+ UNIFIES mankind.

Total Tort Reform eliminates ALL Judicial Corruption Forever.

Click Video: $1.2M USD keiths assets.

Remove, Shun, and Imprison all corrupt Liar-Lawyers, Judges, and Politicians by eVOTE.ONE and Interpol FOIA.ONE.  Act with Authority for the Benefits of all others in name of all Humanity and our one mutual Creator FatherGOD.  1 Cor 13:13 the Prime Golden Rule for all.  Click: showcasing final Last Rites Solutions of Justice. I already went to Military, USA GOV, Public, Churches, and Press for 11 long years looking for honest persons to represent and protect your own civil and Constitutional spiritual rights.
SOLVES BASIC PROBLEM of any Lawyer or Judge who Violates any law. Replaces millions of judicial laws with original CITIZENS ARREST easy video procedure.
  This also obtains total World Equality Peace of  UNIocracy   June 16, 2020 update.
Now that all world evidence is OPEN PUBLIC Read-Only FOIA.ONE, only stupid crooks would dare violate our rights to enforce honesty and ethics on literally everyone...
  This Total Judicial Tort Reform replaces all know forms of Legal Systems. No more appointed officials or LIAR Lawyer Judges and Officers of OUR Open Public Court Forum systems. Streaming Open Public TV with 3-way microphones and speakers empowers anyone to question anyone on our witness stands of keiths Justice Judgment seat chairs. Anyone can witness and supply evidence to put any Lucifer in Hell-Prison.
 From #1 billionaire R&D Scientist CreatorKeith.SPACE.  We are the few who have been persecuted by the worst violators of existing law in USA based on crimes committed initially by Robert Dee Rose = Jan 2008.  We have commanded his arrest and seizure Aug 22, 2011 to present.
   Obstruction of Justice is a key original crime committed by so many in any court.
The use of 5th Amendment and Client-Attorney privilege is often used to prevent the most serious evidence from being admitted for public passing of judgment. Thefore by orders of KEITH, these are abolished along with L.L.P. Limited Liability Partnerships.
   OCTV is open circuit TV that is live streamed and recorded as evidence rather than the current century system of one court recorder transcribing to written Transcript that must be BOUGHT in order to be shown back to next level of Officials. A true crime based on Cobb County GA USA TPO 11.1.7683.99 that clearly shows ROSE is a terrorist.
  Entire world knows that criminally acquired wealth pays off lawyers, Police, witnesses and any level of Officials of the court to persecute and even murder the Whistle Blower victims of organized crime networks. Total Tort Reform below is the required legal answer system to prevent any hearsay and false evidence from persecuting anyone based on refusals of our court officials to experience the true cause and effect of each violation.
With this most common sense system, anyone can be put on Open Circuit TV deposition and trial immediately once an accusation, crime, or violation occurs. The true criminals will never walk free once they understand they face prison and death row by the ruling of majority of persons using method. This applies to passing any laws.
    This creates a new replacement general Jury system of the most interested persons who legally identify themselves in order to pass judgment on anyone including of false evidence they submit. For submitting false evidence is how criminals and paid off witnesses are never brought to full justice including the impeachment process. How many top Politicians, corporate executives, and even Presidents are ever held accountable BY, FOR, and OF the same people who have PAID for these same people to serve and protect our rights and assets.  We are at Ateneo Manila Univ Jan 14, 2020 speaking with President Father Villaran staff, Prof Joey. We met him Nov 29, 2017.  Everything we have published is required open source methodology to UNIFY mankind once all crime networks are identified and put into prison based on starting point of:
  ProfitShareHolders.SPACEWorldSchoolFund (free kInternet + all free K-Phd Education, and the most comprehensively designed deployed system of BuiltByKeith located at CreatorKeith.Space + original
Our unique published system is to prevent all false testimony. Shared resources of UNIocracy.ORG is the legacy heritage system we gift from GOD's Prophets.
Many of our lawyers = judges are criminals who take our profits from corporate executives to persecute and even murder our top scientist Whistle Blower Human rights activists. We are clearly the pioneers of all psychology technology at all levels microchip to mainframe communications database technology. We MUST be escorted to safe haven so we can all debrief our World Leaders at all levels how to achieve total world peace using FOIA.ONE + others.  We request everyone to immediately Call us.
This we rebroadcast June 17, 2020 as we are the lone survivors of Robert Dee Rose true conspiracies of espionage treason, and even overthrow of our last governments. = Total Tort Social Justice Legal Reform is original world solution. -Prevent crimes by protecting victims (+ Inmates) who are key eyewitness whistle blowers on organized crime. Contact FBI AG now !

