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Oct 18, 2021.  God, Keith, + You hereby COMMAND that ALl world Military go back under local community authority at all levels.  This was GODs system that all our world military families now are under total local civilian control authority to finally eliminate all corrupt violator Politicians, all terrorist criminals, all human trafficers, All DOJ and Law enforcement officials who refuse to PROTECT and SERVE Keiths people.  Keith is GODs world leader few understand because of their own self serving Greed that 'THEY would never allow anything or anyone to actually LIBERATE 7.9 billion Gods children.

     The 'IMPOSSIBLE' is the ONLY Gods system to prevent and reverse identify who evil creates wars and mass poverty. THe greast transfer of wealth is conversion of all war machines and Military engineering resources for 100% frontliner Humanitarian uses including and NO MORE aircraft carriers, missiles, weapons of mass destruction cruise missiles, drone fleets, mega trillions of USD spent on claims of WE STRIKE FIRST. yet the true evil enemies are the BANKSters, POLYTICKS, turkey vultures called Democrats, Republicans and even Tucker below ho have no clue World WAR FIVE is about to complete destruction of GODs life as we use to enjoy GODs utopia. is GOD + Keith + your solution to reverse any wars once and forever. Prime solution is migrating transfer thousands of military families between all nations since George Washington clearly stated 'MILITARY is always under Civilian Control, not any congress or President' This on the Wash The Sin #25 video series from April-May 2014 broadcast mission trips by Keith.
   Common sense shows that original Military was ONLY to protect the national borders from invaders and to kill any criminal terrorist who threatened the lives of Gods People. Current world military are always under total control of the most ruthless lunatic banksters and underground criminal networks who always criminally profit by inciting threats and using GODs assets to build WMD military machines of genocide war.
  Most recent Afgan fiscal crimes against humanity are easy to reverse. WE GODs People tell Afgans to load up everything of foreign manufacture on same our USA trucks and drive/fly everything to the nearest friendly nation port to be shipped out by any passing empty cargo freight ship to Israel, England, Philippines, USA, or even Africa to be used for frontliner humanitarian purposes to liberate GODs people one final time use of EVOTE.ONE.

  Keith was sent by GOD to reverse all aspects of predatory GREED of named psychotic terrorists by RETURNING all control over OUR military families back to local community civilian authority as George Washington so clearly stated when I was in WashTheSin Capital building museum May 2014 in my 1930 Model A Ford bannered with and . This showcased broadcast on Sept 7, 2021. Tied to Sept 11, 2001, exactly 20 years ago when same terrorists struck Twin Towers NYC.

 We combine all military and police as one new world Society system of civil and criminal investigators who share everything with GODs people to prevent most crimes at time of transgression and point of crime.
Since Keiths billionaire group pioneer created almost ALL current technology, our Philanthropists are here to teach ALL others how to SOLVE all local issues and PREVENT criminals from stealing GODs assets. The ordained methodology on this broadcast Gods domain also achieves total world peace equality once YOU Gods people TAKE ACTION and command demand these systems become your very own reality today.
  Updated April 24, 2021 since GOD sent KEITH we are search recruiting everyone to JOIN and crowdfund our selves by contributing your best skills and assets and get PAID with the benefit proceeds of

 Use of at all community levels empowers WE GODs people to deal with any intruder criminal use of our Open Circuit TV and Cell Phones, drones, webcams interlinked by
  Criminals will scream in horror they can not longer con-artist scam pirate sin, vice, crime and roam freely regardless of their wealth, dress, or language convincing others they are ethical honest and validated.
  This technology video data driven system alone achieves total Equality Peace by removing ability for any terrorist, criminal. President, or Congress from waging war for personal financial political gain. The only reason military groups were ever organized was to defend the borders of a sovereign nation and NEVER to attack other cultures.
   These systems delivered by GODs son of mankind now reverses ALL war machines controlled by criminal Brokers known as Banksters, Stock Market Corporate Pirate Executives who buy off our government officials worldwide. These named persons and family elite dynasties are 100% the cause of all poverty and social genocide extermination that originated by Egyptian Pharaohs oligarch NWO elite 8000 years ago.
    All military are hereby Commanded by KEITH, GOD, and WE GODs people to Stand Down and host broadcast Forums of using Our initial formal debrief of same GODs system was on Sunday 10pm Sept 25, 2011 at Langley AirForce base when USRep GA retired Buddy Dardin told keith directly to go direct to AF Intelligence as the least corrupt of any USA gov enforcement agency to directly contact FBI and AG and order ROSE be seized. We remain beyond shocked DOJ DOD has not called us back to use our new Peace Making System worldwide... as they are all only highly paid civil crime investigator consultants.
   All military worldwide are hereby de-commissioned by order of WE GODS people. Protecting only our borders is the temporary bridge solution to eliminate the TOP C-Corporate Pirates known as Neo NWO to be force exiled, prison, and many put death row known as GODs purge of the worst Lucifers.
   Keith now mediates ALL Presidents and World Corporate Executives with use of and immediate hosting of we clearly were hosting in Sept 2011 to expand GODs UNIocracy System.
   Take action NOW and contact Keith to command DOD DOJ PRESS + everyone protect us today. is GODs only system to overthrow the top criminals and C-Executives who wage war by genocide killing anyone who opposes their ability to force our few GOV officials to attack others. The 3 ring circus of almost all nations is the President/PrimeMinister/Sultan and speaker of House / Congress, or #CCP or Fatso NKorea or equal who are true LUCIFER terrorists controlled by the Neo NWO corporate Executives some call CityFathers. Start is Robert Dee Rose.

 The NWO Banksters, Corporate PIRATE C Executives cause ALL wars and ALL mass poverty as WAR machines are the most LUCIFER methods of 8000 years ago to destroy GODs human race. Updated Christ Resurrection Day of April 4, 202 exactly 6 years after Keith returned from his Walk Return from EmmaUS JerUSAlem, then Vatican City.

  April 24, 2021 9 am 701 N Graham Street Shell station Charlotte NC, Keith and our chauffeur driver eye witnessed a drug laden man on rampage crime spree. 3 homeless men on corner witnessed this most common repeated incident.  

   Watch: Helmet Mounted Webcam/Cell Prevents violence crimes (tm)(c)patent(r)   We cell Video recorded a 30 yOld delusional man accosting my driver after culprit had already dumped the gas station trash can over and was ranting and raving. He clearly was on heavy drugs as the idiot was then dancing in the intersection. Our driver Roger cellVideo followed him down the street. Five minutes later 8 police cars and 12 officers were detaining the culprit 1 block west. He was shouting at the officers.

  SOLUTION PREVENTION: If all police would use Pepper Spray and to train all communities to use method I delivered in person to Langley AFBase Sept 25, 2011, then cell video would be used worldwide by both police and you GODS people to chase away these idiots.  

    No deadly crime would ever occur. The Police and public can live stream to local Police Commander who real time makes remote decisions on NEXT best prevention method. Surely when culprit saw video him accosting 2 police officers, he ran away. Keith IS #1 top anti-all crime expert of all time. describes how to economically reverse all drug issues use of once and forever. REVERSES all world mass poverty now. Call Keith Duncan at 725-200-7683 in USA on HOW evote. one FOIA .ONE changes course of human history once Mass Publicity of transfers reality over $400 trillion usd wealth back to places of greatest needs by eliminating any C-Exec who refuses to act as highly paid protected consultant. is the only original nonGOV, NonPolitical NonMegaCorp system to migrate transfer billions of our people away from mega coastal cities use of SolutionSafeWater .org All other solutions are at NGsystems Trust Foundation as we gift 100% of everything back to our very own integrity focused people.

 This addresses the ancient Military Industrial Capitalist Criminal conspiracy Syndrome known as justified war. by reverses ALL world Mass Poverty by orders of Will of Majority of all Shareholders who actively prevent any and all Corporate Executives or underground cyber criminal (Day Computer Traders) or SPECULATORS at any level from stealing our long term profits forever.

Share Holders worldwide command their C-Executives take 100% cash pay and sell off/return all their stock options, all aircraft, all the company assets used only by CEOs, Board of Directors, and executives. Keith now controls the massively depreciated 100,000 of corporate aircraft now used as local commuters and humanitarian airlift services run through Pat Epps at PDK Atlanta GA at They all MET keith long ago.

  Includes converting ALL world military aircraft, ships, even subs as humanitarian relief transportation.

  SolutionMilitary. migrates millions of all Military Families worldwide as only 100% PeaceMakers under full control of the local communities when local police and criminal networks wage war on KEITH=GODs people. prevent reverses ALL cyber crimes once and forever at time of any transaction.


  Shareholders have sole right to decide WHO are the consultants known as C-Executives and their 100% pay compensation in cash = full taxes. These few elite groups have legalized embezzlement and are hereby exiled punished using EVOTE.ONE for refusing to show all General Ledger + other records. No one works for C-Exec anymore. We were sent by GOD to UNIFY mankind one last time. As #1 angel philanthropists, few have protected our GOD granted rights or asked us how to reform our world by using our perfected ordained divined methods.

   SolutionMilitary obsoletes ALL mass weapons of Destruction once and fore-ever. Odd how the Criminal ruling elite brainwash GODs people they have our world under control when reality shows they are the ultimate LUCIFER deceivers who plot how to overthrow our scientist doctor engineer PROPHETS by setting up our banking and stock market systems to pirate funnel OUR profits to named sociopath psychopaths who are most often OUR elected, appointed, and promoted CORPORATE PIRATE EXECUTIVES. These named persons are now most of our POLITICIANS who dance three ring circus claiming THEY are representatives deciding with full authority who dies and who lives just like the 8000 year old Pharaohs who dressed in GOLD cloaks and paraded around like the circus performers when then strolled into downtown. HERE YE HEAR YE the ringmaster proclaims, WATCH the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, admission is almost FREE, and YOU are the only ones who can see WHO ARE the REAL LUCIFER VICTIMS who are truly YOU, being led to slaughter for the entertainment zeal of the ring leaders who are perverted with satanic greed.

Keith Duncan is here to proclaim FREE MY PEOPLE by exile and punishing those who violate GODs and your rights to decide your own reality with EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and immediate use of Cell of


Keith is 725-200-7683 in NGA and NC Mountains now showing how and are the ONLY GODs solutions to redistribute GODs wealth back to the greatest places of needs. We have final plans to establish international Headquarters of in Asheville NC near Billy Graham compound.

  This simple system below combines all Military and Police groups into 100% peace keeper Investigators, no more $$ war.

 Contact all MILITARY, Biden, Putin, Duterte, Kim Jung-un + all World Presidents, CEOs, Press and Public immediately.. Our entire world Stock Market soon collapses by cyber crime terrorist actions, Martial Law declared, and N Korea or ? attacks. This would have been prevented Sept 26, 2011 if Langley Air Force Base had followed up with ONE Military investigator our group debriefed so they would CALL ahead to FBI AG NSA CIA and go with us to Washington D.C.

    Same as today as a few very powerful Angel Philanthropists seen on have always exposed HOW to find + convict all criminals with FOIA.ONE We all now have the most extensive ANTI-CRIME = anti-Politics, anti-Corruption anti-Fraud, anti-cybercrime prevention systems on line with mass publicity help of YOU my people. We now are 100% now Free Sovereign Citizens with + other published simple answers starting with to prevent all stock market collapses and restore total control to shareholders and all employees.  Our first stop clearly must be USA Embassy, Interpol Lyons France, Washington with military escort.

Why is Keith the ONLY mortal leading all Military to be only Peacekeepers by destroying all crime networks?  This Broadcast achieves total Global Peace from Sept 2011 forward. One World Police Military combines + now become:

Peace Keepers as 100% criminal investigators to remove terrorists + all corrupt corp + gov officials when local officials refuse to TAKE ACTION. All Military+Police+Public now share all Criminal Evidence and expose all criminals to the public with the use of eVOTE.ONE -> FOIA.ONE single International open public owned database containing ALL laws, crime investigations, stock market trades, + legal contracts shown to world.   NO MORE WARS ever again !

Duel at We recruit ALL Law enforcement officials to join and to testify against ANYONE at any level of your agencies who violate any basic laws using Evote and original SolutionRedDot.

The Military now focuses on preventing cyber crime and investigate corrupt individuals at all levels. is total World Global Peace Free Citizens
Our simple technology methods Identify all criminals real time to prevent them from traveling, banking, or into any public OCTV monitored area.
Instant auto Face IID confirmation back check of any terrorist criminal anywhere.

  Each of my +7.8Billion people benefits as NO MORE war forever more. Keith was sent by GOD to debrief all World Leaders to turnover all criminals worldwide to OUR decentralized civil and criminal investigators using Keiths old simple Anti-All Crime technology he pro created 44 years ago and completed 10 years ago. Everyone passes Judgment on each other now, Duncan has legalized it so everyone publicly shows WHO is WHO and WHO violates the rights of each other therefore OUR new society deals with any issues at Town Hall tribal level forums. NO Secrets means no crook can false testify against their victims and go unpunished. 

 Final Updated Feb 23, 2021 as Keith remains stranded past 12 years from ONE superCriminal ROSE and all those who REFUSE to protect his life while a simple turnover of everything now occurs. Keith is perfectly happy returning to Heaven soon to reign terror down on all Humanity, or I just sit back and eT all of you self genocide. GOD and I (John 10:30) have new universe system to architect based on all the stupid criminal vice, sins, and transgressions of most of you we have observed since Humanity was created with free will choice, certainly GOD and Keith made a few mistakes trusting each of you to MAGNIFY and GLORIFY each other by protecting the rights of each other. also showcases how all Spiritual leaders and congregations exile ALL religious ZEALOTS like Apollo Quiboloy in Philippines who acts like Jim Jones from 1970s South America ‘Do NOT drink his kool-aid’ syndrome like Charles Manson, Hitler, and other lunatic terrorists who rise to power by N.L.P. Convincing others ONLY they are the central authorities who can decide who lives and who dies.  Keiths personal worth is the system of registered with Aaron Young, Laughlin Associates in Reno Nevada who we called again even today, Feb 23, 2021. 

  Keith currently at Anaheim Convention Center Marriot. Chris at Bus Stop 213 is finding keith a way back TO Reno or Atlanta. Can not tell much of anything unable to have full direct access to all Government, Military and corporate databases we requested back summer of 2011.  THAT was the prime reason I went to langley Airforce Base Sept 25, 2011 as only ROSE had full capacity to cyber track and destroy  Therefore we have properly called him the ANTI=CHRIST.

We Gods People decide everything about everyone use of store and forward FOIA.ONE SolutionJUDGEcom

  This is our final only solution to achieve total Equality peace by Will of ACTS of OUR PEOPLE to destroy the finanical links of OUR asset from key mega millionaires who buy off OUR Gov leaders and pass all laws to benefit only themselves FIRST. This is the NWO order started 6000 years ago by the slave trading politicians  who called them self commerce GODS.  Clearly we asked for top MILITARY DIPLOMATIC Protective immunity from Langley Airforce base after direct visit to Sally Q Yates who was AG of Atlanta in charge of Federal Witness Protection Program. 

