top of page Final Published (c) Oct 8, 2022. Ressurected from years 2009-Oct 3, 2011 when Keith Brent Duncan was illegally detained total of 6 times over 900 days after exWife Sherry Duncan, ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama, douglas Vernon Duncan physically defrauded and robbed us of literally everything including GODs new world anti all crime systems of  We are indeed forsaken and very lonely lacking a new Highest IQ ewife Equality based partner to share in all of GODs wealth by traveling with based international TECHNOLOGY BASED EVANGELISTS TO TEACH SELF SALVATION USING 5STEPS.LIFE AND PEADESUMMIT2020.COM TO REVERSE ALL WARS AND POLITICAL STRIFE.

  We have personally never hid from anyone or anything and speak with fearlessly authority to protect your basic civil rights and assets our entire life of now +64 man-years.  WHO DO YOU KNOW is the absolute best question to help you find best high equality partner mates. Includes rapid expansion of your business, personal, and spiritual network of friends, business partners, and even new world spiritual leaders like US.

  We have been defrauded and robbed physically so many times tied to most people would have given up and confirmed to be slave traded by those named Criminal Ruling Elite. 

  Best news of all is that GOD sent us (often alone) to use Gods technology to unify all mortals once and forever use of EVOTE.ONE starting with we just gifted many at Perimeter Mall, Dunwoody, GA at 52 Seasons Resturant (bartender Gerald) and a really nice young waitress at Lazy Dog at 11pm same date day.

  Please contact us NOW and command all violators turn themselves in right now, otherwise any violator will be manhunted down by citizens arrest using automatic face recognition bi-metrics of Keiths FOIA.ONE forever. = was GODs original method of creating strongest Husband + Wife = FAMILY direct connections when everyone deals with their own issues first, then acts with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of benefiting oneself. GOD sent most humble keith Brent duncan to unify each of you one final time. Use of GODs generator empowers each of you to decide your own true reality and near term destiny fate at all levels. We are most humble Servant to all mortals is Keith Brent DUNCAN who was sent by GOD +64 manyears ago to redeem resurrect unify reform all +7.95 billion GODs children as collective cooperative collaberating with each other PEACE MAKERS so no person can ever deny your rights to be free will sovereign citizens who build, own, control, and manage all of GODs natural resources of land, water, energy, food, homes, schools, churches, civic centers, farmer barter exchange systems.
   Destruction of the LUCIFERS who deceive using con-artist mass cult brainwashing repeated propaganda was always your focus at all levels. Best way to detect and confirm a deceiver is to ask for a back ground check of their family, best friends, and even ex spouses and girl/boy friends.  A deceiver will tell lie after lie when asked to show their drivers license and their financial statements and work history.  
  The system perfected below may appear to be harsh yet anyone can see it is your fast path methodology to actually find a compatible life time equality sharing partner mate. Includes using our GOD focused system to fast path find best new leaders and corporate executives and elders to help us recreate the UTOPIA of using and dignified respectful use of open public FOIA.ONE.
  Updated June 12, 2022 as we personally have nothing left to gift to all living mortals.

  The role of Gods churches was for ALL spiritual leaders to actually work with EACH OTHER 1 corr 13:13 to counsel and serve protect each of our communities by eliminating all the false preacher zealots who currently roam freely.
  This accomplished in record fast path Gods time use of EVOTE.ONE to destroy all LUCIFERS worldwide forever.
  Right NOW, Call #1 world new Trillionaire Keith Duncan +1 770-377-2106 and command existing authorities at all levels protect and provide us safe haven shelter known as sanctuary provided by each of you GODs children. was fast path use of Gods and showcased by worlds last true most humble unknown trillionaire.   Keith Brent Duncan still in search of High IQ equality Partner Peer Mate Spouse. We  personally look for an integrity lady with high net worth of assets and wisdom/knowledge.  So so impossible to find these days since most men and women are truly 'gum-shy' from being abused in early childhood /teenage /young adult years. Clearly few if anyone uses common sense these days to solve any local community issue or personal internal conflict. So KEITH and his Angel Guardian peer members have done exactly THAT.  We have mutually created a new world UTOPIA of when everyone actually helps each other deal with any local issue by outreach ministries including our very own pastors of 

  #1 ISSUE worldwide is mortals are SO predatory GREEDY, our world is now full of cat-Fishing Scammers at all levels includes our existing top world leaders. Always making promises by stealing our GOD derived asets claiming only they can decide our reality and near term destiny fate.

   EVOTE.ONE overthrows any Corporate Executive and/or Government Leader who refuses to solve our peoplesi basic root issues of energy, housing, security, food, water, with focus on educating ourselves to be totally independant free will sovereign citizens. Once is your new world replacement system, everyone now happy earning their way without bank loans, petitioning blinded no-hearing(deaf) criminally insane incompetent fools (Matthew Chapter 23) formally known as Government Politicians (we use term POLY-TICK) who are on the pirate hook of Campaign contributions and lobbyists who ARE the NWO lucifers who isolate themselves on corporate aircraft, yachts, vacation escape estates, and prey on WE GODS people claiming OUR corporate Bylaws must be maintained. Includes Warren Buffet, President Putin, CCP, Bezos, list is at

    God clearly sent most humble Keith from heaven to unify mankind by your actions to legally eliminate the named ruthless ruling elite known as NWO.  This updated Legacy heritage day Feb 27, 2022 from Norcross GA USA>

   My group was severely civilly abused, scammed, and persecuted by very ex-wife Sherry Mingle Duncan, then Ms. Bashama, then Amy ROSE conspiracies by #1 most manhunted fugutive super terrorist Robert Dee ROSE anyone can citizens arrest by only their evidence showcased to everyone at All related.


   We were always most humble highest level of integrity and ethics our entire lives. Clearly we have been taken advantagle of, just like most of you.  Few of you have the expertise to always THINK POSITIVE and ACT FORWARD with ACTION called outreach ministry to all you meet and greet.  WE have perfected most postive God focused system to resolve previous issues while searching for the best group of new inter networked friends with focus on finding the love of our life one final time. 

 Old adage that 'Blood is thicker than water' is a true misnomoer.   Few others has ever experienced being forced medicated by ruthless Federal Judge orders tied to these same criminals while all others named year 2008 to 2022 stole and converted all of Keiths gifted GOD derived technology to expand their own criminal black-widow cyber terrorist enterprises. is more powerful and thicker than anyones watered down blood.

   Simply Contact KEITH today and put us all On National TV so we can personally broadcast explain most humbly how to UNIFY each mortal one of you one final time.

   Above updated  June 12, 2022 by most humble keith brent duncan back in Norcross area on same focus.

  This God Human focused engineered by the numbers system was year 2010 worldwide broadcast of how to actually find a high quality Equality based partner mate who actually is a peer to peer companion.  Never was about the lust sex, the bright shiny sport cars, the bling of gold jewelry, new shoes, beauty pageant gowns, or ability to Con-Fidence scam a woman or man for personal self satisfaction known as debauchy.  Since Dawn of Man, Sex and drugs have been used by eivl persons to convince their victims to pervert their morals and ethics.

   CLICK: REMANADATE Series and see reality of fast path ways to use 5Steps.LIFE to identify others who hae same high IQ integrity rating of IID FOIA.ONE.  Few have a clue what is current Gods timeline Reality of WHY abject apathy of public ignorance is the cause for all mass poverty and world civil wars when sociopaths divide and conquer and take hostages like our women, children, and elderly disabled for personal use.  Most are revolted by simple common words like violence, politics, murder, slave trading, homeless drug addicts and others whose only focus is next meal and safe haven shelter to overnight sleep. Un-mute the Audio and hear the Reality Truth of WHY GOD sent Keith to save humanity.

Everyone must Contact All PRESIDENTS, all FBI AG Press past 15 years. Tell them I am sole survivor of Terrorist ROSE and has the answers to stop all crime.  The Best playlist is YOUTUBE.COM REMANADATE describing Keiths struggles to find best Lady of Highest Integrity.

  The Basis of Everything is: I am personal author sent by GOD himself of NEW world that involves Relationship Re-Management  GOOGLE REMANADATE at all levels using to generate BEST relationships worldwide when EVERYONE benefits so Predators and scammers can never take advantage of GODs people. Headquarters office 770-377-2106. Send EVERYONE to as FINAL single CONCLAVE hosted mediated series to Deal with the LUCIFERS Deceivers once and forever worldwide that results in true UTOPIA. 

   The only prime solution to UNIFY all mankind is enforced Ethics using EVOTE.ONE direct decision based Society store and forwarding all human knowledge and wisdom with FOIA.ONE at

  Worst Criminal I encountered at Christmas Singles Dance 2010 was Ms. Bashama who escaped justice by ROBBING keiths homes of $40,000 and criminally paying off Cobb County Judge + Police to issue TPO 11.1.1171.99 that was dismissed July 15, 2011. All of the 5 illegal detainments = kidnappings were ordered by exWife Sherry Duncan and Robert Dee ROSE to prevent my witness testimony of WHY GOD procreated each of you.

