SolutionSafeWater.ORG is the only energy-water harness harvesting system of the greatest natural resource that impacts all aspects of humanity. TAKE ACTION TODAY CALL US !

lowBargeDredging reverses all Climate change and also Creates total world global peace.

Run of River hydro power plants and Pumped 3-way storage buffers does the rest.

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.  John 4:24 ESV  Our entire World is GOD's spirit + US, says Keith

 Simple : kilowatts = 9.81 C x H, where C is cubic meters per second and H is meters of head.

Example: 1 hectare of 1 meter water at 100 meter height = 981,(lots of ZEROS) kilowatts.

Storage of millions of Hectares of water at highest elevations is the key Complete Global Energy Independence.

TurnOffLights is Direct Trillions $ reverse (no-tax) direct funding at local ->World Wide levels as the only UNIocracy.ORG answer to prevent all Political Crime + terrorism with use of  FOIA.ONE prevents all crimes. Our New World Society now owns All Energy, Water, Infrastructure, Banks, Stock Markets, as 100% total controlled by our people as Resource Cooperatives. All these solutions would have been your true world reality if anyone had used our extremely professional NGO services back before 2005.

These videos are legacy heritage. Everything posted on Youtube and websites UNIFY all of mankind Total Peace World Wide Ministries Inc.  Keith Duncan is the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Author and world traveler.  CEOSpace.NET

2011 Vendor Member of the year Atlanta GA USA,


UNIocracy.ORG  New World

Author of  all  World Solutions that ensure mankind survival from Predatory Greed by destroying all criminals now.

We debriefed Click: Gina Lopez many times to create Press Conferences to reform unify our entire world... is TurnOffLights.SPACE linked. Benefits are excess of $50 Trillion USD in almost free electricity and water for all.

Terra Watts of energy obtained from just a few square kilometers of watershed storage systems at few hundred meter drop height. See below.

Anyone can build Excel or computer model to show this = ONLY WORLD ENERGY CLEAN SOURCE.

    Literally reduces need and cost of all fossil fuels to near zero.

The First World Agenda is to Stabilize All World Stock Markets to 100% intrinsic value with ProfitShareHolders.Space at

Entire stock market soon replaced by modeled CreatorKeith.Space Common Stock owned by humanity.

  If you think common sense (a rariety for most) GOD created our entire world as a series of Pipe Pumps and circuits.

Our rivers flow with energy of water and power as conduit pipes. Same as the blood in our circultory system. Our GUT feeds our engine of human life. Our Heart pump sends the Holy Spirit life force up our next to our Tree Circuit brain. The rest of our body are supporting pumps and circuits. Our Spine is the electrical distribution Circuit. Once we use AI to interconnect our world at physical level, certainly mankind can interconnect our wisdom and knowledge and maybe one day in next +100 years actually a few of us may become A.I. immortal.. . Even the Coconut tree is a pump from the root system through the fiberous filter of the trunk to the top. Impurities stay near ground level. Coconut oil is the purest of any oil and the best for our gut per Forums I attended.  Our GODs world is all interlinked as one life force affects the ones next door. Our system here purifies all world water and truly reverses Climate Change by simple use of OLD OLD technology and methodolgy. As of June 6, 2020 I remain beyond shcoked at the current state of world affairs that would have all been prevented if a SINGLE person had just call me up from Oct 26, 2011 to present. Who will this be, as I continue going to GOD and YOUR next greatest places of needs..

  LowBarDredging was conceived in 10 minutes June 2, 2020 while I visited as many Priests and Churches on Oynx street Paco 1km. Indeed I was sent BY GOD (so were each of you) to conceive Equality Justice. This alone achieves Total World Peace, by systematic use of OLD Dyson style rotating barrel suction pumps on small 2 x 4 meter low boat barge height scalable stating just 1 meter high above water level. The Head of the agitator pulls up the first layer of plastic bags and literally CRAP. Small pump and reversible valves ensure no Head Clogging by glass and dead bodies like ROBERT DEE ROSE(slight humor, may be true).  A flex pipe and small conveyor V shaped belt moves the CRAP to the side road dump truck or to a small remote control (think Stone Mountain GA, home of ChristDomain conception of FATHERKEITH). tag along barge of 2 meters by scaleable 4 to 10 meters long.  Other dredge heads have submersible attachments like a rotary powered Dentist drill of my famous Uncle Dr. Stuart Fountain who said 'KEITH YOU WERE IN JAIL 848 days, what were you doing and thinking". Never did ask me anything same as rest of my 7.8 billion blockade impoverished blinded people. Some are indeed blinded fools of greed and fraud. Only honest persons can Continue forward. rest of you PLEASE stop reading... 

     This simple system now dredges down to the bottom of any canal or lake to increase the total head flow rate. This also lowers the water levels immediately as everyone knows water, Crap, and humans always descend to the lowest levels. So it is so. Continue.  The best locations are key intersections of river Vs that dump into my GODs ocean. Shit does travel down. Pardon reality.  Dropping ECO-Mined quarries now occurs using pumped storage systems described below that historically prevents all FLOOD disasters caused by greedy criminal fraud spinsters mostly in NYC, Milan Italy, Beijing, other financial stock market insider trader crime centers.  Use of related puts millions of old/young insider day traders ANY wealthy executive in Pristine PRISON or work farms using OUR systems UNIocracy. 

  For we DO have CRAP brokers who NO ONE SEES. We solved THAT by Keiths conception 1-19580815-1 (+101%) FOIA.ONE

   One way butterfly valve vertical turntables keep upstream water levels just a few 1 feet from the lower stream and sea of my Father. Series of sunken Panama vertical shutters keep high water flow at bottom level and dropped for up/down stream shipping flat bar barge traffic. NEW ports POP up all over N.Luzon, the NILE, Manila Seagate Freshwater bay, and OUR new world free farm to market free barter exchange system owned by KEITH and YOU, my people. Continue.

   The dredged crap is auto sorted by R/C robots and converted to best use like Waste to Energy, recycled Glass, metal, paper, GOOD dirt, verse polluted solutions turned back into original base elements. the list is endless. This is indeed total Garbage IN, PURE elements segregated out. just like the bigots racists, fraudsters of your human race. Now fish farms and barge traffic can use Run of River hydro water systems WE conceived 6,000 years ago MOSES time.  Anyone can swim in any canal, even fish for the LOAN Sharks who are now eaten alive. Just reverse Justice of course. Ask the Priest Alvin, Priest Reyes, to talk to Principal Randy Emen at Elementary about Adam and EVE shark true tell of greed.

  By June 5, 2020 today, clearly I have experienced the most horrific crimes all designed to kill me and my completed systems that were 95% webcast and delivered Aug 2011. No one cared what was destroyed at my 2 Atl homes, have they?

It WAS GODs system of how to care and protect by MEDIATE HOSTING worlds last Peace Accord Summit with all World Presidents this entire time. NO one cares, do they? TOO BUSY blaming E.Ts, your husband, your prostitute, your drug dealer, politician, corp boss slave trader this is ALWAYS THEIR FAULT. THEY are to blame. true. continue. Our lawless society is caused by YOU, never THEM. Citizens arrest was tribal council eVOTE system to ensure everyone was safe and protected from the most EVIL beast Luciferians. Pardon reality STRIKE again.

   Each current virus, crime pandemic, any bad news cash flows GODs assets to the TOP elite. So true. We hear all the sad stories of our people dumped in sewage gutter 'Think Magic Christian Peter Sellers', then Being There. Call us.

   This series (tm)(c) filed 2012 patent(s) are worth Trillions of real USD profits in downstream cascading effects combined with unlimited free that also creates total Global World Keith has offered for sale to top manufacturers to license our open public source technology (c)(tm) patent methodology for minimum legally binding contract starting bid of $1 Million USD per vendor since 2012. Few have responded since most of our world is BLINDED by thinking NOTHING CAN EVER CHANGE our ENERGY Systems because they are CONTROLLED by a few elite Bankers and Stock Market Executives who control all aspects of production and delivery of energy. This system provides Year Round Safe Water as well as replenishes all underground water tables. It also PUSHES Salt Water OUT of our coastal city deep wells by reverse pumping excess water BACK underground.  Run of RIVER and Stored 100,000 small lakes (mining quarries or just BLOCK across two hills/mountains (containment area) and BOOM ! ! !, STORED massive Energy.

   Our entire GODs world is really Pumps, Pipes, valves (values), and electrical circuits (brain and electric conduits.

Easy for us to reverse Climate change by LowBargeDredge (tm)(c)(r) to crystal clean all water canals world wide. I saw a canal here yesterday as I visited Onix 2 largest R.C. churches, homeless R.C., Lightcast Baptist church and asked everyone to go ask Guard Adonius about my Storey Story of Adam and Eve. then went to Concordia Collage after local Principal Ronald at Elem school next door. just part of my daily walking saint ministries I started when GOD conceivd me 1-19580815-1  I really never understood that most people have NO clue about GOD.

Updated June 4, 2020 since makes no common sense to keep repeating so many fraudsters freely roam everywhere I learned as a child, DO IT RIGHT 1st time, ask top mentors, learn best solution, Share with others you Mentor. that is the Oreo Cookie GODs principal.  How many of you dip your Cookies in others milk? (mild Gods humor).

   No more flooding in world ever again as we now build millions of new mixed use development cities from scratch in our mountain regions. Unloads well over 80% of all mega slum ridden MY fathers mega Cities. exactly WHO owns anything. Clearly My fatherGOD created everything always has the TITLE of ownership. ALL we do are be his care-takers by using new and old technology to solve our own world issues. Even easy to OUST any fraudster at billion to millionaire status this entire time. We just majority vote YOU are a FRAUDster, VALUE = Valve them, and pump exile them into poverty. everyone know knows WHO is WHO with automatic facerecognition now that everyone carries just ONE cell phone (burners no longer needed as those alone are used to hide criminal fraud intent). TRUE.

