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Ed Javier. CEO TekTwin.com

ForeFounding Father CEO Keith Duncan

Contact all World Leaders and PRESS to command they use 100% Direct eDemocracy of eVOTE.one  FOIA.ONE engineered single world refom solutions of BuiltByKeith.com Duncan
  USE Cross Reference CreatorKeith.SPACE to achieve Total Peace

Achieving Sustainable SolutionPeace.com



Our Team are the highest qualified experts keynote speaker Merchant Marketing Crusaders  on creating our New World Society UNIocracy.org 

   We partner directly with the most powerful and influential Corporate Executives, Governments, and Top world leaders to achieve new free trade, travel, education, commerce communities free of all Politics and crime. This is your New World reality of BuiltByKeith.com



Our Projects cover all aspects of humanity from expertise of:

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 0 Politics

WorldSchoolFund.com = Education, SolutionSafeWater.org = Water Energy

TurnOffLights.com        = Energy reduction

SolutionHousing.org    = 0 Poverty

SolutionMilitary.com    = 0 Wars.

SolutionJudge.com       = Tort Reform

All other aspects of preventing crime in the first place to create UTOPIA of E.D.E.N with SolutionManifesto.com


   Our Clients are the World Leaders, Corporate Executives, World Religion Leaders,  Politicians, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, Developers, Investors, Corporations, literally all of humanity. 

   We achieve the 'UTOPIA' of 100% peace and social justice with the simple ratification of SolutionManifesto.com using the simple engineered ordained methods of BuiltBykeith.com Duncan.

Oct 13, 2019 We are the unknown billionaire R&D Scientists Keynote Speaker Human Rights Activists who have been severely persecuted by TheFinalTerrorist.com and the most corrupt individuals in USA history all because we have mapped out how to archive achieve total world global peace.  Fast Path to World SolutionPEACE.com  is kTrade.Space, Evote.one WorldSchoolFund.com SolutionMilitary.com SolutionManifesto.com  We are the #1 Computer Science Psychology experts of all time engaged with all other top angel philanthropists. They too are hard to contact since our $500 Million USD of Intellectual Property and most extensive database of top CEO's and criminals was taken by force over 900 days of illegal detainment and drug induced comas that have yet to EVER be investigated.  We are all experts in Engineering Project Management + Keynote Speaking (the ultimate Consultants) of new All Digital Creative Communities, Government and Corporate replacement systems, STP Water and Waste Management Re-cycle, Banking and financial replacement systems, Voting simplicity systems, Hydro Generation Powerhouse systems, Free Education and Communication Systems, and variety of the most prolific new world economy systems that empower humanity to control and manage all their own assets. We have GOD himself plus a few Silent Partners who are key Beneficiaries.

     TOP PRIORITIES for our entire world have always been:

  1. Contact visit top world leaders and Press to command they use our ordained solutions found at BuiltBykeith.com  eVOTE.ONE is the worlds first = last 100% direct eDemocracy that empowers all communities to own and control their own infrastructure and homes + assets. This frees us from all corrupt governments and mega corporation dynasties who control all world economy infrastructure and information.

  2. Use FOIA.ONE and WorldSchoolFund.com to direct fund free world wide communication and Open Public Freedom of Information database of WHO is WHO and WHO owns what. All unrepentant criminals are quickly put in Jail and their assets seized to direct fund the following only world class answer methodology of SolutionHousing.org  SolutionSafeWater.org  client3635.wix.com/turnOffLights = TurnOffLights.com that reverses Climate Change and eliminates all SolutionMilitary.com energy and water wars.

  3. Contact INTERPOL, Military, AFP, PNP, NBI, USA FBI, AG, CIA, literally ALL law enforcement to use above and SolutionJudge.com that is 100% total social justice tort legal reform to eliminate all corrupt Judges, liar-lawyers, prosecutors, Police, and other officials who are paid to protect our rights and assets.

  4. Join and support fund our established teams of CEOSpace.net Executives direct funded SolutionManifesto.com to save our world from the greed of 'demonic slave traders.'  All Positive in GOD's most Holy Name ministries of ChristDomain.com who unifies Muslim and all other denominations as Cooperative Collective Ministries.

