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By Order of GOD in heaven, and SaintKeith his most beloved humble son,
Conceived FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (Referential Integrity +100%) still alive Jan 2, 2020 broadcasting all ways and means to UNIFY mankind.
 The Mark of the 666 Beast implant WAS our cell phones, our banking and stock trade history records, our medical records, taxes, literally anything transmitted over the internet. All these records are easy to intercept by cyber terrorists using 40 year old technology that Keith and his scientist teams invented and deployed to monitor the base data communications protocols so we could achieve Total equality Peace of
UNIOCRACY.ORG.  This is Direct Democracy of WE GODs people decide everything.
Only when WE Keiths' people fast path do back ground check on anyone using Open public Database (backup *.space) to determine exactly WHO is WHO, Who owns What, WHO travels where and trades what with WHO (GPS tracked), will humanity actually create all digital electronic paperless, crime free society.
Use of,,, and all other systems on prime
  NOW any criminal and corporate executive/politicians who serves us will be GPS tracked and recorded by WE Keiths People.
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