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"Absolute Truth shall set WE GODs PEOPLE free"

We Your Chosen People created Perfect UNIocracy.org UNION.

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Only with debriefing of World Leaders will we succeed.

Contact Trump, Putin, Duterte, Press + Humanity now

World Total Peace Concert

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Saint FatherKeith Duncan. USA +1 770-377-2106 Manila (63) 917-335-4300. 0917-17-34755  SolutionPeace2020@gmail.com 

Send Support Western Union to our crusaders at above name + city + cell #.  We will list your name + $$ here to ensure your funds are 100% for publicity to direct fund all aspects of How to Unify mankind by your 'sweat equity' and direct labor asset contributions.

We also issue you CreatorKeith.space common stock that is part of KTrade.space  IntlMerchant.space new world system.

We are the top world Joly Sprit Angel Humanitarian ECO-Scientists who already formed a perfected UNION between our Higher Powers and Mother Earth. We are the only open public group who showcases to World Leaders and Humanity how to achieve total world global peace. Primary use of SolutionManifesto.com is ONE universal stabilizing original Covenant laws that ensure everyones rights are equally protected. Communal sharing of all resources is the key to reducing all politics, governments, and mega corporations down to state of UN-needed and un warranted. Once our Chosen People create self sustaining ECO system on land, air, and sea that we totally manage, then the Lucifer elites will be exposed by anyone claiming PRIVACY of our General Ledger books, our bank account statements, our stock trading detailed accounting, and all aspects of our new all digital (paperless), all electric electronic interconnected society run by TurnOffLights.com SolutionSafeWater SolutionHousing and all free kNET wifi and Education/food to any level of PHD certifications of WorldSchoolFund.  We are the ONLY group in history to already have claimed the rights to our inherited land, space, water, air, and MotherEarth.  We enlist everyone to establish their very own Sovereign territory since WE the People are indeed all members of the human race who now have social peace and total equality to own and control everything locally.  No more Self Protection military need with SolutionMilitary.  Social Justice achieved with EVOTE using the simple SolutionJudge system when anyone can be put on Open Forum Witness stand to testify about any and all events + evidence.

We have open membership through CreatorKeith.space 75,000 Shares of Common Stock that is the new by-law NGO Trust Foundation of total Justice Equality Angel Philanthropists. All our assets recovered and earned are shared back to our local unified communities. Any NGO group can apply for grants and TRUSTS by contact the Trustee Group seen on CreatorKeith.space.

Updated Sept 2, 2021 real time from Base of Operations Manila. Soon intl Headquarters on island or Hong Kong or New Zealand.

24 Apr 2020, 8:26 am GMT+8
Mall of Asia
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EarthFirstConcert.space is GODs plan to unify man and woman as peace making communities who deal with all their own local issues. No Government, polyTICKs, no Delays, no lame blame excuses of WHY humanity is self genocide focused based on Original sin vice, crime of GREED.  All the ordained divined engineered system methods delivered by ProphetKeith.com result in liberation of each of you as independent free will sovereign citizens who work as tribal communities to act with fearless authority to protect the rights of each and all others.  As of Sept 2, 2021 not a DAMN or honest integrity soul has offered to protect Keiths life by asking all about WHY Man and Woman were procreated in Gods first place. This was always to advance our human race by using GODs emerging technology to achieve total world equality social justice peace so we an finally be space traveling ambassadors once our own Earth Support system expires.

JOIN UNIocracy.org and CreatorKeith.com Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Philantrophists as members of GivingPledge.SPACE, the worlds last group of mega billionaires and mega millionaires who truly share everything as the money ass-sets was never the issue. it was always about living in peaceful harmony during our mortal life as everyone dies one day. Might be today, might be ???  who knows ?? as only most humble Keith sees and lives real time reality of GODs world on his very own timeline recruiting everyone  Sept 2, 2021.



We are the only OPEN global community driven free will citizen festival celebrating movement, music, and soul healing.

