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Vindictive Persecutors -The top Guilty Criminals.

A total of 85 to +100 are linked to Terrorist Rose.

Each of these public documents convicts multiple criminals. was from WHERE I am going Monday morning by Manila Ferry on BUSINESS to Camaya resort. I already was at Tarlac last 2 weekends ago. We travel through San Fernando Pampanga often with Felix Macapagal, cousin of Gloria M Arroyo President 2001-2010 who was political prisoner 2010 to 2015 who was key to President Dutertes election win. THE WAR CRIMES against humanity are exactly WHAT ROSE has been doing since at least 2005. I already have invoked the Patriot Act to directly ORDER USA to FIND this terrorist and put him on Death ROW. Left you voicemail AGAIN. and sent you and many others the *.mp3 file. Same as those saved voice recordings of ROSE promising to 'TAKE CARE OF ME" and of Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds threatening my life April 14, 2014 because I SHOWED him the Cobb COunty TPO 11.1.1171.99 that HE Signed and STILL refuses to go to FBI and to order arrests of ROSE and MS Bashama as he personally promised in front of myself when I demanded he take me TO Cobb COunty Judge Roy (Robert?) ?? September 2011 RIGHT before I went OFF-GRID to NYC and Langley AFB base because ROSE was daily cyber tracking all my calls and locations. Even easy for him to see my emails as I am sure he HACKED behind my router firewall and even CLONED my 2 wireless routers. Easy for him and EASY for me as I was #1 data communications expert since NCSU 1976....... TOP in the world in all ways..... King of my own destiny that I teach all others . . That is INRI above most Catholic crosses....  This is WHY ROSE is an ANTICHRIST.

Deputy  Attorney General Sally Yates.

Her group are also conspirators in the original massive threats and resulting continous coverup and even destruction of their own public and secret documentation. By Websters dictionary, they can even be called Terrorists for 4:11cr112 was criminally granted and maintained for 848 days based on cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 that proves it was a kidnapping series the entire time. Ask ATF William Banks to return my demo gun as I contacted him and everyone else this entire time since Oct 3, 2011.


Contact SALLY and ask why she has not gone to AG Loretta Lynch in Washington D.C.  I have been fully prepared to testify before the world as the #1 Plantiff Class Action suit Miscarriage of InJustice Duncan vs Terrorists.

Judge Thurman T. Jackson -Norfolk VA.
So many other high powered USA gov officials all detailed on bottom SolutionURL.

Guilty of massive Willful Obstruction of Justice, denial of all Keith's rights, and attempted murder for 2 years based on cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 used to create criminal terorrist threat of court order 4:11cr112 for Thurman had all these documents showing ROSE as a terrorist the entire time along with AUSAG Dee Sterling, PUblic PUKE defenders Phoenix Harris, and the entire office of Norfolk VA clerks and defenders who protected ROSE and Ms. Bashama this entire time.  Clearly they were paid off systematically.

It is easy to see who is as the criminal Persecutors who want Keith DEAD so they can steal the rest of God's worldly assets.

   The Will of  the Majority of my +7.6 Billion people combined with God's 11 commandments to Love and Care for each other complete Savior Keith's worldly missions started by Christ over 2,000 years ago.  Even the Vatican and all churches have been formally notified with visits and broadcasts.           Everyone take ACTION today by contacting PRESS, public, Churches, and focus on commanding USA Gov protect your rights.

Robert Dee Rose

Cybercriminal Terorrist behind Attempted Murder of Keith

  Rose has $2 Million USD bounty on his head from IRSWBFeb2009, 658. He was living in Atlanta GA area. He is extremely dangerous as an international flight risk since he is probably worth Billions USD by now.   ROSE is guilty of sedition, treason, espionage, murder, and massive # of Felony and capital crimes tied to Cybercrime through his, Caribbean Supply Services Inc (Fort Walton Florida near Elgin AFB), and Ocean Place Condos, Paradise Island Bahamas, along with Dixie Rose Charter Fishing yacht crime center along with his other worldwide tellicomm centers where he internet steals all data along with Cyclone Alexander Covey (Atlanta GA lawyer) responsible for death threats from his Sugarloaf Plantation Duluth GA telecomm crime centers.


Rose personally owes Keith over $350,000 USD from Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 summary judgment from Oct 2010 as Pierce the Corp veil was denied when ROSE extorted Judge McClelland and Keiths own long list of lawyers.  IRS owes Keith $8 Million USD for IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, case 658 they assigned to

He will be PUT on DEATH ROW by MILITARY since he already infiltrated almost all databases and has hired rogue criminal agents to DELETE any evidence of his massive crimes against HUMANITY already exposed to WORLD.

Kyle, Sherry, Matthew Duncan (US Marine).

