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Watch Video #1066 from USA Christmas 2018 Atlanta GA, site of massive crime attacks against our communities and our own GOVERNMENT law enforcement agencies (cyber crime terrorism of infiltrating our key databases and court systems prevents anyone knowing WHO is WHO = FOIA.ONE ).

Almost ALL crimes easily prevented with simple use of existing technology and human psychology to prevent entry into our secured communities using the simple step by step training methods to isolate and turn away anyone not on legitimate business visits. CLICK on Rev 1.0 .PDF + .DOC upper left and use these ratified proven solutions to all our Captains, Police, and Military.  Soon WORLD Leaders will finally host Press Conferences to be 1st to Market these 100% most peaceful solutions already delivered to world +11 years ago. is the Atty Jose  Malvar Villegas Jr. education movie of his grandfather 'Hero of Philippines Batanganas' Phillipine -Spanish, then American wars over the RIGHTS of our people to own and control everything. reverses mass poverty use of EVOTE.ONE to exile all LUCIFER deceiver dynasties that originated 6,000 years ago Egyptian Pharoahs.  ONLY ACTION by WE GODS people will overturn the Banksters and Corporate Executive secret societies who brainwash our people to think THEY are the only decision makers to decide our fate.

  We invite EVERYONE to contact our forefounding savior by protecting his life while debriefing his people.

CCWGuard also achieves Total World Global Peace.

Oct 19, 2020 SaintKeith Duncan just set next (again anda again) historical legacy meeting with DILG Martin Dino over his private CELL number per Jan 6, 2020 when he remembered THEY called me to see how THIS one solution protects everyone and everything worldwide.  World Lucifer SYSTEM is SO complex we must PAY OFF top leaders to get face to face meetings?

 Join and command Nov 25, 2020 be OUR new world reality of WHO owns everything.

   Is this TRUE of why top CORPORATE EXECUTIVES are filthy Mega B-Millionaires because THEY cyber Embezzle with Corporate Executive Stock Options, insider SEC violation day computer trading, and all those BROKER Fees at all levels. All to SILENCE we GODs people from using EVOTE.ONE to EXILE, imprison and even DEATH ROW for crimes against humanity like ROSE.

  WHY is everyone so deadly afraid of putting criminals on the witness OPEN stand of once prevents and reverses all $$ World World FOUR Wars.

      Surely THEY (All governments and Corporations) will NOW protect our lives and rights to MEDIATE with world Presidents so THEY are world famous for being first world groups to enforce ethics and integrity using our replacement new world systems.

  We just spoke in person with his Admin Nina? who confirmed this is historical value benefits to ALL Gods People at all levels. is clearly the most massive migration transfer of trillions of USD/Euros to remote highest elevations that truly unload all mega poverty stricken coastal cities worldwide including NYC, LA, Manila, Kuwait, Dubai, Rio De Janerio, New Dehli, and all other cities where Lucifers who control OUR banks and stock markets have enslaved our people by eliminating all middle class.

  The most massive PEACE KEEPING systems are replacement systems showcased on CreatorKeith.COM, now +54 websites that PREVENT major world issues at the ROOT of those who VIOLATE our HUMAN RIGHTS at all levels. Our system is revolutionary replacement of all known forms of Governments and Mega Corporations by eliminating those persons who conduct criminal enterprises even at our highest levels of corporate world and few anywhere inside OUR SERVE and PROTECT governments.

   This is HOW to command leaders actually complete what will of majority of WE KEITHS people eVOTE decide is the Next best project using universal stabilizing system of SolutionPeace.ORG/5steps generator methodology Keith pioneered 44 years ago.

 Call Contact EVERYONE and FOCUS our depraved world on EVOTE.ONE and all ordained solutions we have been delivering for immediate use for past 44, even 62 long years. All historical Legacy on HOW to achieve world peace.

  Our new world safe system trains our entire community to protect themselves using their shared cellphones, Open CCTV, microphones, webcams, speakers and public accessed database list of WHO is WHO worldwide. Once all CCTV are interconnected over free Fiber Optics, anyone in world can access any eDevice.

  Of COURSE all key direct funds come from NGO Trust Angel Foundation while rest of nations use our systems and pay us as the ultimate Sovereign reign scientist consultant advisors to all world leaders (gov and corp levels).

  If anyone harasses you, video interview them. If anyone false arrests you, share the VIDEO testimony to everyone nearby with focus on quick over Air Video Delivery to local Police and judge magistrates. Here in Philippines we have +43,000 Captains.

   The key is massive reduction in all Police Military worldwide with SolutionMilitary at by our young adults using old technology to auto face recognize hunt crooks on our streets and command they turn themselves in, Anyone can get paid the legal BOUNTY rewards all victims place on their heads. See  The New kPolice forces all use training methods of PNP and Keiths Special Military Forces controlled by EVOTE free will majority OUR people. Anyone who objects to our Ordained Divined methods must provide a better system. Or suffer the wrath of GOD.

