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ForeFounding Father CEO Keith Duncan

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Pres. TechnoSales Inc

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Ed Javier. CEO

CEA Marisa Cordero

Contact all World Leaders and PRESS to command they use 100% Direct eDemocracy of  FOIA.ONE engineered single world refom solutions of Duncan

Achieving Sustainable 
   Is your new world model for Direct Free Will Barter Exchange.
   WE the PEOPLE of own and control everything.
 Our all digital electro society: WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with Who/When/Where with WorldSchoolFund free kGPS.  Empowerment of our people is the VOICE of common sense.
    We are the ONLY most humble walking saints who teach World Leaders (Presidents, Politicians, Corporate decision makers, even religion leaders ) how to empower our WE the PEOPLE to control and own everything. All of these broadcast simple common sense solutions sets would have been world universal stabilizing reality post WW2. Keith was born IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rate +101%) High Point NC USA, sent by my=our GodFather to achieve total world global peace. We make NO excuses and are the top #1 mediator Sovereign Free Will citizens who show how to eliminate all crime networks at one time.
    We are true first/last Trillionaires in USD Intellectual property with our unique gifted (c)(tm)(R) Patent systems that deal with each of the worlds human condition Maladies of GREED, dominance, control, power, water, land, banking stock markets, literally everything.  We have asked world to convert our Patents and wisdom knowledge to CASH so we could gift everything BACK to mankind to actually PAY for the completion of all our other URL linked answers.

    PRIME and ONLY REQUIREMENT since 2007, 2011, and now is to CALL US, escort us to MEET with World Presidents and Corporate Executives + PRESS all live streamed worldwide March 3, 2020 (2nd call) and April 1, 2020 absolute final 3rd deadline to achieve total world global peace using  JUSTIFIED ByPass Covenent between GOD + Humanity.

Protected by GOD + few others, we have been persecuted and tortured by named persons for delivring  GOD's requirements to achieve Total World peace this entire time. Call and support us today so we can transfer your criminally acquired assets back to YOU our most beloved people as history SHOWS on $$ matters to most of my people. FOIA.ONE is 100% direct decision based society when YOU decide your own reality and destiny fate.....

All other solution methods are already gifted to mankind and cross referenced and original and that were gifted prime ministries back in 2007 right when ANTI CHRIST ROSE threatened to murder us based on HIS evidence, never ours.
Heading 5


Our Team are the highest qualified experts keynote speaker Merchant Marketing Crusaders  on creating our New World Society 

   We partner directly with the most powerful and influential Corporate Executives, Governments, and Top world leaders to achieve new free trade, travel, education, commerce communities free of all Politics and crime. This is your New World reality of



Our Projects cover all aspects of humanity from expertise of:

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 0 Politics = Education, = Water Energy        = Energy reduction    = 0 Poverty    = 0 Wars.       = Tort Reform

All other aspects of preventing crime in the first place to create UTOPIA of E.D.E.N with


   Our Clients are the World Leaders, Corporate Executives, World Religion Leaders,  Politicians, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, Developers, Investors, Corporations, literally all of humanity. 

   We achieve the 'UTOPIA' of 100% peace and social justice with the simple ratification of using the simple engineered ordained methods of Duncan.

March 2, 2020   BuiltByKeith at

  is the ultimate and ONLY Solution set to unify all of mankind.  No other answer set has ever successfully eliminated the greed of mankind that is the true root of all evil.  Keith is clearly the most humble walking saint sent by GOD to unify mankind using common sense, technology, and simple use of GOD's 10 commandments of SolutionManifesto found at

We are the unknown billionaire R&D Scientists Keynote Speaker Human Rights Activists who have been severely persecuted by and the most corrupt individuals in USA history all because we have mapped out how to archive achieve total world global peace.  Fast Path to World  is kTrade.Space, 

  I never expected to survive post Oct 3, 2011 most brutal kidnapping Ordered by ROSE so he could Steal all his evidence, and rob my entire fortune to use in his perfected Terrorist attack organizations he has run since back in 1993 timeframe. He is a GHOST and top Anti Christ since unknown persons inside USA GOV and other terrorist factions actively prevent ANY investigations or news reports on how easy my world is destroyed with just a few commands and signatures.

