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  CLICK HERE to see original GODs design for open public sharing of ALL of GODs wisdom and knowledge forever.
2024 March 21. Perfectly Updated as Worlds last open public interlinked database of all human knowledge, wisdom, and assets forever.
  Today we linked in *.com to motivate expose all violators of GODs laws to turn themselves IN NOW. Otherwise WE GODS people now conduct the most peaceMaker manhunts of worst criminals and terrorist known as Lucifer Worshippers and Criminal Ruling Elite to put them all in prison and death row by orders of WE THEIR VICTIMS, by public use of, and seizure all all criminal wealth and assets and records returned to all victims, 1% to Board of Trustee Director Problem Solvers, then balance goes to the communities damaged by same souless mortal regardless of their wealth, power, level of authority.

  We are the GOD sent #1 procreators of all technology to replace all known systems of Governments and Corporations forever.
Now everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, and WHO trades anything with WHO, Where, why, how, and when GPS tracked.
  Matched with Keiths prime perfect only Evote.ONE vote all decision making method Laws, +8 billion WE the PEOPLE now unify forever as only peacemakers, peacekeepers, and promisekeepers by sharing everything GOD procreated for our advance of our humanity progress.

  FOIA.ONE was GOD + most humble #1 scientist human rights advocate Keith Brent Duncan gift to +8 billion GODs children. We are #1 victims of named organized criminals at since absolutely NO ONE enforces existing GODs laws.

  Only the use of this one decentralized unhackable database will advance our human race as everyone now all peace makers forever.  We are hiring wealthy problem solvers now for $40 Billion USD relocated to Asheville NC. To date, not a single soul has actually helped us unify all mortals once and forever. Most too busy isolating themselves from all others'Gospel Chronicles of Keith's URL showcases how to UNIFY all mankind at one time. One Intl Referential Integrity Open Public owned Database of Who is Who, Who owns What, Who free trades/travels with who/when/where/why, + who is trusted versus wanted criminal.
    Driven by
EVOTE.ONE WE the People now prevent all viral pandemics + crime networks by sharing open communal resources and data knowledge. Gifted by world Angel Philanthropist clearly sent by FatherGod Higher Power to save Mother Earth loaned resources by showcasing Luciferian named individuals who focus on stealing Gods Profits and depopulating our enslaved human race. All positive advancement of our human race using

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