   This one System is integral law part of

The FIRST Constitutional requirement of all law enforcement is:

1. Once arrested, the accused will video conversation directly with the accuser on Open Circuit TV with lawyers and judges optionally present within 24 hours of arrest.. This is the first level required deterrent to prevent criminals from falsely accusing their victims as defendants. Refusal of accuser is instant dismissal.

2. All grand jury indictments will include live broadcast testimony of anyone including the accused over Cable TV, Internet live stream and recorded in FOIA.ONE for public review.  Refusal of accuser is instant dismissal.

3. The accused will be granted immediate access to any evidence used to accuse them of a violation or crime.

4. Accused is granted full access to his assets and resources by unlimited monitored calls to their lawyers, family, USA GOV criminal investigators, eyewitnesses.

5. Accused is granted full access to any supporting documentation and evidence immediately.

6. Our new ratified system is 10 day Speedy trial law for being found innocent or guilty by public eVOTE.

7. All law enforcement rules, procedures, and chain of evidence are open for public review at any time.

8. Anyone in public can request use of Criminal Investigators to search and find any collaborating Evidence when local police and court officials refuse to protect the victim or others.

9. All court records are open to public unless the accused or accuser files temporary sealed request that is subsequently approved or denied by the same Grand jury. After conviction or acquittal, all records are open for public viewing FOIA.ONE so no one can destroy any evidence.

10 The fifth amendment is abolished. Anyone on the witness stand is required to answer Yes or No to any question. If witness is silent, the public uses evote to decide the guilt or innocence of the testimony.


 The above was part of broadcast to world and personally delivered to USA Military on Sept 25, 2011.  These simple new world laws eliminate the ability for a criminal to supply false witness evidence against their victims and force them into JAIL. Eliminates ability for any lawyer, Judge, or Officer of the court to bear false witness and criminally profiteer by getting paid to violate laws.

We all take this deadly serious on how many people violate laws to steal, rape, pillage, plunder, murder, and PIRATE assets of others. Sharing resources solves all world issues. Our new system of SolutionJudge com puts anyone on trial based on eye witness testimony and evidence submitted through FOIA.ONE. Even during grand jury indictment process, the accused is required to video talk with their accuser to confirm they are being legally held over for pre-trial. With this one method of use of recorded open public TV, the accusers will NEVER show up if they are bearing false witness. The book of JUDGE is about passing judgment on others. Almost everyone passes judgment on others, even YOU who read these legacy heritage broadcasts recorded for the prosperity of all humankind forever. We are the 100% neutral observers sent by GOD to obtain Truth.

    Our new published system replaces all corrupt Lawyers, Judges, and judicial officials with use of eVOTE.ONE and Open Circuit TV. Clearly our most powerful R&D scientists request the help of all Police, Law enforcement, Military and World Presidents to use our almost perfected system to eliminate all crime networks as required by all existing laws and Constitutions. All world University Law schools are the best groups of highest IQ esteemed Professors and human right activists to host required Press Conferences to inform the public that their student graduates are now primed to replace all corrupt Lawyers worldwide. This has never been our fault we accidentally discovered so many criminals.

   Everyone knows who violates the law yet very few of our people have any confidence to pursue justice and social peace by using existing laws to hold each other accountable. The massive null and void of most man made laws is the benefit of use of that is the most logical non emotional method to UNIFY all mankind total peace. Our rare unique group has the God gifted talent of discernment and highest IQ of anyone on earth. We can read/watch any news or hear anyone speak and immediately we can tell if they speak the truth or are telling lies to cover up crimes they have committed or covering up for others out of fear of self incrimination. Our system is the ONLY series of solutions to finally achieve Total World Peace.

    Once the 5th Amendment is no longer used, everyone will be required to answer Yes or NO. Silence will indicate the most obvious fact they are hiding evidence and will be convicted by the will of majority of WE the PEOPLE.  We have visited well over 100 Universities and +500 events in just past 11 years on same agenda.

  We are the worlds most powerful Mediators to teach TOP CEOs and World Presidents how to return full ownership and control back to our workers using ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.

   Most people have no clue for they have their own agenda while we represent GODs agenda of peace.

   With this simple series of Constitutional Laws, anyone can be put on witness stand to testify on what they know and any evidence they have of crime activity. These series of common sense systems create the required follow-up, tracking, and action required to acquire almost immediate convictions.

   If one lies on the stand (or even remote testimony), the public eVotes to put them in jail and also has authority by law to seize their assets.


     The valued assets are then paid out to victims, 1% to, balance paid to build new communities. Everyone now legally passes public revealed judgment on others based only on the suspect -> criminals own evidence + testimony.  Anyone who objects to justice clearly is hiding crimes and other linked criminal evidence. Whistle blowers are now truly protected by One Intl Constitution Law focused with 

   Original EVIDENCE of is CLICK GOOGLE 'HelpInmates IseeStand'.