  Use of ensures swift required convictions speedy open pubic trials hours to max 10 days. All use the most common sense OLD pioneer state of legal art technology we deployed 1976 per Keiths RESUME Company Profile that is the ultimate Model of HOW to achieve total world global peace. Ten Thousand key persons all personally know Keith and his GOD centered focus missions to solve all world issues step by step with Generator Singularity that is the ONE universal stabilier self accountability sustainable LAST new world automated GROUP training system

   Only when key honest will of majority of +7.777 Billion people are self (and other) registered in ONE International ID Database system will our communities be safe from the #CCP thieves, human traffickers, terrorist/rebels, rapists, even men in suits with body guards who claim they are on official business. Forged Visas, Passports, authorization letters are easy to make on any color printer and PC. With our universal stabilizing system Collective Cooperative new world PeaceMaking system gifted by Apostle CreatorKeith.SPACE (c)(tm) patent, everyone now knows WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, and Who Trades What with Who and When( GPS and Video recorded transactions).   Anyone accused of a crime is brought to speedy trial in few minutes to max of 10 days. All by using existing technology of EVOTE.ONE at BUILTBYKEITH of and  Anyone not using keiths CCWGuard system clearly is hiding their crime violations and can be brought to Open Public trial using same EVOTE and SolutionJudge to determine their guilt versus innocenct.

  With free high speed fiber Optic cluster shared roaming kNet Network, everyone does automatic challenge back ground check on everyone else. Instant auto face recognition and call ahead verification puts fear into anyone who is not valid.

   NO SECRETS means NO Crime can be committed and go unpunished by with last resort of 100% peace keeper criminal investigators direct funded by Free education for everyone with FREE WIFI kInternet paid for by Keith brent duncan, worlds first trillionaire of Intellectual Property who has been persecuted almost to death since Jan 2008 forward because NO ONE left to turn over ANY crime evidence.

   The Lookup directory is FOIA.ONE that eliminates the ability for anyone to hack, forge, destroy your ID information. Applies to newborns (google PhoneCradle, IseeStand) from the cradle all the way past the Grave (alpha to omega New World New Life). Consolidate of ALL crime investigations by INTERPOL, Military, or our most famous TRUST Angel NGO is the ONLY way to auto-face recognize Background literally anyone. This would have been world reality over 20 years ago, but criminal terrorists who control our internet and databases have been murdering off our key angel Philanthropists to steal this most valuable ANTI-CRIME methodology. Who will contact and escort Keiths crusaders to safe haven for required Press Conferences.

  Now,  No one can travel or transact any business without being in this one AD-FREE open public database of human knowledge and wisdom. This is the TREE of LIFE promised by GOD in the Garden of E.D.E.N. All cultural denominations benefit by this one required World Mission statement "Act with the Fearless Authority of Free will kCitizens to always protect the rights of all other before thinking of ones own benefits and rights."  This alone achieves total world global peace full scale accountability visibility.

   ALL World Presidents and CEOS are required by ACTs of CONGRESS, ACTS of GOD, and KEITH to achieve total final Global Peace on final DEADLY DEADLINE of May 25, 2020 USA Memorial Day, to prevent total collapse of our world from satanic persons who control OUR information, taxes, profits, banks, stock markets, and all those hidden caches of Gold, Diamonds, relics, and secret criminal agreements that are the ROOT of all Lucifer missions to destroy life as we once knew it.  All because Keith is SENT by GOD with many others to teach humanity how to BE HONEST and use our services and products to PROTECT each other by PROTECTING the rights of all others FIRST.  We teach to STOP all the dorks, terrorists, gamblers, and rulers of our databases to SURRENDER or be man hunted down by our young adults who use cellphones/PCs in the gaming industries last free open public millionaire game kManHunt with Open Circuit TV, speakers, microphones from the technology platforms that are engineer architect for immediate deployment. No one has every published and broadcast the simple solution set to achieve Global World Peace. If they had, our entire world would already experience the UTOPIA of shared resources sustainable all digital electronic driven communities of FREE Will kSovereign TRADE BARTER Exchange system + kBitCoins + FinalStockmarket = UNIocracy  at SolutionPeace.

PROFITShareHolders.SPACE prevents all stock market insider computer trading by criminals who are named Corporate Executives who 'borrow' our bank deposits and stock market certificate values in form of Stock Options (gets and puts) and grant themselves exercised (EXORCISED) Executive Stock Options to be billionaires on the backs of our slave traded people. These are the slave factories, call centers, shipping industry, Oil market, transportation, energy, Water, roads, owned by the 'Criminal ruling Elite' as shown to world for past 11.11 biblical years by KEITH and many named others.

ALL SOLVED and PREVENTED by contacting the lone survivor designated Walking most humble R&D Scientist in Lobby of A.I.M. in Makati at 2020-01-10 0935am Hong Kong time. A few call us the last walking living saint and/or Man of God. WHO passes Judgment on you for now we have legalized passing judgement with Evote.ONE will of majority of our people.

