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World Peace has always been easy. Prevention of all politics and crime networks always the KEY.

Any sit down face to face with our crusader teams will reveal to world HOW to unify all mankind...

Contact ALL World Leaders and Press NOW to command they Host Press Conferences to teach our world how to use  these standard answers to create ONE New World Economy Free Trade Travel 100% all digital Currency and free barter exchange Stock Market.  Join = FUND us today !

Protect Apostle Keith Duncan Contact (63)917-335-4300 Manila today.

Gloria Reyes (63)917-173-4755  Executive COO President NGO Holding Inc


Chris Morris +1 (770)493-7578 Financial Consultant Author in USA.

Charlie Paparelli, +1(770)648-3875 from year 2007

Sig Mosley Very Wealthy Atlanta Investor knows Keith., David Stanley of North Point Community church, Alpharetta GA. Pastor, wife Katie see unification.

CONTACT ALL other Angel Philanthropists + Billionaires to call Keith.

ABSOLUTE FINAL BROADCAST: Clearly FOCUS OUR WORLD on contacting All TOP WORLD LEADERS as we have been doing for years, even decades. Everyone knows Top people as I had a database of +5000 on my computers before I was so rudely kidnapped = 900 days.  I was a world leader decades ago.  Simple GOOGLE 'BuiltByKeith' over OUR free Internet. Follow the URL linkds to world Salvation using JUST No one should be confused. Just CALL and BOOKKeith

Despite all these crimes against humanity we have personally experienced and then solved and prevented, our very own Gov rogue agents continue to escape justice since our Legal System is controlled BY the criminal ruling Elite starting with the Email upper left PDF is what I JUST sent USA Embassy and other key top leaders to showcase the crimes of ALL criminals. ANYONE seeing any evidence is hereby command ordered to GO to Presidents, Congress, Churches, Press, literally world to DEPLOY these perfected systems.

TO: ALL other Angel Philanthropists, World, PRESS, Churches, TOP Corporate Gov Leaders, Humanitarians, = EXACT ORDER using to solve ANY nano to Macro GODS eye issue, conflict, wars.

The Expenses = Profits of all war machines always goes into the pockets of Banksters and family dynasties.

THE ONLY PRIME REQUIREMENT has always been a SIT DOWN Turnover of all evidence to a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR as they are the rarest breed who are 100% held accountable to FOLLOW the crime trail and assets and ensure CONVICTIONS occur. Because of the massive rotten onion layers of our judicial system, any criminal can destroy the trail at any point and be the GHOST like ROSE. All who use our Evote FOIA system get 1% of the proceeds.

Clearly I was sent by GOD to complete these total world missions of reform....

My all time favorite film was 'Being There' Peter Sellers. Who do you think is directing your movie set life?  GOD or the Satan ROSE. Can anyone walk on water now or explore outer space as freemen of total justice and social peace.. Who will step forward now...

Your gifted new world society is driven by Open Source Public Video URL links store and forward with simple existing use of FOIA.ONE easy to recompile on any platform.


Aug 27, 2019. ROSE is #1 most man hunted cyber crime terrorist in world history because of the economic damage HE and the New World Order have done to YOU. I just emailed USA EMBASSY and key others for them to FINALLY FIND Me to KILL me or Protect me of Free will.....

Aug 25, 2019 I feel truly DEAD to our WORLD. For everything I have gifted world is COMPLETED, actually +8 years ago WHEN ROSE was ordering my murder. He has not succeeded yet, because ONLY MY FatherGOD has been the part time benefactor. I have indeed been FORSAKEN by everyone, all over again.  I have earnestly beseech GOD to return me to heaven for all reasons stated this entire time...

For we have always been the most esteemed professional masterminds of PROBLEM solving Network Marketing to motivate mankind to change their forsaken ways to create their very own all digital creative sustainable communities free of ALL CRIME.  

     WHERE DO I GO NOW?? To YOUR greatest places of NEEDS: Presidents, Congress, Military..
Aug 24, 2019 In true reality, I, keith duncan, have never expected to survive this most bizarre persecution by so many all identified criminals. If/When I die Natural or Martyred, my fellow Apostles, disciples, followers have been instructed to continue to complete each and every one of these world saving solutions found in the Cross Matrix below.

### World Broadcast Press Release. BuiltByKeith.COM NGO-INC the

Soon all courtrooms will be live streamed to public with Open Circuit TV +mics + even speakers  (two way comm circuits) over free interlink Internet. Using no will will dare falsely testify as even 5th Amendment Right to be silent will be suspended for no criminal can ever escape justice once they are forced to TELL the absolute Truth and be convicted of any crime in 2 hours to max of lets just start with 3 days.  No more time to coerce witnesses or destroy evidence THEY generated.  All to create divined Justice Total Tort system devoid of all additional crime diversions.

  I have now just sent 11 years of full time ministries at all levels to REBUILD our world at cost of near death and ALL my earthly earned fortune, so many times since few people can ever be found to uphold and enforce any existing laws. Personal and registered Corporation enterprise losses have been BILLIONS of real $$ profits that were always designed to be pledged back to our people as the ultimate Angel Philanthropist who does have +$500Musd to recover. Known as Prince of Peace + many others...


If anyone can EVER find issues of objections, they are required to provide BETTER =Best Solutions or be silenced by oder of Evote.ONE.

    The REST of these solution answers are up to YOU, my most beloved people as I am literally DEAD tired and even frustrated BITTER few honest people have ever been found. This is repeat of biblical history of massive wars caused by Political Criminal Politicians, Banksters (mobsters turned bankers), inside traders, and the military industrial complexes fun by corrupt ego-centered Military commanders.  ALL abolished at one time as cutting off the heads of these snake serpents always just leaves room for another Political snake to pop us as replacement. Now once we have legally endorsed 'eye for an eye' since we expose all criminals by their very own recorded evidence, they will scream PRIVACY and try to hire evil liar lawyers to prevent prison and death row. The prime solution is for other criminals to manhunt each other and solve the issue of Extra Judicial Killings by bypassing the police, military, Interpol. Few if any trials and prison will ever be needed since criminals always know their days are numbered by their own crimes since they ONLY role is how to STEAL and avoid detection. Solved forever with FOIA.ONE show WHO is WHO and exposing ALL criminal investigations. 

  ONLY REQUIREMENT FROM DAY ONE, is to dispatch Law enforcement, FBI, AG, Military, DOJ, State Dept, even CIA to come find me as I remain the ONLY PERSON who has published gifted HOW to DESTROY all crime networks at one time. Even CHRIST was a crusader and Prince of Peace teaching our collective world HOW TO SIN NO more and GO IN PEACE so others would not pass judgement on each others (That alone is most captivating vice, sin, even crime of gossip) for Loose Lips DO SINK ships...


   K: "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil." Ephesians 6:11 ESV 

Anyone can see a KeyWitness is anyone who witnesses a crime and goes to any length + cost to see JUSTICE is SERVED.  Easy to see criminals pay off witnesses, judges, jurys, police, even the other lawyers to walk FREE. This has happened to me so many times funded by MY own stolen assets (and yours), to deny YOUR rights to testify on my own behalf  and recover real TRILLIONS of real $$$ by modeling what I have gited our. world. 

   For 11 years, not a SINGLE soul has helped Keith Duncan(master of almost all trades) recover his stolen fortune, OR upheld ANY GOD or Man-made law see on SolutionManifesto.COM. Facebook robot is blocking each prime website that UNIFIES all mankind. WHY?  Pure demonic Lucifer greed of most who refuse to see reality of their assets systematically DRAINED by the criminal ruling elite. I am often MADDER THAN HELL why I have paid so many to file required papers and GO to top WORLD LEADERS at all levels to prevent YOUR rights from being denied and forsaken.  I need not say any more, as I already DID my entire life.  Revelation 22:28 repeated for the very last time. (Nothing left to add or delete) as the most comprenhensive problem solving system is right before man, woman, childs eyes.

     Most #1 Critical is WORLD Unification Reform transfer of CRIMINAL wealth Back to our 7.7 Billion People and migration of wealthy people and their equality same rights our people back to the Paradise of GOD's third world nations that were enslaved by a few dynasties starring 4,500 years ago = Eqyptian empire, then Roman empire, then ROME Italy, then Spain/England, then USA, now just a few..

  I have always been ENLIGHTED by GOD and often DEAD TIRED = bitterly frustrated on HOW so many criminals remain in power...

    GREAT. lets talk. I am top professional trained My credentials as a keynote speaker combined with other merit Speakers are all globe 09173354300 and online here. please active your network and share with our world Solution (blocked by faseless Skynet Facebook robot scanner of most of our key broadcast websites of SolutionHousing.ORG, SolutionManifesto.COM, ChristDomain.COM, SolutionPeace.COM (contains how to replace and legally bypass all stock markets FinalStockMarket, create ONE single world currency kbitCoins(reverse of current bitcoin scams), and PROFITshareHolders.COM all to eliminate all crime networks at one time with EVOTE.ONE, FOIA.ONE, and solutionMilitary.COM.

     Each are sequentially linked to solve the NEXT world problem. Think cascading water down the mountain or snowball rolling down ski run. that is SolutionSafeWater.Org Link TurnOffLights that eliminates all redpaper chase conspiracies. All in purpose of GODs original creation to be free trade, travel, trust, education to return GOD's loaned (and stolen) assets back to all 7.7 Billion of our people. Compressed to speed up the most powerful viral social media campaign in world history since few honest persons of merit have been found.

    That solved with (free world interlink internet, free education K to any University =NO more private schools), and NO more mega rich corporate family dynasties. Clearly we have gifted everything back to humanity for reasons of THAT is our purpose in life. TO UNIFY world with UNIocracy.ORG central ownership of ALL infrastructure, land, banks, stock markets, hospitals, schools, roads (freeways are NEVER free),energy, water, agriculture.

    Does this cover all basic human needs? OF COURSE, we decree to our world. as we also COPY and PASTE this to the FINAL solution of HERE KeyWitness.LIVE that will go live as soon as we find NEXT manna cash to replace the $1.2M USD = 60 Million Peso stolen by ONE super criminal from 11 years ago. Google 'Robert Dee Rose' then BUILTBYKEITH to see the true nemesis of EVIL versus the Prince of Peace = my crusader network that rapidly expands with help of my network of people who actually CARE and LOVE all others 1 Corr 13:13.

      Let's talk soon. We live near Concordia College, Pedro Gil, Paco near richest gated communities BGC Makati, Forbes Park that will soon be replicated for OUR people once becomes new world mainstream society.  We are #1 crusaders of Peace   requesting EVERYONE to support and reverse fund us for our final campaign to speak WITH top world leaders of Duterte, Trump, Putin, and all TOP corporate and leaders. For we ran OUT of our last Manna cash reserves so many times, most would have committed haracara suicide to relieve the most extreme pressure (dead serious silence from each of or key people has been the result of termination of our world.

    THEN our top LEADERS become international heros for simply hosting PRESS CONFERENCES to showcase THEY have these answer solutions FIRST. Welcome to UNIOcracy.ORG.

 Everyone and I publish this also as I HATE to do things TWICE (waste of my most valuable time client3635.wix com/BidOnkeith books out 10,000 P for 8 hour engagement, and $10,000 USD for 1 day anywhere in world so we can FINALLY go to the greatest places of need that starts with United Nations, military, Congress, Church leaders, Press and of course OUR VERY OWN PEOPLE.

   UNIOcracy.ORG saves mankind with EVOTE.ONE. Utopia of humanity is the ONLY answer result !. Command all world leaders, Press, and public use these engineered common sense bible revelation solutions today. Or suffer the holocaust self destruction of mankind since no one has ever intervened. EXCEPT a few of us have broadcast as Messianic Messenger Sovereign Ambassadors to bring total world social justice and peace to all.  The most shocking reality is few see the drain of GOD’s resources to the Luciferian Demonic Family dynasties who work with theFinalTerrrorist DOT COM Robert Dee Rose. is fore founding father of your new world society.

     Command world leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!!  End of the line for all criminals once, becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. Solution,, is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics. Driven by New “” Constitutional Human Right laws and  empower all to collectively own and manage all aspects of our free trade, free travel world economy. Contact WORLD leaders and INTL Press Media to COMMAND they protect our teams and host press conferences today.

We re broadcasting every day on HOW to unify world. technology is the answer to PREVENT all crimes in first place. Take to everyone you know that provides free internet to ALL schools, barangays, and world. Free education K-university as all private schools converted to free public.