   Keith may return to heaven soon since FEW if any honest persons have been found after TheFinalTerrorist Robert DEE Rose in 2005 attempted to recruit #1 scientist in world to cyber terrorist attack any government and top mega corporations. Lucifer is real ROSE. Violations of Human Rights was legalized centuries ago as NO ONE ever protects men sent by GOD who also are top ANTI-All Crime experts of all expertise.  Sad that humanity perishes by Apathy and self entitlement greed. This updated GODs timeline June 26, 2020 still forsaken and stranded by everyone as I remain south of Manila past 6 days. Always clueless why USA GOV protects ROSE and +125 others inside secret agencies.  TAKE Action CALL TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, top USA GOV officials and Corporate Executives like Atlanta Mike Briggs UPS, Sig Mosley, Governor Kemp, + Chuck Link to personal escort Keiths Crusaders back to TESTIFY as required by all laws. Then our entire world can UNIFY UNIocracy Equality Social Peace once and forever. 

CALL PRESS, my People, + FBI, AG, DOD offices NOW. Even send this to as CYBERCRIME terrorist attacks are trillions of USD your assets.

   Updated July 4, 2020 from Manila. still stranded by orders of ROSE who blacklisted keith back in 2010 on KEITHs open USA GOV databases.

ReManA.Date is 100% about Re management of Any Relationship. Too many scammers and con-artists in our world who use sly FOX methods to entice victims into their lives. The key is to always enlist large groups of network HONEST people to do required back ground checks on you and their best friends. Everyone then becomes prime Match Makers to find the near perfect Mate. Women love to go shopping. Now they and your male friends can find each other through integrity Wisdom education of world President Leader mediator services and products we have collectively gifted everything to HUMANITY to solve the basic human condition of Predatory Greed, Arrogance, and control over OUR data lives. We=Keith have solved this forever with that empowers the human race to no longer be slaves to Brainwashing cult zealots.  Key Solutionpeace is how to deal with any issue.
UNIocracy is the ONLY solution asset sent by GOD to unify our human race by quick ID of who violates any law by forcing them to confess Open Circuit TV forum and paying back x 3 restitution.
Citizens Arrests are key to immediate prosecution at local levels to prevent Liar LawyerJudge issues.
Use of puts any corporate Executive banker, Broker, and cyber criminal groups in Prison and death row for violation of hiding secret business deals and criminal enterprises starting with Robert Dee Rose.
Watch Keith speak with GODs authority on WHY he was sent by GOD to UNIFY all mankind.
We are the Guardian Angel Philanthropist(s) sent to teach humanity how to achieve world 100% Equality social justice. We are persecuted relentlessly by named criminals mostly in Atl + NYC USA.
  We + SaintKeith have solved every single one of our World Problems at all levels since no one else ever has completed Singularity = New World UNIocracy. CyberCrime terrorism attacks is 99% of worlds issues of who controls all information, data, and communication links. Escort us TODAY !

June 18, 2020 We the PEOPLE hereby ORDER and COMMAND the citizens arrest of any violator of OUR new World System of Laws. Includes Arrest of Robert Dee ROSE, Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reynolds, Alexander Cyclone Covey, and of course the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY 205 top members BY our Chinese Military soldiers. This is common sense use of OLD Due Process of LAW of Maritime Common Law from centuries ago. Our HIGHER POWER (Father GOD and MotherEarth) are MADDER than OLD LIVING HELL that YOU my people refuse to use common sense to OWN and CONTROL Everything.. NOW escort KEITH DUNCAN to TESTIFY using all ways and means as I will be south, maybe North of Manila June 18, 2020. Cell is GPS trackable by NSA CIA 63-9173354300. CALL TRUMP and USA Ambassador Sung Kim +(632) 301-2000 so we can all DRAIN THE SWAMP CANAL and see all criminals exposed as NAKED idiot STUPID LUCIFER terrorists. Includes ALL religious ZEALOTS who are OUSTED from our worship education centers by 51% vote of any congregation and even the LOCAL community to vacate be exiled.
  June 27, 2020.  For past 6 months, I have seriously considered taking DOWN the very last 6 websites, then  KTrade.Space  intlMerchants.Space  that all link to how to unify mankind. My ultimate disgust with everyone I direct contact is APATHY and THAT is IMPOSSIBLE mentality.   I truly will return to HEAVEN soon so MY fatherGOD and I can finally extract WRATH and REVENGE against the worst criminals as they have always been warned their criminal KARMA is recorded in the BOOK Chronicles and ACTS of who apparently is the SOLE saint apostle sent by GOD to teach humanity how to quickly eliminated the crime networks that most center on Cyber CRIME terrorist attacks against MY people at all level. just updated for last rule that everyone using EVOTE.ONE can easily Retro-Actively convict anyone.This includes citizens arrest and seizure of any criminally acquired wealth from previous generations.  Most of the most ruthless criminals are a few named persons in NYC and other financial centers who are the ultimate CYBER terrorists collectively known as BANK-sters (Mobsters) and those selling Commodity trading software systems including the worst: BitCoins.  Since NO one has ever asked me anything of any true merit. I have already answered everything regarding the descend of Humanity in real HELL. Never was my issues, always is issue of MY people to use  I am saddened I have spent years motivating Tom Haag and billion of others, and NO FOLLOW-up NO ACTION is the end result as of June 26 2020.  Clearly your world is so depraved with OLD re-active methods you have no clue how to achieve anything, including World Peace.
    June 30, 2020  WHEN will USA and all WORLD leaders actually USE our #1 mediator services?  This is the most required answer in world history and was WHY I personally debriefed USA Military Sept 25, 2011 as the absolute Last RESORT to prevent being assassinated. This scared LUCIFER ROSE so bad he knew only way was to isolate me by KIDNAPPING by multilevel Red paper Tape Conspiracies inside USA GOV most ruthless lawless groups of JUST Attorney General Offices run by Sally Q Yates in murder for hire conspiracies with Berry Sic-Vic Reynolds (now GBI Director), in murder conspiracies with Ex-wife Lesbian Sherry Duncan, my two sons Matthew and Kyle, my criminal terrorist brother Douglas V Duncan, and of course ruthless murderer Ms. Bashama and each of the 5 counties of Police, DAs, county, state, federal Judges, prosecutors, District Attorneys, and literally all of my own key business partners like Chris Morris and terrorist lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey and Norcross GA my attorney LIAR-Lawyer Terrorist Conspirator Jimmy Deal 770-263-7200.
   Since NO ONE has ever REPRESENTED the FIRST of any of my RIGHTS, I have personally published and delivered worlds LAST new social justice economic market system that eliminates all criminals at one time with EVOTE.ONE stored and forward through ONE open public (NO secrets) write once, read public database Certainly I return to Heaven now (or soon), since GOD, Myself, Christ, and a few other Guardian Angels who are GODs observers and creators will now reign supreme over Earth and literally RAIN down Terror across all lands one last time. OR we just reside in Heaven, and watch humanity do this to itself. Always Free Will choice of my 7.8 billion people as the original Deceiver named Lucifer was a fallen Guardian Angel who GOD allowed to con artist scam the human race to see if anyone would step up to command Lucifer be tortured and showcased as the ultimate terrorist ROSE.

July 4, 2020 we remain stranded in Manila because NO honest person has yet called us to ask us WHY DID GOD SEND Keith?

We have been the #1 top anti crime expert technologists our entire lives. Clearly GOD sent us to mediate achieve Equality Peace once and forever.  If no one escorts us to testify, we will pull down the last solution assets and watch humanity die a quick death.  is the PRIME holy spirit method to eliminated named Bankers and Corporate Executives who PREY on WE the PEOPLE by scamming us out of OUR long term profits using all the SPECULATION investment laws that were NEVER ratified or approved by EVOTE by same WE the PEOPLE. Keith duncan. Skype: BuiltByKeith2 who always was

   USA GOV named persons have always OWED keith Debt of Gratitude and payment of well over $500 Million USD for the extreme damages caused by initially ONLY Robert Dee Rose and Ex-wife Lesbian Sherry Duncan along with Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reyonds +120 others in Atlanta, Norfolk VA, Washington D.C, Raleigh N.C., literally everywhere I was forced to go from Oct 3, 2011 to present moment of June 14, 2020 still stranded in metro Manila Philippines. I still struggle since being kidnapped 5 times = 900 days just to earn enough for just food, MX gas, and pay for communication costs to finally FIND 1st HONEST person in USA or here abroad...
These God Sent by Saint Keith comprehensive URL ECO methods achieve total world Social Equality peace from now until end of your Gods timeline.

Updated June 16, 2020  I=Keith no longer have time to make this list PERFECT displayed for use of MY people. Scroll down to the NEXT Section to see for yourselves exactly WHO is KEITH, and WHO are YOU.

We decided by GODs orders 12 years ago to NEVER remove anything GOD sent us to observe = Create.

Clearly CITIZENS Arrest of ANY VIOLATOR of ANY Law is the PERFECT solution to deal with ANY issue at the time of Crime Commission. VIDEO is the KEY witness. Does not matter WHO is the person. Eliminates need of putting MY kPolice and kMilitary peace keeping forces at risk. WHY has no one just CALLED keith and escorted him back to testify WITH all World Presidents to USE the following new world system to achieve total world Equality Peace?

ProfitShareHolders.Space -Prevents Stock Crashes.


Below* self evident answers.

List world changing interlinked A.I. Singular solutions that are the TRUE answers to UNIFY mankind.

