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The Greatest News of YOUR new world history was always perfected and gifted by ONLY keith brent Duncan after 64.9 years of solving each and every primary and minor issue known to mankind.
NO ONE actually recognizes our efforts as we were SENT BY GOD conceived Christmas 1957 and born 1-19580815-1 at High Point NC USA 1821-B Eastchester Drive by Wilbur Vernon Duncan and Audry Smith Duncan.  Further problem solving accomplishments were always gifted back to +8 billion WE GODds children to finally eliminate any free world roaming criminals and all terrorists once and forever.
Most call them NWO. We use BankSTERS and Criminal Ruling Elite most accurately.

WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keith Brent Duncans life right now by video conference calling KEITH and the existing leaders as most of THEM are only self serving lucifer worshiping souless creatans.

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The following POSTS are from the WIX template. Keith and YOU will replace these posts with the OTHERS I already left byend by YOUR direct commanded efforts.

Search was GODs original NO crime Utopia when each of YOU decide NEXT best infrastructure project and YOU pick who are the best project manager leaders at all levels of both Government and Corporate Executive Leader Representative levels.

EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE is the basics for WE decide our net worth and WE only trust those who proof they are truly trustworthy. Never was common sense to trust the BankSTERS, Corporate Mega BILKaires and Mega MILKanires once THEY use con-artist MLM ponzi schemes of JUST TRUST THEM to live as a slave another day called tomorrow.

Keith Duncan. July 16, 2023 was clearly sent by GOD alone to unify all of YOU mankind ONE FINAL TIME called the ultimate MEAN TIME.

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