### WORLD broadcast. The answer for world is Love and Care for each other 1 cor 13:13. Everyone has a right to life, safety, and health benefits. Yes, NO ONE AGREES with crime lifestyles, yet we support crime networks by TAKING NO ACTION against the most ruthless, demonic crime families starting with the infamous TheFinalTerrorist .COM Robert Dee ROSE. Yet who am I TO JUDGE others since I have been victimized by so many criminals as even the USA GOV is directly involved protecting these criminals. NO ONE LEFT to uphold justice except SolutionMilitary .COM and our own people using EVOTE DOT ONE.. Solved also with ChristDomain DOT COm that is being blocked by faseless Facebook who we replace with SUPER FACEBOOK of FOIA DOT COM. Keith Duncan in manila 09173354300 on end of greatest mission of our world, HOW TO UNIFY with SolutionManifesto .com (remove the spaces) Aug 22, 2019 GOING to meet right now to ask for his help so we can HELP grow all churches worldwide to be #1 free education centers so that WOrldSchoolFUnd .COM becomes your world reality. MOre as soon as EVERYONE contacts our teams including famous

     Send all to WORLD leaders AND PRESS ASAP. This one system replaces all known forms of governments AND corporations by empowering our people to direct eDemocracy VOTE on the best benefits for LOCAL PROJECTS. no more Taxes, Political crimes, underground crime networks ever again. the details are extensive and literally revolutionIZE all forms of how humanity WORKS together to finally rid our world of all basic crime issues.  Solution,, (Remove the comma) is the ultimate single bible based integrity solutions for all mankind. Keith Duncan, survivor of multiple kidnappings BY for ROSE paid off USA GOV to murder me 8 years ago, and almost succeeded by drugging the HELL out of me to SHUT my ordained ministries DOWN. Keith Duncan in Manila Philippines at (63)9173354300 for to COME FIND ME NOW..  
  Christdomain DOT com. “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.”  Colossians‬ ‭3:1-4‬
     Solution,,Peace,,.com #1 Messiah Crusader Keith Duncan The most critical revolution is mass publicity Direct eDemocracy.  Watch Take to your network and contact all top world officials and news media today. ChristDomain solves religious war fare forever.  USA GOV protects super criminal theFinalTerrorist  Robert Dee Rose guilty of espionage, treason, infiltrate of USAGOV databases. Contact Trump + world leaders @interpol  ONLY answer to prevent all crimes.
  Keith Duncan is 100% victim of organized crime and FBI covers up of terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Thefinalterrorist to prevent all investigations and arrests of top senior USAGov officials in Atlanta,  Washington, D.C, Norfolk Va.  Fund our crusader teams today through as our world collapses from cyber crime terrorism conducted inside our own corporations and governments...  total world reformation is the only answer.  
  John 16:16. "A little while, and you will see me no longer; and again a little while, and you will see me.".  ReBroadcast to our world. Solution , TurnOffLights  . The Most critical revolution is mass publicity Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.. Watch and Take to your network and contact all top officials and news media today.   ### World ReBroadcast. #1068 New World Society from  I have broadcast contacted INTERPOL 45 times from Jan 2015 for 4 years on each refinement. Now perfected is auto face recognition bio metrics open circuit TV = any smart phone or CCTV over free internet known as interLink. Public now are the vision and ears of all streets and even public enclosed areas. All police and military combine into one world peace keeping 100% criminal investigators. Prevention of almost all crimes is the most powerful ministries that massive reduces all social justice systems with related
     Call for congressional investigations NOW. Senator David Perdue at (202) 224-3521 and Senator Johnny Isakson at (202) 224-3643. From david Perdue Facebook. Thank you for contacting me. Your message is being reviewed by my team. If you have issues with a federal agency, contact Atlanta office 404-865-0087.
   Interpol should have flown my teams to Lyons years ago asking Interpol to explain why they block common sense tech solutions that make them all world famous. BidOnKeith. Call Philippine NBI deputy director Ferdie Lavin to ask him the same questions, his cell (63)09209010964.

I have been asking world and GOD for 11 years now for world INTERVENTION from the demonic forces everyone can see has stolen the assets of GOD and humanity for their own power and greed. This reversed with UNIocracy and the other step by step solutions We have been ordained to gift to man, woman, and child.
Call + protect Keith Duncan cell (63)9173355300 back in Manila., skype BuiltByKeith2.

Jan 22, 2019 MOST CRITICAL debrief is next week with PNP Interpol Chief Jesse Dela Cruz. Their training center is Batangas 2 hours south of Manila. INTERPOL was direct contacted 45 times Jan 7 2014 forward on HOW to use FOIA.ONE to revolutionize all law enforcement agencies worldwide by 100% Coordinated access of WHO is WHO, who is man hunted, and who is under crime investigations.   With auto face recognition, no wanted criminal or network can EVER HIDE or Escape the bounty rewards placed on their deviant heads by their victims.
Other Key persona re AFP previous Presidential Spokesman Gen Restituto Padilla 09178559369 and Transnational AntiOrganized Crime Intelligence group TAOCIG.ORG at office (63)02-9061279. They already have been debriefed multiple times including AFP Headquarters Camp Aguinaldo and PNP Camp Crame for past 2 years. They and all governments MUST support, protect, fund, and host press conferences with World Leaders NOW.

Please activate our world network by commanding FBI AG actually FIND me and protect my life WHILE super criminal Robert Dee Rose is seized in cyber crime terrorist center. Details are also WHY I sent Senator David Purdue emergency request PDF FILE by email to COMMAND Congressional Investigations to determine WHO inside FBI AG and other agencies are conducting cyber crime terrorism INSIDE our own corporations and governments. That is broadcast exposed with FOIA.ONE that removes ALL politics and crime networks worldwide at one time. I was resident of Norcross and Marietta GA USA for over 30 years. Now overseas in Manila BECAUSE of the threats to my assets and live AFTER FBI found to be protecting so many JUDGES< POLICE, CID, Lawyers in Atlanta GA to PREVENT restoration of my assets and MASS PUBLICITY press conferences that should have occurred 7 very long years ago.
Keith Duncan MANILA CELL (63)917-335-4300 for world to come find now!

Attention to all Astig! We have a huge summit coming Venue: DAVNOR GYM sports complex
Aug. 18 2019 1pm up to 5.00pm In tagum davao del norte
Speakers : chairman Celso Tizon And Dr. Chelsa Tomaquin
Support the PRRD agenda for 100% PERFECTED Federalism. Please wear red
QUOTE: “Plaintiffs die as well. In these cases, a deceased plaintiff’s estate will be substituted in her stead. Any recovery from a lawsuit wherein the decedent was a plaintiff will be considered an asset of her estate and distributed pursuant to her last will and testament or the state’s laws of intestacy. It therefore behooves a decedent-plaintiff’s family to substitute an estate into the proceeding so that the matter can speedily proceed and hopefully collect a judgment.”

eVote.ONE  BidOnKeith
Call  Keith Duncan  today !

Join Total Peace Cooperativism Today !

Use the files on right to Command  Gov + Press re-publish all these Solutions for World Benefits.

Stops All Wars Forever - Duncan
Keith's 3 Video Sermon Teach Messages to UNIFY man





TAKE ACTION is the prime command for all 7.7 Billion People to UNIFY mankind.

Read + JUSTIFY  PDF files "left behind" above to Command all world leaders use these ordain methods. +61 years of R&D research and life of GOD culminates in this one moment of full scale social justice and organized PEACE worldwide. These are the true Holy Grail Covenants created by our mutual Creator for humanity to prosper and thrive so we can finally be universal Ambassadors expanding to rest of God's creations in space.

  The entire new world system is based on Legally Binding Contracts so NO one can violate your rights, commit fraud, steal God's loaned assets and go 'SCOTT FREE' by using stolen assets and information to blackmail others to DEAD SILENT conditions. Dead men can never testify, yet the criminals own evidence always used to CONVICT.

  Our new open digital IOT society is now driven by QR Scan codes + eVOTE.ONE = + Love Others.

   Contact all our Top Leaders to command they deploy our answer solutions that peacefully replace and bypass all known forms of Governments and Mega-Corporations....  Otherwise our world plunges into the depths of HELL that is ruled by the Anti-Christ Luciferians. These criminals have always been easy to see and seize their assets with the existing technology Evote.ONE FOIA using auto face Recognition Live stream/store and forward technology I pioneered +43 yeas ago N.C.S.U.  Start with Seizure of Robert dee Rose.

Our Apostle Universal Crusader Emissaries have completed all stages of HOW to reform unify that returns all stolen assets and cash back to humanity. Only requirement entire time is Face2Face meetings with world leaders. Anyone can use decades old to send our teams to your greatest places of needs. This includes CEOs, Presidents, Board of Directors, Angel Philanthropists, and all other decision makers so we can FINALLY rid our world of all crime networks once and forever...

  The New World System of replace + By-Passes all other governments and corporations by will OF,  FOR, BY all +7.7 Billion PEOPLE.  No one can ever deny your rights again as this is 100% total Social Peace + Justice. This entire process is HOW to eliminate ALL crime networks and legal transfer THEIR wealth back to us.

Everyone deserves to be paid for performing legally binding contracts perfected by our original methods.

  Simply follow the ordained URL scripture URL links to benefit yourself by protecting the rights of all others.

Any critic who has a BEST=Better solution is required to broadcast to our world or be SHUNNED as a Hypocrite and isloated by society as a troublemaker gossip self entitlement fool using integrity of FOIA.ONE.

  CLICK: for the shock reality of top WHO we represent this entire time.

    We WORK full time for GOD our mutual creator and HUMANITY to REFORM UNIFY our entire world creating free barter trade, travel, education, communications with 100% all Digital IOT creative communities owned by us.

  My Crusader Anti-Crime teams have legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using our (TM) (C) registered methods. All who join our reformation movement International based NGO groups claim percentage of this 1% of literal Trillions of USD/Euros assets.

The 1st proceeds of seized wealth pays back the victims, 1% to BuiltByKeith, balance goes to direct fund 100% all digital creative communities in 3rd world nations like Philippines.

 As of Aug 7, 2019 we work again directly for Citizens Crime Watch (CCW), Founder CEO Atty Jose Malvar Villegas Jr, 1963 Labor Party office +(632) 633-6697 as we just showed his national groups HOW to Prevent almost all crimes and identify WHO are the criminals (crime networks) who refuse to surrender to what is left of our OLD legal justice system. Our published new replacement bypass system is all digital real-time stored meetings and world observations of HOW to unify all humanity.

We have NEVER violated any law (except minor traffic tickets), therefore WHY does USA GOV + others protect so many super criminals? Easy. They are the campaign contributors and extort/bribe pay off Corporate Executives and Politicians as well as the most corrupt Police, Military, Liar-Lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys for simple reason they have NO SOUL.

Never be dismayed or confused by the complexity of our world systems as we show HOW to solve any issue CLICK HERE.

    All legal with ratified Singular New World system.

All new replacement Stock Markets, 1 world currency kBitCoins, massive reduction in all banks that convert to Credit Unions, and elimination of ALL corrupt Corporate Management and Gov officials is the ONLY answer to destroy crime networks as everyone now sees ONLINE Who is Who, and WHO owns WHAT with FOIA.ONE.

    Each of these publish broadcasts of world solutions PREVENT almost all crimes and terrorist war attacks. We now eliminate all dynasties, stock markets, banker industrial empires with simple use deployment of legacy

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE to achieve total world 100% social peace and justice.  Otherwise we all DIE by holocaust Nuclear Poison Disease warfare that is already planned by specific identified 'Criminal Ruling Elite' families. is UTOPIA of your new world free of all crime and slave trading by the Criminal ruling Elite. is the only new Cooperative world solution to eliminate all Governments and mega Corporations. unifies all religions despite each religion theology indoctrination. ISLAM and SolutionGOD prevents all poverty by self direct funding new hospitals, schools, roads, energy, water, parks, and our people control and ownership of all infrastructure and GOD's gifted natural resources. + prevent reversals all Climate Change and energy wars.  All worth trillions of real $$ USD, Cash, Assets because of the downstream cascading effects of almost free energy and water worldwide while migrating billions of people away from the mega-slum coastal cities. eliminates all corrupt Judges and judicial officials including all Liar-Lawyers. combines all world military into one single Peace Keeping Force of Criminal Investigators. is the single new world commandments to UNIFY humanity forever. Support Keith's teams today by commanding World Leaders use these solution methods. These return infrastructure ownership back to our +7.7 Billion People. We eliminate the need for almost ALL Governments, any dynasty, and almost all corporations with these new world single solutions found here and cross referenced on

   The most powerful #1 Formal Request to debrief all world leaders is located upper right corner PDF.

  Billions, then trillions of real $$ cash and assets will soon be legally transferred to victims and 3rd world nations once our people RISE UP to command World Leaders use EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE This is the direct funding source for and + other infrastructure.

    Ephemeralization, a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing," that is, an accelerating increase in the efficiency of achieving the same or more output (products, services, information, etc.) while requiring less input (effort, time, resources, etc.).  Fuller's vision was that ephemeralization will result in ever-increasing standards of living for an ever-growing population despite finite resources.

   #1 World Task is to contact WORLD leaders to find Keith and protect his teams who are all world crusaders. 

All Banks and Stock markets are effectively eliminated and replaced with the kBitCoins.ORG solutions part of this broadcast final world testimony testament.

     All Bank-sters + crime networks + Terrorists + Corrupt Leaders are eliminated forever.

