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Getting To Heaven here on Earth.

When the most powerful terrorist of Robert Dee Rose, all political Criminals, all corrupt individuals are eliminated from society, then our world becomes the Peace and Harmony UTOPIA where everyone benefits by taking care of each other and ensure INTEGRITY and HONESTY are the rules, not the rare exceptions. Politics will be a sinful dirty word that everyone hates.

   ROSE fits all the database attributes of the AntiChrist since no one can find him. The churches, public, and all governments will LOVE to find ROSE and his terrorist cabal groups linked to USA and other government officials for them all to stand MILITARY CyberWar Tribunal TRIALs since USA FBI-AG and other law enforcement agencies are castrated by rogue criminals and their own political connections to funding sources controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite.

   For ROSE is completely unable to bribe his way out of JUSTICE from the entire world commanding Justice from FBI James Comey, AG Loretta Lynch, Congress, Interpol, and Military War Trial Tribunals for Treason Espionage, Crimes against Humanity, and cyberattacking the USA Military as well as all other Government and Corporate enterprises with Cyclone Alexander Covey Atlanta GA #1 terrorist cybercrime legal-financial cabal groups.


Keith Duncan is the one Savior of mankind as the premier resident world expert on Human Dynamics as well as the cause and effects of Predatory Greed.  Contact Keith today to ask any question at all and be astonished at the clarity and utmost authority of the answers and solutions you will receive. is your answer. Can everyone see now WHO I AM and WHO you ARE. Join to complete GOD's reformation action movement.

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