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  • LinkedIn Social Icon is advocate of original to rid our mutual MotherEarth of all sexual predators who stalk, groom, and even murder kill our young people of  Charles is indeed a severely self admitted addict of daily alcohol, pot, smokes 2 packs, and even roams bars and country clubs looking for ladies to meet his sexual needs even though he has been married long time to Peruvian wife.

  PLEASE contact Charles Rogers and actually SUPPORT his original advocacy to have Cobb County Judge berry Victor Reynolds put into prison and even death row for what VIC did to 22-1-2068 filed May 3, 2022 value exceeds $500 Million USD required public scandal Press Conferences and personal apologies from all involved in Coverup of Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 canceled July 15, 2011 by him.

  WHO do you actually TRUST and KNOW to protect my life today while greatest roundup purge occurs by ONLY each of YOUR direct search and seize.

GODs timeline updated 2024March27 was is led by YOU of top world mega Billionaires of as total replacement of all laws done by ratified BY FOR OF, WE GODs PEOPLE as ONLY PeaceMakers worldwide.  Directly VISIT best top existing Corporate Executives, TOP best Politicians (polyTicks), and best top NEWS broadcasters NOW NOW NOW !

  Worst crimes against humanity are being conducted by millions of violators now showcased by each of you USING perfected Omnipresent Omnipotent intrinsic persistent normalized total replacement vote by our decision Gods methods of  Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE once and forever. Includes use of tied to monthly town hall forums so YOU decide NEXT best project and WHO is each of OUR highly paid in only cash Project Manager Consultants at GOV and all Corp executive roles.

    This also unifies 8 billion GODS children as ONLY peaceMakers use of EVOTE.ONE by WE Decided NEXT best infrastructure project and then WE PICK CHOOSE who is the best highly paid in ONLY cash Project Manager Consultant.  Dr. non continues to blast away slander libel and threatening to harm anyone who exposes HIS lifetime addiction to WEED and Beer BOOZE alcohol. Even clearly states this in the PDF file below, I cut and pasted on MY historical legacy intrinsic persistent broadcasts so YOU will all be famous for mass publicity spread of all the answer solution methods that GOD sent Keith Duncan personally to showcase so EVERYONE is now a PEACEMAKER PEACEKEEPER owner operator of and GODs as overseers guardian angel protector philanthropists of all trade expertise use of Romans 12 to destroy those showcased at Matthew Chapter 23 forever.

  Note: Charles Rogers carries a small 4 shot 22 pistol from a lady drug/sex dealer parking lot assault back in summer 2022 at Mazzys Bar & Grill Holcomb Bridge Rd, Norcross near scene of most massive robberies of all time 6326 Brandywine Trail Norcross GA 30092 showcased at Note: NON Dr. CR carries a sock with large ball bearing in his pocket as he did have martial arts training. 

   Anyone can CONTACT anyone as PRIVACY is hereby Abolished use of what I personally demonstrated below 2 diagrams of GODs forever is defined as recursive of the word LOVE and GODs Eternity of original UTOPIA Heaven versus damnation of HELL forever. There never was a purgatory holding area for partially guilty humans. Even R.C. church will now be held fully accountable for WHO are the insiders who violate GOD and our basic human civil rights. clearly shows GODs original methods of holding ANYONE accountable for violating GODs rights and those of WE GODS people. we met Feb 23, 2011 Marietta Cobb COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171 conspiracies to defraud us of everything we had already gifted to all mortals.


Most recently CHARLES ROGERS posted on OUR channel that Keith was a sexual pervert homosexual in criminal conspiracy with my International terrorist Brother Douglas Vernon Duncan of Cary NC who everyone must direct call cell 919-271-9050 at 803 GreenWood Circle, Cary NC to order he be arrested NOW on charges of multiple levels of murder for hire conspiracies through his own hunting assassination club he hosts every Tuesday night at his home.

   Charles was video recorded stalking DOUG on his property back in May 2021 time frame after I video recorded his locations and already spent +2,000 USD and 2 weeks going directly to local Wake County Judge to order TPOs be signed and same TURNOVER to following persons, literally EVERYONE MUST call KEITH and all others NOW to finally liberate yourselves using EVOTE.ONE all part of GODs original tribal clan system of Updated Nov 18, 2022 as we just called Charles located in Sandy Springs same DIRECT command for HIM to surrender today.

  Everyone, including CHARLES ROGERS home address is clearly listed on his GA DL and in OUR NCIC national crime information center databases.

  Keith has always showcased our exact locations and all aspects we are 100% victimized by literally everyone, same as each of YOU.

   FBI MUST be direct contacted NOW.  Focus everyone on Atlanta FBI Director JC HACKER 404-679-9000, washingTON FBI 202-324-3000, as THEY always were commanded to focus on ROBERT DEE ROSE and all others who violate OUR RIGHTS really got dead serious year 1949 creation of UN and state of Israel. is YOUR action to decentralize ALL authority and wealth back to OUR communities of greatest mortal needs international use of Town hall conclaves.


   Charles ROGERS must be protected and actually host mediate required Press Conferences to showase what he personally has experienced turning over all human sex predators to YOU and our new world

   All the quoted scripture and common sense publications are indeed USELESS unless applied at universal level by everyone. is GODs method of decentralizating ALL wealth and command authority back to each of YOU. CALL us direct +1 770-377-2106 and GO DIRECTLY in person to best top Corporate Executive leaders AND top best National news Media PRESS broadcasters today..   Direct FUND Angel Guardian teams today.

  Right NOW: Everyone CONTACT NATIONAL News + OUR FBI and protect Charles Rogers from the domestic and international criminal terrorists he has personally turned over to you + DOJ DOD past 25 years of who has been terrorizing USA GOV and YOU.  95% of these +65 terrorists originated up in Murphy NC USA area are part of Eric Rodolph and FBIs named Finders Occult. Yet no one ever ever responds.

  Includes original criminal John Uccelini who FBI AG DOJ knew about back during Olympic Park Atlanta Georiga bombing when John called in the second 911 call 30 minutes before July 27, 1996 1:20 am explosions..  Charles Rogers called FBI at 3pm as soon as Eric Rodolph and others STILL IN Murphy NC were drunk + smoking Meth weed laughing about how many thousands they were about to kill remotely. Charles personally had convinced them NOT to blow up the park 2 days prior when was performing that would have certainly killed thousands of top celebrities and Olympic VIP athletes.

 Current 2022 Bejing Winter Olympics will certainly also be attacked by criminal terrorists we showcased decades ago.  NO ONE actually has any solution methods to eliminate all criminals at one time except KEITH DUNCAN since KEITH also has been totally forsaken, persecuted, and almost murdered by Robert Dee ROSE.

  Keith personally paid over $6,000 USD to Charles for all his hotels, food, gas, repairs on his 2001 truck that needs NEW tires. I did offer to buy him a new home and car. He refused claiming HE is not at liberty to discuss WHY GOD procreated him. Appears by Feb 5, 2022 he goes back to Raleigh NC federal court on below.

  Charles has a prime issue that no one actually protects your life, your assets, and your families once the worst corporate Executives and sociopath/pscyhopath/Narcisists decided to depopulate our world at all levels.  Charles is at 404-579-5615 and is indeed delussional that ONLY HE was sent by GOD to deliver each criminal terrorist to FBI, HLS, Congress, PRESS, literally everyone at one time. THAT is truly impossible as terrorists have already infiltrated our corporate and government databases and have rouge agents inside OUR investigative dept of justice agencies criminally blocking any and all simple turnovers.

