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  The Truth Shall Set All Free !  The Truth endures forever until the end of eternity. Who has forsaken US? GOD? or has mankind been so Lucifer greedy that humanity shall destroy itself one last time. No one every gets away with anything they have not legally earned and claimed. No one.

With this our New last World database all is changed forever.

Author gifted by Saint Apostle sent by GodSentMe

       FOIA.ONE   is Gods Delivered Freedom of Information Action single URL linked worlds last database of human knowledge and wisdom.  Using evote at, mankind is now 100% decision based society as WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE majority vote on the next best project at all Government and Mega Corporation levels. prevents all Criminal Speculation Profiteering of our Banks and Stock Markets from now until the end of Gods time. #1 requirement since Jan 2008 is for USA + any other Angel person to contact keith and escort his crusader expert philanthropists to testify with all World Presidents now.

  This Prime solution was conceived by Keith as the original SQL Author OROCALE back in 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC USA. I was coding pattern matching systems to store and retrieve Online database any data with Programmable Logic Controllers. This was still 10-20 years ahead of publical avaiable systems that endined up being cell phones. Now we use KEITH's methods as the open lines of true communication when everyone speaks the same language, knows exactly WHO is WHO (one degree of Separation between all of mankind), and agrees on mediating disputes so that everyone remains free to decide how to use God's loaned assets as communal shared resources.  We created the worlds first driving generator of all digital, electric/electronic, paperless and crime free society. One global achievement was Keith was sole author of IBM Datatrade universal OS communication platform I personally crafted and deployed as IBM 5756-034 on 1992/04/21 from Broadway&Seymour INC Charlotte N.C. as one open source CodeBase that CROSS compiled on any International mainframe, midrange, and microprocessor based platform. The system was unhackable and translated ANY language of data, numbers, and text to any other dialogue as the worlds first and last open line communication standard. Same as over 30 other world changing data communications standards.  Reference: on how that eliminates all current old banking and stock Market systems forever with systems WE the People 100% Control, own, and manage at all levels to ensure 100% of our dividends and interest profits are returned to US = WE the People.
  Almost All Financial paper systems are the ultimate Lucifer Speculation scams as you are promised great future rewards all the time.
     Keith was sent by GOD 1-195808-1 to unify mankind as #1 scientist Angel Humanitarian keynote Speaker Mediator for all of mankind.
HE accepted the call to be #1 world leader mediator to free HIS Chosen people to be owners and caretakers of his FatherGods loaned gifted resources of Earth.  Few understand because most are blinded by predatory greed. Only by Mass publicity contacting TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN, and all world Presidents + PRESS + Humanity will mankind actually achieve total world peace using the URL linked answer methods seen on CreatorKeith.Space and broadcast to all +7.77 Billion of free will MY People. He has humbly personally delivered the same New World UNIocracy.ORG system to public all the way up to Military on Sept 25, 2011. since AntiChrist ROSE was cyber stalk tracking his every transmission and GPS location, this devil decided to pay off named DOJ officials (all of them tied to Norfolk 4:11cr112 murder for hire multi level true conspiracies so NO ONE in world would ever investigate HIS crimes against humanity that was For the Pirates of the open market sea are those who violate original Constitutional Maritime law by cyber stealing our profits and laying waste to My Father Gods world on criminally insane incompetent premise that only THEY=THEM know how to make laws, how to spend our taxes, and how to keep us barely alive so we will be slave traded never knowing that GOD and his saint angels walk and live among all of us.  For Keith is the richest NON-KING in world history as the worlds first Angel Philanthropist who gift pledges over $500 Million of ALL his intellectual property BACK to all of humanity to build our new self sustainable economic model starting with the only answer of: that all can see eliminates ALL Identify Theft, scammers, con-artists, criminal terrorists, slave traders, gambling syndicates, and other addict enterprises that destroy the very fabric of MY Fathers universe.  #1 requirement is always to escort KEITH to TESTIFY to entire world......
Last updated March 19, 2020 as our entire world is in Blockade Martial Law since no one has USED simple GPS tracking of FOIA.ONE and our very own cell phones and demographics data that is already being data mined by NSA, Interpol, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba den of thieves.
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