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Payment of GTPSI Membership 1000Peso to  Lino Diamante 0927-493-8080, Pay thru Palawan, Western Union, Cebuana, RD Pawnshop. Bank ChinaBank account: Lino Singson Diamante, Account # 113300002616, Branch ChinaBank 1133 BF Resort Village, or GCASH Lino Diamante 0916113871
Achieving Total World Global Peace occurs with our unique education systems of how to fast path the Buying Purchasing Supply chain of Pipe Pumps and other technology focused solutions using our new online trade business matching Platform. We supply first to market bundled products and services to our local factories now run and own by our local citizens. Related to SolutionSafeWater are key technology answers on how to create 1Peso/kilowatt terraWatts electricity, and unlimited free massive stored water  to power our new higher elevation communities with FREE WIFI and Free food/public education from birth to high school and top Master/PHD levels. Direct funding provided by others we openly share as top funders, investors, and mentors..
UNIocracy occurs when Everyone acts with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others.

MPSSI Modern Piping Supplies and Services Inc is hiring Executives, Sales/Purchasing Engineers, and training coordinators for launch of next   Eng Lino Diamante is the father of modern Techno entrepreneurship. From humble beginnings in Manila as a Chinese Trader, he started UTPC Universal Techno Piping Corporation in 2005 era. Subsequent work as Director of many TELSA and other primary education Trading and Training programs working directly with top Philippine Government agencies as well as private factory and supplier Executives, Lino has focused on teaching our younger generations how to be self independent and actually be our new world leaders. A key is RAISING the education, salary and pay benefit compensation levels for everyone at one time. This has never been accomplished before because of the massive legalized first profit taking (we use word embezzlement from Dec 23, 1913 Federal Reserve System initiation) of our first and long term profits by foreign bankers, investors, and stock market brokers mostly in NYC, Milan Italy, Zurich Switzerland, and London England with contributors in the Chinese Communist Party and even Asian nation rulers who exploit our people and GODs gifted resources. is new world Mega Corp By-Laws for all.



Excellence in Technopreneurship


ACTIVITIES -Education, Broker, Traders

GTPSI NGO Foundation is the business of changing lives by mass education. We are Engineering Purchasing Import/Export Focused on manufacturing Products and Services sourced from USA and Europe/Asia. We grow in power influence with your direct contributions of your expertise and desire to be connected to our extensive network of Manufacturers, Investors, and Broker Suppliers. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving all of our society’s biggest challenges. We ensure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities as small business owners and 100% innovative Entrepreneurs all over entire world.

  Global Technical Purchasing Society Workshops

     Our weekly training workshops re-start Sept 26, 2020 series.  Contact us today to learn how to solve basic business issues to find highest profitable executive connections USA, Europe, Asia with our master education step by step methods we pioneer master and teach fast path style to all.

     We are actively hiring qualified sales professionals and executives. Download this PDF file and ask WHO do you know to participate in our expertise groups of mass marketers engineers and purchasers.

  Everyone can sign up and attend our prime Education Wisdom in Purchasing Workshops with top Corporate Executives, Purchasing managers, and engineers to rebuild Manila as new Singapore/HK.

Limit 100 persons at 3,000 Pesos each for 8 hour forum when we showcase how to fast path connect to leading USA, Europe, Asia Suppliers. Ignore the current COVID-19 situation as it will burn out in 2-3 weeks.

   We also show how to get Visa/Passport clearance to attend foreign trade shows and training seminars. Many of our clients will move overseas as remote foreign buyers for our Asia companies and factories located here.

We may offer REMOTE workshops for those who are in Providences and overseas to provide same 2-way experiences offered by all the other mega corporation train education master groups.


Previous Events we have hosted as GTPSI and Sales Techno Force.

Feb 15-16 2020 PSME at Tagatay Development Academy of Philippines (DAP).

