This ONLY new system replaces all known gov and corporate enterprises with a single new World Society run FOR, BY, and OF our +7.6 billion People. Refusals of anyone to use EVOTE.ONE shows they are self-profiteering at expense of my-our people. Protection of all rights is warranted forever with the standard Constitution Charter.

  This is YOUR 100% responsibility to deliver to Top PRESS, GOV officials NOW to ensure all YOUR RIGHTS are protected with this SINGLE New World System Society.

March 5, 2018 reDelivered to Philippine Dept of Foreign Affairs + UNIOSCO just now for THEM to contact DUTERTE and all State Dept Ambassadors worldwide per PDF file Middle top above. As all world leaders Debrief each other on use of EVOTE.ONE and HOW to transfer trillions of $$$ crime wealth back to my +7.6B people to forever end the rule of the Criminals + terrorists of ROSE and OTHERS who control all aspects of our world. Contacted US State Dept Sunday pm by their website and continuous Broadcast to world HOW to unify with these simply steps demanded by our people to prevent self-genocide.  Who uses now by joining and achieving total with one world society. Only true requirement is one criminal investigator and Judge to put well over 100 criminals in HELL-JAIL based only on their own evidence tied to ROSE and Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracies to martyr the top anti-crime God's rights activist in all history.


Overview: The U.N. should be the most powerful mediation organization in our world.

eVOTE.ONE + the ONLY answer of unifies mankind.

They have never been able to create peace, free trade, prevent human slave trading, stop the drug trade, remove truant tyrants, or mediate how all nations must work together to remove all criminals like ROSE by enabling all citizens to isolate individual criminals. With the common sense solutions, education, technology, and principles of Integrity, these are the new reality of my 7.39 Billion people to forever prevent crimes with the comprehensive answers centered on the worlds #1 first literal and virtual open source government of


Jan 20, 2016. Everyone contact U.N. now  in New York City USA and each nation. I visit Manila UN soon to debrief interview them so I can finally testify to world on how to prevent all Political Crime and related Crimes against humanity with InterPol and  UN is at 30th Floor Yuchengco Tower RCBC Plaza , 6819 Ayala Avenue cor. Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue Makati City 1226 Philippines Phone (632) 9010100 Fax: 9010200 is primary website.


Dec 22, 2015, Click as Keith testifies to all + United Nations on all the solutions to create a Unified world with no passport or visa boundaries ever needed again. Criminals shunned by and InterPol in all major langauges and + direct answers also.

as is active +8 years.


Oct 3, 2011, Below is all 100 % Justice.

Keith Duncan kidnapped by Orders of Terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Held for 848 days by USA government criminals as a Political Prisoner of Cyber crime War. Keith delivered the worlds first Anti-Cybercrime,  anti- Political Corruption methods and evidence to Langley Air Force Base VA USA on Sept 25, 2011 per OSI Capt C. Weber safe-haven interviews. Contact Langley and Joint Chiefs of Staff as I work for them. No one knows, no one sees, no one believes, no one cares. Keith dumped on street Jan 28, 2014 on sealed dismissal on NO evidence as all the evidence points to ROSE as #1 criminal..

Oct 29, 2015 , 11:11 am

Keith Duncan debriefs USA Embassy Manila Officer Hanson who refuses to do anything but commit felony crimes for 1 hour. All involved protect ROSE + others.


Oct 29, 2015 March 2018

Keith visits United Nations Manila Offices and shows these true Reformation completed plans to staff for them to share with top leadership at United Nations conference in Paris Nov 3-18, 2015. Keith offers testimony.

Jan 28, 2016. Everyone call UN NYC (212) 963-7162 and Manila UN 63-029010100 as I have done. Ask them to USE the solutions I gifted to remove all Politics and unify our mutual world with and with electronic voting by the Will of the Majority of my 7.39 Billion People. I have testified to our entire world.

Jan 20, 2016. This email just sent to  I request immediate CALL back and Appointment to interview your top leadership about world famous testimony on preventing ALL Political Crime with immediate PRESS Release Broadcasts to all national Media. is the ONLY solution to reverse the huge Trillions $$$ transfer of wealth to political crime enterprises around our world. My cell is 63 0917-335-4300 in Taguig.

    I even debrief the PNP and PNF Military Public Relations groups as well as have already contacted CNN Philippines, Manila Times, GMA, ABS-CBN, Veritas, and well over 50 primary church leaders here. is the worlds #1 FIRST clearinghouse of solutions that change all world history at economic, financial, legal, and cultural levels by educating the common people how to actually PREVENT crimes at their level, reduce all government waste, and actually control and manage their own government leadership. WHO contacts Keith Duncan NEXT as I am the most powerful (unknown) broadcast journalist and missionary advocate of Peace, Justice, and Harmony for our entire world.


Nov 3, 2015 historical re-start.

United Nations UNESCO, General Conference Paris, 38th session.

CLICK: to see how technology is used to enforce total visibility of all decisions including open courtrooms and leadership debates that will NEVER be behind closed doors again. 

     Keith will testify before U.N. as soon as SPONSORS and top Government officials contact Keith and provide safe haven escort for the Press Conferences that will teach our world how to remove criminals systematically. This is done by citizens identifying and shunning crooks with simple InterPol referential integrity database face recognition and a single unique International ID sent direct to Interpol and Associated Press Jan 7 - Nov 2015  This is

Click PDF File upper RIGHT  or here.

Jan ?, 2016 Your Date with Destiny.  10:00 AM EST daily Press Conference call in as Keith contacts everyone, Military, Press, Churches, Public about all the world saving Solutions of

Firestorm debates around the world about these ordained solutions that change the course of history because they are unbreakable and irrefutble.  Also, most ask how and why Keith was kidnapped and WHO HE IS.

Press Conferences, 11:00 AM

Hosted by USA Gov, Press, Military, United Nations for Keith to share his Solutions to prevent Self-Genocide.


Google Analytic code: UA-69506464-1

Keith's Message
  It is righteous and justified to eliminate all evil persons by citizens commanding their leadership to remove all politics and corruption from their own institutes to ensure full scale Justice, Equality, and Human Rights are enforced.  Failure guarantees our world will extinguish itself to prevent the vile destruction of the rest of God's universe by evil man.
    Who joins to change the course of our own human history... Call to Action  BuiltByKeith
  No one has any excuse NOT to pass the four simple By-Pass Laws shown in all major languages Otherwise, they automatically identify themselves as Political Criminals listed on Interpol database.
  I, Keith Duncan, continue to ask all governments, corporations, churches, and individuals to protect my life, crowd fund my last ministries, and command USA government convict the specific criminals who continue felony crimes.
   There is no other more powerful testimony that from the one person who has been held for 848 days as a Political Prisoner of CyberCrime Warfare tied 100% to super criminal Robert Dee Rose.
Anyone can see why I was at Langley AFB on Sept 25, 2011 as they invited me back as well as recorded my testimony.
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