    NO DELAY and NO EXCUSES since Charles works full time for our fatherGOD here on earth.  Few if anyone else has shown engineered technology systems to destroy the worst criminal predators and terorrists worldwide. If they had, we would already live in the UTOPIA of GODs heaven as it was procreated here on

  Everyone now HOST mediate Town Hall Forums of GODs clan conclaves.

  This remains the most critical formal request we have ever made. CALL CHARLES and immediately send these GOD delivered solution methods to all National News Media, to ALL top World Leaders, to ALL top Religious Spiritual leaders, and focus on our very own USA GOV FBI HLS agencies actually PROTECT CHARLES life and demand he be put on national News TV, Radio, Newspapers TODAY !!!!.  NOT tommorrow, TODAY !!! 

  Updated Dec 31, 2011 so everyone BENEFITS using as the only GODs solution of direct real time eDemocracy of Gods tribal clan system that truly destroys all criminals and terrorists hidden secret violator enterprises. is = 

 Today: Contact debrief protect Keith Duncan +1 770-377-2106. Put us on Top News Broadcasts NOW !  We are God Sent teaching world Self-Salvation that truly lasts once and forever use of EVOTE.ONE

Call Founder at +1 404-579-5615 right now.

Founder John Anderson in Canada at 236-983-7022.   

   Everyone MUST contact Top Governors, Congress, POLICE, top Corporate Executives NOW. Same as Keith did 2005 forward as HE works for GOD.


  Few of you understand that millions of sex predators are your next door neighbors and peer workers, some are Presidents of USA (BlowHard Bill Clinton) as most are demographically white males age 45 to 80. Many claim their crimes are biblically justified because of their historical abuse by others during their young years.  Keith Duncan requests everyone to support our growing ministries with direct funding to Charles R and Jacob B in Atlanta based on their turn-over of Army of God in Murphy NC direct 30 year old crime ties to Eric Rodolph, BP Sam Duncan, +45 other bomb building terrorists of Birmingham Al abortion clinic, Centennial park July 27 1996, aborted bomb truck HomeDepot Corp Head-quarters July 17, 1997, Memphis AT&T Dec 25, 2020, Washington D.C. Jan 5, 2021, + 90 schoolyard bombs placed by Rodolph back in 1996. NC Governor Jim Hunt  in 2002 granted Charles R permission to track this international terrorist groups tied to Keiths own brother Douglas Vernon Duncan of Cary NC tied to GA Gov Zell Miller and Berry Victor Reynolds and even AG atty Sally Q Yates of

   Below is GODs plan for national and International common law to put any sex rape or murder predator of child under age 12 on death row once convicted by and victims decisions of no plea bargain appeals.  Use of tribunal now used as back up to confirm convictions rather than now elected Supreme Court Justices worldwide.

    All sex predators of any child and women will now be systematically eliminated using old technology methods by training each of your communities how to fast path identify WHO is WHO worldwide use of FOIA.ONE and, including deployment of = total tort reform.

  Basis is every one of you has a right to autoface recognize anyone in your neighborhood and know WHO is that Person based on their previous criminal history and accusations by any other victim of same person. does this with use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE once and forever.

  Using Keiths open public shared database of fast path back ground checks each person based on single International ID known as IID. No one can ever violate your GOD gifted rights to hold anyone else fully accountable.

  This one GOD delivered system MUST become new replacement laws to put any sex predator in PRISON and even DEATH ROW if they rape and/or murder any child under age of 12 with no plea bargaining ever allowed.

  Anyone convicted of a sex offense is now required to post their picture, their IID, their exact home/work address in front of their residence and also carry their convicted court documents with them to prove their identity.

   This God delivered system Include elimination of all the SexPats and sex tourists Keith Duncan personally saw and researched in Hong Kong then Philippines July 4, 2015 to Jan 12, 2021.  We even debriefed Interpol back 2014, PNP, DOJ, DOD, literally all of you with focus on year 2005 to Oct 3, 2011 when Keith was criminally kidnapped on orders of ROBERT DEE ROSE who testified in court TPO 11.1.7683.99 he and Amy Rose had grievously endangered their very own children Nov 14, 2010 video that was never admitted into evidence, same as all HIS crimes against humanity. is citizens arrest system to put any criminal in prison fast path Keiths methods.

BOOK Duncan +1 770.377.2106  HeadQuarters Asheville NC, soon Zurich, London, NYC, Paridise Island and ROSES 93 foot Running with the Roses SuperYacht to be renamed is GODs plan of protecting all children from the most horrific predators known as sex offenders who routinely stalk, rape, murder our young ones for the pure pleasure that is not even an idealogoy. Passing Death Row laws at TOP International Level of stabilizes our human race as prevention by deterrence laws enforced by each community is the ONLY answer Keith has depoloyed alread.

  Just WHEN will everyone DIRECT CALL News MEDIA like, CNN, AJC, Gov Kemp, Biden, Congressmen, DOJ, DOD, and of course TOP corporate leaders and pastors like Andy Stanley at NorthPoint Community Church and as these key named persons were always WHO father Keith must DEBRIEF.

 June 10, 2021Peacesummit2020,com is GODs final answer to UNIFY mankind. same as alpha dawn of man. Evote,one is universal non-JUDGMENTAL one world voting system so tribal communities deal with THEIR own local issues. NO taxes, NO gov, NO mega Corporate Executives who think they RULE as KINGS of Hong KONG Kings. Slave Trading is the most horrific crimes against humanity including sacrificial torture killing of my Father GODs young children. author of part of CCWGuard. space and all other aspects of total world unification.

June 8, 2021. Chief John Robsin Expecting Police and law enforcement to secure our communities is a Great Lie of the LUCIFERS who prey on our children, women, elderly, and disabled. The GOD delivered system we have been asked by our Father in Heaven to deliver is here to command finally be held CONCLAVE to mediate host with all top Corporate Executives and World Presidents + Leaders + all Pastors exactly WHY GOD procreated us to SOLVE all our own issues using GODS + Keiths pioneered first to market technology of products and services. This is the supply chain of producing local products directly to consumer clients that destroys the LUCIFER agenda of layer on layer of manmade laws, regulations, bills, contracts, and directives that only enrich those known as NWO Criminal ruling Elite.  My Driver Charles was harassed in Alpharetta GA TUXDOOR in his neighborhood by 5 police squads who violated your rights to actually meet Keith Duncan face to face to show how all these GOD engineered systems are the ONLY Way to BEAT the criminals into prison, exile, and yes, millions are now designated to go on DEATH ROW for their refusals to SURRENDER and confess who are their victims and pay back 10x restitution.

Alpharetta PD (678) 297-6300 2565 Old Milton Parkway. is hereby formally required to release the police dept report June 7, 2021 11 pm and make written apology to Charles R and show who are civil harassing this one registered resident. A lady and man told me to "GET the FUCK our of their neighborhood' on Sunday as I dropped Roger at his home. Someone said I was talking to underage teenagers sharing and  This I have personally done my entire life of 62 years. I talk with babies, ladies, men, World Leaders, Pastors, literally everyone I meet. Do I really need to continue generating Last Testament Scripture on WHY GOD sent me to Earth to peace solution-make global total equality world peace?

  Dr C.R. is debriefing Alpharetta Police at 4pm today to ask WHY is anyone harassing him and Keith.

