup.  Our company is the top Hydro Feasibility Service Enterprise in Philippines. Our services are the key to fast path application of engineering feasibility studies and project management to ensure your projects are completed on schedule and adhere to all regulation requirements to produce electricity at about 1 Pesos/Kilowatt annual operating costs for next 30 to 50 years. Our systems are multi scale-able as hundreds of small to midsize turbines combine power on Demand using TurnOffLights.Space universal stabilizing IOT control system keith alone pioneered 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC on HOW to create new world society free of pirates now that we all share all electric shared skateboards, motorcycles, golf carts, cars, vans, trucks, buses, trains/subway (BORING COMPANY Elon Musk) to unload the mega poverty coastal cities worldwide since everyone knows a few elite most in USA are the true reasons for Mass poverty and $$$ energy wars.

Our Key references through #1 top ECO-R&D scientists led by Keith Duncan are the our Prime Consultants: Ann Wynkopp 0956-002-5112, las vegas USA +1 702-418-9733, DOST Sec Fortunato Dela Pena at 0917-832-8497 in Manila as even he has these total Plans  of energy world conservation. DOE Secretary Cusi in Manila. Most world GOV officials are TOO busy to see the trillions of real $$$ going direct into local economy, #1 issue world wide is that FEW ever do simple followup for any reason. Too busy consumed with making payroll and expecting others to do all the work without being paid until after entire project is completed and sealed closed to the banks.


####  FULL TURNOVER of project completions are worth billions real $ when clients simply follow our pro consultant advice.  Our simple to use system connects Investment Funders and Project Manager experts to ensure cash flow Return on Investment is fast and enforced by legally binding contracts with proper checks and balances for step by step escrow payouts using Terms And Conditions in our Contracts with appropriate penalty clauses to ensure all parties are motivated to complete each project step on time and within budge.

Are new clients are  MILLIONAIRES in a few months if they SIMPLY FOLLOW UP on our STEP BY STEP Business Process methodology we have GIFTED to world worth TRILLIONS of real $$$ intellectual Property.

   TurnOffLights.SPACE universal all electric system is worth trillions in remote electronic IOT control of our entire electrical world system. These past +43 years we have perfected the required business process methodology to ensure that are worth billions of real $$ if any company, government, or angel philanthropists simply follow our business advice.

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    NOTE: INVESTOR or project clients all see our work expertise on the attached PDF files, photos, and videos showing the required 1 page Term sheet of ROI and engineering details.

 Our consulting work is worth billions, then trillions in new world economy....


Our TOP WORLD PRIORITY is creating megawatts (soon collectively GigaWatts)  with Run of River and small dam watershed management systems utilizing new small 1-5 hectare lakes.  We also build large full water distribution pipe and pump systems.

  We request all top Investors, Development Corporations, Banks, Technology companies, Green Energy Advocates, DOE, DOA, Press, Presidents, Government Leaders to contact us immediately as we have thousands of projects pending once Press Conferences by World Leaders showcase the work below.  Solar / Wind / Geo / Nuclear hybrids are also keys to prevent and reverse Climate Change + stop all energy price supply versus demand wars.

   We are actively engaging top hydro turbine and electronics corporations to bulk ship power plants and  bring local manufacturing here to Asia.

Take these first steps.

1. Contact us by email or Contact Form with your project overview and current status. Only serious requests please.

2. Provide us with your basic supporting demographic assessment information. Include your local Topography and Population maps, current power usage and water supply projected demand. Include any existing funds and contact information of buyers, sellers, and investors if possible. Provide base information if your project is for private, commercial, industrial use, for existing towns or new development of Mixed use, residential, and/or commercial.

3. We will contact you back with overview of our services and projects and contract with you for Feasibility studies.

4. As needed, we will provide you additional marketing resources and training to help you find investors and direct connect with existing independent power producers and electric cooperative associations.


CLIENTS: We are experienced dedicated professionals devoted to serving our clients with best quality services and products in the specific industry.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY -We are stewards of financial resources entrusted by God for our clients’ benefit and full satisfaction.

PRODUCTIVITY AND GROWTH -We are responsive professionals sensitive to modern technologies and innovations for our clients’ benefits; thus able to cope with current trends and realities.

HONESTY AND INTEGRITY -We are accountable to GOD “THE CREATOR”, We value all His created order of things as we pursue our enterprises.

We provide comprehensive multi-discipline services in Engineering, Planning and Design, Construction Management, Commissioning and Project Procurement to clients’ full satisfaction.