  Contact + protect Keith Duncan's life today. Manila Cell (63)917-335-4300. Gloria Reyes (63)917-173-4755 Exec. President Reference our Board of Directors part of CEOSPACE.NET and Atlanta GA USA very powerful and wealthy patriarchs.      Our teams now travel to meet directly with World Leaders to teach them how to UNIFY our world. Unification would have occurred year 2011 except 1 super criminal ordered 4 total kidnappings so he could steal my assets, pay off USA GOV to 'MURDER' me on false evidence, and escape justice of Public $4 Million USD bounty Manhunt, by the world's Military, CIA, NSA, FBI, AG, Interpol.  This website in danger of destruction because of ROSE and most corrupt FBI-AG-USAGOV rouge criminal terrroist agents we have already showcased on

     Congressional, FBI, AG, DOJ, + DOD Investigations MUST be completed with Press Conferences NOW.  Protect + find + fund Keith today !

    All National Debts can easily be paid off in less than one year with these universal legal transfer of criminal wealth using eVOTE.ONE. All mega  Corporations reformed with the 3 base solutions found sub-pages here.

  One single Constitutional Mandate Commandments unify all mankind eliminating all corruption and crime at one time. Your New World society is UNIocracy.ORG that prevents all political corruption and identifies all crime networks BY, FOR, and OF our people with one single open public un-hackable database FOIA.ONE eVOTE.ONE are 4 By-Pass Constitutional Laws that unify mankind by returning full control, ownership, and communication of all assets and knowledge bases back to +7.7 Billion our unified people.

   I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA), + my teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  You claim the same by joining SolutionPeace = UNIocracy New Society.

    July 31, 2019  Ephesians 3:20-21  READ and DEAL with true reality. WW4 destroys humanity by orders of the criminal ruling elite who already control all aspects of our communications, banks, stock market, trade, travel, military, police, judicial and political systems. NO ONE but a few truly fearlessly protect the rights of others as we have proclaimed and decreed your new world society is created by ACTION of our human right advocates who are messianic messengers sent by our Mutual Creator to reform unify world by teaching everyone to eliminate all crime networks once and forever.  Since I violated no laws (except occassional traffic tickets), who will claim the over $1 Billion USD owed to my estate from the USA GOV individuals and criminal terrorists who are backing ROSE who infiltrated almost all USA GOV agencies and mega corporations with  Anyone or ALL.

March 16, 2019.  Keith is un-resolved victim of super criminal Robert Dee Rose, his own Duncan clan, his own lawyers, and persecuted BY the FBI AG and Judges because I delivered all crime evidence and anti-crime methods TO the USA gov starting way back in 2007, actually 1976 N.C.S.U. Raleigh N.C. engineered new world society. After +900 days in Hell-Jail based on 100% all evidence points at over 100 criminals, HOW can FBI AG actually claim NO CRIME was committed Norfolk VA 4:11cr112, Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99, 11.1.7683.99 and original 4 times forged robbery report I filed Marietta P.D. GA 1.11.2506 on Feb 4, 2011. This was used BY my own lawyers, judges, Norfolk VA ADA Dee Sterling, and all others including fired USA AG Sally Q Yates (illegally signed on Dec 13, 2011) to illegally arrest me 3 times and criminally hold me for 858 days violating every single one of MY + YOUR basic civil and social rights to total repayment restitution and Justice.  I have been personally persecuted for 11 years now by ROSE and others so ROSE , Ms. Bashama, and others could steal over $1.2 Million USD of my homes, assets, bank accounts, 401K, and billions of $$$ intellectual property. Rose owes me over $300,000 USD Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010, IRS WBFeb2009, 658 worth over $8 Million USD in rewards + more.

   March 1, 2019. Crime solved forever with 100% Direct eDemocracy All +7.7 Billion of my people BENEFIT as all middle class small business owners. eVOTE.ONE is the most powerful UNIFICATION methods to empower humanity to control, own, and manage all wealth-assets Information using FOIA.ONE = single standard Open Public Database of all world knowledge + Wisdom. Millions of new DUAL citizen residents will soon arrive to build 1,000's of new all digital creative communities in the most rich natural resource region in the world. Expats will be pre-qualified to 100% own their new single family homes and small business properties.  The mega slums of all nations are quickly vacated creating right of way for all free transportation subways, high speed trains, free bus service, and new water and energy corridors including  SolutionHousing.ORG + all others. provides free world Internet and phone service + free education any level K through-elementary, then High School and University to ensure our young people become our new world society leaders.
   All crime is eliminated and prevented by FOIA.ONE one open public database knowledge storehouse of WHO is WHO and WHO owns WHAT.  All legal contracts, bids, laws, and legal agreements are stored in this public repository so that no crime can go undetected and unpunished once the answer is used to investigate all political and underground networked crime groups. Organized crime only thrives by extortion and embedding themselves inside our government agencies and databases. With auto face recognition of original =, no one can EVER criminally cyber crime assume the identity of anyone else.  Anti-Fraud departments are eliminated as prevention stops the crimes at time of commission. Photo/Video conference call confirmation will be a requirement for authorization approval of any key business transaction so NO one can defraud anyone and hide from immediate prosecution. These authenticate / authorization transactions are stored in write once, read public FOIA.ONE
   By default, all existing government and corporate structures are replaced by UNIocracy.ORG and Profit Share Holders found at with one new world currency
   Millions of self-entitlement laws, contracts, legal agreements are quickly nullified as invalid and non-binding. This is part of that enforces total integrity of all lawyers and judicial officials worldwide.

Feb 16-Present, 2018  Senator David Perdue (GA-USA) directly called and emailed commanding for massive Congressional Action Investigations NOW along with immediate demands of FBI AG to protect keith's life while ROSE is seized and his mega Millions of crime assets turned over to you, my people. is new world system showcasing WHY I went to USA Military Langley VA Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011 on #1 Intl Security threats created by ROSE and all cyber crime terrorists who have infiltrated corporations and government databases.  His published response (email) claims they REFUSE to engage in any legal matter as they are NOT authorized to intervene. That ALONE is a published example our Senators and Congress are ruling elite as the FBI AG and other agencies collapse from the pure cyber crime terrorism that destroys our world. NO ONE LEFT who actually upholds existing Laws and Protects the rights of all my 7.6 billion People.

  Call ALL Senators, Presidents, Congress, DOJ, DOD, world leaders to protect keith's #1 Tech Crusader teams now.

    Feb 14, 2019  USA Gov will collapse because of cyber crime terrorists and the Criminal Ruling Elite.  USA Gov + FBI owes Keith Press Conferences and public apology exonerate Keith personally for 900 days of pure hell jail based on Robert Dee Rose. USA GOV owes me over $500 Million USD in real and punitive damages for attempted murder based on all facts that my teams consult with world military and leaders this entire time. The FBI AG protects terrorist ROSE since Nov 2010 Atlanta debriefings at headquarters including IRS Whistle Blower FEB 2009, 658 worth over $8 Million USD rewards. This is also WHY ROSE kidnapped me 4 times.

  Feb 2, 2019  Command Congressional Investigations + hosted Press Conferences by our world leaders to finally deploy these cross indexed only solution methods.

  The national news media and public can easily see these are the new world systems of conformity and all middle class freedom lovers who destroy the crime networks in record time to prevent self destruction caused by marital law and wars of all types.  When ENOUGH PEOPLE finally command FBI AG USA gov to protect me and DEBRIEF the evidence signed by so many, my teams will now be famous for being top anti crime activists of total social peace and justice.

Jan 12, 2018  Keith returned to Manila as #1 Intl hero keynote speaker crusader. Contact National Press, World Leaders, all churches + civic groups, DOJ, Military, FBI, AG, and all corporations now !

This is the final answer for mankind to UNIFY. Otherwise holocaust apocalypse occurs cyber crime. is the final Law for humanity of 10 commandments + Human Bill of Rights.  This eliminates over 80% of existing 'loophole' criminal profiteering laws forever.

BELOW is the new 'Keiths Rules of Order' that teaches ALL groups at all levels how to solve any problem. Then, almost no government or corporate enterprises will ever be needed again. Our people rule forever.

    Wars (, Cyber crime and FOIA.ONE, Political corruption all now become history and never again tolerated.  Protect Keith's life NOW by contacting all top Press + world leaders for them to contact Keith Duncan #1 top Evangelist crusader teams today. Protect Keith + his teams' lives and assets today as we have been most severely persecuted because of these world saving solutions. We have been falsely imprisoned for +900 Days while our assets sold off by Forged Power of Attorney and false witness (slander and libel) of +85 individuals all tied to super criminals Robert Dee Rose Only prime requirement per ROSE is to put him on Death ROW today with $2 Million USD bounty reward from the IRS Whistle Blower Feb 2009, case 658 worth over $8 Million USD in direct payout rewards per IRS terms original turnover to of massive tax evasion money laundering crime enterprises of ROSE. is the final Biblical based solutions to solve all world issues at your voting directives. is the ONLY 100% direct eDemocracy system to liberate +7.6 billion GODs people in record time.

  Deliver these to all TOP WORLD LEADERS and News Media experts TODAY!  Most critical is Protecting Keith Duncan's life, assets, and intellectual property as everyone benefits in GOD's most holy name reformation peace that replaces all known forms of government and corporations. reforms all Business.

   Dec 26, 2018. Trillions of real $$ USD/Euros transferred back to my people with direct eDemocracy universal standard direct funding. Contact Keith and his teams to learn all aspects.

     SolutionPeace solves all world issues, conflicts, wars at the local community level. No more Government or Dynasty Corporations + underground crime networks can logically exist once our people are in full command. EVote.ONE Decisions by, for, of our people in open public database FOIA.ONE now direct fund all projects for our benefit. No more taxes, politics, or crime networks can exist. UNITYurl below is HOW all communities resolve all issues by acting locally while fearlessly protecting the human rights of all others with 

All World Leaders + Churches + Broadcast News Media Networks must HOST required PRESS CONFERENCES.  The USA GOV at all levels + all Other Nations, Corporations, News Media, Churches, + PUBLIC has NO option but to immediately Contact + Find + Escort keith duncan to protect his rights and host immediate Press Conferences to complete deployment of each world saving answer solution starting with  EVOTE.ONE ->

Our NGO teams mission focus has been to fill Stadiums with 7.6 billion of our people real time broadcasting.


   Interpol contacted 46 times Jan 7, 2015 to present on how to prevent crimes in 1st place using auto-face recognition bio-metrics of WHO is WHO + Who Owns What. All world citizen direct decisions are now broadcast over so direct funding goes to education, roads, hospitals, medical, energy, water, marketplaces, and basic infrastructure now owned and controlled by our citizens. The most extreme crime sprees continue against my people caused by pure predatory greed and who controls the flow of information. FBI AG and other law enforcement judicial agencies are about to collapse for individuals committing crimes and subsequent full scale coverups. Potential energy converts to kinetic energy with pure action of 7.6Billion our people.  End times becomes new world times once everyone sees and believes the prime truths of Duncan.  Nothing can stop this most powerful reform unification action movement. Nothing at all.  Connection networking is key uniformity with new world standards.

   Every time a crime is reported, the victim(s) now go with civic/church, Police or Military to face the criminal and have them immediately arrested to stand trial using

The starting point for creating your new world society is using unification with Constitutional Laws with ONE Intl Human Bill of Rights to ensure mankind fearlessly protects the rights of all others to the end of eternity.

   Historical Oct 4, 2018 arrival in Atlanta GA is restart of World wide Mass Protest rallies to command FBI AG USA Gov Host Press Conferences on HOW to UNIFY world with these UNIocracy.ORG solution methods eVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE solve ALL issues as our entire world is now 100% decision based Singular DIRECT DEMOCRACY.  All World leaders have been commanded to Host Press Conferences to unify mankind. Otherwise they will selectively be isolated by eVOTE.ONE and to reform and replace United Nations. Now Free Trade, travel, trust is the hallmark of your new Commandments, Human Bill of Rights, and enforce temporary InterNation Trade Agreements.

    eVOTE.ONE is the only to ensure Humanity's legacy survival from the Criminal Ruling Elite. Join to command all governments remove all criminals from society.  Senator Abner Afhang Campaign. Jan 19, 2019.  Former Mayor Abner Afuang is also retired PNP Police and NBI Criminal Investigator. He is running for Philippines Senate May 2019 elections based on his platform of eliminating political dynasty corruption and restoring all civil rights to our citizens. . We interviewed him in Alabang today. He is one of the most intelligent astute humanitarians we have meet in our +4 year full time ministries. His first Senate law will be lie detector tests for any political leader to filter out those who personally and criminally profiteer on our citizens.  He also advocates Death Sentence as the best deterrent for political money embezzlement and other crimes against the government people.
These World Changing SOLUTIONS are uses Domain of Internet to teach GOD's Truth of how to Prevent Corruption and crimes in first place. Now on his way to Asia, JerUSAlem, the Vatican, and Europe to complete his God centered ministries with consulting entity of and to put and back on all international markets.
  Broadcast to everyone to use and create their own new World Order ERA3 using as their primary model. Details on and viewable on along with many other websites. Search Internet for BuiltByKeith to help KEITH change the world one RelationSHIP at a time, just like Keith's GOD-FATHER CHRIST JESUS. For the CRIMINALS are REAL and live by manipulating our own DATA and behavior to steal our assets. The has always been to LOVE and CARE for EACH OTHER to remove Profit, Motive, and Opportunity to take advantage of anyone. It has always been this simple.
   Contact Keith Duncan 63-9173354300 Manila, DEMAND USGOV take down and each criminal lawyer, Judge, Prosecutor, District Attorneys and even Federal Employees who all KNEW Keith was Kidnapped 4 times and NOT-ONE SINGLE person has every represented KEITH's legal rights to JUST recover any of his STOLEN $1.2 Million USD assets, including HIS OWN pre-PAID lawyers shown on is THE PRIME comprehensive that identifies and removes corrupt people from leadership at all levels of society.   Who contacts KEITH now and GRANTS him SOVEREIGN Ambassador Immunity so KEITH can complete HIS GOD-Centered Ministries NOW.

