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Leaders in Solar Panel Energy Farms.

Rooftop, Land, + Magic Float Lake based.

Philippine Green First is the premier construction installer provider and business matcher of 'Turn-Key' State of the Art economical Floating Docks and lake Solar Farms. We contract broker the best latest technology and install any size complete electrical collection and distribution systems for local use, government, corporate, or re-sell back to the Power Cooperatives and Meralco.

   We are the Exclusive Distributors for highest quality Magic-Float Dock Systems.

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Tektwin Marketing Corporation (TMC) is our rapidly growing affiliate enterprises providing quality service, construction, optimized customer satisfaction, and maximized industry profitability.

   Docking System 

Eduardo A. Javier is our President and CEO.

Jerry Yoder is our COO with over 40 years expertise in large scale mining, manufacturing, power plant management and concrete production. Contact our sales team today for ENERGY AUDIT + feasibility study details to match best technology to your specific requirements of power and new construction projects here and Asia.

Aniandrea Fernandez is our Vice President.

Our suppliers include,  and Magic-Float Taiwan

We are distributors of state-of-the-art equipment widely used for Solar Farms, Construction Engineering, and exclusive innovated floating dock products in the world known as Magic Float Systems (tm)

We partner with Pacific Energy Development Solutions INC on U.S.E.S. Universal Shunt Efficiency System (patented green energy cost reduction system -full line conditioning). Part of

T and T Electric Hawaii.

Our Primary Partners are,

FirstBPower. Monark-Caterpillar, MRC Allied, PEDSI in technology and funding expertise.

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Philippine Green First Solar Panel Farms.

Our group contracts to produce roof top mounted commercial, government, and school power systems. We are also experts on complete floating lake solar farms and power distribution system because of the cost benefits of not having to lease land and the resulting issues of land impact and leasing/purchase restriction requirements.

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Construction Planning

San Miguel Corporation Borocay Logo Magic Floating Doc System by Philippine Green FirstFor your construction projects, including Solar Panel installation, our engineering group provides all design specifications to ensure your return on investment is protected by sound best business practices.

Construction Management

State of the art Magic Floating Docking and walkway system in famous Borocay Resort Island Philippines.   During construction of your system, our project managers ensure timely delivery of components, installation, testing, and final delivery of operational system.

Our Product line consists of Mono-Crystalline and Poly-Crystalline Silicon panels. Our top manufacturing suppliers are Asian and European who offer 10 to 25 year warranties on their well-known internationally distributed cell panels. The power tolerance is with 3% of manufacturer specifications. The average power output is always at or above the rated power level.

Our floating solar panel farms are based on our existing 'MAGIC-FLOAT (tm)' system of easy to install portable dock systems.

In general terms, about 95% of all shipments by U.S. manufacturers to the residential sector were crystalline silicon solar panels (year 2011) .MonoCrystalline are 15 to 20% more efficient and are more expensive than their counterpart of Poly Crystalline solar panels which have typical efficiency of 13-16%.  We can itemize the cost efficiencies and your Return on Investment based on your requirements.

A typical cost to run a best engineered solar farm is approximately 7 Pesos per kilowatt with more cost efficiencies as the size of your installation grows. In Philippines, most energy bill costs are between 10 and 20 pesos per kilowatt and rising.  We showcase to our clients how they can purchase these solar systems at minimum cost and recover their return on investment by predictive modeling.

A standard 'ballpark' world cost is about $1 USD per watt of power. Cost varies widely depending on mounting methods and size of project as well as interconnect electronic compatibility requirements for off-grid on link to power company grids.

Our comprehensive installation services including all the engineering planning, energy distribution wiring, Power Inverters, and interconnects to your existing electrical systems or connection to 'sell-back' to the power company grid. This is known as Feed-In tariff.

For new buyers of Solar Panel technology, here is a great article describing the base differences between Mono and Poly Crystalline.


BIPV is a new trend in solar power generation from window based panels. BIPV is Building-integrated Photo Voltaics. These are panels  material that replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope such as the roof, skylights, or facades.



Philippine Green First Technologies INC. Provides complete solar power farms on rooftops, open fields, and floating arrays on lakes. Includes connections to power company grids to sell Energy back to communities.

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Organized in 2013 by CEO Edwardo Javier, we are top advocates in green energy resources as the 1st Solar System Integrator in Philippines to provide Solar Floating Array Systems. We are also investigating and actively providing micro Hydro Power Generation Systems known as and in direct coordination with leading Engineers on develop of large scale new lake conservation systems at higher elevations all over Philippines and other nations.

Vision: To be the Next Generation Leader providing complete solutions in Renewable energy in Asia Pacific and Philippines. Mission: Build and shape the future by conserving energy, using new technologies, and share resources with humanity. We provide innovative, cost effective dependable and custom made systems.

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Keith Duncan (63) 0917-335-4300 Globe

Gloria Reyes (63) 0917-173-4755

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