top of page is worlds last complete perfected RE-Education all digital communications systems we procreated for all +8 Billion GODs children, people, and elders to unify everyone as integrity GOD focused everyone.  Now everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, who trades anything with any other worldwide using GODs final un-hackable database procreated 1976 NCSU at

   Current reality of true World War FIVE is infiltration of OUR databases, OUR markets, OUR corporations and banks by the most ruthless cyber terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE at  Since literally no one ever enforces GODs commandments or existing Constitutional laws, we leapfrogged all of you by trademarking, copyrighting and patenting all ways and means to master and YODAKeith.ORG everyone how to actually be free will sovereign citizens internationally.  CONTACT US NOW and command USA GOV and all other law enforcement agencies of and new world actually DO AS WE THE PEOPLE command. perfected replaces all known forms of education at all levels to unify mankind. Everyone cares about each other by carrying a smart phone or device so peer to peer communication is free and open of WHO is WHO, WHO owns what, WHO knows what, WHO free will barter market exchanges what with everyone else real time.  WE TRACK each other over our free high speed wifit on and off the grid KEITHs communication network system that WE the PEOPLE built long ago using GODs emerging Technology.


   Absolutely every child, young adult, elderly, retired, literally everyone now is their very own small business owner and consultant to everyone else in their local community.  Each of the other GOD + Keiths publish showcased system methods destroys all LUCIFERS who deceive us at all levels by brainwashing each of you to be 100% compliant and never ever think outside of your own slave traded boxes of commerce.

   This was complete GODs method of total replacement education system using online direct peer to peer procreation using patents and GODs methodology of small businesses run by our student leaders of  All about the most profound positive redistributing all of GODs wealth and knowledge wisdom to those in greatest mortal need to overthrow destroy all human rights violators of GODs original tribal system of forever. 

    Now all elders are required to be the professors in our public free for all schools, and all  universities. Greatest crimes against humanity are old school rote methods including Stock Options, Private Education, and MLM Ponzi Schemes of just TRUST US, TRUST GOD, TRUST your brokers and POLYTicks to decide our reality and near term destiny Fate. Below is GOD + #1 most humble powerful Sage Professor methods to completely replace all known forms of education using GODs technology of peer to peer digital and direct communications to everyone forever.

  As of Dec 19, 2022, not a single person has EVER asked KEITH current reality or methods how to destroy all criminals worldwide, so we perfected everything and gifted all these clearinghouse solutions to each of you as the ultimate gift from GOD and Keith,

   Clearly most humble Keith Brent duncan is worlds most wealthy non-elite who gifts everything from GOD back to each of your remaining breathing mortals. was GODs method of decentralizing ALL authorities and wealth once and forever. destroys all world LUCIFER abject apathy ignorance of WHO are the worst criminals and cyber terrorists who claim ONLY THEY CAN DECIDE everything. is GODs singular economic real time direct EDemocracy when YOU at signle level decide next best project and WHO is the project manager. Includes all elites with full scal focus on and commanding GivingPledge.SPACE wealthy elites gift 80% of their family private wealth to Local Charity by also publically stating all their assets and values. If they refuse, WE GODS people exile them and seize their private criminally acquired all wealth.

    WE GODs people use and to stage world coup overthrows of  violator THEMs into prison and death row use of FOIA.ONE IID international ID so no one can ever hide from their victims and God and your outraged Justice WRATH.   

    5Steps.LIFE was GODs original simple generator of decision tree making methods of HOW to solve any 'root' problem by literally changing the root cause and effect paradigm of WHAT and WHO causes you any issue, problem, conflict, and wars. Since Keith was sent by GOD to unify each of GODs +7.9 Billion Children at one time use of EVOTE.ONE and, no one can ever deny your rights to decide NEXT best project and WHO is the highly paid consultant project manager 'problem solver'. No more any criminals, terrorists, scammers, MLM ponzi schemers, no more POLYticks, NO TAXES, stock options, campaign contributions, insider day speculation stock trades, no more underground criminal enterprises can exist use of Gods system below. 

    ONLY  ONLY Private Credit Union Banks, ONLY privately held corporations each of you totally control. 

  No anyone who conspires to violate OUR GOD gifted rights to be free will Sovereign Ambassadors fearlessly acting with full authority taught by same most humble 'keith brent duncan' who was worlds last Trillionaire of intellectual copyrighted patents SM (r)  Only Keith was sent by GOD to master teach everyone how to SELF-SAVE oneself.

  The absolute BOTTOM line was how you fast path recreate the UTOPIA of GODs heaven here on earth as only mortal Caretakers and CareGifters with Keiths groups your now most impoverished overseers of all Small Business Privately owned corporations who produce 100% of all services and products using Keith + GODs simple supply chain dynamics of DO IT RIGHT the 1st time.

  Updated April 9, 2022 at Marietta Diner near scenes of most horrific crimes against humanity committed by ROSE, Duncan Clan, Brian Walker, Ms. Bashama, and literally each person named as top criminal defendents on historical legacy was always GODs method of foreign Exchange Student/Professor/Military/elder free will educating our young adults to be replacement world leaders at no cost to their elders and parents. Foreign Student/Professor/Military/other Exchange Programs now migrate +100 Million people across GODs globe to finally destroy the bigots, racists, Banksters, Commander-In-Chiefs, feared Corrupt Violator Politicians (really??) all hidden by underground deep state Corporate Executives who are the original LUCIFERS of deception and greed.  You are now led by #1 most wealthy angel guardian philantrophists of GivingPledge.Space orchastrated taught by each of Keith + Gods simple methods.

   Current Abject World Apathy and Public Ignorance combined with procrasination (just wait) are the worst sins against our own family values. and seizure of all criminal wealth combined with reversing all the war machines orchastrated by the criminal ruling elite provide over $350 Trillion USD for open public foreign exchange student professor mentor ship fully funding programs worldwide. No more taxes, and lame blame excuses for why only White Hair Banksters and Stock Market Corporate Executives BROKERS control the flow of all media information and spend our invested assets and work efforts to pay off the First Families regarldess of any UP or DOWN of the stock markets and irrevelant news events. Most humble Keith clearly sent by GOD 63 years ago to lead all 7.9 billion of you into UNIocracy crime free society Utopia once everyone liberates themselves from the bondage of JUST be 100% compliant and complacent that someone will intervene on your behalf and show you how to be 100% independent Sovereign citizens who actually ACT with Fearless Authority to protect the lives, assets, and rights of all others.  1 corr 13:13 is John 10:30.

