EVOTE.ONE  These simple GODs four complete perfected replacement Commandment Constitutional Universal laws of SolutionManifesto.com change the course of our human legacy history forever:

1. We vote on Who is the new NEXT Project Manager using FOIA.ONE as worlds last open public shared database of everything.

2. We vote OUT any person who refuses to complete #3 projects. KeithsRulesOfOrder.com  multilevel assigned reported tracked proxy system ensures all decisions are made using 5Steps.LIFE agreements that benefit everyone while null and voiding all previous laws and related legally binding agreements.

3. We vote on the NEXT best project by majority deciding on our NEXT best local issue, problem, project, and petition using our assets, times, and tax money. PeaceSummit2020.com occurs monthly.

4. We vote UP, DOWN, or same the cash paid to each leader. This includes WE control all decisions and pay of all our Corporate Executives worldwide. We Null and Void all Stock Options, Campaign Contributors, all special interest group lobbyists, and destroy all legal and criminal embezzlement of our assets and funds.

  EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE = FortuneONE.org is UNIocracy.org was always GODs only system of WE GODs people decide ALL projects and management of OUR assets. WE now make all decisions benefiting our local community infrastructure by direct treating each and every leader as a highly paid in only CASH Project Manager at all levels of Government, Banking, our Corporations now totally privatized by ReInvestALL.com direct ACTION of WE GODs people.  Now everyone uses GOD + KEITHS perfected technology and methodology to collectively CHOOSE each and every leader modeled after Will of Majority choice of Ms. Universe pageantry. No more PACS, political party TICKS and warlords using our assets as campaign contributions so NO ONE has a clue WHO controls OUR data, assets, and souls.

   No more WARS at any level or cyber scam terrorists will ever exist again once each of you host mediate Town Hall Forums of PeaceSUMMIT2020.com using KeithsRulesOfOrder.com by hiring Keiths Board of Director Trustee Guardian Angel protector mega Philanthropists of CreatorKeith.com and actually USE our most simple consultant host mediating services of BIDonKeith.com Updated 2022Sept 21

  EVOTE.ONE was GODs 100% real time direct eDemocracy system when WE decide Next Best Project and WHO are all the Leaders forever. +75% of the wealthy elite are now retired by direct action of ProfitShareHOLDers.com and ReInvestALL.com. No more violators of our GOD + your human rights ever again. Open Public no secret shared database FOIA.ONE is now store + forward everything as one degree of separation between all mortals and all eDevices means all violators will be immediately punished using SolutionJudge.com and SolutionManifesto.com enforced rights.

 Sept 26, 2011 Youtu.be/f_4gTCRBoUc  Day AFTER I delivered to Langley AirForce Base the only single GODs world saving SolutionMILITARY.com was Youtube.com/user/IseeStand/videos PEER to PEER one degree of separation between all mortals and ALL eDEVICES of TurnOffLights.com WHO Protects KEITH DUNCAN Now as I go BACK to GOVERNOR KEMPS office then PeachTree Corners Technology forum with my old friend Mayor Mike Mason. +1 770-377-2106 UNIocracy.