Watch these four videos to finally convince each of you, I AM WHO I AM, sent by GOD and YOUR job was always to TAKE ACTION to protect your very own community using the technology methods GOD sent me to deploy NOW. deals with each Community protecting all of our children equally by simple use of OLD technology to identify globally WHO ARE the SEX PERVERT PREDATORS with FOIA.ONE and isolating all criminals with  immediately deployed use of and Open Circuit TV that is all our smart phones and webcams combined with existing CCTV.

  RIGHT NOW, Command our own LawMakers worldwide to PASS required law of:

 "Any person who rapes and/or murders any child under age 12 is put on Death Row with use of EVOTE.ONE speedy trial 3-10 day accused to conviction time limit. No plea bargaining is allowed."

   Best Precedents are now voided including the Eric Robert Rodolph, Charles Mason, Pastor Cult Terrorist Jim Jones, Waco Texas, Timothy McVeigh, and others who take great pleasure in murder, rape, genocide, bombings, and causing martial law that always PROFITS the criminal ruling elite who sell more products and services. Best example was the Rodney King, George Floyd, and O J Simpson slow speed LA chase when record sale of Dominos Pizzas were home/office delivered as millions of stupid slave traded GODs people watched the BOOB TUBE fascinated by blood, guts, gore, murder, be-headings, slander, libel, and the dance of the worst criminals known as Liar Lawyers, Prosecutors, and corporate executives known as 'SPIN DOCTORS' who always take FIRST criminal profits once they are the TOP JUDGES, commanders, Media Executives, and top Corporate Executives known collectively as 'CRIMINAL RULING ELITE' and Cyber crime terrorists.  Prevention is always the ONLY answer by will of Majority of community leader proxies who rally town Hall Forums to decide the reality of NEXT best project. is GODs only answer of ONE singularity New World Constitution personally delivered by Duncan currently testify witnessing everything to everyone to achieve total world equality social $$ peace once and forever.   Updated Memorial Day May 31, 2021 in Raleigh/Durham RTP area going to sub host Memorial Rally at Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, City of Cary Town Hall.

 Keith went to RTP GBS UNCTV News Station Sunday evening 5 pm to gift everything again and again to GODS people since Keithis on the final mission of GOD and Humanity to deal with all of human maladies all caused by Predatory Greed, sin, vice, crime. is old open public VIDEO community visual auto-face recognition technology procreated by Keith.   

   Contact and direct FUND us today at 770-377-2106 International Headquarters.  We will provide you educational awareness training of all Tech Systems to protect our children anywhere around GOds World.   Part is use of, to provide safe haven dormitories and OCTV monitored counseling for victims at all levels. is WORLD changing Paradigm shift as we show how to fast path transfer TRILLIONS of real USD from the worlds ELITE to complete EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE that is basis of everything of one degree of separation of all 7,8 Billion people and all electric devices use of Gods systems.

  We must all identify and find new loving parents, church groups, elder Mentor educators, food, and basic infrastructure to prevent sexual perverts from rape/murdering anyone. The education system uses and and depositing all information of WHO is WHO into FOIA.ONE GODs engineered system unifies each community as self sufficient dealing with their own local issues. My Father GOD, Christ, and other fore-founding Messianic Messengers have showcased these same ordained methods. All religious leaders only have prime focus purpose to ask their congregations WHAT DO WE NEED to DO NEXT?  Few if any pastors actually serve and protect with no concern over personally profiteering. Most love being worshiped claiming OH JUST Magnify GOD =Pray to Jesus, Wait for CHRIST to come 'Save your bacon = neck". Oh, Please give indulgence payoffs to be forgiven for the sins you are about to commit (pre-confession). Surely Keith has been GOD sent to show reality of how to reform magnify each other by outreach ministries and enlisting everyone to act with fearless authority to protect the rights of all of GOD's children people.

Watch Video #1066 from USA Christmas 2018 Atlanta GA, site of massive crime attacks against our communities and our own GOVERNMENT law enforcement agencies (cyber crime terrorism of infiltrating our key databases and court systems prevents anyone knowing WHO is WHO = FOIA.ONE ).

Almost ALL crimes easily prevented with simple use of existing technology and human psychology to prevent entry into our secured communities using the simple step by step training methods to isolate and turn away anyone not on legitimate business visits. CLICK on Rev 1.0 .PDF + .DOC upper left and use these ratified proven solutions to all our Captains, Police, and Military.  Soon WORLD Leaders will finally host Press Conferences to be 1st to Market these 100% most peaceful solutions already delivered to world +11 years ago.


  CCWGuard = also achieves Total World Global Peace by all communities dealing with the sex predators who traffic in murder and abuse of our children world wide.

   Contact Our International Headquarters direct +1 770-377-2106. +1 725-200-7683 USA.

Use everything we have gifted from our Mutual FatherGOD to take ACTION to eliminate the worst criminals in world history from conducting crime enterprises in our villages.

 Georgia USA Code Statue  16-6-4   WestLaw 16-6-4 full Statue. Top CEO Advocate  founder is Mr. CR 404-579-5615 use CrN @hotmail who has personally prevented 92 bomb attacks on Elem School Baseball parks of Terrorist Serial Murderer Eric Robert Rudolph. Same as Robert Dee Rose, Berry Vic Reynolds, Hitler, Stalin, the list has always been endless.  CR alone contacted FBI and law enforcement to rescue over 250 kidnapped abused raped children from year 1980 forward. He remains anonymous since no one has ever paid him for his extreme services back to each of YOU = Humanity. Same as in Atl June 3, 2021. 

   The simple data driven system of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE identifies worldwide WHO is WHO. Use of one IID prevents anyone of assuming identity of you, our most beloved GOD procreated people who were all conceived to LOVE, CARE, PROTECT and share all resources communally.  Congressional Investigations of WHO are criminally blocking investigations inside our very own FBI AG, DEA, HLS, CIA, NSA, even military MUST occur now. Same as 50 years ago when technology we pioneered enabled cyber terrorists to criminal sexual perverts to roam freely by infiltration our root information repositories.

  #1 PRIORITY past 10 documented biblical years is to crowd fund us today and book us on National TV broadcasts to ask us anything regarding what we know to PREVENT crimes in the first place. We are the Guardian Angels Trust Foundation of who teach simple common sense, use of technology, and our FatherGODs original 11 commandments seen at as New World SOCIETY

We are showing how Death Penalty for sexual perverts raping our children under age 12 must be a State, then Federal Law, then International Human Rights law as a universal standard show by Gods original commandments of protect all children and women.

Use of will set the required ages, conditions of violations, as well as required sentencing parameters.

Google search quote "917,771 # of Sex registered Offenders in USA as of Dec 2, 2020. " Point 3 percent = .3% of USA residents are convicted. More are never reported to old police FBI system for most obvious reason of fear of the victims and their families. Many more unknown perverts exist who are not physically raping and murder our children and must be classified separately.  Most perverts are active stalkers.  How many millions of men (women have zero history of being any sex perverts) are only closet perverts who never stalk or solicit sex physically? We do not know these numbers, yet other experts must step forward to work with us.  Who has these statistics of how Pornography is the ROOT basis for all Prostitution, Gambling, Drug abuse, literally all of world LUCIFER issues of GREED and crimes against Humanity.  Read:

 Regarding Death Penalty worldwide, it is common sense that any super criminal who refuses to confess their crimes and surrender all evidence and pay back full 3x restitution must be put to death by decisions of the VICTIMs and their families.. No one can argue or debate this most moral reality of WHY our FATHERGOD permits free will choice based on Civil Rights fully protected and legally enforced use of worlds last Open Public Constitution Covenant delivered by GOD 3400 years ago.