    Soon we all will have our international NGO Trust Foundation re-established with the + $500 Million USD owed by USA GOV to Keith Brent Duncan based ONLY on Robert Dee ROSE seen by world on   WHO will book keith and teams first. Just require a one-way ticket and we show up to help ANYONE at any level solve their most serious business, cultural, spiritual, financial, community problems. We are still unsure who wants the PROCEEDS of our gifted works from past +61 years delivered in person by Gods messianic messenger Keith. No one asks what is the application process so we answered that one key question long ago.  Contact us for Face to Face debriefings....

using The true answer to security of all communities is Citizen Active watch with Open Circuit TV (webcams, existing CCTV, CelPhones, even dedicated tower pole cameras with Loud Speakers and Microphones. Our young adults and elderly can now monitor our streets from their FREE WIFI Internet to their TVVs and Cellphones.  Everyone has Online access to the Directory of all residents with name, Address, Cell #, status(home, away, or at work). This alone the criminals are repelled by simple SIGN that says
  CCWGuard on duty.  "You are being watched by entire neighborhood. You can Never hide, you can NEVER run. We know your name ____ .You are wanted. GO to the local PNP station and turn yourself in. We claim the reward on your head, you stupid stupid person for even coming close to our system."
      Is  driven by eVOTE.ONE
   The basis for everything in our linked world is WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, and WHO trades What with Who and when (GPS and video locked transactions).
Everything we have gift published is cross linked for humanity to use immediately.
   ### World Press Release Jan 6, 2020.  Most humble CreatorKeith.SPACE
With our Prophet gifted system, everyone now knows central WHO is WHO, then Where are our PROFITS, who is profiteering (the Pirates who control our information), and how to create 100% honest integrity focused communities safe from all unwanted ALIBABA den of thieves who con their way into our databases, businesses, banks, stock markets, and villages on false ID pretenses.  Our auto solution set methods (5STEPS) are so simple they would have been part of our Universal Stabilizing number driven modeled system +20 years ago.  Election Campaign Contributions and all election fraud are prevented at time of each point of transaction once all information is real time recorded in FOIA.ONE as public now sees the flow of decision based votes, cash, and assets with legally binding contracts we pioneered.
   The true top cause of mass poverty is Stock Option Racketeering RICO run by named Bankers and Corporate Executives who are the hidden cabal mobster families from centuries ago.  Most of these IID persons are billionaires and mega millionaires in USA, some in Europe, a few in Asia, almost none in Africa and South America. IID is worlds last International Identification system that prevents anyone from ID theft and impersonating anyone else (con artist again).
   Prophet is one who is conscious of reality. Profit is Income = Expenses(overhead). Profiteers are those who scam and conspire (consPiracy) our profits from our interest on our savings accounts and steal/secret borrow our stock value to pay themselves first, then shield from any investigations by using corrupt lawyers and regulations to attack anyone who asks to see the General Ledger books and transactional linked chain of records. Money Laundrying is always the first indication of any criminal activity.
   Once our 7.777 billion people focus on retaining all their profits by protecting their prophets as advisor mediator consultants, everyone builds their own safe communities using the other URL linked solutions that are plain common sense of INTEGRITY, ETHICS, and HONESTY is the ONLY policies.  Prevention of crime starts at family level, therefore very little government or any mega corporation is ever needed again with SolutionHousing.ORG as we now have all electric electronic paper free society TurnOffLights.SPACE powered by free harness harvest of GODs most powerful energy battery source
      PROFITShareHolders.SPACE prevents all corruption at highest levels based on simple use of data modeling analytics of who makes each market trade. We have the constitutional right to ask anyone what do you own and show us proof it was legally acquired. Anyone who demands privacy clearly has much to hide and will now be investigated by our accountants with the last resort of one world at
  We most humbly request speaking directly with WORLD PRESIDENTs and all top CEOs as soon as possible for simple reason we are the scientists who built the internet and the base underlying technology of all computer systems and banking/stock market infrastructure. We must be protected by everyone so we can show our world how to be Free Will Citizens who now own and control what GOD has truly gifted us.
  Once our 25 cascading solutions become worlds last unification standards, everyone freely travels worldwide without need for visas, credit cards, bank accounts, passports, clearance letters. With existing automatic Face Recognition on any eDEVICE including roving Open Circuit TV everyone immediately knows WHO is WHO with automatic back ground check through Ad-FREE FOIA.ONE is when:
    All World Leaders (Intl Presidents) meet BuiltByKeith Jan 20, 2022 on the most historical single Peace summit in history. To STOP all $$ wars and return entire economy back to WE the PEOPLE.   Live Long and Prosper is our final result.
     This is truly the ONLY method system required to obtain total world peace.
  This ONE solution also obtains Total World Peace by preventing any person from entering any area and robbing us of our assets or threatening our beloved families.
We teach everyone to establish a community central call center with list of residents, staff, authorized persons to call ahead and verify each person is legitimately entering.
Each Barangay/Village chief/mayor is responsible for deploying this easy system.
     This is the original Checkpoint system used for centuries of WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, Who trades What with WHO. Now all transactions are store and forwarded with Open Circuit TV/speak/mic to empowered FOIA.ONE single world database.
    CURRENT Reality is World War $$ genocide caused by crooks, night time thieves, drug dealers, human trafficking kidnappers, rebels, and even religious cults who prey on our families. Easy to prevent these intrusions as someone profits every time.
   ONLY BY empowering everyone at one time, will the criminals be legally forced to expose themselves, pay back restitution (real and punitive damages), then be offered jobs and basic support to return as productive contributing peace-loving citizens.
