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These are the top world priority projects that are self-fund created with EVOTE.ONE with full operational command control and communication managed by our 7.7 billion person collective cooperative ministry associations. Nothing else has ever successfully replaced all known forms of corrupt governments and mega corporations. 
  We require, even COMMAND, everyone go to our top World Leaders + PRESS and command they use these solutions to forever rid our world of the most oppressive cyber criminals, rebels, and underground crime networks.
SolutionHousing.ORG prevents all poverty.

This one Universal project is self funding to prevent all world poverty. Starts with elimination of all crime networks with and the direct legal transfer of trillions of USD/EUROS/other currencies and assets to purchase raw construction material, pay for engineering and architecture bidding services, and provide the construction costs for building new Schools, roads, energy generation, water conservation and distribution, hospitals, and other community owned infrastructure. We make NO excuses but take ACTION as all world must do to complete these ordained and divined solutions. prevents Poverty.
BBK20190127-WorldSchoolFund-ScreenShot c

Trillion $$$ Direct Funding all national schools at local levels as the only answer of all Free Education + Free 100% Interlink(Internet) with all digital FOIA.ONE access to Library People Congress Open Public Database. This prevents All Politics + Crimes with EVOTE.ONE New World UNIocracy.ORG free of all dynasties.  Direct eDemocracy funds all education for mankind today.

1. Free world-wide Internet with high speed fiber-Optic Internet open access cluster network direct funded

2. Free Public Education from age 5-elementary locally, to any High School and any University at ANY school internationally. All nations are included as our students + adults (any age) now become 100% International Exchange Citizens of highest merit serving all humanity. This universal free education includes Tuition, Room, Board, living/travel expenses.


We create free energy watershed systems to free our people from the eco-military energy war family stock dynasties. This ultimate new world watershed re-management system frees our world of financial piracy, prevents + reverses Climate Change, eliminates all energy dynasty + stock market perversion, and restores ownership of all energy and water production and use back to our +7.7 Billion People with total free trade + travel of world UNIocracy.ORG.

Book Duncan from Manila Philippines to your greatest places of Watershed + 100% green Mining nations. Use BidOnkeith to send Keith's teams to your World Leaders today.   Your new world society is now driven by One World Constitution.

This is the worlds last single Universal Constitution of the 10 commandments and Human Bill or Rights. This null and voids over 80% of manmade laws that are full of self-entitlement loopholes, kickbacks, and protection of corruption crime networks.   All universal as the new world society economy standardized set of commandments and laws to Fearlessly protect the rights of all others.

BBK20171227-Ezekiel-WhoTrainsOurYouth-Pe is 3 level replacement of all Stock Markets, 1 world Currency, Profit Share Holders. broadcast showcases 3 key replacement solutions of a new World wide Stock Market that is inherently self stabilizing as no Stock market CRASH or inflation can occur once these become your new world standards of fiscal responsibility and accountability.   Second is the replacement of all currency with one KBitCoins digital exchange that is valued at Point of Sale by agreement between Buyer and Seller.  Third is the most powerful simple system of all Stockholders and Employees now have full voting rights to decide WHO are their management and executives as well as the compensation benefits of themselves and othes. All done with eVOTE.ONE simple eDevice voting over free world wide internet.

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