top of page is the complete perfected economic methods to REPLACE the old school ways of educating our CURRENT generation of young children and teenager adults. 

1. Free fully direct funded state of the art technology education methods for anyone worldwide. 

2. Free high speed fiber optic communications interconnect with all 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE forever.  NOW everyone true knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades GPS what with all others.  NO Secrets is the definition of UTOPIA of GODs earth forever.

3. Use of and all ther +155 perfected GODs technology solutions unify everyone as ONLY PEACEMAKERs use of Evote.ONE and Gifted everything of and are the top mega Billionaires overseen by top world re-educators of GivingPledge.SPACE.  Most of US are the most humble problem solving engineer scientist doctors researchers and front liner humanitarian Philosopher Philantrophists of all time who focus on dealing direct with ANY local infrastructure issue including elimination of any violator of use of generator of procreating UTOPIA of

  Updated 2023 May 1 as remains #1 direct seed fund of $500 MILLION USD to self liberate everyone else as ONLY PEACEMAKERS recursively as all become free will sovereign Ambassadors as Outreach Lay Ministers to re teach all 3rd world nations to be completely self independent forever use of and is composed of $40 Billion USD direct seed funding of both cash, technology and world saving methodology to unify 8 billion WE the people forever.  Composed of original first to last marketplace gifted world changing patent copyrights of this one concentric concurring methods change all re education method systems forever.  Includes and all other +160 peacemaking methodologies also gifted to unify all.

   Our mutual current focus is relaunch of through Buckhead.

  Keith Duncan is the most dignified re-educator of all expertise at all levels of mastering all trades worldwide based on all the evidence of WHY he was brutally kidnapped Oct 3 2011 to silence him and his fellow mega elite forever.  Now every young person will earn their way through middle/high school/university fully paid and funded by the retired Corporate Executives once stabilizes our world marketplace forever. 

GODs simple direct all free education universally to eliminate all crime networks forever.  These are God + keiths technology engineered methods to totally replace all known teaching education systems using Keith original patented copyrighted methodology. Benefits are listed below. WHO DO YOU KNOW to debrief us NOW. Updated 2023March21.

Modeled after perfected decentralized Foreign/Local Student Exchange Programs worldwide.

   CLICK HERE to go to HOME PAGE of #1 world revolution TOTAL change of all EDUCATION SYSTEMS worldwide.  Updated 2022Nov15. Unifies everyone forever by master fast path educating everyone HOW to act with fearless authority to protect the rights, lives, and assets of all others. Only exception is never be afraid scared of any violator (criminal) of your rights to be free will Sovereign Citizens of GODS new world all 'only' middle class society of  It is always LEGAL to seize all of OUR assets that have been civil criminally stolen by violators of OUR basic HUMAN RIGHTS of By and for our very own ACTIONS, we now all have total free control over OUR all digital communications networks, WE produce all our own electricity and energy, WE have unlimited fresh water supplies of and total decentralization occurs by peace making isolating any person who is criminal mindset.

   We the PEOPLE of GOD and KEITH decide each NEXT best Project and WE collectively decide who is the best honest ethical integrity focused Project Manager paid in only CASH after completing each step.

  Now each child, youth, citizen, elder, all politicians, Government employees, and all Corporate Executives are self GPS tracked by everyone registering WHO is WHO, and each eDEVICE through GODs final Utopia A.I. Open public interlinked shared database FOIA.ONE.

  Benefits are no more crime networks, no more secret deals, no more human sex drug gambling underground enterprises, no more ELITE Wealthy means NO poverty or war can ever occur again.

  First is everyone use + all other gifted patents and intellectual property now stored and forwarded through Keiths Includes everyone now using our new world direct peer to peer connections to all 8 BILLION of GODs people forever.  Sharing all of GODs resources by procreating ONLY small business owners worldwide with simple only local Credit UNIONS prevent reverses any warlords from destroying our communities by using ancient Devils Advocate false propaganda con-artist brainwashing of Quid Pro Quo.  Everyone MUST enforce legally binding video recorded contract agreements to massively reduce all litigation and deceptive legal practices once we outlaw LLP, Stock Options, and 5th amendment.

  EVERYONE benefits using our simple sharing collective cooperative open collaboration methodology as everyone now focuses on building the crime free UTOPIA procreated by GOD named


  Updated 2023March21 since not a single person has actually protected keiths life or commanded any investigation of Robert Dee ROSE and +140 named civil criminal defendants clearly showcased at that was also the most profitable public Scandal in USA world history.  We have already mapped out the required transitions system to profit each of you by replacing any man made laws and methodology that only enriches the Criminal Ruling Elite.

  We are GODs only PROCREATORs PEACEMakers of worlds last complete perfected RE-Education all digital communications systems we procreated for all +8 Billion GODs children, people, and elders to unify everyone as integrity GOD focused everyone.  Now everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, who trades anything with any other worldwide using GODs final un-hackable database procreated 1976 NCSU at

   Current reality of true World War THREE - FIVE is infiltration of OUR databases, OUR markets, OUR corporations and banks by the most ruthless cyber terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE at  Since literally no one ever enforces GODs commandments or existing Constitutional laws, we leapfrogged all of you by trademarking, copyrighting and patenting all ways and means to master and YODAKeith.ORG everyone how to actually be free will sovereign citizens internationally.  CONTACT US NOW and command USA GOV and all other law enforcement agencies of and new world actually DO AS WE THE PEOPLE command. used by YOU universally now changes course of entire human history once YOU each decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

Every single Leader at Gov and Corporate level is treated ONLY as highly paid in cash Project Managers. 

All of our perfected systems decentralize ALL wealth and ALL authority back to each of our communities.


 Once a month, each of you collectively vote choose your next best infrastructure Project + WHO are our leaders at all levels forever using GODs original your Town Hall Forums of revolutionary peace making data driven Tax free, NO criminal legalized embezzlement of stock options + any Corp Perks. GREED is now outlawed by action of WE GODs people taking action to overthrow ALL criminals.

We GODS People real time actively decide WHO are our best world corporate + government leaders.

We collective cooperatively decide the NEXT best local project and judgment fate over everyone else. Four simple Constitutional Universal Laws replace ALL known vote make decision systems.

We Gods People command NEXT best project and investments and use of our bank and stock resources.

No more Stock Options, public traded stocks, no taxes, no corrupt leader can exist use of our FOIA.ONE.

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