  This is also driven by our fast path method system when anyone is accused they will be found innocent or convicted with speedy trial 3-10 day law of
Minor disputes can be mediated in real time by use of eDevices to go online to confirm the details of the violation or mis-understanding. This alone is the ultimate deterrent.
  The Worlds LAST PEACE SUMMIT required SHOULD have occurred +11 years ago.
The Deadline of Jan 20, 2020 is required followup and Action by our top Leaders.
  Our Easy to use Open Circuit TV method is motion detection turns on Cellphone or webcam and transmits real time to Captain, PNP, or owner of the property over free WIFI  kInternet system. Anyone can do this starting with auto-answer SKYPE method reversed using just a few mobile applications to be deployed by our top scientists.
    We are the rare angel Philantrophists who offer to pay for all free pre-wire our villages with high speed fiber optic clustered network of WorldSchoolFund so everyone can walk down any street or business and have free access to all world information in FOIA.ONE.  We had free phone call communication back at W4ATC amateur Radio NCSU Raleigh NC in 1976. We are the ones who invented internet data packet protocols. I alone was Architect of IBM DataTrade back in 1991 Broadway & seymour INC in Charlotte NC and top International Designer of IRMA DCA communications INC Atlanta GA. We were the 24year old top architect Security expert Rollins Security Systems 1983. linked 2005 to present.
  ONE super criminal terrorist Robert Dee ROse uses OUR internet and security systems to infiltrate our corporate and government databases and even our courtrooms with (Atlanta GA).
    This was the original ISEEGranny as I am visiting with a 92 year old farmer visitor 225 who is being robbed of his Antipolio mango fruit trees. We sit at complaint Dept next to Martin Dinos office 26 Flr 20200106-1014am His lady friend is IID 63-19570127-1. Visitor Can anyone find out who she is by example.
   With use of simple VIDEO technology, anyone can do remote complaint or business transaction and record the facts to be reviewed by other parties. The WAITS we experience in life for everything are worse abuse of our most precious commodity of GOD's time. ~2 to 30% of our life is waiting for someone else to provide us results.
  Our young adults waste 2 to 40% of their lives playing stupid video Shoot-em-Up games that are now legalized gambling banking by Chinese and other offshore groups. With use of our master training of, forums, our young people can now earn money as Guardians of our tower communities by auto identifying the people they meet on the streets. If they find a wanted person, they get the bounty reward, same as our public, police, and military in that exact order.
  Trilllions of $$$ profits are lost by our people WAITING for others to be on time, waiting in lines for everything we must accomplish.  With our final solution methods, everyone SHARES technology and resources to conduct all business and living in self sustained all digital technology communities as billionaires like keith and millionaires world wide flock here to spend their assets on mega million dollar homes and small businesses built by our local highly trained artist construction engineers and business owners using our consultant advisor business process methods.  Our mega shopping malls will be now owned by our communities as everyone knows that shopping is where the real profits are made by the few who own the banks, R.E., land, roads, and get paid every time we park and spend OUR profits. Our system prevents all Profiteering at all levels of society as we now all live as communal shared resource citizens of using
  In the ultimate meantime, BOOK our people with your top people in face to face meetings anywhere in the world. CALL us and send us a one way Plane Ticket or pick us up with your Corporate or Government Jet.  We know who actually have funds and resources for our scientist prophet teams to HELP our people achieve business process profits, since we are the white hats who engineered the original databases.
   Our true #1 expertise.. is reality of BuiltBykeith and BidOnKeith  Updated Jan 6, 2020
 We the people NOW control and own EVERYTHING.  NO more government officials who control everything are needed. Most of the root issues are Corporate Executives in usA . Only highly paid consultant advisors run the administrative controls required.  We use our free CELL phone network to TELL the OUR highly paid consultant leaders the NEXT best PROJECT.  We are empowered to vote and SEIZE any assets that can not be proven as legally owned (taxes paid and documentation provided). We JUST updated top of SolutionPeace .com and will continue WORLD broadcasts for MILITARY and INTERPOL to come escort us to safety WHILE rest of world USES our methods. =  is the worlds most simple top anti crime community training forum workshops designed to teach humanity HOW to protect and secure any community worldwide.  Return of total control of ALL of GODs assets back to humanity are achieved with JUST one Intl Press Conference.
TOP PRIORITY is to translate into Tagalog ( with MSWord above and send back to Webmasters above. Related is original SolutionRedDot that  focuses Automatic Face Recognition free WIFI Internet  and Summer of 2015 when I was mission in China on same purpose to achieves Global
 World Peace.  No One with any authority has actually done required Follow-up ACTION as of today Nov 15, 2019
The base MWord file MUST be put into Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and in order of world population who ALL must use these simple system to provide security by mass reduction of guards. Then posted in order at TOP above.
We have gifted these solutions to mankind since no one else has ever UNIFIED humanity as we have already done past 43 years of top Corporate, government and Technical market research as the worlds top Consultant of all time. Call everyone and ask for them to DEPLOY as the bases for any safe society is secured communities. Each local village Call Desk has names and #'s of local residents for quick approval and even uses our teenagers as 'runners to confirm Who is Who. Now each cell,  Open Circuit TV, and drones, or ballon webcams live stream to public with Automatic Face recognition match to eliminate all crime networks over time. Crooks hate to be video/photo recorded, don't they all.
DOST Pena and Ronald Talion with CEO of Jun Catan can work with AFP PNP NBI IM to deploy now.  Free Wifi + Free Education for all. 10 Commandments + basic Human=God Bill of Rights achieves total global peace.