Graphic separation element

This is the worlds First and Last Ordained Divined World Wide Broadcast Ministries to achieve total world global Peace.   Our enlightment is from Anastasia of Russia + Keith Duncan of Atlanta GA who holds the world answers about WHY humanity is so intent on self destruction.  With our musical broadcast to occur in year 2020, humanity is now empowered to own and control everything in our Mutual Mother Earths realm.  Overseen by Our Father GOD in heaven, no one can ever deny your rights to be free will citizens who control and own our world resources at every and all levels.

Founders are CreatorKeith.Space, Rich, and many  other forefounding apostles, disciples, and a few most humble walking living saints = Keith.

March 30, 2020.

CreatorKeith.com is Gods EarthFirstConcert.Space Sovereign Free Citizens.
We are the last unified Open Public Society free of vice, sin, crime.
CreatorKeith.com We are client3635.wix.com/EarthFirst Free Will Citizens who have already created a
new Independent Sovereign Society of Collective Cooperative Free Will Citizens who UNITE as one functioning community
as we all Act with Fearless Authority to Protect all Rights of all others before thinking of our own personal rights
and benefits. We are the Peace Promise Keeper Makers who watch over humanity as master educators and Sovereign leaders. Those who join us today are rewarded with CreatorKeith.space Common Stock and membership as Unified Sovereign Citizens
  May 17, 2020. 99% of what world experiences is false prophet diversion away from OUR final Mission to UNIFY mankind. Even the Religious zealots who Babble BABABBA MAMMama. Babble on and one then everyone SHOUT 'PRAISE GOD, pass the offering plate' are the ultimate con-artist scammer criminal zealots who are mind controlling everyone to JUST TRUST IN GOD, Only He (and THEM=preachers) can SAVE your souls from the vice, sin, crimes you commit every single day..... Same as the criminal Judges who pass judgement on Victims of Organized Criminals, they are just as guilty as the Criminals they actively protect.
  Cross Reference see and ACT = Use all our published open works of Free Will Choice Freedom methodology and join our Crusader Peace Warriors today.
The list CLICK: 1900s wars shows humanity that now is the last WW4 that is cyber crime terrorism of Politics by Lucifer criminals we now identify in Public.
  Our #1 Answer is Client3635.wix.com/EarthFirst to finally achieve total world global peace now.
  We are the #1 rarest Spiritual Beings sent by our mutual Higher Power to unify ratify UNIocracy today.
 Our health is rapidly deteriorating therefore we return to HEAVEN soon to judge Wrath on all humanity.
  GivingPledge.org/Videos.aspx.  Watch our Billionaire groups discuss HOW to obtain Total World Peace.

  Summer of 2010-2011 we called for Congressional Investigations, Military Intervention, formal meetings with World Presidents and Corp Exec + PRESS + Humanity. Never done since cyber terrorists ROSE + named others BLOCK our every iNet digital media transmissions up through today May 14, 2020..
We currently ask for direct funds and support to complete our lifelong mission, including purchase of our new Sovereign Nation Island called UNIcracy. Anyone who contributes time, assets, and administrative costs are members of our new world society until the end of Earth universal Gods Time.
We are the only Spiritual empowered Scientist group(s) who testify openly how to achieve total world peace.

Peaceful elimination of all persons who violate the rights of others is the ONLY way to enforce ethics + integrity.