 Must we really stage world mass protest rallies just to debrief all world Presidents and Corp Executuives once is reported by ANY national news media???? 

   Destruction of Criminal Terrorists was always the focus of our (Keiths new consolidated DOSJ Dept of Social Justice) Military and Police DOJ. All current Foreign Military are controlled by 1 President, 1 Congress Speaker, 1 Senate Speaker who are controlled secretly by NWO criminal bankers, Stock Market Brokers, and underground criminal cabal groups tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE and GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, Sally Q Yates at,

    Matthew Vernon Duncan, +1 770-826-4632 is my USA Marine E6 Gunnery Sergeant at Camp Pendleton ME11 Me13 Band Col James Lively, Col Andrew Priddy at +1 702-652-1110, 760-725-5799, 858-307-1428 involving AirForceJAG debrief on Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForce Base.  Keith asked for Military + FBI + AG + Public Press PROTECTION and DID hand over everything to everyone and even RIGHT NOW.  Last final solution updated Jan 11, 2021.


  Feb 6, 2021. historical legacy day just met Intl GOOGLE development manager white beard 64yold grad of Duke University NC in Anaheim Mex Restaurant who lives NEXT to Larry PAGE for FOIA.ONE to be GOOGLE world famous deployment of worlds last super do it all open public database. Surely USA GOV will rush to find me now at cell 725-200-7683 as THEY work for ALL OF US the voters, taxpayers, and SPEND-ENDER of all time members. On Target right now. Duncan. The most powerful self-evident Reform Unification Revolution DATABASE is here to Free our People of all crime networks.  Freedom Open Information Action = #1 World Database New Society all Driven by ACTION of you our most beloved peace keeping people. Our NEW society is driven by EVOTE.ONE

  World War FIVE now destroys earthlings. Cause was always GREED of the criminal ruling elite known collectively as NWO.


  One year ago and TEN years ago, Keith broadcast same prophecy on Followkeith and distributed widely. Today GODs vision to keith was most vivid description from GOD of a new sKYNET terminator virus called MOASES. pronounced MO-ACES. Monopoly is defined as exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. Is is a famous board game of forcing your competitors into bankruptcy and poverty.

  MONO is single. POLY is multiplY MultiplE see the difference of a single ending letter. Most peoples brains short out over a single mispelling like mission missing S we just did on purpose. 

    MOASES keith has named as NEXT major cyber crime virus just like STUTNet year 2010 when I procreated the prime method of PREVENTING all cyber attacks forever. That was the target of ROSE and others. It was that forever changes the course of human history by preventing reversing all wars and CYBER terrorist attacks that were always the most profitable crimes against humanity since the invention of any technology

    MOASES is a simple computer virus that attacks infrastructure such as cooling pumps and sensor controllers at oil refineries, nuclear power plants, power plant turbines, wind and solar farms, water treatment pumping stations. Worst target is coal oil LPG firecd electric power plants.  With Keiths system our world can REVERSE track WHO originated any transaction by their IID, otherwise the transmission is blocked by our original Telecommunications authorize authentication system. 

  Also attacks our internet communications networks and TV, Radio + phone service. Includes our Military highly UnSecure Command and Control systems. Think missiles, submarines, drones, literally anything. Attacks our subway train systems, literally any eDECICE remotely controllable like traffic lights and emergency services. PLCs are remotely controllable that are mostly software changeable. This is known as SKYNET TERMINATOR virus. I broadcast this at San Francisco Golden Gate Dec 2014

   Always a mortal terrorist group like ROBERT DEE ROSE are the criminals against humanity.

   Why is Duncan the ONLY person in current reality who showcases all viral cures and prevention for everything under GODs son/sun.  Why am I persecuted so severely to point of being murdered so many times Jan 15, 2008 forward... Perhaps the Lucifers have cult brainwashed 99% as shown Matthew Chapter 23 these past 1000 exact years since Damascus steel swords were used by NWO Roman Catholic Banker "Popels" to genocide the Muslims. was Hong Kong July 2015.

  The Cure has always been direct eDemocracy of EVOTE.ONE of as showcased Romans 12.

Revelation shows 4 horses. White Conquest, Red War, Black Pestilence Famine, Pale for Death. I have never seen a RED HORSE except those bloodied in Calvary Battles. My MX had Red Fairings 2018 til Aug 15 2020. Red Horse Chinese San Miquel Beer and Gin is the alcoholic choice that profits #CCP.

  The only cure for mankinds self genocide of greed and fear is direct eDemocracy and use of what is described in Romans 12. Everyone has a true purpose and function and must be leader guided by Keith and his "Warrior Crusader Angel Guardians' to their proper BEST role and place in our new free will sovereign Society. continue. Let US Read, Lead, and Continue.

  Expecting GOD, Christ, Mohammad, stupid moron ZEALOT dirty old men like Apollo Quibolly (sic), Bro Eli Soriano, or anyone else to save them from vice, sin, crime is a true felonious crime. False leders like bong Bong Marcus, son of Ex Pres Ferdinand to be a Savior is also a .. _use your own worlds __.  

  CLEARLY was destroyed by arrogance apathy at

  WE=I remain stunned, beyond shocked no one protects YOUR rights, YOUR lives, literally anything YOU have earned to be free will sovereign citizens.

  Therefore WHO will actually complete without my direct intervention?  Is there ANYONE still alive who sees GODs reality and TAKES ACTION by MOtIVATING OTHERS to contact and PROTECT the life and assets of most humble Keith Brent duncan?

  Updated Dec 31, 2020 9pm Manila time.

        All World Military Families both enlisted and officer levels BENEFIT with as waging war by above secret NWO societies seen on FOIA.ONE depopulate GODs people since dawn of technology warfare by transferring extreme wealth to the criminal ruling elite starting Egyptian Pharaohs known as original Luciferians.  War is the most profitable viral disease followed by all cyber crime attacks. All Prevented simple use of EVOTE.ONE and original from 1976 NCSU tenure with Charles M. Link II.

  Once all military and police migrate their families to all other nations and live Off-base among our other people, NO war can ever be declared again.  Migrating Mega Million Professors, engineers, scientists, doctors to piedmonts and unloads all mega poverty stricken coastal cities worldwide. Billions of our people now follow the new money trail redistribution. Reverses all world mass poverty. We GODS people decide how to spend the mega millionaires 90% wealth by command of EVOTE.ONE. all Benefit.

   Top Scientist engineer frontliner humanitarians have always shown that WAR causes mass poverty, destruction of GODs assets, and only empowers the SAME banksters of NYC Wall Street, London, Zurich, Atlanta, Charlotte NC, Birmingham AL USA, Bejeing, Hong Kong, Caymen Islands, Isle Of Man, and other offshore criminal secret banking NWO societies are the ONLY ones who take FIRST profits.

  Surely Keith brent DUNCAN was sent by GOD 62 years ago to teach everyone how to DECIDE their very own reality and destiny fate. Once ROBERT DEE ROSE tried to extort us to be #1 cyber criminals, we refused, and turned him over to all known law enforcement agencies, our +10 lawyers in Atlanta GA, and went to PRESS, Churches, everyone we know and SEE showing how CYBER CRIME and WARS were always so easy to PREVENT and reverse.  This is NEW world Replacement system.

    The war machines cost > ~ 10 trillion USD annual to build and maintain. This is GODs assets, never ours as we are only mortal Care-takers on borrowed GODs timeline. Decentralizing all top authority command is what EVOTE does by empowering each community to decide its own Next best Project they direct fund, build, and thereby maintain and own.  

The CURE to PREVENT all wars worldwide was always simple. Expose all criminals at one time by sharing WHO violates basic laws at the very top.  We Gods People have always had the decision making power of to command our leaders complete the next best project that benefits our local communities. The "central authority' brainwashed mindset is the LUCIFER Agenda.  beyond stupid and criminally incompetent to think a single President or Acts of Congress are the only ones to protect our lives. The worst criminals in the world are Banksters, Stock Market Brokers, insider day traders, and infrastructure Corporate Executives who falsely always take first profits. reverses all mass poverty be WE GODS people seizing all criminally acquired assets.  1& goes to NGSystems Angel Guardians Trust Foundation to complete all aspects of  

  We finally update this one last time Dec 18, 2020 announcing our emergency flight back to LAX Jan 12, 2020 were we meet the PRESS and thousands of supporters. Call Kyle Duncan +1 770-655-5546, USMarine 1st born Matthew Vernon Duncan 770-826-4632 San Diego Marine base to command MY USA military dispatch armed escort so I can finally access GODs databases. A key person who has offered us protection is Tom Haag 702-349-9337 and George Fraiser of Others disappear each time I call.

  Each of my own lawyers, Berry Vic Reynolds GBI Director, even Sally Q yates are deeply involved in this reality conspiracy DENIAL of ALL RIGHTS is the true conspiracy to MURDER KEITH and his other top world scientists and engineers.

  ManHuntAll.Space. has always focused MY Military on how to investigate and seize any criminal fugutive anywhere.

   Now we COMBINE all the MILITARY into ONE peace keeping force of Criminal Investigations. Central authority is the old LUCIFER agenda from +3400 years ago Egypt. WE GODs people now command our very own military staff and generals on WHO to investigate when local police and officials engage in criminal activities. Forever more, NO MORE can a single President or STUPID Congress, Senate, CCP, or Dictator like N.Korea child idiot or equal EVER wage war again.

  WHY is Keith Duncan the ONLY #1 scientist engineer front liner humanitarian Angel Guardian Society CEO Fore-founder of our new world SENT by GOD (our higher power) to MEDIATE all World Presidents on 9 simple steps to achieve total world equality social justice peace. This is the most powerful PEACE ACCORD summit in World history now Dec 22, 2020 as pending Terrorist Attacks are occurring on WE Keiths PEOPLE infrastructures.  WE Keiths People continue to protect our civilization while LUCIFERS like Robert Dee ROSE hide at and offshore Bunkers. This is the SAME commanded Peace Press Conferences we most formally requested Sept 2011 Cobb County Georgia and DELIVERED to LANGLEY AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011 midnight.

 This updated on DUEL website and */solutionMilitary as we are sick and tired of entire world full of VIOLATORS. Most deny the #1 crimes in current world are CYBER ATTACKS and thefts of mega TRILLIONS of USD assets.

    Since Sept 25, 2011 debrief of USA Military Langley Airforce Base = CIA NSA, on SAME turnover of SAME world freedom solutions, then Jan 2014 why has INTERPOL and World Presidents NOT escorted keith brent duncan to debrief our top Law Enforcement agencies.  We have most actively BROADCAST, visited, made all MOST formal required requests to debrief Military, FBI, Presidents, Press on SAME only methodology to Share all resources to be free Will Citizens. Everything we have done, we have DOCUMENTED full accountability.

   WAR is the most profitable criminal enterprise since dawn of man. Now that a few named corporate executives control our assets (banks and stock markets) they wage war since they also own the news Media and mega commerce of shopping malls and all keep secret databases of ALL our profits and assets. END of World is easy as the worst sociopaths have old military bunkers(silos), underground mountain havens, and yachts like the Dixie Rose to escape the poison gas, DNA food, nuclear suitcases, even just simple way to crash all stock markets caused by these false GOD Pharaohs to dominate and destroy any capitalist competition.  The evidence of cybercrime attacks is easy to use to put ANY criminal on Death Row with minimum need of any Military.

  Only by Dec 22, 2020 World Final Peace summit BY all world Presidents and Executives will mankind actually identify WHO are the real terrorists at one time using and the methods we pioneered 1976 below as the most wealthiest of Intellectual Property generator makers inventors human right activists in world history. Includes all the other angel Philanthropists  who must participate by donating their research development people resources to complete each of the divined ordained solutions consolidated by BuiltBykeith = is New World System. is the simple common sense answer methodology to prevent ALL wars forever. is Total Global Peace.  Obtaining world peace is easy. Each nation trades large numbers of their military + young students between nations. Now any rogue president or congress or ?? terrorist would quickly be eliminated if they proposed attacking any other nation. This simple solution worked centuries ago with exchange of Princess + Princesses. Often inter-marriage was ordained. This is also the Foreign Exchange Student Program.