WHO do YOU know to protect and debrief with:

   ProphetKeith Duncan today?  Intl Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 Royality.  BuiltByKeith .org Free World kWifi + free Education K to ANY High School and University in world. The direct funding of trillions of real $$$ comes from our own world saving ministries.  Competitive testings puts any young adult / student /  professor/ military into dedicated focused H.S/any University worldwide fully funded by

  This is GODs paradigm Shift of our young adults assume ALL leadership responsibility worldwide at Corporate Executive levels, at all Government Leader levels as ONLY highly paid consultant project administrator consultants. 

  Example of Keith reporting direct WHO attacked Jan 5, 2021 Democratic Republican Convention headquarters direct to FBI. We have NEVER EVER gotten required call backs from anyone to focus on WHO are the worst terrorists inside our very own Law enforcement agencies. forces anyone to testify by showing ONLY the criminals evidence devoid of heresay and faslt testimony of insane criminals who claim immunity because they work for 'the government ' = who ARE WE GODs people.

  Each school worldwide is now 100% public fully funded by GivingPledge.SPACE angel guardian philantropists. Each student now carries a smart cellphone, BlueTooth keyboard, their very own vision stabilizer systems, and communicates freely with any of 7.9 Billion GODs Sovereign Free Will citizens. No more will any Pirate of the HIGH Corporate World control anything we GODs people have built with our work, sweat, tears, and GODs assets.  Total world economy is now open public decentralized production of all products and services for re-distribution and sale using old farmers market models of and ONE new world standard currency of

  We GODs people are empowered by KEITHS personal webcasts to decide OUR own local reality and near term destiny fate using GODs final technology of FOIA.ONE Artificial intelligence that each of you (us) control and decide what to construct NEXT that benefits our community first, then our families, then regional interests, national, and worldly GODs interests and benefit values for all.

 Reversing any crime enterprise family was always so easy using 5STEPS.SPACE to hold anyone accountable for their violations of our civil rights.  This updated Sept 10, 2021 eve of 20 year anniversary of NYC Twin Towers tha would have been prevented if Keiths ancient technology had been installed on each aircraft using to authorize WHO are the pilots and WHO is authorized to be at the controls of any ECRAFT.US.


 KEY everyone requirements of 100% free Open Foreign Exchange Student programs are:

1. If the person fails a semester or are ranked insubordinate (a useless idiot) by their evoting proxy based class groups, they are indebted full expenses from past 2 years for abusing Keiths=Gods free education system. Includes all travel, living expenses, tuition, books, etc.

2. All expenses are paid for out of GODs resources seized from ROBERT DEE ROSE and other cyber criminal terrorists. Most of the $300 Trillion USD is direct funded by our world retired Corporate Executives.  All is converted to

3. Any objectors are hereby SILENCED and even EXILED use of the basis of focusing each of you on SOLVEING any issue worldwide from nano to GODs eye view sage vision point of imagery reality.

####  Updated above Sept 11, 2021 by GOD sent Duncan 770-377-2106 of #1 consultnat ambassadors of GODs new world society

  Now the white/grey Hair Spender Mentors direct fund the new world entrepreneur startup small businesses since sane same C-Executives have been eVoted out of all top mega bilkionaire megaMilkionaire corporate executive decision maker positions like Atty John Yates of and Sally Q Yates of  LLPs are now banned by Gods people since most current lawyers are criminally inspired and paid off liar lawyers like Atty Steve Dorvee and Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey of Cyber Criminal terrorists organizations headed by Robert Dee ROSE. 

      All because Keiths GOD deliver showcased new simple replacement(by-pass) Corporate By-Laws empower the lowest level investors and bank depositors to eVote the direction of their companies at all levels. Use of named trusted Proxies ensures every ones rights are dignify respected and honored at all levels. Our New UNIocracy truly Free Market Citizens are now empowered to choose their own destiny with 100% direct eDemocracy decision based society Evote.One  This is  direct paid for by Keith from his inherited +10 Trillion USD resulting from Mass Publicity on everything GOD sent him personally to deploy.  This is your reality when PRESS and World Leaders contact our top R&D Scientists and public commands top Presidents and CEOs contact our teams ASAP. also achieves total UNIocracy Global

Our current Young adults now replace all current corrupt Government and Corporate executives 100% free now Generation of Foreign Exchange Student Programs and

 Free Internet worldwide + Free K to Elem extend any University PHD Education.

   Keith's team World changing Education Teachers of the Law NGOs provide the basic 4 fundamental New World Society answers of:

1.  Our WORLD is commanded to personally DELIVER these world saving answers to TOP News Media + All Gov Officials.

2. Free world-wide Internet with high speed fiber-Optic Internet open access cluster network direct funded by NGO BidOnKeith Humanitarian World Leader Consultants.  Our NGOs and Mega Corporation Angel Philanthropists  will direct fund cost avg $1USD per meter 12 core fiber Optic to all villages now. Our entire world is now free communication (phone + data) for all +7.8 Billion people with one degree of separation that unifies mankind once and forever. No more phone bills or paying for any data service once WE the PEOPLE own all data + infrastructure as well as ALL energy, Water, Land, Medical centers, marketplaces, and all assets. All Governments and Public Corporations should have done this +62 years ago as entire world benefits including AT&T.

3. Free Public Education from age K5 - elementary locally, to any High School and University at ANY school internationally all Expenses Paid.

All nations are included as our students + adults (any age) now become 100% International Exchange Citizens of highest merit serving all humanity including 1.5 years of mandatory Military Community service. This universal free education includes Tuition, Room, Board, and all living/travel expenses. All previous PRIVATE schools and Universities now are all Public. Teacher pay is now +5 times as our highest achievers now become our educational leader professionals of highest merit integrity. This one universal stabilizer program prevents ALL wars between any nations.