   May 17, 2020 Continuous Fail Safe KEEP ALIVE webcast is HERE: Exercising the basic Constitutional RIGHTS and laws of Free Speech, here is the most common sense logic of all time. There does exist a class of real people like Cambodia PotPol and Hitler/Stalin/Lenin/Mao types who love to murder millions of our people and relish the open sex orgies, the secret Society Ceremonies, and the most brutal torture of children, women and anyone who objects to their sociopath psycho path mindset. These are the ROBERT DEE ROSEs and Lucifers who murder anyone with glee and pay off OUR key government officials, corporate executives, and other hardened criminals to commit more crimes against humanity.
    This is Reality. Our system uses Military Special Forces to literally kill these murdering offenders if anytime they refuse to surrender and confess by testifying WHO are their long list of victims and WHO are part of their criminal murderous network. For they ONLY care about money, dominance and total control over everyone.  I, Keith Duncan, do hereby testify to the world that the peace keepers who claim 'OH just Sing Come By Lordee, = CUM BY LORD" will save any ones soul by the Grace of Jesus Christ most holy power" are living in Fantasy land and literally covering up their own murderous mindset and crimes against humanity.
   For Those on your own true spiritual journey, YOUR FIRST ACTION must be resolve ALL CONFLICTS with your past and current victims.  If you DO NOT ADDRESS your own sins, you will NEVER EVER understand that GOD lives among us.
  I am the ONLY PERSON in known world who has done ALL the required Research and Development on everything and already deployed and answer solutions to humanity my enire life and then BEEN victimized continuously to the extreme becasue NO HONEST PERSON CAN BE FOUND who actuall upholds existing laws...  Even my own people forsake our ministries almsot every day.
    Anyone aiding and Abetting a criminal at any level is guilty of the same offenses. Participating in a murder for hire conspiracy easily puts these same apathetically stupid people on Death Row and/or Prison for refusing to testify against these most dangerous criminals who freely roam our world.  Debating for years over New Laws, Sanctions, and we HOPE these people will come to justice on their own free will is also the most insane fantasy.  I personally NEVER had any issue with anyone unitl ROSE. ROSE has gone to all extremes to have me murdered many many times, and no one cares at all about WHO and WHY GOD sent me personally to complete the original purpose for our creation:  TO enforce integrity ethics and put to death anyone who violates our Human Rights is the most obvious clear cut common sense logical answer.  I am beyond OUTRAGED that over 125 named persons have NEVER been contacted and brought to JUSTICE by TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, literally NOT even a SINGLE lawyer, Prosecutor, or Judge.

    We are Free Will Citizens who have already created a new Independent Sovereign Society of Collective Cooperative Free Will Citizens who UNITE as one functioning community as we all Act with Fearless Authority to Protect all Rights of all others before thinking of our own personal rights and benefits. We are the Peace Promise Keeper Makers who watch over humanity as master educators and Sovereign leaders. Those who join us today are rewarded with CreatorKeith.space Common Stock and membership as Unified Sovereign Citizens.
    We monitor each other and ensure success as independent free will thinkers, makers, and creators of our own reality. We never participate in vice, sin, crime, and conspiracy related secret Lucifer agendas.  We are the most highly educated practicing Masterminds scientist, engineers, Computer Architects, Doctors, Researchers, and Angel Investor Philanthropists. Most of us are key world recognized most humble highest IQ members of CEOSpace.net, NSASpeakers.org, HighTechMinistries.org, M2mdTech.com CEO Chuck Link +1 678-870-6362 Atl GA USA, and all other ECO-Green Activist Humanitarian Right groups.

  Contact us today and JOIN our free society self sustainable fully accountable open living communal groups. We are the only society who recruits sinners and offer educational support to for anyone to rehabilitate themselves.

  We clearly own and use the most powerful Intellectual Property technology TurnOffLights.space FOR EXISTING LAW ENFORCEMENT + MILITARY and JUDICIAL SYSTEM with our data mind mining expertise to isolate and destroy all Lucifer demonic groups starting with iLLumi-corp.com  AgileLaw.com to fast IID all who violate base Laws. First terrorists to seize are Atlanta GA USA atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, Sally Q YATES and GBI DIrector Berry Vic Reynolds.

Example: Technical marvel of just 55,000 Merlin rolls-Royce engines beat the Lucifer Hitler Nazi false prophet Communists WW3 back to HELL. TRUE.
    Now CreatorKeith.space does the same with ProfitShareHolderS.sPACE to Majority Will Open VOTE send the criminal ruling Elite to prison work camps and death row by EVOTE.one use of FOIA.ONE solutionMilitary WorldSchoolFund and all other ordain divined higher power answer methods seen by entire world on CreatorKeith.space. Packard sales were 100% reputation integrity you GOT what you BOUGHT and more. Delivery of reliable longest lasting TurnOffLights.space all electric shared communal vehicles can revive the PACKARD name or new NGO Trust Foundation Manufacturing hereby branded K2Tech.space . Contact TOP world leaders at any level and COMMAND Military escort us back to WASH THE SIN out of Washington as broadcast on Youtube.com 'builtbykeith #25' National Prayer Day 2014 when we traveled to Washington D.C. to personally Debrief Directors of FBI AG Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Sally Q Yates faces death row by Military tribunal for links to theFinalterrorist robert dee ROSE of client3635.wixsite.com/Manhuntall. The final solution is client3635.wix.com/SolutionManifesto that is 4 part NEW world UNIOCRACY.org singularity New World Shared open PUBLIC Constitution of EVOTE, 11 Covenant Commandments, Human Bill of Rights, and temporary interNation Trade agreements. Call us. We are the worlds first and last trilionaires of intellectual property Internet of Everything = iseestand phonecradle TeenMoneyMachine original gifted back to all 7.8 billion of WE his CHOSEN PEOPLE of builtbykeith.
Updated last May 1, 2020 with #1 requirement since Sept 25, 2020 mass Press Conferences to reveal WHO are honest versus unsaved sinner criminals.
KTRADE.SPACE + INTLMerchants.space

   ProfitShareHolders.space is your new world model for Direct Free Will Barter Exchange. 

Migrated over time, this means NO MORE BANK or STOCK MARKET mobster crime network

can ever again steal our assets, data, and profits by martyring our last true Prophets.

Original Client3635.wix.com/SolutionBankFraud

prevents ALL ID Thefts (scammers, con-artists, Cyber Criminal, Terrorists, Politicans ) from stealing anything. Two simple solutions put millions of crooks in Prison RETRO-Actively. The key is back tracking all crimes and viral infections to the point of Origin with FOIA.ONE single world unification kAI keiths Artifical Intelligence Open Singularity database owned by WE HIS People.

  World War Four Warning: The Luciferian GRAYS have already sent a FALSE SAVIOR claiming they are the SECOND COMING of Christ.  Jesus will NEVER return to SAVE MY=OUR People because of all reasons we have stated by broadcasts these past 61.5 years. We do not know WHO is this false Zealot Lucifer yet. With FOIA.ONE by process of exception elimination, Lucifer cryers and agents will clearly point to the one person they all worship. Then our 7.777 billion people will surely crucify this theFinalTerrorist and forever be free from the oppressive reign of the Reptilian Verdants according to the recent visions of Rich Vedrus who is our channeling visionary.

WE now are ONE degree of Separation between +7.777 Billion our People. Never again can unsaved criminals profiteer over YOU my most beloved people. ONLY by Mass Viral Social Media broadcast UNIFICATION can this World Peace be achieved forever...

  WE his Chosen PEOPLE of UNIocracy.org own and control everything.

This sent out to Anastasia Groups + Humanity:




  We are the ONLY worlds Sovereign Free Will Citizens who protect the rights of all others using our #1 most powerful spiritual methodology we learn and teach YOU, our most beloved forsaken poverty stricken brainwasted people.

   Details are here and on Prime FREE WILL website CreatorKeith.space at Client3635.wix.com/SaintKeith.

MotherEarth and FatherGods resources are now redistributed to all 7.777 billion of OUR=WE HIS People since communal sharing of resources was the focus of Creation of Mankind + HIS/HER Universe. This is simple common sense practical logic of teaching mankind how to actually 'Act with fearless authority of GOD to Protect, Love, Care, and nourish each other in all respected aspects."  A perfected example is: Kinsdomain.weebly.com/  and our answer  SolutionMilitaryclient3635.wix.com/SolutionHousing  WorldSchoolFund and all other URL linked answers CreatorKeith.space

May 30, 2020.  On eve of April 1, 2020 Historical Legacy World Leader meetings we formally requested 8 years ago. We must not have used the proper words then, so we have refined everything down to: 

Act with Fearlessly Authority to protect the rights of all others FIRST before protecting your own rights.

Believe in your own power combined with our HIGHER POWER to achieve Total world Peace.

  If a SINGLE person had actually represented MY RIGHTS, your world would already be unified.  I am also in market for a new wife partner crusader angel evangelist. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  like Sandra Bullock?

   The cause of Mass Poverty is named Elites who control all aspects of OUR profits by killing our Prophets, scientists, Master educators. Many of our religious leaders are indeed Zealots who profiteer by brainwashing our people to SHOUT AMEN, put your cash in our pockets and you will be saved from your sins. This is the repeat of why my very own FatherGOD Christ Jesus was tortured when HE overturned the Priests gambling racket tables. Only when criminals are required to pay back 3x restitution and beg/ask for forgiveness from their victims, will their souls be saved by their own confession admissions. +125 persons face PRISON for what they did to keith b duncan.


Our New World free of all Crime + Disease

CreatorKeith.space NGO Trust Humanitarian World Angel Philanthropist Scientists.

WE required, yes COMMAND USA GOV find us NOW, not tomorrow to TESTIFY. WE MUST have direct fund support NOW. By WesternUnion.com ANY method so we can finally ACHIEVE TOTAL GODs World Peace..

  We remain persecuted by Lucifer named ROSE + 125 criminal USA gov officials all because we discovered WHO are the Illumi-corp.com AgileLaw.com terrorists who control the current depopulation of My Fathers MotherEarth.

All our Human Constitutional Rights DENIED and criminally abused, No one gives a living DAMN that we work for GOD fulltime street ministries to meet ALL World Leaders before we are martyred one last time..  Read on...

  We were megaMillionaires in Atlanta GA on verge of $500 Million USD profits by year 2014. One ROBERT Dee Rose is key terrorist who ordered our murders by robbing our 2 homes and forcing us into HELL Jail 4 times = 900 days as everyone has seen EVERYTHING of Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dismissed July 15, 2011 = NO violation Could have occurred Sept 25 2011 when we asked for Safe haven and direct access to all secret USA Gov/Corp Databases.

  All events time lined documented ten thousands of times and sent out to humanity to achieve Social Justice.

We are the only R&D angel humanitarians who have Identified any person who violates our rights to put them in prison. Our solution methods empower +7.777 billion of GODs chosen people to do the same Stand for Justice.

   MOST Urgent Request Requirement of all time from Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForce Base Debrief time:

1.  WE REQUEST EVERYONE call FBI AG PRESS, FLOOD the LINES and we will PAY you with World FREEDOM.

2. CONTACT Everyone to complete the most POWERFUL Viral Social Media Campaign in world history.

3.  We hereby spiritually and legally announce the formation of UNITY RESORT NGO Sovereign Nation.

  Contact us to JOIN our new independent Nation of initial 300 Trustee Founders. We are purchasing an Island and are the Sovereign Protected fore-founders of UNIocracy.org using Client3635.wix.com/EarthFirst Anastasta + SaintKeith Duncan's Unification Last New World Methodology to be the worlds last Spiritual Sovereign Ambassador Mediators to all World Presidents and Corporate Leaders.  This completes the mission of our Higher Spiritual Powers original reason for Humanity Creation of  "To Fearlessly Protect the Rights of all others before self.". 

   As of today we have zero Cash, 2 days of food, and NO Callbacks from World President Leaders for now 12 years.

   Our Net value is over $1 billion USD of Intellectual Property we offer to SELL OFF starting with $1 Billion USD TurnOffLights.space, IseeStand PhoneCradle valued Patents(c)(tm)(r). EVOTE.one and FOIA.ONE are your new world voting and database system, new ECO farm agricultural system, free kNet Internet and 100% free education system to any PHD level.  kTrade.Space IntlMerchant.space are your new free barter Market eTrade World System.

   Anyone in world can see and ask us anything. And be educated on how to become our Free World Citizens.

Payment to join is either your Commodity of Time Contributions or Purchase of CreatorKeith.space 75,000 Shares of Outstanding Stock Certificates we have in our hands in Manila.

  Obviously we share with you ALL our Databases and legal resources to help you resolve ANY Legal claim against anyone who has victimized you, your business, or family. Even show how to place Bounty Rewards like we have done.

4. FLY US to your greatest places of needs, even by your Corporate Private Jets or simple one-way ticket (any ship) or transport is great). The original legally binding contract is at Client3635.wix.com/BidOnKeith that is the ultimate Consultant Advisor model for anyone to re-use.

    Updated April 24, 2020.

Elimination of ALL Politics and Mega Corporations is the ONLY answer for WE HIS PEOPLE to share everything.

The ONLY righteous way is destruction of corrupt INSIDE officials so outside underground criminals now surrender.

  As of April 24, 2020 we are barely surviving the world economic plague solved forever PROfitShareHOLDers.space

March 29, 2020. Last update. WHO can support us today? ( you included) Best is any money transfer group to Keith Brent Duncan, in PACO Manila. Cell 09173354300. Anyone can send us paypal.com to Kduncan2005@gmail.com. If small amount, to BPI account exact: 4537567720245291 is a VISA pre-paid charge card. (it can not be used to withdraw cash, but can be used as a VISA at any major store or biz). We need about $100/week while Governments + Corporations actually SEE WHO WE ARE and what we already did to unify mankind.


Named elite and criminal terrorists run our world economies unrestricted since few have any simple methods to identify WHO is WHO, WHO travels Where with WHO and WHY, and who is depopulating MY FatherGOD MotherEarths population. Therefore, we have completed how to recruit 100 Million, perhaps 3.5 billion to come with us to the domain known as UNIocracy.org that is also known as the fourth dimension. I remain beyond shocked and stunned for now 12 years that ONE super criminal AntiChrist Robert Dee Rose is protected by very powerful USA GOV officials despite his treason, espionage, murder + longest list of felony crimes after his terrorist group infiltrated Banks, Corporations, USA Gov agency and even Military Databases. Only by Keith being personally escorted by Military protection will our World Presidents be protected and debriefed with what we R&D learned about all crime pandemic networks.

Thinking a few law enforcement or military groups have the intelligence technology is the biggest myth in world history. WE WORK FOR all of HUMANITY and show how to peacefully replace all known forms of Government and MegaCorporate systems once and forever....

Denial of Free Speech and human right to face ANY accuser is the most abused form of judicial malfeasance violation of basic human and constitutional Rights in world history.  SolutionMilitary and SolutionJudge prevent abuse of power once and forever more....

March 26, 2020  TO World: My name is 'keith brent duncan' DOB FOIA IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity +101%) 

   I am CEO of CreatorKeith.space, worlds 1st = Last Scientist Group to showcase how to achieve total World global peace of UNIocracy.ORG.  For +12 years now we have dedicated everything to showcase to entire human race how to solve each and everyone one of OUR=WE basic conflicts issues known as the HUMAN CONDITION.

    We show 100% direct democracy of free will citizens devoid of need for government and Mega Corporations once ProfitShareHolders.space is delivered TO Press and World Presidents and Corp Executives. Once our unique (c)(tm)(r)patent system solution set is used by everyone, we achieve final total world collective peace.

  Below was sent to Siberia  and other top humanitian groups just today... Same as we did 10 years ago.

  Please contact Anastasia + all groups + humanity urgently as most formal humble request ever made is HOW to UNIFY mankind UNiocracy. org. (10 of our prime broadcast website names BLOCKED by Faseless facebook skynet terminator Computer robot. client3635.wixsite.com/EarthFirst is our partnership with MotherEarth to achieve total world global peace.

     We request escort to meet Anastasia to complete her mission of total peace. Data analysis indicates she is the mortal pair of FatherKeith, a name most of the children call myself despite the fact I am not an ordained Roman Catholic Priest. Most RCPs get mad when I use that word.

     The prime reason this has never been achieved is simple: Predatory Greed of man is the original dawn of man primal question of " What is in THIS for ME ? self-entitlement survival of the strongest". So much NOISE about conspiracies, pandemics, and any other news events empowers a few 'SMARTEST' to criminally profiteer on the heads of our slave traded people by taking our PROFITS = PROPHETS out of our marketplaces.

