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Keith Duncan asks everyone to 'SHOP' for a new highest IQ Wife for Keith who confidently loves to meet Millions of WE THE People. is hiring +300 top world Problem Solvers to run our +100 New World NGOs Non-Gov Organizations and Systems.

Keith Duncan was always the most trusted eligible wealthy bachelor of all God and your time. No exception for the world reversing solutions he has always gifted 8.1 billion WE GODs People to stabilize our new world.

The original 2009-2011 ReManaDate video series is here.

Click: RemanaDATE.

Use FiveSteps.Life to re-build your very own network of trusted Friends, Advisors, Mentors, Business Associates FIRST.

Then ask everyone to provide best candidates to interview with you first, then forward to Keith Duncan after confirming person is always of 100% high integrity. 

We ALL hate the Sex Cyber Scammers and 'Cat-fishers' who use GODs internet to spam find new victims.  Everyone using Keiths video confirmation automatic recognition video based systems of can quickly do fast path back ground check using International Identification of IID of FOIA.ONE Perfected by GOD + Duncan


Now each of YOU identify who are the predators, criminals, terrorists so WE GODS people now safely isolate them all for ever.

Best way to confirm any person is reality is to video record your conversation since criminal violators will always con-artist confuse their victims each and every time.



We were always worlds most humble wealthiest and prolific human rights procreator of your new world as was always the #1 focused problem solver of all world trade expertises.  We were married to Sherry Duncan from NCSU Raleigh NC Dec 1982 until we exited this 27 year marriage after Sherry defrauded Keith of our entire $2.5 Million USD cash valued lifetime estate valued over $40 BILLION USD year 2011.  Our second marriage lasted one year May 2016-April 2017 when Marites Friginal Duncan defrauded Keith and ran off back to Hong Kong year 2017 claiming she was entitled to scam us also. Same as the +140 named scammer violator criminals shown at reality

  We remain totally shocked beyond YOUR belief system that no one actually enforces Any Constitutional or Statutory laws unless one has cash capacity to hire and/or pay off Lawyers, Judges, DAs, Clerk of Court, OUR police officers to actually COMPLETE the required investigations, file the required Grand Jury Indictments, sign and issue the required Court Appearances and Search and Seizure Arrest Warrants to complete GODs due process of law proceedings to ensure all 3 times Restitution is paid BACK to each and every victim using new world simple commandment laws and fast path use of EVOTE.ONE to convict and sentence ANYONE who violates GODs and OUR RIGHTS to be free will sovereign citizens once and forever.


Update Broadcast Sept 14, 2023. Since I have been defrauded, robbed, kidnapped, persecuted, slandered, Libeled, and indeed illegally detained 6 times over 900 days, the prime criminal women are: Sherry Duncan, Amy Rose, Ms. Bashama, then Sally Q Yates, DA Dee Sterling, Dr. Jill Volin, Norma Beardsley, Amanda D Houston, Forsyth County Judge LIAR McLeaver ?? tied to Chief Magistrate Judge James Drane III 678-493-6583, and a few more. 90% of the 140 record criminals are men. 80% are sworn DOJ officers of OUR courts. 

  I am back on only Dating site past 6 months. Had about 4 dinner meeting dates, that is ALL once Marites Duncan abandoned our family and all her relatives back in Philippines Spring 2017 a really long time ago.

  I have been searching part time for new high confident honest integrity ethical focused First Mate Peer Equality wife to share my $40 Billion USD restitution and sell offs to ALL Corporate 1000 level enterprises as SHARED.  Few women have any confidence to actually hold a decent sharing mutual beneficial conversation. I have asked for top existing wealthy elite ladies to CONTACT keith brent duncan directly through YOU and their staff managers.

  Include Lauren Powel Jobs, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Wetherspoon, MacKenzie Scott(Bezos), Melinda Gates, Elizabeth Holmes, Shari Arison. OR Equal. Only very wealthy ladies understand WHY they divorce billionaires once their husbands only focus on 'MORE MONEY TO BE MADE in THEIR Markets' and always refuse to honor their commitments of (now GivingPledge.SPACE) to return the vast percentage of their family to their choice CHARITIES NOW before they die when they ALWAYs change their minds.

   WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact video SPEAK Directly with Keith Brent Duncan, as of today, I have NO OTHER GIFTS to perfect and return share with 8 billion WE GODS PEOPLE.  Once and forever is known as GODs Eternity.


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  Call us now and confirm WHO is WHO, Who owns What.

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