top of page Keys to our universe are by everyone PROTECTing Keith Brent Duncans life NOW while commanding existing you,  DOJ actually enforce evote.ONE + = of the following perfected divined ordained New World Re-Ordered once and forever as GODs eternity of Heaven Utopia once WE Peace Make and eliminate any and all violators. Only most humble Keith has all perfected solutions seen below. $40 Billion USD portfolio of only World Saving solutions we are selling off to the other Fortune1000 Corporate Executives including each of you now +8.1 billion We the People UNIFIED forever using ALL the gifts from GOD +


#1 Best Seller Universal Stabilizer in all of Gods World history here:

ORDER: ISBNs online.

 1. Paperback $10 

 2. HardCover $30 

 3. Paperback $20  9798394156342

 4. Kindle $8


 5. Paperback $10 9798392457397

 6. KINDLE reader $8 was GOD + Duncan perfected total economic Judicial Financial Legal Replacement methods (includes IP and Patents of empowering WE GODS PEOPLE to decide everything about everyone else worldwide for ever. Everyone MUST re learn how to be expert problem solving decision makers and Peace Makers by solving any emotional, family, community issue/problem /conflict/war at the relationship level to ensure all parties and entities benefit equally. No violators are permitted to participate in any decision once collective victims use EVOTE.ONE to set each persons IID Integrity Rating of common shared open public OUR central databases designed as FOIA.ONE by year 1976.

  WHO do you actually trust and know to Protect Keiths life today as your #1 new world Overseer Peer mega-Billionaire leader who is most actively hiring enlisting commissioning thousands of new projects benefiting our own people who have the greatest mortal needs for fundamental water, food, housing, Small Business jobs.

CLICK For always GODS total world Tort Reform Replacement all evidence showcased above puts KEITH on National NEWs NOW based on everyone actually DEBRIEFING all others on all WE have personally gifted mankind to UNIFY everyone.

  WE offer to BUY out all large and middle law firms worldwide so YOU WE THE PEOPLE can fire any liar lawyer and put them all on trial for covering up criminals and terrorists even those inside OUR law firms.

WE the PEOPLE foot the bill for all criminal actions since no elite anyone is every put in prison or death row. First priority is WE THE PEOPLE:

1. Make ANY and all Law Firms and Accounting firms of LLP go back to INC or LLC worldwide.

2. Demand all court cases open, in progress, and closed (convicted or dismissed) be openly published in GODs new world no secret FOIA.ONE universal stabilizing database(s) each of you control as read only.

3. We put any person on witness stand trial by commanding 5th amendment be null and void.

4. Other solutions are clearly perfect and listed at and

All lawyers and YOU our people benefit once the most massive litigation in world history is returned to near ZERO. Law firms benefit by massive increase in fast path enforcing legally binding video based contracts based on patents of Keith at that was $5 million USD/Month profits by Dec 2011.

  WITH help of EACH of YOU, Keith now goes BACK on national news press conferences to answer ANY question about anything dealing with CRIME, VICE, GREED, and sins against each of you.

   Below convicts +120 named Civil Criminal Defendants for multi level true conspiracies to MURDER KEITH, his family, his lawyers, and anyone holding ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Sherry DUNCAN, Douglas DUNCAN, all others 100% instant Convicting Evidence starting back Oct 6, 2007 when super Cyber Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE contacted Keith Duncan and attempted to blackmail us to be #1 top cyber attacking black hat terrorists.

  2023Jan05. Reality of our mass broadcasts of TRUE WHO are the top criminals always showed we have paid out over $150,000 USD to 12 lawyers, then contacted well over 175 named law firms to simply FILE the required legal claims using existing DUE PROCESS OF LAW to demand recovery of ALL our stolen assets since was impossible to violate Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dismissed July 15, 2011 the top of the criminal paper chase wheel of conspiracies of the 22-1-3042-68 PDF file seen HERE and below.

  Even today we hired 3 new law firms to MEET us IN PERSON. all refused claiming THEY do not specilizae in taking down anyone who might be wealthy and threaten THEIR lives. SO WE, Keith Duncan new world legal teams of have commanded all lawyers sell off their LLP stock and focus on destruction of STOCK OPTIONS of all our Corporate ELITE worldwide.

Atty Stacey Evens 750 Piedmont Rd, Atl 30308, 470-225-6779 for all to CALL TO DEMAND ACTION NOW !

  Anyone in GODs World can direct contact Keith Duncan and ASK us how to fast path solve ANY issue.

  2023Jan01 - Our anti all crime groups have already re-delivered ALL civil criminal evidence back to POLICE, IRSWBFeb2009,658, FBI, AG, Gov Brian Kemp, even PRESS past 14 years. EVERYONE MUST protect our lives NOW and directly contact visit TOP DOJ, PRESS, and Corporate Executives NOW to command the required grand jury indictments and search/seizure/arrest warrants signed against EACH person showcased at 22-1-3046-68 filed universally May 3, 2022 of Writ of Mandamus Federal Torts Claim showcased below of 100% legalized Immediate arrests then occur by YOUR direct actions and you are ach paid the legal bounties on each persons head shown below ! Few if any have a CLUE who was Keith.

  WE HAVE ALWAYS OFFERED to personally meet with ANY JUDGE, ANY PRESS, literally ANYONE includes GOV BRIAN KEMP to resolve ANY civil criminal investigation. YET always DENIED our constitutional RIGHTS to enforce any and all CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. WE MUST all command existing TOP Georgia and USA GOV LEADERs actually MEET US IN PERSON NOW NOW NOW.

  We, peer member owners have already perfected all simple total replacement methods to fast path put ANYONE in jail, prison, and mental jail hospitals after THEY violate our rights including viscous aggravated assault, felony murder, robbery, even cyber crime THEFT of collective $40 TRILLION USD per year by criminals starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE of this legal

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact us DIRECTLY 770-377-2106 as we have NO other GOD focused method solutions to perfect and RE PUBLISH to 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE who were always 'The Government'.

  Each of you always have a moral responsibility to hold any criminal fully accountable.

  Dec 21, 2022. Today we got our very own package of HOW to destroy all criminals and terrorists BACK from the Clerks Office Supreme Court of Georgia dated Dec 19, 2022. The gatekeepers NEVER showed anything to OUR Supreme Court Justices or PRESS or you, same insane incompetent no actions past 14 years. Claimed we had no appeal pending and all documents returned UNFILED. MOST deadly serious crimes have been occurring past 75 years and NOT a SINGLE person has ever represented YOUR best civil rights interests with rare exceptions of only the Criminal Ruling ELITE use of OUR corporate Lawyers like Sally Q Yates and we have tendered offers to BUY OUT and eliminated use of all L.L.P and 5th amendment.

   We clearly refused to commit ANY civil or criminal illegal act our entire lives since WE were SENT BY GOD to teach each of YOU how to UNIFY yourselves now 8 billion GODS people strong to destroy any person organization who violates GODs laws and any of existing USA and International Peace Keeping Constitution LAWS.  PROTECT US NOW (today) and command our very own NEW WORLD crime fighting units of only NATIONAL GUARD and enforced integrity officers of OUR courts actually DO WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO.  Eliminate any and all offenders NOW.  Updated 2022Dec13 with Robert Dee ROSE fake death certificate we recovered just today.

  The value we have legally claimed exceeds $500 million USD real and punitive damages since ONLY Keith has recovered each and every one of the +200 court certified documents yet has NEVER had ANY legal representation to command we be PUT on any national NEWS media Press Conference Q&A open forum.

Best key live eyewitness is YOU and 'atom' Tom Haag in lost wages Las Vegas at +1 725-248-1260.

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