If any student fails any semester they are required to pay back full expenses from the past 1-2 years. No handouts allowed.

4. 90% of first $100 Billion USD profits pledged to create UNIocracy.ORG with + others + CEOSpace.NET and other master education institutes under BidOnKeith binding contracts controlled and owned by you, our UNION citizens.

5. IMMEDIATE HOST May 21-31, 2021 to UNIFY mankind at TOP decision makers of all Mega Corporate Executives and key top WORLD President/congress leaders.

    My VERY own son USMarine Matthew Vernon Duncan cell 770-826-4632, IID of is 1-19870303-1 (-50%) is required to GO FIND ROSE with USA Military then come to PNP to train our new one Peace Keepers Investigator military forces how to use our (c)(tm)Patent solutions like laser RedDot gifted to Langley AFBase Sept 25, 2011. Everyone now can legally pass judgement on each other when they identify WHO they are. is singular answer of Total GlobalPeace. Now Free World Communication and 100% free World education, our young adults now replace over All Corrupt Gov and Corp Leaders in 2-4 years since they will never support Politic Crime at GOV or Corp level.  This would have occurred +15 years ago Our key angel philanthropists Villar, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Belzos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sy, Tan, other Billionaire Foundations will gift pay for #2 #3 that is smart grid free high speed communication is 1 degree of separation WHO is WHO,  WHO owns What, + Who trades What with Who as we become one crime free society.  Keith + our World leaders now sit down with our Top Emissaries who have been watching world events and publishing solutions.

May 25, 2021. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  We are original first to market E-Learning any universal stabilizing system and valued over $500 Million USD year 2010-2012 period forward to AT&T Glenn_Lurie and and Ellen Valentine through catalog contract. is worlds last Human Stabilizing System deals with total eDemocracy decisions.


  We visit today. Contact Andrew J Young at as we personally debriefed him Oct 14, 2014 and videoed + all other aspects of New World Society past 45 man-years.  Contact Dean Sally Wallace, 404-413-0021, 404-413-0141
  Immediate most formal request to Meet President Mark Becker 404-526-8622 on driven by use of universal ONE direct eDemocracy voting system store and forwarded through worlds last open public source database of electronic everything FOIA.ONE.  Politics is a horrible excuse for how Top world ELITE mega Billionaires legally embezzle our assets and growth dividends profits back to their families since most buy the Politicians as law makers and lobbyists use of Stock Options, Insider Day trading, Executive Perks, list is endless.
    We are in Atlanta TODAY and Wed at Intl Headquarters remote office 770-377-2106. We have NO time left for the WAIT DELAY excuses of most we have gifted $500 Million usd, actually mega TRILLIONS in intellectual how to property.  Keith Duncan is


  How can this be true reality? Simple. Keith is sole forefounder of New World  that teaches world at all levels how to BENEFIT each other.  When do I meet my adoring crowds at the NEXT greatest places of needs. WHEN was always the #1 requirement on KEITHs and GODS timeline..  Updated April 20, 2021.

  Only Keith has provided all solution Methods to reverse all crimes against you by empowering +7.8 billion of GODS people to be sovereign citizens who deal with all your local issues.

  First Step for world is using of everything.  TeenMoneyMachine at to teach everyone how to start + run any small business as owners with perfected R&D all electronic teaching methods we pioneered starting 1976 with master leaders known as ForeFounders of New GODs system.

   WorldSchoolFund is Trillions of  real $$$ USD Direct Funding all national schools at local levels as the only answer of all Free Education + Free 100% Interlink(Internet) with all digital ad-Free FOIA.ONE access to Library People Congress Open Public Database. This super seeds and replaces and as the last generation of Database search engine of ALL human knowledge and wisdom = The Holy Grail Tree of EDEN life. This prevents All Politics + Crimes with EVOTE.ONE New World UNIocracy.ORG free of all dynasties. 


    Direct eDemocracy funds all education for mankind from today forward to end of time.

  We are the wealthiest R&D Scientists in world history who have banded together to rapidly isolate all crime networks with simple existing technology and principles of highest integrity ratings of FOIA.ONE IID +90 and above. keith is  1-19580815-1 (integrity perfect +101)

   Most critical is for everyone to contact our world traveling Angel emissary Ambassadors who have been isolated for decades because of the most massive attacks against our governments and institutions collective labeled New World Order, Criminal Ruling Warlord Elite, and other underground Dark Web criminals who our technologists have already discovered and showcased to entire world with FOIA.ONE open source public database.

   Critical for all to Protect Keith's life + IP by contacting all world leaders now and commanding they use these ordained, divined solution methods.


Proverb: "A group of lions leading sheep is conquered by a single sheep leading all the other sheep to overcome all the LION Kings.

  Taking away their ROAR of arrogance and domination is the only way to live in total harmony and total world peace prosperity."

 Love your enemies, Love, Protect, and Care for all others. 100% decision making society is the only answer" kbd

  Contact TOP WORLD leaders NOW to COMMAND they use these solutions and USE Keiths Angel Philanthropist IP rights. Call Keith's own son Kyle Duncan at +1(770)655-5546 as he and you are Millionaires once SolutionHousing.ORG and SolutionSafeWater.ORG becomes YOUR new Utopia of crime free all digital electric driven society.

  Use of in class free high speed internet we provide with any eDEVICE and small BT keyboard now empowers our young adults and you to freely communicate WHO is WHO. This demonstrated to world worth over $500 Million USD in world profits gifted to each group who goes PUBLIC to leaders and joins world changing to ratify change our own destiny history..

Everyone in world deserves to be PAID for services and products rendered as we have gifted all our Intellectual Property to mankind.

Clearly, this will be most profitable Pay-Back in world history using our step by step Divined system

THIS IS ONLY ANSWER SYSTEM to SAVE OUR WORLD from DEMONIC Soul-less Creators who CONTROL our entire world.

