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MetaPhysics  Contact #1 Worlds greatest most humble Sage Visionary Philosopher Inventor Scientist Master Educator Keith Brent Duncan today through all ways and means. This has always been the #1 priority for all PUBLIC, PRESS, USA Military and all Law Enforcement agencies so Keith can finally have full protection from each of YOU against super criminal terrorists all tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE massive true conspiracies to murder my people (self Genocide) of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 started back Oct 6, 2007 when ROSE full time cyber hacked your new world crime free Utopia that GOD sent Keith to deliver. value exceeds $500 MUSD + mass publicity at all levels for the extreme damage caused by each named criminal terrorist. Include demands for immediate PRISON and Death ROW for any hard core criminal and terrorist networked debauchery based cabal enterprises worldwide.
These terrorists collectively branded as 'Criminal Ruling Elite' includes 'legalized embezzlement.'

 Define Philosopher as "a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields. a person who is deeply versed in philosophy. a person who establishes the central ideas of any grassroots revolution movement, new replacement simple Government architecture infrastructure system, financial shared economic system, etc."

  All recovered $40 Billion USD (actually $450 Trillion USD) is part of GODs seed fund to complete all aspects of your new crime free UTOPIA. used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders. This one GOD focused simple replacement system applies to ALL world Government AND Corporate Executive leaders forever.

The Meta Physics . Foundation = is your simple KISS methodology to re create GODs UTOPIA of Heaven as it was original procreated here on Earth.  Never been done before for all reasons clearly explained since most mortals have self isolated themselves unable and unwilling to search and find their very own purpose of WHY they were conceived and gifted free will choice of RIGHTEOUSNESS versus EVIL known as sin, vice, and crime.

A short breakdown of the phrase The Meta Physics is below since everyone loves great acronyms versus synonym:

T Theology -Basic belief system of how human souls interact and connect with each other as GIFTERs.

H Health -Without best health of mind, soul, and body little can ever be done to advance our human race.

E Education -State of the art digital communication systems reprograms each of your minds to be careGivers and CareTakers. The only other two groups are our OVERSEER guardian angel inventor investor philanthropists. The last group are the UnderTakers who deal with our end of life mortal deaths led by Gods Grim Reaper.

M Math  -The basic method of determining anything of value benefit to each other.

E  Engineering  -Basic problem solving method technique to advance our human race as peace makers.

T  Technology -self evident.

A  Architecture -required to scope out the near perfect design of any creation at all levels.

P Physics -The in depth study of cause and effect of how all of Gods creations interconnect link to each other. Everyone and everything has a ordained divined reason for being in expanding existence. Ask us about the 'White Elephant in the Room parable."

H HOME -Everyone deserves to have a stable base of operations their entire lives. The homeless and impoverished only exist because of the 'Criminal Ruling Elite' who commercialized slave trading genocide 5550 years ago in Egypt.

Y YOUTH -Our best resources is our children and young adults who must be open public trained how to be World Leaders to replace our aging elder group of master problem solvers who inherit all our knowledge from previous generations.

S Satisfaction is Happiness. This always occurs when our work efforts are 'GOOD ENOUGH near perfection' requiring no more effort, time, or resources to refine our creations any further. THEN go forth to teach others everything you know.

I Integrated. Once everyone understands they are always MORTAL and WILL DIE either a happy or cruel death, each of you will now decide to be a GIFTER CareGIVER who shares everything with our CareTakers, and Overseers.

C -Care Communication Command Control is defined as GODs original LOVE.  The command must come from each of you having full confidence to address any issue that negatively impacts the minds, souls, bodies, and assets of all others.

S System -Defined as the required fast path methods of deciphering observing any issue problem conflict, then documenting the best generated video/audio/paper methodology to obtain the better = best solution that becomes how to PREVENT and Reverse the original root problem. Includes reversal of all WarLord Machines.

Always required to HIRE and USE Keith brent Duncans most profound simple disruptive gifted methods for each of you to finally learn how to be ONLY PeaceMakers and PEACE Gifters once and forever.

Immortality is the exact opposite of Immorality.

Outline of MetaPhysics defined HERE.

Address: Now Asheville NC,
Atlanta GA USA, was Manila, Hong Kong, China year 2015.
Soon International UNIocracy Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, other $$ city.


was: 9120 Double Diamond Parkway, Suite 6309

Reno, Nevada  89521   U.S.A.

USA Office +1(775)888-1631 from Dec 24, 2014 to now.

USA +1 770-377-2106.
Backup +1 725-200-7683.
Philippines +(63) 0917-335-4300
was  Hong Kong +(852)9146-8620
was China cell +(69)1343-220-0749
Was USA 770-289-3050 Until Jan 28, 2014
Was USA 770-289-3089 until Oct 3, 2011.

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