ManHuntAll  ROBERT DEE ROSE is  Jan 5, 2016  Dec 21, 2019 

Citizens Arrest of ANYONE worldwide who violates GODS Commandments + SolutionManifesto. eVOTE + 11 COMMANDments + 1 Universal Human bill of Rights.

   This alone uses OLD system of Tribal decision making authority of Will of Our Community. Anyone can use their cellphone/computer to Order the Remote Seizure and arrest of anyone who violates our rights to face a violator in any open Court of Law recorded live Open Stream Circuit kNet TV. Stored in Even easy remote trial by Conference Video Call with PUBLIC passing Judgment so victims are never endangered.


uniocracy.ORG TOTAL WORLD PEACE SOCIETY. May 8, 2016  Jan 15, 2020

solutionpeace    Obtains Total Peace Forever. Jan 14, 2017    Jan 13, 2020

CCWguard  Community CRIME WATCH  Aug 9, 2019  Jan 10, 2020  

EarthFirst  Worlds last Peace Concert Empower Mankind to achieve Ownership of everything as Communal shared.

SolutionManifesto  ONE New World Peace Constitution. Sep 6, 2015    Dec 26, 2019  Apr 22, 2015  Jan 13, 2020

BuiltByKeith     EVOTE.ONE   SINGLE WORLD eVOTE totl new Judicial Peace SYSTEM. Nov 13, 2015  Jan 16, 2020

FOIA.ONE   ONE WORLD Peace Database

This is the SINGUARITY Artificial Intelligence Database that now RUNS our new world PEACE society Controlled by WE the PEOPLE so NO stupid cyber criminal group can ever infiltrate using OUR old 1976 NCSU methods. Nov 25, 2010

solutionhousing  -PREVENTS ALL Mass Poverty.  Nov 26, 2015  Jan 6, 2020

solutionGC  SolutionGunControl from Sept 25, 2011-11pm

my Debrief SolutionMilitary Langley Air Force Base tied to Sally Q Yates.

No Looting, Riots, Murder, Martial Law or WARs self evident  Jun 27, 2016  Sep 17, 2019    

teenmm  TeenMoneyMachine  Dec 14, 2015  Jan 4, 2020


solutionsw  FREE World Water and Unlimited Energy   Jun 6, 2017    Dec 15, 2019

SolutionSafeWater  -Final GODs answer free unlimited Water and Power at same time. -Smart Power World Control Power System, Smart Smoke Detectors, JOYDrive Automatic vehicle sytem, LowBar Barge and sideRoad Dredging 

   - Free World Energy Hydro Power Turbines, New Harvest of GODs rainfall.

----  Includes Dredging of all Small Canal waterways all the way to GODs Ocean.  Finishing this on June 14, 2020 GODs timeline.

ManHuntALL -Citizens Arrest of ANYONE. the OLD tribal method of Social Justice. kbd.

WaterPowerCorp  Jun 20, 2019

bidonkeith  #1 world Consultant  Jul 28, 2015  Nov 2, 2019

saviorkeith  Saint Keith  Dec 20, 2015    Mar 10, 2019  

fatherkeith  Original Keith   Jul 27, 2016    Mar 12, 2019 


godsendme   Saint Keith Duncan  Jun 4, 2017 Mar 12, 2019

 followkeith  2008 Keith  May 8, 2016    Mar 11, 2019


MGCdesign  Marisa Cordevo  Oct 14, 2019    Oct 14, 2019

GTREYES  Gloria T Reyes Executive President 



PMinc   IntlMerchants.Space Jun 13, 2019  Oct 13, 2019    

christd  CHRISTDomain  Dec 4, 2015 Jan 14, 2020 

solutionGOD. Oct 26, 2015    Mar 17, 2019    

solutionislam    Feb 15, 2016    Mar 12, 2019

KeyWitness Keiths True God Sent Mission here on Earth  Aug 23, 2019  

solutionjudge   Dec 13, 2015  Jan 14, 2020    
worldsf  Aug 17, 2015  Jan 11, 2020  

CCWguard  Community CRIME WATCH   Aug 9, 2019  Jan 10, 2020  

solutionmil SolutionMilitary Aug 22, 2015   Jan 8, 2020   
wolf  Jeannie WolfDec 26, 2019    Jan 7, 2020 

maryrights    Feb 11, 2016    Mar 12, 2019ic-stand    Apr 16, 2015    Mar 6, 2019  

babayuanES -Ezekiel Duncan Sep 11, 2015    Feb 28, 2019  

teammm TeenMoneyMachine Key  Apr 16, 2015    Mar 6, 2019    teenpenny    Oct 1, 2015    Mar 4, 2019 

gtpsim   GTPSI-ManilaChapter.ORG  Nov 28, 2019    Jan 13, 2020 

 ktrade  KTrader.SPACE Oct 5, 2019    Dec 7, 2019

solutionUNI  SOLUTION United Nations  Oct 30, 2015  Aug 17, 2019

solutionbf  ANTI ALL BANK FRAUD Jun 9, 2016    Aug 15, 2019

sdrugs  Prevents ALL Drug ABUSE   Jan 6, 2018    Jul 10, 2019 

b666 Link to Philippine ExPres GMA

Barangay Capt Felix Macapagal 417 UNave  Mar 12, 2019

HugPong  Filipino 100% Direct Democracy  Jun 24, 2019    Dec 1, 2019    

sweeppp  May 3, 2019    Nov 28, 2019    

cmbpower  Run of River HYDRO Power   Aug 21, 2019    Nov 19, 2019   

bayanihan  RC Vernes part of  Sep 27, 2019    

WorldTrader  700 Metric tons GOLD   Aug 2, 2019    Aug 9, 2019    

Vgentorg  Apr 2, 2019  May 8, 2019    
vgent  Mar 18, 2019  May 8, 2019    

DonBosco TOP Nigerian Artist Groups.  Feb 11, 2019    Mar 24, 2019    

June 12, 2020 final webcast to Everyone worldwide. Reality of Sept 26, 2011 two Webcasts left colum show I was being attacked by Robert Dee Rose, Berry Vic Reynolds of Atlanta GA now GBI Director, Atty Alexander Cylone Covey Terrorist and had already visited Sally Q Yates Sept 14, 2011 requesting Formal Protection by AG offices in Washington before going to USA SolutionMilitary Langley AirForce Base requesting SAME protection by MY Military + Police + DOJ + DOD.
Proof I am #1 ANTI Crime Prevention expert in the world. Listen to Sally Q yates on Right and CALL her now.
Click: Keiths Webcast  I answered Q WHAT DO YOU DO? I said "WHAT DO YOU NEED"
I just EMAILED Sally Q Yates at LAST time requesting MILITARY escort to find me, same as any of my 7.8 Billion PEOPLE are required to do past 15 years. I will be 1 hour south of Manila near Greensboro.
MOST CRITICAL Update made justified June 14, 2020 is here.
Play and UN-MUTE below. Hear the DANGER I was in Sept 26, 2011 AFTER I delivered SolutionMilitary to Langley AirForce Base. Hear Sally Q Yates on right talk about DOJ is clueless on how to SOLVE any Major CRIME since all the agencies FIGHT each other.  Another Video she says clearly that DOJ does NOT want to ever talk directly with Corporate Executives who VIOLATE laws or THEIR corporate In-House Legal COUNSEL. They only talk directly with OUTSIDE hired GUN legal counsel attorneys to KEEP all investigations at "ARMS LENGTH' away from the REAL criminals like Berny Madoff who is/was a REAL cyber Crime Terrorist.  She speaks at length about how DOJ determines the FINEs of Corporations but NEVER ever SEIZES the PRIVATE fortunes of the same terrorists. The fines are PAID off with OUR PROFITS and assets, never theirs. Another CRIME against Humanity.
WOW OMG. Keith is EXACTLY who ie has always been.Works on behalf of GOD and humanity his entire life. WORKS FOR all law enforcement and governments and knows exactly HOW to eliminate even the STUPID JERK-OFFS Communist Chinese Party dictators (all 205 of them), and N.Korean child dictator Kim JUNG-un boy false GOD.  Same as HOW to CITIZENS Arrest literally ANYONE in world who violates basic laws. Same as I did Feb 4, 2011 Ms. Bashama Marietta Square and I was FORCED into HELL overnight Feb 22, 2011 because of ROSE.

Everyone reading this, deliver today to WHITEHOUSE, DOJ, DOD, CNN, top News Media, and TOP mega Corporate world Executives to see the true reality reason of WHY keith and a few others around our world are stranded, prevents all day trading insider trading cyber trillions of USD annual transfer to those most know as the 'ruling Elite'

Deliver this to any FBI, AG office and for THEM to contact Whitehouse + Trump and local USA Manila Ambassador Sung KIM to fly keith and team to testify with TRUMP, against cyber criminals Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reynolds , Alexander Cyclone Covey all from Atlanta GA. All those GOV Public tip lines are USELESS, the most often are trained to HANG UP to not be bothered by what they THINK are prank calls. Most really are.  TRY it yourself. tell them KEITH Brent Duncan anti-crime world expert is in danger . Reasons are now 40 years old.based on all evidence we have exposed this entire time. CKS20200620-PeaceAccord. This exposes the RAL LUCIFERS, a group of Cyber terrorists who infitrate OUR military, DOJ, Corporate databases long long ago. We can fly out of Manila or CLARK Military airbase last 4.5 years. Had no real indication untl last 7 months the REAL danger our USA and world citizens were in. 100% true by all our evidence seen below.