  Then Click:  SolutionDrugs and SolutionGunControl as Guns and Drugs are used by politic CEOs and Criminals inside/outside all enterprises to enslave our people into Poverty, Plain and simple.

Updated: Nov 18, 2019 My teams rapidly expand now based on YOUR followup and required ACTION.

    Our top IQ Professors and younger experts are the ones who DRIVE our new world society as the new replacement Honest Lawyers=Judges, top executives, and government leaders.  No longer will these OLD white Haired named persons violate basic laws of OPEN RECORD Books stored on FOIA.ONE worldwide access by the PUBLIC. Those persons who grip the secret contracts, trade and bank accounting books, the general ledgers, and contracts in secret are behind the most outrageous group of true world criminals, the lawyers who constantly prosecute anyone who threatens their ability to TELL LIES in court and submit false evidence to put the true whistleblowers in HELL JAIL and make them disappear by murdering key witnesses. Happens to Keith and billions of others. For Denial of Basic Human Rights is the most profitable crime enterprise in World History.

  .  For all officials of our courts (police, lawyers, judges, DA, AG, investigators, and Military) are now held 100% accountable with solutionJudge.Com that is part of new Single world constitution. This alone warrants and provides that anyone can be questioned in open forum court of law.  This includes the judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police, Presidents, CEOS, wifes of criminals as 5th amendment is no longer needed. It alone is a shield of delays to allow the true criminals to escape any justice since it gives them time to destroy all FOIA evidence and destroy all evidence they even exist.

    The first questions anyone can ask anyone called on the Witness stand follows. With EVOTE.ONE, public forum can vote a)Guilty b) delay c:) innocent. 

1. Once you were aware that this person was accused of a violation, DID you personally say, know, or do anything to violate any law to cover up any evidence?  Yes or no?  Silence indicates YES. 

2. Did you get asked by anyone or paid with any benefit to protect the accuser from being on the witness stand? Yes or no? 

3. Same question in reverse. Did you get asked by anyone or paid with any benefit to prevent the accused from presenting evidence.  YES or NO? 

    These three questions ensure that anyone from police to Supreme Court justices are 100% Neutral and fully represent all rights of the accuser and the accused. Now remote witnesses can testify over free WIFI by presenting evidence and testimony to prevent them being murdered locally.


I personally have been going to EVERY SINGLE Law enforcement agency in the world, including Philippine DOJ and Philippine Constitution Association every chance I can for now last 4 years.  NO one ever does required follow-up or Call Back with Acknowledgement of ACTION by filing the required documents to show WHO is GUILTY and WHO are the real victims. This is root basis of FOIA.ONE

   Since USA gov is always aware I have always asked for my group to debrief MILITARY, NSA, CIA, HLS, DEA, literally all top gov agencies, a few in USA are guilty of mass obstruction of justice by putting myself and thousands of other top R&D scientist humanitarians on a secret blacklist to suppress evidence of massive cyber crime terrorist attacks on world databases that again, transfer trillions of $$ into terrorist hands.  Since money and power is the key to domination, all these completed solutions are the only way to transfer trillions of our assets back to our people.


   First is use of theFinalTerrorist. Com, while provides free world interlink communication and fully paid everything from K to any PHD level.  Then solutionHousing.Org migrates billions of persons to higher elevations into Gods mountain areas using TurnOffLights. Space and that truly provides free unlimited term watts of collective on demand power. Unlimited water year round means even deep,water wells can be Re filled from mountain lakes.  The pumped storage system now goes all the way from mountain tops with  billions of metric tons water to refill below ground water tables.  This alone is the STP system of clean profit. for Cleaning water after it is so polluted with pesticides, fertilizers and runoff erosion is the root cost issue. Reducing packaging of all goods is key also.   We have informed world that All,world Presidents are going to meet Jan 20, 2020 since no one else but our group SPEAKS and ACTS with any common sense logic....

  Contact #1 top anti crime keynote speaker Duncan in Manila and his growing world leader consultant teams to come to your greatest places of need in GOD"s holy purpose as we are the last visionary sage resident experts on HOW to teach you to SOLVE any problem with  Most simple answer to eliminate all corrupt Lawyers, Judges, Police, and other officers of the court is new Constitutional Law bill of rights that states no more use of USA bill of rights #5 permitting refusals to answer a solicitor or accusers question. Anyone can be put on the witness stand and asked simple question such as: As soon as you knew the suspect was accused of a crime, have you contributed in any way to commit any other crime that harms the rights of the original accuser victim?  Broadcast over Open Circuit TV system (c)(tm) by NGO, no one in their right mind would every provide false testimony for then they could be eVOTEd in to jail for contempt of court of their remote video/sound watching peers. Ask us how we can provide more solutions that solve each and every other world issue since few if any have ever created Total World Peace.