  Tens of thousands of my people already divinely visited + contacted, NOW spread these only answer solutions to all +7.6 Billion of my=our UNIONIST people.

SolutionMilitary.COM prevents ALL wars by 1 military 100% peace keeper Criminal Investigators so NO 'STUPID' President, Congress, or terrorist group can ever restart nuclear holocaust.  All criminals and are now man hunted in days/weeks worldwide using auto-face recognition bio-metrics with bounties on each head offered by all their collective victims. This PREVENTS further crimes as all criminals and corrupt politicians and bad executives will scream 'BLOODY MURDER' that their crime assets are seized by order of their victims and turned OVER to build tens of thousands of new all digital creative communities to unload all mega slums worldwide. provides FREE World Wide Internet to Humanity starting at all public schools and FREE education to any top level University degree including all tuition, room and board basic living costs. 

     SolutionHousing.ORG solves all world poverty issues forever direct funded BY, FOR, and OF (using)all criminal assets seized with these new world society methods. Quote of the Designated Survivor keith of Cyber crime terrorists is "Loyalty is a consequence of leadership. Leadership is a touchstone of competence".  Incompetent persons are banished by 100% decision based eVote.ONE society.  Salvation by self actuated metaphysics is the only answer taken by Fearless ACTION by our 100% merit people.

    Each of the only answer solutions showcased By-Passes all forms of existing corporation and government corrupted systems to return all decision making power back to my/our +7.6 billion people. returns full control and ownership of all GOD's loaned assets back to OUR people. kBitCoins.ORG creates MLE = Money Less Economy with one Credit-Debit Currency System of barter exchange market system free of taxes and government/corporate insider crime profiteering. Everyone Profits based on ability to work for benefit of others while showing all transactions, expenses, and profits.  No secrets means that NO CRIMES can go unpunished immediately by simple use of honest  With eVOTE.ONE, All criminal ruling elite are banished by the Will of Majority of Large numbers = us.

   Rage = Wrath at Human Rights Violations + Injustice is universal. UNIocracy.ORG is the ONLY answer Full Peace.

  Keith's Rules of Order.  

   Click: Simple 5 Step meetings UNIFIES each community forever with: 

   Each community/church hosts meetings as scheduled through EVOTE.ONE or on demand in case of any citizen uprising of issues. 

A. Upon entering the meeting place, each person signs joint agreement they are to be banished from the forum if the majority votes them out. A Moderator is elected by all those present (local or online through EVOTE.ONE).

B. The moderator asks two simple questions as a scribe records the meeting minutes, preferably by VIDEO and Open CTV.

   1. What do you love-like about our village (district)? State who is responsible for the best benefits of our community. 

   2. What issues, problems, conflicts do you want to address?  A paired solution is also key part of any presentation topic. 
C. The moderator (or elected Sergeant at Arms) can call for a VOTE by requesting hand vote for agree, neutral, or disagree.  Fast method is thumbs UP(YES), thumbs DOWN (NO), or flat hand pointed at vote counter.  Ideally, anyone who sponsor/poses a critical issue must also provide the solution answer and method to accomplish.

   Based on Roberts Rules of Order, the group votes to agree by majority rule by voting one of these three logical choices: 

   I. ADOPT and implement the issue solution answer. (Thumbs UP = YES) 

   II. Table the issue for later research and discussion. (Flat Hand) 

   III. Agree to ignore or NOT accept. (Thumbs DOWN = NO)   Alternative: Use Mobile App to eVOTE results projected on front LCD screen.

D. All benefit from Majority Will of our People as we now become empowered to control and maintain total peace, order, and harmony.  Few taxes are ever needed again and old governments collapse as they are now obsolete.


RULE 1: The meeting starts on time. The group can vote to 'lock out' anyone who does not arrive before scheduled time.

RULE 2: Anyone who speaks out of turn may be banished from the room by vote agreement and are escorted out of the forum.

RULE 3: Anyone who is deemed a hypocrite chronic complainer or is personally profiteering from the issue can be voted OUT.

RULE 4: Anyone who fails to provide the answer solution for their stated complaint issue may be voted OUT.

RULE 5: Only one person indicated may talk/present in order of their hand raise (or electronic raising of flag if remote OCTV.

RULE 6:  If Majority gives THUMBS down (dynamically), the presenter must sit down and BE QUIET. This eliminates time burners.

RULE 7:  Anyone can call for a VOTE to replace the Moderator or Sergent of Arms by majority rule.  This prevents anyone from dominating, controlling, or disrupting the discussion forum.  Our young adults are the Best choices for these two key roles as they are seldom jaded or brain-washed as so many of our elders.

  Now when each community solves their base issues by majority will of the people, they collectively use the HIVE principal to conduct all business including building and maintaining all free schools, hospitals, clean water, housing, elimination of all crime/vice/drugs, and any other collective issue that affect their social grace justice village at any level. This world saving-changing method applies to ANY group of ANY size, including entire nations and world. Our new world society is hereby named UNIocracy using these simple ordained and GODly divined methods. Our entire world now reverts back to the Garden of Eden Paradise that my-our GodFather created intended. Partner members of our new world society are collectively known as UNIONISTS or Freedmen.

   Our world now uses open free public barter trading supply/demand exchange using and with kBitCoins.ORG to create open free market travel eCommerce system free of crime.

Netflix has 'Explained' series named 'Cryptocurrency'.  FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE are block chain with becoming worlds last open free market and trade currency.  No more control by governments or bankers = mobsters.  Direct market barter exchange is the true world new market answer. All engineered by 'keith brent duncan' (DOB 1958-08-08) AKA who is your one true = GodSendKeith.ORG Divined Emissary. creates ONE new world society Military so no rogue President, Congress, Bankster, or criminal network can ever order civil war attacks on other sovereign free trade and travel nations of UNIocracy.

    ALL governments are COMMANDED to divide and issue title of all Federal and State owned land to be OWNED by our people. Only exception is open common parks owned by the local villages, states, or national parks that are NEVER to be sold or used UNLESS by EVOTE.ONE common majority VOTE.

  WE now OWN all of GOD's resources, never again will the criminal ruling elite DOMINATE anyone....

    'Act with the Authority of my Fearless people to protect the Rights of all others.' That is our joint world mission statement of Love and Caring.

    NO ONE can EVER DENY your rights again as your new world society is created by EVOTE.ONE under 1 new world database = 100% decision based run For, Of, and By all my-our 7.6B people. This solves + prevents ALL human right violations all at ONE time. By blockChain, this is unbreakable. destroy need for existing stock markets, bank-sters, inside trading by Creating all new world society of small business owners and middle class. This destroys all criminal ruling elite and cyber criminals.  No more world poverty, hunger or crime.

   The most Famous All Media Press Release Call for World Leader Conferences is above top Left PDF. All world leaders MUST debrief each other TODAY at all levels to PREVENT world self-genocide caused by the most dangerous terrorists of all, the cyber crime super masterminds lead by Robert Dee Rose,

NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again!  eVote.ONE creates Utopia free of crime.

  Quote from GodSendKeith.ORG Duncan "Everything is under your control now".  NO MORE TAXES, POLITICS, DRUG-ENERGY World Wars, Martial Law Genocide. Rage-Wrath at injustice is universal. No more any civil rights violations or need for ANY Banks, Money EX-changers, Brokers, and NO more Worker UNIONS exist as our mutual world is now one all small business owner run so no government or corporate gangsters can slave trade and genocide my people. No more Super Rich Criminal Family Tycoon Dynasties. NO more Corrupt Politicians, Liar-Lawyer Judges, terrorists, STRIKES, Riots, Civil Bankster Wars, Martial Law, Nuclear Holocaust or any other crime against humanity.


  World Last ReBroadcast for INTL Press Conferences : is the ONLY world Constitution Mandate Charter that PREVENTS all crimes at point of transaction using Free-WiFi and the supporting centerstone methods of solving each of the worst issue/conflicts/problems of humanity.  We now have all Free Public Education, almost free single family SolutionHousing.ORG, free trade/travel/trust when anyone can hold any office or corporate position anywhere without any need for visa, passport, or trade restriction as long as  95% of their super facebook network connections URL Link they are trustworthy and no pending criminal or civil actions that are unresolved. Banksters are no longer viable as eliminates all ID and cyber crime theft.  

       Our entire world now own and use Free WIFI to video talk to ANYONE, all 7.6 billion of our people. With OCTV, no criminal in their 'right' mind would commit any crime knowing our community is WATCHING online...  This alone puts $2 Million USD bounty Rose = on Death ROW by action since Robert Dee ROSE (DOB 1971-04-01) ("Running with the Roses" mega Yacht) + terrorists have already infiltrated virtually and literally all Gov and Corporate databases and entities with rogue criminal agents including exAG Sally Yates + all terrorists running  He started the worst Crimes against Humanity back in 1995 timeframe as a career terrorist. 

   WE now OWN all of GOD's resources, never again will the criminal ruling elite DOMINATE anyone....  

When will any/all Leaders + Broadcast Media Networks actually HOST required PRESS CONFERENCES.

 July 27, 2018. I am GONE for 2 weeks on final world mission UNIocracy.ORG.  DUTERTE on TV-RADIO today describing exactly what UNIocracy.ORG does. UNIFICATION. My own BROTHER DOUG DUNCAN is a criminal (most would use word terrorist) for what HE did to me Feb 2012 RIGHT before I was to be DUMPED on street then.  Norfolk VA4:11cr112 signed by AG Sally Yates (criminal) started NEXT kidnapping conspiracies by Atlanta GA JUDGE who decided based on my own SON KYLE + DOUG to kidnap me AGAIN for 2 years based on fact my HOME was ROBBED and I already REPORTED and COMMANDED USA GOV arrest ROSE and Ms. BASHAMA (Tammy Fay Auston). Basis is Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 as NO stalking violation COULD have occurred since NO firearm was involved THEN, or NOW  ..    WHERE IS my demonstration, antique 12 gauge shotgun taken by FORCE by ATF William Banks. I already commanded HE BE arrested years ago for convincing Grand Jury Foreman that I did ??  WHAT...   At on the highest mission of ANTI CRIME missions of all time by a SINGLE true MAN of GOD, keith brent duncan..  You MAY not hear from me again for reasons I have already shown world.  WHY?  why not.....

July 22, 2018.  Assassinations are PREVENTED. Contract killing of my friend Mayor Ferdie Bote over a CONTRACT construction dispute held BACK by Ferdie.  I am direct stating that FOIA.ONE will be used to quickly IDENTIFY any criminal action by Open Circuit TV and ability to show Criminal Networks as reported BY, FOR, and OF all citizens. This I post to world to FINALLY debrief/consult with WORLD leaders DESPITE all the massive crimes committed against myself and my teams TO DENY our rights to GIFT these to all humanity. 

CLICK:  SolutionHousing.ORG about General Tinio New World Society.

REPOST post Approvals of all. Everyone HATES politics and taxes. Eliminated forever with EVOTE.ONE creates our new world society UNIocracy.ORG run FOR, BY, and OF our 7.6 collective people who VOTE on WHERE the assets are used to serve and protect ourselves while Protecting the rights of all other nations. YES. Collective Ministries that unify mankind are driven.  July 20, 2018. Political appointments are a CRIME with new EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE as our people NOW control and manage all decisions and command each leader WHAT are top priorities to restore GOD”S E.D.E.N. of paradise by seizure of all stolen crime assets with  use of is now standard operating practice to empower all groups to SOLVE THEIR VERY OWN issues with  All religions now UNIFY as cooperative ministries with =
  REPOST to all: Take to WORLD leaders + Mass Media NOW. Revolutionary All digital society free trade and travel with ZERO crime.  
#ignite2018 New World Society Engineered AI evote.ONE empowers 7.6B to CONTROL and run all aspects of UNIocracy.ORG. FREE world WIFI and FREE University degrees. AT conf now
      Critical we talk. I;m at ignite.PH now as Forefounder of NEW world AI driven EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE UNIocracy.ORG. Cell (63)9173354300 as part of world RE Education on HOW to eliminate all politics and ALL crime. When can we meet? keith Duncan
   Digital funding for startups Forum discussion. You should BE here. Many angel investors + startups. Pure Supply demand construction by finding BEST Mentors to avoid pitfalls to be FIRST to MARKET.  #ignite2018 @ap #igniteph2018
Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + keith + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and Equality. Everyone must FEARLESSLY PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database
     These simple 4 ByPass Laws Change World history. No one can ever deny your rights with perfected checks/balances.
1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable.2. Any leader is  voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is retro active punishment for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent.
3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do. No more appointed officials who are criminally prostituted with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.

