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We are widely known Sovereign World Registered Royalty based in Manila, USA, worldwide.

Example of Gold Bullion bars ready for exchange on Open Legal Market. Contact us. Click PDF -->>.

Our current offer to sell is all exisiting Gold on the OPEN market for use ONLY by semiconductors and Electricity transmission use of and Download all our the PDF files on and TAKE ACTION. These Gold bars are mostly SECRET PIRATED wealth from King Solomon days and most have never been fully and legally documented ownership and possession certifications. They were never legally acquired if they do NOT  have full document evidence of chain of ownership and acquisitions. EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE ensures Seizure of any CRIMINAL wealth is turned over BACK to our 7.8 billion people to complete New World System.

We are offering this sale using Joint Escrow Bank Account and secure checks and balance process to ensure that both Buyer and Seller organizations are fully protected by joint inspections and security protocols that all parties jointly authorize.

Keith Duncan Tel: +(63) x917 335-4300 

Keith Duncan + others are the broker agents of record authorized to qualify and vet any prospective buyer to protect our sellers best interests. Supply your letter of credentials to us for back ground checks using Interpol use of FOIA.ONE

Example: July 21, 2019  LME Gold Spot Price 1425.70 USD/fine troy ounce. (Spot price Example only) 1000Kilos =1 USMetric ton. 29,166.62 troy Ounces/US ton  x  $1425.70 USD =  $41,582,850. USD per 6.2Kg Bar (example)
51.03 Pesos per USD as of July 21, 2019.  25 bars of 6.2kilos (180.833troyOz) = $6,445,341 USD  (example)
  To ensure Integrity, below video (unmute audio) showcases we are 100% legitimate and trustworthy with our #1 anti crime technology showcased to world of FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE that eliminates any possibility of cyber financial crimes using Video Recorded transactions to create legally binding contracts to enforce compliance of stipulated terms and conditions.  We invite everyone in world to use these world saving solutions seen at with focus on how one new world eliminates all political underground crime networks forever. 
   Anyone can call our teams, email or skype us: BuiltByKeith2
The VIDEO below illustrates WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO professionally for all mankind.
Most Critical Broadcast about GOD's GOLD. With FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE all of GOD's wealth reserves + deposit boxes will be opened in presence of registered owner on Open Circuit TV for the following exposure reasons of enforced integrity and ethical ownership.

 This applies to entire new world society driven by each of these ordained solutions for al humanity:  If the owner can not prove with traceable certified documents they are the rightful legal owner of the contents, they loose it. This includes anyone who is using the registered owner as a proxy. For trillions of $$ of real assets are hidden worldwide originating from long line of criminal dynasty networks. Driven by EVOTE.ONE, anyone whose integrity rating is below 'to be determined percent, they are shunned and isolated until they restore the wealth back to their original victims and get foregiveness. All recorded in FOIA.ONE so that no one can criminally claim slander, libel, or breach violation of any existing laws. is the 'kingpin' solution to virtually and literally enforce Justice and Social peace for all people. is the single open Public Constitutional Law Mandate Manifesto Commandments that ensures enforcement of all Civil rights since even United Nations has no power to enforce any of their resolutions.  These were the original Solution*.com answers to mankinds base root issues of predatory greed that has enslaved our population under rule of the Criminal Ruling Elite = Political Corrupt Government and mega Corporation Executives who work with underground criminal networks to steal our Mutual Creators wealth on false premise and then cover up all evidence, destroy key eyewitnesses, and

Our lifetime focus has always been leveraging technology to prevent crimes and resulting poverty.  We have the answer solutions to re distribute the criminal wealth back to our 7.7 billion people so no scammers, cyber criminals, terrorists, political dynasties can ever dominate and control our world markets. Solved forever with legacy 3 simple solutions that replace and bypass all price fixing stock markets, insider trading, scams/financial crimes, and inability for StockHolders to stabilize their own stock values by electing their corporate executives and collectively setting the benefit packages. Contact anyone on our teams to teach our world leaders how to UNIFY reform entire world.
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