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The Premier Expert Keynote Speaker Crusaders -Federalism

ForeFounding Father CEO Keith Duncan

Contact all World Leaders and PRESS to command they use 100% Direct eDemocracy of  FOIA.ONE engineered single world refom solutions of BuiltByKeith.Org Duncan

Achieving Sustainable is GODs universal simple common sense method of WE THE PEOPLE decide everything about everyone else.  Means no more POLITICAL Parties, NO Wars, NO taxes, no authority ever granted to anyone (or entity groups) to enslave WE GODS people ever again. Most fundamental is GOD + Keiths Evote.ONE foia.ONE equality to procreate crime free UTOIPA

  Since I personally was sent By GOD 1-19580815-1 and have walked among all 8.1 billion WE GODS children, no one can ever deny your moral duty to deal with any issue internally, family, community by actually PROTECTING the souls, lives, assets and rights of all others NOW until end of GODs eternity. Updated final solutions on 2024 May 24.  No one has yet to acknowledge WHO WAS KEITH. is current demise of everyone. Reversed forever by GOD + by WE eliminating ALL warlords by direct action includes Town Hall Forums of WE control all decisions therefore WE pick and control manage ALL Project Manager Consultanta at all levels of both Government and Corporate Executive public traded Corporations forever.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact protect and go WITH Keith to best top National News Media now?

2023 Sept 17 Updated as is no crime utopia of no more turkey vultures known as WarLORDS, NWO, criminal ruling elite at any level of OUR PeaceMaking PromiseKeepers new world of that includes those mindless free will thinking atheists and agnostics. Since Jan 15, 2008, we have found NO ONE who actually uses any common sense to act with fearless authority to protect the rights, lives and assets of all othrs.

  Sept 17, 2023 was GODs simple method of EDSA 3 by WILL of WE GODs PEOPLE to exile eliminate even destroy all persons who violate OUR rights to be free will sovereign citizens now free to travel anywhere on GODs earth with NO restrictions unless you have integrity rating below Negative -10% of FOIA.ONE IID. Only most humble Sent by GOD Keith Brent Duncan has all the solution answer methods to UNIFY all +8 billion GODS people one time use of EVOTE.ONE and condensed ONLY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and ONLY credit union banking of

   I was Duncan. Was in Manila area 5 years sent by GOD to unify 8 billion mortals forever use of and #1 issue is exiling BBM and ALL foreign Investors includes CHINESE, OFW system, Call Centers, all bankSTERs. Only a few of my best people in Manila knew who I WAS. GO direct to Martin Dino at as GODs free will system all designed on DILG total decentralization of all wealth and ALL assets and chain of command authority back to each of US. CALL Gloria REYES 09291723744 and GO FORTH make disciples of all mortal persons forever use of ECOWorld.Foundation. rest are top left of Now back in Atlanta GA same GODs focus. keith duncan

Entire NWO crime syndicate gets worse daily worldwide. SEND keith duncan your last best direct contact email,, Cell #.  Any of YOU can now take over GODs includes based on Ms. Universe pageant Jan 31, 2016. 

  99% of mortals all play devils Advocate by worshiping Lucifer sins, vices, and crimes against each other. Worst criminal terrorists are current WorldWar4.ORG NWO criminal ruling elite includes BBM and high percentage of current Philippines Senators, Congress, JUDGES, Police, and barbarian barangay captains who all claim ONLY THEY can decide who is slave traded like the OFW, Sea-Goers, Call Centers all controlled by Foreign Investors in order of CHINA, Korean, Japan, USA, some from Europe kings over all kings including R.C. Vatican City Italy chain of NON GOD commanders of Bishops, Cardinals, Priests who most claim ONLY THEY can be called Father, per known as and original, and frontliner gifting GivingPledge.SPACE true mega billionaires we control.