4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to FOIA.ONE.


Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.   No more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials OR Judges. No more Passport-Visas needed with FOIA.ONE = Free Trade, Travel, + Trust is the UNIocracy.ORG final result.
Elimination of all Political Corruption + Majority rule of any Party control is the only answers to transform all society. No more elite family dynasties, Congressional Hearings, Impeachments, or waste of mega billions man hours of time to remove those who our citizens identify as criminally profiteering. This is the New World Society of UNIocracy.ORG. No more paper fraud elections or ID thefts ever again!  No more poverty, war, genocide, hunger, and crimes against humanity.  Everyone in world uses their unique Intl ID in block chain Open Public Database FOIA.ONE of WHO is WHO, Who owns What(all assets listed), all elections, decisions of our people, all legal agreements, contracts, bids, Criminal Investigations, and rating system of WHO is 'saved' honest versus unrepentant criminals who are now man hunted by OCTV + eDevices over FreeMax Wifi with auto-face recognition gifted to Interpol + World back on Jan 14, 2015. Interpol + all others still REFUSE to respond, which is true crime.
    Now anyone can run for any leadership position in any nation independent of birth origin. No Primaries, No billion $$$ campaigns of taxpayer assets, no Media war chests that only profit secret mogul propagandist cabal family dynasties, No political party election manipulation, and No criminal buy-in campaign contributions using Corporate or secret assets + Promises.
Now our entire world becomes one middle class of all small business owners that selectively eliminates all 'Criminal Ruling Elite' and prevents all homeless, poverty, hunger, orphans, abuse of children/Seniors/Women/disadvantaged/handicapped/disabled as we all FEARLESSLY Act with AUTHORITY of RIGHTEOUSNESS to Protect the Rights of All Others.
     Request EVERYONE to directly contact all top news media and TOP government officials to REPLACE all corrupt leaders NOW as is also RETRO ACTIVE effective to BOOT out anyone who refuses to fearlessly serve and protect OUR PEOPLE, not their own back pocket graft laden family dynasties. NOW my world evangelist teams can FINALLY travel to fill up stadiums of our people to teach them HOW to be Technology Entrepreneurs by creating enforceable Legally binding contracts at all levels recorded in INTL open public sourced FOIA.ONE. Keith
From Duncan eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE creates our world's LAST Intl Constitution = human Bill of Rights Eliminates all nation civil wars with to create New WOrld of all small biz owners  Every single world conflict=issue solved and prevented use of Solution5sTeps.COM. The key is Intl Press Conferences caused by mass publicity TO the National NEWS MEDIA, top gov officials and through our religious leaders. Nothing else has ever succeeded in destruction of the family tycoon dynasties that were mostly built on criminal profiteering consPIRACY theft of intellectual property, databases of OUR private information, and perversion of our very own Gov officials and scalawag Police.

    WHO DO YOU KNOW to take these answer solutions TO our 7.6 billion people. as SolutionHousing.ORG driven by free hiSpeed Internet and FREE university education for all our people. is total world tort legal reform elimination of all appointed judges and officials. All elected and can be millionaires and protected AFTER they fearlessly protect and serve our people. WHEN do we meet your network of Professors and top GOV officials?  Keith Duncan.

 Most critical new Debrief with WORLD LEADERS MUST occur to prevent world destruction NOW!.  Other top officials including DOE and Senator staff invited to FINALLY host Press Conferences to rebuild ALL world economies.  Can you attend?  

      Contact and Contract Duncan today. Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila 1/2 block north USA Embassy as keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams.  Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly his teams to your places of greatest needs so we can collectively fill stadiums with World Leaders of UNIocracy.ORG New World Society.   

   This is the ONLY pure Viral Mass Education system to UNIFY all mankind.  EVERYONE must now ACTIVATE my people at all levels to RISE UP to purge all crime networks. They ALL fall at one time once National News Media rebroadcasts anything..... the URL links do the rest.... to UNIFY all of mankind.  This was always the most POWERFUL Reform Peace REVOLUTION ever.  Contact ALL GOV leaders, PRESS, and CEOSPACE.NET now.

  Now All law enforcement, FBI, CIA, HLS, NBI, Interpol, and most police are REPLACED by One World Society independent Law enforcement officials (or any OCTV citizen) who get instant bonus pay for auto face recognition of any criminal broadcast to world on


 Historical April 15, 2018 entry made near top of TAX days are ended forever as demonic crime manipulation of all stock markets is ended with using kBitCoins.ORG unification answer as one International standard supply and demand exchange barter currency. Every day I recruit teams, contact top officials +church leaders, even call and email USA GOV specific people.

      Our GodLess LawLess society is current reality as stock markets crash and rise, man made disasters of historical monumental destructive events continue to occur. all because my people are self-entitlement brain washed cult uneducated masses who idol worship anything that think will bring them immediate gratification end means. These NEW replacement systems wipe out the profit motive and opportunities of criminals and low level lackeys to take advantage of anyone. Every new system uses computer science technology original method of to WIPE the slate clean and build new simple systems of laws that benefit all.......

      The basis for creation of your new world society starts with and ends with total peace and social justice peace harmony using Answer Solutions of using World Leader Consultant services and products of Crusader Evangelist teams. Now you=we fearlessly protect the rights of all others with one Universal Standard Constitution. 


March 4, 2018   putsch;  pooCH/ Noun defined as: “a violent attempt to overthrow a government.” ROSE and other top Corporate and USA Gov officials are about to overthrow our very own governments worldwide. This I accidentally discovered fall of 2007, did the most extensive forensic legal research and personally delivered every single crime evidence to Atlanta 5 counties of police, my 10 lawyers, the courts, then IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, and Military in that EXACT order. This was the PRIME reason WHY the USA GOV will debrief my teams, apologize with Hosted Press Conferences, return every penny of my stolen assets, restore my $500 Million USD Intellectual Property rights, and protect my teams with Military and Gov top world leader support since that is THEIR divined ordained destiny to eliminate all crime once and forever with the multitude of Only common sense answer methods that benefit everyone by immediate punishment of any criminal who refuses to surrender to our integrity driven Crusaders of True Righteousness.  There has never been any reason to suspend these world changing broadcasts for past +10 years as I have humbly asked GOD to return me to heaven because of the impending Holocaust of WW4 caused by the current world plague of WW3 Cyber crime Terrorism.

    Everyone: Call the FBI, TRUMP, literally world + new Attorney General Christopher Carr in Atlanta GA.  Easy to contact. Ask to speak DIRECTLY NOW to him+ Chief of Staff.  Since this was a LOCAL terrorist attack by ROSE in 2008, HE can be INTL hero for simply CONTACTING Keiths team back. Same applies to everyone ELSE, who has ANY authority at all.  Office of the Attorney General 40 Capitol Square, SW  Atlanta, Ga 30334   Phone:  (404) 656-3300.   Beth Burton and Travis Johnson are #1 top persons for YOU and others to contact.    Travis attends BuckHead Church as HE can directly contact Pastor Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church. SO CAN YOU.

        Anyone who VIOLATES any law or DEFRAUDS another, is almost INSTANTLY convicted by, for , and OF the will of their victims as well as the GENERAL PUBLIC. THAT alone will finally MOTIVATE YOU and world to DO as I COMMAND....

  Our evangelist teams + you shall now travel the world teaching ALL how to eliminate all crime and unify mankind. WHO Joins and Uses is the battle cry of all our people...  Our world now uses to solve ANY issue/conflict from now to end eternity of Heaven or Hell. Your New World Society UNIOCRACY is created by eVOTE.ONE to fully empower my +7.6 B people as 100% decision based society free of all political and under ground crime network using . NGO-INC showcases these broadcast only answer divined/ordained R&D forensic based copyrighted Intellectual Property solutions. All other systems have failed because crime families infiltrate any new form of governments.  Total World Peace ONLY occurs with these self-sustainable methods to enforce integrity at all levels to the end of Eternity.

  Our people of UNIocracy now OWN everything of GOD's loaned assets. No more politics, taxes, criminal investigations needed ever again. Our will of Majority of all People concerned on Social Peace + Justice pass open court forum judgment on those who refuse to surrender their criminally acquired assets by Manhunting them down with Open Circuit TV free network we OWN since everyone loves real time drama of chasing down identified bio-metric tracked criminals as 1st responder get the rewards on their listed heads offered by their collective victims.  We now own all energy, water, markets, stock exchanges, banks, telecom, + free hospital/medical care, free public schools to any level and enjoy free trade and travel without need for any PassPort, VISA, regulation restrictions, or taxes of red paper tape conspiracies that all enrich the Criminal Ruling Elite.  All who OPPOSE any of these only world saving answer solutions now automatically identify themselves as criminal profiteering since they refuse to provide a best working answer that benefits all others. Law Enforcement is now handled by independent Criminal Investigators backed up by using as the ONLY standard to unify mankind by eliminating all the cyber crime terrorists and paper crimes of

    Our entire world now supports and protects our REFORM UNIFICATION #1 powerful answer solution society by fearlessly protecting all legal and civil culture rights of all others as long as no basic tenants of GOD/Allahs laws are violated. keith duncan is clearly #1 philanthropist visionary evangelist of all time by his(my) ability to teach our entire world HOW to conduct 100% enforced business, family, community, government 100% open visible and accountable financial and legal integrity based transactions our entire world can see as HONEST, Practical, most efficient and beneficial supply and demand systems of total social justice and world peace.

      Rage-Wrath at injustice is universal. The Ability to Strike back is NOW.  WIth EVOTE.ONE all victims can put collective reward on any criminals head and have them MANHUNTED straight into HELL JAIL. they can never escape and can never HIDE. All ROSE's and criminals KNOW this and was part of the reason I was kidnapped +3 times.... by AntiChrist ROSE and specifically identified rogue agents of USA GOV + others... 

       Only by empowering all my 7.6B people to actively report crime instantly with OCTV free wifi into Open Public Read Only database can all crime network dynasties to identified + eliminated by auto Face recognition bio-metrics. Only by Mass Publicity will this Final Peace Revolution occur to replace ALL existing forms of corrupted government and MonkeyKings.INFO corporate by-law charters with that is the Mandated Constitutional World Charter for all of mankind. This UNIFIES our world 100% positive in my FatherGOD's Holy name by teaching all how to enforce Integrity of all. The worlds last unified cooperative ministries protect all rights of all others with the simple use of (since everyone passes judgment on all others, now this is LEGAL !).  Dead silence from all directly contacted. Again and again from entire world. Sodom, Gomorrah, Jericho all at one time. SOLVED in GOD's holy name forever with EVOTE.ONE as humanity becomes 100% decision based economy that WE own, never the criminal ruling elite who are SEIZED and banished if they fail to prove their income sources and have paid taxes on every single asset. The timeline final results of ALL history changes when my people RISE up to replace all existing forms of corrupt government and corporate vice crimes with the ONLY answer solution series known to world as UNIocracy run by one Intl Open Public Database 

  All of humble keiths Evangelist Crusader teams lead our entire world back into GOD"s Paradise of Eden = as our Intellectual Value is in excess of $10 Billion USD, more in all world currencies of

     In fall of 2011 I had the USPTO.GOV published patent on the Selfy Stick as worlds Last All Digital Classroom and Educational system. I was positioned to own world wide Patent and distribution rights worth excess of $500 Million in just 3-4 years . WHERE are ANY of my Intellectual NONE SECRET  PATENT RIGHTS?  Most are in hands of Terrorist ROSE and all others who robbed my homes so so many times.

   Privacy demands of anyone automatically shows they have something of criminal nature to HIDE. Our New World Society has NO SECRETS. Therefore NO crimes will go unpunished for more than a few hours or days.....   Solved forever with + + Barter Stock Exchange + + all Others on clearinghouse of all answers...

  PRESS CONFERENCES are the #1 original, past, and NOW requirements. FOCUS world on benefits to all OTHERS using CEOSPACE.NET + SaviorKeith's Master Teaching methods. THEN we finally UNIFY all in GOD's Holy Name. All benefit in all ways and means as we now OWN all assets, infrastructure, with free trade, travel, and enforced integrity using these ONLY answer solutions to REFORM as one humanity with almost zero crime vice sin.

   The USA GOV at all levels + all Other Nations, Corporations, News Media, Churches, + PUBLIC has NO option but to immediately Contact + Find + escort keith duncan to protect his rights and host immediate Press Conferences to complete deployment of each ONLY world saving answer solution starting with    EVOTE.ONE  

   Our world now uses open free public barter trading supply/demand exchange using Duncan Stock Exchange. creates ONE new world society Military so no rogue President, Congress, Bankster, or criminal network can ever order civil war attacks on other sovereign free trade and travel nations of UNIocracy.

