top of page simple $ systems are revolutionary reduction of almost all fossil fuels to ZERO. Only by direct ACTION mass publicity will each of these perfected systems become your free society (c)(tm)(r) Patent 1976 Reverses Climate Change Wars.

SolutionEnergy.US we procreated year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC solves all ECO mining and infrastructure issues forever.

Saves 30 to 75% all energy with universal communication control through FOIA.ONE.

All Hydro turbine scalable demo reverses mass poverty.

PRIME Command is DELIVER this to ALL TOP Executives and PRESS Today !! is selling $40 Billion USD of patents to all major Corporations. -Universal all Electric singularity -30% Conserve control Patents.

Achieves total free Water Air Energy decentralizes $$ everyone.

Headquarters Office +1 770-377-2106. CEO Founder new world economic system kCitizens.

WE GOD's PEOPLE now control and own Energy, Water, Air, Land, and ALL infrastructure.

Common Sense Wisdom and old world technology that has evolved since dawn of our own mankind. is shown to world as the ONLY solution set to empower all stock holders = WE. was always the most famous universal stabilizing engineered system in world history. Starting with to fast path 100% ecology underground mining worldwide, the interlinked pure technology methods empower all mankind to be totally self sufficient devoid of any ruthless criminal ruling elite control over GODs resources that each of you know control, manage, and use to benefit our off the grid communities at all levels.  Once we have unlimited scalable Terra-watts of free Electricity on demand generated by Free Cold Water Turbine Pumped public by WE the and unlimited scalable, WE GODS people now build our very own crime and politic free UTOPIA of GODs heaven as it was procreated originally here on Earth.  Destruction of all persons must NOW occur fast path use of of anyone who pervert manipulate and claim full authority power over MY PEOPLE. Human sex slave drug addiction trading has always been used past 6000 years to enslave WE GODS PEOPLE by brainwashing each of you to believe ONLY 'THEY' can decide who controls our minds, souls, and assets worldwide.  Once each step advance of technology was weaponized by political propaganda claiming we must DESTROY any opposition to THEIR most ruthless control of GODs assets, few steps can ever be taken by the WILL of WE GODS people to overthrow these Devil Warlord Kings and the few 'QUEENS'.

  Yet WE GODS PEOPLE must always RISE UP and LIBERATE ourselves by taking all assets and command authority away from any person who violates GODs laws and our most basic civil rights of new world  

   WHO DO YOU TRUST with our assets? your Bank-ster, PolyTICK, your stock stick market Broker, your zealot charlatan false preacher pastors? WHO?  Do any of YOU actually know why you were procreated in the first place by MY father known as our Mutual Creator?  Clearly simple NO.  If you DID understand current reality, each of you would indeed STAND PROUD and act with Fearless authority to protect the rights, souls, minds, and assets of all others. YET YOU ALL REFUSE since the WHAT IS IN THIS for ME=YOU is the most overriding predatory greed pandemic of all time history. This is also WHY each of you use Devils Advocate criminal conspiracy denial of others to master re educate each other using KEITHS most perfected total economic education replacement system showcased forever by each of YOU.  Perfectly updated as GODs final solution  2022Jan02 as YOUR New world.  Image your world without any safe haven, no electricity, clean safe water, communications, transportation, banking, mall markets and basic food supplies.  Clearly this is WW3-5 of Martial Law, Lawlessness, Genocide, Nuclear war, poison attacks against WE THE PEOPLE at all levels. Only the few Criminal Ruling Elite will hide in those +341,000 Swiss bunkers, and old military underground caves built by YOUR efforts and taxes post WW1.  Not even your imagination, but TRUE reality of current WW3-5. Most Humble SENT by GOD Keith Brent Duncan is your answer solution world saving provider at all levels from nano microcircuit to GODS eye view unbiased procreation of everything that surrounds and IS GODs earth.