    Call us to advertise and attend. Prices are listed here.
We had 20 top exhibitors and 30 companies advertising on our PSME Souvenir Program that is used by top company purchasers to buy your products and services.
  Our Society is 100% focused on bringing everyone profits by sales and marketinguse of technology and shared resources to ensure everyone creates fast path integrity supply chain systems to build new factories and self sustainable communities of wealth.
Exhibition and Advertisement Rates:
60,000P  Platinum 1 -2m x 4m booth 4 tables 6 chairs. Free one page advertisement Souvenir Program. 30 minutes product presentation.
45,000P  Gold 2 booths. 2m x 3m booth, 2 tables, 4 chairs. Free 1 page Advertise Souvenir, 15 min Presentation.
15,000P Regular (8 booths left out of 26). 2 tables 3 chairs. Free 1/2  page below
Souvenir Program rates:
12,000P Front Page inside, or Back Page Outside, or Back Page inside
8,000P Full page
5,000P 1/2 Page
Email to
Send your material layout for printing on or before Feb 9, 2020 email with payment.  Call phone #'s above to book your advertisement spot today.

Dec 20, 2019 event was top CEO leaders and suppliers in Manila area.
Call us. We are inviting TOP Executives to learn how to massively increase their profits by partnering and using our imported technology and training expertise as member who all benefit by sharing best business practices taught by our teams.
This is called Cooperative Collective Capitialism as everyone involved benefits.


Global Technology Partnership Society Manila Foundation is the training education forum for top Suppliers and Construction industry professionals. Our prime focus is manufacturing and infrastructure construction. We are expanding to chapters in all regions with workshops focused on job creation attainment of highest qualified persons. Everyone benefits with highest pay and expertise cross training focusing on scalable best business practices as demonstrated by world leading educator trainer experts. Share this world broadcast Website information with everyone you meet. We are positioning Manila to be the new Singapore in trade.

Action Series at First step is empowering humanity to 100% decision base use Evote.ONE with Open Public FOIA.ONE. Only by 7.8 Billion People using our ordained methodology will WE the PEOPLE own and control everything
Contact our top Business Crusaders to learn how you can be our Sovereign Ambassadors.
Once all violators of basic Human Rights are isolate/exiled, We The People use technology to build new SolutionHousing SolutionSafeWater WorldSchoolFund we 100% manage.
We (you) are now famous for being key members to cross train the rest of humanity how to use common sense, state of art (old) technology, to create our own new world society free of politics, crime, taxes, and to literally be free will decision based society members of EarthFirst.Space and

Feb 11, 2020 update: We have two events February 15-16. The main event is the psme Calabarzon induction of Officers year 2020 and technical conference on February 15-16, 2020 at the Development Academy of Philippines (DAP in Tagayt City, Cavite). 

Our very own SWEEPPP network of sales Marketing Purchasing Technopreneurs International Trade Conference on February 15 , 1 pm to 6 pm. We have a common product exhibition and souvenir program magazine.

   We are honored to offer your corporation to participate as an Exhibitor, Sponsor, and Advertising Partner.

TO GROUP and PSME President Engr Ricky. From Founder CEO Lino Diamante.

    The February 15-16 event is huge WEEPPP foundation investment in the event.

   We urge you and the officers of CALABARZON PSME Cluster to help SWEEPPP Market the Exhibits booth. By influence, we attract exhibitors by convincing our suppliers to support PSME Events. Another most important support of the PSME CLUSTER OFFICERS is to be active in the business matching with the suppliers and encourage more exhibitors to continuously support PSME events. Lino can provide complimentary booths free of charge to PSME Cavite, Central Laguna, QBL, Western Batangas, Quezon, Rizal, And Batangas City.

  The free booths must be utilized for the Calabarzon chapters to market their chapters vision, mission, core values, key strategies to increase membership, activities and services to the members. These complimentary booths can serve also as business matching area for each chapter members to inter act with the exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers. I am now discussing with our beloved PSME National President Engr Jeffrey Singson to form a Mechapreneurship/ Technopreneurship Committee under the Technical Division to develop the entrepreneurship mindset, skills and character of Mechanical Engineers PSME.

   I will head or Chair the Mechapreneurship Committee for socio Economic Responsibility and develop more PSME Nation Building Events especially the International Conference And Exhibit. I truly believe that it would help the CALABARZON Engineers to become Mechapreneurship leaders.  Let start the techno Journey Mechapreneurship by supporting our Suppliers, Advertizers and exhibitors thru these business matching activities.
  God bless us Mechapreneurship. cc SWEEPPP GTPSI PSME leaders

    This is a great event for suppliers of mechanical products to exhibit their products and sponsor advertise in the souvenir program magazine considering the inducation of 105 new board of Directors of Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers. 15 each inductees from SPME Cavite Chapter, Central Laguna,QBL ( Quezon, Batangas, Laguna), Western Batangas, Batangas City, Quezon. and Rizal.  These Board of Directors to be inducted are Industry Players Customers of Mechanical Products Suppliers in the Building Industry and Water Districts. Most important , they are customers end users of the business industrial companies, power plants, oil industry, food industry and manufacturing.