   We are the #1 Computer Science Psychology experts of all time engaged with all other top angel philanthropists. They too are hard to contact since our $500 Million USD of Intellectual Property and most extensive database of top CEO's and criminals was taken by force over 900 days of illegal detainment and drug induced comas that have yet to EVER be investigated.  We are all experts in Engineering Project Management + Keynote Speaking (the ultimate Consultants) of new All Digital Creative Communities, Government and Corporate replacement systems, STP Water and Waste Management Re-cycle, Banking and financial replacement systems, Voting simplicity systems, Hydro Generation Powerhouse systems, Free Education and Communication Systems, and variety of the most prolific new world economy systems that empower humanity to control and manage all their own assets. We have GOD himself plus a few Silent Partners who are key Beneficiaries.

     TOP PRIORITIES for our entire world have always been:

  1. Contact visit top world leaders and Press to command they use our ordained solutions found at  eVOTE.ONE is the worlds first = last 100% direct eDemocracy that empowers all communities to own and control their own infrastructure and homes + assets. This frees us from all corrupt governments and mega corporation dynasties who control all world economy infrastructure and information.

  2. Use FOIA.ONE and to direct fund free world wide communication and Open Public Freedom of Information database of WHO is WHO and WHO owns what. All unrepentant criminals are quickly put in Jail and their assets seized to direct fund the following only world class answer methodology of = that reverses Climate Change and eliminates all energy and water wars.

  3. Contact INTERPOL, Military, AFP, PNP, NBI, USA FBI, AG, CIA, literally ALL law enforcement to use above and that is 100% total social justice tort legal reform to eliminate all corrupt Judges, liar-lawyers, prosecutors, Police, and other officials who are paid to protect our rights and assets.

  4. Join and support fund our established teams of Executives direct funded to save our world from the greed of 'demonic slave traders.'  All Positive in GOD's most Holy Name ministries of who unifies Muslim and all other denominations as Cooperative Collective Ministries.

  5. Seizure of Robert Dee Rose who is super cyber crime terrorist. +$3 Million USD bounty.

  ANY of the ABOVE/below world events will cause Press Conferences by our World Leaders and PRESS.  Mass Peace Rally Forums are also a key Answer Solution to literally FORCE our leaders to WAKE UP and represent our interests, not theirs.  READ on and everyone TAKE ACTION now...

### Feb 3, 2020 Most critical soul broadcast.

2020-02-03 lives on, barely.  My GREATEST FEAR since aug 2011 is the destruction of my life works that truly unify reforms mankind by quickly identified who are the top criminals.  Low level criminals then have no leadership and no one in government to buy off.  Total reversal of world current state of terrorist run corporations and government positions.  These are the Egyptian pharaohs who think they are invincible God deities.  Most have safe bunkers in remote locations in case some stupid idiot unleashes a nuclear warhead, a snake flu, poison gas, or even just a simple meltdown of all world stock markets and shutdown of all communication, banking, travel, and ability to buy basic water and food.  Starvation genocide of billions of my people is always easy. The news media is mostly owned by these same Gods of advertised sales revenue. The bigger the disaster = threat, they more cash and control these reptilians pirate into their coffered coffins of death.  Known as swiss bank accounts and offshore banking, they have reserves of trillions of $$ of food, water, oil, diamonds, gold, everything prepared to wait out the destruction of majority of my people.  When they emerge, they control the few people left by offering them survival rations in exchange for their slave service.  Repost this as I will when I can.  

