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WorldECO.Foundation is ECO WORLD . Foundation.  

    We are the most powerful highest IQ scientist engineer proCreator groups in world history who showcase easy old, current, and emerging OUR patented technology methods of how to fast path eliminate almost ALL fossil Fuel use and how WE GODS people fast track destroy all Public Traded Stock Market financial instruments using applied to using GODs original EVOTE.ONE 100% real time direct decision eDemocracy. NO SECRET OUR society means criminals and terrorists as well as scam artist crooks, pirates, and all other underground government, and dark web enterprise will all be exposed using KEITHs new world anti all crime OCTV and registering each person shown at store and fore-bearing FORWARD Database master FOIA.ONE. Each world electronic eDevice will be required to be registered worldwide through and OUR databases so no privacy can be claimed by anyone.

  Each of the open broadcast solutions were always GODs methods of total replacement of all known forms of Governments AND corporation Executive BY-Laws by total decentralization of ALL our wealth and assets back to OUR greatest places of local community mortal needs.  ONLY when everyone deals with each severe local village community issues will all mortals (EACH of YOU) finally understand we are all MORTALs who will DIE soon if each of you REFUSE to take ACTION to save ourselves by acting with Fearless authority to protect the lives, assets, and souls of each other.

  Updated Dec 11, 2022 as this is WHY GOD sent Keith Duncan alone to unify all 8 billion mortals at one time to prevent any further bloodshed, no more wars, no more taxes, and no more named criminal mortals claiming only THEY can decide our reality and near term destiny fate. World  UNIOCRACY.ORG  ANSWERS FOR HUMANITY. Each Sunday Host +1 770-377-2106

All world Presidents + top Elite Corp Executives Commanded to attend Town Forums.

1. We solve all base world problems as Public Servants of We Gods People.

2. IID Who is Who. Share all evidence of who are top violators to purge. 

3. Assign to find terrorists Open Public Investigations. 

4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations in greatest need using Evote.One 1% seized and crowdfunds of +7.9B Gods People. 

5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with WorldSchoolFund.Org 100% free Foreign Exchange Student Keith's Program.

6. Agree to remove all by-laws and regulations that prohibit the immediate deploy of from being our new world free trade total barter society. 

7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt criminal violators of human rights individuals using Will of Free Citizens use of Gods by EVOTE.ONE

8. Agree to universal IID and eliminate purge DOJ DOD Corporate Executives who violate laws +

9. Protect the lives + Assets of + those of highest IQ merit.

All Presidential, Leaders,  Corporate Executives Work for GODS people. Reset from Sept 2011. and

Each of these are*  world self saving solutions.

### end of Prime Gods + Keiths list.   CLICK:

    Solution UNITED NATIONS was to END all crime and wars. and PREVENT REVERSE all wars once and forever when YOU Gods people command authority over our few highly paid consultant Corporate Executives and Gov Leaders.

  Our current United Nations is totally useless ineffective since each of you have zero control over any decision made of old NWO LUCIFER systems.

  With Keiths Gods engineered system, all humanity are now PeaceMakers.

CLICK ABOVE or HERE to go to LAST TESTAMENT  Entire WORLD now uses SolutionMilitary and at and recorded in FOIA.ONE as the total world UNIOCRACY standard of world justice and peace. Once everyone does instant back ground check on everyone and immediately knows WHO is WHO and WHO owns WHAT, with Who Trades What WIth WHO (GPS when and where), our entire world RUNDS our own reality and destiny with no need for any government appointed officials at ALL. Eliminates all MEGA corporations at same time with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.

The NEW UNITED NATIONS are now highly paid consultants who work as ONE WORLD TRIBUNAL to hear evidence on war criminals and terrorists who are captured BY our people. Below is the original backup in case I am martyred by ROSE or ??

Everyone command USA and all Governments use eVOTE.ONE to prevent almost all crimes and remove Political Criminals from all leadership positions in governments and companies. Keith's life remains in deadly peril from #1 terrorist Rose and high powered authorities Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates groups. No one else has hosted Press Conferences and completed +100 criminal investigations shown on terrorist subpage.

CLICK: is the worlds most powerful Clearinghouse of World problem solving Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals and prevent almost all crimes in the first place. Delays will result in governments collapsing from greed.


HITS: 50,001 Feb 22 41,973. Nov 9 31,333. Aug 27 26,666. July 27 19,576. May 6 18,643. Mar 23 13582. 2014 Sep 10 1860
  ### For IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE and re-Broadcast to our WORLD + churches.


