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July 5, 2015 JILhongKong.org Rally of +8,000 Philippine domestic workers the same day as first www.UNITYurl.com Rally at the UNIFICATION Monument Hong Kong Convention Center documented to the world on www.TheTruthVault.com


Our growing network of partners and churches support 1. Children  2. Women  3. Families  4. Churches  5. Community  6. Corporations  7. Governments   8. Military in this exact order.

The men must also acknowledge and protect these groups if they want to survive the Criminal Ruling Elite who reside among their Politicians, Liar-lawyers, corrupt Judges, corporation executives, and supercriminal enterprises like www.WhereIsRobertRose.com



BidOnKeith.com is Keith Duncan's Prime Consulting World Trading Enterprise Mission companies that teach our world how to Love and Care for each other at all levels of society. Anyone can partner with Keith by contacting him directly or simply calling USA government to DO THEIR JOBS after all this time.


www.CreatorKeith.com is Keith Duncan's ultimate Product and Services catalog to distribute the world's best solutions to the rest of mankind.  Investors are needed now to complete these world saving missions for all of mankind. Pending USA General Services Administation (G.S.A) contract is worth mega Millions for IcStand.com  PhoneCradle.com offered to AT&T President with IseeATT.com Glenn_Lurie@ATT.com in November 2010 when all 'HELL' broke loose about Robert Dee Rose.