  #1 most wealthy IQ Intellectual Property Copyright procreator, keith duncan, has just reversed all mass poverty and all wars by MOTIVATING EACH OF YOU to destroy the by immediate ACTION of staging COUP and going direct to all best top Corporate Executives and existing Mass OneMedia.Foundation broadcasters.  Odd how few have Gods gift ability to discern who are liars and who actually WORK for my father GOD and Mother Earth.  Contact us NOW on emergency basis and command we go BACK on national news to expose all violators of OUR human=GOD rights of and today.

   Most of us hate any Politics, all wars, all mass poverty always caused by top world NWO corporate Co-Pirate Executives most at Banker, Stock Market, eCommerce, trading OUR markets includes all communication networks, transportation, energy, water, land, food production and all distribution networks were always under full command authority control of 'THEM' all breathing mortals.  This MLM ponzi scheme scams fully started back in Egypt 5550 years ago on GODs timeline. Call protect us today ! Demand be honored now. used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.  + 

     Key is ALWAYS mass publicity to achieve New HISTORY.

Click: HugPong National Speakers-NCR

  Most humble SENT by GOD has over $450 Million USD to redistrubute back to greatest places of human needs includes gifted real TRILLIONS of USD in patents of and 100 other GOD divined solutins.

  Yet no takers can be found since world is consumed with Lucifer SCAMMERS.

 Keith Duncan is back in USA past 1 year at USA Office 770-377-2106

 Driven by 100% direct eDemocracy EVOTE.ONE, everyone owns controls everything.

Worlds First and last 100% Perfected Federalism System means almost NO Governments ever need and NO Mega Corporation will exist once replaces all unknown corruption, all banks, all stock markets and one new world kBitCoins currency.  This is your new world society ordained reality. Entire WORLD BENEFITS.
    Key has always been Mass viral Social Media to command our World Leaders UNITE our people as that is always THEIR JOB to serve and protect our own people with new single already divined in GOD's purpose to reform all levels of society.  These are the truly ordained Holy Grail FOIA.ONE database of human knowledge everyone has been searching for +2000 years. Click teaches all communities how to protect their villages and business with workshop forums.   Atty Jose Malvar Villegas is the CEO Founder of Anti Crime Community Watch NGO Foundation. All other solutions broadcast of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE show all new Stock Market, Bank, Real estate system owned by stock Market that will go down in legacy history as the ONLY methods to restore humanity.  We meet DILG Martin Dino Sept 16, 2020 for Intl World publicity so each of you can restore POWER and CONTROL back to WE = saintKeiths people.
     To Join: Click: Become Federalism Speaker.
Next events:   Call Jackie 0977-851-6217 for information.
  Sept 25, 2020 Final World Peace Press Conference Summit with all world Presidents to finally share ALL world OUR information on WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, WHO trades what/travel/everything with FOIA.ONE using everything has been delivering from GOD his past 62 years. Take ACTION now !
  Admission is always FREE.  Invite top others to attend. Support Donations needed to STAGE NEXT world Rally Events to unify world + all corporate + government officials !!.
    We offer to be on the HugPongFederal.CO Board of directors with Joel Cantor, Jun Taripe, Mona Soberano, Emelie Deguzman, Yolanda Fontellar.  KEY is always MASS PUBLICITY.  MOST CRITICAL is CALL DILG and PCOO Martin Andanar to HOST press Conferences with Duterte ASAP.  Easy for any world leader (including us) to announce THEY have eliminated all CORRUPTION and linked CRIME at one time with EVOTE.ONE stored in worlds last open public unhackable database FOIA.ONE is also World Unification global peace with free hi Speed Internet and FREE education at ALL levels for everyone. Direct self fundedby 2 prime sources A) Criminal assets seized by B) millions of new dual expats who are FOREIGN spenders as 20% of value of any new home or factory goes to PAY for hospitals, schools, roads, water, energy, agri, and marketplaces now owned BY our Asian communities collectively. Keith globe 09173354300.
Over 250 top Speakers attended the following historical legacy event. Dr. Chelsa goes to Palace today Aug 13 with above GMAIL.PDF to showcase to DUTERTE how to create 100% perfected Federalism of UNIocracy.ORG #1 constitution.