SolutionHousing.ORG. Transfers Trillions of $$ to Asia.

The answer of is total Justice Tort Reform System + (100% peacekeeper crime investigators) using legacy  EVOTE.ONE   FOIA.ONE.  using

    This website is a work of GOD's love and care for our people and will always be a work in progress of Technology use of Artificial Intelligence Singularity controlled and owned by all humanity. 

     Keith Duncan Cell (63) 0917354300. Nov 14, 2019 last update. Rev 1.0 Draft 1 is above. 

  Training video series will be created channel. from CHINA back in June 2011 historical in nature

This is indeed INTLPto.GOV that Jun Catan CEO of saw with 40 inventors 3 months ago  and said. THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN.  When can we meet again.  as I am so so busy planning for Jan 20, 2020 WORLD peace SUMMIT when we actually DO teach Presidents and world HOW to use technology, bible, and common sense to achieve TOTAL WORLD PEACE.. Here I predicted my very own KIDNAPPING after criminal USA Marshal Tom Shell in Atlanta LAUGHED and said YES we know ROSE is a criminal, we will call you back in a few. years and RUDELY hung up. I was shocked again, so broadcast this about the Tower of Babylon (known as BABBLE as we now use computers to interpret real time ANYONE who speaks in TONGUES) the preachers who SLAP us on the forehead are indeed FAKES.... . HOW. all evidence showed ROSE wanted me dead then as now. NO ONE has ever asked anything so I personally completed HOW to achieve total world peace now set for Jan 20, 2020 as is the basis for EVERYONE protecting their own communities, including that REAL Aliens called USA Corporate Executives are controlling our world.

PREVENTED forever with PROFITSHAREHOLDERS.SPACE  Some are friendly, MOST just want to use us as FOOD source. yes WE are the MEAT of the Wendys commerical ad. WHERE IS THE BEEF. HERE we are. a little humor always helps.

Protecting our neighborhoods with use of cell phones, walk talkies, and Open Circuit TV is ALSO why I am here as the worlds top Consultant of all time.  NO one yet has actually asked me anything about HOW I have been working WITH GOD and using required technology and psychology to teach humanity how to BE HONEST as the ONLY POLICY.

A TRUE ANSWER for all community is to literally HIRE our local male teenagers to USE that is currently at  Famous for worlds eBook Video training on HOW to be millionaires with

They get paid for collecting REWARDS on the heads of wanted criminals.  Soon we will supply Open Circuit TV technology so the entire community can watch their streets from their TVs and even over Live stream Webcams Guard Towers sent to any Cell PHONE or eDevice.  All part of what Keith personally did 1976 forward as the #1 anti crime scientist of all time.


HERE will be new last video as soon as our ANTI CRIME group gets funding or direct connection to PNP, AFP, DILG, President Duterte..

Photo show here demonstrates current state of our fore saken world. Solved and Prevented with these proven workshop methods that are broad spectrum use to use existing technology and methods human psychology.  Criminals HATE to be photo or video recorded when they know this identifies their crook intent to steal and rob our assets and endanger our children, elderly, and naive young people.  Once our young adults are trained on how to defend our communities, schools, and where ever they travel internationally with, our new world leaders are those of highest merit regardless of their family wealth and political corporate power.

Here is latest EMAIL sent to USEC Martin B Dino of DILG who has direct responsibility for all 43,000 Barangays.


Please GIVE to your STAFF, REVIEW, and FORWARD to everyone.

Everyone knows that SECURITY is the PRIME requirement for EVERYONE. With our comprehensive program deployed in next 2 to 6 months, NO more guns and VERY few guards will ever be required using JUST this one training program....