INVITE our #1 Anti Crime Advisor Crusader Emissaries to YOUR greatest places of needs by Contacting us directly to BOOK us to fly to you. part of 10 different broadcast methods to achieve total world global peace.  Click: to see how Humanity now controls + owns everything.

Our New World Society is created with free Trade/Travel/Trust/direct Merchant to Merchant Free Barter Exchange system/Small business owner full scale use of WorldSchoolFund  FOIA.ONE providing free education and FREE world hi speed Internet communications to all +7.7 billion people to any level. Our young people of highest merit and intelligence are now our New World Leaders who are now the UN-corrupted leaders separated from the 'holocaust' century old family crime dynasties. All Positive replacement of all existing forms of Government and corporations occurs now. Everyone fears politics, taxes, exposure of sin -vices -crimes. Few ever stand up to fearlessly protect the rights of all others.  Take ACTION now as commanded by ONE new world Constitution..

  The four simple steps change our entire education systems for all humanity.

    Protect Keith's teams today with  Contact World Leaders and Press to find and fund Keith.

    The one diagram upper right shows the Old World Order crime reality versus the New World Society of free trade, travel, education, and enforced trust integrity. (was *.com) was reality centuries ago.  Final Solution April 5, 2021.

 Mass transfer of millions of students, adults, and military to all other nations achieves total world equality peace by destroying the chain of command of central authority to wage war at any financial pirates of High C-Corporate level. is the worlds last one standard electric Electronic consolidated Standard to save 30 to 75% of all electricity used worldwide. provides almost ALL 100% TerraWatts of almost FREE electricity worldwide by storing GODs most massive SUN/SON driven energy which clearly is the weight of massive annual rainfall including Typhoons, Hurricanes, Monsoon rainy seasons that cause massive poverty from floods, crop damage, washout of coastal mega infrastructure. was used to generate 1st project in Manila to eliminate (destroy) the oligarchs and foreign investors who control pervert all of Philippine energy and water of GODS resources.

  These events previously always only PROFIT the super elite MegaBillionaires and MegaMilkAnaires who milk the ultimate cash cows by using OUR corporate assets and profits to sell more products and services and never showing the open general ledger books of the collective cooperative profits that are NOW taken by our ShareHolders and Bank Deposit clients with use of EVOTE.ONE applied to Keiths new BY-LAW structure of

   The value benefit to all mankind is the redistribution of GODs wealth back to greatest places of our needs as UNIOCRACY is Solidarity.

  Our new world leaders are now our current 'NEXT' generation of highest merit educated scientists, engineers, computer experts, researchers, professors, and humanitarians. Highest value of our 'GREY HAIRS' is mentors who teach how to solve any problem using and

  Once millions of young adults and high school students are Foreign Exchange Students and Professors, this alone creates total world peace since no 'STUPID LUNATIC' President or Congress Majority Leader would dare attack any other KEITHS nation. Best solution is to transfer ship ALL politician sons and daughters to North korea, China, Russia, Africa, India, any nation of greatest need of humanitarian relief efforts to actually build new mixed use development communities Keith has already architected long ago. This also transfer trillions of USD/Euro wealth to places of greatest needs since mega Corporate Executives always want security and best medical, schools, food, infrastructure and shopping nearby.  This is KEITHs group as he is currently unknown founding member of who pledge gifts everything recovered and all future earnings BACK to places of greatest needs to set prime modeling example for all other mega Wealthy Corporate Executives to be SPENDER, spend, spend, spend is the chant of WE GODS = Keiths People. Updated March 18, 2021 fully commanding what must be done to transfer GODS pirated wealth back to greatest places of all needs.   Now we no longer have DRUG abuse, poverty, orphan children, and terrorist attacks once everyone uses Open Circuit TV and Keiths 777 system to destroy the current old system of 'MARK OF THE BEAST' our very own cellphones and databases used to always TAKE FIRST PROFITS while destroying the works of GOD delivered by HIS/HER profits of

All parents HATE the Trillions of manHours wasted by addicted YOUTH video Search and Destroy games and millions of Adult Men addictet to PORN, online gambling, speculation Day Trading like Scott Phillips of Norcross GA who use to be one of my best friends year 1996 forward.  

     With, all addicts are converted to profit making we procreated in Philippines year 2019.  Youth can now use OPEN CIRCUIT TV to guard our communities and get first bounty rewards on any criminal who walks down our public community streets preying on our elderly and innocent children.

 CALL USA Marine SON Matthew DUNCAN 770-826-4632 and son Kyle Duncan 770-655-5546 ask them all about ROSE, Ms. Bashama and SHERRY DUNCAN cell 678-431-4002. Ask them WHY they stole Keiths assets and told my people I was ?? (what WAS the evidence of Norfolk Va 4:11cr112) seen by you, my most beloved people that truly protects all communities by teaching all police and DOJ officials their ONLY ROLE is to serve and protect.

Contact Keith and Guard protect his life and gifted solutions while USA offers safe haven so Keith can finally testify mediate with ALL world Presidents and Corporate Executives leaders on how to quickly eliminate all violators of existing laws using Evote.ONE to replace the NWOrder Lucifer system of pirated Due Process of Law.

  Most nations have open public schools in USA were 100% free with even some meals. We had free Amateur Radio world communications W4ATC Raleigh who offer direct Internet Access for in class and remote learning we mastered back at NCSU 1976-1981 and have gifted Patents to share with 7.8 billion of our people.. Keith had contract with AT&T and GSA valued over $500 Million USD pure profits of iseeStand PhoneCradle by fall of 2012 and everything world can see on +125 resurrected websites. Everything was criminally destroyed by one super criminal ROSE, keiths family, and +125 USA persons who falsely testified from Jan 2008 to today. Here-say was used by most to threaten Keith 5 times illegally detention for 900 days of street ministries INSIDE the USA GOV jail system where I personally witnessed to well over 5,000 inmates on HelpInmates+

  Our world always had the resources to educate our next generation to TAKE OVER and CONTROL everything. The Lucifers NEW WORLD ORDER reality started full time back JP Morgan Dec 23, 1913 before Banksters started WW1.  WW3 is Cold War. WW4 is the current wave of viral crime pandemics. Only Keith knows.