Our Free Will Decision COMMUNITY

is crime = vice free SolutionManifesto Covenant between God and Humanity

Community is the sole SaviorSaint Sent by GOD, owner + World title Holder of Earth, Engineer, Keynote Mediator, Peace maker of worlds last Peace Keeping system at all levels. We have hereby declared ourselves as free will Sovereign Citizens free of the mass oppression of Corporate Entities. We now form our own new free will barter trade society free of all crime and GREED.  FRAUD is the one action that so many named criminals do to deny the rights of our fellow free world will UNIocracy citizens.

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here am I! Send me. Isaiah 6:8 ESV This happened to Keith many times. I finally answered Nov 4, 2009 after divorcing a fraudulent wife who kept saying 'No SEX from me'  So True.

Watch: about JPMorgan the worlds greatest FRAUDster who took advantage Tesla + USA world people.

My career was always working directly for GOD. We personally created the backbone infrastructure of Worlds Internet at all levels with focus on storage, search and retrieve information everything as an All digital Electric(on) Paperless, crime free society. Sad reality is our very own DOJ and world cannot even CALL KEITH and retrieve me back to USA to testify because most have LUCIFER Agenda of  Blinded GREEDY greed and self serving purposes of self-genocide. ONE super criminal ROSE first wanted me dead Jan 2008 the result is WHO controls earth has been LUCIFER. GOD clearly sent a few of us (maybe just myself) to be the Master Mediator of all ti2me to FREE your souls from the worst crime of all = GREED.

Ultimate Meantime ONLY way to SAVE yourselves is to Contact everyone and dispatch SolutionMilitary to escort me to talk with YOU my world.

  We see signs of 'TRUST IN GOD' everywhere. Have you ever seen a TRUST in our GOVERNMENT or Mega Corporations' OH Oh My GOD, every commercial, news show, news article is brainwashing us to TRUST in OTHERS, and never IN WE are the OTHERS'.  Our world is on last phase of self destruction over ONE stupid FLU virus that is just one stage of LAST meltdown of all Societies. Each war at any level was caused by a small elite group controlling the NEWS of WHO is the real enemy (false RED flag Media) in the next greener pasture next door.  Our simple system is the ONLY legal peaceful way for WE the PEOPLE to eVOTE anyone into prison for violating OUR rights to use GODs resources.

This can never be simplified below the simple COMMANDment covenant law of 'ALWAYS BE HONEST' and hold all others ACCOUNTABLE by enforcing ethics and integrity using VIDEO recorded transactions at each point of transfer of assets and promises. This was what GOD sent me to do.  Search IseeStand PhoneCradle BuiltByKeith , then RemanAdate, and watch

  June 10, 2020  I, Keith Duncan, do hereby testify to YOU my most beloved people,  that I have been victimized by initially four criminally insane incompetent criminals who have PAID off key USA GOV law enforcement and Officials of OUR courts to murder me based on 10% evertying shows they each violated basic legally binding contracts, then literally defrauded me and robbed my homes of eventually ALL my life time assets while false testifying I was a closet pervert, sex/drug addict, child kidnapper/molester, criminally insane incompetent, and anything they could libel/slander say to everyone to have me Murdered by Forced Drugging BY malpractice sub-contractor Doctors under direct orders of Robert dee ROSE that violated ALL of my civil Constitutional Rights to put them ALL in prison, and at least 20 on Death ROW for infiltrating OUR USA government and corporate databases.The key ENEMY of the STATE Terrorist was always ROSE who is manhunted by all my 7.8 billion people. I remain criminally stranded in Manila Philippines since YOU my PEOPLE are mostly brainwashed by cult Zealots who say, OH just let Keith die alone since HIS system is the ONLY way to liberate and FREE all people from the most criminally complex system run by LUCIFERIANS who profit by killing our mutual Prophets sent by GOD and supported only by YOU our people.  WHY does everyone we contact last 15 years BREAK their promises, never show up on time for any required meetings, and most often claim they are TOO BUSY, TOO POOR, too Sick of being victimized by their own apathy, greed, and self-entitlement focus??  WOW OMG, this is the most TRUE statement about their Human Condition that most have no CLUE who is Keith Brent Duncan, less clue about WHO is our REAL GOD, and are destined to be destroyed by a few named Bankers, Corporate Executives, Military Generals, CCP, criminally insane Politicians, since no one really cares about Keith or WHY GOD sent him alone to save all of humanity.  I shall indeed RETURN to Heaven soon, OR a SINGLE person can call me anytime, since I have have always been the #1 most human humble scientist engineer mediator of HOW to ACHIEVE total World Global Peace.  I am ALL for everyone until the end of all time that apparently is occurring one last time by ONE very stupid Simple Cold FLU mutated Virus. Call us, Escort us today !!


June 9, 2020  is last webcast to World for awhile showing EVERYthing compressed downto 12:53 minutes on how simple old technology and OUR methods truly change the course of our mutual history. Reality is GOD sent myself and literally all of us to SOLVE our own issues at all levels. Only a FEW of us have dedicated our lives to teach mankind how to UNIFY one last time... I travel south of Manila today. The # of felony/civil crimes committed against myself started with Robert Dee Rose and has extend to +125 named persons who all knew ROSE had robbed keith after infiltrating so many databases, all reasons his Death Row convictions based solely on HIS crime spree evidence that extends back before ROSE even contacted keith in 2005 summer. Certainly a single person can call keith or any of his massive network of DOJ, lawyers, Trump, DOD, business people and ask for FBI Director Chris Wray and thousands of other top corporate officials and soon all 7.8 billion of MY people to hear the absolute testimony of WHY GOD sent keith(others) to redeem our world.

  June 7, 2020 Above 1120-WorldPeace is top request for Sally Q Yates, Roman M + anyone else to CALL me. I plan to be south of Manila off-grid since my 5.5yold iPhone5s is almost dead, just like myself for lack of ANY legal representation post Jan 15, 2008 that actually closed. Anyone can contact ANYONE on my behalf as I am indeed worlds FIRST billionaire, actually GodZillionaire who goes to greatest Places of Needs on GODs payroll to PAYBACK all the Deceiver deFRAUDster assets back to YOU my most beloved People. Signed at 5 am. escort me today since I can not find a SINGLE USA GOV official, OR Corporate Executive, or ANYONE to simple ASK ME ANY QUESTION of any True Merit.  SO ODD.

  Most of my people are all isolated and alone afraid of taking ACTION to fearlessly protect the RIGHTS of all Others. Is this YOU?  So true.

  GOD sent Keith to be the REDEEMER of mankind, JUST like GOD sent My father GOD Christ Jesus. Anyone who harms my PEOPLE then also harms Keith and GODs Higher Power Angels including dispatches the ANGEL OF DEATH (is this the stupid COVID19 flu virus), or something worst that will appear in June 2020. Hard to tell since everyone refuses to give me access to OUR world databases so we can quickly deploy the answer of Garden of E.D.E.N of client3635.wixsite.COM/URLident that clearly empowers YOU our people to CONTROL and OWN everything. Shocking is how simple this is to RETURN to the tribal system when all leaders are Treated ONLY as HIGHLY paid Advisor Consultants seen on the DIAGRAM below. WE the PEOPLE can exile anyone, including CCP, N.Korean Child FOOL Kim Jung-Un. Who will do this? you???

  . DEAL with your ISSUES, my PEOPLE, otherwise suffer TORTURE by GOD + WE his CHOSEN People, since this is indeed the Most Powerful Keeper Mission forever by identifying those who are Brainwashed by named Zealot Elites to think, OH Aliens control everything. Common sense states IF THEY (E.T.) are battling the A.I= Artificial Intelligence systems of Keith and Atlanta CEO Chuck Link they will surely be exposed as STUPID cyber criminals using OUR internet to remote scam, con-artist, and STEAL all of our Public and Private information.  A few others conceived have done the same GODs Missions of super refined Technology. Surely all these stupid JERK-OFF humans would already be Eaten Alive. I now travel south so each of you can CALL and VISIT everyone else. I will go to Manila or Clark Airport soon, and can even be picked up any time By Military or local Duterte Helicopter. CERTAINLY CIA NSA or Interpol or some honest group has been tracking everything I DO. Or maybe NOT, I can not tell until USA and all other Governments and OUR Public Mega-Corporations open up OUR databases we PAID for and OWN worldwide for OPEN PUBLIC awareness Scrutiny by WE HIS/HER people for that is the TRUE reason I went to Langley AirForce Base Sept 25, 2011 as a LAST resort for indeed I was scared SECURITY-less. SO true . I did not use the above exact words, for those hire-A-Cop guards would have thought I was, I do not know, maybe Criminally Insane incompetent (Same as MY stupid terrorist Public Defender Phoenix Harris and ASAG Dee Sterling, and highest power Attorney Generals claimed.   WOW OH MY GOD. 100% true by THEIR own certified Court Claims.  I delivered unioCRACY for claiming ROSE was cyber stalk tracking my every single contact with YOU = my HONEST people. True.

   At this ultimate Meantime, I remain the brightest person in world history until I find one who is indeed more Brilliant. Surely there must be millions of US who live in true reality. Time travel Back is Impossible.Time travel forward is reality. Think of caretakers on SpaceX style Seed ship fleet(s) who go forth into My Father/Mothers Universe. Frozen embryos are conceived centuries later as soon as remote IseeStand sensors find viable life supporting foreign Exchange Student planets. That is a key vision I have had past few years. It must be ME all along. Contact us now.