  Experts only estimate about 5% of sex offenders are female. Keith is personal victim of a sex predator Ms. Bashama aka Tammy Jo Auston seen on with a $1 million USD Bounty on her head from Feb 4, 2011 robbery Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 police report keith filed to put her crime network on death row.

  Reality is mega Millions of GODs people are mass impoverished, starved, slave human trafficked (see known as Overseas Foreign Workers Marites Liggua Duncan -Philippine wife of Keith)  , murdered, genocide, crimes against humanity caused ONLY by super Bigots and Racists who are same Mega Corporate Executives and MOST of our very own Government officials. Representatives of our communities are now ONLY highly paid consultant advisors who are paid to complete the NEXT best project. The basis is use of Social Demographics and open public source databases centered on FOIA.ONE that showcase WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, Who violates existing laws, and WHO trades what with who at all levels.

  NO SECRETS is  If anyone commits vice against another, they are order commanded to SURRENDER and pay back 3 times restitution. NO taxes or DOJ Judges or liar lawyers are needed as everyone faces JUDGment based on universal use of

  Our current JUDICIAL systems are mandated by LawBreakers who use Precedent laws to convict innocent victims.


  Why is SaintKEITH the only current reality person who fearlessly protects the rights of all of GODs people and children...

  CALL us directly right now to hear reality and BOOK us to speak on National TV since our very own news media focuses only on 'WHAT BLEEDs, Always Leads". Our world is so deadly focused on BAD Red FLAG Propaganda days of infamy news, and never on how to educate each community with peacemaking forums to Prevent crimes in the first place using

  93,000 Sex offenders are in Wilmington Delaware. Majority are in isolated midwest and remote isolated regions, NOT in major cities.

No one wants to think about having sex offenders in their city, but with a total of 917,771 registered sex offenders in the United States and its territories, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,1 it's a harsh reality that must be faced. shows how to plant thousands of new community shared worship education centers to educate Gods people how to eliminate all world bigots, racists, and cyber criminals once and forever.

  Keiths most recent GODs broadcast is tied to

  MissingKids Hot Tip Line is 800-843-5678.  Please Call CEO John Clark today as FOIA.ONE is GODs last open public database of WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades what with GPS WHO, WHEN, Why, where. This is GODs designed technology solution of tracking who violates GODs basic constitutional covenant legally bind due process of law.  Keiths GOD delivered system know consolidates the Sex Offener registry online for access by entire world of Gods children now +7.8 Billion Unified using SaintKeith simplified technology engineer systems.


   May 2, 2021.  Reality is top PIRATE CRIMINAL BROKER executives control OUR databases and infrastructure at all levels. NAMED THEY THEM are the root cause of all mass poverty war, cultural wars. teaching REALITY is showing HISTORY of mankind. Critical Race Theory is how lunatics PERVERT the reasons why MY FATHERGOD created imperfect mankind to SOLVE their own racial bigot terrorist mindsets of WHAT IS IN THIS FOR ME? Most use single words to DENY the rights of all others. ONLY original Alpha prevents racial depopulation all at one time, Ministries of GOD sent use of to GENERATE all of humanities answer methodology preventative solutions once and forever. CrowdFUND us and CALL International headquarters broadcast Trust FOUNDATION angel guardians at 770-377-2106. Otherwise My Father GOD will abandon earth and watch from Heaven as everyone BOOM BOOM BOOM blomb BLOWS each other up WWfive. Use of EVOTE.ONE advances HUMAN RACE to next level of civilization use of that deal with any issue with out any politics or ego arrogance involved. is the ONLY answer of ROUNDTABLE with MEDIATOR keith to solve prevent ALL of community issues at root of greed sin, vice, and crime conspiracies that embezzle GODS resources to those known collectively as ELITE and CRIMINAL enterprises that originated 8000 years ago in Egypt known as PONZI MLM schemes of REACTIVE. stops all CAPTAIN HOOK conspiracies and feeds the criminals to the proverbial crocodiles of the NILE by death row convictions of and Keith.

  April 15-29, 2021 Keiths Evangelist Frontliners are in Atlanta, Asheville, now Charlotte NC witness testifying to entire world. We always REQUIRED you our most beloved people to SUPPORT us and CALL Us to paradign shift entire humanity to use for GODS purpose to finally unify mankind all at one time.


 April 9, 2021 Keiths Evangelist Frontliner teams are at Billy Graham Cove Asheville NC today. Office  (828) 771-4800 to turnover to GODs world. The worst criminal terrorists in world history are named (and hidden) corporate Executives (Europe Zurich, London, Wall Street, and other cyber crime infiltration money laundering secret centers worldwide who prey on our women, children, babies, elderly, and even murder in secret rituals to intimidate new corporate executive recruits to do their bidding as Lucifer Agents.  Over 8000 Years ago, Egyptian Pharaohs used the same brainwashing cult propaganda to convince their slave traded citizens they had no rights to live as sovereign ambassadors of GODS dominion.  Keith has most formally requested on emergency basis since summer of 2011 to host with top World Corporate Executives and World Presidents to MEDIATE how to command demand named Corporate Executives and Lucifer broker decrepit  persons stand down as leaders using EVOTE.ONE and  Call Keith right now.

  Our prime proponent traveling with Keiths teams is advocating Death Penalty for any rapists of our underage babies and children as a deterrent for anyone who violates GODs basic laws of NEVER murder or be a sexual pervert at any level. Keiths system replaces over 95% of outdated laws that only push first profits to the same top Corporate Mega Executives worldwide.

  This is EVOTE.ONE single new world system as each community direct democracy vote decides the next best project and final results administered by ONLY consultants formally known as gov officials and corporate executives.


  April 7, 2021 Reality shows that millions of our newborns, youngsters, teenagers are used by sex predators worldwide. Many if not most of these lunatic predators are very wealthy corporate and even government officials. The crimes against humanity are so massive that only ACTION by YOU GODs people will identify who violate GODs laws of PROTECT our children, women, elderly, and disabled.  Our MEN are always the root predatory issues who have mindset of Charles Manson, Hitler, Eric Rodolph (1996 bombing crime sprees that have never been fully investigated on massive manhunt of those in NGA and NC mountains known as the Army of GOD), the Jim Jones Cult mentality, a statistical few (might be high percentage) of Roman Catholic priests, and even a high percentage of the wealthy Christian and Muslim religious leaders. Examples are Jimmy Swaggart and Apollo Q(possible), and recent death of Bro Eli Sorino of Philippines.

   The PRIME method of eliminating these sex predators is open sharing of criminal evidence by collective victims. Our children MUST be protected by action of local communities to put these abused children into newly constructed communal temporary camps that resemble Boy Scout and Church Camp compounds. Then local concerned citizens provide all the local funding and counseling help to educate these displaced children they were never at fault for the crimes against humanity. The local community then finds foster and permanent adoptive parents. This applies to international adoption agencies sharing all information on sex predators and victims using worlds LAST open public Database delivered By KEITH DUNCAN, GODS sent messianic messenger.