Post WW2, my FatherGods World UNIocracy People would have caretaker owned everything. Named Lucifers are the ultimate scam con-artist pirate cyber terrorists who use OUR technology to overthrow rule over everyone ! achieves UNIocracy Total Equality World Peace.

   Original is  We are the saints sent from heaven 1-19580815-1 as #1 mediators to World Presidents + leaders.

Benefits: Everyone now has free Open Public all Digital education from K-Elem High School to any University and  College worldwide. Free food, room + board, books, travel, foreign exchange Student Program, and all electronic digital classrooms run over FREE hi speed Fiber Optic Internet empowers our young adults to replace all existing forms of governments and corporate enterprises. This should have occurred post WW2. The old Lucifer greedy Agenda has enslaved our people to think NOTHING can ever change without Act of CONGRESS/GOD, President Action, or Corporate Board of Directors deciding how to use our natural resources and fund ass-sets (notice word ASS SETS) to be free will mastermind educators of our destiny.

   Everything is direct funded by use of and transfer of mega Trillions of USD pirated wealth from Bankers and Stock Market Brokers who violate basic accounting and legal reporting laws once all general ledgers and transaction history are Read Only Public accessed by 7.8 billion WE the PEOPLE using = FOIA.ONE singularity Database of human knowledge and wisdom. UNIocracy is the ONLY answer method system to protect the rights of all citizens to be free will market barter exchange system citizens who decide their own reality and fate using worlds last open public eVOTE.ONE 100% decision matrix dynamic real time system to command Corporate Executives and a few Government Officials the next best project.  Zero secrets is a crime free society once everyone uses gifted IseeStand PhoneCradle to enforce all legally binding contracts and laws seen on This is worlds last open public single Constitution of eVoting rights, 11 COMMANDments, + human bill of rights.  Few use common sense to understand WE the PEOPLE own, control, and manage everything 1 degree of separation between all of humanity and every single electronic P.L.C. eDevice of powered by all electric

    Total Social Equality is our gift to all mankind sent by his own FatherGod in Heaven + Mother EarthFirst.

As of Sept 9, 2020, your one author of YOUR new world society is stranded south of Manila because of ONE super terrorist Robert Dee Rose for lack of first person to represent his rights to Host Press Conferences, command +125 persons put in Prison + death row, and restore of his +Billion $$ USD fortune for lack of a single person filing the required civil and felony crime charges based only on FOIA Certified Signed Court Document evidence.

Keiths system now prevents all worldwide fraud, embezzlement, literally all crime violators from roaming freely.

  Our Crusader teams are the most honored trusted merit Scholars and R&D scientists who have been enlisting the engagment help of other known Angel Philatrophists past +8 years. WHO do you know to help mass publicity by sharing these methods with everyone you know. Includes Congress, Presidents, Senate, DOE, university presidents, and educational societies as we have been visitning and direct broadcasting to all leaders for now +25 years. We enlist your support and publicity ASAP.

   This easy to deploy simple system should have been common use +40 years ago.

    DIRECT DEMOCRACY of  eVOTE.ONE  creates your new Society free of all crime.  

This is the most massive legal transfer of known wealth back to our people who now treat all leaders as highly paid consult advisors under our 100% direct eDemocracy voting system. Our brightest young people and integrity merit Professor /Educators /Experts now become our world leaders. Entire world now has zero secrets using eVOTE.ONE to decide the highest benefits from their direct democracy decisions.   Our young adults now replace the most dangerous family dynasties and criminals who control most aspects of existing 'New World Order'.  Everyone now fearlessly protects the rights of all others with ratified and the simple as world changing  UNIocracy.ORG is the only replacement form of 100% decision based Democracy non-government fully managed with eVOTE.ONE and one single Universal Database of Open Public knowledge E.D.E.N.  Direct one way funding is through easy NGO + INC mega-Billion $$$ valued Humanity Enterprises.  Free Trade, Travel, Education for all.

  I, keith + my teams, are SO ready to travel worldwide to meet WORLD leaders with you + our collective owned and managed teams. We were all READY +11 years ago for the same reasons to prevent all crimes by teaching world how to eliminate all crime profiteering networks forever. Protect Keith's Group Life and billions of real $$ Intellectual Property valued assets and technology today as no major Corporation or Government group has yet to offer to purchase payback for these trillions of real $$ valued full benefit answers that are the real value of all markets.

  Contact ALL WORLD LEADERS + PRESS today.  Contact + protect Keith Duncan's life today. 

Call  Gloria Reyes (63) 917-173-4755  Executive President in Manila, Philippines + Marisa Cordervo

  Hosted Press Conferences are the true Answer to UNIFY all mankind with eVOTE.ONE

1. Free world-wide high speed fiber-Optic Internet open access cluster network direct funded by NGOs.  Our world people are now connected through smart devices with no secrets with 1 degree of separation Of, By, For all people.

   Over $500 Million USD has already been shown as funding source transferred USA GOV to Asia per USA GOV kidnapping Keith to prevent millions of criminals from going to Prison/Death ROW. This is the seed fund billions $$$ USD of new contracts to technology vendors such as FaceBook, IBM, Microsoft and direct consult with all world leaders, top Stock Market, Banks, World Trade brokers.

  The #1 crime issue is that few ever do follow-up including all world leaders as gatekeepers are destroying all formal requests.

2.  FREE Public Education to any University Degree level. Includes tuition, Room, Board, living expenses. to ANY school (including all previous PRIVATE schools and Universities. For our WORLD has always had the resources to BE 100% digital education based to the highest levels of merit achievement. Those who have controlled our data and assets will disappear as our communities of faith, grace, and peace BANISH the true criminals and crime family dynasties to HELL-Jail and other places of public monitored refugee camps.  Anyone now earns any degree of training and education for FREE as long as they pass the merit based tests controlled by eVote.ONE decision based society block chain store and forward auto system with FOIA.ONE single Intl open public access database. Our NGO's direct fund and provision all digital classrooms, homes, + businesses so everyone is connected with one degree of separation.  1% of all crime assets seized are pledged to building all digital creative cities starting with SolutionHousing.ORG.