   Please ignore any complexity of our broadcasts of YOUR reality, as we have most boldly confidently published provided all solutions worldwide.  Everyone does just HATE White SPACE that says NOTHING.  I asked my DOG what is TWO minus TWO. He answered correctly "NOTHING."  same as most of you.  quote Duncan.  I had a HOT dinner date on 2022Dec10. Her name is 61yold Kim Bacon of IHQ hotel magnets. I will not even need to bring my cooler she is SO HOT of intellectual highest IQ intelligence works in Atlanta GA.  She stood me up at last hour and never showed up to honor her legally binding commitment. Same as MOST of YOU.

Updated 2022Dec09 6pm at PDK Downwind Restaurant hosted by manager KIP who may join us at very soon as MegaBillionaire Corporate Executive Manager at his level. part of GODs of is the most famous simple single solution to massively conserve save ALL energy production and use.  From year 1976 NCSU Raleigh when I was invited inside Master control room of Carolina Power & Light Co with fellow Amateur Radio front liner open public direct digital communicators we made famous by procreating all other Self Saving solutions perfected and gift showcased of GODs Everyone benefits forever once all criminal terrorists are eliminated at all levels.

  Each of these GOD + Keith engineered systems are peace making revolutionary shared collective patents we have gifted through World Changing Saving Intellectual Property foundations. 

  Each of the 125 website broadcasts are compress down to eliminate all unnecessary white space and were always design procreated to be working methods to unify +8 Billion of GODS people all at one TIME by each of you.

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  We were always worlds first to all markets Trillionaires by procreating all levels of GODs technology used forever.

   Entire WORLD MUST go only Cold Water Turbine Electricity AND NOW as in TODAY. value exceeds $20 Trillion USD of 100% green ecology underground mining required to rebuild GODs utopia of


  Reverses ALL the economic wars of Criminal Ruling Elite strip mining GODs world while manipulating all commerce trading platforms to destroy any honest integrity person leaders from eliminating the existing LUCIFER agenda first families worldwide once all of you use EVOTE.ONE part of the most perfected comprehensive turnover of all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and ALL CORPORATE EXECUTIVES of any public traded corporation.


  The true value of all the combined technology copyright patents of this one most profound totally gifted broeadcast website exceeds over $450 TRILLION USD by anyone observation and R&D statistical analysis.

   Keith Duncan MUST be protected NOW by everyone, including OUR Governments at FBI NSA CIA Congressional Presidential all levels. We were always the #1 top PLC energy Psychology perfected expert inventor scientist front liner Philanthropists leading directing All mega Billionaires of GivingPledge.SPACE  of all time. We have already gifted every single method of how each of YOU fast path decentralize OUR assets and command authority back to each of you remaining living mortals based on your greatest places of mortal needs forever as only Peace makers using, and to focus on advancing our own human race devoid of criminal terrorists cyber crooks and any one who violates OUR basic GODs rights to be free will sovereign citizens who have total control management ownership over OUR locally advancing communities.

   This updated 2022Nov24 as we are 100% victimized by almost everyone tied to Doug Duncan and super terrorist Robert DEE ROSE fully exposed in perfect criminal evidence all exposures at

  CLICK HERE to see HOME Page to unify all mortals electronically includes VoiceCommand.US and other perfected Artificial intelligence metaphysics from NGOs owned and control managed by each of you led by most humble SENT by GOD keith brent duncan.

  These most prolific published Patents are procreated to reduce all fossil fuel use down to near ZERO.  This along reverses all Climate Change financial wars worldwide.

  BELOW is the fast path Patented Intellectual Property way of GODs to finally rid our world of all energy War Lords worldwide once and forever. This is the most massive reduction in Electricity use worldwide we procreated year 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC seen at

  The other solutions are all metaphysics interlinked simple financial economic fast path most efficient economic solutions to produce ALL electricity by use of GODS and once all the Co-PIRATES and corrupt anyone are removed from any and all levels of command chain authority at both any GOVERNMENT and and ALL Corporate Executive positions worldwide caused by KEITHs being elected as your new world leader President of

  EVOTE.ONE now replaces All known forms of governments and corporations worldwide by Will of WE GODS people deciding NEXT best Project and WHO is each of OUR Project Managers. is Keith Duncan +1 770 377 2106.  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous +$40 Mega Billion USD valued multi National enterprises of funded GOD's basic simple direct funding +200 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices now co-located Biltmore Estate, theRev. Billy Graham Cove and all other spiritual led organizations worldwide. 