2020-02-02 I the true high church of God.  “For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth: And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:” Job‬ ‭19:25-26‬ ‭KJV‬‬ back at mcD church cousin of Gloria.  I have no tight tithes or titles left to gift anyone.  DEnied all rights to testify by speaking the absolute for now 12 years.  Freedom of speech is first human rights of all.  Told to shut the hell up, our people are enslaved to infamy of self genocide.  Driven mad by drugs and corruption, most people give up and go ply lottery, horse computer racing( yes computer generated horses), drinking, wild sex parried parties.  
   Pastor speaks on a restoration, of humanity.  In Tagalog, hard to interpret speaking in different tongues.  Computers solve that prime issue with auto voice to speech recognition to any language universal in Babylon split mixed dialect.  Speaking in tongues requires a translator interpreter.  Technology has done this for past 44 years.
  The world conflicts all show end of world conditions.  Same each time the pharaohs use technology to overthrow our world as slave traded. Pastor is on Matthew 9 bout faith healing.  Faith is unless without ACTION.   The booth history of man illustrates extreme greed of predatory greed. This can not be reduced to More elementary basics...  the mindset of terrorists is overthrow the population all ways and means by controlling the flow of information. Most deadly afraid of the government and investigations. How bizarre. Individual we PAY to protect our rights are often the same ones who violate our basic human rights because of the money and power involved in engaging cabal criminal enterprises.
    Next Matthew 10 is to go forth. Verse 14 is shake the dust/dirt/mud off your feet and leave if you are not welcomed.  Happened to me so many times as I ministered to all church’s I visited.  Like YouTube video series Builtbykeith in spring 2014 Roswell Prospect Presbyterian church who told me to leave, I could not join because I asked questions of their history.   “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.’ Matthew‬ ‭10:8‬ ‭NIV
    2-3 year olds carry colored pencils to ‬‬scroll on bible picture outlines.  They learn to share resources or be isolated as self centered.  Pastor speaks on Israel, the heart of Gods original chosen people.  Who are Gods People? All 7.777 billion of my people.  I,take all these events deadly serious since few if anyone else bothers to,ask,me questions on my historical returns to teach world leaders how to actually achieve total world peace globally at one time.  Hack patching laws and constitution are just ways to delay using as the only astute method of total reformation....
   k: the complexity of our entire world system is beyond out of control and order.  Millions of laws and regulations profit only the few named persons who criminally profiteer on victims even without their knowledge. Underground crime enterprises exist every single blocked community.   Just look at who flaunts their wealth. See who passes money out freely for others to be dead silent.  Literally dead...  
   Mathew 9 I quoted again just yesterday. Bio oil group Santa Cruz.  Jesus recruited Matthew the not feared tax collector because Matthew knew everyone. Christ was a master network marketer. Same as myself. Yet no one knows or cares because of the above conditions of extreme greed.  Purple prayer Shaw is demonstrated refers to Methodists.  The tassels of gold worn by most zealots of many demon denominations indicates who controls Gods token wealth.  As simple as master password access on any database, and a person is a billionaire.  Propaganda coverup true conspire conspiracies are the ruthless pirates who steal anything, then use our resources to,hire lawyers while murdering any witnesses.  
  Still in Tagalog, pastor compares Shaw’s.  Like david Shaw of Peachtree corners baptist jury church norcross Ga +1 770-448-1313 and dr bill Ross Marietta FBC who violate basic rights claiming no one has rights to help anyone else.  Even Charlie paperless Paperilla writes long blogs on Christ values, yet blocks my email requests just like sally q Yates and  Few remember my service to God. Most too busy scamming each other at all levels, repeat of history sine the days of Enoch, father of Noah.  Book of Moses wrote by who? Adam and Eve clearly did not write their own stories, could they? They hid from God as being naked apparently was a sin since no one else was around to see that sex was designed for go forth and multiple...  eve ate the forbidden fruit. Was God watching over open circuit TV then putting them on trial for disobeying his commandment orders.  If that event parabola (spelled properly) was not reality, would man be cloned as robot armies to fight other of Gods creations... makes no sense... so we have described the true reality of why we exist..
   10:22 Pastor speaks on the BIG ONE. I voice record now. K: Any event profits the elite.  #3 point is verse 22. ‘Your faith has healed you.”  GO!  This is the ACT of ACTION I have repeated ad-nausea nasum. The vomit of criminals is endless. Spewing lies and false witness by destruction of their certified court document evidence.  TPO 11.1.7683 shows ROSE is based on his answers and truth that USA gov was investigation him at all levels aug 22, 2011. Shocked ROSE so bad, he ordered his key people to finally murder me. Who are these people.  Without direct session access to all these secret databases, public will never now the depth of crimes committed.
  With our (c)(tm) patent most simple system, anyone at all who violates,rights of others is put on trial and evoted to their own fate.  End
Entire world, and I do mean everyone I phone and I have encouraged and encountered, has zero sense of any urgency.  My world of people are like ants.  Busy searching for food, attacking any morsel of food, stinging anyone in sight, blindlessly wandering out in Scout formation.  I risk my life every single day weaving on my small 150cc m motorcycle through the most density congested city in the world going to the next meeting,  all the time knowing and showing I am a true billionaire, unable to even GIFT my knowledge and intellectual property to mankind.  

