top of page is GOD + perfected new world NO crime UTOPIA of YOU as only Peacemaking Promise Keeper Problem Solvers worldwide.  Below is the most comprehensive simple common sense of preventing and reversing almost all criminal actions world wide once and forever use of EVOTE.ONE

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  Dept of Social Justice is our ultimate ONLY prime solution of ONE organization worldwide that WE GODS PEOPLE totally control as open investigations against anyone who violates perfected recursively procreated year 1976 NCSU   Includes one international criminal and terrorist investigation groups under OUR total control so no criminal can escape or hide like #1 most man-hunted international terrorists ROBERT DEE ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Federal Judge Raymond AssHOLD Jackson, and all others clearly showcased sequentially block-chained at 22-1-3042-68 never has been signed or acknowledged by ANYONE despite re filing May 3, 2022 Cobb County Judge Jacobs who also dismissed claiming NO defendant is capable of being convicted of murder for hire multilevel conspirators that makes OLD Mafia look like 13 year old choir boys.   Updated 2024 Feb 27 on GODs timeline of FOIA.ONE

now known universally as GODs for ever driven by each of YOU using perfected Keith + GODs EVOTE.ONE is your very own safe haven protection of all of our basic civil human community rights to rid our mutual world of any violator known as criminals, crooks, terrorists, even common snatch and grab street hustlers, drug dealers, list is very specific using KEITH + GODs most simple complete comprehensive collective cooperative methods of WHO is WHO, WHO Owns What, and WHO trades WHAT with who, when, where, why, and how.  This is the simple definition of World Trade Federation ONE

APEX PREDATORS are humans who stalk, prey, murder, persecute and sometimes EAT their victims as they consider themselves GODs like Sultan Amir, who claims he is ultimate ruler over 8 billion MY People.

  Includes infamy super cyber criminal terrorists ROBERT DEE ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, Atty GBI Judge Policeman Berry Victor Reynolds of Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 anyone can RE-CLAIM  $500 MILLION USD 22-1-3042-68 showcased at resulting in most public Scandal convictions in USA world history by YOUR direct actions RIGHT NOW.

  As of 2023 July 31, we find NO ONE actually enforces existing Constitutional and state level Statutory laws since most easy for THEM to attack persecute victims of organized criminals as many (most) are paid to increase the most horrible warehousing of incarcerated victims, those awaiting trial on ?? charges, and convicted use of only case precedent court rulings by single judges (and Supreme Court Justices) since THEY get PAID mega millions in kickbacks and signing court orders to enrich themselves and their criminal RICO conspirators most know as NWO elites.   KEITHS system totally replaces all man made laws and fast path in-prisons any violator past 75 years.

  DEATH ROW has always been the prime method of WE THE PEOPLE to send message to any other most VIOLENT VIOLATORs of our basic human rights of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and OUR right to pursue Social Justice profitability at our levels.  Everyone needs to STOP being a...  LIBERAL BLEEDING HEART CYNIC HYPOCRIT, blinded FOOLs of Matthew Chapter 23 and learn from Keith + Gods System how to be fully confident to protect the rights of all others worldwide as LAY outreach ministers through OUR spiritual leaders also elected by GODs

  This GODs last open public ONE world law enforcement system controlled by each of you at community level use of EVOTE.ONE.   We most effectively replace the United Nations as we predicted showcased year 2010 2011. As 'THEY' are most in effective unable to decide HOW to solve ANY local community issue and most UN Effective to prevent any nation wide civil war conflicts.

  Since only most humble Sent by GOD keith brent duncan has been in full command charge of all these GOD gifted engineered technologies to save each and every one of YOU, my most beloved now +8 billion WE GODS people, YOU and I = WE have been most actively recruiting new anti all crime members includes Threat Elimination Department known as TED or TEA as Threat Elimination Agency.  This is the rec purposed re-commissioned part of old ALL military officers and enlisted men and women, some youngsters age 18-20 now as Foreign Exchange Students worldwide. TED prime purpose is to investigate, find search seiUre any person who violates any NEW WORLD laws and bring them to justice to be judged with Open Circuit TV through OneNews.Foundation open recorded broadcasts store and forward through FOIA.ONE.

  The prime key is that each of YOU now pass judgment on any accused violator using GODs Each of you must identify who you are use of IID international ID so any false witness or votes are open public to everyone else as self stabilizing Integrity Ratings are the ranking system of WHO is 100% integrity honest versus downgrading ones confidence reliability rating down below 0 (unknown) to lowest level of Death ROW - 90%. 

  Anyone who bears false witness are easy to countersue for real and punitive damages by the same methodology.

   ANY one who objects to ANYTHING we have perfected by keith duncan, is hereby required to provide a better and BEST SOLUTION method answer using and GODs simple solve any issue problem methodology of video recording your very own collectively BRAIN DUMP known as mind mapping and NLP. 

Updated historical legacy persistent intrinsic day 2023March16.


   No more Wars at any level once all are returned to full civilian level community control through GODs one last open public database FOIA.ONE.

  All of these are GODs common sense solutions to create UTOPIA Crime free

#1 current most critical issue is criminal rogue agents are inside our very own Police, IRS, FBI, AG even Congress and Judicial system since no one has a clue WHO controls our assets and databases worldwide. We have already identified criminals in Atlanta of GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds, Sally Q YATES , Atty Jimmy Deal, so many state, federal, local magistrates and police officers, including Police Chiefs, and others by their own actions.

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