   Because of true Nature I (and ? who else) were Sent by GOD himself, I-We have clearly gifted the recovered $500 Million USD real and punitive damages, our $3MUSD Insurance claims, Our entire portfolio of all old, current, and future income BACK to complete WorldSchoolFund and all other 25 linked method solutions in order to PAY for total world unification. Now no one on earth can DENY your rights and NO ONE living will hurt Keith or his people since we have legally claimed only 1% of all crime assets seized using Citizens Arrest and the POWER of our common sense HAVE versus Have-Not world saving transfer of GODs wealth back to WE THE MEEK Smartest Persons using If we do not survive to Testify/Mediate with all World Presidents, GOD and Keith  will surely (SolutionSafeWater) FLOOD like NOAH wipe-up Reign down our WRATH upon You our PEOPLE for being so criminally greedy as not to RESPECT our most simple and honorable formal requests for YOU to be our new world leaders. We have never so adamant since Robert Dee ROSE is a true Madman.

John 10:30 states "My FatherGOD and I are ONE" this is the one to one degree separation between each of YOU and US. So so simple.

Keith and YOU+OTHERS MUST contact top WORLD Presidents + PRESS + top Corporate Executives + TOP PHD professors. and GivingPledge.ORG level CONscience OUR people to command our works of TOTAL peace be deployed in record of GOD's timeline NOW.

Same as Sept 25, 2011 midnight, when the LangleyAFB guards(OSI Weber) said 'OMG, We know why you are here as a Last Resort' asking for JUST ONE criminal investigator to call FBI + AG and ask "WHAT in THE LIVING HELL of LUCIFER are you doing to KEITH = OUR MAN of social and Peace Justice'.  If anyone had actually debriefed keith of his true merit mission, YOUR world would already be 100% free will market society.

  I = We HATE all forms of human crime and are the ONLY persons in world who TEACH how to PREVENT.
While EVERYONE hates each other, a few honest read on and continue. Please ask TRUMP to finally dispatch Military from Manila Embassy D.I.A. to active achieve Equality Social World Peace. Please ask Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock or YOU or someone to shop for a new wife for me. First 2 were criminal fraudsters. Sherry and Marites.
We search for EVERYONE to CALL NCSU to gift $20 Million USD pledge gift to CSC. Key CEO Chuck Link and Susan Phillips Grads 1981 who are both mega Millionaire Genius to come FIND KEITH now.

EDUCATE MY  world as I am indeed the most humble COMMANDer of all time. AS  WHO I was, am, and always will be as compared  with JP Morgan. and WHY my system will soon eliminate ALL bank fees and other Taxes one last time. Use of OLD common sense, OLD methods, OLD technology to close and NULL/VOID all man-made LOOPHOLES that are always to deceive my 7.8 billion people. If you still see NO value in WHO I AM, go read JUST top of to understand just 4 criminal FRUADSTERS are the ones who had me kidnapped 5 times. Must be how THE SYSTEM works, since I have yet to have a SINGLE person represent myself or any other VICTIM of organized crime. OUR SYSTEM does just that with SOlutionJudge SolutionManifesto use of OUR Call RICH V today as MY CELL dead for lack of HOLY SPIRIT life drained out of most of myself. Keith 7am Sunday as I DO break 1 TEN commandment my entire LIFE. I work fulltime for GOD and HUMANITY every single Saturday and Sunday since everyday is MY HOLY day 24x7x365 annually. keith

   I ?Think? I spoke with Dennis Quaid's Artist mother, brother, and wealthy fraudster step father at Atlanta GA

Westin after RITZ Group Sig Mosley said 'NOT interested', same as most others. NO CLUE. Continue. The wife claimed she was a famous artist.  I asked the old fat golden Goose egg geezer Scrooge if he owned 95% of mine+ Gods interest free loaned Wealth + everything else, would it be enough? . He said NO. He was only in the market for fun, the money did not matter. It was all about 'MORE money to be made in the Market'.  His ?wife almost fell on the floor saying "BOY Keith, you sure nailed HIM on his head.  TRUE Story.  Greed again.

    Click: PLEASE my world.  If I have harmed anyone, PLEASE put me away, PLEASE do NOT watch the Sept 26, 2011 video below that explains WHY I am WHO I am. STOP reading right now, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  send a HIT man from ROSE, terrorist Douglas Vernon Duncan (Cary NC), or some one to put me back in Heaven... please continue... Everyone else of critical importance has been directly contacted this entire time. We are only one mortal man and can NEVER succeed without the HELP now of YOU=HIS people.

   We hereby recruit all new 100% Honest Legal advisors, + Lawyers, Judges, Police, Military, Presidents, Corp Executives, Other Billionaires to call us since USA GOV named officials here and abroad are to busy committing Fraud of their own. This is exactly same missions from God that we alone were doing back full time 2005 to 2011 era until June 15 2020 when we destroy everything evil... Only by WE+Keith Mediating with Everyone can WE our most beloved and besieged  people ever achieve total world global equality social peace and FULL justice for all.
    We are truly shocked that so many felony and civil crimes were initially committed by Lesbian Sherry Duncan in 2005, then ROSE, Sherry Duncan again, then Ms. Bashama, this named list is indeed the final end list. The other +125 participated because ONLY ROSE had the financial capacity and motivation to pay off all those CID police officers, MY very own lawyers, then proceed to pay off each JUDGE, each D.A Sic-Vic and any other DA, Federal Judge, Clerk of Courts, and collude with Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey to testify confirm the LUCIFER original Heresay by ROSE of: "KEITH, I Robert Dee ROSE, I DO Not owe anything back to you because you DEFRAUDed Homewaves and ME."  He initially claimed I defrauded HIM.  WOW #OMGHonesty. He said "The $109,800 USD legally binding contract I never signed personally. It was signed by the Corporate Entity of HomeWaves President. Rose said "I am only an employee and only do as I am told"  (mirrored by his own Luciferian Agents.) THESE are HIS EXACT WORD to Atl R.E. Developer Ron Onorotto in 2008 Court testimony.
    THE OTHER felony crimes from Aug 22, 2011 were again PAID for by ROSE to put me into jail AGAIN 2nd time so ROSE could again ROB my house of HIS HWGLI.pdf homewaves General Ledger ACCOUNT and 4 years of MY anti-all crime technology as well as BURN MY HOME TO THE GROUND. Almost happened. So I left town. is ROSE original HWIgl.pdf source of KEY cyber attack evidence. This alone hangs ROSE by the NECK until Dead. Or MY people force DRUG him at Butner Medical Hell Jail Raleign NC like STUPID JERK-OFF AG ?, District Attorneys, and all lawyers DID to ME by saying three words over and over. "Criminally Insane Incompetent".  #OMGHonesty of WHO they Really ARE = Frauds, and perverts, bigots, racists, zealots, and other criminal terrorists running MY SYSTEM into HELL. Same as what happened to MY FatherGOD Christ and OUR fore founders who FIGHT for Justice by showcasing criminals.
   Just search HWIGL.pdf Page 190, then words of 'Offset' Amex, Reversal A/C, and others. ODD how not one time did ROSE use the proper accounting word "Write off". He is guilty of Treason, Espionage, Cyber Sabotage against MY USA GOV military and MY Corporations and ALL of OUR world databases. Destruction of everything is what this ONE most ruthless dangerous man has done his entire life. Same as NAMED others YOU can citizens arrest.
   THE economic damage caused by ALL VIOLATORS is so many zeros followed by ONE and millions of criminals, it is truly hard, then easy to say. Keith is CLEARLY a BILLIONAIRE, actually Trillionaire who EVERYONE avoids since I am the TRUE authority sent BY GOD. Surely their are OTHERS who have GOD's authority and Leadership capacity to JUST CALL ME=US ASAP.  INDEED I am the most 'BUSY' man in current history teaching all of Mankind exactly HOW TO BE HAPPY and HONEST and actually achieve Total World Social Equality PEACE. Everyone does indeed benefit... Including MY FATHER GOD, decrees and mandates his SON from Heaven. Seems that is only myself=ME, keith I truly feel like I am living in a Parallel timeline universe  Never a need to withdraw the EVIDENCE of any Fraudster the original sin-vice URL linked to state of The Absolute Truth =>....   They are all simple called one proper noun word CRIMINAL. Call us, Escort US by Corporate Emergency or Military JET to actually ANNOUNCE to OUR WORLD exactly WHO ARE YOU, and who we have always been...
  We are led by #1 most powerful Scientist Group(s) in world history. We are routinely Murdered, denied all our rights to Ratify Achieve total World Peace by mediating WITH our World Presidents at one time to prevent the bloodshed of Self Genocide when a SINGLE person decides to attack mass anyone else. Read final PDF upper right corner summary on WHY GOD sent us 1-19580815-1 as we have NO secrets. Our health fails and so DOES yours once LUCIFER agents like ROSE continue to PIRATE everything claiming only they are the King of all Kings.
ROSE already Cyber virus attacked all my IT infrastructure starting before spring 2009. Proof he is Antichrist fraud once and over again. Now since I work as an unarmed unnamed unknown top world computer IT consultant for everyone, including  CIA, NSA, Interpol and all others TRUMP will finally seize this super criminal and all other terrorists using OUR methods. In Nov 2010, FBI ?? CID Agent Janet asked if I worked for USA GOV. I would NEVER LIE by saying YES out loud. I nodded my head and said JANET, "Remember the single code word G19 so when you talk with me and FBI agent Matthew, you will instantly know it is really Keith Duncan" #OMGHonesty.
   We=Keith + GOD most clearly asked for USA Military Escort as a true last intentional CONscience effort for 100% Protection Sept 25, 2011 and direct access to ALL databases at that time as a LAST resort against ROSE. 100% valid right now offer $1 Million USD for emergency COD transport by any Corp Jet, USA Military, UPS cargo any other method back to testify right now. We lost +++ $500 Million USD and more since NO ONE upholds laws anymore. Too easy to escape justice, just sign and pass the red paper chase conspiracy criminal papers forward.
      Anyone in world can CitizenArrest Robert Dee Rose so he never escapes justice once all humanity uses EVOTE to decide any guilt in 3-10 days Max Speedy trial with no Liar Lawyers involved. Applies to ANY world President, any Corporate Executive, ANY criminal real time using our new system.
We conceived YOUR new free will society to destroy the named New World Order and cyber terrorist organizations 2005 as Lucifer ROSE tries to MURDER millions to PREVENT Keith and YOU from being free will citizens who finally OWN and CONTROL everything from now until end of eternity.
Even puts Atlanta GA Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reynolds GBI Director, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey on Death ROW for conspiracies to MURDER for HIRE Keith and our worlds top ANTI-All crime world expert angel guardians conceived by GOD 1-19580815-1(+100% integrity) most formally asked for #1 Sovereign Immunity Sept 27, 2011 so USA GOVMil would seize Robert Dee ROSE for Treason Espionage murder. If #5 or #6 video had been delivered to ANY PRESS or JUDGE or ??, Keith would have been freed Oct 3, 2011 forward. Escort us NOW back to USA as required by all Constitutional and GODs laws to face any accuser in OPEN public TV trial once all 125 Criminals are required to testify at one time in front of Military Tribunal. I own rights to that one OPEN public scandal of all time worth $50 Trillion USD transfer of wealth BACK to YOU my people retroactive Database use of that clearly shows WHO are all insider day criminal traders. 
    Call USA GOV, Everyone to contact us today to experience the absolute TRUTH about everything of the HUMAN CONDITION and cyber terrorism.  We are clearly victims of +125 very Organized Criminals May 27, 2020.
#1 REQUIREMENT Sept 25, 2011 to today is EMERGENCY FLIGHT back to USA to TESTIFY. Even UPS cargo or USA Military escort. As USA EMBASSY was legally notified many times on #1 urgency to debrief DOD DOJ Trump.
Three people threatened to murder me: Rose Jan 14, 2008. VRecord Feb 2008. Berry Vic Reynolds VRec April 14, 2014, then Douglas Vernon Duncan by email summer 2016. Others in 100% conspiracy to destroy their evidence.
Last webcast 20200527-0111GMT Manila Military MUST come escort us with Armed Guard today. Common Sense. since FBI, AG USMarshals, IRS, all police, public, 100 Law firms, Public has been direct contacted Jan 2008 to now.
ONLY Persons of GODs Integrity have reached this point of LEGACY history. Next Left VIDEO is Sept 27, 2011 as I return from Debriefing SolutionMilitary in person. ROSE knew this, SO I left this BEHIND since ROSE wanted me dead and NO ONE KNEW or CARED. This was also what I PROPHET left behind to PROTECT your Rights.
What happened to Forgiveness. Only by CRIMINALS begging for Forgiveness will THESE Lucifers be expose by YOU my most beloved people. Citizens ARREST with LiveStreamed VIDEO is the PRIME method we now all do.
   I am holy spirit soulfully soon going to DESTROY all the evidence, GO to HEAVEN and consult with GOD to pass JUDGMENT on all of YOU, since that is WHAT most of my people do to deFRAUD each of each other over + over.