   JOIN us NOW and  immediate OWN Control Manage all first Profits of your own Corporation enterprises.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods by Keith Brent Duncan was Procreator FatherGOD + MotherEarthFirst + son only 100% ecology economic green system to unify all mortals forever using Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE of holding everyone accountable to act with fearless authority to protect the rights of GOD, Keith, and each of your neighbors. As of June 26, 2022, World War 5 holyCost Holocaust apocalypse end times is about to self genocide all humanity caused by named criminal terrorist defendents who can not longer escape and hide behind criminal liar lawyers, corrupt Politicians, manmade loophold Laws by claiming Corporate and elected Government avatar entity immunity.

     Once we GODs people exercise total control and ownership of unlimited free water, free unlimited energy of Electricity from ONLY water powered turbines and we now own all infrastructure including our free communication services, OUR state of last art Education schools, Community shared Civic Church Farmers market town hall Centers. WE control the use of all of GODs resources including direct ownership control development of OUR personally owned homes of, WE own control use of all lakes, watersheds, and parklands and even now redevelop reforest all mountians, deserts, piedmonts, coastlands, all oceans and farmland forever.

   ONLY by our own destruction of all levels of criminals and terrorists will WE GOD people achieve UTOPIA of This now occurs once each of you host mediate Town Hall Forums of starts with worlds LAST as the most powerful full scale replacement system of all electronic driven eDevices in world history legacy. This one GODs method was patented 2012 while Keith was kidnapped on orders of Robert Dee Rose Sept 26, 2011 seen at most profitable + $500 Million USD real and punitive damages Class Action Miscarriage of Lawsuit ever filed BY the FBI AG and each of you.

   The other world saving GODs technology engineered solutions provide almost FREE unlimited water and electricity to all world residents 7.9 billion People all empowered to deal with any local infrastructure issue by WE COMMANDING all leaders next best project using includes to unify mankind by providing almost free UNLIMITED water and Electricity use of patents we gifted to everyone

Related 14 year criminal delay is HERE:

  Cobb County GA 22-1-3042-68 filed on May 3, 2022 since not a SINGLE honest or damned soul has ever intervened and protected our life, our assets, or seized ROSE + 125 others.

   The perfected enginneered solution concept of this universal PLC replacement smart circuit breaker was procreated by most humble World #1 inventor Keith Brent Duncan at NCSU Raleigh in year 1977 on his visit to the CP&L highly secured operations control center located on Hillsborogh Street near his Sullivan dorm as top RA. Keiths dear cousin is Atty David Fountain who is now top Attorney Counsel for USA GOV's authority in Knoxville Tenn. No one contacts ANYONE since Greed rules all.

  Most odd is that absolutely NO ONE has actually put Keith on National TV to describe the most perfected revolution technology system of each of you holding everyone else fully accountable for your and theri actions to focus on building community infrastructure now owned and managed by each of you collectively using town hall forums of

  Clearly legacy history has shown that Keith was personally sent by GOD to teach self saving systems of all perfected aspects of once and forever.


   Each of the interlinked Patents are gifted to all humanity to solve the #1 issue of Energy metaphysics harnessing of GODs power systems for generating 100% free all world electricity now powered by and No more fossil fuel use except for and Space Travel now solved by and patent Gods engineered systems. 

  Update June 12, 2022 as the worlds most wealthy scientist engineers who join get paid back reality TRILLIONS of USD in patents sold off and new small business supply chain who all now use Keiths New world free economic Systems to eliminate all stock markets and mega banks forever. and original 1976 procreated and new world  to fully protect all inventions, copyrights, patents, trademarks and open up our internet domains for free public use.

   Destruction of all criminal and terrorist networks at all levels was always the prime focus of WE GODS people controlling our using GOD + to fast path put in prison and Death Row all human right violators of GODs commandments of legally binding

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