 Absolutely everyone I encounter has self centered agenda of what is in anything for me...  predatory greed,  not even sure what is the name thom Kondreck.  Another alias like Mr V. Another mask wore by someone who is deadly afraid of being a world leader at any level.   False names, others claiming they have knowledge of benefit to others, the con artist games are played by all lost souls who have no clue about the true reality of our world social economy and why there is no true wealth in their bank accounts.  

My personal frustration is so extreme , I remain stunned so many people commit crimes and violate laws, and truly I declare, no one cares.  In reality most encourage others to commit crimes since that justifies themselves to Commit crimes, sin, vice since they claim everyone else is doing it....    massive corruption and genocide crimes against humanity were legalized centuries ago despite the massive millions of laws passed that claim do the crime, do the time.  Our highest IQ persons of true merit are isolated, stranded, and yes, murdered when they stand up for the rights of others at any levels.....    

   no one really contacts anyone unless they can take advantage of others...  everyone scared of being bypassed out of the priests of profit chain of business transactions.  The more brokers involved in any business deal, the less profits for the producer seller, and higher price for the end user consumer.  For the insurers of commerce are mostly pirates of Egyptian pharaoh origins.....  regulations, price fixing, tariffs, taxes, cost of all the paperwork are mostly scams to steal a piece of cash profits.    

  Few but a few of us are starved for total world social justice and equality/....    call me.  And stop all the crimes against humanity....  can never be this hard to motivate all 7.777 billion of my own people.  For I have always taken these extreme timelines crimes very very personally...   being told repeatedly I have no rights but to die..  no rights to testify to world presidents, Much less commanding the local police actually arrest the criminals who roam our world freely because no one but our few care......  I publish this also, since I truly hate repeating the most obvious fact of who I am....  keith

Feb 1 debrief to world.
Call outs on my side are failing.  Beyond Odd..  call backs to me from last 11 years have been so so rare.  Target of Rose was always who I was calling and who I was directly contacting and visiting. He was gps tracking my car.  Not sure what method since I did not search for the device sept 25, 2011,  should of had military sweep my car, certainly local cia Nsa has capacity to detect cloned routers and gps trackers.  Scariest moment was when I pulled battery out of my brand new Verizon hotspot router I bought on my way OUT of atlanta with a new Verizon cell phone (my 4th cell i carried). Ga retired congressman buddy Darden (former Cobb county DA tied to berry Vic Reynolds) sent me a formal letter saying I must go debrief langley Air Force intelligence group as. My life was in danger from ROSE.  I rebooted my MacBook, logged back into my hotspot named followKeith,  entered same WiFi password,  had full internet connection speed DESPITE FACT WIFI battery was still in detached.  Easy to buy a automatic cloning router.  It sniffs presence of WiFi names, records any password, and then shadow logs in.  Then the clone router monitors ALL IP traffic, including emails,  passwords, literally and communication protocol.  When in college, my first #1 top world expertise was amateur radio, packet data, and designing communication prootcols between mainframes, midrange, micro computer programmable logic controllers.  I worked as top #1 consultant at cox communications fall of 2007 as security analyst with PacketCable association.  This top consortium shares bandwidth under contracts across the worlds fiber optic network to increase throughput of ALL INTERNET traffic by routing IP traffic.  Anyone who hack taps bugs into THAT one network has direct access to ANY data between Military, banks, stock markets, literally everything.  Including call detail records and voice over IP transmissions.  I have a published system that is worth billions in no longer needing billions of USD of software firewalls and multi layer security protections systems.  To infiltrate ANY database is child’s play.  Just get master password at lowest level of database or protocol hardware level and a simple back door, and ALL data is open for two way monitoring as well as changing and deleting the data.  Blockchain is NOT the answer because of the complexity and time delay to encode a CHAIN tracker block.  Call me, and ask USA GOV to escort me to safety NOW......  would have occurred sept 26, 2011 if a single person had EVER upheld ANY law. 