Become a UNIFIED World member today!

Free Will World Economy Barter Exchange Stock trades

Free Education Forums worldwide with

Free Meeting Rooms

Access to +7.777 Billion World citizens with automatic Back Ground checks.

World Free Internet Communications.

Never pay again for Telecomm anything.

Unlimited Calls local + Abroad.

IseeStand PhoneCradle

Happy Hour biz meetings in every city every day from 18:00 with Free Drinks and Food. No Drunks or scammers allowed to enter. Everyone FOIA.ONE!



ADDRESS: 417 UN avenue, Ermita Manila Philippines 1000 (Next to USA Embassy)

TEL: 63- 9173354300   |

Our New Intl Offices at Sky100 Hong Kong, GBC Manila, Other cities

and both 3344 + 3343 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta GA Sovereign Bank tower we shall all OWN and Control

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UNIocracy is the ONLY solution to UNIFY mankind by eliminating ALL LUCIFERS all at one time.
 Click: Gods Cross List of World Peace Answers.
  Click: The greatest Manifesto is Keiths Covenant

  Direct Evote Democracy is our ONLY answer to prevent violations of our new Law Keith SolutionManifesto system. We the PEOPLE hereby command all those who violate our rights to confess their crimes today by broadcasting their victims and list of all the assets they control. ALL of them. Everyone is authorized to SolutionJudge Citizens Arrest so you and other violated citizens can eVOTE decide the violators fate.

Clearly this applies to any of my 7.8 Billion people regardless of wealth.

This is the promised transfer of all pirated wealth back to YOU + keith.

  This is basis of WHY our GOD created us all. To solve our own issues at all levels. To LOVE and PROTECT our neighbors before thinking of one-self. To be free will citizens who are outraged that named ELITES have stolen our profits from our work efforts and roam freely by stealing, lying, hiding, and recruiting other LUCIFER agents to do the same. The cycle repeats each time since the dawn of man showing this is the sin, vice crime of greed. The zealots who say JUST trust our system, JUST trust that someone or GOD or ?? will save you from your crimes is easy to understand once you use and hire our mediators of Google/youtube BuiltBykeith and the original and PhoneCradle keywords.
   Since no living soul has ever shown HOW to achieve total world peace, Contact EVERYONE at one time and COMMAND that KEITH be escorted to TESTIFY to world on what is occurring world wide. For we did hve 95% of these same solutions delivered successfully back in summer 2010 and were persecuted almost to death so many times we lost count of the $20 TRILLION USD assets that were transferred to ROSE and others.
   WebCast May 27, 2020   Keith is justifed by all Gods laws to be free.
  Click: that is the prime SolutionJudge CITIZENS ARREST for world to use.
   I, 'keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 +100%)', do hereby testify to world that terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1-19710401-1 negative 100% Integrity) will suffer the worst death our eVOTE UNIocracy People decide once a single Official of any court of law authority or other CRIMINAL decides to take ROSEs fate into their hands. Keith is NEVER a VIOLATOR of any law or Constitutional Law or human rights. Amy Rose(dob 1-1969mmdd-1 negative 99%) and +125 others tied to him will suffer the same horrific open public forum execution fate broadcast by any eDevice live streamed to world based only on their evidence of murder, treason, espionage, and longest list of capital felony crimes. Over $50 Trillion USD of wealth have been transferred from world bank accounts, stock markets, and assets from Jan 15, 2008 to present day because NO HONEST PERSON has ever asked keith or others "WHAT ARE ROSE's CRIMES and WHO holds WHAT Evidence WHEN, WHERE and WHY." This is always simple.    

  Therefore Keith is the most valuable commodity in GODs and your eyes for his completed authorship, delivery, and broadcasts of HOW to unify earthlings using the phrase "Can you prove you are honest, what is your International IID number and your integrity rating?" 

OLD New World Order to get elected into any power leadership position:
 1. RAISE FUNDS/Support telling any lies. 2. Nominated election financed by Lucifers. 3. LIE + Buy the election.
Your NEW UNIOCRACY system is at driven by that kills all Lucifers once and for all. Hanging by 13 loop NECKTIE is too kind as WE the PEOPLE decide their fate.
HERE is the ONLY solution series of 100% Decision based Society. ALL must be enforced at ONE TIME as complete SET OF 5 for this to save our world.
1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election.
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority (Corporate + Gov).
3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, we tell them NEXT project that is DIRECT FUNDED. No more taxes or graft contracts or loophole man-made laws ever again.
4. All leaders consultant pay and benefits is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by majority vote of stockholders / voters.
5. Anyone can run for any Leader position in any Nation.
All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY. No more appointed Corp or Government leaders.

#1 World most profitable $$$ Crimes of all time. TRUE, needs no objection debating by anyone.
1. Political Corruption at all levels starting with BANKSTERS(Mobsters), Stock Market Execs, Others.
2. Cyber Crime Terrorism steals +90% of all our profits. Prevented forever with
3. Human + Goods Trafficking = Underground Network  Theft-Copy IP + data, Drugs, prostitution, guns, gambling, counterfeits, Forgery, etc.