    The 105 Mechanical Engineers of the CALABARZON Industry to be inducted must advertise their psme Organizations in the PSME sweeppp Souvenir Program magazine. The more than 1000 psme Calabarzon general membership will support their officers by attending the induction ceremony and attend the technical conference of PSME to upgrade their technical technological skills. Others will attend the Sweeppp International Trade Purchasing Conference by Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Technopreneurs Society to upgrade their Technopreneurship skills to become sales Engineers, Purchasing Engineers and become technopreneurs and business Traders in the International Trade Market.

     Everyone will visit the Technology product exhibitions to upgrade their technical, technology and Technopreneurship capability. Suppliers and businessmen and Contractors who cannot exhibit their products but want to promote and advertise their products to the huge PSME market must sponsor in the PSME SWEEPPP souvenir program magazine.  Our Joint NETWORK will help businessmen, exhibitors, sponsors, suppliers to have projects and business through “Business Matching Activities”. We need prayers to make this Nation Building Events Successful. God bless us United PSME and SWEEPPP Network in CALABARZON.

100% related to all aspects of Factories and infrastructures is the new power system with almost FREE Electricity and Water involving billions of USD/Euros of new construction for corporate business parks and self sustained communities: is our enegineer masterpiece work from 1976 forward was completed 10 years ago on HOW to power our world using 100,000's of small mined lakes in highest elevations to save the tremendous 'BATTERY' weight of annual rainfall as Potential Energy. This is the required WaterShed re-Management system that benefits all of mankind.  The massive volume and height of water is converted on demand to Kinetic energy by remote controlled small dams. The water flows down canals used for shipping localized, then cascades down scalable sized pipes with automatic controlled TurnOffLights.SPACE valves powering micro, small, mid range, and then mega Water Turbine generators for local power distribution to exactly match the DEMAND with available reserve supply in real time.  Since the local companies and public own and control all aspects of this new energy distribution system, they get the PROFITS from building and maintaining their own power and water systems independant of the mega corporations.
  No other gifted system will reduce use of OIL, COAL, Natural Gas down to almost ZERO. This would have occurred some 15 years ago, except the OPEC and bank stock market controllers do NOT want to loose control over OUR PROFITS caused by the most common sense answer in world history....

ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that empowers all bank depositors and Stock Certificate holders to VOTE on their executive pay scales and to PREVENT all insider day trading and disaster made stock market crashes.  Please call master author Keith Duncan at 63-917335-4300, Skype: BuiltByKeith2 and set face to face meetings with your top executives so we can formally debrief on the new world market system UNIocacy.ORG as EVERYONE in world benefits.

Previous events.
Friday, Dec 20, 2019 Invite to Educational GTPSi Event Manila Grand Hotel Doroteo Jose 5pm - 10pm.

Our Keynote speakers are renowned top business professionals who teach how to quickly build technology based best business practices and bring top products and services to ASIA to boost our economy out of poverty caused by 500 years of economic overrule by foreign nation political corporations. This is reality.

Invited Speakers:  Pending Confirmation of attendance of those listed below.

Vern Compass -Professor of all Green Eco-AgriFactories Asia.

Greco Belgica -President Anti Corruption Commission (pastor)

(unavailable) Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila. Undersecretary Cesar B. Chavez


CONFERENCE is Friday, Dec 20, 2019 6pm to 10pm with launch announcement of GTPSI and following series of master educational training forums to change how Philippines does electronic trading business. We are direct connecting the top USA Europe Technical Manufacturing Corporations to our local Manila/Asia Supply chain system.  This is our prime expertise that few are using anywhere in Philippines.

   We have 4 panel speakers of international purchasing trade. Mr Chen topic on the wisdom of Purchasing Taiwan base on 4 points of marketing application ( products-mechanical, People or players in the market place; customers, suppliers and competitors, then the Place or territory of operation and the promotion strategy).