  The PUMPS of my GODs world are mega trillions. Even each of GODs trees and grass stem is a pump.  Think how many pumps per person in world exist. How many pumps in side just ONE car. Any engine is a pump. Anything that MOVES anything is known as a PUMP. Even any electrical circuit is pump. Our HEART is a PUMP, our HAND is a pump. Here I have the most brilliant systems to barter sell billions of pumps and NO ONE CAREs at all WHO I AM. Ask Lino to send me 1000P this am by Palawan or CEBU. I will arrive around noon today to meet RICH and LINO to finally tell everyone EXACTLY WHO I AM and what this was always about since my conception 1-19580815-1 since 4 FRAUDSTERS (2 my Duncan Clan, ROSE and Ms. Bashama ) did everything they could to pay off named USA Law enforcement people ( YES over 125 downstream) to PERSECUTE and yes MURDER ME so they could walk away with well over $5 BILLION USD, actually MORE of MY Intellectual Property. is who I AM.
The energy released by a falling body of water = weight x distance.  Potential Energy converted to Kinetic.
  kilowatts = 9.81 C x H,  C is cubic meters per second, H is meters of head.
   Weight = downward force water exerts which = mass x acceleration due to gravity. Mass = density x volume
Hydraulic Power = Joules per second = Watts = Density x Volume x Acceleration due to gravity x Distance.
    Density of water = 1000 kg per cubic meter. Volume = C = cubic meters (m3)  (use m3, not liters/second)
   Acceleration due to gravity = 9.81 meters per second squared (m⁄s2)
Hydraulic Power = Watts = 1000 (kg⁄m3) x C (m3) x 9.81 (m⁄s2) x H (m)
Watts = 9810 C x H, Kilowatts = 9.81 C x H.  C is cubic meters per second, H is meters of head.

Example: 1 Hectare of watershed is 10,000 m(squared) x 1 meter depth x 100 meter height = 9.81w x 1,000,000

  1 Square Kilometer is 100 Hectares = 1,000,000m2 (6 zeros). Power =9.81w x 100,000,000

    is same as 1 Kilometer watershed x .25 meter rain x 400 meter height.

  = 9.81w x 1,000,000 = 9.81 Megawatts of energy.  Just add the zeros. Applies to any land area x volume x height.

In Philippines, annual rainfall is up to 4 meters per year. Mountains here, in Brazil, USA Rocky Mtns, Alaska, Russia, India, China and European Alps can now be used to power all of our world energy needs.

Scaled up to 9.81 GigaWatts for 1 meter(3) at 100 meter drop x 100 kilometers(2) = 10,000 hectares(2).

Scale up to 9.81 TerraWatts for 1 meter(3) at 1000 meter drop x 10,000 kilometers(2). (just add zeros up).

Then do the math by DIVIDING the TIME  period the energy is released = produced. 12 hour day x 365 days.

Then subtract all energy loss from inefficiencies such as pipe friction, transmission loss, conversion loss.

Last step is to compare against ALL other energy production lifetime costs (expenses) = delivered cost.

Anyone can build Excel or computer model to show this is the ONLY WORLD ENERGY CLEAN SOURCE.

STORAGE OF massive Square Kilometers of  rain in just a few 1,000 scaled to 100,000 small lakes is the true ANSWER to no more need for almost ANY FOSSIL FUELs that can now be used for Interstellar Space flight.

  As of Jan 30, 2020 we have a $1 BILLION USD / Peso contract funded by ? USA Government with Pastor Eric Negapatan (63) 0935-691-8340) shown on #1106 video upper right middle that puts 20Megawatt Power plant in Rizal Philippines about 15 kMeters northeast of Manila.  Part of why GOD sent Keith to Philippines to be his #1 (maybe ONLY) ambassador of human rights activist in the world. Hard to TELL, with so many people committing crimes against each other and NO one to date picks up the phone and calls us to Testify to All World Presidents and executives and PRESS + PUBLIC all at one time to UNIFY all of mankind with 

The video on top of Lost SolutionSafeWater. org for lack of any funds now past 8 years. So many crimes committed against myself, I often loose total HOPE that ANYONE in world will intervene or just ONE PERSON will actually SIGN the required ARREST AND SEIZURES in USA of over 125 people. Ultimate meantime, ALL answer solutions to UNIFY mankind are on BuiltByKeitih. com/Clearhouse to systematically Identify and destroy the evil ones who violate existing laws. Starts with Corporate executives with ProfitShareHolders .space that will make my name a legacy household name Apostle (walking most humble saint) Keith. For I see no end to the depravity and misery of our world that is truly designed by evil persons to dominate and rule over our people just like Egyptian Pharaohs who claim they are all Gods. Related is TurnOffLights. SPACE that eliminates need for almost ALL fossil fuels. Never been done before so most people ridicule me for showing humanity these so simple answers to mankinds basic needs of water and energy.. Keith  Nothing left to add.

NO ONE IN WORLD but Keith Duncan has completed 100% total energy independance from all OPEC, stock market $$$ price fixing, taxed, shipping, tariff financial wars that truly enslave our world of people for lack of JUST BASIC EDUCATIONAL KNOWLEDGE sent by GOD and delivered by our crusaders of ultimate intelligence who are the true observers of the Human Condition and are YOUR new world leaders to be known to end of time as the sole author evangelist peace keepers who have indeed SAVED ALL PEOPLE.

    OVERVIEW Historical Legacy Summary:

100% related to all aspects of Factories and infrastructures to be powered with almost FREE Electricity and Water involves trillions of USD/Euros of new construction for corporate business parks and self sustained communities:

    TurnOffLights.SPACE is the only matched methodology to ensure mankind Prospers and explores Space once Wars are Prevented  SolutionMilitary at another universal Stabilizing system.

  Our work from 1976 forward was completed 10 years ago on HOW to power our world using 100,000's of small mined lakes in highest elevations to save the tremendous 'BATTERY' weight of annual rainfall as Potential Energy. This is the required WaterShed re-Management system that benefits all of mankind.  The massive volume and height of water is Converted to Kinetic energy by remote controlled small dams. The water flows down canals used for shipping localized, then cascades down scalable sized pipes with automatic controlled TurnOffLights.SPACE valves powering micro, small, mid range, and then mega Water Turbine generators for local power distribution to exactly match the DEMAND with available reserve supply in real time.  The public owns and controls all aspects of this new energy distribution system.
  No other gifted system will reduce use of OIL, COAL, Natural Gas down to almost ZERO. This would have occurred some 15 years ago, except the OPEC and bank stock market controllers do NOT want to loose control over OUR PROFITS caused by the most common sense answer in world history....


  KEITH is a top most humble ECO-Evangelist like Billy Graham + other celebrities who talk directly with World Presidents and Corporate leaders.  If religions leaders do NOT represents GOD's best interests, is their anyone who will? Only by speaking WITH authority and confidence will our people actually decide what is in Their best interests to PROSPER and THRIVE. Related meeting today is: simple use of mass marketing technology solves the ENERGY and WASTE issues ALL 100% engineered no emotion involved. Example Daily WASTE landfills from Factories and Residents is: Quezon City yields 386.84 tons or 12,730.59 cubic meters of trash per day, followed by Manila with 1,151.79 tons per day (7,500.07 cubic meters/day), and Caloocan City with 891.64 tons per day (3,966.38 cubic meter/day).

ProfitShareHolders.SPACE empowers all bank depositors and Stock Certificate holders to eVOTE on their executive pay scales and to PREVENT all insider day trading and disaster made stock market crashes.  Call master author Keith Duncan at 63-917335-4300, Skype: BuiltByKeith2 and set face to face meetings with your top executives so we can formally debrief on the new world market system UNIocacy.ORG as EVERYONE in world benefits.

Most Recent True Benefits of HYDROPower is SCMP (south China Morning Press CLICK HERE:  NEWSReport.


Last required updated Jan 19, 2020 on eve of Worlds Last Peace Summit that would have occurred Oct 2011 if a single person in USA gov had actually upheld and enforced existing laws to SEIZE super criminal Terrorist Robert Dee ROSE Keith still stranded in Manila creating last segments of worlds sequence of HOW to UNIFY mankind.  Read below and TAKE Action by calling Keiths top teams and escorting us to debrief top corporations and Government agencies at all levels. 

  All electric community automated factories and agri-farms sell products locally. No more massive shipping of raw materials to cheap labor nations and ship back of finished goods. All profits taken by huge series of broker traders are reduced. Massive shipping industry now replaced by fleet of public owned Hydrogen remote monitor controlled GPS blimp fleets that ferry all goods on Jet Stream worldwide. Other trillions of real $$ benefits are shown below.  WHO will call Keith and his top world scientists to debrief you.

    Even passenger ships will be build as huge Hydrogen filled Blimps with escape powered gliders with parachutes in case of fire, malfunction, or lightning. Even can build small airports on top of these blimps for servicing by engineering technicians.

    All Electric trains, subways, cars, buses, motorcycles, skateboards are quick charge or run off power bars. Shared resources mean just swap out your large battery pack and off you go.  Most short trips just need a few kilowatts of battery energy.  With FOIA.ONE anyone can ride share with others doing automatic Back Ground check on everyone in their public car.  All public Free transport systems as we showed at Stone Mountain GA youtube video Fall of 2014. Everything number cross referenced to Save Our world by deposit store and forward FOIA.ONE single world open public database of Human Knowledge, Wisdom, and WHO is WHO. Who Owns What, + Others

  Click here: Recent Hong Kong South China Morning Post article on true value of Hydro Water Power Economics.


  Required BENEFITS and VALUE PROPOSITION are legacy Historical for the cascading financial economic effects.

World Famous Viral Media #28 from Linville Falls NC USA on my way to Wash the Sin out of Washington #25.

Search Youtube for 'BuiltByKeith #20' series all about How to Eliminate crime networks = Empower Humanity to OWN everything.

     Mining companies now OWNED by our local people who make SMALL quarries. Mined Dirt/rock is used to build DAMS, now become cooperative collective small hydro power providers.  Mining of Limestone for Cement, and base ore for Iron and Steel is a prime requirement for building millions of new small self sustained communities owned by our people.   Use of IOT Smart grid over high speed Fiber Optic Network, even cell data, controls all the pipe systems that go DOWN hill through multiple Micro/small water turbines. Producing collective power LOCALLY on short transmission lines in very remote areas. Energy is released on IOT command to match demand, other wise stored for dry season use. Steel factories, agri factories, and self sustained communities now have unlimited power, water and can create anything from base raw natural materials. Shipping industry is most effectively eliminated as the producers now sell directly to local consumers. Eliminates need for bank loans, government regulations, and huge truck shipping industry that just destroys all the roads. Quarries can now be mine powered by Electricity from nearby lakes to make gravel and limestone for concrete. Oh THE ROADS... corruption is why the roads are never built to engineering standards to last 5 to 10 years.

  In Philippines, just look at Taft Ave, Roxas Blvd as the heavy trucks sit on C5 and clog up ALL the streets surrounding the ONLY PORT in Philippines that deals with such massive freight. The economic impact is trillions of real $$ in cascading downstream market effects. This has never been done on a national scale because the few industrialists who control the water and energy power WANT more fossil fuel power plants as THAT is their billionaire profit strategy. To keep the people 'DUMB and STUPID'.  We publish this also since makes no sense to keep RETYPING same solutions for now decades. Keith 09173354300. Updated Dec 14, 2019 as I am still alive...