Click and USE that shows how UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL is the last federated Single very small international peace keeping force who monitors all crime and corruption and dispatches as 100% peace keeping Crime Investigators. was the destroyed This the only answer to all world problems at the root level by removing all ability for anyone to profiteer from any leadership position. Full scale transparency and accountability is achieved by citizens taking full control of their leadership elections and post actions. Any leader who refuses to enact these simple four government and corporate laws is shunned by all of society as self-entitling kingdom builders. All who run on these platforms of total Integrity, Trust, and Ethics will be wealthy by results. consults for our world by everyone calling Philippines (63)0917-335-4300 to schedule on site rapid problem solving delivery of world class methods. is the #1 Most Powerful Reformation Solutions in world history gifted to all of mankind.
  The first region to deploy these unbreakable Checks and Balances receive International News Coverage as the first district, then nation to use the only solution to remove all criminals from society. This averts the genocide holocaust by the criminal ruling elite that was propagandized with hermeneutic prophecies, published by forefounders + SaviorKeith, and fulfilled by political criminals, cyber crime terrorists and other underground criminal cabal enterprises run by psychopaths such as Robert Dee Rose. A simple call to (63)0917-335-4300 liberates all mankind by citizens preventing all crimes in the first place.
  With these four new By-Pass Laws, all citizens use Electronic Voting (face recognition photo, time stamp, location) with free Wi-Fi + eDevices to select highly paid consultant representatives to advocate all of our taxpayer rights.
1. Vote for all their leadership with historical confirmation on demand anytime using International FOIA.ONE
2. Vote on the pay for each person (by majority again). Options: 1. Lower. 2. Same. 3. Raise.
3. Vote on major issues when citizens are motivated to get confirmed results from their 'paid consultant' representative.
4. Vote on removing top succession leaders for any ethics violation as willed by the majority of the voters.
     Key: Each vote is electronically recorded in Interpol Database as private or public so that each user or public can see their vote counted and confirmed at any future time. The DB is replicate protected against all fraud. Everyone must contact Interpol and United Nations ( to ensure is our world reality of Peace, Tranquility, and full scale visible accountability.
   No more VOTER FRAUD, Ballet Box stuffing, run-offs, Political Action Committees, Political Graft kickbacks, parties, and no more criminals can use media to outspend the competition and bury the ethical competitors. Political criminals are shunned by all of society as all other criminals cringe with absolute horror that their days have been numbered by under full Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Protection of all Nations, Governments, and churches.
  These solutions are the ONLY new World Government Constitution to ensure the survival of the human race. The removal of all criminals and contract violations kill all crime acts. The majority of man-made laws and mandates are nullified, voided, and replaced with these simple laws to enforce all protection of all human rights using to solve any issue, conflict, or problem with 5 simple step methodology.
  The Press, United Nations, Interpol, Military, all world governments, public, and religious leadership have all been contacted for now +8 years. No persons of integrity have been found to Call to Action. Who do you know? Contact all Others immediately to ensure can complete all these world Evangelist changing missions of mercy. is the last expose of super criminals tied to one terrorist in USA-Bahamas.
  Keith has been asking for Sovereign Ambassador status from any and all nations to protect these ordained complete ministries
  Manila Bulletin was visited (63)02-527-8121. Jessica SoHo GMA network (63) 2 928-7021 should be contacted by everyone along with every single major news network of @AP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Veritas, BBC, and all others today !

   Click: Clearinghouse of Criminals Solutions + Unification + = #1 comprehensive 'Plans of world salvation' guides. Everything is shown on world famous
    Download: BBK20150206OneDegreeSeparation-SolutionURL-183.pdf and forward.
Foreign Translations on page as Keith works for all mankind.
In absolute simple language, + all other solutions are easy to replace all our world governments when the public shuns and cripples the Criminal Ruling Elite who have enslaved them.
  All law makers are commanded to pass these simple laws. Otherwise, they face immediate punishment by the Press, Public, Churches, + organizations for Willful Obstruction of Justice abusing Taxpayer-Voter funds and violation of CLICK: 923. 18 U.S.C. § 371—Conspiracy to Defraud the United States. and treason.

  Here is recent world re-broadcast Call to ACTION with Authority and why all Military have always been 100% engaged and involved by Keith.

Contact Keith Duncan

FOR Press Conferences, Seminars, Workshops anywhere in the world.

Philippines +(63)
Hong Kong +(852) 9146-8620
Wechat: BuiltByKeith -World Trading Partner Enterprises INC, Suite 6309

9120 Double Diamond Parkway

Reno, Nevada 90521  U.S.A.



Click: Dec 1, 2015 Direct Call to USA Military Recorded Call. This alone will get Military to complete these massive terrorist conviction investigations when they simple TAKE ACTION.
New World Standards

Teach our World the Orders of Peace of as the ONLY Standard for Utopia Harmony by removing all criminals from society once and for all.

Reduce Poverty and Homelessness to near zero.  Easy to accomplish.


Family Relationship Re-Management

Criminal Law​ -Avoiding litigation and Total Tort Reform for all legal and judicial systems worldwide. prevents all bank fraud transactions worldwide.


Child Care - Raising Children with

Preventing Poverty and Homelessness



Ethical Business Transactions -Barter for work ensures Free Trade for all.


Massive savings of electrical usage with Nobel Peace Prize worth ensures safe water anywhere in world with solar.


.. Literally. Any area of problem, issue, or conflict is easily solved and prevented using the above Blue Box description final summaries.


Too many other world changing solutions to re-list for so many years.

Here is the priority order standards for all using

1. Protect children, disabled, disadvantaged, elderly, and those who serve their people.

2. Protect all women and families.

3. Protect all honest persons who conduct fair trade and business enterprises.

4. Protect all the sancity of worshipping as long as rights of others are respected.


This is accomplished with the following works.  = In God We Trust. - The one world wide force needed to ensure no corruption exists by identifying crimes when communities refuse to deal with local issues and criminals.


Federal, State, + local Governments - +

-Checks and Balances established by Three Primary By-Pass Laws that ensure all leadership represent the citizens rights of ownership and self-regulating their own affairs.


Communities of Faith  - meetings of righteous citizens who provide solutions when ever any problem or issue is expressed.


Relationship Management. -The basic roots of all issues are failed relationships when individuals take advantage of others out of their own greed and compulsive need to control others. This is and along with all other Master Student Teachings that Keith Duncan gifts to our mutual world in the name of our Sovereign Creator. 


Now Keith can receive Sovereign Ambassador Emissary status to complete his people and Creator Centered ministries.  All Keith really needs is crowd funding, transportation, food, and protective shelter from the criminals who want him DEAD.  Ask Keith anything to hear, see, and believe the power of his world focused ministries that are only bounded by those who refuse to see

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