  The new system provides direct funds for paying honest lawyers to be the proxy representatives of victims and even those falsely accused of violations and crimes. For public defenders are most often paid off by terrorists like ROSE and other political persons who know they face prison for the series of crimes they have committed. For our judicial system is now open public monitored so no violation or crime will ever go unpunished in record speedy trial time of 2 to 10 days (what a great solution to keep semi guilty persons from wasting 7-8 years in HELL Jail like in Philippines before even first court appearance.  We addressed even that issue with Philippines Commissioner of Human Rights, so many lawyers, very powerful influencer Professors of Law in Nevada, Atlanta, Philippines, and so many universities we visited along our biblical travels on behalf of GOD our Mutual Creator.

Keith updated last historical Oct 29, 2019 as we requested Political Asylum Sept 25, 2011 to present moment...


The PRIME answer is to keep all criminals from extorting and blackmailing our civil servants of justice.

Most critical is elimination NOW of ALL corrupt Liar-Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors, and officials of our courts.


  The world already knows that MONEY TALKS, CRIMINALS take the WALK , and seldom every go to PRISON for their mass crime spree offenses.  The best DEFENSE is the OFFICE of OFFENSE of Now all law enforcement and public use off shelf smart phones on free Interlink (Internet) to auto face recognize who are honest (saved) versus who are the criminals with bounties on their heads. All legally justified by enforced contracts stored on FOIA.ONE in your new world open public database society when no secrets clearly demonstrates NO CRIME can go unpunished by of our people.  Robert Dee Rose and Alexander Cyclone Covey are worth ?Billions? of your $$$ for their ability to extort our own USA GOV at all levels. The same occurs with firms like  R.A.T. = Remote Access Trojan software used by terrorist RICO organizations for past +20 years.

  Feb 2, 2019. Keith's own lawyers and almost every single person tied to Norfolk 4:11cr112 Terrorist Kidnappings and coverups GO TO PRISON for their direct crimes against KEITH and Robert Dee Rose. I lost everything to these criminals since no honest lawyer, judge, prosecutor, or criminal investigator anywhere will DEBRIEF and sign the arrest warrants to seize my assets and put these sociopath crime network enterprises in Prison and even on Death Row. Direct funding and support is #1 most critical issue since start Jan 15, 2008.

   PROTECT KEITHs Life and his teams NOW as we have already personally and group broadcast these Plans of Salvation to world for +11 years.

  Nov 29, 2018 Recent visits are John Marshall Law school @ Atlanta Peachtree Street, GA Public Broadcasting, GA State Bar (lawyers) SCLCFoundation near MLK National Park, many deans at Georgia Tech University, Andrew J Young Foundation Offices, and multiple National Press Offices.

   These transformation answer solutions eliminate ALL Judicial Corruption and put millions of criminals in HELL-JAIL while seizing their assets.  Millions of other minor non-violent inmates are released to be 100% productive integrity driven community monitored citizens of highest merit value. USA has 5% of population but 50% of lawyers and 25% of all inmates are IN USA. That alone are crimes against humanity for the reasons exposed to world below.  Only by empowerment of my=our people will plaintiff rights be protected since everyone can see that criminals pay off LIAR-LAWYERS, judges, prosecutors,  police, and other eye witnesses to commit destruction of court evidence that is never shown to public. NOW with FOIA.ONE and Open Circuit TV with microphones and even speakers, YOU our people now pass judgment on others including evote convictions death row for horrific crimes.


  Now we eliminate ALL appointed officials as any leader or person in any authority position (government and corporate) is now ELECTED eVote.ONE.

Legally Binding Contracts now become the ruling determination of innocence versus guilty as public now sees all contracts and the supporting contacts tied to individuals who violate base Bill of Human Rights and other civil and criminal charges. Norfolk 4:11cr112 Court cast is Landmark Miscarrige of Justice kidnappings for hire and subsequent massive coverup conspiracies to destroy all certified court documents.

   AGAIN: Protect Keith Duncan's life + most comprehensive  IP rights by funding his groups and demanding FBI AG confess their coverups.


  With EVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE open public database, all legally binding contracts are video recorded with all signatures and verbal promises now viewable by world with patent copyright trademarked IP methods of 100% all digital Communication eDevices over free world MAX-wifi owned by all. These binding contracts are first marked as private, then made public when any involved party defrauds another or commits a crime. This includes enforcing 'The Truth' evidence testimony from any lawyer, Police, Prosecutor, Judge, or other official of the court. Our world now immediately finds the true criminals by eVote'ing them into HELL-JAIL while seizing their assets to be returned to the victims.  This alone UNIFIES mankind as no agreement or transaction can be hidden in secret to avoid paying taxes (money Laundering) or hiding the true ownership of any stock, cash, bank account, land, buildings, or other valued asset. The worst criminals + small time mobsters, drug dealers, thugs, etc, are immediately shown for world to see, find, and convict. is the sequential irrefutable and irrevocable answers to solving the most critical need for enforcing 100% honest Lawyers, Judges, and Judicial systems in the USA and our world. This is the total TORT Legal and Financial reform that changes the course of human history forever by will of majority of +7.6 billion of our UNIocracy based people. All legal honest Officials of our new Courts now join 'The Justice Society'.

  Oct 1, 2018. clearly, MASS PROTEST RALLIES world wide (not really needed for obvious reasons) are also a simple solution to COMMAND world leaders host press conferences to showcase HOW to prevent almost all crimes in first place. Basis for everything is 100% direct democracy to empower MY people to control and manage everything. Includes eVOTEing ANYONE into prison by will of majority of testifying citizens. Once world sees that collective victims can PUT criminals in HELL JAIL, the criminals shall CRY OUT 'FOUL, DENIAL of RIGHTS, PRIVACY!!!!;  TOO late, for they can never black mail pay off anyone once eliminates ALL corrupt liar lawyers, judges, and officials of any court.  Deliver to All World Leaders + PRESS NOW ! as all benefit in GOD's holy name.

  FOIA.ONE is the prime/only Freedom Open Information Action database required as the ultimate library repository of all human knowledge. This one open public storehouse of wisdom has electronic links to all other databases protected by BlockChain.

Updated April 20, 2018 The extreme criminal issues caused by any lawyer committing crimes by false witness of evidence is solved with the simple answer Tort Constitution of:
1. Any group of people, opposing legal counsel, even the suspect or accuser has the legal right to demand a lawyer, prosecutor, district attorney,  take oath of truth and testify on the stand. This alone warrants public enforcement of showing the eVOTE Truth of verified evidence and testimony.
2. Video record live streaming (OCTV) through real-time FOIA.ONE legally permits any person using eVOTE.ONE to pass judgment of:

    1. Guilty.  2. Neutral   3. Innocence on any itemized statement. This is the simple public way for anyone or group to pass judgment, or to OBJECT to testimony and challenge the truthfulness of any evidence or statement. No person who wilful knows they are lying and misrepresenting the facts would dare testify on Video recorded using BlockChain repository into as perjury and slander are crimes.

3. The law of large numbers is the HIVE organic principal that majority rules. With our new world system, anyone can pass judgment on anyone else. Each voter MUST clearly identify themselves using their IID of FOIA.ONE. If challenged, they are also required to provide supporting evidence of their vote decision for public view justification. This alone massively reduces false witness and the ability to prevent or criminally acquire convictions based on false evidence or the destruction obliteration of evidence.
4. The lack of evidence can also be construed and interpreted by voters as convicting or exoneration evidence based on the circumstantial and supporting evidence and testimony.
5. With electronic hand held voting or even (original green/red laser pointer) voting, concerned citizen voters can now vote real time on itemized evidence and testimony. We now become 100% decision based society free of almost all crime, vice, and sin.
6. All other checks and balance stipulation rules of law (commandments) are voted on by will of majority of our people to create subsets of at local levels.

Final June 17, 2018 broadcast updated:  Landmark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 convicts each Judge, Police, District Attorney, Lawyer, CID Officer, Clerk of Court, Attorney General Sally Q Yates, District Attorney, Public Defenders, and all others to PRISON for violation Constitutional Law based on Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 and 11.1.7693.99 criminally granted, then dismissed, then NEVER VIOLATED Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForceBase request for them to go WITH keith to FBI AG to wipe out massive political corruption.   All actions by these criminals was to prevent Death Row of Robert Dee Rose and Ms. Bashama for crimes against humanity, treason, espionage, and the most holocaust series of crimes in USA, even world history.  Over 100 criminals and terrorists are tied to ROSE in massive conspiracy coverups and destruction of Open Public FOIA.ONE information that showcases all world criminals at one time.  ROSE clearly extorts and murders anyone who shows his evidence. Cobb County Judge Fabier and Brian Walker Dec 7, 2013 are just a few of the murdered key eye witnesses. Who is next? Top FBI, IRS, AG officials so that ROSE remains free?