    We are the worlds wealthiest unknown R&D scientists and Angel Philanthropists worth collective trillions real USD in Intellectual Property. We have remained hidden for reasons of economic/legal/spiritual reasons. These solutions reverse Climate Change. The prime solution is almost free terra watts of energy and harness harvesting quad trillions of metric meters of stored water energy at highest elevations. Now we re-Jungle all forests and migrate billions of our people to higher elevations to unload the mega slums of all coastal cities. Everyone follows the new money flow of mega Trillions as they now own the small mining companies and produce their own local steel and all other robotic controlled factories. Workweeks will be 2-3 days. 4 day weekends empower all communities to solve their own local issues with our broadcast mediation psychology solutions known as FixHOA to stabilize all issues at all levels.  We are indeed the worlds first trillionaires of Intellectual Property and WILL be paid by governments and corporations to integrate our first to market solutions that literally save our world.

   Our system also prevents all multi building and major forest fires. Converts world into all electric digital society, more benefits worth trillions of no more fossil fuel required. NCSU published to world all electric digital society owned by humanity = Total Global peace. This becomes our new world eStandard for smart grid cluster networks controlled + owned by everyone.  We the People now control all air, water, energy, land. Everyone travels the world free trade trust with -> FOIA.ONE. BuiltByKeith crusaders can now meet all world leaders at one time

as Jan 20, 2020 is when we host ALL world Presidents to achieve total global peace by USING our most profound disruptive required common sense use of existing technology we pioneered 1976 forward.

  We are working directly with a mega millionaire World leading expert on Dredging. Our contact Rich in Manila personally grew up with Mark Zuckerberg and his expert Eugene has multiple billion USD projects ready for direct investors and Projects to be matched with our world expert partnership legally binding contracts. we also perfected contracts long ago so NO one can defraud another and walk away with no damage payback. We require you are key users contact ALL top Angel Philanthropists as we are blocked from making International calls for past 2 months because our IP lives are still threatened by very powerful USA gov rogue criminal terrorists. See  Updated Dec 12, 2019.


Call us, email us today to book billions of real $$ profitable business as that is also our prime real expertise with NSASpeakers.ORG HighTechMinistries.ORG

Oct 15, 2019 We finally are getting International Publicity on How to UNIFY our world total Global Peace.  This is one of 5 primary world solutions generated starting 1976 forward by mastermind genius Keith Duncan and his world famous Angel Philanthropists who direct fund how to prevent all poverty by eliminating all Politics and corruption at one time.  We MUST have National Leaders and Presidents contact us NOW to protect our intellectual Property from being destroyed by Terrorists and Political Criminals we have already identified to entire world with the greatest broadcasts of all time centered on and

   A great National Geographic video is here:  describing how Hydro Water Power Generation scalable at small to mid level is the ONLY way to create unlimited gigawatts of clean green energy by harnessing the Power of GOD's most powerful resource WATER.  We are direct funding hundreds of collective Run of River and cluster networked lakes with BILLIONS of real $$$ obtained from crime networks seized and from millions of dual expat wealthy honest citizens who migrate here with their families.

  This also would have occurred +8 bible years ago if ANYONE had actually upheld existing laws in USA and now abroad USA Embassy.

  Call Pastor Eric Negapatan 0917-808-7437. We are working directly on WaWa 20MegaWatt River existing project located 20 kmeters north east of Manila above La Mesa Dam. The upper Right River project PDF feasibility file is 12MegaWatt Run of River project EXAMPLE far north of Davao Mindanao that is soon ready for construction of Power House Turbines and short run of Aquaducts and Weir storage tanks.  See page 23 for the most relevant engineering and ROI details. We will PAY for all construction costs as first model to world on how easy it is for communities to BUILD and OWN their very own fresh water and Power plants independent of all governments and corporations who only prey on the poverty stricken dwellers of mega cities and outlying most resource rich territorials.

  WE ASK everyone reading this TAKE ACTION and call us to JOIN to eliminate ALL crime networks as ordained by GOD himself.  Can NEVER be this hard to find honest persons who actually DO THEIR JOBS to protect and serve our people as we have collectively done in Service to GOD and HUMANITY our entire lives.  Updated Oct 15, 2019

  We are fully aware our entire world will be restructured in all aspects as we now return all infrastructure and ownership of all land and resources back to all +7.7 Billion our collectively cooperative people. Anyone who makes excuses or blame is hiding crime assets.

Sept 18, 2019 The absolute base requirements for all life is Air, Water, energy, food, education that is all now free for all with these answer solutions completed +11.11 years ago and now recreate published to ask all world leaders sit down with our crusader teams to solve each and ever one of man kinds maladies and crimes. We just met DOE Sec Cusa Staff (Haf Ong-Oy Congressman Edgar Saliman? 09176590409 for THEM to debrief Duterte and world leaders on HOW to solve the basic water energy wars once and forever. Our World History completed. Kapihan sa Manila at Adriatico Cafe with DOE Sec Alfonsoni Cusi the exact same man we have asked to debrief TurnOffLights for now +3.0 years per previous broadcasts to all world leaders = decision makers who are the ONLY persons to decide anything. Massive Renewal of Energy occurs every single time it rains from Heaven.  Host: Marichu A. Villanueva and thousands, even millions have been properly debriefed again as soon as we meet them. Do we really need to host MASS PROTEST RALLIES to command our leaders take action, when all it takes is ONE Sit-Down Debrief for World Press Conferences with our R&D scientist mastermind crusaders. Should have occurred =40 years ago, but the ‘POWERS that BE’ have already captured and enslaved our people consumer markets.. Since these are unique proprietary ©(™) and patented technology combinations, we deserve to be paid BILLIONS for being first to market.
  He speaks about a single drone attack recently has affected world energy prices, which is truly Studious STUPID. Terrorists benefit like ROSE by shorting the market knowing the leveraged insider trader stock markets will generate BILLIONS of real $$ in just a few hours. No risk, trillions of $$ transferred to the Criminal Ruling Elite as this has been happening for decade centuries.
    Eight TV news crews are here with their correspondents. No one pays attention to the REAL news under their very noses since most are told to ONLY report AFTER an event occurs and never broadcast something that is not current and future reality. So WE have as the premiere R&D broadcasters of your new world society. Follow the URL links to obtain real and lasting .  He speaks about Supply and Demand unbundling the fixed pricing system. Full disclosure of costs at all levels limits ability of perversion price. Wrong direction. Once WE the people own all sections of Power gen to use, we control the Supply vs Demand.

SolutionSafeWater Unifies all Energy +Water Reserves

with simple use of combined existing Technology pioneered by our R&D Scientist Crusader teams led by world leader BidOnkeith going to your greatest places of needs by order command of GOD and our world leaders.

Our TOP hydro power consultant is: Conrado

Click:  Why most renewable energy will never save our planet.  Note: Fossil fuels will be depleted in 10 to 20 years at current levels of  extraction. ONLY HYDRO POWER and NUCLEAR will be the primary sources of both clean water and ENERGY for the next century.  Solar and Wind are limited production hours by season and are prohibitively expensive ROI unless no other energy source is available in remote areas. They are easily damaged by typhoons + hurricanes.

   A top world hydro turbine corporation is founded 1856.

Click: Engineering Proof of Reality.

  Old estimated install cost is $4,500 USD per kilowatt/hour. ROI < ~4 years.

ClickGreat example video of HOW HydroGeneration saves energy.

Click to watch HOW TO build hybrid Hydro Turbine A/C Generators yourself. Powerful turbine power plant technology.  Micro Hydro install uses Pumps as Turbines + 3 phase Motors as single phase Generators. 210 feet of head (92 PSI), 550 ft of 8 inch welded steel pen stock. Draws 2500 gal/minute and maintains ~ 85 PSI. if Gilkes, Produces 2-4 Megawatts year round.

     More info:

CLICK: GREAT example of this micro/mid System.


Click: Excellent microHydro 15Kw installation. Clean and efficient.

Ram Giant Pump:

.. + are World Changing mega Trillion $$ USD driving all small biz owners middle class SolutionHousing.ORG to benefit all humanity. Protect + fund Keith's life + teams + IP today !

 June 28, 2019. Click: #1082 FOIA.ONE world broadcast to ALL World Leaders.

  The easy target is massive reduction of all fossil fuel plants by harness + harvesting the most powerful energy = RAIN.

Easy to direct self fund with 1-2 year ROI of construction costs when 20 to 75% of all energy now produced by Hydro Power controlled with smart remote control grid TurnOffLights using standard communications protocol by all vendors.

    Our most provocative and financially rewarding system requires Mass Publicity by top World Leaders, Engineers, Corporate leaders, technologists, Press, and world NOW!!.  The cascading economic benefits are total sustainable energy and water resources that most effectively eliminates all the perverted control and crime manipulating of our most valuable natural resources.  Even all the mining companies now focus on 100% green extraction of Iron, Steel, and building products while providing massive amount of dirt and dredged material for creating 100,000's of new all digital planned creative mixed use communities including new 'free' transportation systems of high speed passenger train subways, freight railways, shipping ports, and state of art free expressway networks.

  With free barter market system of, products produced locally stay in the community = most massive reduce in ocean shipping trade, delay, and cost. Most shipping will now be unmanned hydrogen blimp fleets circling on Jet Stream circles.

Millions, then billions of our mega-city and slum dwellers migrate to higher elevations away from flood prone disaster coastal cities showcased to world SolutionHousing.ORG/endorsements

   NEXT: ONLY requirement is MASS PUBLICITY by Top World Leaders, PRESS, Corporate Executives, and advocate PUBLIC.

June 28, 2019 Dept of Energy Headquarters debrief on this #1 world system. Click Top Left Historical PDF file. We showcast to World Leaders how to unify reform the energy and water sectors all at one time. We ask everyone to visit all World Leaders. 

  "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9 ESV

   Last most critical DOA Dept of Agri meeting was Wednesday, June 19 10am Quezon City Headquarters OSEC 4thFlr. This historical legacy monumental meeting is about how these one scalable systems are self-funding and must be endorsed by the top DOA / DOE Duterte Senate Congress officials to cause PRESS CONFERENCES to announce to world how these combination system prevents climate change and restores all agri farming profits back to our impoverished agriculture communities. We already have debriefed DOA DOE so many times for past 3 years. Even USEC Ariel Cagayuan office (personally wanted a meeting way back spring 2018.

The group is Bureau of Agri and Fisheries Engineering. Call Rose Ann at 0905-454-5874 and USEC Ariel Cayanan (632) 921-8186.

