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Sweeppp Foundation is the training education forum for professionals in all industries. We are expanding to chapters in all regions with workshops focused on job creation retainment of highest qualified persons. Everyone benefits with highest pay and expertise cross training focusing on scalable best business practices as demonstrated by world leading educator trainer experts.

Sept 28, 2019 Invite to educational PSME Event in Cavite 30 minutes south of Manila Airport. map below

USEC Dave Almarines of PITC is our Keynote speaker. Mayor Ferrer is our guest speaker and Vice Mayor Naic Cavite Roger Pangilinan also guest speaker. We have 4 panel speakers of international purchasing trade. Mr Chen will handle the topic on the wisdom of Purchasing Taiwan base on 4 points of marketing application ( products-mechanical, People or players in the market place; customers, suppliers and competitors, then the Place or territory of operation and the promotion strategy).

     Eng Keith Duncan will speak the Wisdom of Purchasing in America specifically Los Angeles California as the Center of Trade in USA.  Engr Dr. Lino Diamanté will handle the Wisdom of Purchasing in the Philippines specifically Binondo ChinaTown as the center of trade in Metro Manila for industrial supply.

   We will accommodate the wisdom of Corporation and also wisdom of cooperative. We will showcase the product presentations of our vendor/suppliers/Sponsors. The wisdom of Purchasing in Singapore will also addressed  by Engr Efren Pimentel.  Mass Marketing of the wisdom of the international purchasing trade event program is best marketing strategy to get you more sponsors and members .


Sweeppp Foundation is the business of changing lives by mass education. The work we do at our Non-Profit Organization is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving all of our society’s biggest challenges. We ensure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities as small business owners and 100% innovative Entrepreneurs all over entire world.

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


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