    Over $500 Million USD in real and punitive damages is easy to seize once you my people COMMAND our USA and other governments and corporations to FIND KEITH and personally protect his teams while we testify to world on exactly HOW to destroy all crime networks forever.  Restoring of total Peace and Social Justice is the divined and ordained final result of WHY these are the only answer series methods to unify man with UNIocracy.ORG.

Agenda 21 MOVIE Documentary is how satanic forces WANT us dead. these answers PREVENT world self-genocide.



   With our new world society system, any lawyer commits a crime when: " communications between an attorney and client are themselves used to further a crime, tort, or fraud. In Clark v. United States, the US Supreme Court stated that "A client who consults an attorney for advice that will serve him in the commission of a fraud will have no help from the law. He must let the truth be told.  The crime-fraud exception also does require that the crime or fraud discussed between client and attorney be carried out to be triggered." "

  No lawyer can claim immunity from prosecution when is now used by collective victims to identify crimes of conspiracy or other violations of laws. This ensures lawyers always tell the truth of the real evidence. Each is legally liable for destruction of key evidence or denying either plaintiff, defendant, opposing legal counsel, judges, any official of the court, and also... any member of the public from asking direct questions about the validity of evidence. Willful violation of laws is a crime punishable to same degree as the convicted suspect. Any lawyer can be independently convicted of crimes by EVOTE.ONE judgment passed by will of majority of concerned citizens.

  Now our world will finally have lawyers of pure integrity to show all relevant evidence when confronted by anyone. As long as they always show and tell the absolute truth, they will be rewarded by the contracted fee agreements they have publicly signed, witnessed, and stored on for world to examine all of their income sources. If unable to provide full visibility and accountability of their income, expenses, and assets, any lawyer convicted will forfeit their criminally gained assets along with 3 times real and punitive damages to be awarded to those harmed by their malfeasance.

  May 28, 2018 MAJOR last updated testimony.  I completed first and last Universal human bill of rights on  All crimes ARE a violation of human rights.  Absolute BASICS.  Anyone who has a child is a Father and Mother. The name FATHER is normal and common, just like Dad, Pop Pop, and Mother  Mom.  Roman Catholic Priests ALL go by name of Father xxx.   And they CLAIM no one else can EVER use the name FATHER because that is reserved ONLY for ordained R.C. priests.  HYPOCRITES arise since how many of them actually DO have children out of wedlock. SOLVED forever once the hold-outs R.C. do just THREE actions. 1. Permit Divorce laws in Philippines (the last country to PREVENT divorce. 2. Permit Women and Men Priests. 3. Permit marriage of Priests.   End result: a few years from now, the POPE will be doing Mass for billions of people. He will state: "Today I want to tell you the HELL that occurred in my own household. Here are my wife and two kids".  The people will look up and say " OH MY GOD!!!!   He has problems just like the rest of us..." Duncan just met and is working with PNP General Elmer Jamias on HOW FOIA.ONE uses and eVOTE.ONE to rid our world of ALL crime networks. Political cybercrime terrorism is the #1 plaque of our world. As everyone knows, any government agent who VIOLATES laws is the Worst of the WORST criminals for their ability to DESTROY evidence and put whistleblowers and first hand testimony victims IN HELL JAIL or make them disappear. ALMOST happened to myself as ROBERT DEE ROSE remains #1 most wanted manhunted person in USA, even world history with $2 Million USD IRSFebWB2009, case 658 supplying the and AG Sally Q Yates convicting EVIDENCE. Keith Duncan at (63)9173354300, ALL Saved with UNIocracy.ORG that is the new world standard for HOW to create total world social peace and economic justice.
    The  BuiltByKeith Duncan Evangelist Foundation has completed last Universal human bill of rights on  All crimes ARE a violation of human rights.  Absolute BASICS.  Now everyone is normalized under ONE single UNIVERSAL Constitution Law and SINGLE Human bill of rights.  Anyone accused of a crime will stand trial with Open Circuit TV when the accuser and accused ask each other questions over Shared FOIA.ONE video mediation.   The public will now be the Judge and Jury voting on WHO has committed the first violation or crime.  Only those who identify themselves with their International ID - IID can vote. The public can also vote on the punishment and the restitution (payback for the Real and Punitive damages).   My ruling Intellectual Property Copyright of all these gifted solutions have already claimed 1% of the crime assets and real and punitive damage awards as our transaction fees.  These fees are already pledged to pay for free wifi for ALL public schools and villages with SOlutionHousing.ORG and other final humanity saving solution human rights programs.   All MUST publish this also...
   Have you ever studied the metaPhysics mathematics of Chaos Theory.  Small variations in any dynamic environment can cause huge shifts in cause and effect outcomes. Predictive analysis is also one of my talent gifts based on forensic observations of reality. By modelling through statistical methods and observable repetition, one of astute gifted persuasions and extreme persistence, can show the probability of outcomes.  So I have stated that Robert Dee ROSE will be seized once any number of persons actually UPHOLD Constitional Law. Can't be this hard after 10 years of the most extreme crimes being committed by ROSE to steal my Intellectual Property and all my assets by SO many specific identified criminals to threaten my life thinking NO ONE will ever lift any finger...
    Showed saves 20 to 50% of worlds energy. Now 80% or equal of ALL world energy produced by small lakes and DAM DAMNS built BY engineering of Mining Companies known now as DAM Mining Companies. Almost free hydroelectric generation and FREE irrigation/commercial/residential use owned FOR, BY, and OF our 7.6 billion people in the worlds last free travel and trade society of UNiocracy.ORG.   WHO drives the worlds new society? so far, only myself and a few very select persons who SEE and ACT on these absolute truths...  WHO will join NEXT and command our world do the same...