Birmingham AL, Norcross USA,  DOB Nov 4, 1958, Hawaii

  The Family members of Keith are guilty of massive conversion of assets, larceny, false witness (Slander and libel), and destruction of all of Keith's original Evidence against ROSE, Ms. Bashama, keith's lawyers, and a very long list of county, state, and federal agents who were all blackmailed and extorted by Rose starting from Jan 15, 2008.  

      Again, the real and punitive damages from their multiple bank embezzlement, slander, libel, larceny, false witness, and refusal to contact any law enforcement agency, clearly legally and financially implicates and convicts them of a very long list of felony and civil crimes against Keith Duncan and his business entiities. It must be stated as testimony that Sherry Duncan has an extremely violate emotional  disease diagnosed professionally as Schzoid back in year 2008 timeframe.

     Sherry even personally received the $5,000 USD bond payment after Ms. Bashama Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 was dismissed July 15, 2011 proving again that absolute NO v922(g)8 Violation could have occurred Sept 25, 2011. Everyone knows these conspiracy facts and hides from

  Each person who committed each crime MUST be held accountable by the same USA Constitional laws that were broken sequentially to prevent their own crimes from being made public for the first honest investigator, Prosecutor, and Federal Judge to actually uphold Justice and Equality.

Jimmy Deal -lawyer Criminal LIAR

Lawyer.  Norcross GA  along with Ross Grisham Canton GA

 Call Jimmy at 770-263-7200 for his direct ties to terrorist Robeert Dee Rose and his active libel and slander to prevent my release for 848 days of HELL-JAIL. Jimmy owes me over $100,000 in the legal funds I paid him to command USA government recover my original $109,800  USD defraud by terrorist ROSE>

Ms Bashama aka Tammy Jo Auston

Bashama. (602)298-2280

4410 Union Hills DR, #7-303 GlenDale Arizona 85308

 Everyone contact FBI for them to manhunt Bashama down for $10,000 USD bounty from the $32,000 USD she stole from me. The FBI have never had an option NOT to investigate and put her in Prison, maybe death row for murder of Cobb County Judge Fabier in Sept 2011 tied to MPD report below shown to Fabier Feb 8, 2011.

  Ms Bashama robbed Keith's home in Marietta GA on Feb 2, 2011per forged Marietta P.D. 11.1.2506.99 filed by Keith on Feb 4, 2011 that would have resulted in Ms. Bashama and Wendell Ralph Carraways arrests on Friday, Feb 4, 2011 at 10 a.m. after Keith called 911 twice to identify these con-artist, black-widow professional thieves after 2 hours of forensic research into the location of Keith's stolen assets worth excess of $32,000 USD cash as well as all business records and Keith's receipts with

  The same MPD police report was forged 3 more times and criminally used for 2nd and 4th kidnappings on Feb 22, 2011 and signed 4:11cr112 dated Feb 13, 2011 as Keith was already kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 based on an email Keith could NOT have sent Robert Dee Rose Aug 31, 2011 per Cobb County TPO 1.11.7683.99 that was also an extortion kidnapping setup by Cobb County Judges and DA Patrick Head along with over 5 members of Marietta P.D. Police CID division implicating 5 Cobb County Judges and Marietta P.D. Chief Dan Flynn. 

  On right is Ms. Bashama and Wendell in criminal conspiracy with Officer Wishon on Tuesday Feb 8, 2011 as I went to Cobb County Judge Fabier (murdered Sept 2011) with the Marietta P.D. larceny report for him to sign two arrest warrants. He claimed the case was OPEN and under investigation. The attachedk 1st original shows the larceny case was CLOSED the exact same day Feb 4, 2011 it was filed. This is impossible since Officer Wishon delayed 4 days as it was reopened showed I robbed myself of my own possessions. Marietta P.D. was forced to retrieve $1,000 of my own assets as they REFUSED to go to Dan Flynn or any Judge since ROSE had already paid them off also.

   These are just some of the irrefutable evidence that shows I was kidnapped and vinditively persecuted by well over 100 persons tied directly to ROSE.

 EVERYONE can see the last file is the original criminally issued TPO 11.1.1171.99 that says 100% Legal to own any firearm, only valid in State of GA, and it was DISMISSED after I promised court house Press Conference to expose all the Political Corruption in all these counties.


