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Meet   Keith Brent Duncan


Contact Keith Duncan as quickly as possible to interview him on why he was kidnapped and denied each and every one of his rights to recover his own assets, order the USA government to investigate and convict each person involved. Ask why Keith was asked to go to Langley Airforce Base by Retired GA Congressman Buddy Darden on Sept 25, 2011. 

  These are easily answered by all the criminals own evidence and signed confessions found on multiple websites.

The end result is that GOD does indeed LOVE YOU.  I have never claimed to be GOD, Jesus Christ, or anyone other than myself. With beyond impeccable credentials and a life time of serving others at all levels of children, youth, adults, edlerly, disadvantaged, and even non-political world service, it has always been clear WHO I AM.   Ask and I will tell all. is the #1 world Prime Consultant that few have ever recognized or hired to teach them how to solve almost any and all of their own issues.  This has always been my first love and mission to Unify all mankind by teaching Love and Caring for all others at all levels. Only when mankind learns to fearlessly protect the rights of all others will be racists, bigots, cynics, hypocrites, and criminal brood of vipers from Matthew Chapter 23 be destroyed by their very own evidence of crime sprees.   Since I have NEVER violated any law except for 4 lifetime speeding tickets, exactly WHY was I defrauded, then robbed, then kidnapped, then robbed of all my lifetime possessions and billions of $$$ in intellectual Property.  The answer is simple.  ROSE is one of the antiChrist. our system actively supports terrorism and crime for the extensive and systematic drain of your wealth, and because no honest person has yet to be found to enforce Constitutional and man made statues of law.  Keith.

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