   Our young adults now use to obtain required military training discipline and highest level of education. They now become the new world leaders as corporate executives as well as the few required government leaders who are highly paid consultants based on their merit integrity ratings of FOIA.ONE IID.  As of Dec 16, 2019 no one in authority has ever called Keith and escorted his teams to safe haven debriefing of Interpol, DOD, DOJ, and to meet directly with Trump, Congress, Senate and of course the Military Industrial Complex corporate executives to debrief them on their new role using
   This is the required New World Global set for legacy FINAL summit Jan 20, 2020 when all world Presidents and CEOs resolve all their political in-fighting and showcase WHO are violating existing laws all at one time.
    This is the ONLY Solution Methodology in world history to PROTECT the RIGHTS of ALL OTHERS. (tm)(c) patent FOIA.ONE and elminates almost all Terrorist attacks by drones, bombs, WMD, and other technology related cyber attacks. TurnOffLights.SPACE is the new standard all electronic devices are universally monitored by one System that is NOT SkyNet of Terminator origin.
  War and terrorist attacks are the most PROFITABLE crimes against humanity resulting in self-genocide. Our unique simple data model technology is the artificial intelligence required to STOP and PREVENT all financial crimes at point of initial commission. This eliminates all crime networks with use of VIDEO linked authorizations to ANY transaction including signing of legally binding contracts at any level from Presidents to the day laborers who now all carry free Cell Phones.
 All Source Code is checked through FOIA.ONE to ensure our top R&D analysts can evaluate no hidden terrorist purpose.
  Any source code NOT verified as blockchain safe for public and even private use is marked for immediate destruction by eVOTE majority. Guilty parties are brought to justice by testimony of their victims and criminals who surrender based on these most common sense solution methodologies. 0 Secrets means crime free society.
  Our small group has been exposing HOW criminals infiltrate databases and private homes (Crestron, AMX, and bugged high price electronic and lighting control equipment -LightLogics INC) at SAME time as showing world how to PREVENT.
   Weapons of Mass Destruction are Cyber crime attacks against our banks, Stock Markets, Energy Production facilities, and ability to poison our food, water, air, even our DNA.   Our Mass Broadcasts have shown new young criminals HOW to infiltrate YOUR privacy since no one has yet to bound to HOST PRESS CONFERENCES to make all these websites be WORLD STANDARD ANTI-CRIME Methodology ALL at ONE TIME.  This is why TIME is most critical as a group of Elite Executives want mass depopulation of our Earth so they can reign again as GODs of Egyptian Pharaoh descent.  We are focused on ASCENDING to the next highest plane of harmonic balance in the next dimension. 
    Without widespread publicity, any criminal could adapt our solutions to transfer billions of real $$ in cash, accounts, personal and corporate/military trade secrets to their terrorist cell groups. This happens already post WW2.
    We IMMEDIATELY REQUEST CIA, NSA, Interpol and DOD chief of Staff contact us and escort us to safety as we have only one indication regarding ROSE. Process of deductive reasoning and shows that ROSE and other terrorists have been infiltrating almost ALL databases in world for decades. Easy for anyone. Our methods are published to world on how to secure ANY database so it can 'almost' NEVER be hacked. Involves the original Differential Compare method of using Master database as WRITE ONCE, read public. Replicated to other linked databases ONE way. Any database HACKED indicates intrusion since matching databases are not exact. Impossible to delete same data from linked databases at exact same moment in time. With use of VIDEO tied to ANY transaction, each person is blockchain linked to transfer of information including SQL delete commands. We can do this in our sleep from 1976 forward.
  If we COULD debrief top world leaders, we WOULD and DID Sept 26, 2011 forward. With our published methodologies now fundamentally complete our public, Police, Military can easily identify any threatening person or group based on the integrity ranking cluster network system of FOIA.ONE.  No more secret investigations can be destroyed with our highly valuable systems that are worth trillions in economic stabilization of all world assets.
  Our friend TEM said today Nov 30, 2019 that he would contact CIA directly. We were at Langley AFBase on exact same mission showing the guards for 3 hours all about SolutionRedDot that is part of recent
Our expertise in data communications and remote control technology is legendary based on our credentials itemized on related It is impossible for us to perfect EVERY single world saving solution and is WHY we have been asking the following top R&D think tank organizations to FIND us for exact same reasons.
  Only when our intelligence agencies like AF Intelligence work together can humanity actually ascend to outer space. Recent news events indicate that USA Military has a secret space program which makes perfect sense of orbiting first strike weapons in space for internal earth threats and yes, possible defending our world from ExtraTerrorists (outer world roving intelligence beings).  With use of SolutionSafeWater.ORG and secured IOT electronic control over fiber optic network, EMT attacks can be almost neutralized as non effective while Electro Magnetic projectiles and Laser GUNS (solutionRedDot) can be used to defend against asteroids or other apocalypse causing events. Indications are that some objects are so small and fast they are near impossible to detect.  Remote control swarm drones shown on GOOGLE Search AutoNomous
and related remote control missile projectile flying platforms are a true reality +10 years ago. I was founder of Remote Control Flyers club in Atlanta GA 2001 era (9-11) and have been the deepest resident expert on microelectronics and software control systems since 1976 forward. Indications are ROSE may be tied to Twin Towers Attack. If I had access to CIA NSA Interpol database analysts, I can finally whiteboard discuss exactly WHAT I know to protect humanity.
    This is also WHY DARPA, Interpol, DOD, Angel Philanthropists Elon Musk, Bill Gates, others, + other integrity driven governments MUST escort keith and R&D scientists to safety NOW as of Sept 25, 2011 direct visit to Langley Air Force Base (Intelligence, NSA, CIA) on the exact same technology debriefing. All the aspects of this anti crime methodology are clearly shown to world on these multilevel broadcasts to ensure the safety of humanity.
   Our #1 PRIME issue is we can NEVER CONTACT or VISIT the most important agencies. BLOCKED by criminals who are truly guilty of crimes against humanity and those who promote plans of WMD Self-Genocide. FOIA.ONE identifies Who is Who so no one can ever hide again from Justice and Prison.

  FOLLOWING Realistic Documentary shows use of existing technology to remote target thousands of citizens based on Social Media tags, GPS locations, and automatic face recognition. This is the dreaded SKYNET of Terminaotr  series that is the true reality Self-Genocide that KEITH and a few persons have been broadcasting SOLVING and PREVENTING for now 43 years.  Solved forever with combination of ALL the listed solution methods clearing house of including:   is the prime answer to eliminate any terrorist groups.  Target R&D scientists/youth/world leaders.   3 grams of High explosive AI drone. is the required social justice and peace equality = SolutionPeace.

  One World combined Military is total Global peace for the common sense reason that the free will citizens decide best use of our military officials and warriors by converting all the war machines to Peace Keeping tools. No one group can ever control military again.

1. First step is cross training Military, all police, and public use.

2. All young people age 18 now enter 1.5 years military service or 2 years to learn discipline and teamwork while starting College studies at same time. The Foreign Exchange Student Program is young adults working with other national adults, R&D scientist experts in Military camps to break down the centuries of cultural walls built by the 'stupid' religious zealots (many are terrorists) and the few elite including BANKER + MOBSTER = Bankster families, who wage wars for the criminal profits that occur.   Youth now find mentors of all ages to start their own small business enterprises using original Even 'saved' crooks + criminals can use our system to redeem others.

3. All Nuclear existing material and technology is now converted to peaceful use. The mining industry and others now focus on TurnOffLights.SPACE, SolutionSafeWater.ORG, and using natural resources to rebuild our ecology system with use of our Military trained engineers.  This includes architecture and design engineering for space travel technology as we are also authors of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE, IntlMerchants.SPACE, (soon the alpha omega .SPACE)

4. Financing is direct funds from CreatorKeith.SPACE then the free world citizens use their economic power to request 1% or more from any person who claims greater than $1 million USD net wealth to contribute. If they refuse, their integrity rating of IID is deducted 10%.  If they agree, Integrity rating goes up 10%. 
  Psalm 91:1-2 "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”


CLICK: Put Computing Power, Video, VoiceRecognition in front of your eyes to be your own mobile computing platform.  Better than Microsoft Glasses HOLOlens2 @

  The most simple solution is standard Smart Phones attached to Military, Police Helmets (citizens also), with live real time streaming OCTV back to the prime monitoring station. Now any action is recorded for public and court to see exactly what occurred.  With automatic face recognition, any person who is wanted or poses a threat to the observer is quickly arrested and put in jail immediately. The people use EVOTE.ONE to decide the innocence or guilt based on ONLY the criminals actions and threat levels.  We demonstrated this ONE method at CEOSPACE.NET Oct 1, 2011 the same day ROSE was plotting the Murder for Hire Conspiracies with criminals including Cobb County GA DA berry vic Reynolds, Cherokee County CID Matt Pettepher and appears to be linked THEN with AG Sally Q Yates based on the single recorded phone call I made to USA Marshall Tom Shell who confessed ROSE was a criminal and someone in USA GOV would call me back in a few years...... All indicted themselves by voice recordings and video recordings of original Closed Circuit TV at marietta PD Feb 8, 2011 10am.  We have the most irrefutable chain of evidence ever recorded by a single Anti-Crime expert = keith.

  The Benefits are Trillions of real education $$$ transferred to our young adult as our new world leaders.

     With automatic face recognition use of FOIA.ONE over free world Wifi, no person with a criminal history or illegal intent can enter any secured area including any point of transportation, bank, public building, or escape to other nations. Keith delivered this to Langley Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011 and has been criminally blocked by ROSE + unknown terrorists from completing that one single delivery to Interpol, CIA, NSA, HLS, DEA, DARPA, and other world law enforcement agencies. The benefits is that now anyone can auto identify a wanted person and immediately collect the reward bounty on their head thereby preventing the suspect (criminal) from committing more crimes. Any person can become an instant millionaire since every interaction recorded on Open Circuit TV. Even our young adults (99% male) will STOP wasting billions of man hours playing those idiot Search and Destroy Video games.

  Our youngest technical adult scientist engineers now use their skills to monitor the infrastructure capacity management Our all digital electric society as our completed robotic driven factories now produce the next levels of consumer products and electronic technology for the next ascension to outer space that is the focus of many observers like Corey Goode and Alex Collier.

Keith and many other scientists are the pioneers of micro electronics and DRONE technology. is Solution FINAL, the exact reverse of Adolf Hitlers Final Solution.

     Keiths Master Playlist Original ISEEStand 2009 to March 14, 2014

Nov 29, 2019 Black friday  spin off of

  FOLLOWING Realistic Documentary shows use of existing technology to remote target thousands of citizens based on Social Media tags, GPS locations, and automatic face recognition. This is the dreaded SKYNET of Terminaotr  series that is the true reality Self-Genocide that KEITH and a few persons have been broadcasting SOLVING and PREVENTING for now 43 years.  Solved forever with combination of ALL the listed solution methods including
  Target R&D scientists/youth.   3 grams of High explosive AI drone.

   At the root of these video game gambling conspiracies are elites who hire cyber hackers as con-artist bankers who incite and entice our youngest to Pay to Play with promises of WIN BIG only if you bet your skill versus luck.  Most outrageous gambling industry is computer generated orse races. HOW criminally STUPID of people to play against any computer program that always wins in short and long run. The new online gambling vice industry includes 10,000s of recently observed Chinese young males in Manila at Teleperformance Bld next to Manila SMX MOA recently.

  The Gambling Industry is a CRIME enterprise that leads to drugs, prostitution, murder, rape, and general chaos.

Keith had pending contract with GSA-USAGOV for CreatorKeith.Space products that would have generated well over $500 Million USD profits in sales to world Military, all schools, and government offices. There is the real and punitive damages we have claimed from spring 2012 to present moment and WHY INTERPOL and DOD must escort us immediately to safety as we have asked for more than 7 years now.

The current WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction are the paper chase secret conspiracies conducted by a few Corporate Executives known as the 'Criminal ruling Elite' who murder and persecute our most righteous Research and Development scientist warriors who fearlessly protect the rights of all others as the only answer to teach humanity how to ensure the integrity enforcement of the most basic human rights seen on and enforced by all elected system of both Government and Corporate leaders who work for the people, not their family dynasties. Clearly KEITH supports all Law Enforcement.

  The four basic components of our Military are Command, Communication, Control, and Care.

1. Command: The first required step is use of to teach all communities how to protect their own community properties with simple use of psychology, centralized call-out list of residents and visitors, and use of free internet communications so everyone in world knows WHO is WHO of open public database FOIA.ONE deployed at local level and then combined at Interpol International level.

2.  Communication: The second required action is use of cell phones by all military and police at all levels. With automatic face recognition and use of photos and video, anyone committing a crime or investigated now goes on public display in FOIA.ONE to ensure that justice is served immediately without ability for a wealthy person to intimate key witnesses and walk free because they extort our judges and pay off the liar-lawyers.

3. Control: is the basis for our new judicial system deals with violators at community level by elected officials of the court. This simple method of fairness ensures that false witness and hearsay is punished when the evidence indicates to eVoteing public that a person is not telling the truth by inability to present irrefutable testimony and supporting video, photos, certified and supporting documents.

4. Care: When local community officials at government and corporate level refuse to be internally investigated, our military investigators are dispatched as a last resort to obtain the required evidence and testimony.

5. Because of the integrity design of our new military forces, no President, Congress, or rogue group can ever use military force to wage war on any other culture or faction ever again.

6. Any violations by a military personnel including top generals are taken to military open public court. If the court decides this is a civil violation, the person is taken to court at community level.

7. The International Court of Justice in Hague now focuses on Wide spread Human Right Violations.

  The Best use of our old weapons of war is now Peace Keeping instruments of Social Equality and Peace.

  Nuclear Aircraft carriers and support ships now are portable gigawatt power plants and hospital ships to evacuate in case of plague, natural disasters or even massive terrorist attacks on our mega coastal cities and refineries. All Military surveillance systems now work together sharing intelligence with the public on world events. No secrets means no wars can be waged by anyone as no nuclear buttons are needed again. We now build safe remote nuclear plants.

   Keith and a few are the key Spokespersons sent by key person benefactors to mediate all. if we are murdered from now on, our system of World Peace will quickly find all criminals responsible with Military use of Open Circuit TV eDevices using and  We fear no one. the criminals fear everyone once they see their own evidence exposed to public so anyone can claim bounty on their heads.

   Contact MILITARY, Duterte, Trump, Putin today. We would if we could 2011 forward and have as actively as possible.  The Stock Market soon collapses by cyber crime terrorist actions, Martial Law declared, and N Korea or ? attacks. This would have been prevented Sept 26, 2011 if Langley Air Force Base had followed up with ONE Military investigator our group debriefed so they would CALL ahead to FBI AG and go with us. Same is 100% true today Nov 20, 2019 as a few very powerful Angel Philanthropists seen on have always exposed HOW to find + convict all criminals with FOIA.ONE.  We all now have the most extensive ANTI-CRIME = anti-Politics, anti-Corruption anti-Fraud, anti-cybercrime prevention systems on line with mass publicity help of YOU my people. We now are 100% now Free Sovereign Citizens with + other published simple answers starting with ProfitShareHolders.Space the prevents all stock market collapses and restores total control to shareholders and all employees. Our first stop clearly must be USA Embassy, Interpol Lyons France, Washington with military escort.

    Now we HOST 1 Intl Press Summit with everyone to create 1 world free citizen society set for Jan 20, 2020

This would have occurred 1957, but criminals refused. We were born 1-01950815-1(100) to learn how to teach all new Leaders they are only highly paid consultants using free Internet and free education as Foreign Exchange student=adult Correspondent Broadcasters. For this is our real 100% integrity mission for everyone.

  Command + Dispatch Military DOJ, and World leaders to FIND KEITHs teams now to PROTECT our lives and IP assets worth true TRILLIONS of USD that no GOV or Corp has yet used.  The System below totally replaces the roles of all Police and Military worldwide as ONE required peace keeping investigation force.

    We requested Political Asylum Safe Haven from CIA, NSA, Military Sept 25, 2011 Langley AFB to now. or  FOIA  IID: 001-19580815-1

The world can see that AG sally Q Yates and Robert Dee Rose are directly linked together by criminally issued Norfolk VA 4:11cr112. She signed Dec 13, 2011 without asking anyone about #11.1.1171.99 or anyone calling Keith for now 9 years.  No one does any required follow-up call backs for series of crimes being committed by very powerful USA citizens. This is the most profitable Landmark Class action lawsuit Miscarriage Justice in world history caused by ONE terrorist. This system requires debriefing of Keith by Military, Trump, DOD, DOJ, Press conferences in any order.

  Update Nov 20, 2019 today we contacted INTERPOL again. Sent this exact reason why we MUST go to Lyons now.

