CLICK HERE to go to HOME PAGE of #1 world revolution TOTAL change of all EDUCATION SYSTEMS worldwide.  Updated 2022Nov15. is worlds last complete perfected RE-Education all digital communications systems we procreated for all +8 Billion GODs children, people, and elders to unify everyone as integrity GOD focused everyone.  Now everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, who trades anything with any other worldwide using GODs final un-hackable database procreated 1976 NCSU at

   Current reality of true World War FIVE is infiltration of OUR databases, OUR markets, OUR corporations and banks by the most ruthless cyber terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE at  Since literally no one ever enforces GODs commandments or existing Constitutional laws, we leapfrogged all of you by trademarking, copyrighting and patenting all ways and means to master and YODAKeith.ORG everyone how to actually be free will sovereign citizens internationally.  CONTACT US NOW and command USA GOV and all other law enforcement agencies of and new world actually DO AS WE THE PEOPLE command. used by YOU universally now changes course of entire human history once YOU each decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

Every single Leader at Gov and Corporate level is treated ONLY as highly paid in cash Project Managers. 

All of our perfected systems decentralize ALL wealth and ALL authority back to each of our communities.


 Once a month, each of you collectively vote choose your next best infrastructure Project + WHO are our leaders at all levels forever using GODs original your Town Hall Forums of revolutionary peace making data driven Tax free, NO criminal legalized embezzlement of stock options + any Corp Perks. GREED is now outlawed by action of WE GODs people taking action to overthrow ALL criminals.

We GODS People real time actively decide WHO are our best world corporate + government leaders.

We collective cooperatively decide the NEXT best local project and judgment fate over everyone else. Four simple Constitutional Universal Laws replace ALL known vote make decision systems.

We Gods People command NEXT best project and investments and use of our bank and stock resources.

No more Stock Options, public traded stocks, no taxes, no corrupt leader can exist use of our FOIA.ONE.