Required Agenda for WORLD starting ALL WORLD PRESIDENTS + Executives.
1. Identify worst world problems. Solve Issue.
2. ID Share data on all who violate our laws. SHARE EVERYTHING on WHO are the original VIOLATORS.
3. Assign to find terrorists with FOIA.ONE
4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations in greatest need using Evote.One funds.
5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with
6. Agree to remove all laws and regulations that prohibit ProfitShareHolders.SPACE from being free trade barter society
7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt individuals using will of Free Citizens with EVOTE.ONE

8. Agree to IID and eliminate all DOJ system people who violate laws using SolutionRedDot
9. Protect the lives of Keith + those of highest IQ merit.

### end of most historical Webcast of all time. kbd.
 Our worlds Last universal standardizing Method system to empower all humanity to OWN and CONTROL all the decisions of their Corporate Executives and small left over group of Politicians.
  All Political Parties are disbanded. Only party permitted is our central group known as 'Universal Party' comprised of all 7.777 billion of WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.  This is communal shared resources of GOD's loaned assets. All Mega Corporate Executives who VIOLATE ANY SEC or laws are immediately eVOTE into Prison.
No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database  =

     These simple 5 ByPass Laws create your new history.  No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent.  Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by evote. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can scam or steal our assets. No more appointed officials who criminally conspire with others. Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant  pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.

5.  Anyone can run for any office in any nation if FOIA.ONE IID +90 Integrity ranked on FOIA.ONE world database.

ALL of these 5 By-Pass Constitutional laws are irrevocable and irrefutable base of

6. Public can eVOTE and assume title ownership to any mall or equal public built structure unless the entire corporation is privately owned. 

CKS-Evote is YOUR new world system free of all Crime, taxes, Politics, mega corporations forever.
No time left to hear Dead Silence from +7.8 Billion my people who all perish because of Greed + Apathy = sin.
   The systems below achieve Total World Equality Peace with cascading web cast of +25 solutions.
For 12 long years, we are the ONLY most active webcasters request/commanding Justice be served for all.
Redistribution of wealth from the billionaires is also part of GODs = Keiths final solution Plan. This will be done quickly once every wealthy person is required by Constitutional Law to reveal the source of their assets.
  Led by saintKeith, We are your openly visible Guardian Angels sent by GOD + Higher Power. We have been persecuted extremely as mortals who all bled and can be murdered just like millions of all others. Contact us for face to Face so we can finally debrief mediate with all World Presidents on how to actually achieve required World Global Peace. We have asked to debrief all World Leaders since year 2011, even earlier.
  Search 'NationalFraudBribery20110912' to see who we were long ago. Then IseeStand
Passing Judgment on each other is now legalized with use of store and forward open FOIA.ONE
  Our #1 Answer is to finally achieve total world global peace now.
  We are the #1 rarest Spiritual Beings sent by our mutual Higher Power to unify ratify UNIocracy today. our Billionaire groups discuss HOW to obtain Total World Peace.
  We never 'attack' anyone. Our rare Spiritual Power is working FOR all Humanity, and prime consulting FOR all Law Enforcement, Bankers, Corp Executives, Stock Markets, and other Billionaire Angel Philanthropists.
  We actively recruit everyone to Join UNIocracy to set up Intl Headquarters will full support of all governments and nations to UNIFY our world. Click: re Security issues. Call us today to quote us on World Headquarters Office space, NGO Jets, and purchase Sovereign Territory like the Vatican.
  Our system replaces all existing Law and Judicial systems using
  ADDRESS for Justice is Keith's final covenant SolutionManifesto on our new world comprehensive system to free our society from the disparity of evil greed that clearly creates the division of Gods wealth between the ultimate HAVES, and the rest of the impoverished Have-Nots. Entire world is focusing on cash flow for survival. the few elite are only focused on accumulating excessive King Titan Pharaoh Demi-God wealth. It makes common sense for each nation community to set a Cap on New worth. How much money is enough to ensure security for our senior years. In USA that one Number is $2 Million per person to pay for long term health care (in 3rd world nations). Excess must be shown as LEGALLY acquired or they LOOSE it by evote will of majority. They can NEVER escape or HIDE. Even world command through FOIA.ONE shows employees, clients, vendors, others to BOYCOTT these ELITE Criminals as that also drains their fortunes when they must WIPE their own ASSets, gather their own food, and no one guards them.
   May 22, 2020. Our reputation and integrity always 100% and has been brutally attacked to discredit the reality that we are indeed the most highest esteemed Scientists who have solved all of man kinds root nano to God's eye view issues during our conceived lifetime. Extremely isolated in childhood until 1976, we learned to solve any issue and were always obsessive compulsive to examine and discovery everything we encountered. We broke it down, saw the benefits of how to recombine other of God's gifts, and create simpler most valuable solutions. In most humble reality of all, we are the most humble Saints sent by GOD who have nothing left to gift after most formally requesting to meet with al World Presidents and leaders at one time, since not a SINGLE SOUL on our living planet has ever accomplished the singular task of showing a new simple replacement system for all aspects of humanity to empower WE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE to be free will self governing barter exchange system trader merchants by eliminating the most horrible self entitlement LUCIFERS who are the ultimate greedy BROKERS of our lives.
  Only by debriefing us face to face will humanity actually ask us to SHARE our most comprehensive visionary wisdom of all merit. No one has actually said the name ROSE or Ms. Bashama or asked us to show anything for past 12 years of extreme tribulation and horror. How odd, as this we delivered within minutes of any crime + solution.
    Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter: WMD WW4 is cyber crime terrorism.  How Inet Destroyed Democracy. the list is completed over our GOD's internet..  Clearly we have declared ourselves fore founding fathers of OUR=YOUR new world UNIocracy.
  We(God+keith) are the ultimate ordained divine filter diffusers of sin, vice, crime. Using Technology and Psychology of mans root primal Human Condition to teach everyone to be their very own New World Leaders.
   Summer of 2010-2011 we called for Congressional Investigations, Military Intervention, formal meetings with World Presidents and Corp Exec + PRESS + Humanity. Never done since cyber terrorists BLOCK our every iNet digital media transmissions. When we GO to top DOJ + lawyers, most persecute us relentlessly claiming NO Crime has occurred. Our personal health now worst it has ever been for NO one has ever debriefed our Crusader Warriors.
  CLICK: then Contact Keiths Crusaders today.   TurnOffLights.Space
  I=WE, Keith's Crusaders, are the ONLY persons who fearlessly protects your rights to IiD and overthrow ALL unsaved criminals.
Since summer of 2010, terrorist ROSE +125 persons have persecuted us relentlessly to Steal our most valuable anti-all crime technology and New World Systems by infiltrating USA GOV, Mega Corp, Bank, Stock Market databases using Cyber Terrorists in Atlanta GA USA: Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic SIC Reynolds, and Alexander Cyclone Covey as Officials of the Court Criminal fronts who destroy all court evidence and erase all evidence of millions of cyber crimes that we teach humanity to PREVENT using the divine ordained solutions seen below. As of May 13, 2020 we remain 100% impoverished in Manila since NO 'Honest (or DAMN) SOUL' calls us to collect the over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages by re-filing the original court documents. Contact us directly today and be PAID over $125 Million USD seized by Military or FBI, AG, Interpol, literally any citizen or other criminal can find and literally kill terrorists using Military Tribunals, Military Special Forces + our help.
   Key person is +1(770) 391-6405 (404) 713-0063  CEO Charles CHUCK Martin Link Jr. of Roswell(Atl) Georgia + ten thousand others who personally know Keith works for GOD and all humanity his entire life and is FORSAKEN by all because few use common sense anymore... or uses Keiths Intellectual Property of IseeStand PhoneCradle that empowers humanity as New World free will citizens who decide their own reality and future destiny fate. Surely world self destructs by their very own greed...  Other Key VICTIM-Client of ROSE is UPS Executive Mike Briggs Cumming GA Lake Lanier $10M hoe
     The New World Order and equal Secret societies are Cyber Crime Terrorists claiming they are the only group who represents the human race preservation system. They are always easy to reverse kInet Backtrack and put them in Prison and even put each on death row using the old technology common sense systems we learned 1976 forward applying GOD's 11 Commandments to ensure integrity + enforced ethics is the final self governance now everyone sees WHO is WHO + all factors of everyone's business transactions using our old Systems of VIDEO recorded final contract Agreements all legally binding.
   Review each of the prime PDF files and top Viral Media Videos to confirm we are 100% exactly WHO we claim, then TAKE ACTION by direct contact visits to all World Presidents and PRESS + Humanity to ensure our ordained work is your new Standard.
BASE covenant is 1. Do not Steal2. Do not LIE3. Do not HIDE.    Contact World Presidents today ! ! ! !
Since ROSE is a terrorist and SALLY Q Yates implicated herself with GBI Berry Vic Renolds in Atl GA, TRUMP and WORLD will be madder than hell so many incompetent corrupt people are INSIDE MY=OUR USA GOV.
  We recruit EVERYONE to Join Us as required by GOD and all existing laws to END the infamy holocausts caused by the few Criminal Ruling Elite. This is also WHY GOD sent us FOIA.ONE IID: 1-19580815-1 (+100% Integrity) to master educate everyone out of abject Poverty and apathy by using our divine ordained covenant legally binding contracts.
Watch carefully on HOW to achieve total World peace.
Then escort Keith's Crusaders to Testify to World Leaders.
Note: Unmute the Audio to hear 100% truth about Keith = Who I am.
2nd on right shows we are #1 problem solvers in world history 2010.
Spaces NGO Trust Foundation

Worlds First Trillionaire Angel Philanthropist Collective Commission Collaboration Soverignity. + + + + SolutionHousing =

On a personal note: Please find Keith a wealthy new partner wife: Reference Worlds Wealthest Single Women.

Prevents all poverty by transfer of the real wealth to all new digital electric communities at higher elevations to unload the slum poverty infested coastal cities that were built to be slave trading ports by elite centuries ago.  We the People now own and control everything using the new world communication and education systems of WorldSchoolFUND and SolutionMilitary that can never be destroyed or prostitute manipulated since No OLD government or mega corporation leaders can control or pervert manipulate our assets and profits.

CONTACT Board of Director = Trustees here:

Our Organizational CEO teams led by Fore founding Father Saint

 Keith Brent Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (+100%). Sent by God.

Easy for +61 years to contact our Warrior Peace Crusaders directly.

Apostle Saint CEO Keith Duncan Tel: +(63) x917 335-4300. Addr USA Embassy 417 UN Ave B666.   Manila Philippines

Executive President Gloria Reyes  (63) 0917-173-4755 Smart 0929-172-3744

Exec President Marketing Marisa Cordero (63) 0916-502-9395

Rich Verdas is located south of Manila in direct contact with Anastasia of Serbia.

Author Founder of with Walking Saint Keith Duncan

Other World Presidents +Executives recruited since 2009

Skype: BuiltByKeith2 for Video Confirmation.

417 UN Ave. Ermita Manila Philippines B666 Office.

Original Best Friend Business Partner is CEO Charles CHUCK Link of of Atlanta Georgia

at +1 678-870-6362) from NCSU Raleigh NC 1976-1981 Microelectronics to Mainframe data communications of Databases, protocolls. SQL information storage and forward retrieval, early development of robotic AI infrastructure, all +10 years ahead of mainstream computer system existing technologies. His wife Susan and even brother Kevin know keith very very well including well over ten thousand Atlantans, thousands of Europeans and Asians, and soon all 7.8 Billion of keiths forsaken people.

Updated April 29, 2020 CKS 1:35am Manila. Near USA Embassy still formal requesting military escort.

Pending Board of Directors/Trustees/Executives: 

As SOON as YOU MY PEOPLE call them to call us back. The more calls the faster UNIFICATION occurs

Each of these persons are granted famous Common Stock seen FOIA.ONE

We offer to pay their increased salaries as Highly Paid Consultant Advisors of fame.

USA President Donald Trump. White House.  Include Nancy Pelosi to even the greatest deal.

President Rodriquez Duterte, Palace Address gate J5. Manila Philippines.

FBI Director Christopher Wray  202- ???=xxxx. Washington D.C. USA.

 Atlanta FBI Director at 404-581-6000 re Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 murder for hire conspiracies.

Atty Sally Q Yates 404-572-2723. King & Spaulding Atlanta GA USA .

GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds. Was Cobb County GA DA, my lawyer TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 2011.

Judge Clarence Cooper 404-215-1310 Atlanta GA.

Berny Dorhmann Past CEO of Wife CEO is September. FOllowing List are CEOSPACE.NET World Instructors.

Bob Circosta owner of HSN.COM

Les and son John Brown,  World known Professional Motivational Crusader speakers.

Ed Bogle evaluted keith at over $400 Million USD net worth back June 2011 with Hugh Ballou

Harry Lay, Bob Proctor,  over 40 prime world known experts personally know Keiths gifted work.

We pledge gifted 90% of first 1 Billion USD profits 2011 to present and have no confirmation return..

Few have responded except for

Berny and September Dorhmman and recently George Fraiser of

Pending Invite return calls, Board Of Directors will include:

Elon Musk. CEO of Tesla

Bill Gates (retired CEO of Microsoft), Warren Buffett Berkshire Hatthaway,

Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle who pioneered CIA's first use of SQL database integrity back in 1976.  FOIA.ONE worlds last ad free Universal Database.

Jeff Bezos - Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, and others may apply for membership to for approval by our standing board of directors and trustees. No more billionaires who violate basic laws.

April 8, 2020 Passover Jubilee  To George Fraser of and WORLD. Ask EVERYONE, literally world to USE and follow the URL links to Achieve TOTAL world Global peace. Out of tens of thousands of persons I have reached, only you and few others have ever asked HOW can we HELP you HELP all of humanity. Keith on Passover day. April 8, 2020. +12 years AFTER theFinalTerorrist was obligated to pay me BACK my very own Fathers Inheritance. NOW plus interest worth over $400,000 USD anyone can claim. EVERYTHING we have gifted is worth mega Trillions of NGO Trust Foundation to build all new world society UNIocracy. org Prevents ALL Pandemics + Crime at one FOIA.ONE time EVOTE 100% decision based society ### WorldRebroadcast SolutionPeace April 8, 2020 Passover Blood Moon. Manila. World President Final Peace Summit saves mankind with EVOTE.ONE SaintKeith is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people.


DELIVER THIS to Trump, WhiteHouse, DOD DOJ and directly to CNN and PRESS. I would PERSONALLY do this summer of 2011 and ALMOST DID. I SHOULD have gone to Washington D.C. on my way back from NYC Sept 25, 2011 and almost DID. I had successfully turned over ROSE massive Terrorist attack sequence against MY USA GOV and ALL evidence on HOW to achieve total world peace to Langley AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011
I also went back by IRS offices Spoke in person with,  I DID visit Sally Q Yates at Federal Courthouse asking to ENTER Federal Witness Protection Program (same as at Langley AirForceBase), and went to CEOSPACE.NET Sept 27 to Oct 3, 2011 and was packed to go to IRS, FBI, MIlitary in California on EXACT SAME PURPOSE at 10am morning. If i had NOT been criminally kidnapped, YOUR entire world would be FREE of all crime and pandemics in few short months. is as your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics. Driven by New SolutionManifesto .com Constitutional Human Right laws and EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to empower all to collectively own and manage all aspects of our free trade, free travel world economy. Send Keith + EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to WORLD leaders AND PRESS ASAP.

ABOUT Saint Keith

Keith Duncan is the most humble walking Saint who has saved humanity based on all evidence of WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades what with who and WHEN + WHERE GPS. We are the technology pioneers who create perfected solutions to automate society as free will citizens who know al about each other and how to communally share all resources as designed created by GOD at dawn of man. The garden of E.D.E.N. is FOIA.ONE as the worlds last open public source database repository that shares everything with each of our partners and communities.  Nothing has ever been done to eliminate the Anti Christs, so we did,  in plain understandable language that transforms humanity to achieve


We are the ones sent by GOD to teach humanity how to reform unify mankind. We never make excuses and clearly never violate existing laws. We were kidnapped 5 times (illegally DETAINED by USA GOV) on orders of 3 criminals named Sherry Duncan, Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama (AKA Tammy Faye Austin) for 900 days because we had turned over ALL crime evidence to Police, lawyers, IRS, FBI AG USmarshals, PRESS, and then Military as the Last Resort for KEITH to go WITH military on Sept 26, 2011 to debrief all other agencies and corporations on HOW to actually achieve total world peace.  NO one has ever survived this long by teaching the human race how to BE Free Will Citizens who know OWN and CONTROL EVERYTHING.  Everyone now uses to solve ANY problem.

   A few ELITE know as New World Order = ILLUMINATI are controlling our entire world systems by infiltrating our databases and infrastructure claiming they are the only persons who can decide our fate while they sit in Ivory towers and conduct illegal criminal enterprises since no one can see their general ledger books and contracts.  Their crimes against humanity are the weapons of mass destruction of Cyber Crime attacks that are as simple as single signatures on court documents, contracts, or even using OUR assets to profit themselves first as million, then billionaires who then control all real estate, banks, stock markets, and all infrastructure that WE THE PEOPLE have built and paid for with our sweat equity labor. 

  Most of humanity are slave labor share croppers who work hard for survival yet are the only ones who pay taxes and provide the labor and resources to build our new world society. SolutionHousing at is the only prime legal method to transfer real trillions of USD/Euros to our forsaken 3rd world nations in record time.

The most common sense solution is for top individual inside USA gov to grant myself and few others direct access to the USA gov databases including the military databases so I could detect further crimes committed by thousands even millions by simple SQL data mining requests. I did this thousands of times on AT&T most secure databases for years as their top anti fraud analyst back in 1996 to 2010 period. I was a most popular celebrity in Atlanta, going to daily art events and business meetings all over town, I was expanding my network to national and Intl levels as rapidly as possible by broadcasting the exact same NEW world economy solution set the world can see on persistent and my own 150 mostly perfected unified website broadcasts. All because one terrorist avoids death row, has this occurred based on the most extreme required timeline evidence. It has grown into such a monster of red tape paper chase conspiracies, that few can believe this is true reality. I should NEVER have been subjected to ANY arrest, much less the torture of being drugged almost to death and told to SHUT THE HELL UP..

    NO ONE HAS EVER honored any of my rights to face anyone on NEWS or in COURT this entire time. That is a VIOLATION of basic any HUMAN RIGHTS that is now enforced by 7.777billion of OUR PEOPLE using

     Who do you know to complete these God centerstone answer methods? I can not continue living like this. Being ridiculed for representing man + Gods rights to be free will citizens,,,., ,,. All on how to,unify world - global world peace UNIocracy. Org.