Pre – investment and Feasibility Studies, Project Development and Planning, Detailed Engineering Design
Project Management and Construction,Value Engineering,  Project Evaluation and Audit
Integrity Evaluation of Existing Structures and Facilities, Energy Management, Procurement and Trading, Technological Researches and Special Studies


Hydro Power Development, Other Renewable Energy Sources Development, Flood Control and Irrigation System
Water Supply System,  Industrial Buildings and Plants, Land Development, Subdivisions, Industrial Parks  Roads and Bridges
Highways and Interchanges, Reclamation Works and Dredging, Steel Works

World Wide Services.  Conrados M. Bocoy Jr. engineering teams are world travelers.
Independant Power Producers  


.Cooperative Electric Associations.
Below Video to be replaced by Prime Marketing CMB Projects overview.
Energy Turbine Water Power electricity

Unifies all Energy + Water Reserves

Click:  Why some renewable energy will never save our planet.  Note: Fossil fuels will be depleted in 10 to 20 years at current levels of  extraction. ONLY HYDRO POWER and NUCLEAR will be the primary sources of both clean water and ENERGY for the next century.  Solar and Wind are limited production hours by season and are prohibitively expensive ROI unless no other energy source is available in remote areas. They are easily damaged by typhoons + hurricanes.

   A top world hydro turbine corporation is founded 1856.

Click: Engineering Proof of Reality.

  Old USA Install cost was $4,500 USD per kilowatt/hour. ROI < ~4 years.

Click: Great example video of HOW HydroGeneration saves energy.

Click: Excellent microHydro 15Kw installation. Clean and efficient.

.. is the premier Hydro Generation engineering and Project Management enterprise in the Philippines.  Our focus is on highest quality engineered solutions and most profitable return on investment of construction and operational costs.

    Our most sensible and financially rewarding systems requires Publicity and cross marketing.  The cascading economic benefits are total sustainable energy and water resources that most effectively eliminates all the remote control and manipulation of our most valuable natural resources.  Even all the mining companies now focus on 100% green extraction of Iron, Steel, and building products while providing massive amount of dirt and dredged material for creating 100,000's of new all digital planned creative mixed use communities including new 'free' transportation systems of high speed passenger train subways, freight railways, shipping ports, and state of art free expressway networks.

Qualified Investors worldwide are requested to direct fund partnership

with our communities, engineers, vendor manufactures, leaders. The NEW world class funding model is called 'Self-Funding' as the ROI Return on Investment is 1 to 4 years for the construction costs. The operation costs are less than .75 Peso = estimated 1.5 cents USD per kilowatt.  This is a world record financially as everyone benefits by eliminating the 'brokers who make us broke', the bank-sters, and others who criminally control stock markets (such as Oil, Coal, NG), financing, and trade commerce by their secret manipulation of information, knowledge, and communicated transactions that no one can see.  We ask everyone to contact the top investors and technologists and request they contact our President Conrado M. Bacoy JR, our Financial and engineering groups.


Call Conrado M. Bacoy Jr. in Manila (632)728-9979 CMB PCDC Power Consultant Development Corporation.

  We remain in awe that so many Leaders and corporations delay action to any of these engineered solutions as they can claim millions of USD/Euros in profits from using these existing gifted combination technologies. We have offered everyone sponsorship list space on our websites for qualified vendors suppliers and partners of Green Energy Initiatives.

 Our current list of Sponsors and Endorsers are showcased on ?? (REMOVED) famous NGO.

    Rainfall, typhoons, hurricanes, basic rainfall is now easily stored as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power by remote control.

    The most powerful Green Renewable Energy Reserve from original creation is mega trillions of cubic meters weight of WATER and SUN generated life.  The most obvious solution is to create almost unlimited energy and new world economy AGRICULTURE  now 100% owned and controlled by 7.7 Billion of our people. With unlimited power we create our own steel and manufacturing factories that locally produces all required construction material. This is simple energy harnessing, yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Water is Oxygen and Hydrogen and can be split with electricity. With almost unlimited free micro-mid Hydro Electricity from rivers, we create new green mining of oceans, fish farms, algae, bamboo jungles, and new high value agriculture. Existing electronics and smart grid communication devices create localized switching on-off grid as well as resell to mega power monopolies.

   NO MORE DISASTER FLOODING as first 20 to 50% rain of any typhoon or storm system is stored in thousands of linked lakes. If a single small dam breaks, no big deal as the next lake contains the overflow. Agriculture farmers now use less fertilizer pesticides and convert to Giant Bamboo, year round grasslands, sugar palms, coconuts, and other erosion control root system re-forested JUNGLES.

   Note: Solar and Wind are limited ROI because of the high cost of construction and land use impact. Floating Solar farms on lakes makes perfect sense to reduce evaporation and provide shaded fish farms. Solar and Wind work only a few hours a day and are best situated for remote locations in hot or windy locations with low rain and low risk of weather Typhoon damage.

Nuclear Fusion and Fission are the 2nd best energy sources when constructed away from dense populations = transmission costs go up.