  NO MORE appointed JUDGES with EVOTE.ONE.  Any voted OUT Judge, lawyer, or anyone violating any law can also  be sent STRAIGHT to PRISON by the majority will of all people. This alone cleans up all dynasty crime enterprises of cyber crime terrorism as anyone previously controlling the Judicial electronic court documents controls entire economies and actively prevents any true criminal from ever being put on Death Row, Prison, or banished by only open public database read-only testimony. Our people NOW RULE over their own UNITED society free of almost all crimes, free of taxes and all red tape paper chase crime conspiracies.

    Not only is our entire Judicial system most corrupt because of extortion, cyber crime, blackmail, and payoffs, it is rapidly allowing the top level criminals known collectively as the 'Criminal Ruling Elite' to stage terrorist coups over specific county, state, federal and even international law enforcement and judicial agencies by infiltrating our databases and embedding criminal rogue agents. This is the most horrific world wide plaque of cyber crime terrorism that is the final holocaust apocalypse. All solved prevented by eVOTE.ONE

    There is NO greater crime against humanity than ANY Political or corporate official who violates laws to personally crime Profiteer. STOPPED dead cold with EVOTE.ONE and forever as YOU seize their crime assets by majority voting. With the use of video and off-shelf technology, contract discussions and signatures as well as real-time court depositions and courtroom cases are streamed to the public so that no criminal can easily escape the scrutiny of the taxpayers who are funding our legal and financial systems.  How many of you have efficient and integrity experiences with lawyers and Judges? Can you honestly show that our law and court system identifies and punishes the truly guilty criminals.  keith Quote: "Money talks so criminals always walk'. Never again...."

   Keith brent duncan retains ALL RIGHTS to face EACH and EVERY accuser this entire time. This will legally command USA GOV to SEIZE their assets, put THEM ALL in PRISON for these are always THEIR CRIMES against my people. All the hearsay in the world is INADMISSIBLE per as any judge or lawyer put on WITNESS stand and asked ONE prime question of: "Once you have knowledge of the suspect or plantiff's evidence, DID you help this person(s) commit additional CRIMES or coverup conceal key evidence. Simple YES OR NO."  on Open Circuit TV with Microphones for WORLD to SEE and pass judgement on ANYONE who LIES and commits crimes. Once is new world standard, all business transactions are video recorded so NO one can defraud another and get away with literal MURDER. Like ROSE has done for +10 years... Robbery, Cyber crime attacks, Blackmail, extortion, infiltration of many GOv and Corporate enterprises, MURDER (2 so far) and TREASON are just some of ROSE's crimes against humanity....  He is Always easy to find at as all his crime networks also GO TO PRISON Hell.


   Invasion of privacy is exactly what all criminals and corrupt Officials claim to prevent the full scale disclosure of their civil + criminal felony acts against their victims who can seldom afford the legal fees and years of court room delays the criminals use to force their victims into poverty and even order their kidnapping on false charges. This is exactly what has occurred to Keith Duncan since fall of 2008 regarding Terrorist ROSE who has extorted well over +100 USA Government officials to prevent his own by MILITARY and Interpol agencies around our world, since the USA FBI-IRS-AG and other government agencies have been infiltrated by ROSE's cyber criminal attack resources identified and reported to everyone for +8 years now.

   keith brent Duncan is owed well over $500 MILLION USD in real and punitive damages tied directly to #1 most wanted terrorist Robert Dee ROSE.   USA GOV is demanded to FIND, SEIZE, and put ROSE on death ROW. If they refuse, then all honest law enforcement officials have already been summoned to join our New World Society to identify who ever REFUSES as a rogue criminal. This is also the perfected checks and balances of the original and websites.