3.  90% of first $1 Billion USD profits pledged to create UNIocracy.ORG with + others + CEOSpace.NET and/or other master education institutes under binding contracts. Private schools are now incorporated by default into the open FREE public system as the owners of these private institutes are mostly profiteering because of the total apathy of my people by refusing to educate our brightest masterminds who have no financial support.

4. WORLD is commanded to personally DELIVER these world saving answer methods to TOP News Media + All Top Gov Officers


March 31, 2019. CLICK:  Part of Facebook Live Broadcast to world. Shows HOW to direct fund with eVOTE.ONE all new digital communities to unload all mega city slums and poverty stricken nations This includes the USA and other nations as just a few criminal ruling elite groups control all stock markets, banks, real estate, natural resources of energy, water, communication, health care, and other base infrastructure enterprises.    STOP ALL POLITICS, CRIMES + TAXES now with

We visited GSIC forum today. They market New Zealand Universities for Philippine Students and oversea workers as this south east asia nation has tremendous resources to empower our people Free Trade + Free Travel worldwide.

Mar 30, 2019 ReBroadcast To our world. The Most critical revolution is mass publicity Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG. Take to your network and contact all these top officials and news media today.   #1068 New World Society  from 100% Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG saves entire world. NGO=INC life-soul saving evangelist ministries. is the ONLY direct eDemocracy with Call for congressional investigations NOW. Senator David Perdue at (202) 224-3521 and Senator Johnny Isakson at (202) 224-3643. From Senator Perdue Facebook. Your msg is reviewed. If you have problems with a federal agency, call Perdue's Atlanta office 404-865-0087.
  Isolation of peoples rights is a crime. Knowing a crime and refusing to notify law officials is conspiracy coverups.  Collaboration with mutual agreement  as is the new single world law enforcement system never controlled by any crime entity.

  World Press Conferences train all world leaders to eliminate all crime networks at one time FOIA.ONE

Jan 27, 2019.  Education is the only prime key to eliminate all crime networks using these ordained divined solutions. News Quote: The number of new foreign students in the U.S. dropped 6.6% in the 2017/2018 academic year — double the decline from the previous year, according to new research. The decrease in new university enrollees — the biggest since 9/11 — has been attributed to several factors, including visa delays, cost, fear of violence and the Trump administration's crackdown on immigration. International students last year contributed $39 billion to the U.S. economy

       This new world system UNIocracy eliminates the inequality advantages of families with excess assets. With 100% free education, anyone now has all resources to be self-sufficient. No more inheritance of generations of dynasty wealth used to enrich the select few.  All youth become our new world leaders using the Merit System of total honesty, integrity, virtue, and ability to SERVE OTHERS fearlessly in order for humanity to benefit as a unified race. We no longer tolerate any bigots, cynics, racists, criminal ruling elite (brood of serpent vipers) who create dynasty kingdoms based on ego, fear, and intimation. Our new world society is now free of all crime networks using as worlds last 100% decision based society.

   These divined/ordained ministries ONLY occur once YOU my people remove ALL crime networks, dynasties, cyber crime terrorists, and all other satanic persons with EVOTE.ONE  New World Society system of UNIocracy using

This unifies our entire world as GOD create intended as the ONLY series of answers to ensure total Peace and Harmony by teaching God/Keith's people how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. This is


   Wed Aug 27, 2018.  SolutionSafeWater.ORG is almost FREE 100% green hydro-electric power = Free massive storage (battery) of GOD's water energy destroys the fossil Fuel OPEC family crime dynasties forever and replaces all Stock Market broker crimes with simple answer methods of kBitCoins.ORG  worth mega Trillions of real Assets and cash, our peole now own and control all markets and infrastructure as UNIocracy.ORG replaces all forms of Governments and Corporations whose only focus is enslaving our people with corruption and privacy CyberCrime Terrorism. GodSendKeith.ORG is your fore-founding father keynote crusader gifting ALL crime assets back to YOU, my most beloved people. Personally take these answers to Intl News Media and top GOV leaders to COMMAND them all to take ACTION. shows Keith is #1 anti crime tech expert in world with the most massive Intellectual Property of data communications, database, creating of new world operating systems, and the deepest understanding of the cause and effect of human psychology combined with divined/ordained knowledge of our universe from the most relevant spiritual source, our one mutual Creator.  Since keith has been mastermind creating your new world society at all levels as broadcast on, no one on earth can deny YOUR rights to create your own new world society free of hate, crime, and political dynasties.

   Your new world society is 100% decision based open public decisions that warrant true total social justice and peace for evermore.

    The simplicity of HOW this occurs has been gift published 7, 10, 43, 61 years ago by #1 anti-crime Evangelist using the most consummate problem solving methods shown on to solve any macro/micro issue.

  ALL Positive in GOD's Holy Name and Spirit as HE is who I work full time to unify and reform all with the technology, common sense, and ethics that are the mainstay of your NEW WORLD SOCIETY of UNIocracy.

   Bless you for reading this entire page. + are the worlds most powerful Clearinghouse Consultants of single only world problem Solutions for our entire world to remove all Political Criminals and prevent almost all crimes in the first place. Direct funding from trillions of $$$ crime assets rebuilds all public schools and creates new self sustaining and self governing villages worldwide  NGO using and  SolutionISLAM to create final world wide.  Direct contact and Fund Keith's Evangelist Emmissary teams NOW to find out HOW...

  Free Education for +7.6 Billion of my people is YOUR reality with 100% free digital Max-WiFi and all technology driven classrooms, homes, and businesses. No more PRIVATE schools that profit only the wealthy and put poverty stricken children into slave labor camps same as WW2 and other concentration camps under Martial Law destruction edicts such as United Nations Agenda 21.   Use SolutionFinal to bring total of UNIFICATION UNIocracy New World Society free of crime.