    Summary: 100,00's of new small lakes are now engineer modeled and built like TVA = Tennessee Valley Authority and mega projects like Hoover Dam. We the people, now capture the most valuable GOD's 'potential energy source (weight of mass rainfall) and the life gifting force of H2O water.  High elevation storage of replenished trillions of gallons of fresh water now is used to prevent all flooding catastrophes, drought, water financial wars, wildfires, and other man-made disasters. Billions of mega slum dwellers now move to higher elevations away from coastal cities that are prone to mass flooding and economic depravity. Large pipes instead of downstream rivers now harness the gigawatt production of free clean green energy for all electric society.  These are trillions of real $$$ valued benefits to all 7.7 Billion of our people.

     We now create new steel + metal foundries, manufacturing complexes at point of extraction that is consumed locally for community use. Massive reduction in heavy international shipping trade of fossil fuels and raw materials + taxes that is now controlled by super rich dynasties.. With millions of new small lakes in highest elevations with 'WEIR' storage and piping aqueducts, we store + harvest high percentage of all rainfall, typhoons, + hurricanes. Water is now easily utilized as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power using Micro and mid-sized Hydro Generation turbines + Pipelines owned BY, FOR, and OF our people. 

   Just harnessing existing river systems will supply up to 80% world power needs. Nuclear Power is also top feasible cost effective.

  Every single village and power company benefit as 100% cooperative owned energy and water system that forever eliminates all stock market manipulation and frees us all from the tyranny of fossil fuel energy price and actual wars.

A top world hydro turbine corporation is founded in 1856. We just contacted them to be Asian manufacturing and distribution center for mid-level 3 styles of turbines.  Gilkes Energy Ltd, Canal Head North,  Kendal, Cumbria ENGLAND. LA9 7BZ,  t: 01539 720028
email:  My team is top keynote experts on HydroGeneration Projects in Philippines and other nations. features the HOW TO engineering to bring world electricity production by HydroGen up to 50, hopefully 80% in next 5 years. BECAUSE of the fossil fuel cost energy wars and instability of nations because of economic collapse we have also Prevented.

Qualified Investors worldwide are required to direct fund partnership with our communities, engineers, vendor manufactures, leaders. The NEW world class funding model is called 'Self-Funding' as the ROI Return on Investment is 1 to 4 years for the construction costs. The operation costs are less than .75 Peso = estimated 1.5 cents USD per kilowatt.  This is a world record financially as everyone benefits by eliminating the 'brokers who make us broke', the bank-sters, and others who criminally control stock markets (such as Oil, Coal, NG), financing, and trade commerce by their secret manipulation of information, knowledge, and communicated transactions that no one can see. These issues are solved with (removed) forever..

    Perfect example of hydro water turbines Click:

and RAM Hydro Pump systems (no electricity or mechanical engine) driven by pure flow of water energy to PUMP percentage of flow rate to extreme heights. Example: 10 liter/sec head pressure 10 Meters can pump 1 liter/sec 100 meter higher elevation.

Hydro Generation and safe Nuclear are the only prime energy sources to prevent world self-genocide holocausts.

For more information follow the links below.

  Click: to see how the reality of water re-management harnesses the most powerful energy source in GOD's world that must be owned and control managed by our communities and NEVER by crime enterprises.


    The most powerful Green Energy Renewable Reserve from Gods creation is WATER and SUN. The most obvious solution to create almost unlimited energy is simple yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Rainfall, typhoons, hurricanes, basic rainfall is now easily stored as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power. We now create new paradigm of history creating thousands of new Storage Lakes, Ponds, and massive redistribution of energy reserves to be owned and managed BY our  people. A horrific # of world population live near the coast in major slum cities. Read the PDF files above showcasing the statistics of why this one international solution changes the course of human history by mass migration of billions of our people to higher elevations once they own their own energy hydroelectric and have almost free access to unlimited fresh water for safe consumption and mass irrigation.

Now our world becomes driven 50 to 80% of hydro-generation that eliminates fossil fuel wars (oil, Natural Gas, coal ,and other burned organic sources of energy that are the root man made disaster destruction of our current greed laden world.

All new 1000's of creative all digital communities will have 3 prime sources of water piping distribution of 'pure-drinking', household building use, and commercial industrial agricultural use. 4 Prime sources of waste water is 'Black water -polluted', gray water (wash, basic residential use), special contaminated water, and storm sewer run-off capture and distribution systems.

   Once our world has the most basic infrastructure of almost free power and water, we unload the mega slum cities and return billions of our people back to higher elevations to create new world society communities (E.D.E.N.) when free trade and travel is the unified normalized world when crime and politics are no longer tolerated or allowed.

The PRIME requirement is to activate all master civil engineers, Academic Experts, all World Leaders, architects, and other engineers and related experts to make this prime solution become your new world society mainstream unified method of conducting integrity based business contracts that are open public accountable by our world.

    This one answer solves CLIMATE CHANGE + stops all energy wars forever, reforests our world, provides safe water for new agriculture. and moves 90% of our +7.7 billion people to inhabit the rest of GOD's Forest world to unload the slums of our world.   © 2019 Inc   Manila Philippines  All IP rights reserved.

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