    ALL governments are COMMANDED to divide and issue title of all Federal and State owned land to be OWNED by our people. Only exception is open common parks owned by the local villages, states, or national parks that are NEVER to be sold or used UNLESS by EVOTE.ONE common majority VOTE.

    WE now OWN all of GOD's resources, never again will the criminal ruling elite DOMINATE anyone....  


    Everyone MUST demand all Governments, Military, Corporations, PUBLIC protect Keith's life NOW as he is most humble GodSon of all humanity! These are the ultimate and only PRIME true Plans of self-Salvation 'Acts of Wisdom' gifted to you 7, 10, 41 years ago in Gods own time + mine (DOB 1958-Aug-15) to full fill prophecies. Soon all +7.5 billion of my people OWN and operate ALL land, homes, + infrastructure to destroy all crime tyranny dynasties forever. Each major commerce will now be cooperative owned and run by each community with EVOTE.ONE no secret New Society UNIocracy.

    This re-creates Gods Utopia including everyone now cooperative owns and operates ALL energy, banks, phone/internet/wifi, transportation, schools, shopping centers, common buildings, stock markets, water, all land/forest/farm home ownership. This destroys all super criminal elite slave trading enterprises forever. 

     Everyone joining this #1 open society are known as UNIONIST. All others are outcast by will of majority of all people as those who criminally profiteer because they refuse to cooperate for the common good of humanity.



  ### World Press Conference Releases. April 10, 2018.

     New Age of UNIocracy is: isocracies  a government in which all individuals have equal political power.  MONocracy is government by only one person; autocracy that is New World Order.  Which one does my world PREFER. Black or WHITE. Binary choice of ONLY ONE..... SINCE so many of you object on rumors and false witness from the criminals who did this to me, what can you actually DO to create MASS PUBLICITY.. Anything at all. FOR not a SINGLE lie is from my side as I have done NOTHING wrong, no violation, no tech violation, nothing to NOT uphold all International and USA laws.  you have NOT contacted thousands, only a few, since not a SINGLE time has anyone called me back to say they had any conversation with you, including email replies.  COLD hard facts is Robert Dee ROSE (  is behind the worst true conspiracies of infiltrating his very own clients, and you already found ??  by WHAT means?  that ROSE has hired a team of hackers to do WHAT?  you have never revealed ANYTHING that stands for ANY evidence to PUT ROSE IN HELL JAIL where he truly belongs +15 years ago.    
      NOT A SINGLE TIME DID ROSE SIGN ANYTHING, OR show ANY EVIDENCE in COURT or dispositions I did ANYTHING but SHOW ROSE"s very own evidence along with his business files.   the COBB COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171.99 was CANCELLED by Berry Vic Reynolds July 15, 2011 .  SO DAMN EVERYONE who ASSUMED any law was violated by myself when ROSE was always behind this most horrific THREATS to MY LIFE for the EVIDENCE I had then, during this period and NOW, has always been REVEALED to Law Enforcement, then my lawyers, then PUBLIC, then PRESS, and then MILITARY.  Most people with just a few of these false accusations would have committed Mass GENOCIDE with SUICIDE, but NEVER myself. I have threatened and/or stalked absolutely NO ONE my entire life. I remain the ONLY person who has spent THOUSANDS of manhours (and yes 10 years of DEDICATED) work full time (no pay of course), to SHOWCASE to WORLD the ONLY new world society that forever removes ALL crime networks all at one time so that No SERPENT ( known as HYDRA) head can ever be allowed to criminally exist from now until the end of time..        EVOTE.ONE drives YOUR new world society by systematic extermination of all sin-crime-vice, and LIARS once and forever...   DEAL with it as I have ZERO time for anyone shielding these criminals from prosecution and convictions by the MASSES of people who are joining my teams.  WHO are my teams?  few know since most disappear once I move to the next of MY very own FatherGOD's places of greatest needs.. . Feb 15, 2015. I state key date of April 1, 2015 that is HISTORICAL visit direct to EmmaUS, JerUSAlem, then ROME and is key antichrist DOB.   notice you said NOTHING, still you are USELESS because you say NOTHING of value or merit to anyone..   Comments then are STILL VALID, they are:  #339 Press release and world re broadcast. Feb 14, 2016. uses to teach our world how to remove all crime. Meet Marites Friginal, Keiths soon new soul se partner who travels our world teaching all how to build the strongest families and communities of faith. Call her immediately for Press Conferences and booking stadiums full of all people hungry for ultimate justice and equality with UNIocracy. Support these world ministries with while USA Government either collapses from total corruption for NOT honoring and hosting all these press conferences already hosted by OTHERS. 1 cor 13:13 for those who actually care about the rights of all others...... We are at Hong Kong Unification monument for meet and greet rally at harbor front 5 pm Sunday's.  Greetings year of the monkey translate into all languages. Greetings to all from Duncan in Hong King Kong again. The year of the monkey and gorilla is the corrupt politicians eating bananas with the pristine prostate prostitute criminals like Please ask everyone to do following. 1. call press News Desks as I have already done. Ask everyone to send emails to newspapers and everyone they know. Easy for them to get national recognition for first exclusive coverage of and as well as That creates 1-3 million new small business owner jobs in Philippines and more in all other countries. Thank you. Use and to find and support keith until USA government collapses or actually takes out all these criminals with and

   Still, after +10 years, I have YET to find but just a very few who SEE any true reality. Most object for any single word reasons and prevent ANY justice from being served by listening to FALSE lies of others and assuming that few can actually tell the TRUTH.  Institutionalized?  SURE works for the CRIMINALS for almost all crimes have been legalized including MURDER, Treason, Espionage, infiltration of so many bank, government, corporate databases, and ability to blackmail so many with the criminal assets stolen from their very own victims. That alone is HOW the most massive transfer of GOD's original wealth ends up in total control of the Criminal Ruling Elite, and the rest of my-GOD's world is enslaved and bombed with terrorist attacks that are so easy to occur. Just a push of a nerve gas agent, dirty bomb, poisoned water/air, toxin plaque, cut off of phone/energy/travel/trade with martial law. SO SO many ways for WORLD to truly EXPLODE.  all these divined and ordained methods are HOW to peacefully REPLACE all known forms of governments and corporations with a single unified standard system that ensures ALL my 7.6 billion people are equal opportunity to be MIDDLE class all small business owners.  I publish THESE 100% true truths, just like everything else. SO DEAL with it.  NOW, not claiming you are a convicted felon and no one will listen to simple common sense reason.......


Feb 7, 2018. Repeat world broadcast of the absolute truth.  This UNIocracy ONLY system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed by our PEOPLE demanding Justice be Served.

Feb 2, 2018.  In the ultimate ... meantime, everyone has defrauded me by breaking enforceable contracts under Constitutional Laws.   So much raw millions of USD cash (first of MINE), then theirs, for USA GOV to recover once a SINGLE criminal investigator from ANY law enforcement agency, and a SINGLE JUDGE at any level actually SIGNS the required and demanded arrest warrants based only on the signatures of each criminal. It's not even worth wasting the breadth of calling them a suspect or person of interest. They each were STUPIDLY incompetent to think their very own false witness testimony and ability to DESTROY certified court document evidence who prevent my people from finding them ALL guilty with EVOTE.ONE   The phrase 'honest lawyer' and/or 'honest judge' is indeed a true oxymoron with emphasis on moron. For THEIR judgement day is obvious with simple law of majority will of large numbers to put them into HELL-Jail for their very own crime sprees. The True requirement is for our entire world to find and protect Keith and his teams now.

    The Destruction of all crime networks, dynasty monopolies, corrupt corporation Executives occurs for all terrorists and cyber criminals starting with Robert Dee Rose + elimination of ALL secret databases that are already controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite. This equates to   UNIocracy total using these divined and ordained answers to each of mankind vice sin mass corruption self genocide of Holocaust WW4. The Holy Cost is the intellectual property of fore founding author Broadcast Journalist inventor keynote speaker Evangelist Crusader keith duncan who lives full time representing both GOD and all humanity as a/the true Messianic Messenger to teach mankind how to finally UNIFY as one New World Society free of all super rich therefore no poverty every again.  Contact ALL World Leaders,  PRESS, Corporations, PUBLIC through direct visits and viral social media to proclaim that EACH of YOU are FREE at last of all crime tycoons and nuclear/terrorist threats of self annihilation.  All in the Holy Spiritual Name of our mutual ONE GOD CREATOR I call FatherGod. All new UNIONIST members participate in 1% of all crime assets seized using these copyright Intellectual Property gifted manifesto charter commandments + mandates.

   Jan 19, 2018 Since I, keith duncan, was already recognized established as #1 anti crime expert Keynote Speaker GOD's rights Activist summer of 2010, I remain the #1 Evangelist Crusader because of the most massive cyber attacks against the SAME Intellectual Property I gifted humanity starting 1958, 1971, 1976, 1982, 1989, 2001, 2007, 2014, 2017 key bible historical years as a/the true 'most humble servant' Messianic Messenger teaching humanity how to UNIFY REFORM create your new world society free of bigots, racists, underground crime networks, corrupt executives / politicians, and + other crime sin self entitlement persons. This was always my true destiny as a registered agent of my-our FatherGOD Creator.  Any objectors can deal with GOD and the rest of humanity passing judgment on each of you....

    The true ONLY answer to all world problems is use of the shown above to teach ALL communities how to solve each of their own issues. All churches/religions now work cooperative ministries as the overseers of their own communities. + are the open universal models for free speech and practice of any theology as long as other's rights are not violated (slander, libel, violence, assault, etc).  Therefore, very little taxes, government, monopolies, dynasties will ever exist again. Our world now uses to identify 'super-facebook' all open public data empowering all my +7.5 billion people to freely trade, travel, and conduct any business as long as they are ethical and cross referenced as honorable by everyone who knows them in the open public domain of our free world wide internet.  This is the last Testimony prophecy of keith full filled by the rising up of all humanity to finally destroy all crime networks using eVote.ONE.  Use the below methods. now. and directly contact the rest of our world to DEMAND they protect and honor keith + his growing world teams. Refusals allow 'end times' to self genocide our world controlled even now by the 'CRIMINAL RULING ELITE'

    Soon (NOW) all world infrastructure will be owned and controlled FOR, BY, And OF all my 7.5 billion people with world saving This includes banking, energy, telecommunication, water, transportation, medical, shipping, stock markets, and all aspects of GOD's assets that were loaned to us on promises we actually SERVE/Protect each other by destruction of all crime networks formally known as turning over the 'crime tables of injustice'.

  Watch and ACT with fearless authority on ANY of the +800 videos in playlist

  Watch the silent PowerPoint single World Open Public database show at:  to see how this UNIFIES all mankind by no secrets = no crimes.

Watch Famous Philippine National TV Information Network Broadcast Jan 2017.



EVOTE.ONE  4 ByPass Laws Change World history. No one can deny your rights again. =

1. All leaders are electronically voted by one general election, all votes are easy to see by PUBLIC (they can be marked private or PUBLIC), Tallies all show to world as write once, read public counts are seen by all.
2. Any leader who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay, are voted OUT by majority of people to be replaced by succession runner-ups, NOT by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or part of the same party control of greed.

3. All leaders electronically TOLD what to do. No more appointed officials who are criminally in bed with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of people. They must show all their expenses to public as they deserve to be rich IF + Only IF they fearlessly protect my people and perform #3.

THESE FOUR simple by-pass laws change world history because they are unbreakable along with famous and all other systematic LOVE OTHERs solution answers.

  With PUBLIC OWNED CONTROLLED = Interpol standardized international unified referential integrity normalized database, no criminal can survive the face recognition and bio-metrics tracking conducted by all citizens.

    Protect Keith's life NOW as he is most humble GodSon of all humanity!  These true Plans of self-Salvation Acts of Wisdom were gifted to you 7, 10, 41 years ago in Gods own time + mine to full fill prophecies. Soon all +7.5 billion of my people OWN and operate ALL infrastructure to destroy all crime tyranny dynasties forever. Each major commerce will now be cooperative owned and run by each community with EVOTE.ONE no secret New Society UNIocracy. This includes ALL energy, banks, phone/internet/wifi, transportation, schools, stock markets, water, all land/forest/farm home ownership that destroys all super criminal elite slave trading enterprises forever.

   Clearly I am humble #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary sent by GODmasters to lead as #1 Consultant to world. This is combination of (spring 2012) that full fills all prophecies.


    The Prime ONLY objective is Intl Press Conferences to teach our world HOW to UNIFY and FREE my people from the slave bondage of these career criminals.

   SolutionHousing.ORG and then UNIFY our world with free Education and homes as stabilizes and unifies all world stock markets as 100% BARTER Based economies. All of these are worth mega BILLIONS $$$ in economic recovery. and SolutionSafeWater.ORG provide almost free energy worldwide owned BY, FOR, and OF our people.

   Refusals to protect keith + All Others results in final WW4 Holocaust caused by ROSE + the demonic Criminal Ruling Elite. Full scale mass publicity with Press Conferences is the only way to peaceful transition to UNIocracy by eliminating all crime factors and near 0 crime investigations ever needed. All 100% positive in GODs name as I + we work in full partnership with you + GOD. GO PUBLIC is the command to mass educate my world on the destructive power of Satanic forces. We unite to be forever redeemed + unified with and all other completed God's ministries that full fill all prophecies including Revelation 22. Support keiths teams TODAY !