Lt Jaime Gianfala. Ross Grisham Lawyer

Cherokee County GA criminal conspirator with ROSE and Keiths $27,500 paid to Ross reported to

   Everyone contact Jamie based on his email THREATS to me from summer of 2011 and two days ago. Oct 25, 2015 that I posted on top of . Along with CID Matt Pettpher, Judges Jackson, Mills, Drain, Evelyn McElyer?, wardens, and many others, they are all guilty of false testimony, destruction of their own signed court documents, attempted murder, illegal detainment-kidnapping conspiracies that also implicate Lawyer-LIAR Ross Grisham $27,500 USD cash paid to notify FBI-AG and command immediate release into USA government protection by Military. Each owes Keith Real and Punitive Damages for Conspiracy to Defraud USA government and civil denial of each and everyone of Keith's Constitutional Rights. Bill Smith also implicated himself Spring 2014.

    Ross Grisham is a criminal conspirator with Rose also. Ross refused to contact FBI-AG ahd show Judges the one video and unsigned and undated arrest warrant issued Sept 26, 2011 9 am showing Keith was kidnapped.

Bill Smith, Ethics Director of also criminally conspired with Keith's pre-paid lawyers to destroy publical documents delivered Feb 2014.

 Cherokee Cty Judges Mills, Drain, Ellen McElyea are guilty of kidnapping conspiracies with Rose and Conspiracies to defraud USA government.

Cobb County GA USA Berry Vic Reynolds, DA Patrick Head, + Buddy Darden +1(404)527-4130

Berry Vic was Keith's $6,000 lawyer to arrest Rose and Ms. Bashama Larceny Feb 4, 2011 MPD 1.11.2506.99.

 US Representative RETIRED Atlanta GA. now at McKenna, Long and Aldridge. He was Cobb County GA DA and clearly knows terrorist DAs Patrick Head and Berry Vic Reynolds.

  Buddy personally sent Keith to Langley Airforce Base on Sept 25, 2011 that resulted in kidnapping orders signed Sept 26, 2011 by ROSE and subsequent delay until Oct 3, 2011 for actual 3rd kidnapping to occur. Took 848 days of HELL as all evidence has always pointed at ROSE.  When contacted, Buddy Darden claimed NO MEMORY. He was Cobb County DA before HEAD and Berry Reynolds who all are criminals based on Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 larceny and subsequent paper chase conspiracies, destruction of court documents, and threats to my life per VIC's recorded personal threats in April 2014 to Keith.

Judge Robert E. "Rob" Flournoy personally met with Keith and Vic in Sept 2011 and promised to arrest Ms. Bashama + Wendell Carraway.  This implicates Rob also robbed Keith Duncan of his constitutional rights by endangering Keith's life with multiple conspiracies with Judges Fabier, Ingram III, and many others in Cobb County.

85 to +100 OTHER criminals shown by their own signatures and false witness slander-libel with direct links to ROSE and other criminals violation U.S.C. Statutes of law.

  The PDF file on the left clearly identifies each USA government official who had the Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 in their hands and violated multiple Felony U.S.C. Statues of Kidnapping, attempted murder, sealing and destroying critical court document evidence that all tie back to #1 World Terorrist Super Criminal ROSE and other criminals who work for USA government as rogue agents for underground criminal RICO cabal enterprises. 

  Why has not a single honest person of integrity and intellect been identified for +8 years to bring all these criminals to justice. This is what and the other irrefutable and irrevocable solutions in forms of new laws shall do to remove all criminals from society.


Douglas Vernon Duncan. Vigilante Terorrist.

Cary N.C. USA.  DOB Jan 19, 1954

  Brother of Keith who has made terrorist threats against Keith's life for years based on Dougs fraud of Duncan Tree Farm and his viligante ?gun club? group who meets every Tuesday night at his home address. Doug filed a criminally granted (vindictively insane) restraining order Feb 2012 at Wake County NC. Sheriff's office to prevent FBI-AG-USMilitary and others from releasing Keith immediately into Federal Witness Protection Program. Keith filed for FBI-AG protection in Sept 2011 and subsequent DEADLY SILENCE from all law enforcement agencies since ROSE continues to cyber attack the databases of relevant authorities. Who will file the criminal charges against Doug and all others who stole Keith's assets while threatening his life by the same USA Government Keith has reformed as well as our entire world.

 The TPO was never legally granted as no Case # asssigned and no evidence ever presented despite myConstitional Right to face all accusers. How can a TPO be granted with zero legal represention of a defendant. In fact I am the ONLY Planitiff who has legally showed the largest list of felony crimes committed against the one person who teaches our world how to SHUN all criminals, reduce taxes down to about 5%, and unify our entire world..

  Keith contractually forced Doug to buy Keith's tree farm shares for $110,000 USD in Fall 2014 for survival funds to ensure criminals are shunned forever.

 This matches the $109,800 original ROSE Promissary Notes due March 2008

 Therefore, all citizens will live in Peace and Harmony when criminal prime bullies and terorrists like Doug Duncan are shunned and isolated by all the solutions I have gifted all of humanity.

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