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### WORLD PRESS Re-Broadcast Release procreated 2022Jan04 (c)(tm)(r)patented

Author world publishing keynote speaker Keith Brent Duncan. describes all perfected aspects of TheMetaPhysics.Foundation of WHY, HOW, WHO, WHERE, and even WHEN our own Universe was procreated. Inclusively and collectively describes how to fast path eliminate any person who violates GODs laws and existing unbiased realistic laws, regulations, and legally binding enforced agreement contracts by empowering EACH of YOU WE GODS PEOPLE to decide the NEXT best project as well as choose collectively and cooperatively who are each of our highly paid in cash Project Manager leaders.


  These systems apply to all Government, Church, and Corporate worlds to benefit all 8 BILLION of my people at one time.  NO more wars, no cyber crimes, no human sex drug trafficking, no criminal ruling ELITE, no crime family dynasties or monopolies ever again.

  Our final perfected design for return to GODs Utopia of Heaven is recursively showcased at

   2022Jan04.  Today we procreated GodsUniversity.Today, *.World, *.Info - Describes WHY each of you are engineer designed constructed and deployed to advance our human race as only Peace Maker CareGiver + CareTakers with a few of us accepting your elected role as only Overseer Guardian Angel Protector Philanthropist 'inverter' investors.


  Anyone who objects to any of our world saving solutions is required by GOD and all others to use to provide a better best solution to the objection you bring to the open forum peacemaking round table of

   All these perfected answer solution methods with linked patented technology is from the one most humble person sent alone by GOD to redeem reform led and re-education all 8 billion MY PEOPLE now empowered by EACH of you learning how to fast path work with fearlessly authority to protect the rights, souls, assets, and lives of all others. WHO was always Keith Brent Duncan born 1-19580815-1 (integrity rated +100 % forever).

### end.

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