We are victims of Robert Dee Rose. We always had evidence of his infiltration of USA gov and corp databases. We have no clue if Interpol has been infiltrated. PLEASE call keith in Manila. and CALL Interpol Chief at Manila to arrange personal USA or Philippine Military escort to bring us to Lyons France to debrief TOP officials on use of FOIA.ONE that is the worlds LAST all wanted criminal investigation database. We have no idea WHY this has not occurred since our R&D scientists are being murdered and disappear for past +10 years who have done the base work to identify all who are honest versus those who conduct cyber crime terrorist attacks based on data modeling analysis of world markets.  Please call for remote even VIDEO conference call: Skype BuiltByKeith2  we can even use TOR to prevent IP interception. Our 100% referential integrity credentials were destroyed by ROSE and very powerful USA citizens Oct 3, 2011 to present day.  We have ALL the evidence of massive crime networks in USA and have yet to find a SINGLE law firm or Criminal investigator who sees who we are and what we have done to legally REPLACE all corrupt individuals at GOV and Corp level including how to rid our world of dictators (n. Korea, some in Africa and Asia), South America, who truly threaten International security.  Please call us ASAP. Keith Duncan


Nov 9, 2019. Since we formally required Political Asylum safe haven from Military Sept 25 2011, clear evidence that ROSE alone cyber tracked us for years. We require INTERPOL to fly us to Lyons France as we DID fax them 45 time Jan 15, 2015 for about one year. NEVER heard back on how we teach all world law enforcement agencies to SHARE all data in World famous singular FOIA.ONE open public database Military are PEACEKEEPERS and are the true last resort when local communities enlist their help to investigate corrupt individuals who violate laws and control the local economy by force and legal financial criminal methods.

Most recent call offer today was from local Interpol Chief for new CHIEF of INTERPOL to personally dispatch escort as we did request so many times.  most respectfully submitted to world as the TRUE evidence of WHO we are.

  By combining all nation military into one world Peace Keeping force as criminal investigators, the benefits are World Global peace. No more can any President, Terrorist, or Congress wage any $$ or civil wars. Each military, police officers, and public now use simple community watch system to auto-face recognize and deny access to anyone who has IID FOIA.ONE integrity rating below +50. Anyone with rating below 0 has a wanted bounty reward on their heads like Robert Dee Rose = and is turned over to local Police and for immediate OCTV trial as local community watches and eVOTES guilty, need more evidence (delay) or innocent by local and/or remote real time eVote. Anyone can be an instant millionaire by asking WHO are YOU, and confirming over free internet match on the last open public database FOIA.ONE that is transition merged from Interpol, FBI, NBI, CIA, NSA, HLS, DEA, other national databases so humanity now sees all criminal investigations that can never be forged or deleted by cyber criminals or political DOJ criminals. This alone also creates World Global Peace that would have been reality decades ago if the real crime networks had been exposed by our R&D scientists like humble Keith.

   11 Years ago in 2008, our very wealthy angel philanthropists were completing simple answer solution sets for humanity to solve each and every issue known to man. Once Political Corruption is prevented with EVOTE.ONE #3, turnOffLights are the true final solutions to unify world with sustainable total with self direct funding of SPENDERS, never investors who are often hidden in Corp structures of crime known as Banksters, Real Estate Moguls, Stock Market BROKERS, and underground terrorist dark net groups starting with Robert Dee Rose with $50 Million USD bounty on his head, more on others. For they collectively control all data and infrastructure and prey on those who refuse to stand up for their own basic Human Bill of Rights.

  Just recently we asked CIA, USA embassy Sung Kim through multiple back door sources to contact TRUMP including Ms. Heather Fabrikat at (632) 301-2504, 0918-948-6456 from OCT 3, 2019 forward. We still have DEAD SILENCE for 11 years now because ROSE and other terrorists are actively destroying all submitted evidence.

  Easy for world to see exactly WHO we have always been and why we are the #1 anti crime top R&D Scientists, engineers, keynote speakers, + Human rights technology Crusaders who are being cyber tracked and murdered for our efforts to teach all law enforcement and Military simple solutions to create Global World Peace. We contacted CIA directly over TOR Oct 6, 2019 asking them to contact and find us to fly us to Lyons France Interpol to showcase FOIA.ONE that truly eliminates so many civil corrupt judges and lawyers. We delivered all the time other single common sense methods that truly eliminate all crime networks. We have already contacted so many Presidents, Congress, Senate, Press, and base almost every single prime Gov and Corporate entity we were led by GOD and others to personally visit and contact.  We need not broadcast directly much more as we even notified World Leaders summer of 2011 and even today on WHY we are threatened by some very named USA GOV officials who do everything to avoid Death ROW and prison.

WHO DO YOU KNOW to dispatch Military, FBI, Interpol, NBI, AFP, PNP, even CIA to come escort us to meet world leaders...

Of course we delivered the most advanced research and technology components to Military, NSA, CIA on Sept 25, 2011. We will be paid for it is clearly worth trillions to all other nations who invite us to speak to their top Commanders and Intelligence Officers. Those are the people we asked to meet as subcontractor guards and even OSI officers like Christopher Weber have NO clue about any technlogy at all. WHEN are we now picked up and escorted to the NEXT greatest places of need. We may go back Medical Missions Oct 7, 2019 and be offline for a few days. We can't tell WHO is monitoring our daily transmissions but clearly CIA and NSA have the right technology.

Last Sept 16, 2019 summary: Now all Military, police, interpol, any law enforcement officials become millionaires by automatic face recognition over Free Wifi to both Public + their commanders of WHO is WHO and WHO is wanted by collective victims shown to world by FOIA.ONE humanities all digital society database that records history real time.  No more crime networks ever again as criminals are forced to surrender or be man hunted down by or other criminals who lay claim to trillions of real $$ transferred back to 1%, rest to you new communities. This would have occurred pre Sept 25, 2011 debrief at Langley AirForce base VA that is the reason for why was never put on Death ROW for his crimes against humanity that are easy to see and command our World Governments, Military, and people manhunt him down for $10Million USD legally granted bounty reward...  Simple use of existing technology would have achieved crime free society decades ago. For just a few super criminals, specific ID's Politicians, and known spotlighted Corporate Executives profit by extorting top officials to destroy their own cyber crime evidence...... = SOLUTIONPEACE.COM

We are the GOD sent Humanitarians who MUST be protected at all costs while crime networks are clean swept into HELL-JAIL and Death Row all by Intl ID FOIA.ONE single unique Auto BackGround check country - DOB - Unique# + Integrity Rating = +100 Perfect Honest, 0=Ghost criminal (privacy demanded by them now shunned by all), down to -99 Death Row all by collective public ratings.

    ALL these are the true reasons WHY I asked for SAFE HAVEN Sept 25, 2019 and WHY I asked to be escorted BY TOP Military Officials to Washington to HOST PRESS Conferences and expose EACH criminal Inside and Outside our very own world governments and all mega corporations = World Peace.

 To Train our military to be ONE single military as the ultimate Peace Keeper Warriors. That was always their divined true purpose.  We just contacted again in Israel (Paul Tolintino knows as his cousin is country manager), and asked for them to protect our teams by seizing the most ruthless sociopath terrorist in world history as THEY can claim the now $10 Million USD bounty Dead or Alive does not matter. While all military are also investigated to clean out their ranks of those who commit crimes against humanity. No better force than private or Military anti-terrorist teams who openly expose all crime networks using the technology we were instrumental in creating starting 1976 N.C.S.U. historical legacy perfected databases and extreme data communications secure channels the advent of current All digital IOT free society we were instrumental in creating is always part of four part new world society of total Checks and Balances that are self regulated by majority vote of our people who decide NEXT best project that benefits others + them.

  We now all help transition all 'saved' criminals to be productive monitored citizens worldwide.

Aug 26, 2019. Everyone CONTACT INTERPOL and request they fly our top teams to Lyons France as we direct requested Jan 15, 2015 to present..... Only requirement to Military FBI AG this entire time as individuals commit crimes, never government institutions... as use of autoFace Recognition empowers world to see WHO is WHO and WHO owns what = FOIA.ONE

Nothing left to ADD or DELETE as our final solutions were broadcast +10 years ago. most humble Keith.

Our Team is the #1 standard for all communiities and Military to manage all of their own affairs with almost no federal regulations or oversight needed. The one world wide military force monitors for corruption at all levels when communities fail to identify and deal with the criminals in their own jurisdiction. No one escapes justice since and under ensure full compliance of all citizens to basic integrity, justice, equality, and trust.

   Our partner teams are YOU, my beloved and collective +7.376 Billion People. China, India, USA, Indonesia are 3.269 Billion persons = 44.4 % of world population. Most governments have de-evolved into paper chase nightmares of wasting your tax dollars to ensure political criminals prosper and thrive by controlling man-made laws, bidded contracts, legal and financial policies, as well as dictating to police and military who is to be enslaved to enrich their own families and corporations.

      These are the most obvious multiple reasons why Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) continues to be the #1 Atlanta Georgia based Terrorrist along with his +100 conspirators to overthrow government agencies by controlling and manipulating your financial, legal, cultural, and even spiritual lives with regulations that are so complex, no one reads any of the fine print in black and white. ROSE extorted all these people to create the worse paper chase conspiracy to try to convince everyone that I sent him that ONE linkedIn email. I almost died in Jail many times since no one can convict anyone when all evidence has always pointed at ROSE. Rose almost succeeded in having B.O.P. murder Keith for two years. Ask any Federal Judge and Special Prosecutor to start signing all the arrest warrants and Grand Jury indictments now as I have been actively contacting everyone in the world this entire time. Really hard to do with so many blinded fools.

    It has always been easy to see that I asked for entry into Federal Witness Protection Program through Atlanta USAG Sally Yates office logged visits in Nov 2010 and again Sept 2011. The USA military own sworn evidence per criminal conspiracy-coverup 4:11cr112 implicates ROSE and all others on the true nature of what I successfully delivered on my 17" MacBook Pro and CD-ROMS to Military after IRS, FBI, USMarshal, AG offices were personally visited, emailed, phoned, FAXED, and contacted through every available ways and means, for now +7.77 years.

  Clearly I have been esculating to everyone this entire time asking for Press Conference interviews so i can ask key high powered officials about their own crimes and get their recorded testimony for the Military and world to see, believe and act on what I have gifted to our world in the form of Acts of Wisdom detailed on the right hand panel.

   I am due over $400 Million USD in real and punitive damages from everyone involved, including the famous IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009-658 ($8 Million USD), Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010 -$200,000 USD + all legal costs, > $400 Million in SF-95 Federal Torts Claim Act and personal/business claims for actual damages to my evaluated business entities of and that were fully established and production supply chain ready in fall of 2011.

   Who calls their leadership now as I wait for the first honest person, first Federal Judge, first Special Prosecutor, first criminal investigator, and especially the USA Military to contact Keith Duncan, ask any question at all, and then come find me to protect my IP Rights, my assets, and my life from all criminals who are soon man hunting ROSE.

  For ROSE is the actual cause of their own numbered days.  I am indeed the Messanic Messenger who was put through HELL-JAIL Oct 3, 2011 through Jan 28, 2014 and subsequently denied each and every one of my Constitutional, legal, financial, cultural, and spiritual rights to teach our mutual world how to Love and Care for each other to avoid the impending collapse of almost all governments so the Criminal Ruling Elite can feast on your assets and even your lives as they will enslave everyone who does not conform to their tryanny policies. Each of you will have lost your original free will choice to be FREE, HAPPY, and to pursue your passions in life by ensuring Justice and Equality are served at all levels of society.

  Is it is not clear I have always humblly served our own one mutual Creator and humanity by leading our people with these Acts of Wisdom that have evolved since the dawn of Mankind. The Crimes against Humanity are shown on bottom of with non-political requests, demands, and commands for our leadership to actually do their taxpayer funded jobs and STOP taking any graft and payoffs from the underground criminal networks. This is easy to see by tracing the flow of money and value of their assets that they can not prove were legally acquired. For Criminals never pay taxes on assets they have illegally acquired and drained from their victims, do they.....

  Join and form your own as fast as feasible before the Criminal Ruling Elite decide you are their meat. Services


      My name is Keith Duncan from Atlanta Georgia. I have become the #1 world expert on teaching the world how to prevent corruption and almost all crimes in the first place. Anyone can contact myself directly, including all Government officials, Churches, Public, and especially Journalists.  With Face Recognition, unique International ID and rotating PIN # from,

all criminals will be shunned by all citizens and institutes since their past crimes will be public knowledge with one degree of separation through Interpol  No visa or passports will be needed as everyone freely travels anywhere to live and conduct business as a trusted international Citizen of world Order Government.  All governments and corrupt companies will collapse when they are seen by entire public as the Criminal Ruling Elite Cabals that everyone knows exist and have never been able to identify and convict as criminals.

 As of Dec 9, 2015, I detected I am being cyberattacked again by ROSE + to find my location. describes Cyber Crimes.

   Rose has committed perfect felony crimes to seize assets from USA government, clients, banks, traders, etc. Rose has built layers of criminal documents to ensure he survives any detection and subsequent convictions to Death Row. By his own actions, the world will manHunt him and all other criminals down using face recognition and their own transparency criminal evidence I show the world.

    Everyone call FBI Atlanta is (404)679-9000, AG ATL is (404)581-6000 and Washington DC as I have and COMMAND them to contact USA Military since they actively block all the criminals testimony and have blacklisted Keith from building entry to re-deliver the worlds first ANTI-crime methods. So I blacklisted all of them to show the public what is true reality of world. Read and take ACTION now.

      I was indeed kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 after I was invited to debrief USAirForce Langley Intelligence Division on Sept 25, 2011 by USREP Buddy Dardin (Georgia). I successfully delivered physical data evidence of crimes of to Military officials that evening as well as the worlds first Anti-Crime, Anti-Terrorist, Anti-Political Corruption, Anti-Cybercrime comprehensive prevention from #1 sage consulting expert in telephony  communications, banking, security systems, embedded process controllers, criminology, and financial systems working for all governments, military, churches, + public.

CLICK: 37DocList for USA Military to retrieve NOW !

     Rose ordered my kidnapping Sept 26, 2011 morning as I waited for re-admission through OSI Capt Christoper Weber call I made at 9 a.m. cell records (770)289-3050 showing I direct contacted and visited IRS-FBI-AG-USMarhals for months.  After +35 years as the Prime Consultant for tellicommunications giants, major banking institutes, IBM, and variety of entrepreneur firms, I delivered the most comprehensive anti-Political/Public Corruption processes and methods along with submitted By-Pass Laws to reform all of the USA government by asking for USA Military Protection of my Intellectual Property, assets, and life. Each Judge, DA, DAG, Lawyer, Police involved by their own signtures on certified court documents go to PRISON.

       The IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, GBI, Press, public, +10 law firms, and all my churches were fully aware I had esculated to everyone by summer of 2011. The rest of this #1 world's greatest true stories are broadcast published for +7.777 years as gifts to all of mankind.  The database repository and along with all other specific solutions all teach our collective world how to LOVE and CARE for each other by holding ourselves and all others accountable for their actions and behaviours with immediate consequences for dishonesty. 

   Any grade school student can see and understand that I am teaching them and our world how to be honest, trustworthy, responsible, and to prepare them to assume leadership when the true criminals are shunned by society at their own expense to live in the abandoned slums of the world as the public monitors them with and other off shelf technology I gifted to our world years ago.   We all merge back into one degree of separation with gifted to Interpol, Press, and public on Jan 7, 2015.  