   Please send this out to all networks and ask EVERYONE to request PERSONAL debrief of KEITH with World Presidents + Corp Executives since few if anyone has the confidence of MotherEarth and FatherAbove to show them the errors of their ways and HOW to act with fearless authority to protect, serve, love, and care for each other FIRST". rather then themselves.... This may be the last update for now as of March 26, 2020 4:39pm

The Key Generator is SolutionPeace.com/5steps at Client3635.wix.com/solutionpeace/5steps

     We are stranded in Manila because of the demonic super criminal terrorist Robert Dee Rose from USA Atlanta GA from 12 years ago. We call him the AntiChrist (member of the coward elite 1% group terrorists).

ROSE can easily be found by anyone + Military at OneOceanBahamas.com crime terrorist center based on all evidence world can see at client3635.wix.com/manhuntall that implicates fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates.

First stop must be arrest/seizure of Atlanta Atty Alexander CYCLONE Covey of AgileLaw.com Terrorist cell.

Entire world can backtrack and seize/arrest anyone tied to iLLumi-Corp.com Terrorists using our methods.

The greatest treasure of all is Gods resources we call the 'Holy Grail Covenant' of SolutionManifesto at Client3635.wix.com/SolutionManifesto and the trillions of real $$ of SolutionHousing + worldSchoolFund.

   Activate your extensive network to GOOGLE BuiltByKeith, then Youtube.com BuiltByKeith (filter Upload date0.

   We are SKYPE: BuiltBYkeith2 and SolutionPeace2020@gmail.com Most of humanity is self blinded by apathy and self entitlement 'WHAT is in this for me' side crab mentality. Few have confidence to talk debrief train the VERY top world leaders to eliminate the virus pandemic of basic crime networks. So WE do on your behalf.

   FOIA.ONE is the answer of WHO is WHO. Please deliver as We have NO CLUE why humanity has never responded with the most obvious answer solution of PRESS CONFERENCES.

   Cross reference is on CreatorKeith.space.  client3635.wix.com/SaintKeith

   Cell 63 9173354300 Manila or any of our USA CEOSPACE.net NSAspeaker.ORG HighTechMinistries.org

Most humble apostle Keith brent duncan FOIA. ONE IID of 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%)

CLIENT3635.wixsite.com/SolutionBF is the 12, actually +40 year old solution to PREVENT all Identify THEFT, the basis for ALL cyber crime and other related VIOLATIONS of basic Constitutional Laws.
   BECAUSE everyone has PREVENTED the debriefing of Keith Duncan, I have released ALL details on HOW cyber crime is done. THEREFORE this does unleash MORE young criminals since We already Published the cure for all pandemics of Viruses and Crime networks using 1. Simple Rolling PIN lists and 2. Video record confirm of any transaction that enforces ethics/integrity with legally binding video recorded contracts. FOIA.ONE

NO ONE EVER HAS AN OPTION to NOT protect us and DEBRIEF turnover what we know from GOD, our higher power has directed us to GO FORWARD.  We alone were sent to SAVE our chosen people...

https://youtu.be/WDTS6BUN-so. So many people DIE needlessly since NO ONE has ever DEBRIEFED Keith Brent Duncan stranded in MANILA because of the pure crimes of Robert Dee ROSE initially, then others ROSE hired that indicate millions of criminals roam freely everywhere……. Prevented forever with our methods.

solutionBankFraud  - WE HAD SOLVED AND PREVENTED CYBER CRIME LONG LONG AGO. NO MORE ID THEFT EVER AGAIN.  No one uses our 2 simple universal systems of rolling PIN # list and VIDEO confirmed of WHO is WHO. Criminals (web networked) do exist inside each of MY=OUR government agencies at all levels. Always have since MONEY talks, and criminals go undetected with hiring OUR lawyers as super immunity LIARS and with simple deletion of any key criminal investigations with SQL DELETE *.  .. happens second by second.

With OUR solution FOIA.ONE all rogue agents who are true Enemies of the state are quickly found and brought to justice with no ability to bribe or extort others using the new TORT REFORM system solutionJudge and a few other commons sense answer methods. Prime is now 3-10 day speedy trial law or accused is released.