     Eng Keith Duncan speaks the Wisdom of Purchasing in America specifically Los Angeles California as the Center of Trade in USA.  Engr Dr. Lino Diamanté is Wisdom of Purchasing in the Philippines specifically Binondo China Town as the center of trade in Metro Manila for industrial supply.

   We will accommodate the wisdom of Corporation and Cooperative. We showcase the product presentations of our vendor/suppliers/Sponsors. Engr Efren Pimentel presents the wisdom of Purchasing in Singapore.  Mass Marketing of the wisdom of the international purchasing trade event program is the best marketing association network strategy to get you more clients, sponsors, + members.

List of Attendees confirmed.  60 Updated Daily Dec 17, 2019. These are all highly qualified Professionals.

YES -Vern Compass. Professor of all Green Eco-Agri systems 

     Click for: BOOK HERE:   and

YES -3 Ronnie Pineda -business executive Steel Factory and broker. Japanese Trader executives.

YES -Elfren Lam -PCCI Manila President. Philippine Chamber Commerce Inc.

YES -Jaime G. Dela Cruz Jr.

YES. Engr. Jhun Marcellano -Vinnell Belvoi Corp.

YES. Pedro Dizon  -Construction CEO

Loreta M Hinosa -Bureau of Customs PH

Liz Villasenor -Tagapagtaguyod ng Sining at Kultura ng Pilipanes TSKP

Oscar V. Eusebio,  Myles Salvador,

YES. Carol Banzuleo. Jeunesse Network marketing

Manolo C. Boncales  Protech Group ,   Michale Delos Santos ,  Roderick O. Clemente

Denis Decipulo -D. Decipulo Enterprise,  XX Noel Noble -Good Shepherd Trading Inc.

Ace Mark Llentada 99 Technology Inc.,  Conception B Diaz -Network marketing guru.  Francing Sojon

Cristina Singson -Business trader. Jumar Chua -Faith Glory Marketing,

Cuetlo Ocampo -Alliance Electric Product.  Dan Yap -Tu Suy Hardware.,  Ian Lee -Giant Grace Trading.

Follow-up:  Invited waiting for confirmation. Councilors from Manila City Hall under Mayor Isko Moreno

Hon Joey S Hizon III  -Dist V, Hon  Moses T Lim -Dist 1, Hon Joel JTV Villanuevea Dist IV

Hon Numero G. Lim  Dist 2, Hon. Krystle Marie Bacani Dist 4,  Hon Ricard Isip Jr.  Dist 5 'Boy'

Armando Andres -Engineering Head

Ms. Maria Sheilah H Lacuna Pangan  VICE MAYOR (send rep).

Franciso 'Isko' Domagso,  YES -Jojo Uy.

----- Marissa Cordero group

Roy Buti, Johen Jamir, Leo Lirio, Alan Padojino, Kristine Mae Pascual, Emmanuel Tolentino, Elmer de Lunc Loredo -Rotary Trading, Ardie Cruz -Architect, Don Tim Development corp.

Marisa Laabian -Rosell Hospital Management

--Keith Duncan

Jun Catan CEO, Inventor groups, Ed Javier -Tektwin Marketing of

Bob DeLara,  Jenifer Wolf,  Lui Daya-Garcia -CEO

The Belica Family of Pastors: Father Butch, Greco, Jeremiah who all work full time for DUTERTE on Anti Corruption Commission, the Anti-Red Tape Commission and have direct contacts to millions of our people.

Others are being invited.

Please NOTICE this is a INVITATION ONLY event as only 70 persons can be accommodated for Dinner.

Our 100% focus is on HOW to Educate and BUILD Philippine people to OWN and CONTROL everything.

GPTSI Manila Organizational Chart.
Previous President Gloria Reyes  0917-173-4755  Civil Engineer.
Previous VPresident Jonathan Orano. Was Roselle Suan 0915-514-91xx
Sec General : Keith Duncan 0917-335-4300 marketing web keynote speaker technology. Founder of New world society free of all crime networks.
Treasurer/Founder Lino Diamante 0945-508-5997
Coordinator: Evangeline "Vhantch' Maribojo 0927-403-9218
Auditor: Carmelita
AVideoProduction Johnathan S. Orano 0919-614-3569
Speaker: Robert De Lara 0926-747-0975 -news broadcaster.

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


 Office Cell (63) 0998-969-1006

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