SEND out to PRESS and your most extensive EMAIL List. Of course review it first. It is designed for ANYONE to update and submit BACK to enhance the security of ANY property including all GUARDS worldwide.  In a few months we will NEVER need guards again once the world leaders see what we have done, ELIMINATE ability to commit almost all crimes, THEREFORE few Police, Military, Judges, Lawyers, DAs, and JAILs will be needed.  Except we WILL put the truly ruthless criminals in PRISON for their refusals to surrender the crime wealth they have taken.


This is what GOD and a few have promised for centuries..  KEITH DUNCAN ( and many others) are the worlds leading Observation researcher (teams) on ANTI POVERTY Prevention at all levels.  That is why I am here since Aug 5, 2015 on SAME missions of creating Total World Peace using INTERNET and thousands of visits as I see each of you each day because I am the ONLY PERSON WHO does any follow-up and Takes ANY ACTION.

Most of our world is so consumed with ++______. Fill in the blank ____

It is PERFECTLY normal for so many people to NOT like certain other persons because human nature is the 'BIRDS of SAME FEATHER do FLOCK together'. REALLY been hard for past 11 years to get our PRESIDENTS and WORLD Leaders to achieve WORLD PEACE using what we published and asked PRESS and WORLD to USE same period.  We know why. CRIMINALS worldwide do NOT WANT US TO BE SAFE and WEALTHY by owning all Infrastructure and running our own communities. These groups PROFIT as BILLIONAIREs by USING our profits to make MORE PROFITS.

Simple human nature and GREED gone to the EXTREME.... of slave trading everyone they can. saying WORK HARDER, BUY MORE, SPEND YOUR savings, NEVER too late to take a vacation,  on and on...   ALL because they control the banks, shopping malls,

Never was OUR FAULT we were kidnapped and persecuted from Jan 2008 to present and no one asks about our true purpose of missions..


Most important current reality is POLITICAL corruption (mostly USA and the group we call the Collective Ruling Elite) is causing all world poverty for they want slave trading enterprises to build their own empires. This is reality and I state this with complete neutral observations since most people pass judgment on each other, I NEVER DO...




greetings my friends  Alcover Pablito. Globe 09065031111


   Since you are deeply involved in protecting communities and background in Political science. Let us meet soon. Please call DILG Martin Dino USEC, 09175335765, office 970-7783 tell him all about this ONE focused SITE broadcast.


we custom published for Atty Jose Malvar Villegas at 09062553622 09196116029 that teaches EVERYONE in world how to quickly use pscyhology and simple cells and walkietalkies to deny entrance of anyone who has no business in the village.


    This is NOT BEING DONE anywhere, this is why tens of thousands of guards are used to prevent robberies at ALL the stores. A true waste of MANPOWER and another cause of POVERTY caused by the few who OWN everything.


   The basis for my presence is to TALK directly with DUTERTE, TRUMP, and yes, USA Ambassador KIM so THEY can be International heros of the first nation to transfer TRILLIONS of real $$ cash and assets from 1st world nations like USA to HERE.  This can be done by ANY leader hosting press conference using attached PDF files.


The required MONEY, ASSETS, and Technology transfer is REAL. This occurs ONE WAY as foreign SPENDERS come to push out the INVESTORS( this is legal economic pressure of supply and demand).


I am here representing GOD + humanities base civil human rights showing world how to use +


     Each creates total world global peace.  Apostle keith


When can we meet.... For FOLLOW-UP ACTION is always required to teach our people how to be EDUCATED, WEALTHY, and VERY Wise.

Below is legacy 100% perfected Linked HugPongFederal.CO keynote speakers who also teach our world how to create 100% secured villages. All cross linked in GOD's Purpose ChristDomain.

The Premier Expert Keynote Speaker Crusaders -Federalism

ForeFounding Father CEO Keith Duncan

Contact all World Leaders and PRESS to command they use 100% Direct eDemocracy of  FOIA.ONE engineered single world refom solutions of Duncan

Achieving Sustainable + 
Worlds First and last 100% Perfected Federalism System means almost NO Governments ever need and NO Mega Corporation will exist once replaces all corruption, all banks, all stock markets and one new world kBitCoins currency.  This is your new world society ordained reality.
    To Join: Click: Become Federalism Speaker.
Next events:
   NATIONAL SPEAKERS RALLY  RESCHEDULED . NOT Aug 13, 2019 7pm?? at Astro Dome Cuneta (near Roxas Ave and Marina waterfront Manila.  Capacity Limit to first 10,000 Attendees. Admission is FREE. Support Donations are needed to STAGE NEXT world Rally Events.
   Aug 24, 2019  Fully paid airfare and hotel in Malaysia for ANYONE signing up 10 Natinl Speakers. Call Dr. Chelsa or any National Speaker for details. We now number +79 Speakers as of Aug 1, 2019. 
.  Daily Overview on recruiting National, Regional, and Providential speakers. Call above #'s and Contact Duterte, Press, Senate, Congress, Public now.
  • National Speakers Rally - Tues July 23 1 pm Jollibees Plaza EDSA / Taft at Kabayan Hotel.  Focus is mass publicity recruitment of Top New World Leaders.
  • Live Stream Historical VIDEO posted on
  • Tues June 25 7pm Astro Dome Cuneta. Near Roxas Av and Marina Manila.
  • June 30, 2019 Rally in Cebu Philippines.
  • Second week of July 2019. 100 National Speakers travel Hong Kong recruit OFWs.
Key Videos National Chairman Celso A. Tizon, Duncan June 24, 2019 Broadcast with Dr. Chelsa T, Tito-Frank Garcia, Keith Duncan #1084 is 100% direct Democracy. Join #1 Revolution Solution UNIocracy.ORG saves mankind with EVOTE.ONE is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch playlist. Command all world leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!!    End of the line for all criminals once becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics. Driven by New Constitutional Human Right laws and EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to empower all to collectively own and manage all aspects of our free trade, free travel world economy.