   The DOEnergy and hundreds of other top leaders have been DEBRIEFED for over 10 years in USA, China, and abroad.

   Call Rev Dr. Samuel Garcia at +(63) 0905-270-6919 in Tuguegarao City

   Call Conrado Bacoy in Manila (632)728-9979 CMB PCDC Power Consultant Development Corporation. Our teams can quickly engineer any hydro generation project based on topographical maps and demographics of any terrain location.  Our #1 top Merchant exchange group will arrange all project management services including finding qualified investors who want high rates of return on their funding.   These are monumental solutions  to the most basic necessities of clean water, food, and energy markets.

  We remain beyond SHOCKED and STUNNED that so many Leaders and corporations OBJECT to any of these engineered solutions as they can claim millions of USD/Euros in profits from using these existing gifted combination technologies. We have offered everyone sponsorship list space on our websites for qualified vendors suppliers and partners of Green Energy Initiatives.

   We CALL ON WORLD to RISE UP and directly support + FUND our massively successful reformation rebuild systems NOW !

WHO will be listed next on top of as our supporters who we acknowledge and show where their funds are used.

Our current list of Sponsors and Endorsers are showcased on SolutionHousing.ORG/endorsements and NGO.


    The most powerful Green Renewable Energy Reserve from original creation is mega trillions of cubic meters weight of WATER and SUN generated life.  The most obvious solution to create almost unlimited energy and new world economy AGRICULTURE  now 100% owned and controlled by 7.7 Billion of our people. This is simple, yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Water is Oxygen and Hydrogen. With almost unlimited free micro-mid Hydro Electricity from rivers, we create new green mining of oceans, fish farms, algae, bamboo jungles, and new high value agriculture. Existing electronics and smart grid communication devices create localized switching off grid as well as resell to mega power monopolies.

  NO MORE DISASTER FLOODING as first 20 to 50% rain of any typhoon or storm system is stored in thousands of linked lakes. If a single small dam breaks, no big deal as the next lake contains the overflow. Agriculture farmers now use less fertilizer pesticides and convert to Giant Bamboo, year round grasslands, sugar palms, coconuts, and other erosion control root system re-forested JUNGLES.

  Critical: Solar and Wind are NOT good ROI unless installed in hot or windy locations with low rain and risk of Typhoon damage.

Nuclear Fusion and Fission are the 2nd best energy sources when constructed away from dense populations = xmission costs go up.

     We now create new steel + metal foundries, manufacturing complexes at point of extraction that is consumed locally for community use. Massive reduction in heavy international shipping trade of fossil fuels and raw materials + taxes that is now controlled by super rich dynasties.. With millions of new small lakes in highest elevations with 'WEIR' storage and piping aqueducts, we store + harvest high percentage of all rainfall, typhoons, + hurricanes. Water is now easily utilized as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power using Micro and mid-sized Hydro Generation turbines + Pipelines owned BY, FOR, and OF our people. 

     Call Presidents, Commissioner/Secretaries of all Dept of Energy, Dept of Agri, Power Corporations, and WORLD. Show them this.

   Just harnessing existing river systems will supply 80% world power needs. Nuclear Power is also top feasible cost effective.

  May 23, 2019.  We re-visited PCOO Presidential Communications Office Martin Andanar  today and asked for Duterte to contact us back with Press Conferences to announce to world WE HAVE the #1 and only energy and water solution. We also delivered direct to DOA Sec Manny Pinol and Usec Ariel Caganan today same as we did years ago and even recently again to DOE debriefing.  DUTERE and world leaders will be madder than HELL itself that no one ever does any followup and face to face meetings. Most Politicians are too busy getting re-elected and protecting their flanks from Political attacks by greedy self serving party lists.

    Saddest reality fact of our world: Everyone is scared to death of our very own Government and corporate executives for reasons stated and prevented by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = Only the 'insiders ruling elite' truly control all aspects of our world economies.

  Contact World leaders and is the #1 new world standard using or equal as world standardized replacement Smart Circuit Breaker and communications 'fail-safe' control system scalable to Sub-stations to  Saves 10 to 50% of ALL world electric use.  Now micro -> mid level hydro water Turbines supply 50 to 80% of worlds electricity. All micro grid electrical transmission distribution systems now IOT controlled and monitored BY our citizens. NO more family power or communication Banking dynasties once provides FREE world hi speed fiber optic Internet and FREE education to everyone. No more private schools as all professors get paid +3 times more than present. WHO contacts Duncan at (63) 9173354300, Skype: BuiltByKeith2

  Contact Eng Lino Diamante (63) x927-493-8080, Ernesto Ressonada (63) 966-746-5247, Conrado Bacoy 63-9178087437,   REPEAT !  CONTACT PRESS, World Leaders, ALL Dept of Energy and Energy Manufacturer groups. Contact everyone NOW to host Press Conferences that will finally SHOCK all our world leaders into fearlessly protecting the rights of all our people.

   #1 Most Critical is to Contact/Book Keith Duncan +(63)917-335-4300 Manila, World Leaders, + Press.  

Contact Executive Director: Gloria Reyes Civil Engineer (63)929-172-3744.  and son Kyle Duncan USA +(1) 770-655-5546  to debrief entire world with Hosted Press Conferences on HOW to free our world of all energy wars and financial crisis including stock market crashes with  Every single village and power company benefit as 100% cooperative owned energy and water system that forever eliminates all stock market manipulation and frees us all from the tyranny of fossil fuel energy price and actual wars.  Command our world leaders contact Keith and protect the lives and assets of our #1 evangelist crusader teams as we re-educate humanity in the most poweful reform unification movement  in world history with:  Evote.ONE = new economy.

   Click:  = = world famous Philippine Safe Water Association NGO Feb 2019.  Click Here:

A top world hydro turbine corporation is founded in 1856. We just contacted them to be Asian manufacturing and distribution center for mid-level 3 styles of turbines.  Gilkes Energy Ltd, Canal Head North,  Kendal, Cumbria ENGLAND. LA9 7BZ,  t: 01539 720028
email:  My team is top keynote experts on HydroGeneration Projects in Philippines and other nations. features the HOW TO engineering to bring world electricity production by HydroGen up to 50, hopefully 80% in next 5 years. BECAUSE of the fossil fuel cost energy wars and instability of nations because of economic collapse we have also Prevented. Please contact Keith Duncan ASAP as we are actively cross promoting Your company on our websites and teaching forums. We work Directly with top level Philippines DOE, Dept of Agri, Dept of Science and Technology, and CONGRESS + SENATORS, top officials and soon all world leaders. Keith Duncan

Qualified Investors worldwide are required to direct fund partnership with our communities, engineers, vendor manufactures, leaders. The NEW world class funding model is called 'Self-Funding' as the ROI Return on Investment is 1 to 4 years for the construction costs. The operation costs are less than .75 Peso = estimated 1.5 cents USD per kilowatt.  This is a world record financially as everyone benefits by eliminating the 'brokers who make us broke', the bank-sters, and others who criminally control stock markets (such as Oil, Coal, NG), financing, and trade commerce by their secret manipulation of information, knowledge, and communicated transactions that no one can see. These issues are solved with FOIA.ONE forever..

Upcoming Current Events creating New World History:

Wednesday, June 19 10am Most critical DOA Dept of Agri meeting  Quezon City Headquarters OSEC 4thFlr. This historical legacy monumental meeting is about how these one scalable systems are self-funding and must be endorsed by the top DOA/DOE Duterte Senate Congress officials to cause PRESS CONFERENCES to announce to world how these combination system prevents climate change and restores all agri farming profits back to our impoverished agriculture communities. We already have debriefed DOA DOE so many times for past 3 years. Even USEC Ariel Cayauan office (personally wanted a meeting way back spring 2018.


June 13-15 Security Fire Safety event (free) at MOA SMX Manila.  I attend Friday with my team.  Join us.

May 9-11 2019. Phil Society Mechanical Engineers -3,000 member forum at Silang, north of Tagatay.

May 11, 2019. SweepppFoundation.ORG  Techno Purchasing  Forum in Cavite -Las Pinas, (15km south of Manila). Limit 200 registrations of top buyer purchasing agents + executives. Keith is prime speaker in afternoon session about USA Philippines Trade Relations and NEW migration of millions.

Late May 2019 Trip to Singapore, then Los Angeles to set up premier supply chain logistics for Pipe and Pump massive new communities in Philippines, the expansion to Asia and other nations.

April 16, 2019. Team debriefed top Dept Of Energy Art Habitan + staff. Top leaders never showed up for this historical meeting. The tech team was thrilled with billions of real $$$ cash USD benefits. No one does any followup to command these answer methods be put into common world best business practices.

April 13, 2019. TechnoPurchasing Sales 1 day training Workshop  Sweeppp.ORG Keith presented Purchasing with USA.

  GIANT RAM Pump: (44)(0) 1288 354454    This working example of 500mm diameter in-feed can deliver 1800 liters per minute to elevation of 150 meters up.  This simple technology is easy for anyone to construct as it uses no electricity or fossil fuel.  Smaller working version is Another is:

    Perfect example of hydro water turbines Click:

and RAM Hydro Pump systems (no electricity or mechanical engine) driven by pure flow of water energy to PUMP percentage of flow rate to extreme heights. Example: 10 liter/sec head pressure 10 Meters can pump 1 liter/sec 100 meter higher elevation.

Hydro Generation and safe Nuclear are the only prime energy sources to prevent world self-genocide holocausts.

For more information follow the links below.

➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project -, 

➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) -

➤ Dynamic Tidal Power -

➤ Floating Solar -

MAJOR EVENTS.:   CLICK: Refer to PipePumps website

May 29, 30, 2019. Technical Sales Workshop forum in Cavite (20km south of Manila) Sweeppp.ORG

  Click: to see how the reality of water re-management harnesses the most powerful energy source in GOD's world that must be owned and control managed by our communities and NEVER by crime enterprises.

  MOST CRITICAL is for YOU my people to contact TOP World Leaders NOW.  Ask THEM to deploy NOW to save our world from Climate Change and wars driven by pure demonic greed of the Criminal Ruling Elite.

Major event was Philippine Water District National Convention Feb 11-13, 2019 SMX MOA Center. Then, March 20-22 2019 SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila Philippines. Our teams are soon world famous with these simple gifted answers to all energy, bank, and military water wars. STOP ALL POLITICS, CRIMES + TAXES now with eVote.One ! ! !

The MOST critical revolution is mass publicity Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG. Command all top officials and news media today.
   Your New World Society  from 100% Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG saves entire world. NGO=INC life-soul saving evangelist ministries. is the ONLY direct eDemocracy with Call for congressional investigations NOW. Senator David Perdue at (202) 224-3521 and Senator Johnny Isakson at (202) 224-3643. From Senator Perdue Facebook. Your msg is reviewed. If you have problems with a federal agency, call Atlanta office 404-865-0087.
   Isolation of peoples rights is a crime. Knowing a crime and refusing to notify law officials is conspiracy coverups.  Collaboration with mutual agreement  as is the new single world law enforcement system never controlled by any crime entity.

  Broadcast World Saving Crusaders to World Leaders. Again and again UNTIL total WORLD social Justice is finally achieved. Help make world history by mass publicity FOIA.ONE and the other world saving solutions that unify Nothing else has ever worked since those who control our economy and politics will scream BLOODY MURDER their secret crimes are revealed to world.  All positive once the dirty dust settles as solutionSafeWater.ORG also empowers all our people 100% direct eDemocracy. is the new 10 world commandments.  Chris Morris CMAFinancial commanded to go FBI.  everyone else refused to do the most obvious-  GO TO FBI AG in person and command they protect my life and seize each criminal who stole my assets and testified against me who are tied to theFinalTerrorist .com or simply profiteered by taking advantage of my 5 kidnapping illegal jail detrimental detainment.
   World Press Conferences train all world leaders to eliminate all crime networks at one time FOIA.ONE  Direct call Interpol at Lyons France, all world leaders, DOJ, DOD, Presidents, Congress, National News media.  I have broadcast contacted them 45 times from Jan 2015 for 4 years on each refinement Now perfected as is auto face recognition bio metrics open circuit TV = any smart phone or CCTV over free internet known as interLink. Public now are the vision and ears of all streets and even public enclosed areas. All police and military combine into one world peace keeping 100% criminal investigators. Prevention of almost all crimes is the most powerful ministries that massive reduces all social justice systems with related Interpol should have flown my teams to Lyons France years ago asking Interpol to explain why they block common sense tech solutions that make them all world famous. Call Philippine NBI deputy director Ferdie Lavin to ask him the same questions, cell (63)0920-901-0964.
  Collaboration with mutual agreement is demanded. Comprehensive answer is COMMUNITY involvement to uphold all justice constitutional commandment laws of This is basis for changing under NGO Crusader evangelists ministries. eVOTE.ONE DRIVE new world society free of almost all crimes and depression.
     The most extreme crime sprees continue against my people caused by pure predatory greed and who controls the flow of information. FBI AG and other law enforcement judicial agencies are about to collapse for individuals committing crimes and subsequent full scale coverups. End times becomes new world times once everyone sees and believes the prime truths of Duncan.  Nothing can stop this most powerful reform unification action movement. Connection free world communication networking is key uniformity with new world standards.
   I continue to be most severely persecuted by so many in USA so I am HERE as #1 crusader evangelist working FOR the Philippine people. Growth of wisdom and knowledge is key for my world to prosper and thrive.


 Current Events of International significance:

April 16, 2019. Philippine Dept of Energy debriefing on with Art Habitan, Antonio Nabong of Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB) Energy Efficiency & Conservation Division (EECD). Office Line: +632-479-2900 loc 275. Only 4 technical staff showed up as even they continue to refuse to contact their top commissioners and others. Lino, Gloria, and Angel attended and saw these revolutionary world answers.

April 13, 2019. Las Pinas Techno Sales/Purchasing forum for 200 people. Foundation is the host with Lino Diamante. I travel with Lino to Hong Kong 2019 Trade show April 20 then go to USA to meet Pipe-Pump premiere manufacturers. I will continue re-broadcast directly to world leaders while cross promoting these only world class saving solutions to all my soon 7.7 Billion people.

April 9, 2019 Meeting again with and Philippine Chamber of Mines President with Lino Diamante and CEO Eduardo Javier. to command world mining and engineering companies create 100,000's of new micro hydro generation systems.

April 3, 2019. DOST R&D forum Manila. #1 Email broadcast is 1st PDF file above.

1200 people attended today on how to use Technology to solve and prevent most all world problems. Join our #1 reformation unification world groups now to Command our world return ownership of all infrastructe and natural resources of land, energy, water, farms, ocean, communications, education BACK to our people as new world society free trade travel of NO crime networks.

Feb 12-13. Philippine National Water District convention. SMX MOA convention center, Pasig.

Feb -22 DOST Compound Taguig. Part 2 final BIG forum. Compliance STP Sewage Treatment Plants and Water Shed re-management best practices for world to use to harness #1 energy source and precious water supplies. 160 persons including PNP water police, resident experts and Company Executives, Univ. Professors, grad students, others.
March 20-24 SMX Convention Center MOA Pasig Manila

April 13, Techno Training free all day seminar at Las Pinas(15 km south of Manila airport). Limit is 200 first sign-ups who want to learn purchasing and small business operations in compressed format.

Training Forums with experts.  For reservations, inquiry and confirmation of participation Tel: 02 708-3178

Mobile: 0945 108 6000 URL:   Now linked to

All Classes are at: Venue: 3F,MPR Bldg, 1044 Alhambra St.,B666, Ermita, Manila Philippines

1. (past) Training Forum:  "Theory & Practice in Non Bio Wastewater (Reuse & Recycling) Treatment Plants”,

   15th Friday + 16th February 2019 - Saturday  @ 8AM -5pm.

2. (past) Training Forum: ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATIVE Compliance solid waste to energy fertilizer & Wealth 

  1st March 2019 - Friday @ 8AM-5pm  5,000 Peso tuition includes full lunch.

3. (Past)Training Forum:  Designing the Non Bio Wastewater (Reuse & Recycling) Treatment Plants”, Part B

   2nd March 2019 - Saturday @ 8AM -5pm

   Solved forever with EVOTE.ONE Direct eDemocracy system FOIA.ONE and NGO's

     Summary: 100,00's of new small lakes are now engineer modeled and built like TVA = Tennessee Valley Authority and mega projects like Hoover Dam. We the people, now capture the most valuable GOD's 'potential' energy source (weight of mass rainfall) and the life gifting force of H2O water.  High elevation storage of replenished trillions of gallons of fresh water now is used to prevent all flooding catastrophes, drought, water financial wars, wildfires, and other man-made disasters. Billions of mega slum dwellers now move to higher elevations away from coastal cities that are prone to mass flooding and economic depravity. Large pipes instead of downstream rivers now harness the gigawatt production of free clean green energy for all electric society.  These are trillions of real $$$ valued benefits to all 7.6 Billion of keith's people. Everyone now uses and creating self regulated checks + balances communities free of all crime.

   Contact SWEEPPP.ORG and Sweeppp Techno Sales Force Foundations today to be part of these revolutionary only answers.

   Contact Lino Diamente, Universal Techno Piping Corp south of Manila Philippines +(63)02-872-7634. Email is  Keith Duncan's evangelist crusader teams work with this wonderful industry experts to create 10,000's new water sourcing and distribution systems as top world advisor on business processes and supply chain dynamics.

     Contact Engineer Harry Freires  Schytech Enterprises  in Manila (632) 562 9152.  (63)906-233-8486, or (63)x920-573-1624, Gloria Reyes Civil Engineer His patented water filtration plants and waste water treatment systems are state of the art for all new Communities worldwide. Book our top teams TODAY to travel to your nation to be keynote speaker and master design engineer consultants to build thousands of new Fresh Water filtration and waste water management plants that solve the worst crisis of contaminated and inadequate water supplies that have always been the death toll of nations. 

  This one universal method solves CLIMATE CHANGE + forever, stops all energy wars forever, reforests our jungles, provides safe water for new agriculture. and migrate moves billions of people to re-inhabit the rest of GOD's Forest Gardens of Eden FOIA.ONE to unload the slums of our world. No more poverty or crime once occurs.

  #1 Most world critical is Mass Publicity with HOSTED PRESS CONFERENCES to rebuild all economies now owned and controlled BY our people. The only root answer series is solutions. + SolutionSafeWater.ORG is Total Energy Independence from All Governments, Corporations, Fossil fuel electric monopolies, OPEC, + Stock Markets as WE the PEOPLE, now own + control all our own cooperative Hydro Generation water reclamation, storage, and distribution systems of both WATER and ENERGY. Revolutionary Peaceful replacement of all governments and corporations occurs to benefit +7.6billion with  Driven by + eVote.ONE -> we control and manage all aspects of our own new world society UNIocracy.ORG  as all my People benefit.

Philippine Inquirer June 26, 2018 Radio/TV timemark 14min Click:

  No more Stock Market Financial Energy War Holocausts caused by the Criminal Ruling Elite + Banksters.

  These two simple common sense methods return ownership of all infrastructure to humanity as watershed re-management and energy production are the keys to prosperity and all small business owner driven world economies. These are the ONLY answers to destroy energy greed.

Sept 17, 2018 My teams attend the 3 day Mining Exhibition Sofitel Manila Hotel as all Mining + Construction + engineering companies now go 100% GREEN as the gold/silver markets crash with Phililippines DOA, DOE, Meralco, APexMining, PhilMining, + USA + WORLD was 100% debrief educated starting +10 years ago on each of the gifted ordained solutions shown to world below on over internet.

  Who petitions anyone, who files ANY court docs, who GOES to PRESS, FBI, AG, IRS, PUBLIC, who collects ANY debt.  USA GOV?  never in last 1,000 years has anyone ever shown and commanded true DIRECT Democracy to unify entire man woman child. This is your new free world

  ANYONE who DENIES your rights to own and manage your very own infrastructure are ousted retroactively (even jail) with eVOTE.ONE

 Sept 15, 2018 Last Broadcast to world. All these reform transformation solutions gifted to all 10 years ago, even 43 years ago NCSU Raleigh NC start of the most powerful unification GodSendKeith.ORG keynote speaker Evangelist Crusade Ministries showcased clearinghouse.

  Everyone/anyone must GO to ultimate Market with these answer solutions to put highest integrity experts in charge of your new economy.

  Click: for World Destruction documentary when OIL goes dry. By default, the energy answer solutions below most effectively and legally destroys all the Energy Wars and political corruption (cyber crime) conducted by criminal networks known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Most critical is that ALL energy company executives, United Nations, World Leaders contact Duncan today to fly him to debrief world with press conferences on HOW to rebuild all world economies now owned BY all our people.

Wed Aug 27, 2018.  Almost FREE 100% green hydro-electric power = Free massive storage (battery) of GOD's water energy destroys the fossil Fuel OPEC family crime dynasties forever and replaces all Stock Market broker crimes with simple answer methods of  kBitCoins.ORG  worth mega Trillions of real Assets and cash, our peole now own and control all markets and infrastructure as UNIocracy.ORG replaces all forms of Governments and Corporations whose only focus is enslaving our people with corruption and privacy CyberCrime Terrorism. GodSendKeith.ORG is your fore-founding father keynote crusader gifting ALL crime assets back to YOU, my most beloved people. Personally take these answers to Intl News Media and top GOV leaders to COMMAND them all to take ACTION.

    Monday, July 30, 2018. Everyone contact Pres Walter Brown at CLICK:

All mining companies now go GREEN hydro generation Energy=Power Free water distribution to our people. No more poverty as prices of gold and silver crash once prevents ALL stock market crime manipulation by Brokers, Bankers, and USA-Europe crime dynasties. All engineers + inventors of true merit now become Intl Heroes for showcasing HOW to UNIFY mankind UNIocracy.Org SolutionManifesto. is revolutionary in STOPPING all illegal mining and RESTORING green energy as all mining companies become Mega Power construction hydro Generation providers with FREE mega tons of water. My teams are world famous Energy experts who convert old practices to infrastructure OWNEd and controlled BY our people. Massive reduction in Climate Change occurs with related as FOSSIL fuels no longer need and MINING becomes ONLY for base raw materials iron ore and other mass production elements.  Cell 9173354300. Please contact Dr. Walter Brown and ask HIS companies to FLY me back to MANILA for hosted press conferences as world can see these are the ONLY answers to solve each WORLD conflict issues forever..  You are in SAME building as Dr. Brown so WALK up to top floor and ask him to CONTACT my world changing teams today...

    Wed July 17, 2018  10 am is new World saving Debriefing of DOA Water Soil Management Director Angel Enriquez at Visayes Ave corner of Elliptical Circle, Diliman Quezon City Manila Philippines. International Press Conferences MUST OCCUR. These would have happened back in Oct 2011 if anyone had actually completed ANY of these world save changing solutions.  Typhoon Henry has flooded the roads today.  Average waterfall is 4000 mm = 4 meters = 13 feet total in this Paradise of E.D.E.N.  The greatest energy of GOD’s world is stored H20 at highest elevations. No more flooding anywhere including delta coastal cities. Almost free terra Watts of Energy on demand with hydro-generation plants owned BY, FOR, and OF our people.  Free Irrigation, commercial, residential water mega trillions of gallons are also controlled and managed BY people known as UNIONISTS.  Reforest of all denuded lands is easy with giant bamboo, sugar cane, pine trees, sugar palms, coconuts, grasslands of wheat, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, and ground cover that eliminates all erosion and criminal mining operations. Now all mining companies are the DAM Mining companies as they profit by converting strip mining craters into small self contained reservoirs that are all interconnected with downstream piping for gravity fed hydro drip irrigation and commercial use.  Waste Water Management is now compressed down to elimination of almost all waste at the source.  Commercial use of water is now restricted to any company that produces toxic waste water.  Mega BILLIONS of $$$ in new small businesses owned and controlled economy BY our people.

   Contact Philippine Director BWSM Angel Enriquez. At (632)-929-8186, 923-0462, 923-0454, cell (63) x918-936-7147.  Edith is Administrator working with USEC Ariel Cayanan Dept of Agriculture under Secretary Manny Pinol who personally knows our crusader Teams from 2016, March 16, 2018 revisit July 13, 2018.
     Barangay 666 office # is 484-5042 as I have ordered USA GOV and everyone to contact and COME FIND ME for now 8 very long years of most productive strategic creating of your new World society. Actually since Aug 1976 N.C.S.U. Computer Science, microelectronics university degree in Raleigh N.C. graduated Dec 1981 to present reality.
   No excuses. International Press Conferences MUST occur to education our people on eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE SolutionHousing.ORG resulting in UNIocracy.ORG and   Keith Duncan


July 18, 2018  Most critical Dept of Agriculture + Water Soil Commission debrief meeting happened. International Press Conferences should have occurred year 2010 if anyone with authority had actually done required follow-up and contacting world Leaders to command them to use these world saving ordained divined answer solution methods to massive reduce all poverty and associated cyber crime family dynasties.

  June 22, 2018   Critical for all to read/watch this entire page and take ACTION to save our world from criminal greed.  The Video shows of and those at below Slide Show gallery of this historic home Page are truly revolutionary in pure nature. These answers are worth TRILLIONS for your new world society of all small business owners of all middle class. These eliminate all crime dynasties and politics that are killing GOD's created Earth. Use to protect the most progressive and revolutionary scripted answers to PREVENT almost all crimes in the first place to RESTORE total Social Justice and Equality in record time by GOING PUBLIC direct to PRESS and top level world leaders.

   With world use of this revolutionary = evolutionary answer solution, our 7.6 billion people now collectively own and manage their own power and water generation, distribution, and metered usage services and products.  No more stock market pirce fixing, no more mega family dynasties, no more government tariff and regulatory throttling (constriction) laws and red-paper tape political conspiracies that drive the price of basic water and energy to times 10 of the cost to produce.  The mining companies become 'DAM' mining companies as we all use the most efficient architecture engineering 'invented' methods to SOLVE our own preadory greed issues at all levels. YES, the 'powers that be' who control our marketplaces will be madder than Satan's Hell, that our people now control and manage all aspects of their own communities with free trade and travel with single Intl ID of FOIA.ONE.

    The most powerful Green Energy Renewable Reserve from Gods creation is WATER and SUN. The most obvious solution to create almost unlimited energy is simple yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Rainfall, typhoons, hurricanes, basic rainfall is now easily stored as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power. This one famous solution series gifted by ONE single Man of Humanity Duncan known as now creates new paradigms of history creating thousands of new Storage Lakes, Ponds, and massive redistribution of energy reserves to be owned and managed BY my-our 7.6 billion people. A horrific # of world population live near the coast in major slum cities. Read the PDF files above showcasing the statistics of why this one international solution changes the course of human history by mass migration of billions of our people to higher elevations once they own their own energy hydroelectric and have almost free access to unlimited fresh water for safe consumption and mass irrigation.

   Now we have Free Renewal Hydro Electric power and Irrigation/Drink Water systems owned BY, FOR, and OF our people so that no corporate dynasties, corrupt executives or governments can ever wage $$$ wage because of

Now our world becomes driven 50 to 80% of hydro-generation that eliminates fossil fuel wars (oil, Natural Gas, coal ,and other burned organic sources of energy that are the root man made disaster destruction of our current greed laden world.

All new 1000's of creative all digital communities will have 3 prime sources of water piping distribution of 'pure-drinking', household building use, and commercial industrial agricultural use. 4 Prime sources of waste water is 'Black water -polluted', gray water (wash, basic residential use), special contaminated water, and storm sewer run-off capture and distribution systems.

   Once our world has the most basic infrastructure of almost free power and water, we unload the mega slum cities and return billions of our people back to higher elevations to create new world society communities (E.D.E.N.) when free trade and travel is the unified normalized world when crime and politics are no longer tolerated or allowed.

   Contact Lino Diamente, Universal Techno Piping Corp south of Manila Philippines +(63)02-872-7634. Email is  Keith Duncan's evangelist crusader teams work with this wonderful industry experts to create 1000's of new water sourcing and distribution systems as top world advisor on business processes and supply chain dynamics.  -With use of standard unified Smart Smoke Detectors, our world 'fire codes' and safety standards eliminate the man made disasters caused by poverty and political corruption once and forever.  Use of thermoplastic fire sprinkler piping systems (refer: BlazeMaster Fire Protection systems Atlanta.PH Atlanta Industries Manila Philippines prime Pipe manufacturer) allows fast retrofit of existing residential, commercial, office, government, and warehouse factories to prevent the tragedies that occur BECAUSE simple common sense engineering is not utilized. Use World Evangelists to educate our world.

The PRIME requirement is to activate all master civil engineers, Academic Experts, all World Leaders, architects, and other engineers and related experts to make this prime solution become your new world society mainstream unified method of conducting integrity based business contracts that are open public accountable by our world.

     Contact and Contract Duncan today. Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila 1/2 block north USA Embassy as keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams.

Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly his teams to your places of greatest needs so we can collectively fill stadiums with World Leaders of UNIocracy.ORG New World Society.

     Contact Engineer Harry Freires  Schytech Enterprises  in Manila (632) 562 9152.  (63)906-233-8486, or (63)x920573-1624, Gloria Reyes Civil Engineer His patented water filtration plants and waste water treatment systems are state of the art for all new Communities worldwide. Book his teams TODAY to travel to your nation to be keynote speaker and master design engineer consultant to build thousands of new Fresh Water filtration and waste water management plants that solve the worst crisis of contaminated and inadequate water supplies that have always been the death toll of nations.  As part of Philippine Inventors Association (Ermita), his water conversion methods are easy to replicate with his consulting teams to finally create fresh water trillions of gallons for our world to provide the true most powerful energy natural resources of GOD's creation. His teams travel to your World Leaders and Corporations to quickly educate HOW to build fresh water production plants and waste water management facility infrastructure that is owned FOR, BY, and OF all our 7.6 billion people.

   Contact Robert Marin (Manila) (63) x920-969-4930 as his consortium is funding 24kmeter Sea Dyke barrier to create fresh water Manila Lake Bay by drain pumping 2 meters of seawater out. Ships will traverse on the tides through Panama style locks. +20 new shipping ports will be built all over Philippines with railroads and high speed express ways owned BY our Philippine People. Worth over $50 BILLION USD in economic rebuild of entire SouthEast Asia. + SolutionSafeWater.ORG is Total Energy Independence from All Governments, Corporations, OPEC, Stock Markets as WE the PEOPLE, now own and control all our own cooperative Hydro Generation water reclamation, storage, and distribution systems of both WATER and ENERGY.  Click: for World Destruction documentary when OIL goes dry. By default, this destroys all the Energy Wars and political corruption (cyber crime) conducted by criminal networks known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Most critical is that ALL energy company executives, United Nations, World Leaders contact Duncan today to fly him to debrief world with press conferences on HOW to rebuild all world economies now owned BY all our people.   

   WE the PEOPLE now own all infrastructure and our own land, homes, free schools, medical centers, village centers, markets, transportation (roads, rail-roads, transport systems, air travel) that peer pressure forces all governments and large corporations to massive downsize and return ownership of GOD's original natural resources back to YOU, my people. The PRIME requirement is for world to Contact Keith Brent Duncan who is your #1 anti-all crime keynote speaker of ultimate righteousness and social peace justice in world history based on the #1 most prolific consummate mastermind broadcast solving methodology to teach our world how to be all middle class small business owners.  Driven by EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE SolutionHousing.ORG and all other answers, we own all infrastructure as fearless people protecting the rights of all others first.

   Direct funding of first 90% of $1 Billion USD is the 1% seized criminal assets reported to, Interpol, FBI, AG, IRS and other law enforcement agencies as recorded in World of Congress Library FOIA.ONE (copyrighted intellectual Property of INC)

  Trillions of $$$ assets are transferred from seized criminal assets to direct fund one way construction engineering and raw materials and labor to build these new systems that are now owned, controlled, and managed by our communities of

  Once in place, every citizen belonging to the new Cooperative Energy Associations will receive equal allocations of free energy and water. Excess usage will be at rates set by peer  using method of eVOTE.ONE.  These two World saving solution answers are worth mega Trillions $$ in New, almost free Energy + Water conservation and generation that destroy all national energy war and dynasties forever. Contact Public + all Governments and Corporations today to use consult services with UNIocracy.ORG + Send his Crusader teams to your places of greatest needs. Contact Presidents, DOJ, DOD, FBI, Interpol, Congress + Press !!! as these +Nobel Peace Prize contenders are  #1 Humanity-God Rights Activist Evangelist Broadcast Journalist, Author, world class Inventor of EVote.ONE FOIA.ONE from INC.

   This one massive energy reduction solution system solves the Global Climate Change and eliminates all economic crime networks. Watch, then contact all Dept of Energy, Governments, Press, Churches, Power Companies,, Manufacturers, and Public immediately to use World Changing ministries. Everyone now uses to masterTeach solve ANY of your world issues. 

    Our world infrastructure and assets are now OWNED by you, my UNIocracy.ORG citizens of true merit integrity as all crime networks are eliminated with

     Use by GOING to PRESS and all top GOV officials as stops all wars and transfers all nuclear arms production to new Nuclear fission/fusion free power plants owned BY and FOR our +7.666 billion People. Never another ENERGY WW Civil war as energy prices are now 10% of current  Use all of + are the worlds most powerful Clearinghouse Consultants of world problem only Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals and prevent almost all crimes in the first place. As soon as this Website GOES PUBLIC with Press Conferences, all 7.6 Billion of my-our people will OWN our almost free clean water systems. Over 10 Million New Small Business owners use to create their own self-governed 100% green creative full digital communities they OWN all their own land, homes, and all infra-structure.

  Dead cold silence for 10 years from ALL shows Holocaust of AntiChrist origins. WHY?  It's the WHAT's in this for ME original primal syndrome of yes, PURE GREED and self-entitlement interests that started with story of Adam and Eve.  Just WHY did GOD tell his people NOT to eat of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom?  Does not really make sense. EXCEPT, GOD wanted mankind to See and Understand WHY GOD had created them.. to be OBEDIENT and Trustworthy to each other and NEVER to take anyone from another without express permission.....   I put this on and others to showcase WHY I am HERE and WHO YOU ARE with FOIA.ONE perfected in my FatherGod's Holy name.  keith duncan

   +8 -> 41 years ago, these only answer methods copyright intellectual property gifted and sent to world through DOE, Mass Media, direct to PRESS, all governments and Public. Dead silence for +10 years because of ZERO mass publicity that is your responsibility as all mankind benefits in the name of our Holy Father GOD.  A man can only be called a Father if he creates offspring legacies that fearlessly protect the rights of all others. The same is true of all mothers + women.. These solutions change world history for the immediate and downstream effects to prevent collapse of nations because of the economic compiled damage caused directly by criminal networks who want depletion of God's natural resources so they can dominate a poverty stricken world who looses their access to effectively free energy. These are Worthy of Nobel Peace Prizes for the Quad Trillions USD/EURO/RMB/Peso/etc economic benefits to all of mankind based on massive reduction of greed and wars for Oil, Gas, Coal.

       DUTERTE, Press, World Leaders + DENR, DOE, NAI, Forest Management, NBI, IM, and thousands more have been most humbly and powerfully GIFTED these mega BILLION USD/EURO new small biz CEOSPACE.NET industries owned and run cooperatively BY our people. No more monopoly dynasties or 'water-wars' over GOD's most precious life gifting resource that is also the #1 POWER SOURCE of kinetic energy when stored in thousands of small lakes and ponds at higher elevations. Now we all have local free hydro Power and free irrigation water to reforest our planet including Brazil rain forest. All Mining Companies become 'DAM' builders with the waste processed soil that kills our river systems. This now prevents downstream Delta (New Orleans) flooding and eliminates needs for levees and billions of $$$ wasted resources because we SOLVE the ROOT issue at the SOURCE, never at the destination when the BILLIONS of $$$ damages occur. Contact Regina Lopez ABS-CBN Quezon City, Manila to ask her DIRECTLY WHY her ego is stuck up her nose like so many others...  who refuse to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. She ?might be one of my new wives.

    This one website is valued + $50 Billion USD in direct profit for any group to license these intellectual property copyrighted designs.  In addition, Direct funding from trillions of $$$ crime assets rebuilds all public schools and creates new self sustaining and self governing villages worldwide using and  SolutionISLAM to create final world wide. A newer Safe Water video is shown to world as anyone/everyone GOES PUBLIC and contacts Keith Duncan immediately.

June 6, 2016.  Previous Dec 27,  2014   SolutionSafeWater.ORG solves the #1 problem of all humanity, clean safe drinking water.

Solution Safe Water started in year 2010 as a  patent pending design for a solar powered water distillation still.  Think of  the image of an original Moonshine Still located directly under a satellite dish coated with reflective aluminum  sheeting.
The boiler unit is fed gray, polluted, diseased, and ‘CRAP’ water.  With direct sunlight focused on the steam unit, this water is progressively turned into vapor that rises through a series of piping and condenser domes that are inverted over the main dish.  The resulting vapor condenses into droplets that are feed off to cisterns. The left over residue is gravity feed to waste containers with option of a mechanical scrapper to remove hardened waste products.  
The only kind of water that could not be processed easily is radioactive water.  Any chemist and  distillation expert can see the TRILLIONS of USD/EURO/PESO/YEN/etc value to any country that has limited access to clean safe drinking water.  Even salt water is easily desalinated.
The over riding question the world is now asking is ‘HOW IN HELL (gentile speak) can the #1 Renaissance man who works on behalf of GOD and ALL nations. how can HE be subjected to so many CRIMES against HUMANITY and still be providing humanity with these GIFTS called ACTS of WISDOM.
For details, simply go to UNIocracy.ORG that ties into #1 ANTI-CORRUPTION  Then go to matrix for SolutionBankFraud that prevents ALL cyber crime bank fraud transactions at the time of each transaction.  These are worth Quad-Trillions in economic benefit to our world.   Let’s start using the coined phrase GOD-ZILLIONS’  for any scholar and even kindergartners can see these are all part of the most powerful ‘ground swell, grass roots, REFORMATION MOVEMENT in all of history.  For the basics are:
1. Common Sense -This clearly is elusive + avoided by most of mankind. Matthew Chap 23.
2. Biblical principals that transcend any and all denominations and spiritual belief systems.
3. Use of off-shelf technology and process methodology that is now main-stream reality.

All of these GIFTS to HUMANITY are derived from +35 years extreme consulting experience in the Computer Systems Design arena as a PRIME ARCHITECT, servant to multiple churches around the world, and Keith Duncan’s love of all mankind regardless of their own CRIMES against HUMANITY, viceful conduct, and ability to a) Rape b) Pillage c) Plunder d) Abuse GOD’s borrowed assets by taking advantage of HIS/MY People.
BBK20141227SolutionSafeWater#149-UNiocracy.pdf  on

    This one answer solves CLIMATE CHANGE + forever, stops all energy wars forever, reforests our world, provides safe water for new agriculture. and moves 90% of our +7.7 billion people to inhabit the rest of GOD's Forest world to unload the slums of our world.


    The perfected answer is shown in safe PDF above + below.  The worlds most massive energy reserve is quad-trillions of pounds rainfall that are easy to harness with the single solution whitepaper synopsis below. Note: Most of our world have the attention spans the size of a gnat as few every do any required follow-ups and Press Conferences that change world history.

### For Immediate Press Release to the World.

SolutionSafeWater.ORG   Robert Marin Inventor has more details. 

June 6, 2017 for ASEAN Energy Conference ADB. Manila. This is previous solution broadcast to world years ago that changes history. Updated Aug 7, 2017 at 

      Contact Master Inventor world evangelist Keith Duncan for Debrief and travel bookings.  Use to save our world today.

  The most powerful Green Energy Renewable Reserve from Gods creation is WATER and SUN.  The most obvious solution to create almost unlimited energy is simple yet has never been harnessed because of the pure greed and lack of education of mankind.  Rainfall, typhoons, hurricanes, basic rainfall can be easily stored and harnessed as the most massive transfer quad-Trillions of pounds of potential energy turned into working kinetic power.  This one famous solution creates new paradigms of history as entire world of my people benefit.

   A primary world issue is deforestation of our world, massive burning of fossil fuels, energy military wars, flooding, food production, and scarcity of clean drinking water.  Beavers have built dams and fish farms for millennium. We have Bulldozers, back-hoes, and massive earth moving technology over past +200 years. Concrete and piping are commodities including baked clay and other methods of diverting aquaduct water to prevent erosion, flooding, and mass man made disasters.

   When these answer-solutions go public, all mining companies worldwide will be known as DAM Mining companies as they now build hydro-electric safe water ponds and lakes in unoccupied valleys for use as irrigation and other crop-energy uses. Draining these lakes during droughts-dry season provides on demand power, killing the electric monopolies solved by and returning power and ownership of all lands BACK to our+7 billion people. See driven by and for world to USE with ACTS of WISDOM to fearlessly protect the rights of all my people.  Who joins, funds, and actually supports these world saving ministries to overturn all crime cabal networks forever..

  Direct funding of all world projects is easy with these answers as GOD's resources are being held in criminal hands. Each person who identifies a criminal gets 10% bounty reward of crime assets. Keith's ministry groups get 1% of all crime assets.

  The energy of quad-trillions of gallons of water fall on God's earth annually.  In the upper mountains and foothills, man must now contour plow and divert this massive energy to be stored in unoccupied valleys using small earthen dams and concrete spillways. Well over 70% of all regional water can now be stored as potential energy at the highest elevations thereby reducing all flooding at lower levels. Now, hydroelectric and irrigation powered water is accessed in previously uninhabited areas.  Abundant water is now used for fish farms, vegetables, fruits, pine/hardwood tree farms and sugar Palm (tree) plantations.   This repopulates our world away from the mega congested slum cities of our world as ALL BENEFIT except the criminal tycoons who control our economics at all levels of society. 

   These new 'GREEN DIGITAL Creative villages' are now OWNED by the people as power self-regulated and self-managed communities that are independent of the mega power criminal enterprises that have only motive to suck the profit assets out of our people by holding them hostage to their own growing power appetites driven by consumer capitalism.  This destroys the stranglehold of mega developers and BANKSTERS who criminally profiteer on the uneducated masses of my 7.5 Billion People.

   If anyone in our world has a BETTER SOLUTION, then PLEASE, STEP UP and GO PUBLIC to save our world from the greed and predatory destruction of the Criminal Ruling Elite.  Objections are always welcome as long as you PROVIDE the replacement and best solution.   That is that also transforms and UNIFIES mankind.


   Jan 12, 2018 historical Visits to Gina Lopez ABS-CBN, then Forest Director Nonito Tamayo, now DENR Sec Cimatu to show HOW this mega billion new enterprises benefit all 7.5 B of my people. All elected officials get huge boost in pay Evote.ONE as everyone GOES to World Leaders and PRESS to command Press Conferences that free my people from the slave trading hostageForProfit of the criminal ruling elite dynasties. All 100% positive in our FatherGod's Holy name as everyone benefits except the criminals.

  The biggest 'crime' this entire +10 years is few are ever in their offices or do any follow-up of merit to engage and solve our world prime conflict wars and issues.

    Nov 3 2017 + Aug 8, 2017 Historical personal revisist to ABS-CBN Foundation Regina Lopez (I have her personal Cell #), Atty Allan and Patrician Val on HOW this changes world history with EVOTE.ONE Funding to transform all mining companies into DAM hydro project energy producers as the price of precious metal markets will fall worldwide with that destroys all stock market speculation and insider criminal SEC trading forever.

   July 25, 2017 I am actively contacting DOE, Regina Lopez of ABS-CBN (former DENR commissioner), mining companies, mega developers SMDC, Luke Roxas, Robinsons Holdings, President Duterte, Microsoft, USA GOV, PWC, and world to FOCUS everyone NOW on the fast path solutions that few have  discovered and utilized that benefit yourself as well as all mankind.  No other solution set has ever changed world history because of man's predatory greed and ability to enslave others with political and military domination.  This is answer solutions.

    Contact Robert Marin (63) 920-969-4930 on the $5 Billion USD almost funded Manila Bay Tidal Dam & freshwater Reservoir conversion  project. The Marcos 1986 EDSA billions of $$$ recovery is directly involved in other aspects to restore GOD's paradise of Heaven back at all impoverished nations.

  Aug 7, 2017  real time reporting at PH-EITI Extractive Transparency Initiatives. Details on the BBK20170807-Revolution-SolutionSafeWater-Begins-1045.pdf as soon as everyone crowd funds restoration of these world saving ministries completed +7 years ago. Finance Sec Carlos Dominguez chairs the multi-stakeholder group of call (0915)7316470 has the details Press Releases.

   EVOTE.ONE and are HOW to transfer trillions of $$$/EURO/Peos/etc from crime cabal networks back to our 7.5 billion people to create all middle class with zero poverty and NO super criminal ruling elite families.  Ask Keith how.

     Tripartite Climate Change Speaker Presentations  May 29, 2017


244 Participants were just emailed the most CRITICAL answers to Energy on June 7, 2017 along with UnderSecretary Felix Fuentebella at Philippine DOE. + Patrick Aquino Feb 17, 2017 meet.

  June 17, 2017  Thousands of civil engineers, architects, and millions of small biz owners are now needed to build new Philippine Green Digital Creative Cities that are self-regulated and off the monopoly power grid. Kicking out foreign investors who do not profit the people results by inviting expats from all tax-war torn corrupt nations to come as permanent residents. Here will be extremely low taxes and almost zero corruption of that was broadcast +7 biblical years ago.

  Fund Keith today to find out HOW...  EVOTE.ONE transfers trillions of $$ back to our 7.5 billion people once our people RISE up to destroy all crime networks forever.

  Send MISSION Teams with Millions of $$$ to direct fund + oversee build of new green digital villages, schools, hospitals that Bypass all political graft back pocket red tape conspiracies. Use and Contact INTERPOL to make true

1. Crowd Fund with mega millions obtained from wealthy donors/churches/NGOs.

2. Mission teams purchase all bidded materials and deliver to sponsored villages.

3. Priority rebuild:   a) schools with wifi, TVs, smart phone/tablets/used laptops.

b) Church repair and new planting of universal worship centers.

c) Common government offices, health centers, and marketplaces. Rebuild Gyms.

d). Replace all 'blown' bamboo houses on higher ground with poured concrete block, rebar, hollow block, etc to prevent all future wash-outs and home/school damage.

e). Repave all common roads and areas to eliminate mud and obstacles to freedom.

  Hosting by local churches and Integrity driven leaders who represent FatherKeith.

Contact PRESS, Churches, and as well as Pastor Andy Stanley (Atlanta GA USA at or +1(678)892-5625 direct. GO PUBLIC to UNIFY all Mankind.

Contact Atlanta GA (770)410-6000,  North American Mission Board prime resources. Charlie Paparelli of and all who JOIN

   This integrity ties to for Direct Funding of TRILLIONS $$$.

  Contact all Dept of Education, Universities, NGOs, Press, world as Keith has done.

   Click: THIS PLAYLIST and send to everyone you know.  Watch and tells  Education has always been the prime key to create self-regulating and self-contained communities of  where the needs of the children are placed above all other priorities.  Without strong self reliant youth, mankind becomes dependent on the corrupt elected/appointed/promoted government agents who skim tax dollars while building their own kingdoms of tyranny and crime gluttony at citizens expense. + provides immediate self directed training to teach everyone how to build foundation small businesses with ethical based contracts to ensure fully enforceable compliance by agreements between parties.


    The most clear cut solutions are on, viewed on and documented by Library of World Congress using 1. Common sense, 2. Integrity(spiritual) principals, 3. Off-shelf technology. 4. Innovated and gifted world class solutions from World Trading Partner Enterprises INC (Reno Nevada USA). 

Wechat: BuiltByKeith,  Philippines cell +(63) 917-335-4300.   "NEVER BY SHY AGAIN."

"Be BOLD and Righteous in everything you do in service to all others" CreatorKeith

Below is the required 'WHITESPACE' to motivate everyone to kill the Blacklisted souls of criminals protected by blacklisted rogue government agents including many Liar-Lawyer Politicians who clearly prey on un-educated citizens for their own gain.

Engage all your community with master model to ensure your neighborhood is built with honest and ethical persons who represent your best interests and rights of ownership.

>   Events held on scheduled days.

​>   Publicity of public documents

​>   Advertising of priority needs.

​>   Exposure of honest vs corrupt persons.

​>   Full disclosure of funding sources and expenses for the public to see and believe.

​>   Launch of community initiatives by the Majority Will of the People.

​>   General Publicity with technology.

​>   Holding everyone accountable with




With integrity, trust, full scale accountability, and exposure of your daily efforts to support your community and other greatest places of needs. describes the Crimes against Humanity and Keith's missions of mercy and faith around our world as the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary working for all governments, corporations, churches, public, and military around our globe at his own extreme expense since USA Government refuses to actually 'DO THEIR JOBS'.  Join today before our world commits self-genocide of predatory greed. is Babayuan Elementary School, Amulung Philippines. They need your immediate funding support and help.

Watch the VIDEO below, then CLICK on this second broadcast series:

CLICK: Immediate Needs of Schools. Video

CLICK: #276 The Final Broadcast.

  Email  Attn: School Leaders and Ms. Mallillin.  They need funding and direct technology donations of minimum value $10,000 USD = 440,000 Pesos to buy technology for 78 students. The deposit only bank account will be listed here soon and managed by newly elected community leaders with personal committments to this school. They need basic Satellite DSL-Internet service, used laptops, recycled smart cell phones, cooling fans, full wall whiteboards, (5) Flat Screen TV's, basic school supplies, simple security system with motion detectors, and an electric fence system so they can start Student Gardens. Their government has promised 6 new computer that have never arrived. This is a five year old commUNITY school with 6 teachers. All donators will be listed here as well as video/photo email and live updates on how their funding and assets are actively being used by all students. This is the model of how schools must be funded to BY-PASS the corruption of so many publically elected officials until is seen by the world as the ONLY solution to forever stamp out corrupt individuals to the end of time. See USA


The product launches are your own children who are self reliant by age 16 and lead our world into Peace and Harmony by REPLACING all corrupt leadership by eVoting of .  Contact Keith or his growing millions of business partners and stockholders of World Trading Partner Enterprises INC (Reno Nevada USA) to ask how this occurs with Keith's Master Teachings that will survive to the end of eternity.

The world will never stop talking about you !  Either you are honest and trust-worthy or you are to be shunned by society with under + using



Join now!

The #1 Marketing Campaign of all time was completed Sept 2011 per all these Solutions published and gifted to all of mankind. Pick and choose while watching and technology compressed


Why You Need To Be Social To Win
     Without publicity, the greatest needs of our world will never be fullfilled without your help. and other prime world class solutions show the world how to solve their own issues, concerns, problems, and conflicts at all levels by removing all corrupt persons with world famous  Aug 17, 2015

Click: WorldSchoolFund Playlist.

Click: #275 Combo WSF +  #25 is Wash the Sin out of Washington Broadcast May 1, 2014 Famous Interview.


Sunday April 5, 2015 was return from Walk to Emmaus-Nickopolis-Latrum in Israel. Video on and including final return to JerUSAlem, then the Roman Empire Crime Centers of ROME Vatican Empires of 1500 A.D. era on exactly April 6-16, 2015.  It is simple to see that Keith Duncan works for all of humanity and our one mutual Creator regardless of cultural beliefs.​ After being set up by a Super criminal, put in HELL for 848 days violating each and every right, Keith Duncan has always bypassed every crime into a published solution to prevent these crimes from occurring in the first place. This transforms all legal and financial systems as soon as the churches, Press News Media, and Public are engaged to actively join in through chapters of faith.

   A recent partner Ministry is Emmanuel Jongo in Sierra Leone.  Click:  +(231)8861-81809 cell. They need immediate funding, physical gifted resources, and partners to educate orphans, provide self-sufficient businesses for widows, disabled, and impoverished as +450,,000 people (mostly men) were killed 1987 through 2003 in 2 bloody civil wars over pure GREED.  Click reference  / © 1958-2019 Inc Reno NV USA, Manila Philippines  All IP rights reserved.

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