     Private schools now all merge with PUBLIC as everyone mixes cultures and locations with EVOTE.ONE and to complete GOD's commands of the Great Commission to send forth disciples and apostles to teach our world HOW to actually CONDUCT enforced ethical based business contracts and live life to it's fullest under protection of GOD, all religions, and the most educated leaders who work 100% on merit system of UNIocracy. This destroys all dynasties and crime networks forever, full filles New Testament and starts designed ERA 3 of The Last Testament.   Anyone objecting without providing best answer solution is banished by to the HELLS of abandoned SLUMS and slave labor to pay back their vice ful sins of ego, pride, and inability to fearlessly protect the rights of all others.

    This is the only divined GOD gifted system to forever eradicate all Poverty and Hunger worldwide. It is the ONLY method answer required for my people. When my world uses these answers, my entire world of forsaken persons finally UNITE.

  EVERYONE: Who do you know is the most powerful question to motivate top Gov and Corporation leaders as well as all churches to GO PUBLIC on EVOTE.ONE and the other world changing answer solutions that change the course of all human history. Empowerment of all 7.5 Billion of our people is the ONLY answer to rid our world of all crime networks using one single open public database  FOIA.ONE  INTERPOL monitored by 'White Force.' and all civic + religion groups to ensure 100% ethics and integrity.  No other solution has ever withstood the tests of criminal time who want our people enslaved and impoverished as their mindset is always Fear and Terror Domination.

    July 27, 2018. I am GONE for 2 weeks on final world mission UNIocracy.ORG.  DUTERTE on TV-RADIO today describing exactly what UNIocracy.ORG does. UNIFICATION. My own BROTHER DOUG DUNCAN is a criminal (most would use word terrorist) for what HE did to me Feb 2012 RIGHT before I was to be DUMPED on street then.  Norfolk VA4:11cr112 signed by AG Sally Yates (criminal) started NEXT kidnapping conspiracies by Atlanta GA JUDGE who decided based on my own SON KYLE + DOUG to kidnap me AGAIN for 2 years based on fact my HOME was ROBBED and I already REPORTED and COMMANDED USA GOV arrest ROSE and Ms. BASHAMA (Tammy Fay Auston). Basis is Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 as NO stalking violation COULD have occurred since NO firearm was involved THEN, or NOW  ..    WHERE IS my demonstration, antique 12 gauge shotgun taken by FORCE by ATF William Banks. I already commanded HE BE arrested years ago for convincing Grand Jury Foreman that I did ??  WHAT...   At on the highest mission of ANTI CRIME missions of all time by a SINGLE true MAN of GOD, keith brent duncan..  You MAY not hear from me again for reasons I have already shown world.  WHY?  why not.....   STOP ALL POLITICS, CRIMES + TAXES now with Mar 30, 2019 ReBroadcast To our world. The Most critical revolution is mass publicity Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG. Take to your network and contact all these top officials and news media today.   #1068 New World Society  from 100% Direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG saves entire world. NGO=INC life-soul saving evangelist ministries. is the ONLY direct eDemocracy with Call for congressional investigations NOW. Senator David Perdue at (202) 224-3521 and Senator Johnny Isakson at (202) 224-3643. From Senator Perdue Facebook. Your msg is reviewed. If you have problems with a federal agency, call Atlanta office 404-865-0087.
  Isolation of peoples rights is a crime. Knowing a crime and refusing to notify law officials is conspiracy coverups.  Collaboration with mutual agreement  as is the new single world law enforcement system never controlled by any crime entity.

  World Press Conferences train all world leaders to eliminate all crime networks at one time FOIA.ONE  Direct call Interpol at Lyons France, all world leaders, DOJ, DOD, Presidents, Congress, National News media.  I have broadcast contacted them 45 times from Jan 2015 for 4 years on each refinement Now perfected as is auto face recognition bio metrics open circuit TV = any smart phone or CCTV over free internet known as interLink. Public now are the vision and ears of all streets and even public enclosed areas. All police and military combine into one world peace keeping 100% criminal investigators. Prevention of almost all crimes is the most powerful ministries that massive reduces all social justice systems with related Interpol should have flown my teams to Lyons France years ago asking Interpol to explain why they block common sense tech solutions that make them all world famous. Call Philippine NBI deputy director Ferdie Lavin to ask him the same questions, cell (63)0920-901-0964.
  Collaboration with mutual agreement is demanded. Comprehensive answer is COMMUNITY involvement to uphold all justice constitutional commandment laws of Solution ... This is basis for changing under NGO Crusader evangelists ministries. eVOTE.ONE DRIVE new world society free of almost all crimes and depression.
The most extreme crime sprees continue against my people caused by pure predatory greed and who controls the flow of information. FBI AG and other law enforcement judicial agencies are about to collapse for individuals committing crimes and subsequent full scale coverups. Potential energy converts to kinetic energy with pure action of 7.6 Billion our people.  End times becomes new world times once everyone sees and believes the prime truths of Duncan.  Nothing can stop this most powerful reform unification action movement. Connection free world communication networking is key uniformity with new world standards.
  I continue to be most severely persecuted by so many in USA so I am HERE as #1 crusader evangelist working FOR the Philippine people. Growth of wisdom and knowledge is key for my world to prosper and thrive.
   Keith Duncan cell (63)917-335-4300 back in Manila., skype BuiltByKeith2.  Everyone use


  Send United Nations, Churches, Roman Catholics, and messengers of The Truth seen on with MISSION Teams to direct seed fund Millions of $$$ to oversee rebuild of schools that Bypass all political graft back pocket red tape conspiracies. Use and GO PUBLIC to Microsoft, Apple, other wealthy corporations.

1. Crowd Fund with mega millions obtained from wealthy donors/churches/NGOs.

2. Mission teams purchase all bidded materials and deliver to sponsored villages.

3. Priority rebuild:   a) schools with free Hi Speed all class wifi, TVs, smart phone/tablets/used laptops.

b) Church repair and new planting of universal worship centers.

c) Common government offices, health centers, and marketplaces. Rebuild Gyms.

d). Replace all 'blown' bamboo houses on higher ground with poured concrete block, rebar, hollow block, etc to prevent all future wash-outs and home/school damage.

e). Repave all common roads and areas to eliminate mud and obstacles to freedom.