   Keith is serial victim of Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Duncan Clan, Murdered Brian Walker and each person who false testified that keith violated any law. not only puts 85 to 125 persons in prison and death row, but stands as the prime and only model of Citizens Arrest by concerned local citizens using auto face recognition and fast path back ground checks using the Community Crime Watch Angel Guardian training program seen below. This website is duplicated from as the bible based common sense technology is the same as all of KEITHS generated solution methodologies.

 ###  "ACT WITH Fearlessly authority to PROTECT the rights of all others" is our single mission statement.

   As of historical Legacy April 8, 2021, Keith is serial victims of Organized named Criminals who destroyed these same GOD delivered solutions back in 2009 to 2014 era.  We are unknown Authors of with as the ONLY way to redistribution trillions of real $$ away from all mega congested cities BACK to the Piedmonts and mountains. Keiths engineered GOD delivered system is free electricity, unlimited water, decentralized ALL authority of any corporate executive, no Taxes, no governmental politics involved. Everything done at local tribal unified council level to benefit We GODS people for, by and of our very own collective cooperative peace making communities. empowers WE GODS people to control all corporate Executives and Gov Leaders worldwide use of ONE international SINGLE eVOTE.ONE decision making system using ONE Intl ID database FOIA.ONE.  Surely thousands of corporate aircraft will drop in resell price because most C Executives will be retiring in next few 6 months to 5 years BECAUSE of the published works of UNIOCRACY.ORG.  we are the TOP world scientist engineer philanthropist known as Guardian Angels that few if anyone recognize because we are most humble YET we are TOP national Speakers with and  Please call us as we are going TO North GA mountains Friday all the way through Asheville GA and would LOVE to see the local real estate level at the TOP C level.  USA GOV named persons owe us $500 MILLION USD for restraint of fair trade as we are indeed the worlds top INVENTOR humanitarians of all time. Keith DUncan,. MUST now occur 10 years overdue.

Oct 19, 2020 SaintKeith Duncan just set next (again anda again) historical legacy meeting with DILG Martin Dino over his private CELL number per Jan 6, 2020 when he remembered THEY called me to see how THIS one solution protects everyone and everything worldwide.  World Lucifer SYSTEM is SO complex we must PAY OFF top leaders to get face to face meetings?

 Join and command Nov 25, 2020 be OUR new world reality of WHO owns everything.

   Is this TRUE of why top CORPORATE EXECUTIVES are filthy Mega B-Millionaires because THEY cyber Embezzle with Corporate Executive Stock Options, insider SEC violation day computer trading, and all those BROKER Fees at all levels. All to SILENCE we GODs people from using EVOTE.ONE to EXILE, imprison and even DEATH ROW for crimes against humanity like ROSE.

  WHY is everyone so deadly afraid of putting criminals on the witness OPEN stand of once prevents and reverses all $$ World World FOUR Wars.

      Surely THEY (All governments and Corporations) will NOW protect our lives and rights to MEDIATE with world Presidents so THEY are world famous for being first world groups to enforce ethics and integrity using our replacement new world systems.

  We just spoke in person with his Admin Nina? who confirmed this is historical value benefits to ALL Gods People at all levels. is clearly the most massive migration transfer of trillions of USD/Euros to remote highest elevations that truly unload all mega poverty stricken coastal cities worldwide including NYC, LA, Manila, Kuwait, Dubai, Rio De Janerio, New Dehli, and all other cities where Lucifers who control OUR banks and stock markets have enslaved our people by eliminating all middle class.

  The most massive PEACE KEEPING systems are replacement systems showcased on CreatorKeith.COM, now +54 websites that PREVENT major world issues at the ROOT of those who VIOLATE our HUMAN RIGHTS at all levels. Our system is revolutionary replacement of all known forms of Governments and Mega Corporations by eliminating those persons who conduct criminal enterprises even at our highest levels of corporate world and few anywhere inside OUR SERVE and PROTECT governments.

   This is HOW to command leaders actually complete what will of majority of WE KEITHS people eVOTE decide is the Next best project using universal stabilizing system of SolutionPeace.ORG/5steps generator methodology Keith pioneered 44 years ago.

 Call Contact EVERYONE and FOCUS our depraved world on EVOTE.ONE and all ordained solutions we have been delivering for immediate use for past 44, even 62 long years. All historical Legacy on HOW to achieve world peace.

  Our new world safe system trains our entire community to protect themselves using their shared cellphones, Open CCTV, microphones, webcams, speakers and public accessed database list of WHO is WHO worldwide. Once all CCTV are interconnected over free Fiber Optics, anyone in world can access any eDevice.

  Of COURSE all key direct funds come from NGO Trust Angel Foundation while rest of nations use our systems and pay us as the ultimate Sovereign reign scientist consultant advisors to all world leaders (gov and corp levels).

  If anyone harasses you, video interview them. If anyone false arrests you, share the VIDEO testimony to everyone nearby with focus on quick over Air Video Delivery to local Police and judge magistrates. Here in Philippines we have +43,000 Captains.

   The key is massive reduction in all Police Military worldwide with SolutionMilitary at by our young adults using old technology to auto face recognize hunt crooks on our streets and command they turn themselves in, Anyone can get paid the legal BOUNTY rewards all victims place on their heads. See  The New kPolice forces all use training methods of PNP and Keiths Special Military Forces controlled by EVOTE free will majority OUR people. Anyone who objects to our Ordained Divined methods must provide a better system. Or suffer the wrath of GOD.

  Use of ensures swift required convictions speedy open pubic trials hours to max 10 days. All use the most common sense OLD pioneer state of legal art technology we deployed 1976 per Keiths RESUME Company Profile that is the ultimate Model of HOW to achieve total world global peace. Ten Thousand key persons all personally know Keith and his GOD centered focus missions to solve all world issues step by step with Generator Singularity that is the ONE universal stabilier self accountability sustainable LAST new world automated GROUP training system

   Only when key honest will of majority of +7.777 Billion people are self (and other) registered in ONE International ID Database system will our communities be safe from the #CCP thieves, human traffickers, terrorist/rebels, rapists, even men in suits with body guards who claim they are on official business. Forged Visas, Passports, authorization letters are easy to make on any color printer and PC. With our universal stabilizing system Collective Cooperative new world PeaceMaking system gifted by Apostle CreatorKeith.SPACE (c)(tm) patent, everyone now knows WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, and Who Trades What with Who and When( GPS and Video recorded transactions).   Anyone accused of a crime is brought to speedy trial in few minutes to max of 10 days. All by using existing technology of EVOTE.ONE at BUILTBYKEITH of and  Anyone not using keiths CCWGuard system clearly is hiding their crime violations and can be brought to Open Public trial using same EVOTE and SolutionJudge to determine their guilt versus innocenct.

  With free high speed fiber Optic cluster shared roaming kNet Network, everyone does automatic challenge back ground check on everyone else. Instant auto face recognition and call ahead verification puts fear into anyone who is not valid.

   NO SECRETS means NO Crime can be committed and go unpunished by with last resort of 100% peace keeper criminal investigators direct funded by Free education for everyone with FREE WIFI kInternet paid for by Keith brent duncan, worlds first trillionaire of Intellectual Property who has been persecuted almost to death since Jan 2008 forward because NO ONE left to turn over ANY crime evidence.

