top of page (*.org) is worlds most successful Anti Any Addiction psychology methods use of GODs way to solve, prevent, reverse any issue includes addictions to Lucifer Worshiping idols of Drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, human trafficking, mass murder, cyber crime terrorist, literally any one who violates no crime utopia as commanded by enforcing all the laws of New World No exceptions are excused. YOUR ONLY task is to self save yourselves by REPLACING all your cause of addictions with GODs positive actions that truly benefit all others for rest of your mortal life. Means MEETING your MAKER(s) at only your expense.

2024 July 3. Exactly WHO do you trust and know to protect life today? No one has ever survived what happened to me shown as worlds most public scandal multilevel conspiracies to murder me at

Most bible ironic since to open gift stabilizing + 180 other perfect answers. (simplified at is GODs simple complete economic replacement KISS methods use of GODs We have left this behind also as the worlds most prestigious mega Billionaire groups of Scientists, Engineers, Psychologists, Ideologists, Researchers, Professors, Inventors, humanitarian front liners and gifting philanthropists of who always oversee the worlds wealthiest mega-Bilkanaires and Mega-MILKanaires showcased at GivingPledge.SPACE.  No one actually uses Gods common sense to solve any nano to GODs eye view issues otherwise we would all be back living in Gods no crime UTOPIA of using to procreate completely self sustainable OUR commUNITYs with host mediating required host mediated town hall forums use of 


Direct Contact TOM HAAG (Phone Expired, lack of ANY Confidence + self any motivation) in Lost Wages Nevada USA, soon relocated as a true Mega-Millionaire Public Keynote Speaker Expert  by his most recent ANTI-drug related outreach ministries and actions. Most often he refuses to ACT with any authority on behalf of GOD and WE MY PEOPLE often deadly afraid of disturbing the current millions of ADDICTS. He has a lifelong addiction to POT and Anti Psychotics.

He considers himself a GOD 'resident expert' on Drug abuse and chemical addiction dependencies that make everyone STUPIDER and even common criminals once the Criminal Ruling Elite use drugs to pacify enslave WE GODS people.

   I, Keith Brent Duncan, have personally asked Ten Thousand of YOU to actually hear and believe YOUR current false sense of reality and actually COME to my locations in Atlanta GA, Asheville NC as worlds best mega millionaire keynote Speaker on how to prevent reverse any addiction known to man.  Includes rapid deployment of that was

Latest perfected GODs ministries was and for mega billionaires.

Updated 2023 July 30, currently was at Brunswick, St Simons Island GA searching for Deacon friend Clint Day (Norcross GA).  Atom Tom Haag is near beyond hope since he claims ALL DRUGS must be legalized to justify his own 20 year history of Intl Mail Drug dealing that resulted in Felony Convictions by FBI and DEA year 2011 when I met him.  Everyone CALL him direct, ask him WHY he is a Lucifer Worshiping Drug Addict even past 12 years. His worst DSM-V self diagnosis is Paranoid Bipolar Psychosis most know as Narcissism same as most 8 billion MORTALs all brainwashed by the Criminal Ruling Elite past 6660 years to 'JUST TRUST ONLY THEM'. Sex and Drugs was always how the ELITE first families make each of YOU stupider so YOU violate the rights of literally everyone around you.

Updated final 2024 Feb 2

Fast FiveSteps.Life Path Reverse Any ADDICTION Guaranteed.

$50 to $100 USD per 1 hour session -Remote or In Person

Direct Contact TOM HAAG in Las Vegas Nevada USA, soon relocated to Atlanta GA, Asheville GA as worlds best mega millionaire keynote Speaker on how to prevent reverse any addiction known to man. Includes rapid deployment of

Keith. 770 377 2106  $40 Billion USD is now located and hiring top problem solving megaMillionaires (or you) in Asheville NC USA as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding +200 to 300 new EDUCATION Technology Foundations owned + staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices co-located Biltmore Estate + the BG Cove. Manufacturing, Medical, Education, Science, Technology is our only stream lined focus since Dawn of GODs civilization who procreate human advance of We GODs people.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of Duncan


Fast Path Reverse Any ADDICTION Guaranteed

  At by, we care about each of you. Our perfected re-education system is universal use of  Sent we were sent by GOD, we truly understand your limiting dilemmas and self caused brain dead dementia caused by your abject lack of any goal completions. 

  Most peoples vision and ability to deal with ANY of reality life issues is overcome by the primal need of the next HIT to make your issues go away.

  The answer to ANY success story of your life is to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. If unsure, ASK best top smartest experts to COACH you by opening up your mind to relearn new brain pathways.

  Contact us today to learn how we can help.


Since 1976,  we have been the top  influential master most humble professor master educators  helping our clients gain exposure to the LIGHT of GODs reality and purpose for each of your soul lives.  Through a combination of lifetime of solving each and any world problem at emotional soul your level we are the rare group sent by GOD to unify all 8 billion persons forever. 

Are you ready NOW to deal with your current devils advocate mindset and actually REPLACE your thinking system with one that benefits yourself and all others?

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OUR CLIENTS.  8 Billion GODs People.

Terrific Partnerships

At, we are proud of the partnerships we have built with our clients. We have had the pleasure of representing some of the leading businesses and individuals worldwide and beyond. Below are some examples.

Client 7 Total World peace making Unification.

A Media Victory

We worked through a successful unification of all mortals using GODs mass publicity of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE

Client 8

Biggest  Win for all of YOU is total decentralization of ALL our WEALTH, ASSETS, and Authority.

We successfully represented GOD and You in highest profile mass public campaign 1958 to 2023. We guided all of you through all major issues resulting in total WORLD Global PEACE of , resulting in NO MORE WARS ever again.

Client 2 is

Our Most Successful Campaign is NOW.

We represented GOD and 8 billion PEOPLE our entire 64.444 years.. We were there every step of the way, leveraging connections with media outlets to attract target audiences and ensure maximum coverage.


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+1 770-377-2106 USA

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