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" Keith Duncan comes from an extremely dysfunctional family of self centered and even criminal siblings, ex-wife, and two sons.  This has resulting in the publication of the Cause and Effect of why so many predators around the world succeed in perverting our legal and financial systems.   These Acts of Wisdom  create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, gun control,  almost free Housing, clean water air, and personal security a top priority. With 40 years of extensive and impecciable credientially community, church, and international civic and business experience, I produced the worlds first comprehensive solutions, teach the entire world how navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done in the most efficient methods of removing political criminals and those criminals who abuse your rights."


EDUCATION and are just two of hundreds of educational solutions published by despite so many Constitional RIght violations by very high powered USA government officials who are running and often RUINING your lives and futures also.


  Famous explains how everyone will have title to their own land, almost free access to builidng supplies, and be able to create their own self-regulatred communities anywhere in the world without need for passports and visas.  See


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