  WE INVITE YOU as a National SPEAKER of HUMAN RIGHTS to apply to be qualified. This is the most powerful Viral Social Media Campaign in World History based on true reality.

We are world experts in Keynote Speaking (the ultimate Consultants). Most of us are Research & Development Scientists, top Professors, Religious Leaders, Corporate Executives, Real Estate Brokers + Moguls, Engineering Experts, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, top Government officials, 'secret partner funder beneficiaries', and on-world Human Right Advocates.

     Clearly, few are ready for Martial Law OR the overthrow of corrupt governments worldwide. This happens BECAUSE groups are divided on ONLY their own advocacy. Our world teams observe and report for decades the true reality of WHY nothing ever gets done. Led by top National Speakers of CEOSPACE.NET Berny Dorhman, Bob Proctor, Bob Circosto, Jack Canfield, Dr David Gruder (Integrity), David Stanley (stepBrother of Elvis Presley), Les and John Brown, and #1 evangelist Keith Duncan, we are the ultimate prime consultant ambassador emissaries of total 100% social Peace and Justice. is the ONLY answer of your new world economy owned and controlled by 7.7 Billion of our people.

  The current crimes against humanity are caused by all power consolidated in one Majority Ruling Party of CONGRESS or dictators who criminally league with underground human right violators known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Even our own Senate can never come into agreement. For this is EXACTLY what the criminals and terrorists around our world WANT.   To delay, divide, and conquer so GOD's assets and wealth will be systematically DRAINED away from our people treated as Factory Slaves who have NO RIGHTS to anything.

   These crimes against humanity are solved forever with replacement and latest = replacement of this 

   The Keynote broadcast by our founder is:

   We are also Engineering Project Management, Architects, Construction CEO's for all new All Digital Creative Communities, Government and Corporate replacement systems. We have world leading experts on energy, Water, Poverty prevention, STP Water and Waste Management Re-cycle, Banking and financial replacement systems, Voting simplicity systems, Hydro Water Storage + Generation Powerhouse systems, Free Education and Communication Systems, and variety of the most prolific new world economy systems that empower humanity to control and manage all their own assets.

     TOP PRIORITIES for our entire world have always been:

  1. Contact visit top world leaders and Press to command they use our ordained solutions found at  eVOTE.ONE is the worlds first = last 100% direct eDemocracy that empowers all communities to own and control their own infrastructure and homes + assets. This frees us from all corrupt governments and mega corporation dynasties.

  2. Use FOIA.ONE  and to direct fund free world wide communication and Open Public Freedom of Information database of WHO is WHO and WHO owns what. All unrepentant criminals are quickly put in Jail and their assets seized to direct fund the following only world class answer methodology of = that reverses Climate Change and eliminates all energy and water wars.

  3. Contact INTERPOL, Military, AFP, PNP, NBI, USA FBI, AG, CIA, literally ALL law enforcement to use above and that is 100% total social justice tort legal reform to eliminate all corrupt Judges, liar-lawyers, prosecutors, Police, and other officials who are paid to protect our rights and assets.

  4. Join and support fund our established teams of Executives direct funded to save our world from the greed of 'demonic slave traders.'  All Positive in GOD's most Holy Name ministries of who unifies Muslim and all other denominations as Cooperative Ministries.

  5. Seizure of Robert Dee Rose who is super cyber crime terrorist. $2 Million USD bounty.

  ANY of the ABOVE world events will cause Press Conferences by our World Leaders and PRESS.  Mass SUPPORT Rallies are also a key Answer Solution to literally FORCE our leaders to WAKE UP and represent our interests, not theirs.


Our World Leaders are the highest qualified expert keynote speaker top Professors, Religious Leaders, Scientists, Human Rights Advocates, and Merchant  Crusaders  on creating your replacement ByPass New World Society 

   We partner and directly teach  the most powerful and influential Corporate Executives, Governments, and Top world leaders how  to achieve new free trade, travel, education, commerce communities free of all Politics and crime. This is your New World reality of  100% perfected Federalism engineered by 43 years ago to now.