   Aug 12, 2019 1-5pm Aberdeen Court, 1403 Quezon Ave, Near Timog Triangle.  Guest Speaker Robert Butwin from USA (member of CEOSPACE.NET) ' 100% Perfected Federalism + How to group your business to highest level plus livelihood DOLE project. '  Business Attire. RSVP is +30 so far including top Pastors, Human Right Activists, Corporate Executives like Dr. Chelsa Tomaquin, Keith Duncan, Gloria Reyes, Dr Jack Navida, Ronald Daba of RLTV Broadcast Network,  (Bishops) Rolando Palma, Dominador Dulay, Jun Dorotea.  Pastors Eric Negapatan with Venus Peralta group, Brod Dhel of CBMC, Doc Willie Ang, Elnora Dominquez Santos with Alic Racraquin Group (8 people), Willie Furton, Jeannet Yadao, Amorlinda of Cabanautan City, Kap Jose Sicuana Caloocan. Joel Solante, Benjamin Monte, Cindy Puruganan, Engr Teody Morales, Ms. Tine Cerbito, many others.

  NATIONAL SPEAKERS RALLY   RESCHEDULED . NOT Aug 13, 2019 7pm?? at Astro Dome Cuneta (near Roxas Ave and Marina waterfront Manila.  Capacity Limit to first 10,000 Attendees.
   Aug 23-26, 2019  Trip. Fully paid airfare and hotel in Malaysia for ANYONE signing up 10 National Speakers. Call Dr. Chelsa or any National Speaker for details. We now number +150 Speakers of National, Regional, Providential as of Aug 10, 2019.
.  Daily Overview on recruiting National, Regional, and Providential speakers. Call above #'s and Contact Duterte, Press, Senate, Congress, Public now.
  • National Speakers Rally - Tues July 23 1 pm Jollibees Plaza EDSA / Taft at Kabayan Hotel.  Focus is mass publicity recruitment of Top New World Leaders.
  • Live Stream Historical VIDEO posted on
  • Tues June 25 7pm Astro Dome Cuneta. Near Roxas Av and Marina Manila.
  • June 30, 2019 Rally in Cebu Philippines.
  • Second week of July 2019. 100 National Speakers travel Hong Kong recruit OFWs.
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Key Videos National Chairman Celso A. Tizon, Duncan June 24, 2019 Broadcast with Dr. Chelsa T, Tito-Frank Garcia, Keith Duncan #1084 is 100% direct Democracy. Join #1 Revolution Solution UNIocracy.ORG saves mankind with EVOTE.ONE is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch playlist. Command all world leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!!    End of the line for all criminals once becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics. Driven by New Constitutional Human Right laws and EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to empower all to collectively own and manage all aspects of our free trade, free travel world economy.

  WE INVITE YOU as a National SPEAKER of HUMAN RIGHTS to apply to be qualified. This is the most powerful Viral Social Media Campaign in World History based on true reality.

We are world experts in Keynote Speaking (the ultimate Consultants). Most of us are Research & Development Scientists, top Professors, Religious Leaders, Corporate Executives, Real Estate Brokers + Moguls, Engineering Experts, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, top Government officials, 'secret partner funder beneficiaries', and on-world Human Right Advocates.

     Clearly, few are ready for Martial Law OR the overthrow of corrupt governments worldwide. This happens BECAUSE groups are divided on ONLY their own advocacy. Our world teams observe and report for decades the true reality of WHY nothing ever gets done. Led by top National Speakers of CEOSPACE.NET Berny Dorhman, Bob Proctor, Bob Circosto, Jack Canfield, Dr David Gruder (Integrity), David Stanley (stepBrother of Elvis Presley), Les and John Brown, and #1 evangelist Keith Duncan, we are the ultimate prime consultant ambassador emissaries of total 100% social Peace and Justice. is the ONLY answer of your new world economy owned and controlled by 7.7 Billion of our people.

  The current crimes against humanity are caused by all power consolidated in one Majority Ruling Party of CONGRESS or dictators who criminally league with underground human right violators known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Even our own Senate can never come into agreement. For this is EXACTLY what the criminals and terrorists around our world WANT.   To delay, divide, and conquer so GOD's assets and wealth will be systematically DRAINED away from our people treated as Factory Slaves who have NO RIGHTS to anything.

   These crimes against humanity are solved forever with replacement and latest = replacement of this 

   The Keynote broadcast by our founder is:

   We are also Engineering Project Management, Architects, Construction CEO's for all new All Digital Creative Communities, Government and Corporate replacement systems. We have world leading experts on energy, Water, Poverty prevention, STP Water and Waste Management Re-cycle, Banking and financial replacement systems, Voting simplicity systems, Hydro Water Storage + Generation Powerhouse systems, Free Education and Communication Systems, and variety of the most prolific new world economy systems that empower humanity to control and manage all their own assets.

     TOP PRIORITIES for our entire world have always been:

  1. Contact visit top world leaders and Press to command they use our ordained solutions found at  eVOTE.ONE is the worlds first = last 100% direct eDemocracy that empowers all communities to own and control their own infrastructure and homes + assets. This frees us from all corrupt governments and mega corporation dynasties.

  2. Use FOIA.ONE  and to direct fund free world wide communication and Open Public Freedom of Information database of WHO is WHO and WHO owns what. All unrepentant criminals are quickly put in Jail and their assets seized to direct fund the following only world class answer methodology of = that reverses Climate Change and eliminates all energy and water wars.

  3. Contact INTERPOL, Military, AFP, PNP, NBI, USA FBI, AG, CIA, literally ALL law enforcement to use above and that is 100% total social justice tort legal reform to eliminate all corrupt Judges, liar-lawyers, prosecutors, Police, and other officials who are paid to protect our rights and assets.

  4. Join and support fund our established teams of Executives direct funded to save our world from the greed of 'demonic slave traders.'  All Positive in GOD's most Holy Name ministries of who unifies Muslim and all other denominations as Cooperative Ministries.

  5. Seizure of Robert Dee Rose who is super cyber crime terrorist. $2 Million USD bounty.

  ANY of the ABOVE world events will cause Press Conferences by our World Leaders and PRESS.  Mass SUPPORT Rallies are also a key Answer Solution to literally FORCE our leaders to WAKE UP and represent our interests, not theirs.


Our World Leaders are the highest qualified expert keynote speaker top Professors, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Human Rights Advocates, and Merchant  Crusaders  on creating your replacement ByPass New World Society 

   We partner and directly teach  the most powerful and influential Corporate Executives, Governments, and Top world leaders how  to achieve new free trade, travel, education, commerce communities free of all Politics and crime. This is your New World reality of  100% perfected Federalism engineered by 43 years ago to now.


Our Projects cover all aspects of humanity from expertise of:

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 0 Politics = Education, = Water Energy        = Energy reduction    = 0 Poverty    = 0 Wars.       = Tort Reform

All other aspects of preventing crime in the first place to create UTOPIA of E.D.E.N with


   Our target partners are the World Leaders, Corporate Executives, World Religion Leaders,  Politicians, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, Developers, Investors, Corporations, literally all of humanity. 

   We achieve the 'UTOPIA' of 100% peace and social justice with the simple ratification of using the simple engineered ordained methods of Angel Philanthropists starting with billionaire Duncan, Manuel Villar, Sy family, Lucio Tan, Bill Gates, John GoKongWe, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Koch Family, Walton family, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Steve Balmer


Use + Solution today by directly contacting World Leaders and top PRESS to command they unify reform our entire world as our decision makers are few. Fewer are those leaders who actually SERVE our people for our benefit versus their own back pocket graft even 'criminal accumulation' of wealth and extreme political power. These ordained systems replace all known forms of corrupt governments and corporations with easy universal single Constitutional commandments of Solution = 10 Commandments + Human Bill of Rights.

The Beginning:  In simple terms, our founding father (Keith Brent Duncan) and resulting world crusader teams,  was initiated  43 years ago as top experts in Computer Operating  Systems, Micro Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Creation of State of the art databases, Process control using custom designed and programmed Logic Controllers and assortment of other Master of all Trades expertise .  We have been incorporating the most powerful state of the art technology and human psychology combinations the world has ever experienced.  These are published over past 11 years at extreme expense and peril as legacy heritage solutions to replace all known forms of corrupt Government and Corporate enterprises.


  The 'Dark' Middle Ages:  Our world has descended to ongoing 'secret dark net' cold war World War 3 since 1958 era. The worst crimes against humanity of slave trading, industrial factory workers, farmers who can never make any profit, water and energy wars by Political Oligarchs, criminal control and manipulation of our stock markets and commodities, and other cyber crimes conducted by secret underground networks who are the ones who BUY and Extort our Corporate Executives and Politicians worldwide. Our very own Law Enforcement Justice and Military databases have already been infiltrated by secret rogue criminal agents starting with (Robert Dee Rose, DOB 1971-April-01) guilty of International Treason, Espionage, Sedition (overthrow of our governments), massive money laundering/tax evasion (IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 worth +$8 Million USD reward), murder of key eyewitnesses tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracy to murder by USA GOV agents, Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, DAs, Police, and even fired DOJ AG sally q. yates. All are 100% guilty by their very own certified signatures on court documents.  CAPITALISTIC INDUSTRIAL AGE is over once CEOSPACE.NET and Solution with and teach humanity how to own and run their own small business enterprises free of taxes, regulations, secret deals, and corruption.  These are all legacy heritage solutions 'LEFT BEHIND' for you my people to create your own new crime free society that you VOTE on the next best project and service that benefits your own community and world = 100% social peace and justice.

  The End Result is a new replace world society that is free of all crime networks. This is quickly achieved with the combination application and ratification of Solution using EVOTE.ONE and the worlds first and last OPEN PUBLIC Database FOIA.ONE. Our one world military now function 100% as peace keepers and criminal investigators as NO president or congress or Rogue terrorist group can control these most deadly arsenals of destruction for their own private gain by divide and conquer warfare justified by the few politicians.

   Nothing can stop this most powerful reformation unification movement because of it's inherit self regulating checks and balances.  All to empower +7.7 Billion people to control, own, and manage all their own infrastructure.  This frees us from the crime enterprises of underground crime networks starting with   Robert Dee ROSE with a $2 Million USD bounty on his head. No more politics or false promises can empower the Family Ruling Dynasties from controlling our GOD gifted assets for their own self-entitlement massive wealth accumulation.


Manila, Philippines

Tel: (63) 0917-335-4300

Dr Chelsa Tomaquin  (63) 0966-398-7464 Globe


The TWO videos above are famous from summer of 2011. When asked WHAT do I DO? I answer 'What do you need?" for thes broadcast solutions of Keith Duncan are the ONLY answers to UNIFY and REFORM our entire world. I even address Privacy concerns and ask if ANYONE is in Federal Witness Protection Program. As I applied in Person to Atlanta AG sally Q yates in Sept 2011 right before ROSE ordered my kidnaps by blackmailing USA GOV rogue agents as I proved ROSE was cyber stalking my activities + robbing my homes on a regular basis. He extorted almost all my own lawyers, judges, Police, and top USA GOV officials.


Send to everyone you know and DEMAND total Social Justice and Peace be achieved using these simple engineered keynote speaking solutions.  RIGHT side lower VIDEO above is showcasing the VISIONARY answers of free internet, free education, Free trade, travel and trust of the most comprehensive systems ever broadcast to our most derelict world. As Construction of all digital creative communities prevents all world poverty by the most massive transfer of crime wealth seized by order of directly commanded by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE

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