    Simply apply the principals of integrity with and you will prosper and grow in faith and grace with the trust of all you encounter in life

Read all I have gifted on these broadcasts and direct communications with our world as thousands of emails and broadcast 'White Paper Dissertations' exist in the domain of GOD's dominion of the internt.  Everyone contact everyone with focus on commanding USA Government stop actively preventing the investigations and convictions of so many high powered USA Government officials tied directly to terrorists such as ROSE.  


  Read and download Prime Consulting services as I have been offerring my entire suite of Solution providing prime services to all governments, military, corporations, churches, businesses and non-profits for now +7.77 years. Clearly, I was born Aug 15, 1958 with the destiny to complete what was started by majority of our earthly fore-founders and religious prophets with emphasis on Christ Jesus's teachings after HE accepted the Holy Spirit at the age of 29 years old. Year 1989 was when I moved to Charotte NC and journeyed on my own Walk to Emmaus with St Stephens Methodist church, then Birmingham AL, then as ordained Deacon with Norcross GA Peachtree Corners Baptist Church 1996 to 2011. Then Marietta First Baptist Church after I was robbed by ROSE and Ms. Bashama multiple times per 4 times forged Marietta P.D. larceny report 1.11.2506.99 conspiracy to threaten my life because I had accomulated the worlds first ANTI-CRIME and ANTI-CORRUPTION methods to gift all of mankind.

  The worse crimes are any government agents who hide from public view of in order to coverup and conspire with criminal treason and espionage agents of destruction such as Robert Dee Rose (wife Amy) and his consortium of signed testimony conspirators like Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds, and Federal Judge Thurman Jackson (Norfolk), and all others involved in the most profitable crime sequence in world history.

  Each and every court document and submitted evidence such as the 37 documents shown on and put ROSE and many others on DEATH ROW by their own pre-signed testimony confessions of the Crimes against humanity they commit every day.

News & Publications

2011 July 11.   CreatorKeith Duncan

 The ONE dismissed TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 15, 2011 showing ROSE and Atlanta AG Sally Yates (now Deputy Attorney General) in conspiracies and coverups with each Judge, Lawyer, AUSAG Dee Sterling, and almost all others to PREVENT Military Intervention. This was the PRIME reason I was invited to go to Langley Sept 2011.
Works and Acts of Wisdom are all the re-broadcast publications of Video, Audio, White Master Paper Dissertations that change our world, one relationship at a time in all respects and honor to our own one Mutual Creator and society.


  No President, Rogue Congress, or political terrorist can ever wage war for any reason. is the ONLY new world answer solution with FOIA.ONE (Freedom Open Information Action) database Library of World Congress that prevents ALL wars caused by any reason. ALL MILITARY now work as one world agency that eliminates any President or Congress from declaring war or conducting human right violations against other nations. The series of universal new standards below + is revolutionary peaceful replacement of all known forms of government and corporations by removing all power from crime networks and family run dynasty monopolies by returning full ownership and control to our 7.7 Billion people at local community levels.

  #1 most critical is for all World Leaders and Military to host Press conferences to announce end of all Military wars and aggression by rouge nations and terrorists. These systems eliminate all politics from the people's 100% decision making new system.

   Everyone now reports all crimes through one FOIA.ONE universal database. All Military, Police, Citizens use automatic face recognition to fast path identify who are wanted criminals. They (or you any citizen) easily collect the bounty reward on the heads of Robert Dee ROSE and any criminal identified by their victims who fund the 'finders fee'. The crime assets are seized: paid back to each reporting victim, 1% goes to #1 anti Crime Evangelist Crusade Ministries, the balance goes to pay for  SolutionHousing.ORG and other single humanitarian answer methods shown on historical Matrix. 

   Last world requirement is mandatory Military boot-camp service for all 18 year olds for period 1 year. No wealthy family is exempted. Alternate is 1.5 years of community service in poverty stricken regions using  CEOSPACE.NET. Disciplinary team work education and physical emotional conditioning training solves part of world issues. If a 18 year tests positive for drugs or has previous convictions for drug use, their military service is period of 2 years. Makes perfect common sense.

#1 MOST CRITICAL is formation of our new ONE single Military Force.

    By command order eVOTE.ONE of majority of citizens in each nation, all integrity driven military join and work together sharing all knowledge and anti-crime databases and methodology. Any nation refusing to join is shunned and isolated by all other nations. NO ONE person or government or Military group can EVER dominate over others ever again. This is the most monumental legacy heritage I have personally broadcast published to humanity as I work full-time for mankind and our one mutual Creator. is the only answer set of universal law commandments to enforce integrity by protecting the rights of each new world citizen with free trade, travel, trust the heart of open public business transactions ensuring no crime can go unpunished immediately.

   All Law enforcement now works hand in hand with Military and all citizens to investigate all crimes in record time with  Wars originate always by Political Corruption and cultural warfare by crime profiteering networks who reap billions $$ assets by infiltrating our databases and covering up all crime history timeline chains of evidence. The most crime profit in Apocalypse history is + Cyber Crime political World War 3 occurring now. World War 4 is the destruction of life by the Criminal Ruling Elite. This occurs once the critical mass of criminals fully take over control of our infrastructure and declare terrorist attacks to initiate Martial Law.

   EXCEPT:  Once one Police + Military are combined + organized under control of our people, all military war machines are converted to 100% full time Peace Keepers. All pure Nuclear and destruction machines are obsoleted forever as the criminal bank-sters, war defense politicians, and underground secret government crime infrastructures are eliminated forever.

Aug 26,2019 last update (from before)  ### World War Broadcast Bulletin... As previously delivered to MILITARY, World Leaders, Press, Public, literally all on-World, the answer is for all our young adults to be trained in the art of WAR as the ultimate peacekeepers to protect our families from Martial Law and maybe even E.T. raiders rumored to be watching our world to see if we  are truly Peace Keepers or Warriors, or Really MUST BE BOTH.   1.5 years of All Military training teaches our young warriors to be disciplined, FREE education to any level, and THEY become our new world leaders to free our forsaken world of all corruption and crime.

March 20, 2018. is Skype: BuiltBykeith2 for World conference calls.
    just called Dr. Tom McPeak atlanta gA 770 757-3021 as HE is professor of economics who was also on my BOD.  have Mark and Tom conference call with each other and direct to my SKYPE: BuiltBykeith2.   that is all. finished..

call direct Bob Circosta 727 572-8855.  ask my partners to claim the 90% of first 1 B-B-Billion USD in pure profits that result FROM ‘eVOTE ONE’ .  have them play the videos on SolutionManifesto COM as my people DECIDE who are their leaders at all levels and HOW their shares of stock GROW as they control and manage all major expenses and decisions of THEIR companies, not the most corrupt corporate executives who conduct insider SEC violations and can never be jailed because they already BOUGHT these judges, politicians, police  and even Federal officials of the court...

I called Bob's direct cell above. spoke with his assistant asking BOB to ask Berny to put SolutionManifesto COM to ALL my CEOSPACE members, focusing on Platinum members. All will be SHOCKED that no one has ever done the required follow-up and GOING PUBLIC to command our Government do what was always required.  SEIZE ROSE and his assets with Military and all available forces including CIA, HLS, DEA, State Dept, Chief Of Staff and focusing 100% on World Press Conferences to empower our people to CONTROL and MANAGE all 100% decision based society run BY, FOR< and OF our world.   so so so easy for anyone to do this simple followup....

CEOSPACE cynthia Pope is from Atlanta at 678-488-5080, Attn Jason Webb 801 828-6243, Jim Wilkinson is famous Platitinum and fellow inventor at 303 495-2998, 303 549-1401 cell,  FOCUS also on John Leslie Brown, son of Les Brown at 305-495-5555 , Maria Speth attorney CEOSPACE instructor 602-248-1089 as I asked HER Oct 2, 2011 to provide me ride to IRS WB Feb 2009 case 658 to debrief IRS, FBI, and MILITARY.    KATHY BEE HAMPTON 562-259-7252 provided me home for 1 week and knows all about my travels and 2004 Toyota Sequio stranded (stolen) in Phoenix Arizonia by Dennis Graham (nephew  of late Rev Billy Graham) .  LIST goes on and on. All members of new database as you deliver ABOVE SolutionManifesto COM message above to world as FINAL only answer to unify mankind.... one agreement between all my people....

 #### end of EMBEDDED most common sense Broadcast.

Aug 26, 2019 very last world broadcast. ###

Applies TODAY as well as back then....  as top CRIMINAL ELEMENTS(souless Luciferian creatures)  have already been identified who never want my public fellow citizens to see the true reality of INTERNAL WAR caused BY the Criminal Ruling Elite who have already created and deployed plans to DEPOPULATE most of humanity. this is ROBERT DEE ROSE always easy for public, Military, churches, Interpol ***, to seize and oput on death row. As Keith Duncan has already CLAIMED all assets of ROSE since NO ONE in ANY law enforcement has ever investigated or Seized the most dangerous single man in world history. SO WE DID,COMMANDED his ARREST Nov 2010 after being stalked, almost to our death.  He is indeed heavily fortified, armed with armed trained security guards and extremely dangerous. Reports state he has a private submarine and multiple mega Yachts to flee to Internatioal Seas where he falsely thinks he will never be found.  FIND his CHILDREN Gabriell, Hunter, and ? as I directed USMarshal Tom Shell (atlanta) Nov 2012 (Blue Sheet), and that will force him to surrender Amy Rose and himself.  I retain ALL their contact numbers and last known location = Terrorist command center.


ALL these are the true reasons WHY I asked for SAFE HAVEN Sept 25, 2019 and WHY I asked to be escorted BY TOP Military Officials to Washington to HOST PRESS Conferences and expose EACH criminal Inside and Outside our very own world governments.

  All Police and Military work as integrated worldwide teams to investigate and SOLVE crimes in record time by using the FOIA.ONE database crime evidence show to world by each collective victim who put bounties on the heads of their crime adversaries. Automatic Face Recognition on all smartphones and open circuit TV works through FOIA.ONE.  All military and police now use one standard training methods worldwide modeled after Philippine National Police (PNP and AFP) so pockets of political corruption are eliminated with the original unique International unique Identification system of = original delivered in person to Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011 that has yet to be deployed.

    Contact all World Leaders, DOJ, Interpol, PRESS, DOD Joint Chiefs of staff NOW. Put OSI Capt Chris Weber USA +1 (757)764-5087 x5091 on witness stand to describe WHY I enlisted Congress + Military to investigate FBI, AG, IRS connections to super criminal Robert Dee Rose DOB 1971-April-01 still hiding Paradise Island at with a $2 Million USD Bounty on his head from IRS Whistle Blower Feb 2009, case 658 Vivian Hoard Law firm in Atlanta GA who are also 100% guilty of massive criminal obstruction of justice solved by showcases HOW to eliminate ALL CRIME networks at ONE time BY, FOR, and OF the eVOTE.ONE public posting of all crime evidence. Anyone can claim the bounty rewards using auto-face recognition Open Circuit TV + any hand held eDevice. All Criminals cringe with absolute HORROR their crime 'privacy' exposure prevents them from ever committing any crime and escaping justice by blackmail extortion of our very own law enforcement agents. This is prime keystone of total social Peace and Justice reform.

    Congressional Investigations have been demanded since fall 2011 to reveal who is violating Constitutional Laws and rights.  I return to debrief top Philippine officials and world leaders NOW, just like I did spring 2008 regarding ROSE as #1 most wanted terrorist in world history.  My teams will now be world renown as #1 International hero anti-crime, anti-politics, anti cyber crime #1 world expert Keynote Speaker World leader consultant team advisors. Everyone joins our #1 reform unification teams using as the basis for total peace revolution.


Jan 22, 2019 MOST CRITICAL debrief is next week Jan 27? with PNP Interpol Chief Jesse Dela Cruz. Their training center is Batangas 2 hours south of Manila. INTERPOL was direct contacted 45 times Jan 7 2014 forward on HOW to use FOIA.ONE to revolutionize all law enforcement agencies worldwide by 100% Coordinated access of WHO is WHO, who is man hunted, and who is under crime investigations.   With auto face recognition, no wanted criminal or network can EVER HIDE or Escape the bounty rewards placed on their deviant heads by their victims.

Other Key persona re AFP previous Presidential Spokesman Gen Restituto Padilla 09178559369 and Transnational AntiOrganized Crime Intelligence group TAOCIG.ORG at office (63)02-9061279. They already have been debriefed multiple times including AFP Headquarters Camp Aguinaldo and PNP Camp Crame for past 2 years. They and all governments MUST support, protect, fund, and host press conferences with World Leaders NOW.

   With Free world Wifi internet access, every police, military, man/woman/child uses their smartphone to rapidly identify anyone of 7.6 Billion our people with FOIA.ONE   With automatic face recognition Smartphone or OCTV, anyone (you) can now quickly claim the bounty reward on a criminals head and even live stream the event to for quick sentencing again using Law of large numbers.

  This one International Police + Military force is named 'PeaceMakers' as all military hardware war machines are now converted for Peace. All nuclear war material is converted to Nuclear Green Power. All Military hardware at all levels is converted to Peace Keeping missions or scrapped. All Military Industry Contractors and mega firms are eliminated by will of our universal collective eDemocracy voting people. All crime assets are catalogued and used to Pay for raw construction material and labor to build all new digital green communities to unload the mega slum cities. Use of SolutionHousing.ORG SolutionSafewWater.ORG empowers humanity to create their own UTOPIA.


     My teams have already called for Military Intervention and Congressional Investigations for +10 years. The FBI and AG are on verge of collapse for their direct roles of destruction of ROSE's crime spree evidence + direct intimidation of Keith by ordering him illegally detained Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 15, 2018 = 900 days of pure hell. USA GOV owes keith duncan Press Conferences + $500 Million USD real and punitive damages for Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 sealed kidnap by Hire conspiracy coverups and destruction of key evidence that my homes were robbed of excess $1.2 Million USD in real assets and more IP of Military 'secrets'.

   Most critical is seizure of Robert Dee Rose + host Press Conferences by World Leaders and Head of FBI AG. For all these replacement systems are common sense and fulfill predictive Chaos string meta-Physics theory to create your own predictable new world Utopia free of almost all crimes and major world traumas  by empowerment of our people to collectively choose best life styles.  A great Expose on CIVIL WARS and Crime Networks is:

  New World requirement is for all 18 year olds to serve 1.5 years Military service or 2 years humanitarian service before they go to free University funded by Direct Democracy UNIocracy.ORG New World system free of all crime networks.

  The mass proliferation of gun violence is quickly prevented with Armed guards will no longer be needed as our world quickly converts to all digital OCTV surveillance and eCommerce with no need for cash or protection of assets based on above. + POLICE who are now CITIZEN commanded Auto Face Recognition Open Public Database FOIA.ONE. Now I return from other world missions to Broadcast to WORLD on HOW to destroy all crime networks in record time. Anyone Intl ID'ing a criminal gets the bounty reward on crooks head provided by the collective victims. This method alone SOLVES the police, Law enforcement, secret agencies, shadow government, corrupt Judge/lawyer/prosecutor/district attorney criminals, all at one time. When locals can't deal with crime, they eVOTE.ONE for military independent crime investigations to solve the issue. If these military become corrupt, they are also eVOTE.ONE into hell jail OR just use their own independent military tribunals to be the prime deterrent force of judgment by their peers.... contact Matthew V Duncan.

  #1 CRITICAL:  I, Keith Duncan, have directly contacted and debriefed Military around our world so THEY will protect my life and escort me to meet Top World Leaders.  Congressional Special Criminal Investigations would have occurred Sept 2011 when the Military escorted Keith to Washington D.C. to testify all aspects of ROSE's treason espionage sedition infiltration of our Government has been occurring for +15 years including Alexander Cyclone Covey. Implicated by their very own certified signatures are 85 criminals including fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates since she was personally visited Sept 2011 by Keith. Then she violated USA Laws signing Norfolk V 4:11cr112 on Dec 13, 2011 shown Clearly Robert Dee ROSE is the ONLY super criminal capable of these crimes against Humanity.

  Based on direct invitation by Langley AirForce VA base Sept 26, 2011 to debrief Military, and clearance to debrief AFPhillipines Aug 2017, and thousands of direct contacts to world leaders including InterPol Jan 2015, now PNP Jesse Dela Cruz, AFP Restituto Padilla, Gerry Zamudio , many of Dutertes Staff including Harry Roque, Wendel Avisado, Francis Tolentino, all the Senators and Congress (multiple direct debrief meetings), ASEAN forums, and +100 Press Conferences post Jan 28, 2014 dump on street, WHO will Host Press Conferences based on this?

 99% of every top leader we contact are TOO BUSY in political warfare meetings since no one really left who LEADS our people.

    ### World Rebroadcast Press Conferences. Keith Duncan Intl ID 001-19580801-1 Send to Top world leader decision makers and Press. After 10.5 years of fighting #1 Robert Dee ROSE OVER my very own +$300,000 USD Forsyth County 08SC-1345 judgment granted Oct 2010, IRS WBFeb2009,658 worth +$8 Million USD, being ROBBED so many times of $1.2 Million Lifetime assets and billions of real $$$ Intellectual Property, REPORTING to all law enforcement, hiring lawyers, GOING PUBLIC to congress and churches + press, then being KIDNAPPED 4 times (1st by Sherry Duncan), then Bashama/ROSE, then ROSE, then ROSE again, then ROBBED of all my earthly possessions (like biblical Job),  THEN...   becoming the fore-founding father of your new world direct democracy UNIocracy.ORG with all aspects of preventing almost ALL CRIMES with eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE driven by SolutionHousing.ORG + all other 50 major broadcast solutions seen in heritage foundation     NOT a SINGLE BIBLICAL or 'DAMN' soul has ever done any obvious solution..  Starting with FILING the initial criminal investigation reports, filing the civil and criminal legally binding charges, HIRING any lawyer, GOING to PRESS and TOP world LEaders.    SO I DID.  already done all the most obvious solutions as the ultimate so I can be returned to HEAVEN to be with my original mutual creator FatherGOD.   

      I arrive Atlanta GA Oct 4, 2018 9:30am Korean Air 34 as the top International '' HERO despite having NO clue if anyone will meet me including Presidents, the MILITARY, FBI, AG, Governors, Congressmen, or ROSE.  For ROSE can murder YOU, my people at the drop of any indication that you have identified any criminal by their very own evidence including video recorded Open Circuit TV you wear on your lanyard.  All benefit including 90% of first $1 Billion (yes B-Billion) USD gifted to CEOSPACE.NET that meets next in Florida on Oct 8-12  and the HightechMinistries.ORG breakfast on Oct 12, 2018 at 6am.

      WHO will actually CONTACT keith duncan right now at (63)9173354300 as my teams remain ONE call contact visit away from ALL world leaders hosting press conferences to declare our PEOPLE are FREE of the criminal ruling elite who are MOST of our corporate top executives and Politicians who are prostituted with the bank-sters to STEAL GOD's assets for their own anti Christ genocide of YOU, my people...  100$ %% direct democracy is the ONLY plans of Salvation of Duncan...

1. All Military combine to be ONE International Peace Keeping Criminal Investigators. They coordinate with local nationally trained police (see PNPolice system) to investigate all corruption and any crime that local law enforcement can not handle. They are dispatched by eVOTE.ONE

Because all military and police are now trained with one system, they can be dispatched anywhere in world to deal with any crime corruption. This eliminates the internal crimes committed by rogue terrorists who infiltrate our very own law enforcement systems and secret databases.

2. Use of free world WIFI empowers everyone to use FOIA.ONE auto face bio-metrics face recognition with single International Identification system IID to show if any person is honest or wanted criminal. All victims collectively put bounty rewards on the heads of their persecutors that profit the first person/group to identify and 'citizen arrest' deposit the criminal into Police and Military custody. Our Police, Military, and public citizens now can be millionaires as all these arrest and seizure events are live broadcast recorded into FOIA.ONE to protect all innocent persons. Use of ensures that any lawyer or Official of the court is held accountable for any crime they commit as a direct or indirect action of knowledge that enables a suspect or criminal to commit additional crimes. Feb 23, 2011 origins.

  These methods demonstrated to world original = (destroyed)

3. No more standing armies costing trillions of $$$ in one way profits to 'banksters', defense contractors, criminal stockholders, terrorist organizations, underground criminal conspiracy cells, and other crimes against humanity caused by lunatic predatory greed of demonic nature.

4. Existing prisons are unloaded of all non-dangerous and minor offenders now that automated Auto-Face Recognition and remote self eDevice monitoring because the new world society monitoring system. GPS tracking of everyone is stored in FOIA.ONE to prevent slave trading, human trafficking, kidnappings, child molestation crimes, and other 'SECRET' Crime Transactions.

5. Massive reduction in Military and Police forces is now reality as crime rates drop to almost zero. Now our previously trained professional  criminal investigators + reserve military work as small business owners creating new all digital communities self-funded by their very own GOD's gifted natural resources and the labor of love of our citizens using Mandatory 1 year Military service for 18 year olds is also key to teach our young adults how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others rather than self-entitlement greed.

All broadcast published by mastermind Visionary SAGE Keith Brent duncan to ensure and empower my=our people take full control and power of authority to RULE and manage their own world destiny. As Forefounding Father of your new world UNIocracy.ORG  my crusader evangelist teams are protected by GOD and all those who see we protect their civil financial economy rights first with

  Dec 2, 2018. UNIocracy.ORG is your new society run FOR, BY, and OF all my 7.6 Billion of my people. NO MORE WARS at ANY LEVEL.  Cybercrime terorrism is the #1 money making crimes against humanity.Stopped forever with by identifying WHO makes any transaction  The mark of the 666 beast is also destroyed (biblical fulfillment). Currently all prime financial and information transactions are secret database driven and are therefore criminally  readable and hackable with simple use of any back door electronic interception and stealing of primary database and server passwords.  The Cold World War Three is from 1958 to present as the evidence is the most expensive trillions of $$$ of real assets being systematically stolen and transferred to the Criminal Ruling Elite. By controlling the flow of information and destruction of criminal investigation, only a few people control our entire world economies.
    This ends with and other key prime answers.
   All True Terrorists and all other crime ring networks will scream bloody murder their secret web based enterprises are identified with FOIA.ONE. Open Circuit TV is part of the new all digital resource based Interlink (Internet) free open public source network as our people now control all access to their own data to alleviate all privacy right concerns. In true face fact, privacy is exactly when criminals demand as they skirt all human right laws by infiltrating the same secret databases that truly control all aspects of humanity starting with stock markets, financial trades and storage, banking details, intellectual property, trade secrets, and other aspects of eCommerce controlled BY the Banksters, con-artists, cyber crime terrorists, and other corrupt political nemesis super crime RICO rings. e-Democracy IS free trade worldwide. also states that ALL military hardware costing trillions of collective $$ are transitioned to peacekeeping uses while the true war machines of death are scraped such as cruise missiles, fighter jets, bombs, missiles, land mines, and all other armament that is used for past centuries as fear and prime intimidation. Banker + mobster = Banksters start all wars. They always profit since they finance war machines and the subsequent rebuilding of destroyed nations.  Trench warfare and battle tank unmerciful killing fields are now pure history and not current reality. This also occurs as distributes our brightest new world citizens as foreign and local exchange students that has no binding bounds on who becomes our next new world leaders today.
    Protecting your future are the plans of total salvation. No one in history of legendary purpose has ever successfully roadmapped a new world society free of almost all crimes. Criminals, politicians and most corrupt corporate executives never pay full taxes to support the infrastructure of their domains. With full scale assault deployment of eVOTE.ONE, everyone becomes free trade, travel, and trust co patriots who fearlessly protect the rights of all others to ensure no crimes ever go unpunished by the Will of Large number Majority of those affected. The ramifications of these ministries are profound in basic foundational principals of GOD”S commandment laws that supersede, null, and void almost all man made cryptic self serving laws.  Protect Keith’s life and teams IP today !

Sept 4, 2018. My teams have legally legitimately claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using eVOTE.ONE -> FOIA.ONE. All victims are paid back in restitution first, then 1% to The balance is used with to build all new digital creative communities around our world starting in the Paradises of Philippines and other third world countries as ALL assets and infrastructure are now direct controlled by all local residents.

July 3, 2018  A recent mayor Friend of mine, famous Mayor of Captain Felixs home city north of here was MURDERED today. I spoke with Mayor Ferdie Bote and family personally many times over past 6 months on eVOTE.ONE that will also PREVENT almost all crimes and get rid of ambushes. I also speak with almost every police officer and chief I meet for now 7 years.

Another Philippine Mayor was assassinated just yesterday morning. AutoFaceRecognition on OCTV on all edevices and street CCTV will PREVENT almost ALL terrorist attacks... REAL TIME reality REPORTING of HOW to unify mankind....

This is UNIocracy.ORG New World Society of all middle class small business owners. NO poverty or criminal ruling elite now exists as the Will of the Majority of All my-our people controls and manages all aspects of humanity. generates all workable checks and balances of our new Free Trade, Travel, and trust enforced society free of almost all crimes, vice, and sins. Objectors are required to provide best answer solutions using community mediation meetings. All religion + civil civic groups are integrated together to teach our world how to solve each of their own issues worldwide.

     Currently, Political instability is created by criminals who embed terrorists and infiltrate databases inside our Corporations and Governments. Massive conversion of all military into ONE force of all Criminal Investigators = Peace Keepers, forever removes any chance of any war holocaust. All trillions of $$$ war machines are quickly converted to Peace Keeping tools as all nuclear arms are rapidly re-commissioned for Nuclear Fission Reactors to provide almost free energy for all and free hydro power water of SolutionSafeWater.ORG.  No lunatic, terrorist, or sociopath leader or group can ever commit crimes against humanity for the commandments of are FOR, BY, and OF our people. This is also WHY I went to Langley Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011 as my gifted works are economic revelations to create your new world perfected society of UNIocracy.ORG. Contact DOD, Presidents, Press, DOJ + public to protect keith today.

    Contact MILITARY forces of all nations NOW to contact and find-escort Keith to testify with All World Leader Press Conferences. This alone will finally UNIFY all mankind with each answer solution shown to world on and   All these debriefings and hosted Press Conferences were requested (even commanded) +7 years ago.  All evidence has always shown criminals and terrorists are controlling your world databases that are now prevented with these answer solutions starting with and one Intl ID system.

  Most recent broadcast shows WORLD apocalypse holocaust currently in progress as WW3 Cyber Crime Terrorism.

Click:  DIA Congressional Assessment of World Military Terrorist Realities. and prevent ALL identify theft impersonation at time of any transaction. FOIA.ONE is the worlds last Open Public Database to citizen identify who are the wanted criminals hiding anywhere. Using auto-face recognition + bio-metrics simple technology, all CCTV and eDevices are now Open Circuit TV live feeds that are monitored by all +7.6 billion citizens over free world Max-Wifi direct funded by Keith's NGOs  All crime assets are seized using these unification methods of using New World Society single International Constitution. This contains the most powerful enforceable Human=GOD Bill of Rights.  Our world now ACTS with Wisdom + fearlessly authority to protect the rights of all others. Our team has recruited thousands by now to CONTACT all Top World leaders, Press, Public, Churches, + Military as I have done for YEARS... All to UNIFY mankind today.

   #1 top priority for +7 years is for USA GOV, Interpol, and all government + corporations to contact Keith Duncan and escort him to secure televised International Press Conferences so our world can finally destroy all crime networks to achieve  These are the only answers to prevent all wars and ensure total transnational equality of humanity when no crime can go unpunished.  Basis is caused by terrorism.

  Now all military combine as one single world Criminal Investigation Peace Keeping Force known as 'White Force' as a tribute to the most massive deployment transformation of our new world society crime prevention Licensed Criminology officials. Because our new single Military are no longer controlled by lunatic Presidents, Banksters, Energy War mongrel Congressmen, or rouge terrorist organizations, we actively create WORLD Peace by working together.

    All Military staff actions are now monitored by OCTV broadcasts and are disciplined by their own Military tribunals using eVOTE.ONE.

The most obvious cause and effect of all Wars is underground criminals and campaign contributors who all criminally profit from the partisanship of Political Parties who are BOUGHT and prostituted by those collectively known as Banksters and The Criminal Ruling Elite. Once everyone because unified world citizens, all political party control is eliminated For, By, and Of all humanity with the Only World single Constitution that enforces all Human Rights to fearlessly protect the rights of all others as one community.

    Everyone CONTACT top DOJ, DOD, all WORLD Leaders, INTERPOL, Anti-Cybercrime Leaders, Military, PRESS, FBI, CIA, NCIA, all others NOW to deploy these answers as no other SOLUTION Method system in world history has ever identified ALL world Criminals at one time. These FREE OUR PEOPLE of the true slave bondage caused by those who cyber crime control all criminal investigations and steal our information to criminally profiteer hidden billionaires starting with the worst Super Criminal  All criminals CRY out in Horror their days are always numbered by the exposure of THEIR crimes to +7.6 billion of my-our supporters and backers who see THEY all benefit with TRILLIONS of $$$ quickly seized assets that are transferred back to them with SolutionHousing.ORG, SolutionSafeWater.ORG and other clearinghouse only solution methods. These totally reform unify our entire world with  I am exhausted of being the #1 top anti crime expert in world after 59 years dedicated R&D to teach our world HOW to actually BE HONEST in all aspects.

   The USA Gov is always 100% accountable to complete each and every crime investigation I + others have showcased to world !! They are 100% responsible to protect all rights of Keith and you by seizing the crime assets and providing 'safe haven' for Keith's teams.

   NO ONE can EVER DENY your rights again once your new world society is created with EVOTE.ONE under 1 new world database known as FOIA.ONE.

  The absolute first requirement is for USAGOV, Military, Interpol to Seize Robert Dee Rose, last located at along with 85 of his other crime conspirators including + each judge + lawyer + Police + IRS + FBI + AG others. has all the finished evidence for now +10 years.


May 10, 2018. April 28, 2018. Everyone, call Top World Leaders, Law Enforcement, Military + Press including DOD Direct Media +1(703) 697-5131 for DOD Defense.Gov for Joint Chiefs of Staff to Protect Keith's life and extreme intellectual property so I can FINALLY debrief all world leaders + Military with my teams. Their email is OSDPA.DutyOfficer@mail.mail as they can FINALLY contact Chiefs of Staff, Trump, and complete what my team delivered Sept 25, 2011.

   Give them as I have gifted ALL reform unification to world. Ask them to actually CALL ME BACK and dispatch Military from State Department + USA Embassy to COME FIND ME.  THAT is truly ALL that is required after 10 years of fighting Anti-Christ ROSE and the most horrific legal system that actively protects terrorists and super criminals, many of these ARE the most corrupt Politicians and Corporate Executives whose only focus is PURE demonic profits. This will finish #1 mass Anti-Crime campaign that is self-financed by the ONLY mastermind CEO-KeynoteSpeaker-Broadcaster-GODs Rights Activist for now +41 years using USA Registered under INC world changing keynote evangelist Services and Products.

   Keith Brent Duncan (1958-Aug-15, SS 243860043) is the top private Military/GOV/Corp/Religion/Civic Contractor for ALL World Leaders and Military. Odd fact, no one has paid my INC-NGO-LLC the mega Million USD payments for my extreme services to all humanity. This is 10 years long overdue.

     One World Military is the final fourth separation of Church and State since no single President, Congress, REBEL faction, terrorists, or other financial cabal driven crime network can ever create war conditions. Bankers + underground terrorists commit crimes against humanity as they always profiteer at all stages of imposing war, building war machines on false threats of insecurity, and then provide loans to rebuild these devastated areas that are always the result of criminal 'divide and conquer' using the fake news of war propaganda to justify genocide of our fellow human beings and seizure of GOD's assets.  Click: 103 cruise missiles USA vs Sryia April 13, 2018 WashingtonPost

  By the Will of Majority of our people recorded by write once, read public in block chain, military criminal investigators are dispatched by order of our citizens to demand the criminal 'hidden-secret' documents and financial transactions be showcased to the public on OCTV real time search and seizure over FREE worldwide real time Max-Wi-Fi internet that we own. or any mega corporation will LOVE to have the BILLION $$$ contracts through #1 top world leader consulting services. + + eliminates all civil and share holder right violations by these criminal terrorists starting with  =

   Driven by One New world society Constitution Mandate Charter, all man made laws are null and voided as they are replaced with created laws that warrant guarantee that all my +7.6 billion people benefit.

   Family tycoon dynasties and crime networks are now forced by eVOTE.ONE majority to show the origins of their empires as anyone not paying taxes on 100% of their income acquisitions will be seized and put in HELL-JAIL for violating SEC, IRS, financial reporting laws. Most lawyers and Judges are now eliminated as few drawn out civil or criminal situations will occur once our Civic and Religious groups using the ONLY and OCTV to determine the destiny of their own small business run and owned communities #1 training education of using CEOSPACE.NET world wide master education teaching forums financed BY your direct seed funding and trillions of $$$ crime assets.

Everyone: Immediately COMMAND Military + top World Leaders (GOV, Corp, Religions) + PUBLIC to FIND Keith Duncan and protect his life since FBI-AG-IRS-Military Others were infiltrated by ROSE back in 2010  Contact USA + all other governments to use Interpol and anti-Politics eVOTE.ONE (was ) to prevent almost all crimes and remove Political Criminals from all leadership positions in governments and companies. This original  creates the ONLY military force free of corruption who now investigate all corporations and agencies as independent prosecutors who earn bonus pay based on auto face recognition of above + the victims convicting evidence. All Corrupt Judges, Liar Lawyers eliminated with (total Tort Social Justice Reform) + EVOTE.ONE by will of majority of our people creates ONE new world society Military so no rogue President, Congress, Bankster, or criminal network can ever order civil war attacks on other sovereign free trade and travel nations of UNIocracy. All Military and Police now belong to ONE organization who are prime Criminal Investigators and PEACE Keepers. This destroys all defense contractor dynasties and converts all military existing hardware to PEACE KEEPERS and removes all the WAR MACHINES from control of criminals + terrorists forever.  Existing Nuclear technology is now converted to provide almost FREE energy worldwide owned By, For, and Of our people.

    The most massive transfer of my GOD's people wealth that was controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite is SEIZED and returned to our people with ONLY answer solution methods to free our world of all sin, crime, and vice.

    Massive reduction is size + trillions $$$ cost of ALL military forces that return our people BACK to be small business owners who are free to travel and trade anywhere on my Earth. This is the Last Testament REVOLUTION REFORMATION that replaces all known forms of government and corporation crime dynasties. All terrorists and unsaved criminals are banished to the abandoned slums of our world.

   Everyone (Military, Police, any Citizens) earn cash BONUSes every time they use eDevice Auto Face recognition ( open Source -> Destination Database) and Open Circuit Live Streaming TV to identify all criminals based on crime evidence submitted for, by, and of my +7.5 billion people. Any citizen uses Free World WI-FI Internet to also be the eyes, ears, and speakers of the TRUTH (UNIONIST) to claim any bounty reward on the openly showcased crime families.  Using, total Tort Reform and New World Constitutional Commandments of, no liar lawyer / judge can crime profiteer once our people eVOTE them out of office and even, straight into hell jail. INC legally claims 1% of all crime assets seized BY citizens or law enforcement to direct fund SolutionHousing.ORG and Barangay 666 (as starting point to destroy all poverty, homelessness by creating new world society of all small business owners.

  Monumental 10 Slide DECK to New World Society TRANSFORM-UNIFY our world is:   CLICK HERE.

  Basic PowerPoint Presentation deck on is CLICK HERE:

  Basic use of and creates ONE new World Society of UNIocracy in just a few months.


April 1-15, 2018. Most POWERFUL broadcast in world history remains All these certified TRUE answers to solve all of Mankinds prime basic world conflict issues. Again, I debrief Headquarters Transnational Anti-Organized Crime Intelligence Group and then ALL other INTERPOL and law enforcement organizations as NOW all WORLD LEADERS rise up to demand HOW can any of these answers be destroyed and ignored by a few super criminals INSIDE our own corporations and Government enterprises that DENY my-our +7.6 billion of our people who DEMAND justice and social justice as ALL benefit.  A debrief Call and PRESS CONFERENCES to sweep our world of all crime networks is all that was ever required and even DEMAND-COMMANDED by that frees our world to be all small business owners and all middle class that obliterates all super rich crime family dynasties. This alone destroys all poverty, self-genocide wars, and other crimes against humanity once our entire world VOTES and mediates on WHAT is best for their own communities and how to UNIFY our world with gifted by GOD and Keith to all of humanity.

Feb 25, 2018 Update from YEARS ago. Funded by eVOTE.ONE transfer of billions of $$$ assets from identified USA criminals who refuse to surrender to  My cell is (63) 9173353400 as even SKYPE: builtBykeith2 is best way to do VIDEO call worldwide.  To Piaggio Aero Avanti: Your aircraft are 100% unique and most efficient for world travel. My NGO world enterprises will be purchasing as soon as world GOES to PRESS Conferences + mass media coverage.  Also, our enterprises request your aircraft designs for new Hydrogen Helium remote controlled open Circuit TV blimps run over world wide free MAX-WIFI and satellite channels we, the people own.   Keith Duncan  in Manila philippines for next 1-3 weeks. I can FLY to your Italy or America headquarters. Just one call away from INTL fame for you and all others who JOIN     I also have world class Joy Drive design for Ferrari and all other automobile and aircraft that massively reduce ALL wiring and switches with true fly by Joy Stick voice command control... 75% reduction in all wiring and switches means lowest costs, longer service life, lower repair rate costs, and lowest MTBF statistical failure rates.  All benefit by massive reduction of consumption of natural resources as even these cars are automatic HandiCap capable.


    Keith's life remains in financial peril from #1 super criminal terrorist Rose and high powered authorities Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds and fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates groups. Rose actively blocks all investigations through rouge Government agents who have direct access to investigative Databases.  This started way back in year 2009 as soon I filed IRSWBFeb2009,658 worth over $8 Million USD as my BEST ROI investment long ago.  No one else has hosted these Press Conferences and completed +100 criminal investigations on is the worlds first clearinghouse of all World Class Solutions to transform our world into 100% full scale transparent accountability by and of all citizens with one degree of separation to identify who are trustworthy versus those who are actively engaged in crime. 

     All our Military will now have new roles as independent Criminal investigators of all Political Corruption and international terrorism since FBI, AG, IRS, USMarshals, and most all other agencies have been infiltrated by Robert Dee Rose crime syndicates prior to Oct 3, 2011 false red-black flag conspiracies of murder-assassination to cover up their  demonic crimes against millions. 

       Ask MILITARY to FIND Keith Duncan immediately  and escort him to the #1 most powerful Press Conferences with President Duterte, Trump, Putin + all others with USA AG Jeff Sessions to show all aspects of how to STOP CRIME at the point of criminal intent with sent to INTERPOL. Nothing else has ever worked to empower all my people.

  Jan 15, 2018 Historical 10 year anniversary of ROSE threatening my LIFE.  Cover of #1035  as I went to USA Military as the absolute LAST RESORT Sept 25, 2011 because I showed ROSE was cyber tracking me and had ALREADY infiltrated IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG at least summer of 2010 which is WHY I went to IRS< FBI, USMarshals AG Nov 2010....     Military now is ONE world military as PRIME crime investigators and PEACE KEEPERS. The military criminal industrial complex now COLLAPSES.

I remain in DIRECT CONTACT with Philippine Military at highest levels for now 1.5 years. THEY TOO have been criminally infiltrated by political crime networks and will soon be FIRST National Military to USE WHAT I HAVE GIFTED our entire world.


  Aug 3, 2017. Col Gerry Zamudio AFP-AirForce (63)917-525-4472 Globe was contacted AGAIN to enable HOW Military new role is to be independent criminal investigators of Political Corruption and Cyber crime Terrorists BECAUSE FBI-AG-HLS-NBI-IRS-CIA-IM-INTERPOL were criminally infiltrated years ago to prevent all crime investigations that link these cabal politicians to organized crime. This is from months ago. Keith featured on with Gerry on AFP Rotary Hour with Noel Noble

  From   Hi Keith, you may contact the Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS/USCIS) office at Embassy Manila regarding your concern. You may reach DHS/USCIS Manila by phone at 301-2000 ext 2224 or send an e-mail to  

   My direct reply to WORLD and to DHSecurity: So many world government databases have been infiltrated by super criminal terrorists of Robert Dee Rose who looks like a saint because he scrubs his digital footprints clean. Treason, espionage, crimes against humanity, massive money transfer, murder, and other crimes against my people. When do you and I host press conferences to jointly and deftly destroy all crime networks. All criminals will cry in horror and will be forced to surrender before our people descend to seize them for direct delivery to what is left behind of our law enforcement, banking, and legal judicial authority. Just WHO DO you know who upholds constitutional and statue law. Send them to find, interview, and protect the one person who is world's top anti crime expert guru broadcast evangelist emissary of the best GODS news of all time. YOU are saved by your very own action….


KEITH: Thank you humbly and sincerely. I request an immediate interview with your top level criminal investigators and DOJ experts in cyber crime terrorism. I have tried to reach Ambassador Kim Sung and his USA STATE DEPT group for this exact same reasons. You have at least two agents inside embassy from one year ago who refused to contact anyone. That is a severe breach of investigative protocol. If anyone rejects these simple requests for any reason, it truly indicates some group inside USA gov is actively blocking any and all investigations. These criminals will be easy to identify when the anti crime identification system goes public. This fully supports and even eliminates many of the law enforcement systems that have already been comprised and infiltrated. When can we meet?
    Keith: A true MIRACLE. SOMEONE actually did email FOLLOW_UP. so YES, Have THEM contact me for my life remains in extreme danger and I have almost NO ACCESS to a land line. I work fearlessly for ALL world leaders as top ANTI-CRIME EXPERT. THAT is the reason my life remains in danger and WHY so few persons have courtesy to actually do REQUIRED DEBRIEF. CONTACT DOJ Manila Lamont Siller as HE has my business card and brief details since I met him at CyberCrime Summit some 5 weeks ago. WHO WILL DO FOLLOWUP NOW? is the primary KEY to world security…..

   These empower all humanity to destroy all crime networks by enabling full scale visibility of all 7.5 billion of my-our people so no criminal can escape justice.  Using (old) 5 step methods, all replacement laws, ordinances, and contracts are open to public to kill all black markets and crime organizations ability to hide from the legal authorities and their own robbed victim-clients.

   March 6+24, 2017 Keith goes to President Duterte Palace to meet PIA PCO, Presidents ACTION CENTER asking them to GO PUBLIC on demanding each agency TAKE ACTION to empower all humanity to UNIFY under one world society. Bar Code record is  RE1713215 to Dutertes appointment office as Annea Cassandra at 782-4286 (x6631) NEVER shared these world changing solutions.
   You will soon be the #1 international hero for being first nation in our world to remove the ability for any leader at any level from criminally profiteering when the PRESS and PUBLIC use these answers.

   Feb 2017. Keith personally meets PNP Bato Dela Rosa and hands him and other anti-crime answers just like all the other people Keith actively meets in GOD's + Humanity names.

  Oct 16, 2016. Keith interview meets PNP Region 2 to meet with General Sosa to contact PNP Dela Rosa and all others to finally deploy the worlds first Anti-Corruption, Anti-Drug, Anti-Crime, Anti-blackmarket simple methods that benefit all of humanity.

  Sept 16, 2016, Keith applied for Philippines Military Press Pass Credentials to enable him to debrief and work directly for all Military Intelligence groups as well as have direct contact with INTERPOL and NBI-FBI to show them how to quickly solve all crime situations. 

Keith has applied for NBI Clearance and Permanent Resident status as Independent Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Crusader for all governments, corporations, non-profits, churches, and public to represent their civil and financial rights.  Keith is the top mastermind computer systems architect consultant for major financial, trade, telecommunications world corporations designing perfect self sustaining operational systems to eliminate fraud, crime, and paper chase coverup conspiracies. Keith meets with NBI Dep Director Ferdie Lavin soon as well as Commissioner of Immigration Jaime Morente at Intramuros Manila as well as all National News Broadcasters, Dept of Energy for, Dept of Education, Trade,  PNP, AFP, Human Rights, United Nations, and Indigenous People along with teaching all church denominations how to be the overseers of their own communities of faith.

  Anyone can confirm Keith's historical visit to Langley AFB Virginia USA Intelligence Division on Sept 25, 2011 when he detected massive cyber crime terrorist infiltration by one RICO crime cabal enterprise run by #1 super criminal Robert Dee Rose.  Refer to and for the most complete data based layout of crime spree history. Duncan has been solving Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals at the citizen level. This  prevents almost all crimes in the first place. Delays in implementation will result in most governments collapsing from crime greed.

   Keith has offered his simple and most effective ANTI-Terrorist and ANTI-Crime methodology to all corporations, governments, and military.  His beyond reproach and impeccable problem solving credentials are the result of 40 years of extensive computer systems architecture to create perfect and self-maintained operational systems for top world banks, telecom providers, IBM, DuPont, and assortment of +30 top world ranked companies starting in 1976 entry at N.C.S.U. Raleigh N.C. Reference

                CLICK Left for Philippines Google Translate of above for world re-distribution in all other languages.

                  The video below was  #300 Holy Trinity Episcopal Forbes Park Makati.

Contact Keith Duncan

FOR Press Conferences, Seminars, Workshops anywhere in the world.

USA +1 (770)875-7051

Philippines +(63) 0917-335-4300
Skype: BuiltByKeith2 -World Trading Partner Enterprises INC, Suite 6309

9120 Double Diamond Parkway

Reno, Nevada 90521  U.S.A.





1. Click DropBox

2. Click Anarchy

3. Click ACTION !  ?

This terrorist is always easy for our world to find. offers his extensive anti-Cybercrime and anti-Political Crime journalist methods and processes to all governments, military, and public for past 7 years.

   Dec 9, 2015. DAILY at 10 am EST = 7 am PST == 11 pm Manila-Hong Kong-China time.  These are Daily Press Conferences for all + National News. Call USA (712) 775-7031 ID: 166 841 408. Direct call (63) 0917-335-4300 for how to recover MILLIONS of your taxes +  assets from the criminals as the USA government collapses. tells why so many terrorists and criminals are looking to assassinate me so they can complete what ROSE failed to do after stealing all my Intellectual Property + assets. Get ROSE instead. 

  Sept 6, Nov 6, Dec 1, 2015. Recorded calls made to USA Military again asking for their immediate actions to contact FBI top leadership and for criminal investigator to contact Keith about what I delivered to Langley AFB Intelligence Div. It is the root reason for why I asked for safe-haven and why FBI-AG actively prevent all investigations. CLICK to see.

  CLICK three prime PDF files upper center for the 37 documents that put ROSE on Death Row now.

  Since Sept 25, 2011 the USA Gov and Military have never had any excuse to NOT contact and find Keith so he could finally DEBRIEF them on the criminals tied to ROSE and the anti-CRIME solutions delivered over and over to Langley, FBI-AG, and all other governments and agencies.

  Everyone call OSI Kong (757)764-7972 and Brig Gen Dash Jamieson and all government agencies for them to dispatch USA Military, FBI, CIA to come find Keith now !.

      The crimes continue unabated, including treason, espionage, sedition, and overthrow of governments. Political Crimes explains why USA Military must investigate all USA civilian government agencies for massive Treason, Espionage, Cybercrimes, and paper chase conspiracies committed against almost all citizens in world history.

Everyone read the middle column, Click on the Red, Yellow, Green Anarchy Action files, and take ACTION. This makes  the #1 and only standard to ensure survival of all humanity.

   Click: of the most incriminating Evidence for USA Military to manhunt ROSE, contact KEITH and escort him for Press Conference series of all times by protecting Keith's life and IP assets gifted to all Nations. It has always been easy to indict every single criminal shown by their own signatures. The Criminal Ruling Elite are identified forever` world-wide with three By-Pass Laws and shunned by that are irrevocable and irrefutably the only solutions to ensure Mankind survives its own Predatory Greed and ability of criminal terrorists to enslave my collective people of +7.365 Billion taxpayers, families and commUNITY of faith and grace under GOD's Sovereign ownership.

   The USA military shares in the seizure of BILLIONS of USD in criminal assets identified by Keith since FBI-AG refuse to just contact Keith or the PRESS or the USA Military. The economic damage is beyond staggering.

Click above for ONLY Solutions Broadcast to FBI-AG-Congress Oct 12-14 to Command ACTION by all of USA Government to avoid total collapse of their agencies from Terrorism. Call Press Conferences and Military to COME FIND KEITH.
One Call will Resolve Tryanny.

The most comprehensive criminal terrorist investigations are on under many playlists. #34 and #88 on search 'BuiltByKeith' show Robert Dee Rose's telecommunications centers and how Rose has been extorting and paying off anyone who holds ROSE's own evidence to put him on Death Row.  Once any is corrupt and works in USA government, any criminal now has the ultiimate blackmail tool to keep that one person criminally corrupt and a true 'straw man puppet' for the rest of their lives. Think of the 'Wizard of Oz', and all can see the true nature of Perfect Crimes committed by so many criminal leaders of our world.

Video: Title: #234 Call USMilitary + Interpol intervention. BuiltByKeith is

Click: Dec 1, 2015 Direct Call to USA Military Recorded Call. This alone will get Military to complete these massive terrorist conviction investigations when they simple TAKE ACTION.
New World Standards

Teach our World the Orders of Peace of as the ONLY Standard for Utopia Harmony by removing all criminals from society once and for all.

Reduce Poverty and Homelessness to near zero.  Easy to accomplish.


Family Relationship Re-Management

Criminal Law​ -Avoiding litigation and Total Tort Reform for all legal and judicial systems worldwide. prevents all bank fraud transactions worldwide.


Child Care - Raising Children with

Preventing Poverty and Homelessness



Ethical Business Transactions -Barter for work ensures Free Trade for all.


Massive savings of electrical usage with Nobel Peace Prize worth ensures safe water anywhere in world with solar.


.. Literally. Any area of problem, issue, or conflict is easily solved and prevented using the above Blue Box description final summaries.


Too many other world changing solutions to re-list for so many years.

Here is the priority order standards for all using

1. Protect children, disabled, disadvantaged, elderly, and those who serve their people.

2. Protect all women and families.

3. Protect all honest persons who conduct fair trade and business enterprises.

4. Protect all the sancity of worshipping as long as rights of others are respected.


This is accomplished with the following works.  = In God We Trust. - The one world wide force needed to ensure no corruption exists by identifying crimes when communities refuse to deal with local issues and criminals.


Federal, State, + local Governments - +

-Checks and Balances established by Three Primary By-Pass Laws that ensure all leadership represent the citizens rights of ownership and self-regulating their own affairs.


Communities of Faith  - meetings of righteous citizens who provide solutions when ever any problem or issue is expressed.


Relationship Management. -The basic roots of all issues are failed relationships when individuals take advantage of others out of their own greed and compulsive need to control others. This is and along with all other Master Student Teachings that Keith Duncan gifts to our mutual world in the name of our Sovereign Creator. 


Now Keith can receive Sovereign Ambassador Emissary status to complete his people and Creator Centered ministries.  All Keith really needs is crowd funding, transportation, food, and protective shelter from the criminals who want him DEAD.  Ask Keith anything to hear, see, and believe the power of his world focused ministries that are only bounded by those who refuse to see

2015 Sept 25, 2015.   CreatorKeith Duncan


Next major world events as 4 year anniversary of Kidnapping setup as well as Pope Francis visit to Congress and United Nations. Combined with the 6th Blood Moon of biblical historical tramatic events, the Government has zero choice by to protect Keith's life and assets to host the Press Conference series of all time. 
More works in progress as soon as PUBLIC and PRESS put full pressure on USA Government to actually protect our rights, arrest every single person invovled in 4:11cr112 and restore Keith's assets.

eVote.One  Kills All Crime Enterprises Forever. Empowerment of humanity occurs as everyone now owns their own land, homes, small businesses, and absolutely ALL infrastructure.
No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or Religious leaders. +7.6 Billion of my people live in new Open Public society as they make all decisions to control + manage their very own destiny in GOD's name. This is YOUR new world society free of almost all crime and vice sins. 
#1 Critical Read the 4 By-Pass laws below to change the course of all human history.  No more campaign contributions, election criminal accusations/fraud, or any crime influence as my +7.6 billion collective followers-partners now 100% control all decisions to create your new world society!  This voids 50 to 75% of all man made loophole laws as elections and decisions are based on will of majority of all my citizens affected. No more election fraud or crime ever. Unrepentant criminals are man-hunted with automatic face recognition with OCTV and original + + 

   UNIFICATION of ALL MANKIND occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below. Protect Keith now !

Electronic Voting on all corporate and government leadership enables all citizens to control and manage all the prime decisions of their rights and taxpayer assets to forever change the course of human history by full EMPOWERMENT of all my 7.5 Billion fearless People.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + keith + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and Equality. Everyone must FEARLESSLY PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database

     These simple 4 ByPass Laws Change World history. No one can ever deny your rights with perfected checks/balances.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable.
2. Any leader is  voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay. They are replaced by succession runner-ups, NOT by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or part of the same crime party control.

3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do. No more appointed officials who are criminally prostituted with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to public. They only deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.
   No more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials OR Judges. No more Passport-Visas needed with No more party-family dynasties, Congressional Hearings, Impeachments, or waste of mega billions manhours of time to remove those who our citizens identify as criminally profiteering. This is the New World Society of UNIocracy. No more paper fraud elections or ID thefts ever again!   No more waiting for days-weeks-months-yers for basic services + benefits that are 'wait-listed' DENIED by the worst red paper tape conspiracies that only benefit those who control the criminal processes signed by terrorists (formally known as politicians = public serpents, seldom public servants). All voting of leaders and majority law of number decisions are made with free world-wide WiFi using any eDevice with one degree of separation between all of my +7.5 billion people.  Contact to build new world high speed fiber optic network owned BY our people.   Any refusals by any nation leader to fearlessly protect the rights of all others shall cause the WW4 demise of our world as I (keith brent duncan) has predicted as your #1 key world prophesier educator who fills Evangelist Crusader stadiums with these answers using as root method.

      All corrupt Corporate Executives worldwide are forever eliminated with  StockBarter. THESE FOUR simple by-pass laws change world history because they are unbreakable along with famous + UNITYURL + and all other systematic LOVE OTHERs  answer methodology.

   All these world saving answer solutions empower our people to forever control their very own new world society communities that are now free trade/travel and ability to conduct integrity business anywhere in our world using below.

  This one world changing answer method drives the worlds first and last total unification reform God's Rights activist grassroots movement to forever rid humanity of each predator greed vice, crime, and unlawful acts of criminals who want you DEAD. Simply put...

  #1 Most critical as the above do NOT require any ACT of Congress or GOD because these are self-evident to world. Anyone objecting to these final perfected checks and balances automatically identifies themselves as criminally profiteering.  Massive reduction of all laws and government-corporate dynasties occurs in record time based on required immediate mass publicity and Press Conferences.

   I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of   You legally claim % of all crime assets as you face recognize criminals w/ free WiFi as these 4 bypass laws change all world history !

  Take Action by going Public to all News Media, Government, Military, religions, and communities today with the fearless authority granted to all +7.5 Billion my people by the one Fore-Founding who is the most humble master educator technologist crime-resolver architect consultant of all time.

    Use today.  No more crime investigations needed as my-our people pass evidence judgment on the true criminals and terrorists in single open public 'Most Wanted' database. Our world now becomes 100% citizen decision driven by EVOTE.ONE 4 bypass laws that eliminate almost all crime investigations, destroy all dynasties, and empower humanity to control and manage all their worldly assets owned by them. This destroys forever the criminal ruling elite and prevents all poverty with SolutionHousing.ORG and perfected in GOD's name to unify reform all humanity one last testament time.  Each + every Blinded fool who refuses to unify faces their own Judgment day now with URLiDent.

Feb 11-17, 2018  Today, I went BACK to PIA and personally gave their news director EVOTE.ONE to give to Secretary Martin Andanar who does all of President Duterte News releases. Harry Roque is also Key person to be Internationally FAMOUS for going LIVE with PRESS Conferences and FINDING me to be on INTL broadcasts. Same has also applied to ALL WORLD LEADERS as I have already been in direct contact with tens of thousands for now +10 years of PURE HELL because of ROSE and because I am indeed, God's Son of Humanity.    I directly broadcast to Charles Feeny as well as Bill Gates / Warren Buffet + world at the GivingPledge.ORG.  Even Richard Branson and all other prime world entrepreneur Philanthropists will form our new The Elders group with Jimmy Carter and Andrew J Young + other integrity driven world leaders to create Final ERA3 New World Society that is our last paperless Open Digital Public Database forum.  NO secrets means no crimes or resulting mass poverty, wars, energy shortages, and even no more Mass Genocide orchestrated and planned for decades by the unknown Criminal Elite. This was always my true destiny in life.

   I return to USA + travel to your nation as your Intl Hero Sovereign Ambassador, once everyone crowd funds our growing International teams using section BELOW or clicking upper RIGHT FUND button.  Everyone now must manhunt + seize all world criminals and their crime assets.   Watch:

  Here is EXACTLY what will happen as of Jan 9, 2018.  This would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 Langley VA, Air Force Base.
1. ROSE, Ms. Bashama, + all others tied to ROSE by their very own evidence/signatures are immediately SEIZED and their assets turned over to keith brent duncan.
2.  USA GOV hosts PRESS Conferences and goes WITH Keith's teams to eradicate all other crime networks using these most effective and only common sense use of Integrity based CopyRight Intellectual Property methodology.
3.  Public decides the Real and Punitive damages the USA GOV and each criminal pays back to Keith as restitution for Real and Punitive damages.  No criminal or terrorist will survive these manhunts after they refuse to surrender themselves and identify each of there Other Victims
4 World leaders convene on emergency Round Table Summit basis to merge all nations into one UNIocracy new world society by engaging the top level intellectual minds to roadmap the fast path transition to our new UNIONISM humanity using the original Commandments + 10 other migration commands of  Anyone objecting must provide a best answer solution or they are banished from participation using these New Rules of Duncan's Order.
The USA Gov has never had any excuse to NOT put +100 criminals based on only their own signed confession evidence.   The Next Ground Zero is the next terrorist cyber attack or man made disaster used to cover up the crimes against humanity of ROSE and other criminal ruling elite. Doomsday WW4 occurs by refusals to use these solutions in GODs own name ! is the only answer-solution to forever remove all black market criminal terrorists, 'satanic dynasty' corrupt politicians and corporate executives, and command all leaders to fearlessly protect the rights of all others with the authority granted to each of my 7.5 billion people using free WiFi = Internet, eDevices, OCTV=Open Circuit-Court TV, and systematic extermination of all secrets.   ALL criminal wealth will be seized by, and overseen by all NGO, non- profits, and religious denominations. has been the most severely persecuted son of humanity since he represents the Sovereign Rights of all mankind and our One Mutual Creator who resides as part of your communities of faith, grace, love, and caring for each other.