Read EVOTE.ONE and see how your world is reform united forever by destruction of ALL CRIME networks at one time. Nothing else will ever survive the Criminal Ruling Elite dynasties who refuse to surrender to you, my people.  Unification of my entire world occurs in GODS holy name when everyone GOES PUBLIC with these only world saving answer solutions with centerstone of total social justice + peace of these ordained + divined ministries.

  Directly deliver and to all world leaders as I have been doing for now +10 years. This is the only divined GOD gifted system to forever eradicate all crime, Poverty and Hunger worldwide. It is the ONLY method answer required for my people. When my world uses these answers, our world unites forever with only Open Public Integrity Consultant Admin leaders who are 100% held transparent accountable

   Watch any of the ordained answers to humanities prime self destructive conditions that unify all mankind. Refusals will ensure your world is destroyed by ROSE and other sociopath


Contact MILITARY, TOP OFFICIALS, All Top Churches, Public and DEMAND keith brent duncan be personally escorted BACK to USA to testify against worst cyber crime terrorist cabal network in world history lead by !  

     Nothing else has ever worked... All criminals have been ordered to SURRENDER or face the wrath of being manhunted by skynet Drones and your OCTV eDevices as all victims unite by placing rewards on heads and coordinating WHO are unsaved criminals with open database.

  This is WHY Military was always directly engaged starting back on Sept 25, 2011 after ROSE infiltrated all other agencies with and other underground Criminal RICO enterprises now worth BILLIONS of your assets.  

     Use Playlist to Change all History.  All objectors are immediately punished by our people if they refuse-fail to provide working solutions that benefit everyone.

  DESTROYED by anti Christ Criminal terrorists starting with Robert Dee ROSE, the most wanted man still alive because USA Gov is deathly afraid of the public uprisings and mass riots once the PRESS and churches report on ANY of the HOLY GRAIL missions of keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15) who owns first International ID of 001 19580815 000000.  

      Otherwise in legal and spiritual terms, WE ARE ALL DEAD. One terrorist attack, one nuclear button pushed, one biological or agriculture plague disease, or any of the cyber crime terrorist attacks conducted BY the criminal ruling elite, and our world ENDS forever.  For GOD, JESUS, and Keith Duncan are believably MADDER THAN HELL ITSELF that mankind has reverted back to the most primitive SELF SERVING, Self-entitlement, SELF GREED, SELF criminal vice and crime world, then  WHY IN HELL or HEAVEN would they (GOD or Christ or ? deity) lift a single finger to intervene at all.

    Myself, I intend to own NOTHING as I reported to world on video, before SATAN ROSE brutally attacked me back on Jan 14, 2008. I will indeed be fully supported with anything I need to complete Jesus Christ missions of mercy and grace as I truly have inherited GOD’s kingdom with, for, by, and of you, my people… THE MOST COMMON EXCUSE I GET from EVERYONE is 'I am TOO BUSY'.


   Aug 10-11, 2017  Keith personally contacts and visits AFP (J2-J6), PNP (cybercrime -Interpol - Others) NBI (many divisions), DOJ-IACAT(council against trafficking), DOJ-Supreme Court Vit Agquire, contacts President Duterte's office directly, and continues WORLD evangelist Crusader missions at extreme cost of time and personal 'peril' since ROSE and all criminal ruling elite continue to destroy our electronic databases of THEIR crime evidence shown to world.

    I invited Nathaniel Laxa (anti terrorist expert USNAVY) and also have direct cell # of General Restituto Padilla Duterte's AFP Commander Spokesperson and thousands of other eyewitnesses to turn OVER to world. No one can ever deny any of your rights once these final answer methods go PUBLIC !.  The USA WILL fly my team back TO Washington D.C. to testify against each and every false accuser and certified criminal. Anyone can HOST the required Press Conferences to empower our people to use SolutionHousing.ORG to build millions of new Digital Green Creative Communities using the crime assets seized by =, churches, and public using free world MaxWifi for instant confirmation of who is dangerous.

     I also visited Capt Jesser Cordova (63)2-452-3002 at today to show world how to secure all ports of calls and points of any transactions. is the only bible based common sense technology answer to rid our world of all crime networks with Interpol  Criminals flee when all +7.6 billion people are enabled with eDevices to visibly expose crimes including use of original delivered to world and military Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForce Base. Trillions of $$$ crime assets are seized and used for and to eliminate all hunger and poverty forever. + prevents energy $$ wars as well as all pollution climate changes.  See how video answers confirm and solve almost all world problems with use of top world leader consultant All that has ever been required is World Press Conferences and to teach humanity how to rid ourselves of all crime networks and return GOD's paradise to Earth so we can all live in Peace and Harmony without need for politics, vice, sin, and demonic crime. Crowd funding + protecting Keith Duncan ensures our world will unify mankind in record time.

   Click:  Use today to send Keith to your greatest places of needs to WORLD Leaders, Gov, Military, Corporations, as time is the most precious commodity of WHY I serve all mankind. Tax Slaves Of Cyber crime Warfare and Political Prisoners of Anti-Christ are freed ! The enslavement of humanity by taxes, man made criminal loophole laws, and uneducated masses BY, FOR, and OF the Criminal Ruling Elite is the worse plague of all historical time. The #1 world anti-crime expert was criminally stalked, physically robbed, persecuted by any and all criminal law/judicial officials. Everyone ask Military, FBI-AG-CIA-NSA- any honest others  to find Keith now to protect his life, restore him as consultant to all world leaders, and GO PUBIC to world.  These criminals will be seized by FBI-AG-Military-My people, and my very own assets returned to Keith including well over $400 Million USD for real and punitive damages based on professional evaluations done in June 2011. A great video of WHO are the richest families in world is:   WhereIsRose? By altered definition, UNI ocracy means You and I.  Related to Meritocracy, Cybersynacy, and Technocracy, is “ruled by the singularity of all human minds connected by telecommunications acting as a form of super computer to make decisions based on shared patterned experiences to deliver fair and accurate decisions to problems as they arise’.

     Everyone CONTACT AG,FBI,IRS, law enforcement, Press, Churches with focus on FBI  and AG with Military contacting Keith today. Find the honest persons to call Keith to send him today to your greatest places of need, like Jesus did.

 is the worlds first unified standard mandate charter of your own new world society that forever KILLS the New World Order of the criminal ruling elite. GO Public and ORDER all corporations and governments to USE these master solutions or be destroyed by Public Court of you, my 7.47 billion world citizens with Nobel Peace Prize eVote.ONE and to destroy all crime forever. UNIFY with to overthrow all crime once and forever as each community deals with their own crime and issues, thereby reducing all needs for governments to almost ground zero.

      World free trade and travel occurs when all religions and public overthrow all criminal enterprises using the only common sense logic methods published through all media shown on evangelist crusader world ministries at all community levels. The public is empowered to manhunt all criminals and turn them over to any military or law enforcement agency to claim the finders reward fee obtained from the criminals own seized assets. This demonstrated with each world broadcast of ZERO secrets = no crime including  

        Call ANY USA Gov official to ask them WHY Keith Duncan went to debrief and escort military to FBI-AG back on Sept 25, 2011.

Ask why terrorists and criminals exist inside our own Government agencies and corporate Executive black market crime enterprises. Ask why not a single 'blasted' or biblical 'DAMED' soul has protected any of your rights. puts +100 top level criminals on Death Row and in prison using The Patriot Act and simple filing of felony criminal charges based on only their own signatures, crime evidence, and false witness. Christ and many other fore founders taught humanity how to rid their world of these devil unrepentant criminals.

  Everyone, contact Pastor Andy Stanley at NorthPoint Community Church, Alpharetta GA USA +1(678)892-5635. Contact North America Mission Board in Atlanta GA USA at (770)410-6000 to dispatch +500 mission persons to Philippines  via NAMB.Net.  Call Dr Bill Ross, Marietta GA USA (770)424-8326, Pastor Jay Hackett Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, Norcross GA USA (770)-448-1313,  + All OTHER Mega-Churches including All Roman Catholics (Pope Francis), , Mormons,, I.N.C, + all other CHURCHES to UNIFY all religions with  I have personally visited and ministered to over 300 churches in the past 40 years. Since I work full time for humanity and GOD, few have protected any of my rights to share these prime truths.  

  Contact Berny Dorhmann at and ask him about the 90% of first $1 Billion USD pledged to my #1 Integrity based forum that teaches ethics at all levels. He even offered to help write this World Manifesto Charter to create worlds first Free New World Society. Keith is Platinum member Feb 2011 and was kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 at Las Wages-Vegas by Rose....

      Click and read the first Manifest PDF file above. Distribute to all News Media, Governments, Public, and religious groups immediately. This will ensure the final  completion of the worlds most powerful reformation to shun all criminals and restore the  utopia of full scale accountability and transparency of all of humanity.  Support, protect, and mass crowd fund partnerships to prevent world collapse caused by truant Tryants. Order the seizure arrests of all terrorists tied to Rose and other criminals. 

   Welcome to your new mandated World Order as all law enforcement, Military, Interpol, United Nations, Press, Churches, and Public have always been directly contacted for +8 years. of United Nations International is for all Citizens to Act With Authority for the benefits of all others. As soon as these world class and saving solutions go public, everyone shall hold themselves accountable as well as maintain all Peace and Order at your commUNITY levels by managing and controlling your own governments and corporations.  This results in the worlds largest transfer of criminal wealth back to all classes of people by eliminating the 'Criminal  Ruling Elite' once and forever.

     This results in the collapse of all corrupt government organizations and criminal corporate enterprises since they will no longer have any ability to function other than to maintain basic infrastructures of commerce, products and services, safe water and food, road and transportation systems, basic health care, emergency services, and monitoring for criminals who escape Interpol like Our world will be monitored by a single multi-national World Military Force who monitors for all political corruption using,, +,, and the other comprehensive non political provided by FollowKeith,, CreatorKeith, and Prime Consultant/#1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary and open source Religious  systems founded by Others +

    As the Crusader Evangelist Founder of, all people, governments, corporations, organizations, and churches will unify under one single government controlled by all citizens using electronic voting visible to everyone. No more secrets mean criminals die for exclusion of no resources and our world returns to the Utopia of Peace and worldwide harmony


     Anyone objecting is required to publicly provide better solutions or be shunned by society by their own false testimony and cynical attacks using delivered and gifted to Interpol and Associated Press on Jan 7, 2015 seen by the world on database repository for humanity of, and   Everyone can find these solutions all over the domain of our Conscience Creator's domain of the Internet as well as eBooks such as, and under the one standard broadcasts of using and as the most effective way to shun the worse of the worst criminals by Citizen legal actions. This is clearly the worse LandMark Miscarriage of Justice in world history when economic damage of Quad-Trillions is recognized by the Will of the Majority of Keith's collective people.
   Technology and Education are the ultimate solutions combined with biblical principals of integrity, honesty, open public records, virtue, humbleness,  and the compliance oversight of ethical business transactions using the prime visionary products and services of trade such as USA published patented,, and publically broadcasted gifted, (patent applied for in 2012) (Nobel Peace Worthy), and the other comprehensive solutions that prevent all crimes from going undetected and unpunished at absolute minimum taxpayer expense.
  These standards are the gifted Acts of Wisdom that are inherently necessary for our world to survive the predatory greed of individuals who are self-entitling ruthless criminals who become our leadership at Government, Judicial, Financial, Law Enforcement, and Corporate levels. is the first and only virtual and literal government system that fully provides total checks and balances for self-regulated communities. No more passports, visas, or checkpoints of trade or travel will be needed by government officials. Each citizen will have a single International Identifying number used to database verify if they are trustworthy by everyone who has encountered them. Criminals will be shunned by all of society based on only their own evidence and actions until they make full restitution to their victims.   ACTION by all citizens  is all that has ever been required as decreed by  Keith.


Click HERE for the original for

  THE FOLLOWING are clips cut from ABOVE and moved below. These are NOT in exact Chronological order as I have little time left to perfect EVERYTHING for our new world society. Just DO the reading and see These ARE 100% true revelations in real time.

Aug 30, 2017  I just called (404)331-6833 USMarshals Atlanta as I did Oct 1, 2011 Tom Shell. In 10 minutes he REFUSED to call back and hung up. I captured his aiding and abetting super criminal ROSE on voice record. Very high powered USA GOV officials like Sally Yates will be murdered by ROSE along with Berry Vic Reynolds as they implicated themselves through their very own signatures. I have just imperiled my own life again as USMarshal idiot said I should report cyber crime to USA Embassy, JUST like I did Aug 7, 2017 on #497.  I stated that criminal terrorists are inside these criminal investigative databases and auto-deleting all references to super criminals that make these madmen true ghosts of ultimate crime networks.  All these indicate END of WORLD times that are prevented and transformed with GODs'word of these websites that teach proactive prevention of almost all crimes.