Our Projects cover all aspects of humanity from expertise of:

EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  = 0 Politics = Education, = Water Energy        = Energy reduction    = 0 Poverty    = 0 Wars.       = Tort Reform

All other aspects of preventing crime in the first place to create UTOPIA of E.D.E.N with


   Our target partners are the World Leaders, Corporate Executives, World Religion Leaders,  Politicians, Stock Market Brokers, Bankers, Developers, Investors, Corporations, literally all of humanity. 

   We achieve the 'UTOPIA' of 100% peace and social justice with the simple ratification of using the simple engineered ordained methods of Angel Philanthropists starting with billionaire Duncan, Manuel Villar, Sy family, Lucio Tan, Bill Gates, John GoKongWe, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, Koch Family, Walton family, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Steve Balmer


Use + Solution today by directly contacting World Leaders and top PRESS to command they unify reform our entire world as our decision makers are few. Fewer are those leaders who actually SERVE our people for our benefit versus their own back pocket graft even 'criminal accumulation' of wealth and extreme political power. These ordained systems replace all known forms of corrupt governments and corporations with easy universal single Constitutional commandments of Solution = 10 Commandments + Human Bill of Rights.

The Beginning:  In simple terms, our founding father (Keith Brent Duncan) and resulting world crusader teams,  was initiated  43 years ago as top experts in Computer Operating  Systems, Micro Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Creation of State of the art databases, Process control using custom designed and programmed Logic Controllers and assortment of other Master of all Trades expertise .  We have been incorporating the most powerful state of the art technology and human psychology combinations the world has ever experienced.  These are published over past 11 years at extreme expense and peril as legacy heritage solutions to replace all known forms of corrupt Government and Corporate enterprises.


  The 'Dark' Middle Ages:  Our world has descended to ongoing 'secret dark net' cold war World War 3 since 1958 era. The worst crimes against humanity of slave trading, industrial factory workers, farmers who can never make any profit, water and energy wars by Political Oligarchs, criminal control and manipulation of our stock markets and commodities, and other cyber crimes conducted by secret underground networks who are the ones who BUY and Extort our Corporate Executives and Politicians worldwide. Our very own Law Enforcement Justice and Military databases have already been infiltrated by secret rogue criminal agents starting with (Robert Dee Rose, DOB 1971-April-01) guilty of International Treason, Espionage, Sedition (overthrow of our governments), massive money laundering/tax evasion (IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 worth +$8 Million USD reward), murder of key eyewitnesses tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracy to murder by USA GOV agents, Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, DAs, Police, and even fired DOJ AG sally q. yates. All are 100% guilty by their very own certified signatures on court documents.  CAPITALISTIC INDUSTRIAL AGE is over once CEOSPACE.NET and Solution with and teach humanity how to own and run their own small business enterprises free of taxes, regulations, secret deals, and corruption.  These are all legacy heritage solutions 'LEFT BEHIND' for you my people to create your own new crime free society that you VOTE on the next best project and service that benefits your own community and world = 100% social peace and justice.

  The End Result is a new replace world society that is free of all crime networks. This is quickly achieved with the combination application and ratification of Solution using EVOTE.ONE and the worlds first and last OPEN PUBLIC Database FOIA.ONE. Our one world military now function 100% as peace keepers and criminal investigators as NO president or congress or Rogue terrorist group can control these most deadly arsenals of destruction for their own private gain by divide and conquer warfare justified by the few politicians.

   Nothing can stop this most powerful reformation unification movement because of it's inherit self regulating checks and balances.  All to empower +7.7 Billion people to control, own, and manage all their own infrastructure.  This frees us from the crime enterprises of underground crime networks starting with   Robert Dee ROSE with a $2 Million USD bounty on his head. No more politics or false promises can empower the Family Ruling Dynasties from controlling our GOD gifted assets for their own self-entitlement massive wealth accumulation.


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The TWO videos above are famous from summer of 2011. When asked WHAT do I DO? I answer 'What do you need?" for thes broadcast solutions of Keith Duncan are the ONLY answers to UNIFY and REFORM our entire world. I even address Privacy concerns and ask if ANYONE is in Federal Witness Protection Program. As I applied in Person to Atlanta AG sally Q yates in Sept 2011 right before ROSE ordered my kidnaps by blackmailing USA GOV rogue agents as I proved ROSE was cyber stalking my activities + robbing my homes on a regular basis. He extorted almost all my own lawyers, judges, Police, and top USA GOV officials.


Send to everyone you know and DEMAND total Social Justice and Peace be achieved using these simple engineered keynote speaking solutions.  RIGHT side lower VIDEO above is showcasing the VISIONARY answers of free internet, free education, Free trade, travel and trust of the most comprehensive systems ever broadcast to our most derelict world. As Construction of all digital creative communities prevents all world poverty by the most massive transfer of crime wealth seized by order of directly commanded by EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE