RECENT PROJECTS designed to Perfection using

​- IBM  International Business Machines  1983 through 1990 (IBM P.C. High Speed Check Sorting system, Universal secure DataTrade for all banks.

- Multiple entrepreneur firms like DCA -Digital Communications Associates (1983-1989)  IRMA Intl Prime Designer.

- Fortune 50 Banks -I.B.J., Integrity, IBM, most major community banks (SunTrust Systems)

- AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular +12 years as the prime consultant on majority of their systems at all levels.

- AT&T  President Glenn Lurie promised to put my product lines below into 2200 stores in Oct 2010.

General Services Administration Contract pending worth +$100 Million USD profits.

Cox Communications as Prime Architect and Business Analyst for PacketCable and Next Generation Messaging Systems. (Note: This is why Robert Dee Rose attempted to blackmail Keith to join his criminal telecommunications companies in summer of 2007 through fateful Jan 14, 2008.  Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010 is now worth +$800 Million USD in real and punitive damages as I filed Pierce the Corporation Veil in Fall of 2008.

- Ed Bogle and Hugh Ballou professionally evaluated my consulting value at $20 Million USD in 24 months and $84 Million USD in 42 months. This was in June 2011 as ROSE was cyber attacking my Marietta GA rental home per captured evidence and robbery by Ms. Bashama and Rose on Feb 4, 2011 per Marietta GA PD forged 1.11.2506.99 used for TPO 11.1.1171.99

  These submitted documentary evidence are all on dropbox of showing all evidence to the world.

- Over 27 separate projects were started and professionally completed from Jan 1982 to Nov 4, 2007.

- Other clients are your mutual world. These include all military, all governments, all corporations, all churches, all non-profits, and of course my BELOVED people as I now fill up stadiums full of people hungry for Righteous and Justice regardless of secular or non-secular belief systems.  See famous series for comprehensive solutions to almost all problems of society at all levels.  / © 1958-2019 Inc Reno NV USA, Manila Philippines  All IP rights reserved.

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