We are clearly the worlds most wealthy Angel Philanthropists in human history who have showcased to everyone HOW to SOLVE their very own local (nano) to Macro (God's Eye Eve View) level issues, conflicts, wars, problems, that are all pure basic HUMAN relationship issues of FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. Now that we have one degree of separation between ANY of our 7.737 Billion People, who can ever DENY YOUR RIGHTS again to have total world free education, free communication, free press media, ad-free society, and actually OWN our Mutual Creator's assets and natural resources that clearly have been stolen by the groups we have identified as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite' = New World Order, Illuminati, name your group.

   We are clearly so wealthy it will shock our other world leaders on how we broadcast to humanity on HOW to take of SOLVING your own issues. We own the rights to EVOTE.ONE as even empowers humanity to travel outside Moons orbit. Strange how no one has gone back to moon since 1971 as clearly GOD does not permit savages to ruin the rest of his universe.  We are back booking meetings direct with World Presidents, Corporate Executives, Bankers, Stock Market Executives, religion leaders, University Presidents, Congress, Senate, Militaries, Police, DOJ, DOE, DOA, Commission on Human Rights,  YES. all of humanity. Call us and we can explain HOW to obtain TOTAL GLOBAL PEACE in record time using just a few top published methods that would have been your new world reality 2008 if ANYONE had simply asked the BEST right question. For now everyone can legally pass judgement on anyone else. You do it anyway, so now we have legalized how to destroy all crime networks by simple law of large numbers and CEOSPACE.NET our most favorite NSASpeaker.ORG and HighTechMinistries.ORG organizations.    If we DO disappear one last time, probably GOD took us back to heaven....

   We offer to PAY world leaders to contact us back in 2008 era, and now offer CreatorKeith.Space Common Stock that is modeled after famous Warren Buffet so our crusader GOD focused warriors and PeaceKeepers can finally mediate World Peace. If we COULD contact TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN, and even ALL who see the absolute TRUTH, we would have 10 years ago since is clearly the top kingpin cybercriminal Terrorist of all time that anyone can seize and report to receive the legally authorized + $10 Million USD bounty and MORE on other crime heads.  Who ever owns this one stock gets voting rights of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE and will be millionaires as soon as our Trillions of real $$$ Intellectual Property are converted to CASH and 1% of all crime assets seized using our simple (c) (tm) systems are deposited into our truly unique Trust Foundation NGO and associates Humanitarian relief enterprises world wide.  Who will be the first to contact us now?



Use + Solution today by directly contacting World Leaders and top PRESS to command they unify reform our entire world as our decision makers are few. Fewer are those leaders who actually SERVE our people for our benefit versus their own back pocket graft even 'criminal accumulation' of wealth and extreme political power. These ordained systems replace all known forms of corrupt governments and corporations with easy universal single Constitutional commandments of Solution = 10 Commandments + Human Bill of Rights.

