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Excellence in Technopreneurship

Contact us today to learn how to be healthy and wealthy by education step by step methods.

GLOW  Cooperative AT A GLANCE is your  Marketing Health Club as the training education forum for learning how to fast path market the most amazing health supplements and beauty products here in SouthEast Asia. We are expanding to other Asia regions with workshops focused on everyone benefits with highest health, and expertise cross training focusing on scalable best business practices as demonstrated by world leading educator trainer experts. We are a Network Marketing Company and NOT a MLM as we warrant our products and services as you grow in education and wealth.

 We have gifted these solutions to mankind since few have ever UNIFIED humanity as we have already done past 43 years of top Corporate, government and wilderness research. Call the above people and ask for them to contact you directly.

    This website is a work of GOD's love and care for our people and will always be a work in progress of Technology  and Medicine that benefits all humanity. 

     Author/R&D Scientist Keith Duncan Cell (63)

  Training video series will be  on BuiltByKeith

Oct 7, 2019 start, then daily Invite to educational Event 10am to 6pm daily except Sundays.
    Call above to confirm attendance.
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Here is Company Product line, overview mission statement and Company profile.

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Slide Show of recent event and top projects/products.

Mid level overview of top selling services, products and opportunities.
The true key to total body health is exercise, the removal of toxins, providing replacement nutrients of Minerals, vitamins, protein, and consuming little carbohydrates.  Your doctor should always be consulted on a regular basis to ensure you are becoming well and to detect early issues and symptoms caused by your previous and current lifestyle conditions.  Pollution of our air, water, food, and environment are always a major world issue solved by the simple methodology of where we live and what we consume.

With our unique system everyone earns at same time. Those who do not like the risk or no longer interested can sell back their stock and products to us at original price. NO risk to you at any time is also a key factor.

We show everyone how to make money and build sustainable cash flow at lowest risk to all involved.
Uses as basis of ensuring all benefit and no one can ever be ‘scammed’ on false promises.

NOTES: always use the words WE and YOU.  Never use words CURE or DRUG because of legal liabilities.    
Always REMOVE unnecessary words and ask others to review for content and impact so adjustments can be quickly made to your network. Everyone is busy so it is alwasy best to diagram our marketing system so they can take away the best aspects of what benefits their families and community.

During presentations, ALWAYS ask if speed too fast or too slow, DO they understand, ANY brief question before we continue...
We will be creating library of VIDEO events so people can see the testimony of others and who is attending.

The key is to find top IQ people who have expertise in different areas and are consistent in delivering results without excuses or delays. People get PAID for producing results with support of all involved. Cross training is important in person and over the internet.

     Apostle Keith Duncan (Engr, keynote speaker, evangelist, architect, humanitarian, others) will speak the Wisdom of business brand marketing for Philippines as the Center of Trade for world.

   We will showcase and teach you the wisdom of Corporation and cooperative business management at all levels. We teach any size group how to create product presentations of our vendor/suppliers/Sponsors.   Mass Marketing of the wisdom of the international purchasing trade event programs are the best marketing network strategy to bring in more sponsors and members .

Below are key WORLD REFORM documents for world to use to create our new world market system.

Easy, Just follow the URLs below and on historical legacy


Our Direct Marketing Association is our mutual training business of changing lives by mass education. The work we do is always aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving all of our society’s biggest challenges. We ensure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities as small business owners and 100% innovative Entrepreneurs all over entire world. This occurs when you call us and attend any of our chapter forums. We will be live streaming soon so everyone can participate at no cost of travel. We request you provide us basic funds to pay for our utilities, snacks, and travels.

Easy with WU or deposit into BPI 4537567720245291 . Note: will provide their direct Bank Account here soon.  With your permission, we will list your name + sales volume + payment amount below to inform others in your network of your success. This also ensures anyone gets a refund if our training and product line does not benefit your entire community.

Start with as everyone deserves free wifi + All Free Education worldwide with safe secure communities.

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


Health Club today.

Cell: (63) 935-739-1588 RC Viernes Sun.  0932-728-3392 Globe

0917-335-4300 Globe. Apostle Duncan

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