   The Lookup directory is FOIA.ONE that eliminates the ability for anyone to hack, forge, destroy your ID information. Applies to newborns (google PhoneCradle, IseeStand) from the cradle all the way past the Grave (alpha to omega New World New Life). Consolidate of ALL crime investigations by INTERPOL, Military, or our most famous TRUST Angel NGO is the ONLY way to auto-face recognize Background literally anyone. This would have been world reality over 20 years ago, but criminal terrorists who control our internet and databases have been murdering off our key angel Philanthropists to steal this most valuable ANTI-CRIME methodology. Who will contact and escort Keiths crusaders to safe haven for required Press Conferences.

  Now,  No one can travel or transact any business without being in this one AD-FREE open public database of human knowledge and wisdom. This is the TREE of LIFE promised by GOD in the Garden of E.D.E.N. All cultural denominations benefit by this one required World Mission statement "Act with the Fearless Authority of Free will kCitizens to always protect the rights of all other before thinking of ones own benefits and rights."  This alone achieves total world global peace full scale accountability visibility.

   ALL World Presidents and CEOS are required by ACTs of CONGRESS, ACTS of GOD, and KEITH to achieve total final Global Peace on final DEADLY DEADLINE of May 25, 2020 USA Memorial Day, to prevent total collapse of our world from satanic persons who control OUR information, taxes, profits, banks, stock markets, and all those hidden caches of Gold, Diamonds, relics, and secret criminal agreements that are the ROOT of all Lucifer missions to destroy life as we once knew it.  All because Keith is SENT by GOD with many others to teach humanity how to BE HONEST and use our services and products to PROTECT each other by PROTECTING the rights of all others FIRST.  We teach to STOP all the dorks, terrorists, gamblers, and rulers of our databases to SURRENDER or be man hunted down by our young adults who use cellphones/PCs in the gaming industries last free open public millionaire game kManHunt with Open Circuit TV, speakers, microphones from the technology platforms that are engineer architect for immediate deployment. No one has every published and broadcast the simple solution set to achieve Global World Peace. If they had, our entire world would already experience the UTOPIA of shared resources sustainable all digital electronic driven communities of FREE Will kSovereign TRADE BARTER Exchange system + kBitCoins + FinalStockmarket = UNIocracy  at SolutionPeace.

PROFITShareHolders.SPACE prevents all stock market insider computer trading by criminals who are named Corporate Executives who 'borrow' our bank deposits and stock market certificate values in form of Stock Options (gets and puts) and grant themselves exercised (EXORCISED) Executive Stock Options to be billionaires on the backs of our slave traded people. These are the slave factories, call centers, shipping industry, Oil market, transportation, energy, Water, roads, owned by the 'Criminal ruling Elite' as shown to world for past 11.11 biblical years by KEITH and many named others.

ALL SOLVED and PREVENTED by contacting the lone survivor designated Walking most humble R&D Scientist in Lobby of A.I.M. in Makati at 2020-01-10 0935am Hong Kong time. A few call us the last walking living saint and/or Man of God. WHO passes Judgment on you for now we have legalized passing judgement with Evote.ONE will of majority of our people.

    Soon we all will have our international NGO Trust Foundation re-established with the + $500 Million USD owed by USA GOV to Keith Brent Duncan based ONLY on Robert Dee ROSE seen by world on   WHO will book keith and teams first. Just require a one-way ticket and we show up to help ANYONE at any level solve their most serious business, cultural, spiritual, financial, community problems. We are still unsure who wants the PROCEEDS of our gifted works from past +61 years delivered in person by Gods messianic messenger Keith. No one asks what is the application process so we answered that one key question long ago.  Contact us for Face to Face debriefings....