  5. Seizure of Robert Dee Rose who is TheFinalTerrorist.com super cyber crime terrorist. +$3 Million USD bounty.

  ANY of the ABOVE/below world events will cause Press Conferences by our World Leaders and PRESS.  Mass Peace Rally Forums are also a key Answer Solution to literally FORCE our leaders to WAKE UP and represent our interests, not theirs.  READ on and everyone TAKE ACTION now...


We are clearly the worlds most wealthy Angel Philanthropists in human history who have showcased to everyone HOW to SOLVE their very own local (nano) to Macro (God's Eye Eve View) level issues, conflicts, wars, problems, that are all pure basic HUMAN relationship issues of FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. Now that we have one degree of separation between ANY of our 7.737 Billion People, who can ever DENY YOUR RIGHTS again to have total world free education, free communication, free press media, ad-free society, and actually OWN our Mutual Creator's assets and natural resources that clearly have been stolen by the groups we have identified as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite' = New World Order, Illuminati, name your group.

   We are clearly so wealthy it will shock our other world leaders on how we broadcast to humanity on HOW to take of SOLVING your own issues. We own the rights to EVOTE.ONE as even TurnOffLights.space empowers humanity to travel outside Moons orbit. Strange how no one has gone back to moon since 1971 as clearly GOD does not permit savages to ruin the rest of his universe.  We are back booking meetings direct with World Presidents, Corporate Executives, Bankers, Stock Market Executives, religion leaders, University Presidents, Congress, Senate, Militaries, Police, DOJ, DOE, DOA, Commission on Human Rights,  YES. all of humanity. Call us and we can explain HOW to obtain TOTAL GLOBAL PEACE in record time using just a few top published methods that would have been your new world reality 2008 if ANYONE had simply asked the BEST right question. For now everyone can legally pass judgement on anyone else. You do it anyway, so now we have legalized how to destroy all crime networks by simple law of large numbers and CEOSPACE.NET our most favorite NSASpeaker.ORG and HighTechMinistries.ORG organizations.    If we DO disappear one last time, probably GOD took us back to heaven....

   We offer to PAY world leaders to contact us back in 2008 era, and now offer CreatorKeith.Space Common Stock that is modeled after famous Warren Buffet so our crusader GOD focused warriors and PeaceKeepers can finally mediate World Peace. If we COULD contact TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN, and even ALL who see the absolute TRUTH, we would have 10 years ago since TheFinalTerrorist.com is clearly the top kingpin cybercriminal Terrorist of all time that anyone can seize and report to receive the legally authorized + $10 Million USD bounty and MORE on other crime heads.  Who ever owns this one stock gets voting rights of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE and will be millionaires as soon as our Trillions of real $$$ Intellectual Property are converted to CASH and 1% of all crime assets seized using our simple (c) (tm) systems are deposited into our truly unique Trust Foundation NGO and associates Humanitarian relief enterprises world wide.  Who will be the first to contact us now?


The TWO videos above are famous from summer of 2011. When asked WHAT do I DO? I answer 'What do you need?" for thes broadcast solutions of Keith Duncan are the ONLY answers to UNIFY and REFORM our entire world. I even address Privacy concerns and ask if ANYONE is in Federal Witness Protection Program. As I applied in Person to Atlanta AG sally Q yates in Sept 2011 right before ROSE ordered my murder by USA GOV rogue agents as I proved ROSE was cyber stalking my activities and robbing my homes on a regular basis. He extorted almost all my own lawyers, judges, Police, and top USA GOV officials.

Send https://youtu.be/uIbP_xHSp9Q to everyone you know and DEMAND total Social Justice and Peace be achieved using these simple engineered keynote speaking solutions.  RIGHT side lower VIDEO above is showcasing the VISIONARY answers of free internet, free education, Free trade, travel and trust of the most comprehensive systems ever broadcast to our most derelict world. As Construction of SolutionHousing.org all digital creative communities prevents all world poverty by the most massive transfer of crime wealth seized by order of SolutionMilitary.com directly commanded by EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE

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