WE (humanity) all remain SHOCKED SO MANY people commit crimes and will be peacefully now man hunted down BY the PUBLIC, POLICE, MILITARY and even the PRESS.  For no one can HIDE or ESCAPE automatic open face recognition…. of FOIA.ONE using open automatic Face Recognition WE HIS PEOPLE control and own.

Greetings to fellow beleaguered Earthlings. client3635.wix.com/EarthFirst achieves total world peace at one time. youtu.be/-209vAPI46k is top last world solution broadcast. Please forward to everyone you know. I am CEO of CreatorKeith.space NGO foundation Angel Philanthropists. We are virtually unknown since humanity is so focused on BAD news events, that we went the OTHER way to publish how to be 100% free will free travel 100% barter exchange citizens of MotherEarth. No more taxes, governments, or mega corporations...


   Ask everyone TO GO PUBLIC on 'Builtbykeith' and to USE profitShareHolders.space to stop all stock market day trading manipulation. We are stranded in Asia past 5 years because of a single crime network located now OneOceanbahamas.com known as theFinalTerrorist Robert Dee ROSE. Please activate our PRESS and TRUMP + TOP Leaders to contact us through TurnOffLights.space and kTrade.space.

   Great most humble regards to all who use our new world market replacement system.

   Call keith duncan skype: builtBYkeith2

I remain alive, which is the ULTIMATE MEANTIME of WHY GOD sent myself and a few others to overturn the tables on ALL criminal pandemics at one time.  WHY HAS NO ONE actually SEIZED these criminals as they continue to steal, murder, and coverup true trillions of MY FATHER GOD’s assets. SURELY GOD will be most judgmental on all these fools who hide behind Law Firms LLP and think they only represent the USA (other) GOV and Mega Corporations when in fact they are stuffing their bloody hideskins with profits from all the legal fees and back door criminal payoffs. These are the real wolves wearing SHEEP clothing. They all have names.

CONTACT US and reverse fund us with survival 'Manna' so we can finally Debrief all world leaders + YOU our people ONE single time.


Final NOTE: The current world blockade is preventing us from traveling to the NEXT greatest places of needs (our focus our entire lives).  SEND us a one way Plane Ticket to YOUR greatest places of needs using original Client3635.wix.com/BidOnKeith that is the true method of enforcing legally binding business contracts from 2005 forward.
#### end

 Our all digital electro society: WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with Who/When/Where with WorldSchoolFund free kGPS.  Empowerment of our people is the VOICE of common sense.
    We are the ONLY most humble walking saints who teach World Leaders (Presidents, Politicians, Corporate decision makers, even religion leaders ) how to empower our WE the PEOPLE to control and own everything. All of these broadcast simple common sense solutions sets would have been world universal stabilizing reality post WW2. Keith was born IID FOIA.one 1-19580815-1 (integrity rate +101%) High Point NC USA, sent by my=our GodFather to achieve total world global peace. We make NO excuses and are the top #1 mediator Sovereign Free Will citizens who show how to eliminate all crime networks at one time.
    We are true first/last Trillionaires in USD Intellectual property with our unique gifted (c)(tm)(R) Patent systems that deal with each of the worlds human condition Maladies of GREED, dominance, control, power, water, land, banking stock markets, literally everything.  We have asked world to convert our Patents and wisdom knowledge to CASH so we could gift everything BACK to mankind to actually PAY for the completion of all our other URL linked answers.

    PRIME and ONLY REQUIREMENT since 2007, 2011, and now is to CALL US, escort us to MEET with World Presidents and Corporate Executives + PRESS all live streamed worldwide March 3, 2020 (2nd call) and April 1, 2020 absolute final 3rd deadline to achieve total world global peace using  JUSTIFIED ByPass SolutionManifesto.com Covenent between GOD + Humanity.

All other solution methods are already gifted to mankind and cross referenced CreatorKeith.space and original
Client3635.wix.com/BuiltByKeith and Client3635.wix.com/CreatorKeith that were gifted prime ministries back in 2007 right when ANTI CHRIST ROSE threatened to murder us based on HIS evidence, never ours.

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 Hard to tell being forsaken by humanity for 12 years... Call Keith.

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