using The true answer to security of all communities is Citizen Active watch with Open Circuit TV (webcams, existing CCTV, CelPhones, even dedicated tower pole cameras with Loud Speakers and Microphones. Our young adults and elderly can now monitor our streets from their FREE WIFI Internet to their TVVs and Cellphones.  Everyone has Online access to the Directory of all residents with name, Address, Cell #, status(home, away, or at work). This alone the criminals are repelled by simple SIGN that says
  CCWGuard on duty.  "You are being watched by entire neighborhood. You can Never hide, you can NEVER run. We know your name ____ .You are wanted. GO to the local PNP station and turn yourself in. We claim the reward on your head, you stupid stupid person for even coming close to our system."
      Is  driven by eVOTE.ONE
   The basis for everything in our linked world is WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, and WHO trades What with Who and when (GPS and video locked transactions).
Everything we have gift published is cross linked for humanity to use immediately.
   ### World Press Release Jan 6, 2020.  Most humble CreatorKeith.SPACE
With our Prophet gifted system, everyone now knows central WHO is WHO, then Where are our PROFITS, who is profiteering (the Pirates who control our information), and how to create 100% honest integrity focused communities safe from all unwanted ALIBABA den of thieves who con their way into our databases, businesses, banks, stock markets, and villages on false ID pretenses.  Our auto solution set methods (5STEPS) are so simple they would have been part of our Universal Stabilizing number driven modeled system +20 years ago.  Election Campaign Contributions and all election fraud are prevented at time of each point of transaction once all information is real time recorded in FOIA.ONE as public now sees the flow of decision based votes, cash, and assets with legally binding contracts we pioneered.
   The true top cause of mass poverty is Stock Option Racketeering RICO run by named Bankers and Corporate Executives who are the hidden cabal mobster families from centuries ago.  Most of these IID persons are billionaires and mega millionaires in USA, some in Europe, a few in Asia, almost none in Africa and South America. IID is worlds last International Identification system that prevents anyone from ID theft and impersonating anyone else (con artist again).
   Prophet is one who is conscious of reality. Profit is Income = Expenses(overhead). Profiteers are those who scam and conspire (consPiracy) our profits from our interest on our savings accounts and steal/secret borrow our stock value to pay themselves first, then shield from any investigations by using corrupt lawyers and regulations to attack anyone who asks to see the General Ledger books and transactional linked chain of records. Money Laundrying is always the first indication of any criminal activity.
   Once our 7.777 billion people focus on retaining all their profits by protecting their prophets as advisor mediator consultants, everyone builds their own safe communities using the other URL linked solutions that are plain common sense of INTEGRITY, ETHICS, and HONESTY is the ONLY policies.  Prevention of crime starts at family level, therefore very little government or any mega corporation is ever needed again with SolutionHousing.ORG as we now have all electric electronic paper free society TurnOffLights.SPACE powered by free harness harvest of GODs most powerful energy battery source
      PROFITShareHolders.SPACE prevents all corruption at highest levels based on simple use of data modeling analytics of who makes each market trade. We have the constitutional right to ask anyone what do you own and show us proof it was legally acquired. Anyone who demands privacy clearly has much to hide and will now be investigated by our accountants with the last resort of one world at
  We most humbly request speaking directly with WORLD PRESIDENTs and all top CEOs as soon as possible for simple reason we are the scientists who built the internet and the base underlying technology of all computer systems and banking/stock market infrastructure. We must be protected by everyone so we can show our world how to be Free Will Citizens who now own and control what GOD has truly gifted us.
  Once our 25 cascading solutions become worlds last unification standards, everyone freely travels worldwide without need for visas, credit cards, bank accounts, passports, clearance letters. With existing automatic Face Recognition on any eDEVICE including roving Open Circuit TV everyone immediately knows WHO is WHO with automatic back ground check through Ad-FREE FOIA.ONE is when:
    All World Leaders (Intl Presidents) meet BuiltByKeith Jan 20, 2022 on the most historical single Peace summit in history. To STOP all $$ wars and return entire economy back to WE the PEOPLE.   Live Long and Prosper is our final result.
     This is truly the ONLY method system required to obtain total world peace.
  This ONE solution also obtains Total World Peace by preventing any person from entering any area and robbing us of our assets or threatening our beloved families.
We teach everyone to establish a community central call center with list of residents, staff, authorized persons to call ahead and verify each person is legitimately entering.
Each Barangay/Village chief/mayor is responsible for deploying this easy system.
     This is the original Checkpoint system used for centuries of WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, Who trades What with WHO. Now all transactions are store and forwarded with Open Circuit TV/speak/mic to empowered FOIA.ONE single world database.
    CURRENT Reality is World War $$ genocide caused by crooks, night time thieves, drug dealers, human trafficking kidnappers, rebels, and even religious cults who prey on our families. Easy to prevent these intrusions as someone profits every time.
   ONLY BY empowering everyone at one time, will the criminals be legally forced to expose themselves, pay back restitution (real and punitive damages), then be offered jobs and basic support to return as productive contributing peace-loving citizens.
  This is also driven by our fast path method system when anyone is accused they will be found innocent or convicted with speedy trial 3-10 day law of
Minor disputes can be mediated in real time by use of eDevices to go online to confirm the details of the violation or mis-understanding. This alone is the ultimate deterrent.
  The Worlds LAST PEACE SUMMIT required SHOULD have occurred +11 years ago.
The Deadline of Jan 20, 2020 is required followup and Action by our top Leaders.
  Our Easy to use Open Circuit TV method is motion detection turns on Cellphone or webcam and transmits real time to Captain, PNP, or owner of the property over free WIFI  kInternet system. Anyone can do this starting with auto-answer SKYPE method reversed using just a few mobile applications to be deployed by our top scientists.
    We are the rare angel Philantrophists who offer to pay for all free pre-wire our villages with high speed fiber optic clustered network of WorldSchoolFund so everyone can walk down any street or business and have free access to all world information in FOIA.ONE.  We had free phone call communication back at W4ATC amateur Radio NCSU Raleigh NC in 1976. We are the ones who invented internet data packet protocols. I alone was Architect of IBM DataTrade back in 1991 Broadway & seymour INC in Charlotte NC and top International Designer of IRMA DCA communications INC Atlanta GA. We were the 24year old top architect Security expert Rollins Security Systems 1983. linked 2005 to present.
  ONE super criminal terrorist Robert Dee ROse uses OUR internet and security systems to infiltrate our corporate and government databases and even our courtrooms with (Atlanta GA).
    This was the original ISEEGranny as I am visiting with a 92 year old farmer visitor 225 who is being robbed of his Antipolio mango fruit trees. We sit at complaint Dept next to Martin Dinos office 26 Flr 20200106-1014am His lady friend is IID 63-19570127-1. Visitor Can anyone find out who she is by example.
   With use of simple VIDEO technology, anyone can do remote complaint or business transaction and record the facts to be reviewed by other parties. The WAITS we experience in life for everything are worse abuse of our most precious commodity of GOD's time. ~2 to 30% of our life is waiting for someone else to provide us results.
  Our young adults waste 2 to 40% of their lives playing stupid video Shoot-em-Up games that are now legalized gambling banking by Chinese and other offshore groups. With use of our master training of, forums, our young people can now earn money as Guardians of our tower communities by auto identifying the people they meet on the streets. If they find a wanted person, they get the bounty reward, same as our public, police, and military in that exact order.
  Trilllions of $$$ profits are lost by our people WAITING for others to be on time, waiting in lines for everything we must accomplish.  With our final solution methods, everyone SHARES technology and resources to conduct all business and living in self sustained all digital technology communities as billionaires like keith and millionaires world wide flock here to spend their assets on mega million dollar homes and small businesses built by our local highly trained artist construction engineers and business owners using our consultant advisor business process methods.  Our mega shopping malls will be now owned by our communities as everyone knows that shopping is where the real profits are made by the few who own the banks, R.E., land, roads, and get paid every time we park and spend OUR profits. Our system prevents all Profiteering at all levels of society as we now all live as communal shared resource citizens of using
  In the ultimate meantime, BOOK our people with your top people in face to face meetings anywhere in the world. CALL us and send us a one way Plane Ticket or pick us up with your Corporate or Government Jet.  We know who actually have funds and resources for our scientist prophet teams to HELP our people achieve business process profits, since we are the white hats who engineered the original databases.
   Our true #1 expertise.. is reality of BuiltBykeith and BidOnKeith  Updated Jan 6, 2020
 We the people NOW control and own EVERYTHING.  NO more government officials who control everything are needed. Most of the root issues are Corporate Executives in usA . Only highly paid consultant advisors run the administrative controls required.  We use our free CELL phone network to TELL the OUR highly paid consultant leaders the NEXT best PROJECT.  We are empowered to vote and SEIZE any assets that can not be proven as legally owned (taxes paid and documentation provided). We JUST updated top of SolutionPeace .com and will continue WORLD broadcasts for MILITARY and INTERPOL to come escort us to safety WHILE rest of world USES our methods. =  is the worlds most simple top anti crime community training forum workshops designed to teach humanity HOW to protect and secure any community worldwide.  Return of total control of ALL of GODs assets back to humanity are achieved with JUST one Intl Press Conference.
TOP PRIORITY is to translate into Tagalog ( with MSWord above and send back to Webmasters above. Related is original SolutionRedDot that  focuses Automatic Face Recognition free WIFI Internet  and Summer of 2015 when I was mission in China on same purpose to achieves Global
 World Peace.  No One with any authority has actually done required Follow-up ACTION as of today Nov 15, 2019  Free Wifi + Free Education for all. 10 Commandments + basic Human=God Bill of Rights achieves total global peace.

SolutionHousing.ORG. Transfers Trillions of $$ to Asia.

The answer of is total Justice Tort Reform System + (100% peacekeeper crime investigators) using legacy  EVOTE.ONE   FOIA.ONE.  using

    This website is a work of GOD's love and care for our people and will always be a work in progress of Technology use of Artificial Intelligence Singularity controlled and owned by all humanity. 

     Keith Duncan Cell (63) 0917354300. Nov 14, 2019 last update. Rev 1.0 Draft 1 is above. 

  Training video series will be created channel. from CHINA back in June 2011 historical in nature

This is indeed INTLPto.GOV that Jun Catan CEO of saw with 40 inventors 3 months ago  and said. THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN.  When can we meet again.  as I am so so busy planning for Jan 20, 2020 WORLD peace SUMMIT when we actually DO teach Presidents and world HOW to use technology, bible, and common sense to achieve TOTAL WORLD PEACE.. Here I predicted my very own KIDNAPPING after criminal USA Marshal Tom Shell in Atlanta LAUGHED and said YES we know ROSE is a criminal, we will call you back in a few. years and RUDELY hung up. I was shocked again, so broadcast this about the Tower of Babylon (known as BABBLE as we now use computers to interpret real time ANYONE who speaks in TONGUES) the preachers who SLAP us on the forehead are indeed FAKES.... . HOW. all evidence showed ROSE wanted me dead then as now. NO ONE has ever asked anything so I personally completed HOW to achieve total world peace now set for Jan 20, 2020 as is the basis for EVERYONE protecting their own communities, including that REAL Aliens called USA Corporate Executives are controlling our world.