   The absolute worse crime by any Government official is the DENIAL of Constitutional Rights of an accused person to face their accusers, present any and all evidence at first opportunity, and minimize the threats to their lives by organized criminals who are in prostituted paper chase conspiracies with sworn officers of the court. There is never a greater crime against humanity that any government agent profiteering from connections with criminals that are easy to see with world changing that immediately identifies everyone as referential integrity based or a criminal as reported by their previous victims for all to see.

   Everyone knows that once a judicial-legal official has accepted a campaign contribution, kick-back, bribe, or any form of reward or threat, they are forever the pawn puppet of criminals to commit additional corrupt crimes.

  Every PERSON now has the legal right to pass Judgment on anyone else including elected, appointed, and promoted Judges who refuse to uphold Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech, Impartial hearings, and to obtain immediate restitution (recovery of stolen assets plus Real and Punitive Damages) as now the public acts as the self identified  jury to command criminals be immediately punished to deter further crime.

   Comprehensive details on preventing almost all cyber crime are on (defunct)  and ((defunct for lack of $$ renewal) combinations that eliminate Profit, Motive, and Opportunity.

    Read the Community Electronic Neighborhood Watch Solutions found on  SolutionHousing.ORG so everyone can freely travel the world without fear of terrorists and criminals roaming their streets, homes, and communities. Now, All everyone uses their single memorized  Intl ID of gifted to Interpol and public. This kills the 666 Mark of the Beast since cell phones and electronic devices are already used by criminals and government terrorists to track your assets and locations. Now, the public tracks all criminals with and the other gifted technology on World Trading Ministry Enterprises INC to hold absolutely everyone accountable for being honest.


Using and Habitat For Humanity coupled with the worlds largest transfer of criminal wealth back to the communities under sage vision supervision of all churches, affordable safe housing for all +7.83 Billion of my people becomes reality. For concrete and even mud fired brick construction prevent natural disasters like fire, typhoons, earthquakes, bio-financial wars from decimating mankind by greed. is controlled + managed by all PUBLIC as Interpol monitors to prevent almost all crimes in the first place when citizens use gifted solutions to manage and control their own self-regulated and governed communities of honest integrity focused citizens. God-Creator-Holy Spirit has provided all the borrowed natural resources to ensure adequate safe homes where criminals are shunned by face recognition and their own criminal evidence that is in full public view. The answers have always been 1. Common Sense 2. Biblical principals of enforceable integrity - virtue. 3. Use of off shelf last frontier technology and renewed simplified Constitutional laws and mandates that ensure everyone actually takes care of children, women, families, communities, business, and other world saving issues. This are comprehensively published to our mutual world by the one Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Messianic Messenger who works for GOD and all of humanity. HIS name is keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15) = URLiDENT ID of 001-1958-08-15-000001.  It is always easy to see WHO YOU ARE and WHO Keith represents his entire life. Join below to change your own world as time has always been the essence of GOD and Humanity relationship re-management.

Keith's Messages

Sept 25, 2011, 9:00 PM

Keith debriefs USA Military on cyberattacks against governments.

Oct 3, 2011 10:00 AM

Keith kidnaped in Las Vega Nevada by orders of #1 Terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Released Jan 28, 2014 a destituted and threatened man who smuggled all evidence  out of hell-jail to his churches and USA government agencies + Press.

April -MAY 2014,

Historical broadcast tour to Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C. and actually debrief FBI-AG-Congress.

Feb 11, 2015 to April 16, 2015

Historical trips to China, Emmaus, JerUSAlem, Rome Italy Vatican to retrace the steps of and contact all governments, Press, Public, and Churches the entire time since Nov 4, 2007 start of Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 and IRS Whistle Blower Feb2009 658 worth + $8 Million USD.

All other world changing gifted solutions on and world database repository.

Nov 26, 2015

Historical Thanksgiving Day republish to world by EIN Press Release on the worlds first anti-crime methods and procedures for citizens to actually deal with their own issues and international conflicts at all levels of society.

Monday, July 4, 2016  10 am to 6 pm Washington D.C. at foot of Abraham Lincoln Memorial

    Massive Protest Rallies and peaceful marches in all cities to command all governments endorse and pass and other world saving solutions.

Your Date, 11:00 AM

"Let's walk with our neighbors" Community meetings go viral around the world.

Your Choice Date, ??

Kickoff of new World society that destroys all New World Government criminal conspiracies.  This finally fullfills Daniels and Revelation prophecies of end times by empowerment of all my people to be HONEST, LOVE, and CARING society.

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