March 20, 2017 the PDF file at top shows how 4 simple bypass laws prevent all political corruption. Any preschooler to PHD can see these prevent all crime once and forever...  Unification of all mankind is the only end result of  Evote.ONE and the other world class saving answer solutions shown on clearinghouse based on humble master consultant and all our fore founding humanitarians and God's rights activists.  Contact FatherKeith Duncan today to engage-train our world how to rid our world of all corruption once and for all. This destroys all black market underground crime networks at all levels and redistributes trillions of $$$ wealth back to you, my people in name of humanity and GOD.

   Crowdfund as the #1 anti-crime expert in world.  Demand-Order FBI and AG as well as National Press contact Keith as well as  HiTechMinistries, all churches, and public. 

  No other common sense method governments have ever destroyed all crime networks as criminals infiltrate quickly to pervert all laws and control all flow of information and assets of you, my people.  Contact All World Leaders ,  'Mocha Uson blog'  Send  All Religions, NGOs, top Gov officials, to GO PUBLIC by demanding be used and supported, and deployed by our People. This legal process includes convictions of everyone tied to by their very own signatures and banishment of all unrepentant criminals.


  Duterte, Trump, Putin,  and all world leaders will be shocked their very own officials have never done followup by simply contacting #1 Evangelist Crusader Keith Duncan by any ways or means. Duterte has been directly asked to meet with Keith per requests delivered March 24, 2017 to Palace + Press.


### World Press Release and Press Conferences hosted by Top World Leaders. Click TOP LEFT PDF in Header HOME agove.

  Dec, 2017 is the fore-founding father of your new world society No one in USA Gov has ever had any right to prevent ARRESTS of Terrorist ROSE, AG Sally Yates, and so many Judges, lawyers, and other criminal terrorists. No one's rights will EVER be denied again once these simple world saving solutions are used by all. UNIFICATION of our entire world occurs WHEN publicity of the following SOLUTIONS is spread and multiplied through communities of my 7.48 Billion people known as followers of + Ambassador. Our  new world society is merit based authorities in all governments and corporations, church leadership at all levels, NGOs, and our entire world.   Command: Read and ACT with wisdom and fearless authority to protect the rights of all others  Then is achieved forever as all demonic crime networks are destroyed. 


  On Feb 28, 2017 we attended the Convention 2017 as the works of these masters of wisdom, peace, and full scale accountability cross promote the only solutions that ensure mankind prosper and thrive. GO PUBLIC is the ultimate battle cry of, your very own new world society of full scale visibility and enforced accountability to have one degree of separation with sent to Interpol and world Jan 7, 2015. All objections have already been cross managed.

  Crowd Funding these world saving ministries with partnerships has always been the key to ensuring corruption and enslavement is destroyed by empowering all of humanity to manage all of their very own local affairs thereby reducing almost all government oversight needs to less than 3% tax on GNP.

  Click #1 Press Conference with Presidents TV Broadcast Feb 16, 2017 shows how to UNIFY all mankind. Contact Press, FBI,  A,G Military, churches, PUBLIC to find Keith today to host Press Conference that identify all crime enterprises with public databases controlled By, For, and Of all my-our people. The gate of 'heaven' are open for all repentant criminals and integrity driven people as we drive all unsaved terrorists and criminals into the Hell-Jails of abandoned slums caused by SolutionHousing.ORG funded by trillions of $$$ crime assets seized by and eVote.ONE pass judgments while teaches all Nations to UNIFY under your new world society once and forever. NEVER again will any of your rights be denied since you now control your own destiny. For Dr. Hyan Moon Chair of states 'For Love of God Country + all people' 

Dec 11, 2017. Yes. The longest deadly series of crimes have been committed against keith by ROSE who is protected by the the most corrupt USA Gov officials because ROSE pays them off to deny YOUR rights to seek any justice. They all violate your Constitutional rights and laws by their refusals to seize and arrest each person tied to Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 11.1.7683.99 = Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Landmark Miscarriage of Insjustice worth over $500 Million USD that has always been kidnapping terrorist conspiracies to prevent all these answers from being gifted to YOU.

  The prime/only requirement has always been mass Press Conferences to anti-viral spread these answers to all who demand FREEDOM.  

Dec 6, 2017 On Eve of Pearl Harbor 1941 and murder of Brian Walker Atlanta GA 2013 per cyber crime terrorism attacks by ROSE-Anti-Christ to prevent my people from reform unifying themselves with, note that GOD and just a few other recruited apostles/disciples/partners/followers have actually PROTECTED the life and extreme intellectual property of keith brent duncan. This shown by broadcasts + prime videos back in start of 2008 when ROSE-Anti Christ cells started full time cyber stalking, then actually robbing my home of their evidence and all these world changing solution answers to redeem, unify, purify, and reform all of mankind with the OTHER answers seen by all above. Refusals of our world to actively PROTECT and support FatherKeith and his recruited teams spells HoloCaust for you at extreme Holy Cost to myself, our mutual Creator (I call him FatherGOD), Christ and all the messianic messengers throughout all history.

   Dec 2, 2017 Keiths NGO teams have been strategically positioned for years to direct fund hundreds, then thousands of new All Digital Creative communities consisting of new free medical centers, free public education, clean water, almost free energy, creating of millions of new Small Business owners, and total stabilization of our entire world.  This is easy for you, my people to complete by simple GO PUBLIC to world publicity and by direct fund support and protection of the super class of mastermind merit architects I have been recruiting for past 10 years. My problem solving expertise is legendary shown by the multitude of creative solutions, products, and processes that redefine how humanity functions as a comprehensive self reliant community of those who actually LOVE and CARE for each other under the grace and faith of our one mutual Creator.  Anyone who denies your rights also denies my rights to be your master Sovereign Ambassador Consultant Renaissance man of true wisdom and humble demeanor.

   Nov 21, 2017 All middle class with zero crime ruling elite means zero Poverty / homeless / genocide / orphans / civil wars, or other crimes against humanity that finally ends the current WW3 cyber crime terrorism destroying GODs world. This is the UTOPIA that my GodFather promised all along. It only occurs when all 7.5 billion of my people (followers, disciples, partners, world leaders) unite together with the only answers to save our humanity !  No one can ever again DENY YOUR RIGHTS to use God's resources by fearlessly protecting the Rights of All Others. No one can object these are the only solutions to UNIFY mankind by cross foreign exchange of all cultures, therefore no nationality cults can ever create oligarchy crime dynasties again. Since GOD himself commissioned myself + a few select other Messianic Messengers, all humanity faces Judgment Day as these answers go ONLINE.

   Surely I have taught our entire world exactly WHO I AM and WHO YOU ARE destined to be as Loving and Caring for all each other.  Years ago, I discovered GOD called me to be one of his prime messianic messengers. I answered HIS call and have been severely persecuted by Satan and unbelievers this entire time. Therefore, I finally surrender everything I have gifted humanity to YOU, my people, in the format of the New Tree of LIFE called using EVOTE.ONE to teach our collective world how to enforce ethics and bring criminals to Justice with these truly fundamental BY-PASS laws and New World commandments which ensures our humanity prospers, thrives, and expands as Children of our one mutual Creator.   Immediate PROTECTION by any/all Gov/Churches people is required now ! 

   Nov 14, 2017 Bible scripture full filled years ago. Use and demand all leaders use these only meothds to rstore all middle class forever. They all now become pure administrators never touching or controlling any assets. TAKING ACTION NOW is the only way to prevent the Nuclear Holocaust + cyber crime terrorism that kills our world.  All 100% positive ministries of GOD and + messianic Messengers as these Ordained Divined methods transfer TRILLIONS of $$$ from criminals identified with EVOTE.ONE and back to YOU, my 7.5 billion People. Only minor crowd funding and FULL SCALE mass publicity has ever been required to complete these divined and ordained missions of Social Justice and PEACE that will survive all humanity as the ONLY unification standards of your new world free of crime and sinful vice.  The Last testimony Last Supper is #1003 and #1004 seen here: 

   Aug 3, 2017 NO ONE has any right to DENY your rights of ownership and control OVER your very own corporate leaders and Gov Officials. destroys all stock market speculation manipulation crimes. This is the FINAL testament of HOW to destroy all crime networks while seizing all crime assets to be used to build new world society of Digital Green Creative Communities free of vice, crime, corruption, drugs, and destructive unsaved criminals who operate by extorting and bribing our own leaders. GO PUBLIC means to RISE UP by the millions to DEMAND our government USE the following sequential solutions to ensure my people prosper and thrive under protection of GOD and each other.   ROSE is the/a Prime AntiChrist Cyber crime terrorist protected BY the USA GOV because crime rogue agents have infiltrated almost all our corporation and government databases. Prevented with + other divined and ordained answer methods used BY, FOR, and OF my people. Contact and DEMAND USA + all other Government leaders fearlesly protect Keith's life and world saving intellectual property or be destroyed internally by 'The Criminal Elite'.

  Aug 2, 2017. Famous meeting today with Dante Jimenez PCGA to finally get EVOTE.ONE to go GLOBAL VIRAL news media as is ONLY open public database needed to ensure 100% visibility of all leaders, decisions, and contracts . also transfers trillions of $$$ crime wealth ONE way back here to Philippines since USA and other countries collapse because of and empowered 7.5 billion people who identify, isolate, and seize all  criminals who refuse to surrender these crime assets and confess their crimes against my people. Start with ROSE with a $2 Million USD bounty on his head from fall of 2011 tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Class Action Landmark Cases of Injustice.

  July 29, 2017. PNP General Padillo 'fake' office called last week inviting me to meet President Duterte at ASEAN summit Aug 8. If any world leader had used EVOTE.ONE and these world changing solutions years ago, your world would already be UNIFIED and PEACE.  No one has any right to deny your rights and ownership of my GOD's natural resources. I visited Regina Lopez Foundation office July 28 of Ginas World to directly engage ALL Mass Media  to GO PUBLIC on ABS-CBN on World saving and  All mining companies now are DAM builders for almost free hydro Electric power with free for irrigation, new forests-farms + drinking.

    I have been personally visiting all news media, ASEAN, APEC, Congress, and all major Gov agencies since my arrival here Aug 6, 2015 The most PROFOUND and deadly serious revolution is EVOTE.ONE using as the ONLY world saving solution to ensure total world visibility and accountability. All criminals will cringe in horror that face recognition and their crime sprees are STOPPED when reporting citizens claim 10% of all crime assets. legally, financially, spiritually, and by 100% justified righteousness has claimed only 1% of all world crime assets seized using this copyrighted IP citizen methods.  Who Contacts Keith now to join our world reform groups?  The #1 crime is NO followup and Press.

  July 4-6, 2017. Today I personally met NBI Deputy Director Ferdie Lavine and 4 of his sub groups on CRIME. I asked them ALL to call INTERPOL and USE EVOTE.ONE to UNIFY all of mankind. Contact Keith today and CALL the MILITRY and FBI-AG to DEMAND they take ACTION. Everyone PROTECT his life and assets as nothing will STOP these ordained and holy unification movements from transfer of TRILLIONS of $$$ wealth back to the mass of my holy honest people..

       Who contacts Keith now?

   I attended the Marriott Tourist world Conference and was on site for ASEAN2017 Summit Violence against Children that is solved with the following systematic step answers that fearlessly protect the rights of all others. In true reality, I remain appalled at the indifference and apathy of the highest ranked persons in Gov and Corporations who reject the most obvious answer: Love and Care for all others. Most people protect their 'turf' and live in closed boxes of denial of social and ethical responsibilities that prevent these missions of mercy and grace from becoming mainstream 'spiritual scripture' obtained from the master fore founders of humanity

Major World

Sept 25, 2011, 9:00 PM

Keith visits USA Military Langley AirForce Base to ask for protection while HE and Military debrief FBI-AG of massive political corruption and cybercrimes against the USA government and military. OSI Capt Chris Weber (757)764-5087, 5091

Oct 3, 10:00 AM MST

Keith kidnapped in Las Vegas Nevada so ROSE could steal the rest of Keith's multi-m-billion IP assets and threaten his life with attempted murder for 848 days. ROSE GA DrvLic 054217049

Jan 28, 2014, 10:00 AM

Keith dumped on street by USA Government homeless, destitute, and never charged with any legal violation or crime. Keith visits FBI within hours, then days, now 1.8 years later, still has DEADLY SILENCE from everyone, 4:11cr112 is the worse Landmark Miscarriage of Injustice in USA, even world history. The real and punitive damages exceed $500 MIllion USD in SF-95 Federal Torts Claims Acts and felony capital crimes starting with Attempted Murder, destruction of almost all Court Documents, transcripts, testimony, etc, all to prevent USA Miitary from protecting Keith's sovereign rights.

Sept 25, 2015 Pope Francis addresses Joint USA Congress and United Nations. Keith will attend when USA Military simple calls Keith's cell and escorts him to the Press Conference series of all times. Who protects Keith now ?  It has always been easy to contact and ask Keith any question at all.

Sept 4-23 2016. Pope Francis in JerUSAlem unifying Muslims, Jews, Christians with mediation as Keith requested Papal visit April 1-5 2015 and subsequently.


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