The Beginning:  In simple terms, our founding father (Keith Brent Duncan) and resulting world crusader teams,  was initiated  43 years ago as top experts in Computer Operating  Systems, Micro Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Creation of State of the art databases, Process control using custom designed and programmed Logic Controllers and assortment of other Master of all Trades expertise .  We have been incorporating the most powerful state of the art technology and human psychology combinations the world has ever experienced.  These are published over past 11 years at extreme expense and peril as legacy heritage solutions to replace all known forms of corrupt Government and Corporate enterprises.


  The 'Dark' Middle Ages:  Our world has descended to ongoing 'secret dark net' cold war World War 3 since 1958 era. The worst crimes against humanity of slave trading, industrial factory workers, farmers who can never make any profit, water and energy wars by Political Oligarchs, criminal control and manipulation of our stock markets and commodities, and other cyber crimes conducted by secret underground networks who are the ones who BUY and Extort our Corporate Executives and Politicians worldwide. Our very own Law Enforcement Justice and Military databases have already been infiltrated by secret rogue criminal agents starting with (Robert Dee Rose, DOB 1971-April-01) guilty of International Treason, Espionage, Sedition (overthrow of our governments), massive money laundering/tax evasion (IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 worth +$8 Million USD reward), murder of key eyewitnesses tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracy to murder by USA GOV agents, Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, DAs, Police, and even fired DOJ AG sally q. yates. All are 100% guilty by their very own certified signatures on court documents.  CAPITALISTIC INDUSTRIAL AGE is over once CEOSPACE.NET and Solution with and teach humanity how to own and run their own small business enterprises free of taxes, regulations, secret deals, and corruption.  These are all legacy heritage solutions 'LEFT BEHIND' for you my people to create your own new crime free society that you VOTE on the next best project and service that benefits your own community and world = 100% social peace and justice.

  The End Result is a new replace world society that is free of all crime networks. This is quickly achieved with the combination application and ratification of Solution using EVOTE.ONE and the worlds first and last OPEN PUBLIC Database FOIA.ONE. Our one world military now function 100% as peace keepers and criminal investigators as NO president or congress or Rogue terrorist group can control these most deadly arsenals of destruction for their own private gain by divide and conquer warfare justified by the few politicians.

   Nothing can stop this most powerful reformation unification movement because of it's inherit self regulating checks and balances.  All to empower +7.7 Billion people to control, own, and manage all their own infrastructure.  This frees us from the crime enterprises of underground crime networks starting with   Robert Dee ROSE with a $2 Million USD bounty on his head. No more politics or false promises can empower the Family Ruling Dynasties from controlling our GOD gifted assets for their own self-entitlement massive wealth accumulation.


417 United Nations Ave, Barangay 666

Ermita Manila, Philippines 1007

Tel: (63) 0917-335-4300


The TWO videos above are famous from summer of 2011. When asked WHAT do I DO? I answer 'What do you need?" for thes broadcast solutions of Keith Duncan are the ONLY answers to UNIFY and REFORM our entire world. I even address Privacy concerns and ask if ANYONE is in Federal Witness Protection Program. As I applied in Person to Atlanta AG sally Q yates in Sept 2011 right before ROSE ordered my murder by USA GOV rogue agents as I proved ROSE was cyber stalking my activities and robbing my homes on a regular basis. He extorted almost all my own lawyers, judges, Police, and top USA GOV officials.

Send to everyone you know and DEMAND total Social Justice and Peace be achieved using these simple engineered keynote speaking solutions.  RIGHT side lower VIDEO above is showcasing the VISIONARY answers of free internet, free education, Free trade, travel and trust of the most comprehensive systems ever broadcast to our most derelict world. As Construction of all digital creative communities prevents all world poverty by the most massive transfer of crime wealth seized by order of directly commanded by EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE

©1958-20209 (c)(r)Trademark Patent everything gifted.  World Technology Engineer Crusaders.

Manila (63) x917-335-4300  Calling for World Intervention.

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