  Hosting by local churches and Integrity driven leaders who represent FatherKeith.

Contact PRESS, Churches, and as well as Pastor Andy Stanley (Atlanta GA USA at or +1(678)892-5625 direct. GO PUBLIC to UNIFY all Mankind.

  Contact all Dept of Education, Universities, NGOs, Press, world as Keith has done.

   Click: THIS PLAYLIST and send to everyone you know.  Watch and tells  Education has always been the prime key to create self-regulating and self-contained communities of  where the needs of the children are placed above all other priorities.  Without strong self reliant youth, mankind becomes dependent on the corrupt elected/appointed/promoted government agents who skim tax dollars while building their own kingdoms of tyranny and crime gluttony at citizens expense. + provides immediate self directed training to teach everyone how to build foundation small businesses with ethical based contracts to ensure fully enforceable compliance by agreements between parties.


    The most clear cut solutions are on, viewed on and documented by Library of World Congress using 1. Common sense, 2. Integrity(spiritual) principals, 3. Off-shelf technology. 4. Innovated and gifted world class solutions from World Trading Partner Enterprises INC (Reno Nevada USA). 

Wechat: BuiltByKeith,  Philippines cell +(63) 917-335-4300.   "NEVER BY SHY AGAIN."

"Be BOLD and Righteous in everything you do in service to all others" CreatorKeith

Below is the required 'WHITESPACE' to motivate everyone to kill the Blacklisted souls of criminals protected by blacklisted rogue government agents including many Liar-Lawyer Politicians who clearly prey on un-educated citizens for their own gain.

Schools IN THE NEWS -All Need your help
World-wide MARKETING SERVICES World Wide Ministries Inc.  Keith Duncan is the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Author and world traveler.

2011 Vendor Member of the year Atlanta GA USA,  New World

Author of  all  World Solutions that ensure mankind survival from Predatory Greed by destroying all criminals now.

Engage all your community with master GODs model to ensure your neighborhood is built with honest and ethical persons who represent your best interests and rights of ownership.

>   Events held on scheduled days.

​>   Publicity of public documents

​>   Advertising of priority needs.

​>   Exposure of honest vs corrupt persons.

​>   Full disclosure of funding sources and expenses for the public to see and believe.

​>   Launch of community initiatives by the Majority Will of the People.

​>   General Publicity with technology.

​>   Holding everyone accountable with


The product launches are your own children who are self reliant by age 16 and lead our world into Peace and Harmony by REPLACING all corrupt leadership by eVoting.  Contact Keith or his growing millions of business partners and stockholders of World Trading Partner Enterprises INC (Reno Nevada USA) to ask how this occurs with Keith's Master Teachings that will survive to the end of eternity. is Babayuan Elementary School, Amulung Philippines. They need your immediate funding support and help.

Watch the VIDEO below, then CLICK on this second broadcast series:

CLICK: Immediate Needs of Schools. Video

CLICK: #276 The Final Broadcast.

  Email  Attn: School Leaders and Ms. Mallillin.  They need funding and direct technology donations of minimum value $10,000 USD = 440,000 Pesos to buy technology for 78 students. The deposit only bank account will be listed here soon and managed by newly elected community leaders with personal committments to this school. They need basic Satellite DSL-Internet service, used laptops, recycled smart cell phones, cooling fans, full wall whiteboards, (5) Flat Screen TV's, basic school supplies, simple security system with motion detectors, and an electric fence system so they can start Student Gardens. Their government has promised 6 new computer that have never arrived. This is a five year old commUNITY school with 6 teachers. All donators will be listed here as well as video/photo email and live updates on how their funding and assets are actively being used by all students. This is the model of how schools must be funded to BY-PASS the corruption of so many publically elected officials until is seen by the world as the ONLY solution to forever stamp out corrupt individuals to the end of time. See USA

The world will never stop talking about you !  Either you are honest and trust-worthy or you are to be shunned by society with EVOTE.ONE under UNIocracy.ORG with open public single database of integrity and enforced merit ethics.



Join now!

The #1 Marketing Campaign of all time was completed Sept 2011 per all these Solutions published and gifted to all of mankind. Pick and choose while watching and technology compressed


Why You Need To Be Social To Win
     Without publicity, the greatest needs of our world will never be fullfilled without your help. and other prime world class solutions show the world how to solve their own issues, concerns, problems, and conflicts at all levels by removing all corrupt persons with world famous  Aug 17, 2015

Click: WorldSchoolFund Playlist.

Click: #275 Combo WSF +  #25 is Wash the Sin out of Washington Broadcast May 1, 2014 Famous Interview.




With integrity, trust, full scale accountability, and exposure of your daily efforts to support your community and other greatest places of needs. describes the Crimes against Humanity and Keith's missions of mercy and faith around our world as the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary working for all governments, corporations, churches, public, and military around our globe at his own extreme expense since USA Government refuses to actually 'DO THEIR JOBS'.  Join today before our world commits self-genocide of predatory greed.

Sunday April 5, 2015 was return from Walk to Emmaus-Nickopolis-Latrum in Israel. Video on and including final return to JerUSAlem, then the Roman Empire Crime Centers of ROME Vatican Empires of 1500 A.D. era on exactly April 6-16, 2015.  It is simple to see that Keith Duncan works for all of humanity and our one mutual Creator regardless of cultural beliefs.​ After being set up by a Super criminal, put in HELL for 848 days violating each and every right, Keith Duncan has always bypassed every crime into a published solution to prevent these crimes from occurring in the first place. This transforms all legal and financial systems as soon as the churches, Press News Media, and Public are engaged to actively join in through chapters of faith.

   A recent partner Ministry is Emmanuel Jongo in Sierra Leone.  Click:  +(231)8861-81809 cell. They need immediate funding, physical gifted resources, and partners to educate orphans, provide self-sufficient businesses for widows, disabled, and impoverished as +450,,000 people (mostly men) were killed 1987 through 2003 in 2 bloody civil wars over pure GREED.  Click reference

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