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  EVOTE.ONE was GODs 100% real time direct eDemocracy system when WE decide Next Best Project and WHO are all the Leaders forever. +75% of the wealthy elite are now retired by direct action of and No more violators of our GOD + your human rights ever again. Open Public no secret shared database FOIA.ONE is now store + forward everything as one degree of separation between all mortals and all eDevices means all violators will be immediately punished using and enforced rights.

 Sept 26, 2011  Day AFTER I delivered to Langley AirForce Base the only single GODs world saving was PEER to PEER one degree of separation between all mortals and ALL eDEVICES of WHO Protects KEITH DUNCAN Now as I go BACK to GOVERNOR KEMPS office then PeachTree Corners Technology forum with my old friend Mayor Mike Mason. +1 770-377-2106 UNIocracy.

5-URLident Universal SINGLE DATABASEBBK20180215-UNITYurl-NewWorldMasterPlan-Database
4-WorldSchoolFund- Free Education For all
8-Return10Million OFW BBK20180222-MaryRights-screenShot-MasterPrime
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The first Prime Directive to our world is to PROTECT the rights and lives of our + other Emissary teams. is GODs original engineered spiritual Plan of Self Salvation that Duncan has delivered deployed past +64.444 man years of full time ministries delivered from sane same GODs other apostle, disciple, prophets, and agents of World Change using GODs technology that truly unifies mankind once final time.

  This updated Nov 26, 2022 as Keith travels in Asheville, NC, was Atlanta GA showcasing who are tied to Terrorist criminal organizations who are now man hunted down using GODs ancient system of citizens arrest and turnover to the required investigators, prosecutors, district attorneys, lawyers, and now all elected includes Each of YOU mortals. Now all of you legally pass judgment on each other.

  Includes all religious congregation using EVOTE.ONE to eliminate exile oust ANY LUCIFER zealot pastor leader includes Pcbc Baptist CHurch Norcross Jay Hackett and Dr. David Shaw. Includes Dr Anthony George and

 WE GODs people also exile Joel Olstein, Kenneth Copeland, Apollo Quilbolla (Philippines), and any other leader includes most of Roman Catholic church hierarchy leaders since R.C. church leaders have been remotely controlling our affairs past +1700 years.

  July 24, 2018. Destroyed was completed biblical financial years ago in almost all arenas to STOP all crime networks, PREVENT all wars, and restore GOD's assets back to MY=HIS PEOPLE. John 10:30. nothing left to showcase as ALL is deposited into these repositories as seeds for the NEW FOIA.ONE database that cures mankind of all greed, crime, vice, and even sin. OH. Man will sin anyway as that is also the true nature of humanity. TOO BAD. For now the rule of the majority puts them into HELL JAIL, prison, isolated by OCTV so no one can commit crimes and get away 'scotch-tape' free. FOR ROSE is a terrorist, one of the worst on earth. No one touches him because he will murder any witnesses, just like the AntiChrist is described 2,000 years ago by my FatherGOD Christ Jesus = SolutionGOD.ORG


  July 1, 2018 + = SolutionGOD.ORG.  All religions, civic groups, and associations now work together in the only Cooperative Ministries required to UNIFY all mankind.  They all do this willingly despite the religious military cultural brain washed cult wars of past centuries of bigots, racists, terrorists, criminals, and those eliminated forever with EVOTE.ONE.   Otherwise humanity ceases to exist since GOD refuses to intervene because mankind refuses to abide by the original 10 commandments and Quran as well as other divined ordained master teachings of Love and Care for each other Theology. 

      Read Matthew 5:33-37  Ends with "... All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'NO', anything beyond this comes from the evil one."  This is the original binary zero and ones that make up absolutely every computer and organic brain cell system. All criminals deceive by diversion and redirecting attention away from their own crime-sins-vice by Talk, Talk, Talk and accusations against their victims to confuse the worse groups of uneducated mass of brain washed people in world history. The criminals are the survival of the most intelligent ones who legalize crime, sin, and vice for their own profiteering. A terrorist is anyone who perverts/manipulates laws for personal, financial, and/or political gains. is the ONLY Universal Constitution Charter Mandate required to UNIFY all of mankind.


    So 100% true. Guilt makes people do stupid things. always has. Criminals experience almost NO guilt as they justify their crimes.  I have always made the absolute BEST moral righteous decisions at every key point of my life. When a crime was reported, I went directly to POLICE, lawyers, FBI, IRS, USMarshals, AG, PRESS, PUBLIC, and churches as fast as feasible. Includes direct contacts with Interpol, Military, and all world leaders and agencies this entire time using power of face to face testimony and he overwhelming power of GOD's communication ultimate media distribution system, our now free World Wide Max WiFi Internet. This is funded BY our NGO-Charity Evangelist Crusaders known as Protectorate Envoy Ambassadors. We mediate disputes at all levels and teach our world how to solve any issue with to enforce ethics and ensure that all affected parties benefit. All entities benefit except the unsaved, surrendered criminals + terrorists.


The first Prime Directive to our world is to PROTECT the rights and lives of our + other Emissary teams.


Use of intellectual property methods, products, and services ensure everyone profits and prospers in your new world society known as ERA3 of the Last Testament period.

    STOP WHAT EVER you are doing and your false EXCUSES.  Finally decide if you and our mutual world will STOP all the crimes of deception and actually ANSWER YES-TRUE or NO-False to any question posed of you as each party records the conversation to 100% guarantee that contracts are full-filled. Anyone who lies or defrauds the other is now publicly exposed to world with and eVOTE.ONE by collective victims banning and isolating anyone who commits crimes... plain and simple.  Every single time for now years, when I ask a DIRECT question for names, phone #'s, recordings, contacts, progress and status updates. I have always gotten DELAY EXCUSES.  Same occurs for rest of world as each person I have recorded either is TRUTHFUL or a LIAR.  Few are TRUTHFUL in everything they state and do.  I sleep now. Again asking GOD to take me BACK to HEAVEN as I remain believably SHOCKED and ASHAMED of my 7.6 billion people that all they think about is:....  What is in this for ME? that alone is the original sin of vice and crime.....

     Always did and always will contact the proper authorities to uphold existing laws.   This list of all humanity is inclusive  as I, most humble keith brent duncan,  live a 100% open public life and have ZERO guilt because i have NEVER ever had anything to hide.  Most of my errant and deviant world have many secrets and crimes to hide. Hardened career criminals of ROSE, Ms. Bashama, and specific persons I have shown as sociopath lunatic psychopaths all have already confessed and testified their crimes with these certified court documents and supporting evidence each and every time.  Not that all transactions of any value are auto recorded and stored block chain into perfected design WRITE ONCE, read PUBLIC database access of store and forward, our world is now UTOPIA .  For ZERO secrets means no crimes will ever go unpunished by the collective victims who use simple off shelf technology to showcase all aspects of a career criminals lies, deceptions, and crimes against fellow humanity.   I rest soon, maybe go back to heaven upon command directive of GOD himself. For this is also part of SolutionGOD.ORG that I have published to world, just now in real time reality....    GodSendKeith.ORG is 8th seal opened for world to see exactly WHO YOU are as I always have shown and known that I am a true SON of all Humanity this entire time.... DOB  and INTL ID is:  001 1958 08 15 000001 as the forefounding father of your new world society...

     These Last Testimony Testament ERA3 of are the only answer solution methods of to achieve Resurrect all our people with SolutionGOD.ORG on WHY YOU are HERE in the name of our one MUTUAL CREATOR FATHER GOD.  As most humble servant teaches all humanity,  no one can stand in your way of HOW to UNIFY all mankind under our one GOD, even if you are AGNOSTIC or ATHEIST.   ACTION REFORM only occurs with MASS PUBLICITY by you, my dear beloved people who MUST UNIFY using these ordained divined answer solutions. Otherwise, our world collapses with Holocaust....

  Almost ALL religion leaders claim they are the ONLY TRUE religion with any link to our-my ONE GOD CREATOR ALLAH. These are all CRIMINAL LIARS since my-our GOD never created sin, vice, crime ridden man to self genocide each other by fighting over power, domination, fear, nuclear + energy wars, money, sex, and other idol worshiping ways.  

     Keith works fearlessly FOR Allah / GOD / Humanity as the 'unknown' son of humanity and Messianic Messenger who works fearlessly among all of you teaching PEACE and SOCIAL JUSTICE at all levels. Start NOW with destruction of All Crime Networks to create our single new world society of all middle class business owners who fearlessly protect the rights of all others.  Each 'unsaved' criminal pagan are now BANISHED to the hell-Jails, slums, and death row convictions they helped create by their demonic satanic actions. 

    Our GOD + all Humanity are ONE in our same spirit of the TREE of LIFE is the ONLY universal New World Society Commandments that nullify almost all other religious commandments. For MOST man made interpretations of our Creator's designed mandates are self serving entitlements that are PERVERTED by evil persons. Prime example is the phrase 'Death to the Infidel' used by terrorists to incite mass national genocide on false premise they are the ONLY ONE TRUE RELIGION and LINK to GOD-Creator himself. What a truck load of fresh warmed BULL-SHIT that is unloaded on our people by false religious leaders who criminally profiteer on the bloodied backs of their very own people.  Our entire world CHANGES when WE FINALLY bury all true crime networks and DEMAND that integrity be enforced using the master world teachings of keith duncan and his growing Evangelist Crusader TEAMS. ONLY this prime ordained divined charter mandates will ensure the prosperity of a SINGLE new world society who actually LOVE and CARE for EACH other as my-our GOD-Creator has always commanded all of us.

  COMMANDMENT: All Religions MUST work as Cooperative Ministries with each other or face the WRATH of GOD + Humanity who use #1 Ordained + Divined EVOTE.ONE under ONE Universal OPEN public database to standardize all humanity under ONE mandated manifesto Constitutional Charter Commandments to ensure our world prospers, thrives, and expands into the rest of my FatherGOD's universe as sovereign Ambassadors who fearlessly protect the rights of all others.

   Refusals of any criminal to SURRENDER to their victims and our new ONE WORLD force immediately convicts them all of criminal conspiracies that empower our people to SEIZE their criminal assets and manhunt them down with auto-face recognition OCTV eDevices and Revolution Revelation 4:8 smart drones with infared night vision cameras, directional microphones, and remote speakers. All these 'HUNGER GAME' search and seizures are recorded live in for our +7.5 billion people to collectively PASS JUDGMENT on any criminal by will of majority of those who identify themselves for 100% visibility accountability witnessing.

   The Prime Solutions have always been 1. We Trust In God by our  Actions that benefit others first. 2. is use of military and Interpol to investigate and shut down Political Criminal networks  3. Full scale accountability of self + Others. CONTACT all major News Media, all Churches, and top government officials to Order-Demand all your rights be enforced and upheld. 

      For few people in authority take responsibility, ethics, accountability, or jurisdiction on any of the massive # of criminals committing felony capital crimes since they are deathly aware that if they did their jobs, they would be targeted by the criminals, face public ridicule, and even prison time for their failures to investigate and complete the legal process of Justice and Equality. The entire sequenced stages of these comprehensive broadcast solutions bring our entire world back into full unification and conformity with GOD's original design of Love and Care for each other.

    This ensures the survival of the NEXT generation of mankind. This can not be any simpler. Humans love to idol-worship, vice, and take advantage of each other. The Criminal Ruling Elite exist since churches and public have not unified as the overseers of their own governments and institutions.

      This solved with and other world changing-saving solutions gifted by Acts of Wisdom. Since GOD has not intervened in a really long time, HE finally sent Messianic Messengers again to teach all of mankind how to overcome their own evil ways by focusing on GOD and the welfare of others.


Sept  25, 2011 , 9:00 PM

Safe Haven emergency Anti -Political Corruption and #1 first AntiCybercrime debrief visit to Langley Air Force Base Virginia for Military to protect Keiths life and extreme gifted Intellectual Property.

Oct 3, 2011 10 am. Third kidnapping occurs at Las Vegas on orders of Rose signed Sept 26, 2011 to steal Keith's IP value and attempt Murder by USA agents.

Jan 28, 2014, 10:00 AM

Keith dumped on street by USA gov homeless, destituted, and all assets sold off by ROSE and criminals.

May 5, 2014 Direct visit to Washington D.C. FBI-AG after Atlanta blacklists and PRESS and churches refuse to cover these world cybar-attack events.

April 1-16, 2015. Historical biblical piligramage to JerUSAlem-Emmaus-TelAviv, then Rome Italy to meet with all church leaders, Vatican, and even Pope Francis. The video history of shows all these God-focused extremeefforts to help all people

Oct 26, 2015,

Creation of final component of

Soon. Intervention by USA military, FBI-AG, Press, Public, and all churches asking WHO IS KEITH?

Oct 28, 2015.

Keith goes to USA embassy-FBI again to debrief them on ROSE and the cybercrime attacks occurring against their own agencies and military. Keith is the ultimate 'white hat' solution provider for all governments, military, churches, organizations, and 7.372 B people. explains all the questions anyone might have.

Oct 29, 2015, 11:11 AM

Emergency visit to USA Embassy Manila asking for safe-haven and to debrief FBI-USMilitary-Press after all this time. Click and read PDF file above to see that FBI Hansen committed multiple felony crimes in under 30 minutes...

T.B.D.  2016,  ??:00 AM/PM

  Press Conferences on National News media has always been the #1 Solution to teach our world how to resolve it's own conflicts.

  Who will be the first newscaster or journalist to interview and hear these ultimate truths already broadcast to all.


 It is easy to tell what will occur NEXT with all the corruption and worldwide grief caused by Satanic forces like ROSE and so many corrupt leaders. Each of YOU can decide your own fate. Seems that is what most people want to do anyway. Take advantage of others for their own benefit. You live for instant gratification and vice along with idol worshiping cash, assets, and ability to overpower those you encounter.  Use of by everyone prevents all these crimes against yourself. Start with and proceed on the pathways of righteousness laid out for all of you. Your choice of course...  I made my own destiny. That is to teach our world how to Love Each Other, just like my/our GodFather has done..

??, 2016.  Next major world event sequence is YOUR choice based on what you do or what each of you FAIL to accomplish.

Month   ??,, 2018,

All indication world wide are that major mayhem, chaos, even bloodshed occurs caused by the worst corruption of governments and corporations in world history.

Died of natural or unnatural causes or just dissappeared forever.

Unknown Month, Day, Year.  This is your obiturary ready for others to complete.  Not mine, I know where I will be stationed, in heaven waiting for each of you for obvious reasons to advocate your entry or denial based on your own evidence of Righteousness or sinful abuse of your fellow mankind.  This is your free will choice that you will be asked to testiy on your Judgment day that occurs when GOD calls you home or you are murdered by the Criminal Ruling Elite because you refuse to bend to their tryanny and serve them as slaves worse than ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and even government criminals who conspire with criminal enterprises like Robert Dee Rose as I will always have the last word and judgment call on those who oppose my servanthood missions to teach our world how to save themselves from the wrath of angry citizens and from wrath of our Creator occurring soon


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