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  • Twitter  gift published year 1976-2001(c) is the ONLY standard universal Keith + Gods methods to stabilize +8.1 Billion of Gods Children as only privately held corporations worldwide for ever. Means NO one can ever manipulate OUR economy markets once all stock markets are shut down by WE THE PEOPLE use of that was 1976 procreated everything when I started creating no crime UTOPIA as worlds greatest inventor scientist front line Professor level master of almost all expertise.   Call E7 USMarine Matthew Vernon Duncan (San Diego CA) +1 770-826-4632 Ask him WHO was his and what happened Sept 25, 2011 when I delivered reversing for ever.

Ask EVERYONE to go turn in 22-1-3042-68 as greatest crime conspiracy in USA World history. is your own only universal banking system worldwide to replace all known forms of banks worldwide. Federal Reserve System (private held by JP Morgan originators), S.E.C, F.D.I.C. are now eliminated as unneeded. All public stock market traded certificates soon become worthless once WE pull our assets out of all public traded commodity corporations.  Indeed, the current Corporate Executives and BankSTERS will scream FOUL bloody murder their authority has been removed by WE THE PEOPLE use of Was always THEIR civil criminal legal embezzlement issues, never was US the funders and workers of GODs fields of all expertise of everything. GO talk directly with MY father GOD procreator and ask HIM and MotherEarth WHY you were procreated in the First Place by answer the 5 top primary root questions of GOD in YELLOW of was GODs simple way to remove all authority from all BROKERS of Bankster, RE, Stock Market our world.

 We now move transfer ALL our cash from ALL banks to ONE New World Banking OUR system..


  WE GODs People now personally destroy the cyber criminal terrorists who steal over $40 Trillion USD from our asset accounts each year using OUR internet technology like super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE at seed fund.

Click: describes total replacement of currency with ONE universal kDebit kCredit methods.

 Driven by Keith's universal stabilizing of only credits and debits worldwide. NO MORE paper fiat usury currency.. 

   We are hereby issuing 10 Quadrillion = 10 to 15th power of common shares. That is 1 million credits for each living 8.05 billion living mortals. With 2 quadrillion in reserve for future children. Each living person is hereby gift granted 1 Million kCredits by GOD and Keith.

  The Greatest Investment in world history is  1. Yourself. 2. Others. 3. Only Credit Unions. 4. Only Privately held corporations by YOU the commanding all Public traded corporations REVERSE IPO. If the CoPirates refuse, simply SELL off your stock certificates into Cash and move your assets here. This causes all elite Corporate Executives to go broke since no one supports any Leader who refuses to do as WE THE PEOPLE COMMAND CONTROL and COMMUNICATE by CARING. 

   This alone peacefully destroys all the Lucifer Worshipers and Cyber Criminal Terrorists who think THEY own and control all our databases and assets that went extreme 6660 years ago in Egypt when Charles Ponzi MLM Ponzi con-artist schemes were 1st created.

 BENEFITS:  Procreated Historical Legacy Quarterly TAX day July 15, 2023 by CEO Keith Brent Duncan.

1. All Deposits are protected by WE the PEOPLE defined as You. The Bank President and all staff are under your full control based on the worlds most simple Corporate By-Laws that each of you submit, approve, and ratify using and

2. All Loan Outs are approved by each depositor based on your appraisal of the person or entity requesting the loan. Using methodology, each of You have full rights to assign a proxy decision maker and auditor to ensure your investment is protected by direct access to the entities General Ledger and business operations portfolio records through FOIA.ONE.

3. from 1976 NCSU World Consultants now prevents ANY cyber theft of our assets forever. No firewalls are needed. No Fraud Dept. BOA lost $60 Billion USD of your assets year 2022. BOA took $600 Billion USD profits on your assets and paid themselves as pirates. is the most simple method of redistribution of OUR assets.

4. All new UNIocracyBank(tm)(r)(c) known as UNIB depositors, investors, executives and staff must be Pre-Qualified, referred by existing peer members of UNIB and voted in by 95% of existing our associated credit union members.

5. Any loan requester must show secured collateral and agree in writing to disclose their financial portfolio and business endeavors.

6. Anyone doing business with UNIB must provide their International ID of FOIA.ONE and provide Video evidence of their requests.

7. All other By-Law additions and amendments must be ratified approved by 95% of existing peer members. Proxy method qualifies as recorded vote through public/private 100% secured FOIA.ONE keiths open public database.

8. Group vote by our UNIB peers can reject any application and also discontinue any business with any person or entity by returning the full 100% sum of their original deposit.

9. All members eVote adjust the employment terms and conditions including all compensation packages of all Bank Executives and All staff employee

10.  Anyone convicted and sentenced of a felony crime is immediately removed as a UNIB member and their deposit contributions are forfeited.

11. Each branch of UNIB operates only within one of our community regions. This means ALL loans are made to local our people.

12. Keiths original Digital Super Intelligence A.I. now becomes the single new world world only standard.

13. To be enhanced and perfected use of GOD + Keiths perfected generator forever.


  WE are only group of mega Billionaires who will teach you how to re build all green self sustainable communities when YOU control all infrastructure projects and decide WHO are all of our leaders at both minimalist governments at only Mayor level and WE control all Corporate Executive leaders once and forever. Our peer group was always GivingPledge.SPACE superset of

  Only Keiths peer groups have full scale authority and capacity to master educate everyone with worldwide. now replaces all mad man-made laws (most are self paying loopholes) with One 4 part Constitution forever.

  Certainly this alone unifies everyone as equal sharing since everyone always so deadly afraid of who controls GODs assets represented by all that paper fiat currency, those most precious proof of funds known as bank statements, stock options, 401k, physical fiat paper bills, all those legally binding NOT enforceable contracts of WHO owns WHAT.  

  All about WHO is WHO focusing on WHO trades what with GPS tracked who, when where why and How through Keith's universal open public shared common

  My health continues to rapidly FAIL. Weight now record 269 pounds and no one gives a single DAM over why God sent to unify 8 billion WE Gods children once and forever time stamped 2023 july16 00:30 am EST.

  Please call most humble wealthiest keith brent duncan direct here or +1 7703772106. Much to share discuss how fast path unifies 8 billion we Gods people as only peacekeepers forever. Basics was and also resurrected after I was civil criminally defrauded robbed then  kidnapped 6 times over 900 days at over return restitution of patent assets of all economy ecology green self sustainable our new world of no crime utopia.

Includes so all become spiritual leaders rather than zealot false religious ,,,,

Can we talk and meet soon?  Keith.

SIMPLE to CONTACT MY peer teams of GivingPledge.SPACE and book us directly to arrive at scene of your greatest mortal problems and needs.  THEN we peaceKeeper host mediate teach you all how to solve any problem use of Gods universal genertor.

Updated created 2023 July 16 2:40 am EST Asheville NC and Atlanta Georgia USA (c)(tm)(r) 1958-2023. also unifies all.

Updated 2023 July 16 4:00 pm EST. WHERE is Keith. Only GOD and you always knew.

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