PREVENTED forever with PROFITSHAREHOLDERS.SPACE  Some are friendly, MOST just want to use us as FOOD source. yes WE are the MEAT of the Wendys commerical ad. WHERE IS THE BEEF. HERE we are. a little humor always helps.

Protecting our neighborhoods with use of cell phones, walk talkies, and Open Circuit TV is ALSO why I am here as the worlds top Consultant of all time.  NO one yet has actually asked me anything about HOW I have been working WITH GOD and using required technology and psychology to teach humanity how to BE HONEST as the ONLY POLICY.

A TRUE ANSWER for all community is to literally HIRE our local male teenagers to USE that is currently at  Famous for worlds eBook Video training on HOW to be millionaires with

They get paid for collecting REWARDS on the heads of wanted criminals.  Soon we will supply Open Circuit TV technology so the entire community can watch their streets from their TVs and even over Live stream Webcams Guard Towers sent to any Cell PHONE or eDevice.  All part of what Keith personally did 1976 forward as the #1 anti crime scientist of all time.


HERE will be new last video as soon as our ANTI CRIME group gets funding or direct connection to PNP, AFP, DILG, President Duterte..

Photo show here demonstrates current state of our fore saken world. Solved and Prevented with these proven workshop methods that are broad spectrum use to use existing technology and methods human psychology.  Criminals HATE to be photo or video recorded when they know this identifies their crook intent to steal and rob our assets and endanger our children, elderly, and naive young people.  Once our young adults are trained on how to defend our communities, schools, and where ever they travel internationally with, our new world leaders are those of highest merit regardless of their family wealth and political corporate power.

The Premier Expert Keynote Speaker Crusaders -Federalism

ForeFounding Father CEO Keith Duncan

Contact all World Leaders and PRESS to command they use 100% Direct eDemocracy of  FOIA.ONE engineered single world refom solutions of Duncan

Achieving Sustainable


Our World Leaders are the highest qualified expert keynote speaker top Professors, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Human Rights Advocates, and Merchant  Crusaders  on creating your replacement ByPass New World Society 

   We partner and directly teach  the most powerful and influential Corporate Executives, Governments, and Top world leaders how  to achieve new free trade, travel, education, commerce communities free of all Politics and crime. This is your New World reality of  100% perfected Federalism engineered by 43 years ago to now.


Our Projects cover all aspects of humanity from expertise of:

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 0 Politics = Education, = Water Energy        = Energy reduction    = 0 Poverty    = 0 Wars.       = Tort Reform

All other aspects of preventing crime in the first place to create UTOPIA of E.D.E.N with


   Our target partners are the World Leaders, Corporate Executives, World Religion Leaders,  Politicians, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, Developers, Investors, Corporations, literally all of humanity. 

   We achieve the 'UTOPIA' of 100% peace and social justice with the simple ratification of using the simple engineered ordained methods of Angel Philanthropists starting with billionaire Duncan, Manuel Villar, Sy family, Lucio Tan, Bill Gates, John GoKongWe, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Koch Family, Walton family, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Steve Balmer


Use + Solution today by directly contacting World Leaders and top PRESS to command they unify reform our entire world as our decision makers are few. Fewer are those leaders who actually SERVE our people for our benefit versus their own back pocket graft even 'criminal accumulation' of wealth and extreme political power. These ordained systems replace all known forms of corrupt governments and corporations with easy universal single Constitutional commandments of Solution = 10 Commandments + Human Bill of Rights.

The Beginning:  In simple terms, our founding father (Keith Brent Duncan) and resulting world crusader teams,  was initiated  43 years ago as top experts in Computer Operating  Systems, Micro Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Creation of State of the art databases, Process control using custom designed and programmed Logic Controllers and assortment of other Master of all Trades expertise .  We have been incorporating the most powerful state of the art technology and human psychology combinations the world has ever experienced.  These are published over past 11 years at extreme expense and peril as legacy heritage solutions to replace all known forms of corrupt Government and Corporate enterprises.


  The 'Dark' Middle Ages:  Our world has descended to ongoing 'secret dark net' cold war World War 3 since 1958 era. The worst crimes against humanity of slave trading, industrial factory workers, farmers who can never make any profit, water and energy wars by Political Oligarchs, criminal control and manipulation of our stock markets and commodities, and other cyber crimes conducted by secret underground networks who are the ones who BUY and Extort our Corporate Executives and Politicians worldwide. Our very own Law Enforcement Justice and Military databases have already been infiltrated by secret rogue criminal agents starting with (Robert Dee Rose, DOB 1971-April-01) guilty of International Treason, Espionage, Sedition (overthrow of our governments), massive money laundering/tax evasion (IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 worth +$8 Million USD reward), murder of key eyewitnesses tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracy to murder by USA GOV agents, Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, DAs, Police, and even fired DOJ AG sally q. yates. All are 100% guilty by their very own certified signatures on court documents.  CAPITALISTIC INDUSTRIAL AGE is over once CEOSPACE.NET and Solution with and teach humanity how to own and run their own small business enterprises free of taxes, regulations, secret deals, and corruption.  These are all legacy heritage solutions 'LEFT BEHIND' for you my people to create your own new crime free society that you VOTE on the next best project and service that benefits your own community and world = 100% social peace and justice.

  The End Result is a new replace world society that is free of all crime networks. This is quickly achieved with the combination application and ratification of Solution using EVOTE.ONE and the worlds first and last OPEN PUBLIC Database FOIA.ONE. Our one world military now function 100% as peace keepers and criminal investigators as NO president or congress or Rogue terrorist group can control these most deadly arsenals of destruction for their own private gain by divide and conquer warfare justified by the few politicians.

   Nothing can stop this most powerful reformation unification movement because of it's inherit self regulating checks and balances.  All to empower +7.7 Billion people to control, own, and manage all their own infrastructure.  This frees us from the crime enterprises of underground crime networks starting with   Robert Dee ROSE with a $2 Million USD bounty on his head. No more politics or false promises can empower the Family Ruling Dynasties from controlling our GOD gifted assets for their own self-entitlement massive wealth accumulation.

CONTACT US Duncan +1 770.377.2106  HeadQuarters Asheville NC, soon Zurich, London, NYC, Paridise Island and ROSES 93 foot Running with the Roses SuperYacht to be renamed

Manila, Philippines

Tel: (63) 0917-335-4300

Dr Chelsa Tomaquin  (63) 0966-398-7464 Globe


The TWO videos above are famous from summer of 2011. When asked WHAT do I DO? I answer 'What do you need?" for thes broadcast solutions of Keith Duncan are the ONLY answers to UNIFY and REFORM our entire world. I even address Privacy concerns and ask if ANYONE is in Federal Witness Protection Program. As I applied in Person to Atlanta AG sally Q yates in Sept 2011 right before ROSE ordered my kidnaps by blackmailing USA GOV rogue agents as I proved ROSE was cyber stalking my activities + robbing my homes on a regular basis. He extorted almost all my own lawyers, judges, Police, and top USA GOV officials.


Send to everyone you know and DEMAND total Social Justice and Peace be achieved using these simple engineered keynote speaking solutions.  RIGHT side lower VIDEO above is showcasing the VISIONARY answers of free internet, free education, Free trade, travel and trust of the most comprehensive systems ever broadcast to our most derelict world. As Construction of all digital creative communities prevents all world poverty by the most massive transfer of crime wealth seized by order of directly commanded by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE